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Citrimax Review- Does This Supplement Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 08, 2017

If you want the bottom line on Citrimax, give me just two minutes of your time. We made the effort to create a thorough review, focusing closely on the ingredients, side effects, customer-service quality and scientific studies. Then we looked into comments from all over the internet. At last, we narrowed down all of the information we collected to give you the bottom line.

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What is Citrimax?

Citrimax is the name given to supplements that has the active ingredient garcinia cambogia. The exact amount varies based on the manufacturer and some companies include a few other elements like chromium and hydroxycitric acid. The label will tell you how many and often to take the product.

Versions of Citrimax are made by a variety of companies and are available at various price points. The products are available at local and online retailers throughout the country and are usually made with all natural ingredients, but read on…

Side Effects– “Unpleasant”

Our first concern is with the Citrimax side effects many users experienced. While they won’t apply to all, they are significant enough to be cause for concern. According to our Research Editor, “If unintended reactions are substantial enough they will dissuade a customer from prolonged use of the product.”

According to one client, “I was constantly dizzy when I was taking Citrimax so I had to stop.”

Another claimed, “My mouth felt like it had cotton stuffed in it no matter how much water I would drink. I couldn’t keep taking it.”

Not all of the reviewers experienced bothersome side effects. One said, “My stomach was a little upset while I was taking it but nothing that negated the results I had.”

This happy reviewer explained, “I didn’t experience any side effects at all and it worked great for me.”

Lack of Research in Citrimax – “Generic Studies”

Most of the companies selling a version of Citrimax do not provide any clinical research specific to their formulation. This is concerning.

One worried reviewer said, “I have a background in science and I really need to know that what I’m putting into my body is safe and effective. I couldn’t find any Citrimax products that met my standards.”

Another chimed in with, “I showed my doctor the Citrimax my friend recommended and he told me he’d never heard of it so I didn’t bother.”

However, some consumers don’t seem to mind nonspecific research. According to one, “Nothing works exactly the same on everyone. I tried it and it worked fine for me and that’s all that matters.”

An optimistic customer said, “I tried some a friend of mine had before I looked into it. She and I have both been losing weight which is a better indicator than a research study for me.”

According to our research, unpleasant side effects and a lack of high quality research may make consumers nervous. These are the kinds of details that matter when forming an overall impression of a product. If the companies making Citrimax can’t support their claims, dieters may not buy a second bottle.

The Science – “Limited”

At DietSpotlight, we keep up to date on the latest scientific research in the field of nutrition and weight-loss. We also look at the studies provided by specific companies. Citrimax has had some promising support, but a more in-depth look is needed.

The Bottom Line – Does Citrimax Work?

Should I race out for a bottle of Citrimax? We like that most versions contain all natural ingredients. However, the lack of research and ingredient variability makes us hesitant to give it the green light.

If the time has come to jump start your metabolism you may want to check out a supplement with tested ingredients that are backed by solid scientific research. A really great company will also have a strong customer service department that can answer specific questions dieters may have and there will be no reports of harsh or harmful side effects.

Among the best products we’ve researched this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It is made of a combination of four active ingredients, which have been well documented in clinical testing to help increase fat loss and boost metabolism. As we conducted our research we didn’t find any negative consumer experiences but we did find numerous dieters sharing their great results.

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Previous Citrimax Review (Updated November 13, 2012):

What You Should Know About Citrimax?

One key ingredient that you may have encountered in weight loss supplements before is Citrimax. This is a fruit extract that may assist dieters by suppressing appetite and preventing fat cell production. This component is described as safe and effective and it is all-natural. Citrimax is a non-stimulant that can be found in Super Citrimax by Puritan's Pride. This supplement formula sells online through websites like puritan.com for $22.79 (50 capsules). There doesn't appear to be a specific diet plan or fitness routine encouraged with this weight reduction supplement. Users can consume up to six capsules per day (two capsules three different times). It should not, however, be taken along with prescription medications. Naturally the fat loss results of Citrimax will vary from individual to individual. Women who are pregnant or nursing a child should not take Citrimax, nor should those afflicted with kidney stones.

Product Features

There is an official website for Orovo, the manufacturers of 7 DFB. They also manufacture other weight loss products such as Orovo Detox, Myoswell, and Liposeduction. 7 DFB can be ordered directly from the official website, for the price of $19.99 (plus $7.99 for shipping.) This supply will lasts seven days. Citrimax is one of the major active ingredients incorporated into dietary supplements for weight loss. Citrimax comes from the South Asian fruit known as Garcinia Cambogia. It contains significant levels of "hydroxycitric acid" or HCA. There has been some clinical research done on products like Super Citrimax as a weight loss aid. Whether or not each supplement containing this component comes with a refund guarantee or free trial offer depends upon the manufacturer.

Citrimax Advantages

  • Citrimax supplements are easy to come by online.
  • This key weight loss ingredient is all-natural and comes from the fruit product Garcinia Cambogia.
  • There has been some clinical research done on Super Citrimax supplements

Citrimax Disadvantages

  • There are no success stories or positive reviews posted on the official Puritan's Pride website for Super Citrimax capsules.
  • A healthy eating plan and regular exercise are not encouraged with this dietary supplement.
  • On the official website for Super Citrimax capsules, there is no money-back guarantee.


Citrimax sounds fairly beneficial, seeing how it is an extract from a natural fruit. You might want to ask your doctor about this substance prior to taking a supplement with it for weight loss.
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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.1. From 15 votes.
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Citrimax Review

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  What are any side effects that this product may have?

What are any side effects that this product may have?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Sue. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  I take Provigal for Narcolepsy. Does it counter Citrimax??

I take Provigal for Narcolepsy. Does it counter Citrimax??

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Eileen! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  Questions about side effects

Does Citrimax impact blood sugar levels? What prescription drugs should it not be taken with?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Deb! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new product.

  citrimax help lose weight

with proper eating and exercise will citrimax help lose weight

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Holly. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.

  Weight loss

I am taking ” Vicodin ” for pain can I still take “Citrimax ” for weight loss….????

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Edith! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  Is flushing and itching on my cheeks a side effect of the Citrimax?
Ginny Mertz (Verified User)

I have been taking Super citrimax for several days and now I am having flushing and itching on my cheeks. Is this a side effect of the Citrimax? I am only taking 2 capsules a day.

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Ginny. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing to take this product and let them know about the side effects you were experiencing.

  Having side effects.
h graessle (Verified User)

no longer taking citramex had extreme stomach pain the last 3 days

  Having stomach pain.
h graessle (Verified User)

after taking citrimax i have had some stomach pains. will lay off for a couple days and see what happens.


did the stomach aches go away

  Loved the product.
ela (Verified User)

I’m taking different meds n I ask a pharmaci its ok n now5th day I took it with my.meds they said its ok n I’m doing food lose weight I’m happy with this:)

  Working so well
Melissa (Verified User)

Yes, my hubby lost over 40lbs in the last 3 1/2 mos. Working so well that I am now trying it!