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Cinsulin Review - 17 Things You Need to Know

Why is it that so few diet products are backed by science? Let’s find out if CinSulin is one of the good ones. We created a comprehensive review, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and overall customer care. Plus we read dozens of user comments we found on the internet. At last, we summed up all of the info we found to give you the facts you need.

Cinsulin can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Cinsulin?

Cinsulin is a health supplement designed to improve general health with a patented form of cinnamon. Cinsulin is made to reduce body fat.

Cinsulin Competitors

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How Did Cinsulin Start?

Cinsulin research shows that the supplement was created from the cinnamon plant (Cinnamomum Burmannii) through a unique process which produces cinnamon extracts in a water solvent structure. This form of water extraction reduces the amount of coumarin in the supplement and allows the body to ingest the cinnamon effectively.

The supplement comes in the form of a capsule which is meant to be taken daily and accompanied by a standard diet and strict exercise routine.

It should be noted that Cinsulin is different from other diet pills such as Sletrokor and Brilliant.

Cinsulin Customer Testimonials

Cinsulin Claims

The makers of Cinsulin claim that it is a safe supplement. As a natural alternative to cinnamon itself, Cinsulin is also said to be an efficient weight loss pill.

This is to promote the overall health and well-being of its users.


Cinsulin Products

Cinsulin is an important ingredient in a lot of supplements and capsules. More often than not, it is labeled as a weight loss product. We came across three different products which make use of this patented ingredient.

One of the most popular supplements that contain Cinsulin is “Advanced Strength.” This vegetable capsule carries a 10:1 strength cinnamon concentrate to support and enhance overall health.

Another product is called “Healthy Weight.” The supplement contains extra ingredients such as fat stabilizing agents and antioxidants, which supposedly promote weight control.

Cinsulin Products


The third product is “Member’s Mark Cinnamon Dietary Supplement” which carries the 10:1 strength concentrated cinnamon extract Cinsulin. This particular product endorses its importance by emphasizing the fact that whole cinnamon is associated with a lot of risks due to the harmful toxins the plant contains.

The Cinsulin in these three products are extracted through a unique process, and the finished products are available in a water-soluble structure. This does not mean that there are no other food supplements which contain cinnamon extracts.


Cinsulin Ingredients

The main ingredient contained within Cinsulin is Cinnamon. However, there are various supplements which make use of the extract, and these products contain the following ingredients:

  • Chromium
  • Cinnamon bark extract
  • Gelatin
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Magnesium stearate

By the ingredients listed above, it can be seen that the Cinsulin supplement does not contain any chemicals. This is a good thing when you consider the fact that natural ingredients are often more effective than their industrialized counterparts.

We, however, wonder how few ingredients can be useful in improving weight loss.

Does Cinsulin Work?

We doubt the veracity of the claims made by the manufacturer of Cinsulin and the question on our minds is “Does Cinsulin work?”

Fans of the product have provided impressive descriptions of the positive changes they observed in their bodies after introducing Cinsulin to their regular diet. As much as we appreciate the fact that people are getting the desired results from Cinsulin, there are no scientific studies to support all the claims made by the product’s manufacturer.

Although cinnamon has been proven to be a remarkable component for reducing body weight, it would be wrong for us to assume that all cinnamon extracts or supplements will have the same effects.

Benefits & Results

Cinsulin Health Benefits and Results

Unlike most cinnamon supplements, Cinsulin is said to contain not just the bark of the cinnamon plant, but everything else in the plant.

This gives us an idea of the benefits of Cinsulin. Advantages of this all-natural supplement include:

  • No chemical additives
  • Water soluble compounds for easy digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Effective management of body weight

The results are varied and inconsistent.

Cinsulin and Weight loss

A lot of research has been done to ascertain the effectiveness of cinnamon extracts on weight loss, and studies show that the spice may be useful for weight reduction. This gives credence to cinsulin bodybuilding reports. Before you start using Cinsulin for weight loss, it’s important that we go over a few things.

The results of the research are inconclusive and varied, as not all studies show that cinnamon can be a useful weight loss tool.

The extra fat stored in the liver may be responsible for the elevated level of glucose in the body.

The effectiveness of cinnamon is tied to a substance contained in the spice which seems to have a stabilizing effect. This substance is an antioxidant known as Flavor-3-ol. This substance and other active components of cinnamon are said to be found in the water-soluble portion of the plant.

According to LiveStrong, it appears that most experts agree that cinnamon extracts can be useful in helping the body get rid of excess fat cells. But Cinsulin weight loss results are not guaranteed, and the product has yet to be endorsed for such use.

Cinsulin vs Metformin

Cinsulin vs Metformin

When asking “Is Cinsulin effective?”, there is a lot of important things to keep in mind.

Before introducing any supplement or food extract to your diet, you should do considerable research on the supplement you’re interested in to prevent you from having adverse effects on your body in the long run.

It should be noted that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the contents of supplements nor does it authenticate any claims made by the manufacturers of such products.

Information provided on the Cinsulin website emphasized that the supplement cannot be used as a replacement drug. This is not to say that it cannot be used with other medications.

Cinsulin vs. Cinnulin

According to LiveStrong, cinnulin is a dietary supplement which contains an extract of a type of cinnamon known as cinnamon cassia or cinnamon burmannii. This cinnamon extract is quite similar to Cinsulin, and they both contain similar ingredients. Manufacturers of Cinnulin also claim that the extract does not contain any of the harmful toxins that can be found in cinnamon.

The Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve the contents of both Cinsulin and Cinnulin, and so it cannot be proven that the latter is a better dietary supplement.

Experts advise that such products should not be used as a treatment for any medical condition until further clinical studies have been conducted, and it remains to seen whether Cinnulin is a better alternative to its counterpart, Cinsulin.


How to Use Cinsulin

As mentioned earlier, Cinsulin is a dietary supplement which is said to have positive effects on blood sugar in the body. The cinnamon extract also serves as a useful weight reduction tool.

How to Use Cinsulin

For directions and information on dosage, the package of the product should be checked. A bottle of TruNature Advanced Strength Cinsulin contains 170 capsules, and the instructions indicate that two pills should be taken daily.

Cinsulin dosage differs depending on the supplement brand, as different brands which contain the extract have varied information on how it should be taken.

Manufacturers of the product advise that customers should consult their healthcare providers before introducing the supplement to their regular diet.

Side Effects

Potential Side Effects of Cinsulin

This cinsulin review would be incomplete without us including the possible side effects of the product. No matter how beneficial a product is, there are always potential side effects, and this is because people react differently to certain ingredients.

Common side effects of Cinsulin are:

  • Dizziness
  • Acute Hunger
  • Headaches
  • Sleeplessness

Product Warnings

  • DO NOT use Cinsulin without consulting a healthcare professional
  • DO NOT use Cinsulin as a replacement drug or alternative medicine
  • KEEP OUT of the reach of children.

Any Cinsulin Lawsuits?

Due to the numerous positive reviews of Cinsulin, it is not surprising that the product has lasted this long without any backlash leading to legal trouble.

There are no records of any customer filing a lawsuit against the product, and Cinsulin has managed to keep a very low profile in the legal sphere.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy Cinsulin

The product is available at many retail outlets such as CVS, Costco, and Walmart and can also be purchased on online stores like Amazon. An easy way to find Cinsulin marketers on the Web is to type in any of the keywords CinsulinWalmart, CinsulinCostco, CinsulinAmazon and other similar ones into your search engine.

Where to Buy Cinsulin

170 capsule bottles sell for $19.99, which should last for 85 days if taken twice a day.

Cinsulin Alternatives

Cinnamon extracts such as Cinsulin have become popular due to the many health benefits of cinnamon. Although studies show that there are numerous benefits to be gained from the spice.

Cinsulin alternatives may include other food supplements such as Nature’s Bounty Cinnamon or Ceylon Cinnamon Capsule. Both products have received a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. Studies show that natural supplements can be a better choice for improving health than more conventional medication.

Although cinnamon extracts can be effective in improving heart health, it is essential for us to remember that supplements do not have backing from the Food and Drug Administration. As much as cinnamon extracts have been endorsed by some experts, we must not fail to consider that there are different brands of cinnamon supplements on the market.

Each brand has a different form of extraction and contains different ingredients.

What Users Are Saying

“I went through a whole bottle as directed with no change. It didn’t work for me.”

“Cannot see what results I get taking it but continue to take it.”

“This is part of my daily routine. Keeps the sugars at a great level along with a sensible diet. I just don’t have those terrible spikes. In fact I just ordered some more.”

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Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does CinSulin Work?

So, should you run out and buy CinSulin? First of all, we like that it is made with natural ingredients and it’s easy to acquire in common stores. But we have some reservations about this supplement because it’s not backed by solid science and may not assist with weight-loss in any way. Moreover, we’re concerned about the negative user reviews we found on the web.

If you’d like to shed more pounds of fat, then we encourage you to choose a product that is backed by real testing, is supported by all sorts of positive user reviews and is safe to take on a daily basis.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn TS. This product contains a proprietary blend of four ingredients, which have been shown in published clinical testing to help speed up fat loss and elevate metabolism. We have not found much discussion of harmful side effects and customer comments posted online show people are seeing solid results.

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Cinsulin Review
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What are the side effects of Cinsulin?

There were very few reported Cinsulin side effects.

What are the ingredients in Cinsulin?

The advanced strength Cinsulin ingredients are cinnamon extract, chromium, and vitamin D3. The healthy weight formula contains cinnamon extract, chromium, green tea extract, and coffee berry extract.

How do I know if Cinsulin is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn TS, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Cinsulin work?

The company claims that the addition of their specially formulated cinnamon extract will help balance blood sugar levels and promote a healthy weight. Unfortunately, they provide no clinical evidence to support these claims and customer testimonials are difficult to find.

How much does Cinsulin cost?

A one month supply of Cinsulin is about $20.

What is Cinsulin BBB rating?

We were unable to find a BBB rating for the makers of Cinsulin.

Where can I buy Cinsulin?

Cinsulin can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Cinsulin?

The manufacturer recommends two capsules per day.

Can people with diabetes take Cinsulin?

If you have a specific medical issue it is always best to check you’re your doctor before beginning a new product.

Is this different from cinnamon supplements?

The company claims the extraction process makes their product more powerful. There are also additional ingredients in the Cinsulin products that are not found in cinnamon supplements.

Does Cinsulin come with a guarantee?

We were unable to find any guarantees from the maker of Cinsulin.

14 Cinsulin Reviews

  • Is this safe for me?
    Roma Pate

    I am not a Diabetic, could I still take Cinsulin?

    • Karen (Editor)

      Hi Roma, please consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

  • Jimmy Hyler

    Can you take 3 capsules daily? Will it be safe?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi Jimmy! It’s not recommended to exceed the dose on the product label.

  • Cinsulin
    Your NameDD

    I wanted to know from which type of cinnamon the product is derived from. True cinnamon (ceylon) or other types such as Vietnamese?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hello. Unfortunately, there’s no information available about the type of cinnamon they use in their product.

  • James F

    I have taken Cinsulin for Diabetes for several years. I was never sure that it helped lower my blood sugar readings until I ran out and decided to stop taking it. I noticed that my readings became higher and fluctuated more than before. I resumed taking the supplement and noticed that readings went back to normal. I recently started taking 4 capsules (2 morning, 2 night) and readings have flattened out even more. I should point our that I am taking insulin, metformin, and glipezide as well but I feel that having added Cinsulin I have less high and low readings.

  • Roldo Robinson

    I’ve used insulin for 3 months. My A1C was 7.2 and now it is 6.7

  • Mary

    I have pre diabetes and I was looking at the bottle in Costco, and an older man saw me looking at it, and came over and said how really well it worked for him. Well, I took my first pill this morning. I worked all day on a project, didn’t notice the time because I wasn’t hungry!!! That’s never happened to me before in my life. It must’ve regulated something! I wasn’t even ravenous for dinner!!!! I will see what happens tomorrow. I always used to complain to my dr that I didn’t metabolize well. Maybe this is it!!!

  • Your NameDave

    CinSulin was working well for me in lowering blood sugar levels but I had to discontinue it because it raised my warfarin level significantly.

  • amazed at how it has helped
    Lois Grant (Verified Purchase)

    I have been taking this product for 2 months and I am amazed at how it has helped to bring down my sugar. I am OFF insulin and onky take the tablets. It’s been over a year since I have had these readings. In fact I have to be careful my sugar does not drop too low overnight. I have recommended it to all the people I know with diabetes..It’s working for me and I have the agressive diabetes..I am so grateful to my friend who told me that her sister had used it and was off the insulin…spread the word..I have!

    • Pauline

      Would like to know how it would work with oral medication like Metformin and glipizide

      • scott

        I tried cutting my metformin dose by half when I first started taking cinsulin, soon found out that was not a good way to go. So back to 2000 mg metformin daily, but still taking cinsulin, figure it can’t hurt. Haven’t noticed any impact on my warfarin dose like was mentioned by someone else earlier. I guess it’s one of those things you just have to believe .

      • Al

        I am a type 2 diabetic, taking both meds, started taking cinsulin and my blood sugars are now finally more controlled which the medication was not doing even after increasing the metformin,