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C9-T11 Review- Does This Muscle-Growth Complex Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 21, 2017

The results of research into C9-T11 were quite interesting. We’ve encountered all sorts of discussion online about this anabolic anti-catabolic complex for muscle building, so we decided to create a comprehensive review, examining the ingredients, side effects, level of customer care and scientific evidence. We additionally scrutinized countless consumer and user comments posted online. At this point we compressed and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is C9-T11?

Firstly, C9-T11 is a muscle-building supplement made by Applied Nutritional Research. There are three key ingredients used;  phosphatidylserine (PS), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). According to the official website, this product will help you gain 600 percent more muscle in slightly less than 50 days. It’s also claims to increase bicep girth by nine times in four weeks and help you boost your bench press by 30 pounds in one month. This is marketed to men, especially those interested in bodybuilding. It is taken daily and regular strength training is encouraged.

This supplement was released back in 2010 and is available on the company website. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee posted on the official website and a few customer testimonials are presented, but read on…

Insufficient Results – “Really?”

The first problem we see with C9-T11 ingredients is that users claim the results they expected are just not there. According to our Research Editor, “There is really no published evidence that supports the extreme muscle-building promises. For instance, phosphatidylserine has only been proven to help with mental decline and memory problems. This could be the reason so many men and women reporting no changes.”

One customer said, “I am very disappointed to find out it does not work at all. I felt no difference in muscle gain or any physical performance increase.”

Another stated, “I followed the directions for the past 3 months and I do not see one bit of muscle gain nor have I lost the belly fat, I was so hoping it would help me to do. My strength didn’t increase or see any significant difference in my well-being.”

Results were positive for a few men who tried C9-T11.

One claimed, “I work out 3X per week and I got entirely different, POSITIVE results.”

“Good product. My husband takes it all the time,” said another review.

Customer Complaints – “Uh Oh!”

There are plenty of user complaints posted online for C9-T11. In fact, one customer revealed, “DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP…it’s a SCAM.”

“Have seen no noticeable improvement despite a continued rigorous work out regimen, and he reports feeling sick after taking it. I have also noticed a turn for the worse in his overall happiness and mood. I would not recommend experimenting with this product,” said another user.

Customers were also happy from time to time.

“I have used this for six weeks now and results are extremely satisfying,” one user said.

Another claimed, “Just used my first months supply. Seems to be working but not sure yet.”

According to our extensive research, if there is a specific facet of a diet supplement or workout program that is very bothersome (a painful/difficult exercise routine, too many customer complaints, insufficient evidence) the probability of real success for the long run is low. Therefore if C9-T11 does in fact lead to negative feedback, this could be a serious issue.

The Science – “Any Proof?”

While the official website for C9-T11 does present some information on the key ingredients found in this supplement, there are no details regarding research or details about amounts in the formula. Here at DietSpotlight, we must see documented science or clinical trial results in order to support the product. When the company doesn’t share sufficient proof, there’s no reason for the user to keep considering it.

The Bottom Line – Does C9-T11 Work?

Wait one minute – do we think this one is a keeper? While C9-T11 definitely makes big promises, the customer feedback we found online does not agree. Our biggest concern regarding this product is the key ingredients, because they do not directly relate to serious muscle building as claimed. Although CLA can be beneficial to the heart and lean muscle tissue, it has not been proven to build large muscles. Also, there is no proof that C9-T11 eliminates belly fat and that leaves us hesitant to give it a green light.

If you really want to improve muscle growth, minimize abdominal fat and elevate testosterone levels, we encourage you to go with a supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients, strong customer support and sells at an affordable price.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Pronabolin. This supplement contains a proprietary blend of nine key ingredients, which are clinically tested and shown to help boost energy, improve muscle strength and naturally increase testosterone levels. There are no complaints of harsh side effects and user comments posted online show people are seeing solid results.

The makers of Pronabolin are so confident in their product they’re offering every customer a 120-day money-back guarantee and multiple-bottle discounts.

Previous C9-T11 Review (Updated August 5, 2014):

What You Should Know

If you want to gain weight just take a look at the supplement called C9-T11. This capsule formula is claimed to be "America's number one new muscle-building solution!" It's manufactured by Applied Nutritional Research which is a company that specializes in sports supplements. Essentially C9-T11 aims to increase the user's muscle mass by 700% in a mere seven weeks time, and enlarge the biceps by up to nine times in size. Claims we've heard before from Super T and others like it. It has been advertised on CNN, WebMD, Time, and NBC. As opposed to many other weight-gain drugs and supplements currently available, C9-T11 is stated to be 100% safe. This product is also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid, and has an "anabolic muscle-building effect". This supplement synthesizes muscle tissue from fat deposits in the body. C9-T11 is directed to be used in place of a regular high-protein diet plan. Naturally users should be lifting weights on a regular basis as well. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered with this supplement, and consumer testimonials are posted on the official website. Aside from building muscle, Probolic SR comes to our attention as it uses an abundance of protein powder to fight hunger and feed muscles.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the website.

Product Features

C9-T11 is a "muscle-building" supplement that's primarily geared toward men. This product is claimed to be much more effective than other supplements. Ideally this product will convert fat deposits into lean muscle mass but without any side effects whatsoever. Although there are no disclosed side effects for this supplement there are no active ingredients revealed either. Is has similar properties to Pharmafreak. Anyone can purchase this weight-gain supplement via the official website for $37. There is some mention of clinical studies related to C9-T11 and how the product was proven effective and safe in some studies. We like that the studies are not misleading like Spartagen's. A single before and after photo is displayed.


  • C9-T11 is claimed to be 100% safe and effective.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with this weight-gain supplement.
  • No prescription is required in order to purchase this product.


  • There are no ingredients revealed on the official website for this product.
  • C9-T11 appears to only be suitable for men, like Alpha Jym.
  • Users must lift weights regularly when taking this supplement in order for it to work as claimed.


The official website claims that C9-T11 is 100% safe and effective, but fails to list out all of the supplement's ingredients. Mi40's official site similarly does not offer much detail on clinical research. Unfortunately this product sounds a little too good to be true. Therefore you may want to consult a physician prior to taking a muscle-building product like C9-T11.

C9-T11 Questions & Answers:

We checked out some details on C9-T11 to bring you this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of C9-T11?

C9-T11 side effects, based on the customer comments we reviewed, may include upset stomach and mood changes.

What are the ingredients in C9-T11?

C9-T11 ingredients are phosphatidylserine, conjugated linoleic acid and ascorbic acid.

Does C9-T11 work?

We did notice a list of clinical studies that includes all three ingredients in C9-T11. Not all of the research directly links the supplement with muscle-building support. Some is about mental changes and others about safety and not benefits.

We’ve been hearing a lot about a product with 100% clinically tested ingredients, you may want to give Pronabolin a look.

How much does C9-T11 cost?

You can buy one bottle of C9-T11 for $29.95. If you buy three you get one free. Purchase six and you’ll earn two free.

How should I take C9-T11?

You take C9-T11 daily and exercise is encouraged.

Can I take C9-T11 if I have a medical condition?

That’s a question you’ll have to ask your doctor. This is especially important if you are under the age of 18, pregnant, nursing, trying to get pregnant, if you have a medical condition or are taking medications of any kind.

What do users like about C9-T11?

Some customers report seeing some change in muscle size, which they liked.

What do users NOT like about C9-T11?

Reviews mention side effects and no noticeable results.

Can women take C9-T11?

We found no reason to say women could not take C9-T11.

How do I contact C9-T11 customer service?

You can call C9-T11 customer service at 1-800-380-1211. You can also send a letter to A.N.R., LLC P.O. Box 510 East Lake, CO 80614. The email address for representatives is support@teamanr.com.

Does C9-T11 come with a guarantee?

You have 60 days to return your C9-T11 for a refund.

Does the return policy say my bottle of C9-T11 must be unopened?

No, it says “no questions asked.”

Do you know of any discounts or special deals on C9-T11?

Yes, you can order three bottles to receive one free or six to receive two free. However, we’ve seen a huge spike in readers taking advantage of Pronabolin’s multiple-bottle discount and 120-day money-back guarantee. Click here to check it out.

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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.7. From 412 votes.
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C9-T11 Review

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  Where can I buy this in Canada?

Where can I buy this in Canada and are there any side effects ?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Lawrence! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the C9-T11 official website.


What are the directions for taking this? One tablet before or after workouts? Any medical side-effects.

Maribel (Editor)

Hi James! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the C9-T11 official website for more information.

  You can take 2 if you train hard
Anonymous (Verified User)

1 or 2 pills a day, you can take 2 if you train hard or tired. That’s how i take mine.

  product lose fat and gain lean muscle

Does this product lose fat and gain lean muscle or produce more fat to look huge in body size?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Mian. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss and potential muscle gain results. Please refer to the C9-T11 official website for more information.

  What about side Effects?

What about side

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Raul. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  help i train 5days and rest 2days
james (Verified User)

just got 4 bottles. How do i take daily? it says take 1 to 2 soft gels a day with meal. can i take one to two at once? or one in morning and one evening? any help? i train 5 days and rest 2 days. any help?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello James. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  Can C9-T11 for weightloss and muscle gain?

Can you use this product for weight loss and muscle gain?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Raymond. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss and possibly muscle gain.

   liver problem high colesterol,

How safe is it.? If you have liver problem high colesterol, tricycle dress

Maribel (Editor)

Hi C.! Because of possible interactions with high cholesterol, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


Will this product effect the kidneys or someone with only one kidney and no spleen?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Misty! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new weight-loss program or product.

   SA or Namibia
Jaco van Niekerk

Where can I buy this product in SA or Namibia?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Jaco! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the C9-T11 official website.

  I got pretty ripped using this product
Anthony Riddle (Verified User)

i took C9-T11 and have amazing results and lost the belly fat. I got pretty ripped using this product. The best shape I have been in ever!!! I will add thought I had a strict diet, cardio, and workout routine. I saw results in a matter of just a couple of weeks.


i thank you for all the formation you have given me about c9t11. but I have one question about another supplement Called testshock Quickfix can you give me any information pertaining to this product

  Will wait for your next post
Kimberli Poties

I like the helpful info you provide in your posts. I will bookmark your site and check again here frequently. I’m quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  Wanted to buy this product

Why can’t we get this in south africa because the main ingredient comes a african plant call safflower and I came a web site in south africa selling in for 3500 rand a bottle that is madness a person 1 month wag

  I'm on my second bottle
KEVIN WRIGHT (Verified User)

I’m on my second bottle of, c9-t11. Although I was weightlifting on a regular schedule, if my muscles are building, then, they’re building everywhere, I’m constantly getting muscle cramps on a daily basis in muscle groups that, I’m not even using!! It’s painful


kevin..do u mean to say u have side effects from the product

  Product just wasn’t for me?
link (Verified User)

It is a Freud blade with a higher tooth count.


They do not list the ingredients on the web-sit as it is 83% vitamin C. So in essence you are paying a lot of money for a glorified vitamin C tablet.

Hugh Agustin

get it right here

  Several guys at the gym

I have mistakenly boughten this product. My opinion, I should have saved my hard earned cash. I know all these strong dudes writing all the harsh comments towards each other, doesn’t help anyone who is actually reviewing the product. Several guys at the gym I attend all bought this product and not one had any noticeable gains or change in their body. C9 T11= GARBEEEEEEGE.

  Bulk up
marcos (Verified User)

I want to try this product i am 21 and have weighed 135 since the 7th grade will this help me gain weight as well as bulk up

  Why this product c9-t11 2.0 does not have any instructions on the bottle to help?

I have taken a few different supplements. I do not doubt their integrity for performance enhancement. I am curious though why this product c9-t11 2.0 does not have any instructions on the bottle to help incorporate this supplement into your diet/ workout program/ life style/ fitness.


The supplement does, when ordered it come with a list of how to take it and the best way to get results.


They Send the instructions in the box. So therefore, it is not included on the label.


This product produces large gains in muscles, power lifts, n increase speed in sprinters

  I want to know this is esteroid or not?

I want to know this is esteroid or not?becuase there is no possibility that a suppliment can increase your power or increase your your miscle for 600% on 2 week

  I'm satisfied with the way I look.
terry turtle (Verified User)

Seems a lot of the people here should concentrate on learning how to put a sentence together,maybe read a book.I have a friend who swears by this product but I’m satisfied with the way I look.

  Eat right and workout 3 times a week at the gym. Not sure this was worth the cost.
Bob (Verified User)

Been taking this for several weeks; no appreciable size or strength change. Eat right and workout 3 times a week at the gym. Not sure this was worth the cost.

  Can you take this product if you have Heart issues or not?

Can you take this product if you have Heart issues or not..??

  I believe this stuff does work.
joe (Verified User)

I been taking this for 2 weeks & my girl friend noticed a huge difference since we dont see each other often,only on weekends. She said I got more broarder in my shoulders & my arms did get bigger. just by doing push ups & working with a dumbel.. No gym.. My weight went up 8 pounds. Also taking in more protien. I had to stop all vitamins & supplements for about a month. I just started taking again today & see for the next 2 weeks how much of a gain I get from this stuff. I was also taking natural test & couple muscle building stuff,,so could’nt really see if it was this stuff working. I say it was.. girl friend said too… So here we go for the next 2 weeks to a month.. I bought 3 bottles. Lets see how much I gain from this.. I believe this stuff does work..

  Does C9-T11 is made by steroid?

dose it C9-T11 I s made by steroid?


How do I use this supplement?

  Is it possible that CLA or Cis9-T11 will help to strengthen my arm muscles?

I had my nerves avulsed in my neck that controls the movement and feeling in my arm. They went in and hooked it up another way and i’m slowly getting movement and feeling back. Is it possible that CLA or Cis9-T11 will help to strengthen my arm muscles?

  After reading these comments, what supplement I can take for that lol!

The reason the states has massive debt is because theirs too many idiots with credit cards who clearly don’t understand how they work. I lost countless brain cells reading these comments and now am left wondering what supplement I can take for that lol!!!


And by idiots, you mean you included. I have to assume so since you wrote has instead of have and theirs instead of there are….let me guess…you’re so cool.

Brad 2.0

Brad don’t be a douchebag your comment was a waste of everyones time even your own.

brad 3.0

i agree with brad 2.0… and the reason the states are in massive debt, is because we have been printing money since like 1960, spiraling ourselves down this pathetic form of government. not because people have credit cards.

  so far, I assume its working for me personally.
Mike (Verified User)

I have started taking C9-T11 for about 2 weeks now. I work out every other day and i have noticed a serious change in the way my body looks. Now i cant be for sure if its the C9 because i have also changed my diet, ie. NO fast food, greasy or fried foods anymore. I drink alot of water and eat a ton of protien as well as drinkin before and after workouts. In just 2 weeks i have gained 10 lbs of muscle, im seeing the cuts and definition and also noticing that places that i had trouble losing fat like the love handles and stomach have started to lean up very nice.
My overall essesment so far, I assume its working for me personally. Along with new diet and 2-3 hrs of serious workout in the gym im noticing the results. so ill continue to use this product for a while or untill i find a replacement.

Always take supplements at your age.
taylor berrey

dude your 16 your body hasnt even stopped its natural growth yet you should wait for these sort of advancements until your at least 20 or 21 when a males body stops growing. you will regret this when your older and your bones cant handle the mass that you have built around it.

Long story short if you want a fast ticket to getting back problems and knee reconstructions then taking these sort of supplements at your age is the right way

  How long does it take to get out of system?

Can i fail a drug test taking this? how long does it take to get out of system?


I doubt it


No. C9-T11 stay inside your body forever. Just remember when you stop working out that body muscle will turn into call body fat. You will still be big but your muscle cut will turn into fat. Good luck bro!


Muscle does not turn into fat dude.


It is an absolute impossibility for 1 type of cell to “transform” into another type of cell! ie muscle can not turn to fat and fat can not turn into muscle..that is a myth. However, the reason it seems true is that if you stop working out muscle cells shrink and inevitably fat cells usually grow


Muscle cells do feed off of the broken down fat cells during and after exercise. It’s not about them metamorphosing into another type of cell, that’s just the easiest way of describing it!

  What happens if I stop taking the pills, but only continue the exercise regimen and diet?
ra (Verified User)

After I get to the point where I want to be with my gain in muscle mass etc- what happens if I stop taking the pills, but only continue the exercise regimen and diet?

  I have learned I can buy CLA for much less money than what I paid for c9-t11.
Kyle (Verified User)

On my second bottle. I don’t feel anything (shakes, dehydration, or even a pump) from taking it. I have leaned up real nice and surprisingly gained weight. Im am completely satisfied with how my squat, bench, and core workouts have all progressed. I like the product. Since reading all the reviews today, I have learned I can buy CLA for much less money than what I paid for c9-t11.


where can I buy the cla at ?

  Where can I buy cis-9-trans-11 in south africa?

Were can I buy cis-9-trans-11 in south africa its says it comes from a plant from africa

  Whats the best way for me to lose my fat?

Hi I weigh 178 gained a bunch of weight lately I work out at home sit ups planks push ups. Whats the best way for me to lose my fat and get toned I dont care to be huge just wanna be strong and tone


Corey, you just turn yourself into a gorilla. You over do it. Stay away from drugs. Go see your doctor and have a physical check up. Good luck bro!


The best way to get lean is lots of cardio and changing your eating habits.

  Does this product have any side effect?

I am 55; a little over weight, haven’t worked out in a while. I have become diabetic & blood pressure is up a little bit. I have started workout again, just curious of side effects of c9-t11, in my case, would this be bac idea to use this product?


Rick, your about to get a heart-attach soon. Stay away from CLA your too old. Start walking everynight for 2.5 miles a day and watch your diet….Stay away from fat and sweet product. Good luck bro!


All it is is CLA you can buy at walmart for 12.00 don’t blow your money on this BS.

  How I can gain weight?

I’m 135lbs and 5’9″ I really struggle to gain weight no matter how much I eat I usually don’t have much of an appetite anyone know if this will help with my appetite or any ideas of what will any thoughts would be appreciated


Drink insurers and guarantee you it will help u can buy them at Von’s.


I was like you, except I was 145 lbs and 6’1″ at the time. I am now 6’2″ and 220 lbs. If you want to gain weight fast I can tell you exactly how to do it, but you need to continuously do it.

Eat a bear claw every morning and then your regular breakfast. If you live a active life, that will allow you to burn off those calories throughout the day. Have a light breakfast. Of course if you are lactose intolerant, stay away from dairy products, unless you have a pill.

Eat a really big lunch. I like bread, beans, and some veges. Bearclaw for dessert.
wait 2 hours after lunch and take 1 capsule creatine after you finish eating.

Workout 15 minutes after taking creatine – Forget the treadmill, go straight to weights. Remember to drink a lot of water.

Eat late, like around 9pm.
Bearclaw if you can after dinner.
If you can take another creatine pill and workout same as lunch. If you are too sore, do not bother. Only work out for 45 minutes of intense weight training.

If you do this everyday for the next 1-2 months, you will explode. The reason I saw eat a bearclaw is because it is loaded with calories. You should stop after a maximum of 2 months unless you want health problems. Sugar, carbs is good, but not in excess of the norm.

You will gain weight from this. Once you do cool it down on the bearclaws. You will still be hungry. Make sure you eat more veges, fiber, and the good stuff. Once I quit the claws, I needed more food because there was that void. My body became accustomed to eating a certain amount of calories.

Also if you ejaculate, stop for a while. You need to save up that testosterone when you weight train.


dude your a trip!!! bearclaws should hire you to promote 4 them. STAY AWAY FROM SUGER….trust me.


Suger??? Lol


Have your thyroid checked out. I had the same prob…turns out my thyroid was in high gear.


Eat lots of healthy carbs as well as calories to slow down your metabolism.

  How does this product works?

i just got a bottle of c9-t11 and i need a few answers.. does it really work? what is a healthy diet to go along with it? and how often should i work out? and how long should i work out befor i take it i used to work out but havent in about a year and i was lookn to get back into it n this seemed like a good thing to start with

  I have loss fat an gained muscle!
sergio (Verified User)

been taking this for 30 days decided not to work out at all to see what happens first ? yes I have loss fat an gained muscle ! however out of the blue strange hunger effects and experience strange dreams at nite an total recall of childhood events ?


ok no one is answering the questions from the women, IS IT SAFE FOR US TO TAKE OR IS IT ONLY FOR MEN?


so far reports claim just for men


What would happen if women take it.

  How to get it in South Africa?

i reaaly want to try this stuff but im not sure if is available in my country south africa ,and where to get it.-


Hi did u manage to get the product in soutjafrica

  I plan on replacing my GNC brand CLA.... With this product.

I have worked out off and on for about 5 years….. I use CLA, a men’s multi-vitamin, a thermo-ignitor, a water pill, and I use a pre-workout drink called C4 Extreme. I have always had great results using them in combination with eachother. If this dosent workout for you guys…… Try my method out and see what u think.

I plan on replacing my GNC brand CLA…. With this product…. I’ll let u guys know what I discover


What does cla stand for

  Do you need too cycle c9-t11?
Brandon (Verified User)

Do you need too cycle c9t11 I have take it for a month now

  Just started will update later.
chappi (Verified User)

I am 32 years old i waight 180 at this time i really don,t want lose wait and i wanted build some musel i am going GYM 7days a week and i have,t seen any change i have orderd this c9-t11 i will see haw it work and come back with the result


You should stop going to the gym, instead read a book maybe one about working out or a hooked on phonics might be more on your level


you shouldn’t be working out that much, the body needs to rest an average 1 to 2 days a week. Working out 7 days a week reduces your after burn because you’re body is used to the stress of working out, it becomes counterproductive.


why do you go to the gym so much your body needs time to repair it self go for 4 days then take a day off then go back for 4 days and so on are u lifting heavy or lite or switch your work out up one weak lift heavy the other weak lift lite with more reps on heavy days lift heavy with 3 to 6 reps with 3 to 4 sets after awhile of doing the same thing your body will get used to it change it up I am 32 I was 155 and with in 9 months I was up to 185 190 went to gym 4 days took a day off and so on my bench went from 100 to 275 all I took was whey protein no pre-work out just protein u can also try mass gainer that helps a lot

  Can loose weight with it?

I go to the Gym 3 times a week…my goal was to lose 50 pounds since im 5’11 and weighed 270 pounds… my current weight is 240 and ive been going to the gym now 4 months and now I seem not to lose anymore weight…will this help me lose weight and build muscle or just add weight and build muscle????


most people don’t realize that you must do more running not on a tread mill but on the road for a couple of mile the tread mill is not good on your knees and u will see a lot off body fat lose or gains in muscle but after a will your body will come to a stop you have to work past this point and after a will you your self will not see nothing most people cant see any different after the first couple of month. the reason is that you your self will not be happy you will either say I am not big enough or say skinny enough get some ne else point of view that you have not seen in awhile that will put a smile on your face when they say u have gotten bigger/skinner then I seen you before so don’t stop what you are doing keep up the good work it will pay out in the end


It took me a while to read through grammar but I validate Ricky-t response.

_Sorry Ricky but your grammar is horrible.

  Be careful before starting it.
Think about it

I almost went for this product because like most, I wanted something that would work fast. But then I started thinking and reading some of the comments. I suggest that you do the same before putting anything into your body.
First of all our bodies are not meant to make rapid changes like this product claims. In nature there is a balance and our bodies are no different. So here is something to think about, your heart is a muscle, what is this during to your heart? What do you think has to supply the blood to all of these new muscles….your heart. Rapid growth of the heart is not health. I say get in tune with nature and do it right. Eat right, exercise, and get enough rest. Remember…”magic always comes with a price.” And the price may be your long term health or worst, your life.


This product will NOT produce rapid change. wiki CLA and read the text.

  Loved the product.
Malik (Verified User)

So far I used this product for 2 weeks and i noticed muscle that m arms became more solid, my stomach went down more, and My Personal Trainer notice my body getting more definition. I have been with my Personal trainer for two months; and week 2 of using this product he noticed my body having more definition

Robert B.

If you have been with your trainer for two month’s then I am sure that it was him who did this for you. The only reason that drugs like this work is due to the fact that they increase the amount of protein intake and when you have high levels of protein that packs around your muscles and stimulate faster recovery and growth. You do not need a drug to accomplish this just need to start a high protein diet or take Whey. After a month of training with a personal trainer you may not notice the definition immendiately because the muscle will build underneath any existing fat cells hence just pushing the fat further out and giving people the impression they have gained the wrong type of weight and lowering self confidence. If you push past this point into the second month then the muscle will start to eat away at the fat cells in order to sustain itself in your down time.


I am sure he thought it was of him he did that to you

  Just started will update later.
ahole0321 (Verified User)

I bought 4 bottles of this stuff just to give it a shot, I already knew there was no way in hell I would gain 700% muscle mass but even if I gained 50% it would be worth the money. I have never heard of CLA prior to doing some re-search on this product, I weigh 235 lbs and bench 365. Im 6 ft tall and lift 5 days a week religiously. I have been taking c9-t11 for a month and a half as directed on the bottle which is one in the am. And one in the afternoon. I take alot of protien pre and post work out as well as pre work out drink (c4 exterme) which is goo stuff. I havent noticed any real significant gains in muscle mass or strength. I will be sending this product back for a full refund, it is money back guarantee but we will see how that process goes.


How did the return go? I ordered 3 bottles before I read all these comments. I might need to return also. Thanks

  Loved the product.
Shane (Verified User)

I take c9-t111 I’ve notice gains in strength and size especially in my arms and traps. I’m 5 foot 8 188 pounds my arms went from 171/4 inch to 18 inch in two weeks.my incline press went from 225 to 275 in two weeks my military press went from 205 to 225 in two weeks. So it seems to work for me . My eating habit is very bad I only consume 2500 calories a day and still gaining muscle mass.


How many tablets do you take per day and when? Also how many times do you work out per week?

  Do workout. Avoid it.
Drew (Verified User)

I am in total disagreement. At the age of fourteen it is fine to be lifting just dont do heavy weight. if you would like to gain true muscle mass do repitions with small weight amounts to fill in muscle. dont workout more then 4 times a week though.

  Loved the product.
Frank Patton (Verified User)

been taking this product for almost two weeks, i have been eating very poorly for about a year, this product makes me really like food again. i feel stronger/look and i can almost feel an internal change inside my body. will continue to see if results are true.

  Is it safe for woman?
amy kehnel

I am a 38 year old woman and I purchased C9T11-I’ve been taking it for about 2 and a half weeks…I want to know if it’s safe for a female? I’ve definately noticed a difference–not in a freaky way but definately more mass. I’ve looked it up before purchasing but never found and comments or info on females taking it. Please let me know…thanks


Hi Amy… I’m a 36 yr old woman too . I just order it …haven’t taken it yet..was wondering if u found out any info for females and What kinda mass…more cut or defined or just weight?

  How did it work?

hey man, just responding to your comment on c9-t11. how did it work for you

  Could it be positive in dope test?

Will taking c9-t11 cause someone to flunk a urine or hair drug test? My buddy said c9-t11 will show up methamphatmines ( unsure of spelling) please help with this question


This product is an extract from Safflower Oil. It has as less chance of triggering a drug screen than eating a super sized order of french fries.

  Hated the product.
Bdog (Verified User)

Just finished with my third bottle and no real results from this carp. Already was an avid lifter though. My advise is take a good preworkout and lots of protein and lift hard. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Two other buddies also tried it and have the same opinion as myself.

  Can it be found in India?

Did you ever find it in India????? Let us know thanks

  Would it be good choice for bench press?

hello, i am 16 yrs old im 5ft2 i wight 128lb benching 245lb.. would c9-t11 be a good choice to give me that extra boost of strength in bench press?


As an Army master fitness trainer. At 14, you don’t need to get into supplements. Protiene drinks, lots of veggies, and hyper hydration. Start with that as a base.


16 you have barely hit puberty let alonewith suplemments carb it up high protein and take in 2000calroies a day 6 meals a day youll bulkup lift 4 days a week and cycle your training only thing that build mass and lean muscle is hard work dont let any body tell u else wise


he is right

  Going to start the product.

I read it won’t be available until June or July and the price is in the range of $120 per bottle. I’m going to give it a shot.

  Is it really work?

how about the guy who benchs 135lbs!!! :0
how hilarious is that?! I was in the marines to guy. Where are you stationed?
also i wish someone would just get on here and say if it works. not just taking it for 1 week and commenting. take it for a month or 2. then make a statement.


I just purchased 4 bottles I will let you know in time if it really works.

  Is it safe for dope test?

Hello, I am in the marines, so I want to make sure I am not going to “pop” on a piss test because of this. Is this safe for me?


They should feed Marines steroids with every meal! If I was going to battle I would want peak performance! If you are not ingesting or injecting anabolic steroids you will not skew your testosterone ratio with any over the counter products enough to fail a test. You can’t even buy Androstendione at GNC anymore. Eat right and train properly… “Natural” products do no more than a well balanced diet would do… save your money for new clothes to show off the body you work hard to achieve!

  Loved the product.
Jose (Verified User)

jajajja, good answer

  Is it for man or woman?

Lela 03/26/2013
Is this pill safe for women too? Or is it only for men?

  Can loose weight with it?

Hi all. I am a 60 year old male, 6 foot tall and weigh about 145. I work out 2-3 times a week and cardio the same. I have good muscle definition and great eating habits and health. I an fighting the loss of muscle mass that goes along with aging esp in my lower body. I’ve read some stuff about low dose GH but don’t know who to go to to find out more plus I think it only fights additional loss. If anyone has suggestions on adding muscle mass it would be most appreciated.

  Is it legal for NCAA

Is it legal to use in the NCAA and other professional sports or will the player be banned.

  Able to workout with this?

I work’d out back in the day i gain’d 5 lbs of muscle in 3 months i weigh’d 129 benching 185 , dead lifting 325 did pull downs behind and front 140 , auctually had to have help mounting so i could reach bar lol and i couldnt lift anymore so i gave up on working out . Could this product be the anwser ? to making me bigger?


I am thinking of taking c9 -t11 but I am about 30 pounds over weigh. If i diet and workout Is this going 2 help me get in shape or just make me bigger

  Loved the product.
tris (Verified User)

Workout eat right and give your body sometime it will come true I promise looking at my self today and what I used to look like I can not belive it me people who know me then think I m taking something but I m not just eating right that’s it.

  Loved the product.
Jason (Verified User)

I’M SURE THIS IS LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE. If you believe you will conceive. So for anyone to say impossible-non believers. People who had success-believers. I’m only interested in people who used and have had an experience with this product. I’m not interested in opinions if you haven’t tried it. I don’t say a product doesn’t work unless I tried it. Like anything else.


I have been taking C9 T11 for 2 weeks now and I have noticed a difference. Prior to taking the supplement I was working out 4 days a week and taking protein. I continued the same routine and just started taking the pill as suggested (1 pill in the morning and 1 in the late afternoon). I noticed I have gotten slimmer around the waist and have gotten some increase in muscle mass. I have also had an increase in strength and stamina. For only taking it for 2 weeks I’ve difinatley noticed a difference.

  Which one should use to loose weight?


i’m 145 kg and 191 cm , i think i have to loss 50 kg and i just don’t know what i have to do ? which program is good for me (Insanity,etc…. )
what pill should i take


Insanity will kick your butt! It is heavy cardio. Take it slow but keep with it. You will feel so much better with continued use!

  Loved the product.
Memory (Verified User)

This stuff works, its good for muscle memory it will work but on the same time you can’t sit in your fat fucking ass and not do shit you gotta eat right and work out its not going to do all the work or we would all be ripped.


You didn’t know that muscle memory existed. What a dumb ass

your mom

muscle memory DEFINETLY exists, I did six years in the army and did multiple tours overseas and let me say muscle memory is real… your body remembers how it trains so when your mind shuts down from fear and everything else your body goes on autopilot because you’ve TRAINED IT


there is no such thing as muscle memory you idiot

Roman Bucheral

Yes there is idiot look it up


HAHAHA zach i hear common sence skips a generation your kids should be sharp as tacks


muscle memory most definitely exists. If it didn’t your body wouldn’t be able to repair it’s self. You would end up with permanent damage or deformities any time you pulled a muscle!


Enlighten yourself before you call people idiots.
Go to wiki and read about muscle memory in strength training.


Im still trying to figure out how to sit in my fat ass

  Just started will update later.
tony (Verified User)

Just ordered 2 bottles..going to give it shot..not looking to get huge. Just be nice to gain alittle more muscle and trim some fat off my abs..hope it helps…if does i will be happy to post pics.


Did it work Tony?

  Loved the product.
Erik (Verified User)

C9t11 works almost immediately, it has helped me surpass my plateau on the bench press from 225 all the way up to 275 in a week, and i was able to put up 4 reps from just one weeks use, it comes in bottles of 60, and is recommended to be used twice daily, once in the morning and one in the late afternoon. I would rate this product at a 10, except i havent finished the entire 7 week cycle as i am just finishing week 2, so i give the product a 9/10 personally. I have not seen any side effects, but my gains in muscle have been significant and my abs are slightly more detailed, whereas my co workers did say they seen massive muscle growth so far. The product also comes with strick guidelines for best results, if serious about taking C9t11, make sure you follow them according.


Anadrol 50 and an 8- ball maybe. This dude is lying or he was that strong already and this helped him past a mental block.


50 pounds in a week. You got to be kidding me. You could’nt go up 50 lbs on a shit load of roids in a week.Stop being ridiculous.


would it be bad to take this supplement as a 14 year old, even if i work out regularly?


Dude, you shouldn’t even be working out yet. That is too young. If anything, do cardio exercises. If you start lifting too young you will hurt your natural growth. Wait to start lifting for a year or so, make sure your body is done growing. Also, beginner gains are already awesome. Just remember to eat right and lift heavy. Rest is key.

  Waht are the negative causes of it?

What are the health negatives to this product, is there any way it could effect mental health. I’m a young lifter and currently studying, I don’t want to do something that may effect me mentally now or later down the road. Input??????

  Any similar product for woman?

Is there a product like this for women? I’m 52 and am 134 lbs. I weight train and do 5 days a week of spin class and eliptical, but I still have some abdominal fat that I need to get rid of. Please help Thank you


Holy Basil to reduce your cortisol levels which will reduce body fat.


If you truly do “weight train and 5 days a week of spin class and eliptical” then it’s your diet.


Diet and age are major factors in muscle gain and fat loss. I’m a 45yo male and have to work 5 times harder than 20 somethings to gain muscle and lose fat. when I was 20 something, I was ripped and didn’t have to work hard to get that way and keep it. Then life happened and couldn’t keep lifting and maintaining cadio and other workouts even as much as I did. Now I’m a balding 45yo with a size 38 gut and skinny arms and have been lifting cadio at least 4 to 5 days a week for 6 months. Older equals muscle loss and harder work to couteract it.

  Stop taking it and do exercise.

Everyone wants the easy way out. Probably why the USA is mostly a bunch of Fat overweight couch potatoes. Before you raise your hand and say not me “mostly”. Its not from any miracle plant, it’s just CLA with a fancy name with it’s ingrediants hidden. Stop being lazy and work out hard, serious muscle confusion and eat right. I played D-1 in college and worked all those fools pumping there bodies with crap. Just push yourself till your bodies done and then do five more reps until your arms or legs or whatever your working out feels like it’s going to fall off burning. Then stretch the muscles burning after every singe set. Long lean shredded muscles you’ll get. I had the best trainers at Fresno State and i’m still doing same thing and still super lean and cut

  Demotivated through comments.

Got curious about c9-t11. i’m 5’9″ 190lbs,54yrs old.My job is very phyisical,but not a total body workout kind of way. After reading so much input from so many who seem well-versed on this topic,I think I’m just gonna skip the pills and get my ass back on my 15yr old Bow-flex.


wise idea!


I’ll be 42 next month,in Masonry,vary phyisical,I also have a Bow-Flex that I just started using with an Iron Gym.I think I’ll just keep my money in my pocket to buy FOOD to EAT for Muscle Gain!!!!!!!!!

  Loved the product.
That guy you love to hate (Verified User)

Muscle consumes fat as a fuel source. So technically muscle turns fat into muscle. You don’t gain muscle cells, they do not devide to multiply, they only get bigger and produce more nucli. They are not like the rest of our cells. So it makes sense to give it multiple fats and reduce your carbs (they recommend no sugars while taking it) fats are 9 calories and carbs are 4 so you switch your fuel source, you work out the same but achieve better results because your burning better fuel. You’ll also decrease your insulin resistance burning fat as your main source of energy. Simple science. You should check out some classes at a local community college and enlighten yourself.


Good input man. Thanks

  Hated the product.
CECE (Verified User)

Shipp is telling the truth please listen people don’t be foolish.

That guy you love to hate

Lol sheeple with no education are funny.



  Loved the product
BigLOU (Verified User)

after all the good these pills have done, maybe i should have taken them orally?


I have read almost all of these comments and hundreds of blogs about supplements and other products. This is the only time I have responded to anything. I literally spewed soda out of my nose and laughed out loud when I read this. Well done, man. You made my day!


Pnut,I also laughed out loud when reading his comment. It was just too funny.But for real, man, you’ve read hundreds of articles about supplements and nutrition and you’re drinking a soda? c’mon man…

  Suggested to do exercise and diet

Good advice. Muscle gain requires you put in the work and correct diet.
If it sounds too good to true….

  Does it add some muscle?
The Boogeyman

does this thing work? I work out regulary and I am not expecting this thing to increase my muscle mass 700%, just to add a little more muscle, so does it work under these stances?

  Hated the product

Just remember your heart is also a muscle, and if you take this supplement C9-T11 to increase 700% your muscle mass you may also increase your heart size! And end up with heart problems! A friend of mine, a registered cardiac nurse practitioner has warned me of the consequences of taking any supplements to increase your muscle mass. Just think wisely!


diffrnt type of mucle dood….you will be fine


Lol! You always know someone is legitimately smart and make valid comments when they can’t spell and refer to people as dood in text. (Totally Sarcasm) Thanks for your comment Mikki!


And another thing…drool, you are liable if you are on the job giving shitty advice. Any idiot can take an idiot’s advice at no consequence to the idiot giving advice. Derhhhher…drool, drool…


All MUSCLE uses ATP for fuel, including the striated muscles, which are more commonly known as cardio, or heart muscles. Go to college and take an Anatomy and Physiology class before giving your opinion….. your bad advice could inadvertenly cause undue harm or injury to someone, for which you could and would be held legally liable. So, please, get your facts straight before giving advice. Just saying!

  Can use it with high BP?
too good

I am 15 a freshman about to be a sophmore and i weigh 180 lbs my football coach said i need to get bigger because he wants me to play varsity next year should i use this product for a week or two? one pill a day? How much do i have to work out ? is running enough?
Note i have a bad heart murmur and high blood pressure.


You are in your prime years, the choices you make now and work out technique used in high school build your foundation for life – which varies a bit from person to person. Years down the road you won’t be able to turn back the clock and change things so take you time to make the right decision. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist and others you can trust for advice. Asking for input from others online is a step in the right direction, good job.

I was your age about 25 years ago and worked out hard 4 days a week and 3 different school sports through the school, I ate right and took very little supplements like amino acids and vitamins. If I were you I would get off this new product that I hear changes your body so quick. Fast changes to your body is a sign that you don’t want to trust that drug.


Dude… really?
Are you actually allowing some obtuse football coach to dictate your health? This jackass only cares about one thing … his freaking ego and his win column. Do you honestly think that this freaking guy is going to give two sheets about you when your graduate from high school, or become disabled, or die due to your health? I’ll answer for you… NO!!!

Your a young kid. You may seem to have all the answers at the moment, however you have not begun to live life. And your willing to trash your body, possibly die on a freaking football field… for what? A damn game? Possibly so you can have your pic in a damn yearbook? For sympathy from people, who won’t give two sheets about you in a couple of years?

WAKE UP!!! The reality hear is, the only person who cares about you is your parents and you. If you think that your freaking coach actually cares what happens to you… your dreaming, disillusioned, or lying to yourself!


my football coaches are the closest thing to a father they spend time with me 5 times a week getting people like me better at what i love doing the most sports its my dream so before you start insulting peoples dreams look yourself in the mirror dont you dare tell sombody whats worth what sports is everything to me that i have five scouts looking at me and my coaches are proud of me and they do care who would willingly spend time with you five days a week for four hours a day not includeing game days to make you better so that you have a chance to continue your dream grow a pair of balls and show coaches some respect every coach is required to be a teacher in my state which means they obviously care about teenagers like me in highschool if there willing to teach us life lessons so how dare you insult my family how dare you they spend time with me more than my mother on somthing that i would love dieing for i have a risk of seizers that the doctor told me to stop but i ignored him and mother stood by and forced him to sign it because is your life really worth living if you cant do what you love ? no its not so go be a prick to sombody else people like me and him have balls to fight and work hard im succesful because of what coach has given me and trained me for these past years im a sophmore now and im on varsity because i listened to them i can say that i am more manly than you i have the will dedication to stick with somthing and not be a loser and the physical strength to survive and defeat my enemies if they dare try to mug me what do you have oh nothing now actually give this kid advice or shut the f**k up moderators publish this because this post is the truth strength honor will and dedication all the way keep up your work boy and trust me dont listen to this *****


Youngster, what’s going to happen to you when you get hurt?? How many scouts will be chasing you then? What you need to do is work on your GPA, then sports. If that wasn’t the longest sentence I’ve ever read, then maybe my GPA is hurting…. But seriously, you need to exercise your brain to help yourself think outside that little box of yours. Say you try the sports road for a few years…. then what?? just sayin’, you need to build yourself a fortune of options. Goals. The real world is waiting for you….. Sports isn’t everything. Here’s to your success$$$ Good luck kid!!


Are you young people truly this sad and this dumb over in the USA
Never heard such a stupid replys you’ve got a serious hart murmur and your coach wants you to put on more weight, and the other has brain seizers and his mother thinks its okay to disagree with the Dr and let him continue playing sport. and he thinks his coach is like a father to him what brain washed thickos unbelievable


i would say quit football! your heart murmur and blood pressure could kill you if you play with any kind of intensity. a game isnt worth your health. i learned that when i tore my acl

  Where to find in South Africa?

can’t find the stockists in joburg south Africa

  Does it make penis smaller?

does this product make your penis smaller?

for real

don’t worry urs cant get any smaller

  Hated the product.
Paul (Verified User)

There is nothing out there in pill form that will give you 700% results. Not even 100% results with workouts. I have been working out for many years. I lift 6 days a week for three months. Then 5 days a week for the next 3. Working out two hours a day. I have taken many sups. Now you want results go ask Branch or Jay or someone you know in the gym that is huge with muscles. They juice and juice alot.

  Gained muscle by exercising without it.

^^continued.. Btw forgot to mention, i added 15lbs. of muscle this way. It’s been 10 months. Bench went up from 85 to 135 and I’ve only been working out for five or so years.


Really dude?? your worked out for 5 years and only gained 50 pounds of strength… I worked out for 4 years I started with bench-pressing 40 pounds and now I’m benching 275 pounds. I was a small guy I was only 130 pounds when I started. Hoowww in the hell you only gained 50 pounds of strength in 5 years?!?!


You are only benching 135 pounds…? I dont mean to be in your business but you posted that youve gained weight, work out for 5 years and youre benching 135??


135 kg I suppose…

laughing uncontrolably

Now that’s was funny!!

  Suggested to go to zym.

U know what really works to add muscle right?
Go to the gym, eat lots of protein and lift heavy weights. The heavier the weight the bigger u get.
Good luck!


Hugefc ur absolutely right bro. I used this method after plateauing and not being able to gain anymore size and strenght at 190.
Big Duse in the gym told me if I wanted to get bigger then lift heavier weight. Sounds simple but it’s true. He said if was reping 10x then it was too light.
Changed whole routine. Six reps and very slow. Bench 10 sec up and 10 sec down. Focus on breathing and lift properly. Eat healthy and work cardio in and u will get bigger.

  Hated the product.
Anonymous (Verified User)

its the same shit your taking already and it is also a diet supplement if u work out with it u will loss body fat as well as gain muscle dumby

  Would it work with hypertension problems


I am 48 years old, I walk 30 minutes every day, don’t do weights, hypertension, colesterol, thiroid problems, would C9-T11 make things worst?

  Does it work with weight lifting?

Does this product work if you do Crossfit in lieu of lifting weights in the traditional form?

  Is it good for any type diabetic?

will it be good for any type of diabetics

  Best natural supplement
Semper Fi (Verified User)

This is the best natural energy supplement you will find. It will not so miracles for you lazy bums out there and make you gain muscle without work. It is most likely vitamin B and Beta alanine which gives you a smooth no peak/crater energy level. It also makes you hungry (vitamin B) so you need to be careful. I highly recommend it to use as a daily energy supplement to replace your jak3d, noxplode, etc.

  Keep lifting as normal
Anonymous (Verified User)

No tk. Just keep lifting as normal . You could also take 3 test 6 estro and and optimizer just as you would with a pro hormone .. That’ll Also help you get big and cycle off properly

  Questions about possible effects
Tk (Verified User)

If you go through a cycle of c9-t11 and then stop taking it, will that muscle you gained of c9-t11 turn into fat??

  Questions about product availability
Stuart Poole

when will the product C9-T11 be available in South Africa and who will be the stockists of it. I want to get some 😉

  Need more information

I just purchased c9-t11, I heard it was great to use to burn fat and add lean muscle? I am overweight and out of shape. I have changed my diet and have been working out at least four times a week. I currently weigh 231lbs and want to get down to at least 200. I know that is still big but I’m setting a reasonable goal. You always see people in already decent shape on these videos and pics. I want to see how a bigger person like me can do this. Muscle burns fat so I hope to make a positive change to my body. When I receive my shipment I will start taking it and see how this goes. I realize it has to be a lifestyle change and not just a 2-3 month thing. I will post pics if that would help anybody.


How are the results?!?!?


so what happen to u now?


How has it been going for you?

  This will work if you exercise
Lee (Verified User)

Any pills wont work without working out. Dont depend on this pill if you taking one. Leep running, keep what youve been doing and everything will come to it eventually. drink plenty of water after these pills not cause stomach uncomfort. keeping moving and you’ll get the results. Its the matter of keep moving and taking the pills along with multivitamins and other omega’s you’ve been taking. keep it going and it all will come to you.

  Is it safe for women?

can women use these pills safely?

  I'll wait and see
Zach (Verified User)

Im probably going to buy another bottle and take 1 every 12 hours instead of 2 so i can stretch it out for a whole month. I felt that taking 2 was too much, considering my healthy intake of protein everyday and a longer test should should show if there are any extreme results as advertised. Some athletes and entertainers are claimed to use c9-t11 but they don’t confirm who so it sounds like false claims.


Thanks for your updates

  No side effects for me
Zach (Verified User)

For the 68yr old guy. Im sure its completey safe. It had no side effects whatsoever but ask your doctor about it to be sure. A fish or flax seed oil would be good for you though as it provides the fatty acids everyone needs for good heart health. Which is very similar to what C9-T11 is from what we know about it. CLA is fatty acids too and studies have been done on the side effects specifically relating to the heart. They were very inconclusive but some tests showed lower colestroel levels. Once again there needs to be more research.

  This is not a miracle pill
Zach (Verified User)

So. I finished a bottle. And nothing extreme happenedas i expected, but for most of the two weeks i took 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon as directed. Days i didnt excrsize i only took 2 a day. I also take a pre (muscle pharm assault) and post (P90X Recovery) workout drink. Ive already been doing that for about a month and im in fairly good shape. C9-T11 hasnt proven to be a miracle pill for loosing fat (i couldve eaten a little better though, halloween got the best of me) but its possibly lead to some acclerated muscle growth. Very very little but some of the best growth and pumps ive had in the past 2 months. However, most of that is probably contributed by the muscle pharm assault drink ive been using in those 2 months. I highly recommend it. Yes, C9-T11 is basically more expensive CLA but i still think because its some undisclosed form of it and there needs to be more research and I will possibly purchase more. I was pretty shocked by my small increase in muscle and definition but please keep in mind i work my ass off in my workouts and follow the standard P90X routines. This is not a miracle pill. Thats simply impossible. But many supplements can defintely be beneficial to people who need them. I also take a multivitamin and flax seed oil (fish oil) pill everyday.

  Wait and see

Let’s wait and see what Zach says after Oct.27th…

  You need more to conquer world
Anonymous (Verified User)

jesus it depends what kind battle you’re talking about. you want to conquer world a bottle not enough. you’d need about 1000 bottles at least to win your battle

  Benefits when you take this with steroids?

If you take this with Steroids, what would the benefits be?? Hercules?? or the Hulk??


Both but probably not a very good idea


superman of course!!

  Too good to be true
Anonymous (Verified User)

its also known as CLA this is a version of it that is just really expensive. if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! im sure if it actually worked better than steroids pro sports would be banned from using it and everyone would be taking it and having to walk sideways thru doors…


lmao “walk sideways through doors”

  Read real tutorials and other blogs
Dont Bdum (Verified User)

This stuff is a hoax. ANYTHING that alters muscle growth has side effects. The reason for no side effects is no muscle growth alteration is happening when you take this placebo. Please read up on it, not just on their partner sites, but real tutorials and blogs.


Dont Bdum,

So have you heard of anyone having side effects?? Anyone?

  Is this safe for me?
Danny Bynum

I am 68 years old and I still lift weights–not as heavy as I used to. I cannot take anything similar to caffeine–I want to gain weight not lose weight. I had heart surgery in 2001 and I have to watch what I eat. On my birthday I did 68 push ups. Is C9-T11 safe for me to use.

Jim B

Danny. 68 years old and just had heart surgery??? Is that really a question you want ask here???

Go see you doctor!!

  Check the directions to be effective
Zach (Verified User)

Stat away from sugar when taking it. It comes with some directions. So no pop. But if ur serious about getting in shape i hope ur already eating right and excersizing. I agree supplements are great ways to help ur progress and results but dont be stupid and think u can sit on the couch and take a pill to get ripped.

  Here are some information
Zach (Verified User)

It’s 72% CLA and is probably 50/50 cis9-trans11 and trans10-cis12 fatty acids. Basically your omega fatty acids but im no nutritionist so not sure what makes c9-t11 different. It’s extracted from some african plant though and not sunflower oil. I just got a 30 day supply and currently do P90X. Im starting a new routine Monday and will post my results in about 2 weeks when i finish the bottle.


ha zac did this stuff work ??????


I do P90X as well. I was told I need to put on 40pounds of muscle before next season. Please send any results and how his worked for you to me. I want to know if this really works.


id like to hear your results also zach. theres so much stuff out there we all need to look out for each other so wer not goin broke buyin hyped up junk.. thanks


Hi Zach,

I would really like to hear about your results.. please keep me posted I would really appreciate it… soley based on your above review / comment, I feel I would get on honest feedback.


  Does it really work?

has anyone taken c9t11 who actually works out hard everyday and tries to get big the natural way. if so did you get good results. im ripped so i have no fat to burn but would love to gain size or healthy weight .


your a bell im more ripped

  Effects when I stop taking this
amp (Verified User)

If i stop taking the pills will i start to get fat?


I have lost 70 pounds using c9t11


How have you lost 70 lbs when this is a weight gainer? This in no way is a diet pill and has just 3 ingredients > water,glycerin and gelatin..actually these are really a nothing vitamin…I just realized I got taken buying this junk…..It DOES NOT HELP YOU AQUIRE ANY MUSCLE AT ALL…..this is just a false claim by the company……Dammit


Look up what a CLA is. It doesn’t allow the body to store fat. It also gives you certain amino acids to help you gain muscle quicker, so when you workout while you take this your getting pure muscle. It helped me get extremely cut. I dropped 10 pounds and went up in weight in my curls, on bench and just basic workouts.


lies. it’s not a loss weight pills. shut your front door, please.


They work for c9-t11 it’s their job to make it sound good

  Questions about purchasing the product
Som Datta

Hi! I am looking for C9 T11 in India, please let me know where can I get in India ? Can I purchase through debt card ? Since dont have credit card 🙁


anybody care to answer the real question does anyone know if you can get this in india or not who realy gives a shit about credit cards you can pay for it with either one as long as they accept credit cards!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDOTS


It’s not available in India, try camel juice, might help you gain bigger hump. Lolol


Apparently you can’t read! It states on the manufactures Website, that one can only purchase this product “Only In The USA.” Therefore, one would could come to the understanding from the manufactures statement, that the product IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES. To make it perfectly clear for you… No one may NOT purchase this product in India, or anywhere outside the United States.

Furthermore, for all of you obtuse blooters who have ABSOLUTLY no idea how to purchase goods and services from a piece of plastic; as long as one pays off the damn blance on their credit card every month, there IS NO accrued interest charged to the customer. In addition, American Express is just one card that allows customers to use their cards (and monies associated with ones account), however should you chose to NOT pay off your balance at the end of the month, one IS charged an interest on the accrued balance. Read your damn statements you obtuse blooters! If your to damn stupid to use a credit card, or debit card; one does not deserve it!


now that’s funny lol lol lol lol lol tell them again



Thats freakin funny lol!!!!!


i have both credit and debit. debit is just my money and is linked to my main bank account. i can purchase things online but with my money. credit is the banks money they let me use it but i must pay it back over time. i also pay a little extra for every item i purchase. so… debit is your money debited from your account. credit is a credit of money given to you from the bank. as for this product if you wanna build muscle try a creatine stack with bcaa supplement and both a slow release and fast release protein take daily oh and omega 3 150 mg daily and exercise 4 days a week at least space your protein intake out over the day. This product should be approached with skepticism. save your money hope this helps


martin where do you get your credit cards?


Som Datta – considering you dont know credit cards and debit cards are virtually the same your name has been subitted to the credit bureau’s and you are never to be allowed a credit card for the remainder of your life.


Another dumass… with debit cards you use your own money, credit cards you’re using the banks borrow money which you are paying an interest.


Wrong… I’ve had a credit card for decades and have never paid interest. As long as you pay the balance every month when due, you are not charged any interest…!!!


debt and credit are the same fool


Actually a debit card and a credit card are totally different. A debit card allows you to spend the money you have saved on your bank account. A credit card allows ppl with good credit ratings to withdraw money over what they have in savings/checkings. making them pay it back with a little bit of intrest.

  Product availability

how can i buy it?
which brand it is like apn ,bsn,prolab

  Looking for results

It’s true or just brain washed cuz it’s like miracle pills?? Show me results pls someone

  Product intake

i need more info on this. should i take it on my days off and can i take it with protein shakes?

Eduardo Lugo

How can we get the C9-T11 and price.thanks ED


yes at the C9-T11 website allows you to pay for one bottle 37 or six and two free 222 dollars its well worth it as long as you work out regularly you will be fine but do not be lazy or it will make you fat

  when using c9-t11
raymond (Verified User)

do u have to work out when using c9-t11


No you dont have to workout, just be a lazy slob and some magic pill will come along and do all the work for you. ARE YOU KIDDING????????


LOVE YOUR RESPONSE!!!!!!!!! Best ever!!!!!!!


Do you have to work out to get in shape? LOL Hit the Gym. You don’t need some mythical pill to do that.


can you take caffeene or drink coffee with it or pop

TYLER PEEBLES (Verified User)



are there darkbrown gel capsules too,cause that’s what i received

  don't spent your money on it.
AleksaNdar (Verified User)

Not good at all, don’t spent your money……

  Whe does C9-T11 come out in GNC?

Whe does C9-T11 come out in GNC?

  And does it really work for someone already in shape?

Are you supposed to take it on your days off. And does it really work for someone already in shape?

  Does it make sick?

does this stuff makes me sick my body?

  it's probably beta alanine
jason (Verified User)

it’s probably beta alanine

  how many pills come in a bottle?

how many pills come in a bottle?


60 pills in a bottle, and yout take two pills in the morning and two pills in the afternoon, so a 15 day supply


One pill in the morning, one in afternoon. 2 a day not 4


on the website it says for optimal muscle gain take 2 in the morning and 2 after your workout


This sounds like a good product but will side effects like heart problems, decreased size in testicles and penis, take place.

  Is it really work for weight loss.
frank mandarano

does this stuff really put on the bulk as it claims if not is there anything on the market other then steriods that really works, frank


Hard work, you can take all the supplements you want but without hard work you’ll still look like nothing!


Increasing your Testosterone level is coorelated with increased hair loss in men….do some google searching and you may find some scholarly articles.

o-natural my friends. Dont submit to the idea that we have to be huge giants to be real…Big muscles, bald skull, small balls? I dunno…you do the research.


Correlation does not equal causation. Tons of research is skewed to meet the goals of the researcher.


Hair loss is associated with the hormone dihydrotestosterone. An increase in general testosterone will not have any negative side effects unless increased sex drive and mood are negatives. Do better research.

  how many come in a battle

how many come in a battle



  does this stuff make you lose weight if you dont have an ounce of fat on your body or does it help you gain weight also

does this stuff make you lose weight if you dont have an ounce of fat on your body or does it help you gain weight also

Spell Check

I am going fucking nuts reading these posts! There is not a one that does not have a typo! You all need to spend more time in school learning how to read, and write than you do working out! Expand your mind first, then work on your bodies!


Heyyyyyyyy just Drink waterrrr


I just got mine in the mail today and will let you know in a month or so if this stuff is for real.

Chris Malcom

i want to take most offers of supplements of body building to improve my body style quickly.


Where’d you buy it.?


Alessandro Insanity is a great work out but yes to build mass you must lift weights. Bob this product would work just take it light so your body doesnt go into shock, really it happens. You may find elastic bands helpful till you feel more comfortable with weights.


Not true, you can do multiple sets of push ups, pull ups and dips to failure and build mass. Weights just get you there quicker!

Justin Rice

how did it work?


can u buy c9-t11 in a store in the us


I am a 65 y/o male With health problems due to overprescribed PREDNISONE after I told doc I had a reaction to it. My musculature seems to have melted away to a bag of bones, is there any hope it will improve my body & health?


Hello, I’m 54 and work out with weights on a regular basis. Interested in this product. Because there is no list of ingrediants, is there any reaction from Liver/Pancreas reaction reported?


Bob. Everything I have read about this says it eats fat and uses that to fuel muscle growth. Try it, but workout carefully as to not-overdo it. Muscle degradation due to medicine reaction is hard to come back from but not impossible. good-luck and good health friend. 🙂


Bob, I’m not sure what your health issue is, but I would try 500 – 1000Mg of the amino acid L-Tyrosine daily, as well as 1000Mg of Creatine, with strength-training exercises 3-4 times weekly.. You may also consider HGH therapy, purchased from a reputable pharmacy.. The best one is in Alabama.. I have rod nemline myopathy(muscular dystrophy), and would not be able to walk without these life-saving supplements!


You will lose fatn your abs, but you will gain a lot of weight in muscle if you work out regularly.


Hi ! I just started working out with the INSANITY WORKOUT. Is that enough? Or do i still have to use weights?


insanity wont be enough. wish it was but u gotta lift weights for it too work