Detox Reviews

Medically reviewed by Anthony Dugarte M.D.

Detox Reviews Detox: that’s a word you hear often these days. Even though the word may sound a little scary—it’s actually a very good process that needs to take place within the body on a regular basis.

What Exactly is a Detox?

Over time, some claim our systems become bogged down with toxins and poisons due to ingested chemical additives, or pollutants we are exposed to, as well as heavy metal toxicity—such as aluminum or mercury. These pollutants supposedly clog our systems.

As we age, or as we are exposed to toxic substances over and over, our built-in detox factory, called the liver, gets bogged down trying to do its job—break down harmful substances and pass them out of the body through the digestive system. That is, if you follow the claims of detox experts and authors.

When is it Time to Detox?

If you are feeling sluggish and tired all the time, are having skin problems, or find you just can’t fight off colds and the flu—supporters of supplemental or food detox suggest you may need a change. Many times you will hear the terms ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ used interchangeably. That’s because they are often used together. It’s the cleanse that washes the “toxins” out of the body.

What to Expect When Detoxing?

The reactions to the detox ingredients will vary by person. Common ingredients include senna, cascara sagrada and dandelion root. The first two are laxatives, which are not a healthy option when trying to lose weight and are sometimes abused to boost weight loss. The third is a diuretic. You may notice increased urination and more frequent, looser bowel movements.

How Does Detoxing Work in Weight-Loss?

You will find an abundance of detox supplements on this website that all promise to do the same thing—help you cleanse your body of toxins and to help you lose weight. Detoxing or cleansing can help you shed water weight and relieve occasional constipation, but there’s no research that connects this process with lasting weight loss.

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