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Dextrose Review- Does This Sweetener Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 03, 2017

This review is what happened after I obsessed for weeks over Dextrose. We really took the time to dig deep and conduct a thorough investigation, scrutinizing the ingredients, side effects, scientific studies and level of customer service. We additionally read all sorts of user comments and feedback from all over the internet. Lastly, we compressed all of the facts and specifics we found to give you the info you really need.

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What is Dextrose?

First of all, Dextrose is a sweetener with no ingredients to worry about. It is a simple form of glucose that comes from starches. It’s found in countless processed foods, desserts, diet supplements, protein shakes and baking products. This substance is sometimes referred to as d-glucose. It is often derived from corn. Furthermore, it is basically identical to blood sugar. This sweetener is sometimes used to treat low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). It can cause fast blood glucose spikes. This helps boost energy. Some weight lifters use this ingredient to improve workout performance.

Many of the packaged foods you encounter contain Dextrose. This sweetener is 20 percent less potent/sweet than sucrose. It has been used for years in energy drinks, canned foods, candy products and sauces. This ingredient can also be used to help with packing on some pounds, but read on…

Weight Gain – “Something To Consider?”

One concern we have is weight gain. “Since this substance is a form of glucose, it can certainly cause Dextrose side effects like insulin spikes. This in turn can cause your body to store more fat. Unfortunately this may increase your body weight,” says our Research Editor.

Some studies have shown that, “Dextrose has a high glycemic index. Therefore this substance raises blood sugar levels quickly.”

On the other hand, Med Health Daily states that, “Dextrose is a good source of energy and can be beneficial during workouts.”

Also, WebMD says, “Dextrose, a type of sugar, could kick athletes’ sports performance up a notch, new research shows.”

GMOs in Dextrose – “Another Concern”

Another issue is GMOs. For instance, according to livestrong.com, “Most dextrose is made from genetically modified (GMO) corn, using GMO enzymes.” This may not be very beneficial to overall health and wellness.

However, one dieter revealed that, “You can buy organic forms of dextrose. You just have to shop around a bit.”

Another person stated, “Found a non-GMO Dextrose product on Amazon. It’s made by Now Foods.”

According to our research, if there is some particular part of a diet ingredient or weight management product that is very burdensome (weight gain, GMOs, side effects) the odds of long-term success are not very promising. Therefore if Dextrose does in fact lead to weight gain in a lot of people, this could be a serious dilemma.

The Science – “Any Presented?”

There have been plenty of studies done with Dextrose. For instance, it has been shown that this sweetener can help with health conditions like hypoglycemia. On the other hand, some research has also revealed that this ingredient can cause weight gain. Especially if too much is consumed in prepackaged foods and supplements.

The Bottom Line – Does Dextrose Work?

So, should you run out and buy diet foods and supplements containing Dextrose? Well, we like that this sweetener can help boost energy levels for workouts. We also appreciate that it’s made from natural sources like corn. Then again, we have some reservations about this ingredient because it is mostly manufactured from corn that contains GMOs, which is unhealthy. Also, we’re concerned about the weight gain it can cause.

If you’re really trying to get rid of some pounds, then we encourage you to find a product that does not cause any weight gain, is backed by solid clinical research and gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

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Previous Dextrose Review (Updated July 8, 2015):

What You Should Know About Dextrose

Dextrose is a common ingredient found on labels for everything from canned fruits and vegetables to weight loss supplements. Dextrose is also commonly used as a treatment for hypoglycemia –or low blood sugar. Other names for dextrose include glucose, D-glucose and grape sugar. Science claims the sugar is the carbohydrate cells use as a primary fuel source, but low-carbohydrate and diabetic diets proven optimal health does not require intake of dextrose.

List of Ingredients in Dextrose


  • Glucose

Product Features

Dextrose is not the most common name for the simple sugar. Most people know dextrose, in a medical setting at least, as glucose. Glucose can be found in the blood in varying levels throughout the day. When diabetes is suspected, doctors order a fasting blood glucose test to measure the body’s ability to metabolize dextrose or glucose. Current diabetics also test dextrose or glucose levels in the blood using a few drops of blood tested on a home machine. While doctors are not sure how it happens, dextrose appears to be the cause of many long-term side effects of diabetes. It is thought that the proteins in glucose may be response for blindness, renal failure and other side effects of the disease.

In terms of food and diet products, dextrose is a sweetener. As a carbohydrate, it contains four calories per gram, like other carbohydrates. It is simple, sweet and cheap, so you’ll find it in many foods. Diet products that contain sugar also use dextrose, though many choose sucralose, Stevia or other calorie-free sweeteners to reduce overall calorie impact.


  • Dextrose provides a simple form of sugar used for energy.
  • Preferred carbohydrate for body energy.
  • Contains only four calories per gram.


  • May contribute to diabetes or side effects of the disease.
  • Supplies hidden carbohydrates and sugars in some foods and supplements.

Conclusion on Dextrose

There is much debate as to whether or not dieters need carbohydrates like dextrose. On the low carb side of the debate is the thought that the human body once lived with foods available only in nature. These foods did not contain added sugars like dextrose. The majority of energy was derived from plants and animal proteins/fats. On the other side of the debate is the balance diet with a controlled amount of dextrose or carbohydrate intake to keep the body healthy and strong. Long-term studies of lower carbohydrate diets and diets rich in complex carbohydrates (dextrose is NOT a complex carbohydrates) support the lower carbohydrate diet method.

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Rating: 2.9. From 8 votes.
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Dextrose Review

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