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Complete Nutrition Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

One of the most well-known names in the supplement is Complete Nutrition. Their fat-burning stack, Legal Limit Labs Shred Stack, claims to” boost metabolism to promote fat burning while supporting lean body composition.” However, some of the primary active ingredients, such as Yohimibine, have decidedly mixed results as weight-loss agents.

Moreover, some of the products have warnings such as “may cause dehydration, nausea and/or dizziness.” We wanted to know more, so we asked out research team to evaluate their products including ingredients lists, potential side effects and product warnings, and relevant clinical research. We then summarized all of their findings to give you the Bottom Line on Complete Nutrition.

Complete Nutrition can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Complete Nutrition?

Complete Nutrition is a company which is pretty popular due to its wide range of products including body transformation services, nutritional supplements, dietary supplements and weight loss products that are available on the market. Complete Nutrition provides supplements that help on losing weight, gaining core and strength, and toning the abs and the other muscles of the body.

The products that are released from Complete Nutrition include pre-workout and post-workout supplements. Products such as protein bars, protein drinks, protein powders, protein smoothies, creatine powders, multivitamins, nitric oxide supplements, amino acids and carbohydrates based powders are quite common.

The company was founded in 2004, and since then it has been making health benefit products. Each new product is allegedly better than any available in the market. Some products from this company are included in the following list:

  • Reclaim Multi Pure Go which has Multivitamin Mix with Superfoods & Probiotics
  • Ignite Performance packet for the athletes
  • Tone Fusion for Toning Formula Featuring 7 Key Weight Loss Ingredients
  • Reclaim 7-day Cleanse that helps to eliminate Toxins & Refresh Major Organs

These are the primary products that are offered by Complete Nutrition.

Complete Nutrition Competitors

Other similar products: , , ,

How Did Complete Nutrition Start?

Back in 2004, when nutritional supplements were not a very widely used practice, Complete Nutrition made a mark by releasing its products. They were a part of the revolutionary change as they were able to meet the nutritional requirements for everyone on a daily basis.

Complete Nutrition is working in close correlation with the health providers like the nutritionists, trainers, physicians and the pharmacists. Complete Nutrition also tries to make sure that their products are worthy to be used and are passed by the Quality Assurance and Quality Management teams of the FDA to avoid legal actions.


Complete Nutrition Claims

Complete Nutrition has a wide range of products under its name on the market. Like all other supplement making companies, they also claim that their products are efficient and approved by the FDA. The products have been proven useful as most of the ingredients that are used are mostly natural and organic. So, these products are widely used by people who have issues like obesity or anorexia.

complete nutrition ingredients


Complete Nutrition Ingredients

The primary ingredients that are present in the products from Complete Nutrition are listed below. Although the major components of the list are natural ingredients obtained from natural resources, a few are synthetic as well such as creatine, but they don’t have any potential side effects at all.

  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Creatine
  • Green coffee bean
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • White kidney bean
  • Yerba mate
  • Yohimbe Bark
  • Guarana Seed
  • Cayenne pepper fruit
  • Raspberry ketones
  • Psyllium Seed Husk
  • Senna Leaf Extract

These are the natural ingredients which are a part of the Complete Nutrition products. Let’s have a detailed look at how they work and their therapeutic effects as well.

Caffeine anhydrous:

It is a systemic vasoconstrictor and a stimulator of the CNS so it should be used with caution and in controlled doses. It helps in increasing the cognition and initiate the weight loss as well. So, it is an integral part of most supplements from Complete Nutrition.


A significant part of human muscles, it can be made part of the supplements to aid the muscles to gain strength and core. It is made in the laboratory and is made a part of the supplements later on. There are no side effects reported until now about the use of creatine in the supplements.

Green coffee bean:

They have the same effect as the coffee, and their powder and extract are widely used in the supplements. They help in activating the CNS and helps to concentrate on things that matter. Aid in losing weight is still unknown.

complete nutrition ingredients

Garcinia cambogia:

It is a tropical fruit called Malabar tamarind which has been used widely as a part of the regimen which is made to aid weight loss. Garcinia has been scientifically proven as a useful fruit in treating obesity and High LDL levels. Its powder is made a part of the supplements which are then used in shakes and smoothies.

White kidney bean:

They have a high fiber content. They help in lowering the cholesterol and low saturated fats as well. They have been an active part of the supplements such as powders which can be made a part of shakes and smoothies.

Yerba mate:

According to Nutrients, it is composed of caffeine, quercetin and ursolic acid which helps in gaining muscle mass and reducing fat.

Yohimbe Bark:

Yohimbe is a compound that works by reducing the fat from the body. It’s also known as an aphrodisiac and can be beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction.

Guarana Seed:

These seeds have more caffeine than coffee. It is widely used for its stimulatory effect.

Cayenne pepper fruit:

Cayenne pepper is a form of capsicum containing capsaicin. It acts along with it in inhibiting the P-glycoprotein and makes sure that the other ingredients of the supplements are more readily bioavailable, increasing their efficacy and effect. Cayenne pepper fruit is a prevalent ingredient in the supplements from Complete Nutrition making them more healthy revitalizing.

Raspberry ketones:

They are the primary aroma compound obtained from red raspberries. They regulate adiponectin which is a protein used by the body to control metabolic processes of the body. They are used in the protein powders and other supplements from Complete Nutrition.

complete nutrition ingredients

Psyllium Seed Husk:

It is the husk which helps to increase the GIT motility, and it mostly used to treat the GIT disturbances in diarrhea and constipation. It has no side effects as such. So, it is used widely in the supplements from Complete Nutrition.

Senna Leaf Extract:

According to Natural Product Research Journal, Senna leaf extract has excellent therapeutic uses as it can be used to treat constipation and inflammation. It can be used as an anti-parasitic as well. Nausea and vomiting are the only side effects noted.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a highly saturated oil. It is made up of medium chain fatty acids. MCT’s can be utilized quickly post exercise which helps the muscles to aid in muscle repair to treat the soreness and strains. The post-workout supplements from Complete Nutrition are loaded with coconut oil.

Whey Protein Isolate:

Whey Protein Isolate is a highly bioavailable protein used in supplements from Complete Nutrition. As muscles need protein to build stronger and gain strength, Whey Protein Isolate fuels the muscles for recovery and strength.


It is a Natural leaf extract which is used for sweetening the powders and other supplements from Complete Nutrition. The taste masking is the primary role that Stevia has to play in the supplements from Complete Nutrition.

complete nutrition ingredients

Almond Butter:

Almond butter is a good source of healthy monounsaturated fats. These good fats help to strengthen the heart which aids in increasing the heart health, maintaining the blood pressure as well. So, they are an integral part of the supplements from Complete Nutrition.

All these ingredients are useful at some point or the other in increasing the body’s mass in healthy ways, increasing the muscle mass, toning the body and help in reducing weight as well. While using them, care should be taken as adverse effects are quite common without prior indication.

Does Complete Nutrition Work?

Complete Nutrition is one of the leading brands providing the supplements to millions. The results and trails were conducted on the products given by Complete Nutrition; such as the Charge On protein bar, Reclaim multi pure go which has Multivitamin Mix with Superfoods & Probiotics. Ignite performance packet for the athletes, Tone Fusion for Toning Formula Featuring 7 Key Weight Loss Ingredients and Reclaim 7-day cleanse that helps to eliminate Toxins & Refresh Major Organs.

They have been tested in clinical trials and lab trials as well, indicating that they are useful to some extent. Some of the ingredients do have some adverse effects on the humans. But many products have beneficial effects. The antioxidating effects of caffeine, white kidney beans for lowering cholesterol levels, Garcinia cambogia and green coffee beans in reducing weight is a proven thing. But trials for many substances are still underway. So, Complete Nutrition works for some people and some people, the products do not work at all. It is vital to have a look at the label before using the products as you might find something that you are allergic to it, so it is better to be careful and cautious.

Benefits & Results

Complete Nutrition Benefits and Results

Various reasons allow you to use the supplements from Complete Nutrition. The major ones are included below for your ease and help.

  • Helps to fulfill nutritional needs
  • Helps to reduce weight to some extent
  • Helps in lowering the blood cholesterol
  • Helps to gain the muscle strength and build core
  • Helps in gaining muscle mass if you have a lean body
  • Helps in increasing the attention and cognitive abilities as well due to the vitamins and mineral intake

Make sure that you are not taking any other medicine along with the supplements as the ingredients might resist the activity of each other leading to therapeutic issues. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before opting to take the supplements for any purpose.

The result for many supplements from Complete Nutrition has been used as well. While many people have made claims that the product has no use at all and even if they do have any effect, it takes a lot of time in producing that result.

complete nutriton and weight loss

Details on Complete Nutrition and Weight Loss

There have been many claims that are made by the companies that the supplements can aid weight loss. Although many ingredients help weight loss by acting as antioxidants and acting on the adipose cells which results in the breaking down of the fats. Recent research has shown that clinical trials connected to various supplements indicated that they are not suitable to be used as a source of losing weight.

The effectiveness of the appetize tamers, weight loss supplements is not proven by medical trials like therapeutically proven drugs.

Trials for L-Carnitine, polyglucosamine, cabbage powder, guarana seed powder, bean extract, Konjac extract, fiber pills, sodium alginate were conducted. These trials indicated that there is no scientific evidence that they are useful in lowering the weight or reducing the cholesterol content of the body. Weight loss of 1-2 kilograms was reported which is not very significant as compared to the claims made by the companies.


How to Take Complete Nutrition

There are various products from Complete Nutrition available on the market. As they are of different nature, the process to use them is different as well.

  • Charge On protein bar cab is eaten post-workouts. The bar is like a candy bar which can be taken as a snack as well. Once to thrice daily doses are more than enough to meet the protein needs of a person.
  • Reclaim multi pure go which has Multivitamin Mix with Superfoods & Probiotics is a powder which can be taken with water or milk in the form of a milkshake or smoothie. 6-8 ounces of the powder once daily is a recommended dose.
  • Ignite Performance packet for the athletes contains capsules which have 196mg of caffeine per serving so it should be taken with caution. One capsule per day is more than enough to build the muscular strength.
  • Tone Fusion for Toning Formula Featuring 7 Key Weight Loss Ingredients comprises of tablets which can be taken thrice daily with water. They help to tone your body by losing the water accumulated in the body, and the toxins are released as well.
  • Reclaim 7-day cleanse that helps to eliminate Toxins & Refresh Major Organs which has Psyllium husk, so it is a powder as well. You can take it with any juice or any fluid as well.
    Care should be taken while taking any supplement as the adverse effects can lead to severe consequences as well. Make sure that the labels are well-defined and visible, and you can read the part where the indications for the use of the product are listed.

complete nutrition side effects

Side Effects

Potential Complete Nutrition Side Effects

Although, the list can get longer if we take into consideration the individual side effects of each principle ingredient, here we are considering the potential side effects that are most common and occur with many elements when they are used. The possible side effects of the Complete Nutrition products include the following things:

  • Itching and rashes
  • Dizziness and sleepiness
  • Stomach discomfort including diarrhea and constipation
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increasing anxiety
  • Increasing  stress levels
  • Decreasing body’s immunity
Product Warnings

Complete Nutrition Product Warnings

The warnings should be mentioned on the label so that everyone can see them before trying to use the product. In case of any falseness and ambiguity committed by the company, the legal actions can be taken by the consumers. The product warnings are as follows:

  • Do not use if you are under 18 years of age
  • Do not use without a prescription in pregnant women
  • Do not use if you have a family history of, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, heart disease, low “good” cholesterol (HDL)
  • Do not exceed the dose recommended on the label
  • Do not use if any indication of allergy appears. Stop use immediately
  • Do not use in patients with GI tract disorders such as ulcers as they might experience extreme discomfort
  • Do not use if you are going to operate any heavy machinery as some produced have ingredients that can cause dizziness
  • Do not use if the product is without any label and the expiry date
  • Do not use if the product tampers in any way
  • Do not use if the seal is broken
  • Do not use if FDA does not approve it
  • Do not use before consultation with your physician or nutritionist for weight loss or any other condition

Make sure that you follow these things while using any supplement or any product from any company to avoid the potential side effects and adverse effects. You can report adverse effects on FDA’s website. They will review the complaints and act accordingly.

lawsuits complete nutrition

Any Complete Nutrition Lawsuits?

No lawsuits as such have been reported against the Complete Nutrition company or any of their products as such. No false claim or advertising has been seen on their part until now. One complaint was made by a person named Matt from Florida in 2012 stating that the testosterone boosts that the company sells are not according to the claims, but the allegations were later dropped.

Complete Nutrition Alternatives

Complete Nutrition is the brand that is offering many useful products in the market. There are many other brands as well which provide the same product with the same standards and the quality.

But make sure that they are approved by the FDA and have all the ingredients that are proven useful by the clinical trials. If you are looking to take protein supplements, you can opt for EAS 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder, Quest Nutrition Protein Powder, Salted, and Whey Protein Powder Isolate by Bulk Supplements.

The brands which offer the creatine supplements include Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder and Creatine Monohydrate Powder Micronized by Bulk Supplements. All these products are available in the markets at fair and cheap rates. But consultation of your physician is necessary no matter which product you intend to use.

What Users Are Saying

“My favorite – Always happy with these. Great quality and have been taking them for years.”

“No Pump – Doesn’t work effectively.”

“Ok but not great – I add a cup of coffee to get a better coffee flavor. The powder is not chalky after mixing but the flavor by itself is subpar.”

The Bottom Line on Complete Nutrition

So, what’s the verdict on Complete Nutrition? Although we like that the brand offers lots of information about their supplements, we are hesitant to approve of the brand due to the potential side effects and lack of science behind the products.

Among the best weight-loss apps we’ve found this year is Noom. This clinically-proven system works with human coaches, expert nutritionists and doctors, and personalized meal plans to help you reach your goals in a healthy, long-term way.

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Complete Nutrition Review
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Complete Nutrition

What are the side effects of Complete Nutrition?

Complete Nutrition side effects vary based on product, but some user experiences have reported migraines  and vomiting, upset stomach, and acid reflux .

What are the ingredients in Complete Nutrition?

Complete Nutrition ingredients vary by supplement. Check the supplement label you are interested in to determine what the ingredients are.

Does Complete Nutrition Work?

We did find that some users reported seeing results with Complete Nutrition. There’s no doubt this type of program works, but we’re not sure it is better than the competition.

How much does Complete Nutrition cost?

Complete Nutrition supplements vary in cost. For their ThermoLean product, a fat burner, you can expect to spend $60 for a one-month supply.

How should I take Complete Nutrition?

Dosage instructions vary depending on which supplement you are using, but if you are using the ThermoLean product, you are advised to take one capsule twice a day with 8 ounces of water, and food.

Where can I buy Complete Nutrition?

Complete Nutrition can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I use this supplement while participating in sports?

Check each label to make sure there are no banned substances in the formula.

Are complete ingredient listings available on each label?

Yes. Check each label closely before deciding to use the supplement.

If you’re looking for a supplement that contains clinically researched ingredients, you might want to try Dietspotlight Burn, especially since it is backed by positive customer reviews.

What is Complete Nutrition?

Everyone needs complete nutrition for effective weight management, energizing sports nutrition, top fitness goals and even maintaining superior health. Complete Nutrition retail stores offer the nutritional supplements that help customers look and feel their best. When you feel better, you perform better.

Is Complete Nutrition a franchise?

Cory Wiedel was a franchise owner of 15 GNC stores and owner of NDS Nutrition. In 2004, he founded Complete Nutrition to offer total nutritional support for weight loss programs, intense sports nutrition and support for healthy aging. His experience has led to a superior level of high-quality nutritional supplements available in an upscale retail atmosphere. Complete Nutrition is needed for every season of your life.

63 Complete Nutrition Reviews

  • I will never recommend any products
    Vicki McCarthy (Verified Purchase)

    I spent $200 on Reveal, which did not work, salesman changed me to Envision for Women, that did not work. When I asked for a refund, he then informed me there are NO REFUNDS. Salesman asked to me to try another product – this time is was Envision for Men – that made me sicker than a dog! When I complained to the owner – he did asked me to try a new improved formula – I told him after my experience with his products I was not interested. I just wanted my money back. He refused! Owern told me he could not guarantee his products 100%. I will never recommend any products for this company, to anyone.

    • MIkeal Breitkreutz

      I also purchased Reveal for me and my wife and spent over 800 dollars thinking it would give me the push I needed to loose the last 40 pounds. It didn’t even allow me to loose 5lbs. My wife even gained 2lbs. We have busted our butt at the gym and followed the diet that the nutritionist at the store said but no results. We are dont with complete nutrition and their lies. I would not recommend them to anyone. They just want your money like everyone else. Hope this helps.

    • Anonymous

      Phetermine 37.5 is the way to go and cutting calories to 400 per day! Once you get to your goal you can increase. And trust me you can eat more than you think for that amount just have to read lables and be creative. Get it from your doctor, fast weight loss little exercise and only side effect I experience and other friends and family were dry mouth otherwise this pill seriously seemed like a miracle! I have not found anything else to work.

      • Anonymous

        This could possibly be the worst advice I’ve ever seen in writing. “Take an amphetamine and stop eating.” That sounds pretty healthy! Geeez!

        • brenda

          i can’t believe you just posted to drop your calorie intake to 400 calories. do not drop your calorie intake below 1200. not healthy at all.

      • Joyce

        First of all there is not one “qualified” doctor out there that would tell their patient to only consume 400 calories-the pills do not work-you will be malnutritioned in a month-and of course you will lose weight-are you sure the dr. said to cut 400 calories a day not to consume only 400

      • Dawn

        I have a coworker that is doing something similar! I thought it was crazy!she takes a shot i guess once a month and her caloric intake is extrememly low! Not something i would be interested in. no thanks.

      • whit

        this is the most ridiculous thing that i have ever heard.. i have a major in exercise science and kinesiology and it is a fact that if you consume anything less than 1200 calories a day your body will take and store anything you eat as fat because it doesnt know when you will feed it next. do your homework people, and stop being lazy. like aj said up there, you cannot simply take a pill and bicth about the results after 2 WEEKS. if you want to loose weight, you have to work for it. rome wasnt built in a day, and you will not loose 20 pounds in 2 weeks… and if you are/have, then your messing with your organs. good luck to anyone on this page who actually wants a healthy body enough to work for more than a week on it…

      • Anonymous

        This is ridiculous! 400 calories a day! That puts your body in starvation mode! People! You need to realize that when you start working out you will gain muscle. Muscle weighs more thatn fat! Hence you will initially gain weight. Once you have gained this lean muscle your body will be like a fat burning machine! Just stick with it and stay off the scale!!!!

  • with supplement your 'edge' is only 20% of your overall progress.

    We are the most overweight country in the world and the best at pointing the finger. I think people need to start taking a little more responsibility for their own bodies. I know for a FACT that these weight loss products work….IF YOU WORK THEM. I have seen it time and time again with the people who actually DO THE WORK. IE: Diet and Exercise. 10/10 people i talked to, who did not see results, did not change their lifestyles and then they blame the supplement. For example and just to clarify…your job or taking care of your kids does NOT count as exercise…PERIOD! Switching to diet cola does NOT count as changing your diet. REVEAL IS NOT A MAGIC PILL! If you are planning on just taking a pill and changing nothing about your lifestyle, then reveal is not for you. I don’t blame my misspelled words on my keyboard, so stop blaming supplements for your lack of progress. Truth be told, you DON”T EVEN NEED supps for ANYTHING. They just offer a little extra edge…..THATS IT!! Fact: Take in more than you burn…you gain weight. Take in less than you burn…you lose weight. Diet and Exercise are 80% of your results, so even with supplement your ‘edge’ is only 20% of your overall progress. So if your taking reveal and seeing NOTHING…then maybe you should be looking at what YOUR doing and not what your supplements aren’t.

    • BB

      Totally agree with you. People think supplement are magical items that will help melt away the fat. Supplements are just that they supplement your diet. Eat clean and exercise and the supplements will help boost the effects.

      • Aub

        agreed x2. its a suppliment, not a drug. its jsut to boost the weightloss. if SOME PEOPLE continue to eat fast food morning noon and night, it aint gonna do much. as for the nausia and blaming the toner pill… look at the label, its omega fatty acids. dha and epa, ummm ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO FISH!?!?!? or the funny ppl who whine that it interferes with their meds. didja ask ur doc about starting this program? your ARE suppose to. some people i swear. le sigh. btw, used envision reveal 60day program, that plus a light excersize and not grubbing every chance i could dropped 36lbs. yay me!

        • Stephanie

          Thanks for this positive feedback. Just starting the program today, and its good to hear your success. Would you care to share what you changed besides excercise that made the most improvement. Also how did the supplements help eg: like reduce your cravings?

        • Russ

          I have been on CTS 360 for 11 days, and…its awesome. I started at 218 and weighed myself this morning and now I’m at 208. I work out almost every day, have been pre cooking most of my meals and am also using a multi-vitamin and shake from complete nutrition. My meals are usually chicken or pork with mixed veggies and have sushi every other day to change it up (I love sushi) the guy at the store didn’thave feed me any lines of BS and told me it was meant as a supplement not a magic trick. I have a lot of energy, but my appetite hasn’t been suppressed. The first day I took it, I was on an empty stomach and it made my face, ears and shoulders feel hot but that has subsided…I love the stuff, sign up as a preferred customer and u will get 20%to off the 209 the guy also threw in my vitamin and shake which helped me decide to spend the money. I’m sure this product isn’t right for everyone, but I think its awesome.

    • Anonymous

      I Agree with you AJ. I have been taking some fat burners from complete nutrition and in 3 months I have lost about 30 pounds. I exercised and am eating healthier. It does take time and DEFINATELY depends on your eating habits and how you exercise!

    • jenn

      I completely agree with you. Way too many people think that by taking a “magic” pill, they will lose weight. But honestly, it is all in what you eat. You have to control your portions as well as the types of food you are putting into your body. And in America, way way too many people eat processed foods full of sugar and sodium. What is wrong with fresh veggies and fruit? They are so much better for you than all this crap you can buy in the frozen section. And generally, fresh food isn’t all that expensive. Pay attention to what you eat and how much exercise you are getting. Burn MORE than you take in and you will lose weight.

    • Sara

      I totally agree. I started the CTS360 about a month and a half ago and I am down 15 lbs. I work out 5 days a week for about an hour and a half a day and eat healthy. I also have insulin resistance and take medications. It takes time. I have lost 35 lbs on my own before this and CTS360 definitely has given me the edge I needed to continue my success!

    • Apples

      I agree with you AJ, I actually work at Complete nutrition, and honestly I could care less about peoples whining. If they dont like the prices I send them to GNC, Wal-Mart, etc. Ill tell them what works and what doesnt, how it works (if it does), I just work here because I enjoy talking to people about supplements and talking about nutrition and exercise, as I am a certified personal trainer, feedback and responses are more important to me than hitting sales numbers. Im in it for the customer not to be greedy. People need to stop being so lazy, you want to CHANGE your weight or looks, start with CHANGING your life or approach at CHANGE. Maybe your diet sucks and not your supplements, maybe your exercise sucks and not your supplements, or maybe you supplements suck, but everyone is DIFFERENT so there is no pin pointing what works for everyone. I recommend every ask their doctors before doing anything and dont bash supplements, complete brand or not, bash yourself. Nothing is impossible until you give up.

  • I'm not interested in this product.
    Alan Brewer

    I called the local Complete Nutrition store and inquired about a produdt that the store was advertising on the radio station. The employee noted that Complete Nutrtition was the only store that carried the ingredients because the company had better INSURANCE to protect the company if they were to cause side effects. I didn’t like the sound of that so I hung the phone up.

  • I will be keeping that money in my pocket.

    I am so glad they go to such great efforts to hide the price. I had to look here to find it. I was going to buy some but now thanks to all your reviews I will be keeping that money in my pocket.

  • I will not buy it after viewing the reviews.

    I am so thankful for these reviews. I was going to inquire about the Reveal program today, and after reading all of these, will steer far clear of this store!~ I appreciate the honesty and sorry so many people lost alot of money on this

  • The label on the fat burner does state not to drink alcoholic beverages
    ERV (Verified Purchase)

    I purchased the reveal two weeks ago. I have more energy, but have not lost any weight. You do have to take these supplements with food. Do not drink any alcoholic drinks while taking these. I had a glass of wine one night and my legs and feet swelled painfully for 12 hours. The label on the fat burner does state not to drink alcoholic beverages while taking or cheese products. I guess I should have read the label more carefully.

  • I would say don't waste your money.
    chris (Verified Purchase)

    My husband and I spent 400.00 at complete nutrition, I to had nausea, so I cut back on one of the pills. I felt it was it was effecting my thyroid meds. After working out really hard, 2 miles walking/running a day and biking from 4 to 8 miles I seen no difference. My husband hasn’t lost anything either. He thinks it helps his appetite a bit. I guess I would say don’t waste your money.

    • Korra

      I couldn’t agree more. I have been on the Complete Nutrition system for 4 weeks, have not lost a pound, and have never felt worse. I have been watching my diet and exercising as well. I feel like throwing up after each meal when I take the Tone pill…so if that is their answer to an appetite suppressent I think I will keep looking.

    • Jess

      I’m just curious but if you are doing all of that exercise AND taking supplements, how are you not seeing results? Diet is THE MAIN THING!!! People need to realize that supplements are just that, SUPPLEMENTS, NOT SOLUTIONS! Even if you weren’t taking the pills you should be able to see a difference if you were eating right.

      • Tyrone

        I agree with a few people above. If your losing only 3 pounds in 40 days, you are doing something wrong. Diet and Exercise might not be as good as they should be. The pill, like they said above, is meant to compliment your diet and exercise. Even if your taking nothing, only losing 3 pounds in 40 days is terrible. Make yourself cry and push yourself to the limit. I am 23, 6 foot, 295 pounds. I have been working out an hour a day 6 days a week and eating a well balanced diet and taking complete nutritions cts360. I have lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. The pills helped but the weight loss is more credited to my diet and exercise. I suggest you read more information on diet and exercise to get better tips on what to do if your realy motivated. If not, pay for a personal trainer and a nutritionist!

      • Watrice

        I agree that if you are doing a diet and exercising properly then even without supplements you should be losing more. I think that some people tend to slack off on their regime when taking supplements because they are expecting/want the supplement to do most of the work. I’ve been doing the program for a week and i have not noticed nausea, but it did take about 3 days of continuously using this to feel the appetite control effects and the ingredients in the night formula got rid of my toothache (just sidenote).

    • Ang

      I’m on week 4, been exercising and ‘cleaned up’ my eating habits. I have also used the Cheater pills on the 2 times I had a slice of pizza and a beer…. and I’ve actually gained 4 lbs! I weigh 154 not overweight but definitely heading in the wrong direction. I’m 43 and have never had this prob before. I am taking the Tones 2 softgels in the am and 2 with lunch, Reveal Accelerator 1 capsule(s)in the morning and 1 capsule(s) in the afternoon,Reveal nighttime 1 capsule at least 30 minutes before bedtime. NOTHING but $200 down the drain. I feel like there is a weight around my mid section and I have very little energy now. Not a prob before trying this program just wanted a jump start. Oh yea, I also did the 10 day cleanse program at the start. Do not waste your money!

      • Derek

        When you workout you gain weight. It’s temporary, keep going.

  • I used Envision Men's program and lost 40 pounds
    RG (Verified Purchase)

    I used the Envision Advanced Men’s program and lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks. No, It’s not a magic pill, but it helped me change my eating habits, gave me lots of energy, curbed my appetite, and even burned fat without exercise.

    • CK

      How long days and/or weeks before you saw a change in inches and weight?

      • Rosa (Editor)

        Hello, please keep in mind that all dieters have different weight loss results. Some users lose weight faster/slower than others.

      • RG

        In 24 weeks I lost 60 pounds! The weight came off quickly and the inches followed within a month. I did hit a plateau at approximately 20 lbs, 50 lbs, and now at 60 lbs. After two cycles of the Envision Advanced for men, I’m switching to the Charger to see if I can get past this plateau. I still recommend this product to anyone trying to lose weight, but as with any weight loss product you never know if it works for your body type until you try it.

    • Anonymous

      RG, sounds like you work at a complete nutrition. I was in a store and the sales guy gave me the exact sales pitch verbatim to what you first said…lol

  • Any side effects during pregnancy
    skye (Verified Purchase)

    My husband uses creatine and a 3 bottle ? stacker3? system for weightloss and muscle building, we are trying to conceive our 2nd child and Im wondering if anything in these products will inhibit that.

    • Rosa (Editor)

      Hello Skye, please consult with your physician before taking Complete Nutrition to make sure it is safe for you to use.

  • Any other product for same usefulness.
    marie (Verified Purchase)

    I have a question- I bought the Envision, spent 300, has anyone used that system along with protein shakes, have you had any side effects , have been doing it a week and feel very bloated they might exchange it for me for another product but no refund. Anyone tried another product of their, thought it was like the old Metabolife– which actually worked.

    • Rosa (Editor)

      Hello Marie, all dieters have different weight loss results. If you continue to have these effects, please consult with your physician before continuing to take Complete Nutrition.

    • Emily

      I bought Envision, spent $110 and regret it. I have had the worst side effects. I am nauseous all day long, and even the next day. I feel hungry but can’t eat because I feel like I need to throw up right away. Even after taking it for a while, side effects are still bad.

      • Sister Sue

        Ditto on the nausea!! It was the ‘tone’ pill making me sick. I quite taking that one and still do the fat burner and nighttime pill and its going OK that way. Hopefully they will exchange the bottle of tone pills for me!

        • Stephanie

          I have been using the Complete nutrition Reveal program for a week now. I tried sample pills they gave me first and tolerated it well. The samples did not include Tone. Since taking Tone I have experienced dirrehea BAD! I know it is a “fat shrinker” Does this stuff clear fat? block any you eat like Alli? I love the Reveal accellerator and day hybrid but I think it is the Tone giving me the stomach trouble. Anyone else experiencing this or any tips for me? I have been working out and trying to follow a healty diet since taking.

          • Elenor (Editor)

            Hello Stephanie, some clients experience different side effects. Please consult your physician to select the right product for you.

        • Eliza

          Try doing a 3-a0 day cleanse, before taking the tone. You want to clear your body of wastes and “Tone” will work a lot better with your body if you do.

  • Very good Product
    Chad (Verified Purchase)

    I started taking CN products in March of 2014. I started with 3 Test Oxo, 5 Deca, 4 Dendro, Annex Protein and Fortify carb supplement. I’m a 36yr old male. I’ve been underweight my whole life with major difficulty adding muscle. The products came recommended to me by a non-competitive body building friend. I’ve tried GNC weight gainers and supplements on and off for years but could never choke them down long enough to see any benefit. The protein plus the fortify tastes great. I mix it with almond milk in the morning but after my workout, mix it with just water and it mixes very well. No chalkiness like I’ve experienced with other protein shakes or bars. For the first time in my life I started to add muscle/weight. I went from a very skinny 139lbs to 185lbs in about 9 months. As I started to see improvements, I’ve further cleaned up my diet and increased my workload. I now work out on average, twice a day, 6 times per week. My energy levels have increased dramatically. I’ve cut out the fortify now as my body fat went from roughly 15% to about 22% and am starting the process of cutting fat of which I’ve had a difficult time. I went back to CN after researching a few of their products and they sold me on a product they sell but is not made by them called Winalean. It has been crazy effective. In less than two weeks I’ve trimmed 2″ from my waist line and am starting to see the first signs of my abs coming through. Within about fifteen minutes of taking one of the pills, I felt like I could run a marathon. No jitters (unless I drink coffee) and I feel less hungry. I haven’t had the same problems others have had with nausea or poor customer service. I’ve returned one product called AdryneOlyn because it gave me more intense body tingles then the Taze-3 preworkout drink. However as I got used to it I switched back. With all this being said, my wife tried their Tone pack, roughly $200 for two months and she has had mixed results. However she has not cleaned up her diet as much as I have and she doesn’t work out on a consistent basis. But she has lost an average of .5-1lb per week and about 2″ on her waist line over the course of the first month. I feel CN hasn’t tried to oversell me on products I don’t necessarily need as much as some others have commented. It is a franchised business so maybe the individual owners push their sales staff more but it shouldn’t be that way. Regardless, don’t give up. Keep trying until you find out what works for you. Good luck!

  • Their products are AMAZING
    Blondie_24 (Verified Purchase)

    I have visited the complete nutrition stores. Their products are AMAZING & me & my friends have lost alot of weight & toned our body. Ive lost 3 pants sizes in 2 months! Ive used other similar products and have had no luck. I would recommend Complete Nutrition to ANYONE wanting to lose weight. The consultants were very helpful in all of mine & my friends weightloss goals! Thanks complete nutrition!

    • Monique

      what products did you use for your weight loss? I have hit a plautue and would like to find something to lose my last 20 lbs and really don’t want to waste my money have done that so many times!!!! I have tried looking at some of them in the catolog. They all sound good and promising but all weightloss products do that. Please help.

      • Kaleigh

        I’m with you, Monique. I’ve lost about 10 lbs on my own over about a year and a half but seem to have frozen in time and in fat. I’d like to get rid of my last 15-20 lbs but I don’t want to spend $200 on something that may or may not work. I need to know for sure. Does anyone have a testimonial that’s not sponsored by Complete Nutrition? :p

        • Jess

          I agree with you Kaleigh. I can’t afford to waste money now and i need to loose some weight. But complete nutrition did not list any of the prices of their supplements? Do you know any reason why? Blondie, how much did it cost you to get the stuffs you got form them?

        • Notworthit

          I have a testimonial that is not sponsored by Complete Nutrition. Bought the whole package, tried it, and my blood pressure went through the roof. I contacted the store, adjusted the dosage and still had a problem. Then I tried to return the product and was told that I couldn’t because it was opened. How do you try it without opening it? When I called the company direct, I was told that the store should have “sampled” me first, giving me a free 3 day supply to see if I would have any problems with it. However, they didn’t and I am fighting to get a refund.

      • Lisa Johnson

        i was wondering on on two differnt medications can i take them with other medications with out any reaction do they interfer with other meds? any input would be great

        • Elenor (Editor)

          Hello Lisa, please consult with your physician before taking Complete Nutrition to make sure it is safe for you to use.

    • cj

      I am just taking the Tone pill. Is anyone experiencing headaches?

      • Elenor (Editor)

        Hello, this is most likely from dehydration. Ensure that you are drinking enough water.

      • Maria

        I am. No head aches but i do get nauseated

        • K Reid

          The headaches and nausea are most likely from dehydration. Ensure that you are consuming enough water.

        • R Beaty

          nausea and just plain sick at my stomach a even a few hours after taking the pills….I just feel yucky…

        • Bonnie

          I also feel nauseated at times. Not all the time. I find if I dont eat enough after taking the pills is when it happens. I try to at least have a yogurt with my morning pills before I workout.

      • Laura

        I have only taken the CTS 360 for 2 days and had the worst headache of my life. Also had nausea and jittery. I think I will stop, not worth it if you don’t feel good! And they are so expensive!

    • Maria

      Im curious about this I had an Hysterectomy about 3 or 4yr ago and i want something that can control me not gaining weight. Im doing good so far on my own but times i might gain at least 2pds back especially after winter time…will this work?

      • Adrian (Editor)

        Hello Maria, please consult with your physician before taking Complete Nutrition to make sure it is safe for you to use.

    • Adam

      Do you even understand what the ingredients in their products are or what they do? Have you ever tried the products? If you have, are you sure you aren’t just lazy and didn’t work out or diet properly? That is generally the problem with MOST supplements. The user, not the salesperson. Eat smart, run more, that’s my advice to you, my more than likely very fat and lazy friend.

      • Annie

        Your comments are very disturbing and rude. Just because one is overweight does not make them LAZY. Some of us work 8 hrs a day and go to school after that. Some of us were once thin and age and changes of life caught up to us. I’m just glad my man is more understanding and supportive than you. There is no need to be MEAN.

    • Anonymous

      I spent %587 on their products – WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!! They say they will keep in contact with you, but no one has ever called me to see how I’m doing. Their products made me nauseous and jittery. All they do is make you bring back the product that you are having problems with and make you try something else. I tried numerous times to get a refund on my unopened product, but they just apply heavy salesmanship tactics to make you stick with it and try other products they have. They don’t tell you up front that they want you to go on a starvation diet as well as taking their pills. It’s NOT a good program – don’t waste your hard earned money like I did!