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Carbogen Review

By Summer Banks Sep 19, 2017
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What is Carbogen?

Carbogen is an enzyme used to break down carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are commonly included in bodybuilding supplements to move protein to muscles. If those carbohydrates are broken down faster, they will be ready to move protein faster. The trouble with Carbogen is it appears to be more of an ingredient than a standalone supplement. We assume the product should be taken at the same time protein shakes with carbohydrates are taken to break down sugars.

The website for Protein Factory offers a clean front page, but the list of supplements is hundreds of products long. Consumers need to know which product they are searching for in order to find the correct information. Free trials are not available for any Protein Factory supplement or powder. There is no mention about whether this supplement will affect glucose levels for people with diabetes.

List of Ingredients


Product Features

Our initial thoughts that this supplement appeared to be an ingredient and not a standalone product was true. Carbogen cannot be ordered directly. It must be added to a protein powder as an additional ingredient. Several of the protein powders offered by Protein Factory allow the bodybuilder to add specific ingredients like creatine and Carbogen.

The specific enzyme is not revealed in the product literature. If the consumer does not know the ingredient, how are they supposed to research whether the supplement works as claimed. The total cost to add Carbogen to a protein supplement is 75-cents; thus, the ingredient must not be much.

So what does Protein Factory claim this unnamed enzyme will do for the bodybuilder? Carbogen is supposed to increase energy levels, elevate blood glucose and increase performance during exercise. We cannot prove or disprove any of these claims, because we have no idea what is in Carbogen.


  • May help break down carbohydrates.
  • Costs less than $1 per pound of protein.


  • Name of enzyme is not revealed.
  • Can only be added to Protein Factory protein supplements.
  • Will not likely increase energy.
  • May not break down carbohydrates.
  • Raises blood glucose levels so it is unsafe for diabetics.


Dieters and bodybuilders have many choices when it comes to buying supplements. While Protein Factory may offer the most supplement choices, they do not necessarily offer the best. We do not like the fact that the enzyme is not revealed. Consumers are researching products more than ever before and with that comes choice. Testimonials could support the product, but those are not available.

The body naturally breaks down carbohydrates quickly and easily. If that process speeds up, the only effect would like be hunger. After carbohydrates are broken down, the body signals hunger when blood glucose levels drop. This is a common problem for dieters.

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