Updated: 05/16/2017
By Sean McNamara Apr 13, 2017

Eat cookies and lose weight? Excuse us while we get right into the ingredients, side effects and scientific research of Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet. Next, we read through as many customer reviews as we could find before putting our information together in an attempt to bring you the truth.

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What is Cookie Diet?

To begin with, Cookie Diet is a diet plan alongside a specially formulated cookie to snack on to eliminate hunger cravings. The idea is to eat six cookies per day, 2 hours apart, from the time you wake up until the time you have to go to sleep, slipping in one big meal during the day. The ingredients are egg whites, wheat bran, and microcrystalline cellulose.

The Cookie Diet was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Sanford Siegal and is based out of Miami, Florida. You can purchase these cookies online from big time retailers, just not on the official site at the moment. We can tell you right now that we love the idea of eating cookies to lose weight, but keep reading…

Quality – “Better Tasting Options?”

The first problem we found with Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet was quality. “Too many customers complaining about taste here,” says our Research Editor. “When you’re trying to sell a diet based off of a food product, we’d like to see more positive reviews on taste.”

“These are the worse tasting cookies! They taste like Flour Dough!” said one customer.

“These are dry and flavorless!” said another.

On the other hand, we did kind of find a positive review on taste, “The chocolate cookies are pretty good (but definitely get the idea of “cookie” out of your head and think of it like an alright tasting thing that will give you a chance to eat something and WILL get rid of your hunger with a glass of water and about 15 minutes).”

Price – “Why So Pricey?”

The second issue we found with the Cookie Diet was the price. “Big downfall: the price, about $1.70 per cookie (with shipping). Expensive,” pointed out one user.

Another added, “Quite surprised to see the price on here being nearly double.”

Not everyone is complaining about the price, one customer is excited to get started, “I am going to start the cookie diet in the morning…wish me luck.”

In all of our years doing what we do, we can safely say that it only takes one minor setback to completely derail any chances for real, long-term results. If this Cookie Diet is delivering subpar tasting product at a high price, it could be a serious problem.

The Science – “Will The Cookie Diet Help Long-Term?”

We did some digging on meal replacement strategy and found one study from The International Journal of Obesity reporting, “these types of interventions…produce significant sustainable weight loss and improve weight-related risk factors of disease.”

But, others pointed out that the best strategy for long-term weight-loss isn’t meal replacements.

The Bottom Line – Does This Cookie Diet Work?

Are we saying that these little cookies are the key to your weight-loss success? We love cookies, but we can’t back this product due simply to the negative reviews on taste and price. There are better, less expensive ways to lose weight.

Among the best that we’ve come across is Leptigen. It’s four ingredients blend shown in published research to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and burn fat. Customer reviews tell us dieters see great results.

The makers of the supplement even offer a Special Trial Offer, which really gets us excited.

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