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Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


In the weeks that led to this review, I figured out whether Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula actually works. Our research focused on ingredients, side effects, scientific studies and level of customer care. We also examined hundreds of user comments and reviews. Lastly, we condensed and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula?

First off, Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula ingredients include l-carnitine, garcinia cambogia, dissolved oxygen, vitamins and minerals. It promotes weight-loss by suppressing appetite, burning fat and boosting energy. Add 20 drops to 8oz of water/juice and drink prior to sleep. You can easily toss it into your gym bag and take it with you on the go.

Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula was released around 2001 by NuScience Corporation. You can purchase the supplement through online retailers and a few local vitamin stores. We like the low price and the longevity of the company, but read on…

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Side Effects – “A Concern?”

The first concern we have centers on Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula side effects. “A formula can speak volumes about a supplement,” said our Research Editor. “With this one, we noticed dieters talking about adverse reactions.”

One user reported, “I have to get up 3-4 times during the night to pee. I wake up tired, and am foggy-brained all day.”

“Had to stop because of the constant upset stomach,” commented another.

However, not all people experienced side effects. One person said, “Okay, first of all, no jitters or pounding heart beats, etc. I take it at night as directed and it helps curb appetite.”

“I have no side effects from this product. I believe it has also helped me have a better night’s sleep,” mentioned another.

Fad Ingredients – “No Science?”

According to customer comments, Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula containing ingredients like garcinia cambogia was concerning. One customer commented, “I take as directed and I don’t feel a thing. Guess it’s just another fad diet pill. Truly a waste of money.”

“I checked online and this profile isn’t backed by science. It’s worthless,” said another.

Not every dieter commented about the ingredients. One reported, “I feel like my body is changing, even though I haven’t noticed any weight-loss yet.”

Another person said, “This profile is solid. It helps boost my energy.”

Our research has shown if there is some specific part of a diet product that’s concerning, like containing fad ingredients, the chances of long-term results are not very good. So, if Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula features a formula not connected to research, we start to become skeptical about it.

The Science – “Is There Any At All?”

The information on the official website claims this supplement promotes weight-loss by suppressing appetite, burning fat and accelerating metabolic rate. We like that it contains some ingredients connected to science, like amino acids and vitamins. What’s missing is science showing the connection between Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula and weight-loss. At DietSpotlight, research is the critical part of the review process. When there are no studies used as evidence, we raise the red flag.

What Users Are Saying

"My second order really like this product"

"When I first started using this product it seemed I had great results, had less cravings and wanted to snack a lot less. I did lose about 8 of the 22 I wanted to lose. However, over time I’ve noticed less and less of that difference, and at this point – on my 3rd bottle – I’m not sure I’m even going to continue taking it. Also, it says it’s good for 60 days. It isn’t. Maybe closer to 50."

"Second bottle and not noticing any significant difference."

The Bottom Line – Does Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula Work?

Still heading out for a bottle of Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula? Well, we like the low price and that we located some positive customer comments. But, we’re concerned about this one because research doesn’t support the weight-loss claims. Also, we’re skeptical about it due to customer reports about negative side effects and the use of fad ingredients.

Jump starting fat loss is critical to weight-loss. If that’s your goal, we suggest going with a supplement containing ingredients backed by science and no talk of negative customer comments.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement contains four clinically-tested ingredients which have been shown to help accelerate metabolism and ignite fat loss. Users are talking about seeing positive results and there’s no mention of harmful side effects.

Also, the makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so confident in their supplement, they’re offering customers a special trial offer.

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Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula Review
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Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula

What are the side effects of Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss?

The side effects of Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss, reported by some customers, include jitteriness, anxiety, nervousness, upset stomach and nausea.

What are the ingredients in Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss?

The ingredients in Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss are garcinia cambogia, l-carnitine, deuterium sulfate, ionic trace mineral blend, trace enzyme blend, trace amino acid blend and vitamins.

How do I know if Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss work?

There’s no published research showing the supplement works. We found that the formula contains “fad” ingredients like garcinia cambogia, with no clinical backing.

If you want long-term weight-loss results, you may want to take a moment to consider what Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss offers and then switch it out with a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn. The formula contains clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to work.

How much does Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss cost?

Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss costs about $35.

How should I take Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss?

You should take Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss prior to sleep. You’ll mix 20 drops with water and drink. The company recommends not eating three hours prior to using the supplement.

Can I take Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss with other Cellfood products?

Yes, you can take other Cellfood products with Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss, but it’s best to contact your healthcare provider prior to using any dietary supplement, let alone multiple products.

Can I use Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss while competing in amateur, professional or international events?

Yes, you can use Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss while competing in amateur, professional or international events. But, it’s best to contact your physician and the governing body prior to use.

Does Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss come with a guarantee?

Yes, Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss comes with a money-back guarantee.


Previous Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula Review (Updated October 12, 2010):

What You Should Know

Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula is a spray weight loss formula. Drops of the supplement are mixed with water and then consumed as a normal drink, within three hours of eating a meal, on an empty stomach. We will take a closer look at the product to determine if the method and the product are of any value to dieters.

List Of Ingredients

Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula contains: Cellfood® Proprietary Blend, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, L-Carnitine. Other Ingredients: Purified Water. Cellfood® Is A Proprietary Ionic Blend Of 78 Minerals, 34 Enzymes, 17 Amino Acids, Electrolytes And Dissolved Oxygen. Note: Cellfood® Weight Loss Formula Contains Naturally Occurring Organic Particles.

Product Features

Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula contains Garcinia Cambogia Extract and L-Carnitine. Garcinia Cambogia is a natural fruit, and is not stimulant in nature. It is commonly used in weight loss supplements as a replacement for the now banned ephedra. The fruit extract is thought to produce the same high quality fat burning qualities, without the jitters and risk of damage from stimulants. L-Carntinine helps the body take fat cells to the energy center of the cells in the body so it can be used as fuel instead of stored. It also helps support cardiovascular health. It supports the heart health by raising the levels of good cholesterol in the body and helping to keep the arteries clear. We cannot tell if there is enough of either of these ingredients in the formula to be truly effective.


  • Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula comes in a convenient and easy to use format.


  • The drops mixed in water format may be hard for some people to stomach.
  • At around $35 a bottle for sixty servings, this could easily become a costly supplement for those who use it on a regular basis.
  • There are no free trials for this product.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.
  • We are not able to confirm whether or not a money back guarantee is available for this product.


Cellfood Natural Weight Loss Formula probably won’t produce the results you are looking for. You are better off investing in a supplement that contains enough proven ingredients to help you burn fat and suppress the appetite. Look for supplements supported by clinical research and a money back guarantee so there is no risk to the customer. The supplement should be combined with a balanced diet and exercise program for even better results.

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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

6 Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula Reviews

  • Tanya

    What are the benefits for taking cell food natural fat burner at night

  • Cellfood Natural Weight-Loss Formula
    Yoko Dekeyzer

    If someone weigh 177 lbbs how many pounds could somebody lose in 90 days?

    • Arnold (Editor)

      Hi Yoko. The amount of weight one can lose in that time really depends on the individual; on your workout and eating habits. Browse our reviews a bit to find a supplement that can help you do that more effectively. For instance, Dietspotlight Burn is a good one to give a try. Its review are really great.

  •  The only product that worked for me
    Frances (Verified User)

    I have lost 60 pound’s using cell food product, I have tried everything, nothing worked but this.

    • Grace

      France, how long before you noticed you lost 60lb? And how would you take it? Give me some advice please I would like to lose that and much more!!

  •  The ingredient is for weight loss
    Tricia (Verified User)

    This product contains Garcinia Cambogia. Dr Oz recently had a show stating that Garcinia Cambogia ia a top pick for weight loss,and the potentiality of lowering cholesterol. It helps blocks fat and controls appetite.