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Cho Wa Review - Does This Diet Tea Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 09, 2017

No joke – over 50% of diet products simply don’t work. So what about Cho Wa? We looked closely at the ingredients, side effects, clinical studies, and customer service. We also examined hundreds of reviews and comments. Then, we condensed and refined everything here so you could get the bottom line.

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What is Cho Wa?

Firstly, this is an immune boosting drink. Cho Wa ingredients include green tea, rhodiola, ginkgo, epimedium, astragalus root, lyceum, euphoria fruit, licorice fruit, shiitake, reishi, and maitake. According to the box, one packet is a serving. We expect you mix it with water or a low-calorie juice for best results.

Cho Wa is manufactured by Kumato Labs, a company based in Signal Hills, California. It is supposed to bring traditional Japanese medicine to the rest of the world. We like that it is all natural, and based in the USA, but read on…

Side Effects – “Watch Out”

The first thing we noticed was reports of Cho Wa side effects. “What people need to realize is that all natural doesn’t always mean safe. Products like this can still cause issues,” said our Research Editor.

”Each time I felt very jittery, heart pounding, stomach ache, diarrhea for several hours afterward, and an overall feeling of weakness,” said one user.

”Both my husband and I had allergy issues with the product. We were having to take our allergy medicine everyday when we normally do not have to,” offered a customer.

Others had no issues with side effects.

“I begin my day with it every morning and I’ve noticed increased energy & a marked reduction in allergy symptoms. As well, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my breathing,” suggested a dieter.

“I really like this tea. I usually drink coffee every morning, but since I have gotten this, I drink this and don’t want coffee. I also do feel that it makes me calmer,” said another.

Poor Customer Service – “Rude!”

There were multiple complaints about customer service issues, which is not something a dieter wants to deal with when they pay good money for a product.

”Really poor customer service. I did further research and discovered there’s been some complaints to the FDA about the product,” said a customer.

”When I called and spoke to customer service, they couldn’t tell me how much caffeine was in the formula and weren’t nice about it,” claimed another.

Others had pleasant experiences.

“Dealing with customer service was nice and easy,” a review shared.

“I had an issue with my order and it was resolved in my favor quickly,” as another put it.

Over the years, we’ve learned it only takes one small thing, like poor support, to turn customers away. If there are side effects, or they have to deal with rude agents, they’ll move on to the competition to get what they are looking for.

The Science – “A Little”

This product contains green tea, which is clinically tested and shown to support good results with weight-loss. But, you can get that from your local grocery store for much cheaper than a box of these tea bags. Also, it’s difficult to get the amount you need with a cup or two a day. Supplements may be a far better option because the ingredients are concentrated.

At DietSpotlight, we want to see science before we can recommend any product, but we also want to know it’s a value to our readers.

The Bottom Line – Does Cho Wa Work?

Do I need to start drinking Cho Wa right now? Green tea is a good ingredient, but the others in the formula are just not supported with the same clinical research. We also have to take the reports of poor customer service into consideration. These factors alone leave us with reservations.

If the time has come to jumpstart your metabolism, you may want to check out a weight-loss product with clinically tested ingredients shown to help you reach your goals.

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Previous Cho Wa Review (Updated February 25, 2010):

What You Should Know

Cho Wa is a green tea that is manufactured by Kumato Labs. Kumato Labs is based in Signal Hills, CA. Kumato Labs was founded by Dr. Kumato to bring the traditional Japanese remedies to the rest of the world. Cho Wa tea is a special formula said to have originated in Japan centuries ago when it was only available to the Shogun. The story of the product’s origination states that Dr. Kumato visited the Sensei healer on the mountain for years before he was able to get the formula for the Sensei’s miraculous tea. Stories on a third party website talk about the amazing healing properties of this tea.


Cho Wa contains green tea, rhodiola, ginkgo, epimedium, astragalus root, lyceum, euphoria fruit, licorice fruit, shiitake, reishi, and maitake.

Product Features

Cho Wa tea contains green tea, which is said to have a many health benefits, including protecting the body from disease, enhancing the immune system, and assisting with optimal organ function. It is said to increase metabolism, assisting consumers in losing weight, and reducing the effects of LDL cholesterol. Rhodiola is said to improve a consumer’s mood, curb depression, and improves physical and mental performance. Ginkgo improves blood flow to organs and tissues, protects against cell damage, and blocks the effect of clotting disorders. It is also said to help with memory. Astragalus root is said to be a specific immune enhancer, and has been specifically used in cancer patients. Lyceum is said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Euphoria fruit contains large amounts of Vitamin A and C, iron and potassium. Licorice fruit is an expectorant. Shiitake, reishi, and maitake are mushrooms which are all used to enhance the immune functions of the body.


  • Cho Wa tea is made of all natural ingredients.
  • Cho Wa tea can be ordered directly from the manufacturer or third party distributor websites.


  • Cho Wa’s manufacturer website has limited information concerning the product.
  • Cho Wa does not have clinical trial information available.
  • Cho Was contains caffeine which can have side effects, including increased heart rate.


Cho Wa tea has many reported health benefits, including weight loss, immunity support and disease fighting, which may be beneficial to a consumer. Cho Wa tea is said to be a centuries old formula and has many documented stories of miraculous healing. One cup of tea per day is the recommended dose for full health benefits. The green tea in Cho Wa contains caffeine, which can have side effects such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and jitters. A consumer should not drink Cho Wa before bed if they have those effects from caffeine. The corporate website for Cho Wa does not contain product information and does not contain clinical trial information proving the effectiveness of the product. The website does, however, contain customer testimonials. Cho Wa tea is marketed as a health and nutritional supplement, not a weight loss product. Consumers looking for a weight loss supplement should look for one with a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. The combination of this supplement plus sensible diet and exercise will provide the best results to a consumer. This product should have a dedicated website with clinical trials proving the product’s effectiveness.
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Rating: 4.2. From 48 votes.
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Cho Wa Review

How Does Cho Wa Compare?

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Howard Beckenhauer

am looking for somebodies input regarding best time of day to drink cho-wa for maximum benefits.

YourRay Moon Name

Cho Wa is an excellent source of natural immune ingredients. In the beginning I took it in the morning on awakening and in the evening at supper time..


I have been taking Cho-wa for couple years now. To me the best time to take it is first thing in the morning. I have and its a great way to start the day. But if it’s an off day where I just don’t feel at my beat I’ll have a cup and it Def helps my day get better. I highly recommend this product!! specially if you have anxiety


I would like to try it


I used this product years ago I would like to order some more of this cho wah tea

Waltraud Chaney

Would cho wa be helpful for Ménière’s disease ?


I had been going to doctors practically every day…..so much pain in mr left arm and back of my neck, left right shoulder, and right thigh. They set me up for surgery. I was in so much pain; my husband gave me a cup of SHO-WA to drink. The doctor’s are smazed….because, before I finished drinking the tea, I had no more pain anywhere. That was eleven months ago. I was taking it every day, down to twice a week now, because it s so expensive. I still can’t believe that it worked so fast or me. I feel it is a magical drink. I thank GOD for the people who made this drink.

Natalya Ditter

My husband and I still have a few boxes of Cho-Wa left. I called several times and asked customer service representative where the company buys herbs to make this supplement. No one could answer this question, then I asked to speak with a manager in hope maybe he can answer this question: he was extremely rude, said exactly this:” no one will tell you where ingredients come from, they are not coming from Japan”. That was negative answer and totally unprofessional. Due to the fact that this nuclear tragedy happened in Japan, radiation is still leaking into the ocean and can be anywhere therefore it is only natural that the customer wants to know if Cho-Wa supplement is not polluted with radiation if ingredients are coming from Japan. If they are not, then why no one could answer a question where the company is getting herbs to make Cho-Wa supplement?

ellen hesselink

this is the last time I am going to type this question out, have done it three times now. I cannot tolerate caffiene. Is there a decaf form for this tea. Will it interefere with my blood pressure medicine>

ellen hesselink

I cannot tolerate caffiene. I drink decaf. I there a decaf form for this tea and will it interfere with my blood pressure medicine?

ellen hesselink

I have the same question. I cannot tolerate caffiene — I can drink decaf coffee. Also, does it come in decaf form and will it interfere with my blood pressure prescription drugs>


this is for you and everyone reading this. most diseases can be reversed by fresh ginger carrot and especially green juiced vegetables daily. buy a juicer and get started . and drink the cho-wa tea with every fresh glass of juice you drink, wow has this changed my life fast, also watch FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD.


I take supplements – more than most people – and I have pretty good health, however, I still get moody sometimes. Will Cho-wa help these mood swings?

larry kelley

Wiull this product help with my type 2 diabetes?

fivia bagh

I also was introduces to chow to my 84 years old lady neighbor,she said it works for her miracle,she is function well ,for 3 years.anyway she give me a box of chowa,and I am an my 3 pack,such I see the diff. In my moods,mental and Less appetite.I am planning to order more.my question I have diabetes type2 , is interfering with any med.and also thyroid med.?


My experience has been that it stimulates the thyroid. So I needed less thyroid medication. You may have to adjust yours accordingly.


so, how are pharmaceutical meds impacted by cho-wa? I have diabetes/high bp/cholesterol meds that I take daily. Can I consume cho-wa in combination with these meds? What other supplements/vitamins am I able to take? Leutein? Boswellia? vit D, B-12, C, A, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium?

Adriana Dean

Doea thid prduct come in a decaf form? Also will it interfare with any prescription drugs?

Adriana Dean

I cannot have anything with caffeen in it. Does it come in a decaf form? If it does I’m ready to try it. Also will it interfare with any prescription drugs?


I have been taking cho-wa off and on for about 4mos. If i wake up feeling crappy, it changes the way i feel quite rapidly if i sit and sip it for 15minutes as the instructions say. It is a sutble feeling and is more pronounced on some occasions than others. I dont believe it is a typical green tea caffeine rush. There is something else going on here which i believe has something to do with the synergy of the herbs involved. I also regret there is no studies on it as i feel it has a unique effect i have not felt with anything else. I am very familiar with other herbal stimulants and this cho wa is in another category. I think the book is still open on it and i am curious as to the long term effects, as i am very familiar with the short term effects.I think it can help get one through periods of depression if that is how one wants to do it. I seem to keep ordering more even when a part of me says i dont need it. Maybe i am addicted to that warm glow it sometimes gives that can change your whole energy quality. All in all i am still experimenting with it.

B. Dalk

I am a consumer and believer in the Cho-Wa product. I was given a packet(powder in a foil packet) and went home and made it in a glass of water, 6oz. , then drank it. Since I am normally active with lots of energy, I did not notice and increase in energy. However I do believe it does keep me motivated and my mood seems upbeat. What I have noticed is a slimmer waist line and my skin irritations are becoming smaller or all togehter gone. The story behind the product is quite remarkable and it would be hard to reproduce such testimonials. My theory, one packet a day and the cost of about a buck and a half is a great insurance program at a fraction of what health insurance costs. I don’t have to pay a co-pay, pay for office visits, or expose myself to a health care system bent on manufactured in the lab chemicals.. Healthy natural products are the way to go in my book. I also drink Kombucha for its many benefits, take coral calcium and vegetarian omega fats. You never hear of these because the drug companies cannot make a dime on them, yet they work for me. I am not anti drug companies, I am pro health. My question to the obese and overweight and heavy set and “damn” sized people, what have you got to lose.

Dorothy Rrenolds

chowa herbal tea is this product good true or faults?.

morris skare

I have a short term memory problem I am 72 years old will this tea help my problem