Updated: 01/13/2018

Industry leader committed to offering premium supplements. We’ll give you the details about Cellucor products by digging deep into the ingredients, potential side effects, and scientific research. Furthermore, we read hundreds of comments to see what people were saying. Then, we condensed and refined to give you the bottom line.

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What is Cellucor?

First off, Cellucor is a supplement manufacturer. The goal-oriented categories include pre-workout, post-workout, fat-burning, weight-loss, and testosterone support.Cellucor products include:

Costs vary by product. Ingredients include caffeine, dandelion extract, Slimpro, and TeaCor, among others.

Cellucor is a sports and nutrition business established in 2002, headquartered in Bryan, Texas. They sell products from their official website and retail outlets. It’s a trusted name in the industry and the company offers supplements containing research-based ingredients. What are the benefits? Read on…

Cost – “What is Quality Worth?”

Our first issue related to the cost of Cellucor products. “There’s a saying that you get what you pay for,” said our Research Editor. “With this line, you get quality supplements.”

One consumer said, “I bought one of the products from Cellucor and thought it was mostly affordable.”

Another reported, “This is deff worth the price, and it’s actually $10 less on Amazon.”

Others felt the price was fair for the quality. One said, “I really love the Cellucor product line and I don’t mind paying a little more each month for it.”

A satisfied customer explained, “I am very sensitive to most supplements. If it works for me I will pay almost anything.”

Cellucor Side Effects– “Positive”

When you think of Cellucor side effects, people forget that they are positive. Based upon the ingredients, users should notice beneficial changes. “I use Cellucor Whey Protein after my workouts and it really helps me speed up recovery,” commented a customer.

Another reported, “It helps with my gains and recovery.”

Others enjoyed the effect the stimulants had on  energy levels and weight-loss.

One happy customer said, “I had so much energy using this product line I almost wanted to keep using it after I got to my target weight!”

A dieter commented, “I love having that little extra boost to get through my spinning class, these work great.”

According to our research, positive side effects has lasting results. There are benefits if customers notice positive results while using Cellucor products.

The Science – “A Lot of Proprietary Blends”

At DietSpotlight, we want to make sure the Cellucor ingredients are ideal for the claims. Unfortunately, several of the products rely heavily on proprietary blends. This makes it tough to prove the efficacy. However, we must note that stimulants like caffeine, used in Cellucor fat burner, are shown to help support metabolism and weight-loss.

The Bottom Line – Do Cellucor Supplements Work?

Should I race out for a bottle from the Cellucor products? The possible side effects and heavy reliance on proprietary blends in the ingredient lists cause us to have reservations about offering our support to these products. Plus, the cost, especially when stacking multiple formulas, may be too high for some customers.

If the time has come to jump-start your metabolism, you may want to check out a single supplement that can address your weight-loss needs. Ideally, it will have ingredients that are backed by clinical testing in amounts with substantial support. And, it’s great if they have a responsive customer service department.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It is made with a combination of four key ingredients, which have been shown in clinical testing to help increase fat loss and jump-start metabolism. We were unable to locate any negative online reviews. But, we did find numerous reports of people experiencing impressive results.

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What are the ingredients in Cellucor?

Cellucor is best known for its C4 Pre-Workout product. Here are the ingredients in the C4 product line: Beta Alanine: 1.6g, Creatine Nitrate: 1g, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg, Velvet Bean (Mucuna Pruriens) seed extract (standardized for L-Dopa), TeaCor™ Tetramethyluric acid (Theacrine), and a proprietary Explosive Energy Blend (371mg). The proprietary blend doesn’t reveal how much of choice ingredients are in the product.

What are the side effects of Cellucor?

C4 from Cellucor has the risk of causing caffeine crashes. It can also lead to caffeine resistance.

How do I know if Cellucor is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Cellucor work?

C4 by Cellucor does work for what it claims on the container. If you want to be hit with a high caffeine rush to get you through a workout, then Cellucor will not let you down. If you think C4 will increase your performance by a significant amount, you will be let down. The ingredients in C4 also help reduce your oxygen expense while working out.

What is the price of Cellucor?

Average price for the small container is $30 and for the larger container is $50.

Where can I buy Cellucor?

Amazon, eBay, and Cellucor’s website.

How should I take Cellucor?

You should take this pre-workout if you feel the need to have a caffeine rush when you are working out.

How do I contact Cellucor customer service?

You can contact customer service at this number: 866. 927. 9686.

Can I return Cellucor?

You can make returns based on the seller or marketplace rules for refunds and returns.

What are the most common complaints about Cellucor?

The common complaint is that C4 can “get old”. People find themselves getting tired of taking the pre-workout supplement. Others who use C4 find that the flavors they selected didn’t taste very good and some of the discontinued flavors are reported as the best tasting.


Previous Cellucor Review (Updated May 13, 2015):

Cellucor: What You Should Know

Cellucor is a line of weight loss and muscle building supplements. Delivered in capsule and powdered form, the manufacturer claims the line boosts metabolism, promotes muscle gain, promotes weight-loss, and curbs appetite, among other things. There are also claims the supplements boost energy without crashes. The company credits itself on only using the best products and relies on exposure through word of mouth as opposed to aggressive advertising campaigns. Cellucor offers free shipping to its customers and touts their system for only requiring six components and say other comparable programs try to sell consumers dozens of Cellucor products. This product has been criticized for being expensive or hard to access. However, this product is now sold on the official Cellucor website as opposed to only franchise organizations in the past. Cellucor also sells individual products like Cellucor P6, C4 Ripped, C4 Mass, Cellucor C4, Cellucor CLK and more.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients vary depending on specific Cellucor products.

Product Features

Many of the ingredients are said to act as adrenal stimulants which heat up the body's metabolism. The Cellucor D4 solution is delivered in bottles of 90 capsules each. There are weight loss enhancing and water loss products that can be bundled with the primary Cellucor solution. The Cellucor plan comes with six products, three each for muscle growth and weight loss. The muscle growth products are said to increase testosterone, maximize cell hydration, and minimize the body's recovery time after workouts. The weight loss compounds are said to increase adrenal output, thyroid level,s and reduce water weight.

Advantages of Cellucor Supplements

  • Cellucor offers many different weight loss and muscle gaining products.
  • Some of the Cellucor products contain thermogenic ingredients.

Disadvantages of Cellucor Supplements

  • Some Cellucor products contain stimulants.


Cellucor products seem to be primarily marketed to those involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding. The muscle gaining supplements feature state of the art ingredients. The weight loss products offered by Cellucor vary from fat burners to stimulants to water weight reducers. These are favored by bodybuilders to help them drop as much water weight and excess fat as possible before a competition.. We believe these products may work well if you already have a strict exercise regimen.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

5 Cellucor Reviews

  • Product expiration date

    does the pills have a expiration date?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Tanya. Yes it does have an expiration date, it should be printed on the product’s packaging. Please review to make sure it’s safe to consume.

  • this product show positive on a drug test
    Luis Aguioar

    hi. Im taking the Cellucor P6 BLACK. Its been like 3 weeks. I work at the oil fields and they do random drug test. Will this product show positive on a drug test???

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Luis, its highly unlikely that there is anything in Cellucor products that would show up positive in a drug test. Please make sure to consult with your physician to confirm this.

  •  It works for me.
    Steven Steele (Verified User)

    I have been using C4 for about a year with what I thought was no side effects at all. I was feeling fine, more energy on my work outs, no fautigue afterwards.