Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 15, 2017

Well over half of products out there have absolutely ZERO scientific backing. Let’s see if Contour Lab Belt is one of those. We concentrated on ingredients, side effects, clinical backing and customer service. Then, we delved into hundreds of dieter reviews and comments. We then summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is the Contour Ab Belt?

Firstly, Contour Ab Belt is a waistline slimming product consisting of a belt and gel pads. Dieters can wear it for 30-minute sessions and it supposedly assists in weight-loss. A positive is that you can wear it with discretion. However, it has a considerably low rating of 1.0 on Amazon. [1]

The product, introduced in 2008 by Teksmart Fitness, can be worn anywhere, a nice option. It is available to purchase on the official website. We do like the money-back guarantee and there are some positive customer comments, but read on…

Contour Ab Belt Cost – “It’s that Expensive?”

The first concern we had was the Contour Ab Belt cost. “Some dieters look for miracle products that produce immediate results and they’re willing to invest any amount of money for it,” says our Research Editor. “Contour Ab Belt is not a magic abdominal machine and when you look at the cost, you could easily join a fitness club.”

“The real cost was $215.00 and that it would take 30 days to get here,” said one customer.

“When everything was submitted, it said my total was $199.80,” commented a dieter.

Customer Support – “Anyone There?”

According to several reviews, the customer service department isn’t helpful. “I was on hold for 45 minutes before I got to speak with someone… all she kept saying was that my money was not refundable,” said a dieter.

“The client support is awful and that I wouldn’t suggest the product for anybody,” reported a user.

“I asked to speak to a manager or get the number of a land line where I could speak to someone without being disconnected I was transferred to a message machine.  Needless to say, this company ended totally ripping off a disabled person who needed a device like this one to exercise,” claims a customer.

Our research shows that any particular part of a product deemed troublesome, like an unsupportive customer service team, could impede long-term success. If Contour Ab Belt doesn’t provide excellent care, that’s not good.

The Science – “Any Clinical Proof?”

According to the official website, the Contour Ab Belt is “Food and Drug Administration cleared for strengthening and toning abdominal muscles”, but we can’t recommend it because the FDA simply tests the product. [2] There are no scientific studies supporting weight-loss claims. [3] At DietSpotlight, locating clinical research is critical. If there is no proof, dieter’s may not try it out.

The Bottom Line – Does Contour Ab Belt Work?

It’s that time ladies and gentlemen, what’s the final word on this one? After taking an in-depth look at Contour Ab Belt, we’ve reached a decision. The positives include a few favorable comments and a money-back guarantee, but our reservations stop us from recommending this one because the weight-loss claims are not supported by published clinical research. The FDA clearance isn’t the same thing as proof. Also, the product is expensive and customer service isn’t helpful. [4]

If you’d like to improve your waistline, we suggest going with a product delivering a great price and ingredients supported by published scientific research. The customer service department should be there to gladly help callers.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The four-ingredient, proprietary blend has been shown in published clinical research to help improve metabolism and stimulate fat loss. Dieters aren’t mentioning negative side effects and the word on the web is that consumers are seeing amazing results.

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Previous Contour Ab Belt Review (Updated April 25, 2014):

Contour Ab Belt: What You Should Know

Unlike many product that we look at, the Contour Ab Belt is a device designed to specifically target a user’s abs. The Contour Ab Belt claims to operate as a “core sculpting system” that will help tone and define a user’s abs without any crunches or other traditional ab-related workout routines. The Contour Ab Belt is primarily advertised and sold via infomercials that run on television and also on YouTube.

Ingredients in Contour Ab Belt

Not applicable.

Product Features: Contour Ab Belt

The basic principal seems to be that the belt wraps around the user’s mid-section and sends electric pulses that cause the muscles to contract. It appears that the manufacturers claim that this would have the same effects on the abs as sit-ups or crunches would. A little more research into the Contour Ab Belt actually yielded some pretty interesting theories on how effective this would be. It seems that the consensus within the medical community, regarding both the Contour product and other weight loss devices based on electronic stimulation, is that they will not burn fat around the mid-section, but they might help with definition. So if you already have ab muscles, these could help you get a sculpted six-pack instead of just a flat stomach, but if you’re trying to deflate a fat tire then the Contour Ab Belt doesn’t have much to offer you.


  • May help define existing abdominal muscles.
  • Some users report effectively using the Contour Ab Belt as a back massager, but this is not the endorsed form of usage for this product.

Contour Ab Belt Conclusion

Although it is advertised to a very broad section of the weight loss market, it seems as if the Contour Ab Belt is actually only a viable choice for those who are already in good shape. Scientifically, it is not possible to actually burn calories with this device, but it could conceivably contract existing muscles enough to bring out more definition in a user’s physique. The average dieter may want to consider this as an interesting addition to their fitness regimen.
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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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Contour Ab Belt

What are the side effects of the Contour Ab Belt?

Possible Contour Ab Belt side effects include sore muscles, bruising, shocks, burns, skin irritation and pain.

Does the Contour Ab Belt work?

There is not enough solid science to support the muscle strengthening claims made about the Contour Ab Belt. While the mild shocks may help contract the muscles to enhance tone to some degree, this will not cause the muscles to grow.

How do I know if Contour Ab Belt is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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How much does the Contour Ab Belt cost?

The cost of the Contour Ab Belt is $199.80.

How should I use the Contour Ab Belt?

You simply plug the provided wires into the belt and then place the provided gel pads on the belt’s interior. At this point, you can strap the belt around your midsection. It’s important to only apply the belt to clean skin. Now connect the wires to the control device and turn it on. You should start with level one, but you can change the level as desired (up to level 26). This exercise should be done five days a week. The gel pads will need to be replaced after 20-30 days of use.

Are there different Contour Ab Belt sizes?

No. There is only one size for the Contour Ab Belt and it’s supposed to fit “most”people.

Does the Contour Ab Belt help with lower back pain?

The official website does not mention this belt helping with lower back pain. Furthermore, some users have stated that the Contour Ab Belt does not help with lower back pain.

Is there a refund guarantee for the Contour Ab Belt?

There is a 30-day return policy. However, you are charged $49.95 for a trial fee, even if you do return the Contour Ab Belt.

You may consider replacing the Contour Ab Belt with a product that is backed by published clinical research such as Dietspotlight Burn.

Contour Ab Belt Reviews

Leave a comment or review

  Question about gel pads
Filomena (Verified User)

Do I have to remove the gel pads from the belt after using it?

Cameron (Editor)

You can replace it or leave it for your next use.

  Will it hurt the stoma?
Anonymous (Verified User)

What if a person has a colostomy bag? The stoma is in the area. Will it hurt the stoma?

Cameron (Editor)

You’d have to ask your doctor. You wouldn’t want to damage your internal organs with aggravations from the stoma.

  how long will it take me to see results?
joyce smith=oguynn

how many times a day can i use the core belt? and how long will it take me to see results?

Cameron (Editor)

While you’re starting off, try it out two at most times a day. Sessions last for 30 minutes. If you’re looking for an easier alternative, try Dietspotlight Burn, it comes in capsule form and can be taken twice daily. Hope this helps.

jimi 888

My belt says ‘out out signal error’. Does anyone know what this means? I put new batteries in it after it said that But it is still coming up saying that. only one side is working.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Contour Ab Belt official website for more information.

  contour belt and do exercise

can you use the contour belt and do exercise at the same time?

Maribel (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.


I plan to. It’s will probably work better if you do.

   battery box

How do you get to the battery box?

Jennifer Maples

Hi, you have to remove the belt clip on the back to get to the battery pack. There may be a tab to lift up on your belt clip to slide it off.

  How Contour Ab Belt works?
jennifer johnson

what do you do when the heat goes out of your contour belt?

Cameron (Editor)

Try replacing the batteries and gel packs. If nothing works you may need a replacement. An easier option to lose weight and reduce your waistline, might be Dietspotlight Burn, its ingredients are clinically backed up.

  Contour Ab Belt

Will using the contour belt affect my breast milk?

Stephen (Editor)

It shouldn’t Sam. Dieters haven’t expressed this concern to us. Besides The belt is secured to the midsection below the breasts. Let us know how it goes!

  Does contour ab belt help menstrual cramps

Does contour ab help menstrual cramps?


NO!!! and do not use while on your cycle. it actually makes them worse. it tells you not to use while on your cycle, but I decided I wanted to try it because I have horrible cramps, and they were right. don’t use it while on your period. haha.

Louise Waites

Have been trying to find out where to buy the replacement gel pads for the Contour Ab Belt.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For more information on where to purchase replacement parts, please refer to the Contour Ab Belt official website.


As a 50 + Female who has had multiple C-sections My lower ab muscles are severed when they make the incision and can not grow back together. So no matter how much ab work I put in Its next to impossible to get that lower belly pooch so common as we age. I find this belt works for that area. I have not tried it any where else as it is not all that comfortable. But I use it and it works!


I’m using the hell out of my contour belt. Been using it for 2. Days running pull ups pushup lifting weights I’m 250lbs no abs yet lol I’ll update if it works for me I use it at 40 percent to 100 depending how bad I want it to hurt me

  My belt stop working
Beverly (Verified User)

My belt stop working I change my pads I change my batteries nothing only the time countdown


if you replace batteries and gel pads its the leads are messed up .need new leads.


My belt also stopped working once batteries went low.

  Need to get new belt
lee (Verified User)

I need more jell pads for my contour belt (the old and original one) and I cannot find anyone who sells them. I called the customer service number on line and that number is disconnected. I contacted the company and all they can do is sell me a new belt. I do not need a new belt. Help if anyone knows. Thanks!


I have the contoir belt and i bought my gel paid on the contour website and it cost me 14.95 plus shipping total was like 22$

Rich (Editor)

Hi, Lee. It may be that the product parts are out of production, especially considering the line is disconnected.

  Hated the product.
irma (Verified User)

The Contour Belt personnel is heartless.I spoke with the supervisor and it was not any different. They do not work with customers. They could care less that they don’t have gel pads for 3 months. Too bad for the customer if you cannot use it. All they care about is that you cannot return anymore because it is beyond 30 days. Who cares they got your money and you are screwed.

  My contour ab belt stopped pulsating
Karen (Verified User)

My contour an belt stopped pulsating

  New pads work on the old ones?
mike (Verified User)

I have the first contour belt and its been 8-10 years later and works great need new pads now do the new pads work on the old one without issues?? thanks


I have mine too for at least 12 -13 yrs now still works good the gel pad eventhough it’s still working but I need to order a new gel pads . And base to my experience the contour belt really works


Did you ever receive a reply?

  Can I just put the belt on and start it or do I Need some kind of ointment so I do not get shocked?

Can I just put the belt on and start it or do I Need some kind of ointment so I do not get shocked


They said use a spray bottle to mist your tummy before using it

  Why facing side effect?
rose (Verified User)

can you use the flex belt whal on your menstrual if not why? When i used the belt for the 5th time i had to take it off it was irritating me and the tingling feeling kinda hurt this time n felt sharp prickly!! Does anyone know why that was, i haven’t used it again since then

Cameron (Editor)

You may only need to adjust the inner lining, for example people report mild itching with contour ab belt. Do you wear it right on you skin? We’ve not hear of issues with use while on one’s cycle.

  loose inches using this product.
Laura Rich (Verified User)

My Contour Ab Belt works fine for me as far as helping with my stomach size. I did loose inches using this product. However, I ordered new pads and now I have a problem with the new pads. The pads that came with my original order were made in America and the new pads are made in Korea.I am getting burned with the new pads. My skin feels as if it is getting electrical shocks and I have round blisters where the pads are placed. Just wondering what is up with the new pads. Can I get pads made in the USA?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Laura, have you tried calling their offices. Contact info is in the Q&A section.

  Still having customer service issues
Dave (Verified User)

Love the machine however, the inability for the company to correct the gel pad production problem is unacceptable. I have been waiting for over 2 months and it seems there is no end in sight. I does amaze/disgust me that they are still selling to new customers. This means that while the current customers are left hanging without gel pads for out machines the company is reserving enough gel pads to accomodate new orders. I would say anyone who is going to buy the system wait til they fix the gel pad production problem. Otherwise like the rest of us you will soon have a machine colleting dust while they continue to strive for new sales with zero customer support.

  I love this product!
Bella (Verified User)

I Love my Belt. I’ve had it since it came out and its very effective when used properly. You will see results according to your body type and how long you use it.

  Product shuts off
Cindy (Verified User)

my belt shuts off if you try to set the tension past 17?

Cameron (Editor)

Some dieters complain about poor product quality. Try giving the company a call to replace it.

  Works great!
Maria (Verified User)

Works great unless yours turns out to be faulty and the intensity level rockets to its highest intensity without warning, then it feels like you are being electrocuded. Seriously thought about suing.

  Would this really help me?

I would like to know if the contour belt works for the “mothers apron” I had my son in January and during the prgnancy i went from 110 to 173 , I am now at 118 all of my baby wait is gone and i have tried excersises for the last several monther , my sid have slimmed down but theres this flab I cant get rid of , will the conour belt help?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Minyon. Congrats on the weight loss. So you want to get rid of excess skin. While we like that it can massage your midsection it is not likely it will burn the fat in that area.

  Kindly update your website
Bernadette Stoll (Verified User)

I figured out how to get the battery cover off, you need to push the tab with a knife. Why don’t you put that on the web anywhere?

Cameron (Editor)

Do users have a hard time getting the battery out? Good to know, Bernadette!

  Struggling with the battery plate
Bernadette Stoll (Verified User)

I am only complaining about the battery plate, get an easier one. It does not come off without a struggle. I’m trying a leather glove. Annoying!!!

  Having problems using the product
Bernadette Stoll (Verified User)

I got the clip off and now it comes right off, but you hopefully have made it easier to slip the battery plate off because I can’t get it off. Will try a leather glove. Annoying!!!

  Is toning down my abs muscles necessary?
Frank (Verified User)

You stated, but i dont think u will see fast results if your really chubby. My question to you is: Do you believe that someone like me that needs to tone my abs muscles and lose my belly/abs gut can not benefit with this Contour belt? Since I started walk now 5 miles a day and stated lifting free weights. I am unable to do sit-up since I injured my back several times in the past and I am 56 years old. I have changed my diet to also eat healthier. It may not work fast but then I did not gain this belly fat over night.

  It does work and highly recommended!
Eddie (Verified User)

I’m a physician, didn’t think this would work. There is no way I could do enough situps to get the results I do with the Contour belt. I feel it for 2 days after using. It’s embarassing, but I recommend it!