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Center For Medical Weight Loss Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


We’re hearing a lot of buzz about The Center for Medical Weight-Loss. We decided to take a closer look into ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service quality. Additionally, we dissected hundreds of consumer comments. Then, we summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is the Center for Medical Weight Loss?

First off, The Center for Medical Weight-Loss is a weight-management clinic focusing on dieters losing weight through a three-phase program. [1] The program includes quick start, transition and maintenance. Prior to starting, you will need to visit with a counselor and then a plan is customized to your goals. One of the benefits is the free tools available on the official website.

The Center for Medical Weight-Loss was first introduced in 2001 and then reintroduced to weight-loss centers in 2006. The program is now available at more than 300 locations throughout the United States. You can only purchase the program on the official website or by visiting a local center. We like that we located some favorable customer comments and the longevity of the company, but read on…

Poor Customer Service – “No Support?”

The first concern about The Center for Medical Weight-Loss was the lack of support from the customer service department. “When you visit a center designed to help users lose weight, one expects a high level of service,” said our Research Editor. “If the staff doesn’t offer help, chances are, you won’t reach your goals.”

  • “The doctor, who spent our whole initial consultation trying to upsell me on the next super expensive plan instead of paying attention to the plan I was already on and talking to me about my needs,” said a customer.
  • “Looking forward to this “physician assisted” Weight Loss Clinic; however, I never met the physician on my initial consult. I could not believe how unprofessional they were,” reported another.

We found that some customers liked the feedback from The Center for Medical Weight-Loss. “My MD at CMWL helped me understand what the problem was and also helped me understand how to live normally,” commented a consumer. [2]

  • Another customer stated, “A great experience with the staff so far everyone was very friendly and gave a lot of information to help you succeed.”

Price – “Is The Center for Medical Weight-Loss A Bit Steep?

Customers on the web are talking about the high price of The Center for Medical Weight-Loss.

  • “They drilled me about buying their food which came up to $350.00 a week,” said one customer.
  • “I didn’t like this diet. It was the most expensive diet ever and there were no phone calls or follow ups at all,” commented a consumer.
  • “The diet is very expensive – $650 for one month. That is why I am now looking for something else,” reported another.

Some liked the program, but mentioned the cost as one of the concerns. “It is a good plan, if you can afford it,” stated a user.

  • “I consider the expense an investment that I can live with for the rest of my life,” stated a customer.

We have experience behind us and we’ve found that something considered troublesome, like a high price tag, could limit long-term success. If The Center for Medical Weight-Loss asks customers to shell out more than $100 per week, is it really worth the investment?

The Science – “Backed by Research?”

The official The Center for Medical Weight-Loss website states the program is based on “scientific principles” and approved by an advisory board consisting of medical professionals. We didn’t find clinical studies proving users will lose weight following the plan. There are studies showing reduced calorie diets could help with weight-management, but nothing points toward this system. At DietSpotlight, we seek research prior to making any suggestions. If there’s no, we become skeptical. [3] [4]

What Users Are Saying

"”I am on my second week today and have not lost any weight.”"

"”I would like to switch to a different center not thrilled with the doctor at my current one.”"

"”34 pounds down in two months and counting.”"

The Bottom Line – Does The Center for Medical Weight-Loss Work?

So, are you making your first appointment at The Center for Medical Weight-Loss? Well, we like that the company has been in business for years and that there’s some positive customer comments, but we have concerns about this one because of the lack of published research proving the plan helps you lose weight. We’re also hesitant due to the high cost of the program and the lack of support from the customer service department. [5]

Are you ready to drop those extra pounds? We suggest going with an affordable supplement with a customer service team willing to help resolve issues.

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Center For Medical Weight Loss Review
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Center For Medical Weight Loss

What are the side effects associated with the programs offered by the Medical Weight Loss?

Some Center for Medical Weight Loss side effects will vary depending on how the individual program is designed. Some reviewers complained of nausea and weakness.

What are the ingredients for the products used by the Center for Medical Weight Loss?

The Center for Medical Weight Loss ingredients vary based on the phase and plan being used.

How do I know if Center For Medical Weight Loss is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does the Medical Weight Loss program work?

Reviews were quite mixed, people either loved or hated the program. The company does not offer any scientific evidence that their specific program works any better than similar programs or that it is more effective than simple diet and exercise.

How much do the services at the Center for Medical Weight Loss cost?

The services are priced individually. There is a consultation fee for doctor’s appointments. The meal replacement products and supplements have an additional fee.

What is the Center for Medical Weight Loss’s BBB rating?

There are Centers for Medical Weight Loss found across the country. Each center has its own BBB rating.

How does the program from the Medical Weight Loss work?

The Center for Medical Weight Loss has three primary phases: Quick Start, Transition, and the final phase is Maintenance. The three phases all have four components, which include medication, food, behavior, and activity. These are all personalized based on the individual’s needs.

Can I participate in a program from the Center for Medical Weight Loss if I have a health condition?

The company says the initial consultation looks at each person’s overall health at the time of the visit to determine how to proceed. There may be some health issues which prevent a person from joining.


Previous Center For Medical Weight Loss Review (Updated January 6, 2009):

What You Should Know About The Center For Medical Weight Loss

The Center For Medical Weight Loss offers four types of plans geared toward losing weight including the Low Calorie Program, Modified Program, Bariatric Surgery, and the Prescription Drug program. With this particular company, you must locate a center near you in order to participate. A convenient "location finder" is posted on the website, which requires the user's zip code.

As it specifies on the official website, the effectiveness for the Center For Medical Weight Loss is based on "358 different participating individuals over a six year time span." This weight loss program involves four basic steps, which are; (number one) schedule your consultation, (number two) meet the doctor and staff, (number three) find the plan that's right for you, and (number four) start your personalized program. There are some before and after photos posted on the official website under the "success stories" link. Furthermore, the website reveals, "100 percent of the people who've tried this weight loss plan have kept the weight they lost off even after a year had passed."

Product Features

The Center For Medical Weight Loss is a company that offers numerous centers/facilities across the country. These are suitable for both women and men that desire assistance with fat loss and/or weight reduction. There is a chart posted on the official website that compares the Center For Medical Weight Loss to other dieting systems like Jenny Craig, My Alli, and Weight Watchers. There doesn't appear to be actual clinical information concerning this program on the website, nor is there a mention of a satisfaction guarantee.

Advantages of Center For Medical Weight Loss

  • The Center For Medical Weight Loss aims to assist both men and women with weight reduction.
  • At this point there has been a reported 100% success rate with users maintaining their weight loss for a year after losing.

Disadvantages of Center For Medical Weight Loss

  • The actual cost of a program with the Center For Medical Weight Loss is not revealed and it varies from person to person.
  • There is no real clinical evidence supporting the overall effectiveness of this fat loss system.
  • If a Center For Medical Weight Loss branch or facility is not located near you, then it's unlikely that you can utilize this program.

Center For Weight Loss Conclusion

This is a program that requires somewhat of a lifestyle change. While many diet plans involve a change in eating habits or a supplement taken daily, this program involves visiting a facility on a regular basis. However, if a branch is not found in your area, you cannot utilize the Center For Medical Weight Loss. Finally, there is no price revealed for this program, which may raise a few eyebrows.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

90 Center For Medical Weight Loss Reviews

  • Pages

    It has worked for me. So far down 83 pounds and feeling great!

  • Lori

    I was at my wits end trying every diet with no success. My internest sent me to CMWL due to my increasing blood pressure and A1C. I started June 28. Six months later I was 35 pounds lighter. Finally something that worked. It’s easy no thinking about food and each meal was $3. I think a small price considering how much I have spent over the years on diets that don’t work. I am feeling better and looking better. 40 more to go.

  • Fat Loss Diet

    It’s just so refreshing to discover good information such as this considering the irrelevant content that’s out there. After all, you can just tell that much time and patience with into this.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We are really happy to hear. Another review you might want to check out (feel you could like it) is Dietspotlight Burn. Please let us know what you think about the product…

  • Anne Marie

    I got into such a rut after having my third baby that I had to do something. I did the center for medical weight loss for 6 weeks and could not be happier with my results. The cost was comparable to how much I would spend eating out. My insurance paid for everything but the food. My doctor and counselor were both wonderful. I lost about 18 pounds on the diet, and have continued to lose (slowly) since I got off. Overall, I have lost 24 lbs since October 12. I love the counseling aspect of the program. I feel like that is the only reason I have continued to have success without their products.

  • NikoleYour Name

    I started the diet with my gynecologist. She did all the testing, including an EKG as part of my physical. I cannot go on just the shake diet as I have gall stones. If I do, I need to take a gall stone medication. So, I am on the modified diet and it is working well. I have to drink 6 oz of water and do some weights to build muscle as it burns more fat. I love the bars and hate the shakes but I do drink them for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, fish or chicken and veggies. No supplements or shots…So far so good….

  • Tracy

    When I started this weight loss program back on April 1, 2016 I was very frustrated with trying to loss weight. I got to the point that I was tired of talking about it and I wanted to start a healthy lifestyle. I use to workout all the time but would not see any results. Personal trainers also told me that weight loss is 90% eating clean and 10% working out. So, I went to my primary doctor and told her I need a jump start to lossing weight but I want to do it the right way. Meaning I do not want to drop a lot of weight at one time but I would like to average 2lbs a week. She gave me a physcial and walked me through different programs that she thought would work for me from a financial perspective and what would get the results I wanted. She also told me that I have to workout 4 days a week for 30 mins and I must drink adleast 84oc of water a day. The first phase was for 6 weeks and I met with my counselor every week. The beginning was very challenging, I was going through withdrawals because my body was experincing a dramatic change. My counselor told me it will pass but continue to drink a lot of water. After I got through the second week. I felt a lot better. The first six weeks I was averaging 2 to 4 lbs a week, so then I decided to move on to phase 2. As of now I am feeling great. She started me on eating regular foods but no carbs and on a 1500 calorie diet. Some times I have to force myself to eat or when I do eat I can’t eat all the food. As of today I have lost 34lbs. I have 20 lbs to go. My counselor told me in the next couple of weeks I will have to start weight training to tone up only two times a week. The only thing about this program, my digestive system was not working. I had to drink a detox tea in order for me to go to the bathroom. I am feeling great. The program have helped me to think about what is going into my body. Also, while on this program I saved a lot of money. I stopped eating out and I spent a lot less money in the grocery store. Thanks to this program I got my life back. I am looking forward in doing this on my own and I believe I can. I need to stay active and continue to ear clean.?????

    • Debra

      What ws the diet plan your Dr gave you?

  • Tish

    A really good article, full of rationality.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Thanks, Tish! We appreciate it. Another good product review you could take a look is Dietspotlight Burn. So many positive feedback! Worth a look…

  •   I'm a huge fan of this product
    Brian R. (Verified User)

    I went to CMWL on the Friday before Labor Day 2014. I haven’t written a review yet because I wanted to see what longer term was going to be. I have tried many other diets in the past. My MD at CMWL helped me understand what the problem was and also helped me understand how to live normally. The beginning was hard; I had to make some pretty big life changes. I went in every two weeks as I was told to. I can honestly say that I have never felt as good as I do now. If you would like pictures please email me. I started the program at 290 lbs and when I weighed myself this morning I was at 203. I’m a huge fan.. (well, a skinnier huge fan)

    • Therese

      I would love to know your story from CMWL I have a consultation set up for this Wednesday. Its hard to get them to pinpoint a cost. I just wonder the monthly costs roughly, how was the diet they set up for you (easy to follow) any pointers? I would love to hear from you. Thanks Therese

  • i want to go to a good office..

    hi! i know im late but what office did you go to? im trying this out next week and i want to go to a good office…

  •  Only thing that has ever worked for me!
    Bea (Verified User)

    I was obese for most of my 50 years until I saw a NY-area doctor who’s part of the CFMW. WIth his help, i’ve not only dropped 50 pounds, but kept it off for nearly five years and counting. I thought I knew everything about dieting, but the quizzes at each visit challenged me to learn more about the science behind weight loss. Moreover, the doctor never made me feel like a failure–he made me feel like someone with a manageable long-term medical issue. These folks know their stuff. They probably saved my life. It was not cheap, but my medical insurance covered the doctors visits until my BMI went below 30. The shakes are about $3 each as are the bars, but they’re all delicious. I eventually moved to slim fast and other shakes and bars I could buy for less at costco–but the lessons I got at CMWL are with me. Every day.

  •  very good price for the amount
    camel (Verified User)

    I love Surely Slim ! I’ve taken Hydroxycut before and it didn’t work as fast as these do. You HAVE to diet and exercise to lose weight though, you can’t just buy a few pills and expect it to work miracles. I was 151 when I started these. After two weeks of taking these, drastically decreasing my portion sizes and working out hard everyday I’m right at 141. The combo of these diet pills and diet and exercise works fast! Just stick to it so you don’t gain it back! Good luck all! Upside: very good price for the amount you get Downside:

  • Great Post. Great to read this!
    Manish shah

    Great Post . Great to read this !!

  •  It's a great program if you need structure and accountability.
    rhonda (Verified User)

    I just joined this week. A great experience with the staff so far everyone was very friendly and gave a lot of information to help you succeed. I paid $676 for 17wks + 6wks of stabilization first month of nutrients free. It’s a great program if you need structure and accountability.

  •  Loved the product.
    Tracey (Verified User)

    So i started on the Center for Medical Weight loss plan 8 weeks ago and lost 33 pounds so far (last week I hit a plateau but they told me that could happen).
    I don’t know why anyone would think this would be easy. How is a diet going to be easy??? I’ve tried that. been there, done that and no way in hell am I going under the knife.
    Bottom line: slightly expensive ($159 per week for me) but I love my doctor, and my nurse. My sister didn’t like the first doctor she saw so she switched to another doctor.

    I need to lose another 30 pounds before I’m happy, but I was on cloud nine when i “had to” buy new pants because my old ones were too big! HA!! Worth every penny.

    • Summer

      I swear by this program, “The Center for Medical Weight Lose.” I started this program a few years ago, kept the weight off for an extremely long time, life happened. I started making horrible eating choices and I am back on the program and I feel great. I excited about my new committed journey. A few years ago I went from a size 18 to a size 4. I am totally excited. The program only works if you are committed to change.

  • Where to buy?

    I had great success with the weight loss shakes but my doctor is no longer participating and I definitely want to purchase more meal replacement shakes, but I don’t know where to get them. I lost 20 pounds in 4 months.

    • Tracey

      just call the HQ… I bet they can help

  • Where to buy?

    Can the shakes and protein bars be purchased on line? If so, what is the web site?

    • Anonymous

      You can order them on eBay just type in medical weight loss shakes or supplement in the search field about same price or a little less

      • Christine

        Is there a brand they use?

  •  Loved the product.
    Jaida (Verified User)

    I started the program about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I am happy with my results but it is very difficult. They give you a meal plan and you cannot eat anything that is not on the card. Its not a very realistic diet in my opinion. Especially if you work a lot. The problem I am running into is that I am allergic to a lot of the food that are on the card, and they made it seem like i was inconveniencing them. I am only 19 and I do suffer from a binge eating disorder, and at the consultation they told me they could work with that and help me. So far every time I talk to them they are not helpful. I feel like I am being scolded by my mother because i chose to eat special k over their crunch 0s. Overall the diet works but it is WAY overpriced and the nurses are rude and not helpful. They tell you , you have to weigh in about 5x a week and working full time and going to school it is just not possible. and its about 7 miles away. I spend more in gas going there then I do going to work. I payed a total of $450 for the program and I pay about $50 a week in their nutrients, and about an extra 20 in gas. The program works, but I would not recommend the clinic i attend. They say they are nurses and work with doctors, if that were the case they would work around my allergies and problem.

    • Allyson

      You should try to search for another center in your area if you are still on the program. I pay $150 every two weeks. I also only weigh in every two weeks. In four months, I have lost 50 pounds.

      As far as the meal card goes, you do not have to eat only what is on there. You can eat whatever you’re not allergic to, as long as it’s under 550 calories. You should talk to a nurse or read up on their website to better understand the program.

    • Lori

      That doesn’t even sound like the same program I am on. I can eat whatever I want if I want. It’s a calorie counting game. I choose to have their shakes twice a day and a bar and have a regular dinner. I have lost 34 # in 6 mo. I am very happy. All I pay is for a $20 copay and $160/week for food or less.

  •  Saying about ingerdients.
    shalinie (Verified User)

    Center for med. Wt Loss is a franchise where the MD’s pay to get in and they are instructed to use a certain meal replacement line and supplies the the ” center ” gets a % of. Most docs don’t stay in- no benefit to the patient at all.

  •  Loved the product.
    Gracie (Verified User)

    I started the program in October and lost 30 pounds in 3 months. I was traveling internationally the last month, but was able to take the powder shakes and bars with me. I am 10 lbs. away from my goal weight. I’ve moved from low-cal to the modified diet and have started weight training. I really like this program, the support has been great and once you adjust to the food, cravings disappear (at least for me).

  •  Here is the price information
    kristie (Verified User)

    I just started the price I pay is 1359.00 for six weeks.

  •  This helps my eating disorder
    Gracie (Verified User)

    Wow, the costs of this program vary! I paid $49.99 for the initial consultation. I am in the second week of the low calorie diet (5 shakes per day – I supplement one with the soup) and pay $80 for the doctor’s visit (which is not with a doctor, but with a CNP) and $3.00 per product, $15.00 per day, totalling $105.00 in food per week. I also pay $40 for the monthly appetite suppressant. I’ve lost 10 lbs in the first two weeks. The food doesn’t taste particularly fabulous, but I do feel satisfied. I have binge eating disorder, so the structure is perfect for me as I address the behavioral issues that underlie my eating disorder.

  •  It is worth it
    Lisa (Verified User)

    I started mine two weeks ago, all together it cost about 1000 but included labwork, all the shakes protein and fiber foods for three months. Weight is coming off rapidly without effort but recently I started working out about 20 min a day and working my way up to help the process. I think it is worth it if you really need people to boost your self-esteem to lose weight.

  •  I love it and recommend this program!
    Dennell (Verified User)

    I think I am on week 7/10. I had saw a deal in the paper for $99.00 start up fee and went to put deposit down to hold the deal. I tried and tried to lose the weight on my own, and finally I just gave up. about a year later I had went back in payed the rest of the fee to start. I have lost 14 pounds, I’m trying to lose 30. I had went on vacation 3 weeks ago and I was really stressed going off the diet and I also got really sick from eating fast food everyday after eating so healthy while being on the diet. it does work, so far it has atleast. it was also very rough the first couple days but it got better and I am now used to it. I have dropped the 14 pounds and have lost inches in my waist line, it was only 3 inches but it definitely made a difference! the negatives to this diet though is the nutrients. I don’t think they taste good what so ever and I actually hate eating them. I’ve tried so many just trying to get a good tasting one, it just doesn’t work. Second, they are NOT convenient. I work and I am a college student and between making my meals and going to work and school I have no time. Also everything has to be measured. who is going to carry a water bottle with them, a measuring cup and a bowl everywhere they go, or stuck in a class and mix this thing up? if you can budget your time and can handle the nasty ingredients it is well worth it. I would NEVER pay what some of you did. I paid 99$ down which included my blood work, and then I pay $49 a week for nutrients and then I average out to about $50 a week in groceries. I only buy for myself cause to be honest nobody in my house would eat the way I am. Thumbs up though! I have always ate healthy and worked out and tried so very hard to lose this weight and it was not coming off. Through my blood work they had found that I had an under active thyroid, and I am now finally losing weight! love it & would recommend to anyone who is having a hard time.

  •  Lost 21 pounds
    sjg (Verified User)

    I’ve been on the program for 16 days and have lost 21 pounds. Daily, I have 4 shakes and 2 snacks.

  • Expensive weight loss plan
    Jen (Verified User)

    So I have been on the Liberty plan for 8 days w/ 3 nutrients a day that cost me $198 for the month & the nutrients cost $16.50 & there is only 7 packets in a box & MWLC recommends you eat 3 boxes a week. (There powder mixes & bars) Up front I had to pay MWLC $197 for there tests then a $1 a pound and I want to lose 60 pounds. It is expensive you can’t by any frozen meat only fresh which cost more, the food like brown rice is hard to find since it can only be so maybe calories so they suggest the brand “Success” which is nasty. In 8 days I lost 11 pounds… I was so happy but I had to make myself eat the food. Even though its normal food you can really only use Mrs. Dash seasonings or salt free based seasoning so everything is so bland. A normal meal to me would a piece of chicken, a cup of veg’s and a starch like a potato and you can eat that on the plan too but I like my chicken with flavoring and you don’t get that on this plan. If you like really plan food it is perfect for you but I like flavor. If it doesn’t get better by the end of the month I’m done & will be out money. I really don’t have $198 to fork out every month for nutrients that are gross.

  •  Just started and hope it works
    Wendi (Verified User)

    I just started today. I’m very excited to see how this plan will work. Yes the cost was expensive ($259 first week $185 each week after) but it includes shots, doctor visits and all supplements. And if it gets me to my goal weight I’m not going to miss a penny of it. My center is run by the physician daughter of my gynecologist. I trust the family as I have dealt with them for years. The weight loss industry IS the biggest money maker out there but can anyone who has signed up with CMWL say they weren’t desperate for success?

  •  I would highly recommend this program
    Diana (Verified User)

    Not sure what Michelle experienced but that does not sound like the Center for Medical Weight Loss program. I was able to lose 20 pounds of baby weight in 6 weeks after my third pregnancy and it was easy to follow. The first few days were tough but I lost 5 pounds in the first week. I started with 3 shakes which were delicious and filling, a soup and a protein bar each day. The shakes tasted much better than those I had tried at the supermarket and some websites but more importantly I never felt hungry. After 4 weeks the doctor transitioned me to food and helped me change some poor eating habits I had developed over the years. At the Center they stress the importance of keeping the weight off and through their counseling I have learned some important tips that allow me to maintain my weight. i would recommend this program.

  •  Didn't like it at all
    michelle (Verified User)

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I am a first time mother that works full time and this is not a diet for busy people. I have always been a healthy eater so after gainin a lot of weight during my pregnancy I thought this would take off my weight fast…WRONG! When I went to sign up they told me that this wont take up alot of time out of your day and that these meals are quick and easy to make and very affordable… NOT REALLY! I work 40 hrs plus a week and with the meal plan suggested for me there is not time for me to spend time with my daughter because when Im not working I’m preparing meals for myself or for the week! Sofar since I have been on the plan I lost 7pounds in over a MONTH when told I would be down 20 by now and I have been sticking to the plan as given…. Dont even get me started on how they gouge you for the fricken nutirents you have to eat thoughout the day and making you constantly rush to the grocery store since fruit and veggies dont last longer than 5 days! They also make you pay for a class to take after your done with your plan so you dont gain your weight back and dont give you enough food for your plan so you are likely to buy more products from them! Now that I’m off I have been losing more weight doing it my own way than listening to those money gougers! IF you have a busy life and not much
    EXTRA time on your hands DONT EVEN THINK about doing this DIET!!

  •  Able to lose weight but quite expensive
    LaVerne (Verified User)

    I started this plan nine days ago. I lost 13 pounds the first week, but I had some side effects itchiness, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness, no energy. The doctor said that it would get better. My cost was $19 for about a five minute consultation. The first week with food was $200, and the next week was $159. My visit with the doctor is extremely short. He doesn’t want to know anything about my medical history, my past diet experiences, physical problems that slow my exercise efforts down. He told me that he didn’t want to hear any excuses, told me he wanted four pounds this week, and don’t CHEAT! I don’t know anything about the program down the road, whether foods or costs change. He just told me he wanted me to get down to 160 pounds which would be 104 pounds from now. This is expensive to me, but I have tried everything but surgery, and I am scared to do that. I am tired of spending money, and I needed a way to get some weight off quickly to keep me motivated. It is a lifetime issue. I wanted to try this before I went to a dietician.

  •  Not a good experience
    Jordan (Verified User)

    I just went for my initial consultation at the Center for Medical Weight Loss in West Bloomfield, MI, and I have to say that the experience was horrible. Everyone was super friendly and accommodating EXCEPT for the doctor, whoc spent our whole initial consultation trying to upsell me on the next SUPER expensive plan instead of paying attention to the plan I was already on and talking to me about my needs. Then, in front of my family, also there for the livingsocial deal, she revealed personal medical information that I specifically requested not be mentioned (I’m 22, so as a legal adult I’m entitled to doctor-patient confidentiality). It was a terrible experience!

  • so far so good
    pam (Verified User)

    i too started the program last wednesday and i have lost 8lbs. my total cost for a 17 week program was $1100. they gaurantee i can lose 50lbs by then. we’ll see. so far so good

    • SarA

      How much do you have to lose to get to goal? My 16week estimate is 22 pounds… Wondering how you get 501

      • Chinadoll

        Thinks that’s 50 pounds not 501.

  • the shakes taste really good
    amy (Verified User)

    For those of you considering going to the actual center -DONT!! just go to familybariatric.com and order all the shakes, meals, bars, etc from them. A few friends at work who have lost a massive amount of weight and paid big dollars through the center are now ordering all their products from them. it is a lot cheaper and they have meal plans on that website. It is the excact same stuff you get from the clinic just with a different company name on them.You just have to do three to four shakes a day and a sensible portioned cotrolled dinner. the shakes taste really good and are filling. my husband and I just started this week. we ordered our stuff from them and got it in two days!!$8.50 per box for shakes!!!

    • Amy H

      Amy, I would like to know which plan you + friends are using+ what products taste good. I have not gone to the center, so don’t know how to plan. I could use some initial help to get started. Can you help? ahejt@earthlink.net

    • Ve

      Are these supplements on family bariatric.com the same as medical weight loss supplements? Has anyone compared them side by side?

  • Terrific results
    Kalinda (Verified User)

    I signed up today. Initial cost for program in NW suburbs of chicago was $159, $35 for an EKG. I am doing total supplements, get 5 per day at $3.00 each so the costs is $15 per day. Each time you see the doctor on total supplement is $75 if you do a program with a food meal the costs to see doctor is $54. You can buy the food per week. Here’s hoping for terrific results like a few of you who have done so well. Onward and DOWNWARD on the scle.

  •  I continue with the program
    Michele (Verified User)

    I have been on this diet for about 10 days. I have about 10lbs total to lose and am 1/2 way there. I find this program to have many hidden costs that are not explained up front. One gal told me I did not have to buy their bars/soups, etc and that they would work with me, the other was so short and rude with me. She said I had at use their food or my diet plan was void. I have IBS and cannot eat their powered food. The portions they allow are probably accurate to what we should eat and there are lots of choices. The accountability of getting weighted in front of someone is the only reason I joined. I did the 10 week/$99 pkg and am curious to see what I’m told tomorrow at weigh in. I find this program to be quite a racket as if you compare the nutrition facts on their boxes to those in the store, they are very, very close. I will pay close attention to this site as I continue with the program.

  •  I am happy with my treatment
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    I just wanted to put in my “2 cents” about the coast of this program (at least for me). I am starting the program tonight so I can’t say how well I like it but I have gone in and talked with the staff several times and they are very nice (at least in my area). I have 120 pounds to loose and they quoted me $300 for 40 wks which should get me to my goal weight. But b/c of my budget being really tight they offered my 10 wks for $99 with the option to add on the reast and only pay the differance if I like the 10 wks and want to take on the other 30 wks. I also made it clear that I would not buy their bars and stuff b/c they were expensive and I wanted to know how to shop and eat on my own so I could keep me and my family on the right track. They had no problem with that, they said I would get better results with the bars but that they would taech me how to shop and cook on my own with out having to count and track everything. So I am happy with my treatment so far I just hope they live up to everything they promise b/c I would love to get all of this baby weight off 🙂

    • Cathy

      Wow Jennifer, you got off really cheap. How much weight have you lost? I just started it and like the bars, shakes etc…makes it easier when I do not have to shop for the first week.

  • Teresa

    I started The center for medical weight loss diet June 6,2010 and have lost 97 lbs so far. I started on the 960 calorie plan, for the first 6 weeks I ate no other food only the supplements..then I slowly added food back in but only healthy food. No fast food allowed! Still keeping to less than 1000 calories a day. I think it is a great weight loss tool, I still use the supplements for some meals and believe it could be a life long plan for me.

  •  Supplements

    Do your homework before joining the program, make sure you have a good understanding about what you’re getting into from the initial cost to join, to the supplements and nutrients that you’re required to take while you’re in the program, which is an additional cost, but a part of the diet/program. Get this information prior to making your first payment. Also, look at the ingredints of the nutrients/products and make sure you’re comfortable
    consuming these products. Good Luck!

  • Sarah

    when do you actually start to see the results..Ive lost 6 lbs in 9days but dont see it in my body

  • stephanie

    does the products have an expiration date?

    • ANN

      Yes they do.

  • on what plan they put me?
    Sarah (Verified User)

    My total program was 628 and they let me pay 314 upfront and I can pay 314 next month..but the products(bars,shakes,supplement pills depending on what plan they put you on) you have to buy as you need them

  • What is the cost of the plan?

    For those of you who joined the weightloss program, did you pay for everything upfront or do you pay each week as you go in?

  •  It works for me.
    Megan (Verified User)

    I have been happy with this program. I get six items a day and I have lost 71 lbs since April. I pay 180 a week and although it may seem like a lot, it really isn’t when compared to going out to eat all of the time. 50 of that weekly amount is the cost of meeting with the doctor and I find that wonderful to have an actual doctor monitor my health. I am 32 and still have a full life to live. I no longer have high blood pressure and my bones and joints feel great. I have much more energy and I feel less toxic. I want to lose 30 more lbs and I know that I will reach my goal. Good luck to everyone.

  • is there different programs or am i gonna be forced to buy all those things when they give me my meal plan???
    Sarah (Verified User)

    I just signed up for this program on Friday..I go in for my blood work on Monday and I guess I start from there..my cost was 628 for an 18 wk program and it included the bars and supplement pills for the 1st month..i am reading about a shot? and about soups and shakes? I was never told about these..is there different programs or am i gonna be forced to buy all those things when they give me my meal plan???

  •  This diet is very expensive but it works
    Anita (Verified User)

    I have been on this diet for 4 months and have lost 33.5lbs. I am on the modified diet so I have 2 shakes/soups, 1 bar/crisps and a 550 calorie meal. I go in to get weighed every two weeks. I had a choice of either paying an upfront cost every 12 weeks or paying $175 every two weeks. Im not going to lie I do cheat a lot but the diet still seems to be working, I loose 3-7lbs every 2 weeks. This diet is very expensive but it works and is making me a healthier person!

  •  it isn't cheap but it certainly is worth it.
    jm (Verified User)

    I started this program 20 weeks ago because I needed medical supervision with my weight loss program. I have lost 75 pounds so far. I am no longer on high blood pressure medicine and am no longer borderline diabetic. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and I can now walk, bike, and go about daily life without pain. It is the perfect program for me (I’ve tried many others.) I’m still losing each week. I’ve been on the modified plan for the past 2 months. No, it isn’t cheap but it certainly is worth it.

  •  I found it was most definately worth it.
    David (Verified User)

    I started the program close to two years ago now. In the six months I was on the program I lost over 70 pounds and have been able to easily keep the weight off with what I was taught. While it can be expensive I found it was most definately worth it.

  •  Taste good so it helped.
    kimmy (Verified User)

    I just completed my first week onthe diet and loss 9lbs! It was hard at first but the shakes and bars taste good so that helped.

  •  I'm feeling well with it.
    kathy (Verified User)

    I’ve been in the program 5 weeks and have lost 12 pounds. This is half of my target already! I haven’t been totally compliant either and have had light meals once or twice a week. First two days were tough, but I have IBD and now I feel better than I have in a long while.

  •  I would call it a lifestyle change.
    cynthia (Verified User)

    I started this program a year ago and have lost 67lbs. I have not gained any weight back and am still following the modified plan. I highly recommend this program but it does require a complete change in your lifestyle and really addressing your addiction to food. It is not easy, but no diet is. Actually, I would not call this a diet. I would call it a lifestyle change. When you compare the cost with how much you probably were spending eating out or going to the grocery store, there is no comparison. Just go see for yourself and give it a try.

  •  I am experiencing lots of itching.
    Rose Mary foster (Verified User)

    Can I be alergic to anything in the poroducts, am experiencing lots of itching after 1 week on the program.

    • Cat Here

      One of the supplements has Chromium and other “thermogenics”… I don’t know if it helps but I get kind of itchy from it. To me it’s a little irritating, like wearing a scratchy sweater but tolerable… the thermogenics do help a a lot with weightloss.

  •  I've lost 3 pounds in one day
    Kayla (Verified User)

    I started it yesterday. I have a whole lot of choices because I’m a teen so they give me 2000 calories a day.. I feels like I’m eating more but I’ve lost 3 pounds in one day so I’m pretty happy.. Even though the pudding and cheesecakes are disgusting..

  •  After 6 weeks I have lost 26 pounds
    DCL (Verified User)

    After 6 weeks I have lost 26 pounds. It isn’t the cheapest diet on the market at around $1100.00 for the 6 weeks, but the results have been worth it so far, or at least they have been for me.

    • Karen

      Does the cost you quoted include the bars/shakes/soups and appitite suppressants?

    • FLReader

      Actually, because prices due vary (really, it’s based on what the Dr. charges and not the plan) my price would be less than 850 for 6 weeks.

  • can someone share cost of this program?

    Can someone share the weekly or monthly cost of this program? is it like jenny craig where you pay a X fee to be a member and then have to buy the shakes and bars? what are the costs?

  • What is the cost of this program?

    What is the cost of this program like? I know if varies by person but can anyone give me average?

    • Jane

      I have tried this program and the cost for me was $159/week (636/month). This seems expensive to me and I have had to take breaks to curb the cost. When I followed the program strictly I could lose about 4-5 pounds per week, but I have had a hard time keeping it off. They claim that they tell you how to eat after the diet, but it is difficult because you are not losing the weight by eating healthy. My plan was to try and lose the weight and then see a dietician to actually learn how to keep the weight off. I don’t think you can count on them for that.

      • steph

        wow you got off cheap. i just started 2 days ago and they charged me almost 1200.00 for the 6 week program. so far i hate it.im not seeing any differance in this plan than any other suppliment one out there. i can have 4 shakes and a snack bar or soup per day. to me it seems like a waste of money. i could of have gotten suppliment shakes for much much less than what i paid for these. plus they taste really bad

        • India

          Interesting….I spoke with a rep yesterday. She specifically told me there were no shakes nor soups. She further quoted $975. I am wondering if this is the same program? Centers for advanced medical weight loss. I only want to lose 25lbs. She described a natural stimulant that will permanently increase my metabolism. Please reconnect to let me know what is really going on before I spend the cash.

        • Sarah

          if you started two days ago, why would you expect to lose any weight? it takes time, obviously.

        • monica

          I paid 1200 for 6 weeks also. But in addition to 4 shakes and a bar a day for six weeks, it also included all of my initial blood work, and I get a fat burner and B12 shot weekly. The shakes work well for me. I have tried other shakes but they have caused my blood sugar to drop. These shake don’t effect my blood sugar and I am full between shakes. I eat about every 3 hours.

        • Anonymous

          I started 12 weeks ago and just extended my weeks for another 12. I have lost 41 lbs!!! It is expensive but I feel its worth it. I would have to say for my first 12 weeks a total cost including shakes bars and all vitamins I have paud close to 1, 500.00 .

    • Caroline

      Wow, yall that is expensive. Mine only cost $240 a month, and an additionally $60 a month for the extra shot u can get. My intial appt cost $270.

      • jennifer

        WOW…I got my program for $99.00 for 10 weeks. Blows my mind how different everyone’s prices are.

  •  at can I eat if I run out of shakes and bars?
    ellen schwab (Verified User)

    What can I eat if I run out of shakes and bars. What do they equal?

  • I'll go for a consult..Is it expensive???

    I just pulled up this site today and saw your comments from April..How are you doing? I just had knee surgery and when I’m able in a week or so I’ll go for a consult..Is it expensive???

  •  Loved the product
    Dee (Verified User)

    I just started the program, too (I’m on day 3). I am doing the Low Calorie Program — 4 shakes & 1 protein bar or soup per day (total 800 calories). Because the food is nutritionally balanced, I do not feel like I’m starving. I have a “meal” every 3 hours. I like that I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat — that’s one thing that has sidetracked my diets in the past. I wanted a plan where I would see a big drop in weight quickly to help keep me motivated. I lost 6 pounds in the first 2 days.

  • What kind of food to eat?

    what kind of food do you eat on the modified diet?

    • Kathy

      I just started the program. On the modified plan you have two shakes or soups and one protein bar a day plus a 500 calorie lunch or dinner. They give you suggested menus for lunch and dinner, which helps.

      • Shirley

        Are you happy with this diet?

        • Amanda

          I started this diet on April 9th. By the 15th I had already lost 6.5 pounds. I know I have lost more by now, but I don’t weigh in until Thursday. I’m not on the modified diet, after 6 weeks I will move to that one. Right now I have 3 shakes a day. 1 bar. and 1 soup. I won’t lie, it was hard at first, very hard. But so far it has been worth it. I got the appetite supressant last Thur. and it was helped TREMENDOUSLY!

      • Noelle

        Does the appetite suppressant make your jittery or interfere with sleep?

    • janet roberto

      I am happy to see some have had success with this program. My dad has had success as well but when I did it for 11 months, following the plan, eating healthy and exercising, I lost nothing. And they could not give me a reason why. They were not helpful in trying to dig deeper as to why this program was not working for me. To boot, the Dr. then found a nodule on my thyroid. She put me on synthroid so the nodule wouldn’t grow. Well, the nodule didn’t grow but I did. I gained 20lbs in two months on that medication. Needless to say, I took myself off of the medication, off of the plan and found a new dr. I’m still trying to lose this same weight! Good luck to those who are giving it a go. I just hope the Dr. overseeing your program does a good job.