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Diet Center Review- Does This Weight-Loss Program Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 03, 2017

Why are people talking about Diet Center? We wanted to know, so we did one of our in-depth reviews, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and overall customer care. We additionally scrutinized a multitude of dieter comments from all over the web. Lastly, we compacted all of the facts and specifics in order to give you the information you need.

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What is Diet Center?

To start, Diet Center offers both women’s and men’s diet programs. [1] Both versions include Exclusively You, Instant Shape Up, Diet Fast and the 21-Day Diet. There are centers located all over the country and you can choose one near you for a consultation. If none are nearby, there are online options as well. Diet Center provides nutritional supplementation, behavioral guidance, online support and meal preparation tips, a positive. Diet centers are encouraged to tell clients about any and all supplements. [2]

Diet Center first got started back in 1973 and there is an online community [3] [4]to assist you with weight-loss. Furthermore, some dieter success stories are posted on the official website. An online supplement store is also available to help you find the right products, but read on…

High Cost – “Yikes?”

The first consideration dieters must take pertains to Diet Center prices. “After doing some digging, we discovered that the actual cost of Diet Center programs is quite high. In fact, the initial start-up will likely hit you up for between $500 and $1,000,” says our Research Editor.

One customer stated, “The initial start-up cost me $750.”

Another dieter said, “Buyer beware (It was over $500).”

Others claimed it was much more affordable to just buy the book. A buyer said, “I was very pleased with the book and the price was so cheap.”

You can find them easily based on information from one reader, “The Diet Center books are available on Amazon.”

Customer Complaints – “Too Many!”

There are clearly numerous customer complaints regarding this weight-loss program. [5] One user stated, “The supplements made me sick!”

According to another customer, “Can’t afford all of the fees. Just too much money.”

We also found some followers that didn’t have a negative experience. As one dieter said, “The regimen for the day is not easy at first, but the regimen provides guidance.”

Another offered, “If you stay on the diet it will also reduce your appetite for sugary snacks.”

After doing a great deal of research, we have concluded that if there is one aspect of a program that is especially bothersome (a painful/difficult exercise routine, high price, too many customer complaints) the probability of weight-loss results for the long term is very low. Therefore, if Diet Center does in fact cause a high number of negative issues, this could be problematic.

The Science – “Any Proof on Diet Center?”

From what we could gather, there is no solid clinical research presented on the official Diet Center website to support this weight-loss method. Here at DietSpotlight, we must see published science that backs the product or program in order to get behind it. There is a wealth of clinical information on how to choose a diet program, the best ways to lose weight that don’t involve a diet and even government support. [6] [7] [8]

The Bottom Line – Does Diet Center Work?

So, were our initial ideas about Diet Center accurate? We are excited to see that the program has stood the test of time and there are locations all over the United States. However, the official website leads dieters to believe they will only have to pay about $6 per week, which is simply not the case. The reality is the plans are quite pricey. Therefore, we have concerns with this weight-loss method if you are on a budget and don’t have the time to visit a center location regularly.

For dieters who need to get rid of excess fat at a faster pace, we recommend you choose a diet program or weight-loss supplement that is both affordable and supported by plenty of positive customer feedback and clinical research.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. Its unique formula is a combination of four ingredients, which have been proven in documented clinical studies to help elevate metabolism and improve fat loss. Furthermore, we can’t find any discussion of adverse effects and dieter reviews posted online reveal people are seeing excellent results.

It helps that the company behind Dietspotlight Burn is so confident in the product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is quite a positive sign.

Previous Diet Center Review (Updated December 3, 2014):

Diet Center: What You Should Know

Diet Center is a weight loss program, or actually, a group of weight loss programs that are gender specific. Looking carefully for alternate programs, Beyond Diet offers nutritional information and instruction how to lose weight in their book. The Diet Center official website discusses a number of diet systems that are either "Exclusively You" or "Instant Shape Up." There are actually slide shows that discuss and elaborate on the different diet programs offered. You can choose to get involved with Diet Center exclusively online if there are no centers in your area or via a center near you. According to the website, there are branches throughout Canada and the USA. There are customer testimonials posted on the official website for Diet Center programs.

Meal replacement supplements and snacks are offered on the Diet Center website, such as appetite suppressing thermogenics, bars, diet entrees, meal replacement drinks, vitamins and diet kits. These products endeavor to suppress the user's appetite, burn fat, nourish the body and provide energy. The Diet Center program additionally offers audio tapes that assist with exercise and daily fitness regimens such as walking. There is a "free weight loss" apparatus provided on the home page of the website to get dieters started. Overall, the Diet Center program involves a membership and offers users a combination of "healthy" recipes, exercise routines, diet supplements, weight loss advice and dieting support. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any free trial samples of Diet Center products offered on the official website. Diet Center costs $6 per week, and there is no 100% money-back guarantee offered.

Diet Center Product Features

The Diet Center weight reduction program is a system that incorporates dieting advice, fitness instruction, meal recipes, diet supplements and regular assistance all in one. This program is available to men and women alike, however, the dieting programs for each gender are different. Users have the option of acquiring a membership through a local center or solely on the web. There doesn't appear to be clinical evidence presented on the Diet Center website to support the effectiveness of this diet program. A membership costs $6 a week. Even with a program like this, there are many others that mirrors weight loss milestones, Medical Weight Loss Clinic is one that customizes in weight-management, tailoring a specific plan to your needs and goals. You can also find similar centers which focus on weight loss plans for men, women and children and provides a support system so designed to help you lose two to five pounds per week.

Advantages of Diet Center

  • The Diet Center programs are available through the official website.
  • The Diet Center system involves eating "healthy" and exercising.
  • There are customer testimonials provided on the official website.
  • Diet Center is suitable for both men and women.

Disadvantages of Diet Center

  • There doesn't appear to be any 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee offered with the Diet Center programs.
  • There is no real clinical data presented on the website to support the claimed effectiveness of Diet Center plans.
  • No free trial samples of Diet Center supplements are offered through the website.
  • Some ingredients found in the Diet Center supplements may not be suitable for some individuals.
  • The Diet Center approach to weight loss appears to require a rather drastic lifestyle change, which some users may not be comfortable with.


The Diet Center program is rather unique in regards to all it offers. Slim 4 Life is another alternate weight-loss center in which a personalized evaluation is set up to a plan. Unlike many dietary pills and supplements, the Diet Center approach incorporates exercise, a certain diet plan and supplements. However, it would be nice to see a 100% satisfaction guarantee posted on the official website, along with some clinical proof that the Diet Center plan works. In the end, this weight loss program may be a tad too involved for some dieters who might prefer a simple and convenient pill.

Diet Center is a weight-loss program that can be followed in-clinic or at home. There are options for both men and women, though it doesn't look like there's much difference between the two. It looks like followers are expected to purchase foods and supplements from the company.

Diet Center Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV
Diet Kits**
Instant Shape Up Meal Replacement**
Advanced Fat Burning 24 Hour Thermogenic**
DIETFAST Meal Replacement**
Fiber Options**
Nutritional Protein Supplements**
Diet Snacks**
Diet Entrees**

Other Ingredients: None

After doing some serious research into Diet Center ingredients, we provided the facts you need.

Soy Protein Isolate

To start, soy protein isolate is a main ingredient used in all sorts of supplement powders and shakes. It can also be found in various energy bars and cereals. Those who are vegan or vegetarian might choose this ingredient as an alternative to animal proteins. [1]

What is it Supposed to Do?

Well, soy protein isolate provides a substantial amount of protein. This in turn may help with building and repairing muscles. This ingredient also provides beneficial amino acids that encourage overall health and wellness. It may even reduce appetite and support energy levels.

Clinical Research

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says, “Soy isoflavones attenuated bone loss from the lumbar spine in perimenopausal women.” Therefore this ingredient may help support bone health in women. On the other hand, it’s not directly linked to weight-loss. [2]

White Kidney Bean

Also known as phaseolus vulgaris, white kidney bean is simply a natural bean extract. It’s used in a number of weight-loss products. Kidney beans are known for being rich in protein and fiber.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often white kidney bean is used in combination with other key ingredients to aid with weight reduction. Specifically, this component is supposed to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the foods you eat. It’s typically referred to as a starch blocker. The carbs that are blocked cannot be stored as fat.

Clinical Research

There are some clinical studies that support this ingredient’s weight-loss effects. For example, “A study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences in 2007 found that people who took this supplement while eating a carbohydrate-rich diet lost more weight, and more of that weight came from body fat, than those who followed the same diet but took a placebo.”


To start, caffeine is a well-known stimulant and diuretic. It’s found in a number of foods, such as coffee, chocolate, tea, kola nuts, guarana seeds, energy drinks and soda.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Caffeine basically stimulates the central nervous system. It has been shown to increase energy levels, reduce fatigue, boost metabolism and enhance mental clarity. It’s often found in over-the-counter weight-loss supplements and fitness products.

Clinical Research

There is some research that supports caffeine as being beneficial to weight reduction. According to NCBI.gov, “High caffeine consumers reduced weight, fat mass, and waist circumference more than low caffeine consumers. High caffeine intake was associated with weight-loss through thermogenesis and fat oxidation and with suppressed leptin in women.”

Diet Center Side Effects:

Diet Center is a comprehensive weight-loss system that incorporates behavioral guidance, meal preparation, and supplements. Many users have had positive experiences with this product, but others have reported secondary effects. Being aware of potential side effects can help you make a safer, more informed decision.

Increased Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a measure of how hard your blood hits against the blood vessel walls. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is when your blood pressure goes above regular levels. High blood pressure is often hard to detect without a doctor’s checkup. In some cases, it may lead to signs like nervousness, sweating, and facial flushing.

What causes high blood pressure?

There are many factors that play a role in the onset of hypertension. These include smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption, chronic kidney disease, and thyroid disorders. [1] If you believe you may be suffering from high blood pressure, seek the help of a doctor. If left unattended, high blood pressure can lead to damaged heart and coronary arteries, resulting in heart attack, heart disease, and congestive heart failure.


This condition is also known as bounding pulse. It’s when you feel your heart beating harder than it’s supposed to. You may also feel like your heart is skipping beats or beating too fast.

What causes palpitations?

In many cases, palpitations are not a sign of serious illness. You may have bounding pulse due to heavy exercise or nervousness.  If you simultaneously experience fainting, chest pain, or shortness of breath, seek medical attention. These symptoms may be indicative of arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), tachycardia, or hyperthyroidism.


Anxiety is a state of feeling stressed, worried, and nervous. You feel on-edge and even paranoid.

What causes anxiety?

Panic disorders and phobic disorders are known to cause anxiety. You might also be anxious from consuming too much caffeine. [2]


The pain of a headache can be excruciating. The discomfort keeps you from functioning normally. Your concentration and focus go down.

What causes headaches?

Headaches are a common symptom for many abnormalities. Many of them are not serious. For example, you may get a headache if you skip a meal, don’t get enough sleep, or get dehydrated. Headaches may also stem from concussion, high blood pressure, meningitis, stroke, or ear infection. Diet Center’s side effects can be inconvenient and discomforting. If you experience these or other side effects, stop using the product and see a doctor

Diet Center Questions & Answers:

We read through every piece of information we could find to create this helpful Diet Center FAQ.

What are the side effects of Diet Center?

The Diet Center is a weight-loss clinic and therefore doesn’t have traditional side effects like a supplement.

What are the ingredients in Diet Center?

The Diet Center offers various shakes bars and supplements with many ingredients including soy protein isolate, green tea extract and white kidney bean. [1]
Does Diet Center Work?

Though some users have reported success with Diet Center, this is a weight-loss clinic with various programs for men and women. Though the company offers in-center options, they also have online programs for people who don’t live close to a center.

How much does Diet Center cost?

DC is costly, with the initial evaluation alone costing anywhere between $500 and $1,000.

How should I take Diet Center?

Follow the instructions that come with your plan. Everything is individualized, so there is no single set of instructions..


What do users like about Diet Center?

Many users liked how there are programs for men and women, and online programs for people who are not local to a center.

What do users NOT like about Diet Center?

Some users didn’t like the side effects from Diet Center supplements.

How many diets are there to choose from?

There are four programs to choose from, for both men and women.

Do I have to use supplements?

Supplements may or may not be optional, and may come at an additional cost, depending on the terms of your plan. [2]



Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Diet Center?

There’s no mention of special deals or discounts on Diet Center supplements.

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.6. From 66 votes.
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Diet Center Review

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  Can quiet anytime using it?
Bev (Verified User)

Do you sign a contract or can you quit if it doesnt work for you?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Bev. Please refer to the Diet Center official website for more information.

   Can I still take your protein tablets?
Gayle DeCarlo (Verified User)

I have rheumatoid arthritis and take Methotrexate (chemo) 15 mg once a week. Can I still take your protein tablets safely? I wish there was a Diet Center in Nashville, TN.

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Gayle! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  Is the cost really six dollars a week?

Do you have to buy their food ? Is the cost really six dollars a week ?

What are extra costs?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi! For more information if you have to buy their food and its cost, please refer to the Diet Center official website.

Your Nameconnie

I have read many comments about the 80`s has anyone lost any weight in 2016?


My wife has met her goal by losing 40 pounds on the diet center program. I agree, it’s expensive, but she is happy with her results and looks and feels great.


Yes pricey, yes I have lost 16lb in 4 weeks and continue the plan till hopefully lose 45lb

Charlene Gilder

Is there a Diet Center in the
Galveston or Texas City,
Texas area?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Charlene. Please refer to the Diet Center official website for more information.

  Can you tell me price of Diet Center?

my local paper is advertising take off all the weight you want for $99.oo. Any other fees required?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Joyce! For more information on the product fees, please refer to the Diet Center official website.

  Nearest location my area

Location nearest to Waynesboro, VA

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Jan! For a list of locations, please refer to the Diet Center official website for more information.

  How much vit c
marie (Verified User)

Please list the supplements facts for Vitamin & MineralFormula Vitamins.How much vit c etc.

Jackie Speak

Great program. I lost over 40 pounds after menopause. I found that the weight that was troublsome came off in my tummy just like they said it would. Having a counselor to check in with kept me honest and I lost on average of 3-4 pounds each week.

Deborah Mason

I would recommend to anyone. It gets results I lost at least 3 pounds weekly and you still get to live your life. You don’t have to say no to going to restaurants which was key for me. The Counselors keep you motivated and accountable.


The diet center was so expensive …my dr even said it was 100.00 a pound.. i did exactly as i was suppose to no cheating lost barely 10lbs.. not gona do that again!!!

Latoria Linkowski

i just eleaf

Luciano Averette

They mild easily and provide instant heat for your cooking needs. Although propane grills provide more cooking power, you will discover that organic gas is much cheaper than propane or LP gas. If you are just looking for portability and convenience then the best option would be to pick from one of the many Portable Gas Grills.

Cate Foster

I had a great experience with Diet Center. I lost 43 pounds and never felt hungry. I thought their counselors did a great job of helping me stay motivated. I think it is totally convenient to not have to think about what I am going to eat since their products provide everything I need for my meal. I don’t get the comments about “pushing product” since it’s the products that we need on the program. All I can say is that it feels great to have lost the weight!!!

Rodolfo Greeno

Fantastic products from you, man. I’ve keep in ideas your things previous to and you’re basically extremely spectacular. I actually like wbat you’ve obtained here, really like what you’re saying and the best way inn which yyou claim it. You are creating it enterdtaining and you keep cope with to keep it wise. I can’t wait around to understand far more from you. This is really a superb web website.

  Diet Center

Counsellors there are glorified salespeople!


I loved this program. In 1985 I wanted to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding. I lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks and felt great! I was able to keep it off for 3 years. However, due to gradually going back to my old eating habits, I gained it back. Since I already had all the books and knew what to eat and when, I tried it again but didn’t have the chewable supplements because our local Diet Center closed. That’s when I realized that the supplements are the reason I lost weight. I did the diet exactly the same way as before (without the supplements) and didn’t lose an ounce. I’m going to try the program again and hope it works this time. I just finished Nutrisystem and it worked for one of my friends, but I wasn’t successful on it and didn’t care for the food.

  One of the "cons" was that they didn't offer a 100% guarantee.
kada (Verified User)

One of the “cons” was that they didn’t offer a 100% guarantee. I’m a bit confused. How would a diet company offer that guarantee when the success rate is based on whether or not the individual actually stays on the plan? There’s no way to tell that I can think of, and we all know there are people out there that will swear they did everything by the letter but didn’t get the desired results, when they actually didn’t. The truth is any reasonable diet plan will work is somebody just sticks with it. It’s not rocket science. If you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight. The factor that determines how much a person loses is the difference between the number of calories taken in vs. the number of calories burned…small difference, small weight loss; big difference, big weight loss.


This is indeed an old thread but it could be current in its review and comments. I, too, had great success with this program (Mass) in the 80’s and like any other program, if you don’t make it a permanent way of life, you will regain the weight. Of course, I was in my late 20’s then and it gets a little tougher when you ‘mature’. I have tried endless diets and all have become monotonous after a couple of weeks. Restrictions are fine at first but then the cravings are overwhelming. Of all the literature I’ve gathered throughout these attempts, I have saved only two plans: Diet Center and Weight Watchers although Weight Watchers changes it’s plan every 6 months. The Diet Center plan from the 80’s is still the least complicated and versatile plan I’ve seen. It offers limited amounts of every food group and soon after beginning the diet, the limited amounts are enough to satisfy. Once a week, I love a good pasta dish. A cup of pasta, cooked with a healthy sauce on it is delicious and a salad rounds it out. I purchased all the vitamin supplements myself and never bought their expensive products because less expensive alternatives were so available. My little white book with the Red lettering has spots all over it, counselor notes, and words are highlited but the plan is still the best and most livable plan – easier than WW in that you don’t have to do research every time you prepare a meal. I don’t feel that I need the Center or online support to follow this diet. If you have the plan, follow it, and incorporate at least a 45 minute walk a few times a week as I did, well, my average weight loss is 2.5 lbs per week through to goal. You can’t ask for more than that! Most importantly, keep a daily journal of your weight and a few thoughts and also, know that cocktails will really sabotage your efforts in more ways than you can imagine. Good luck.


Diet center plan worked well for me in the 70’s. Does anyone know what ingredients are in the supplement?

Cameron (Editor)

In several of the bars, shakes and supplements the Diet Center offers, soy protein islolate, white kidney bean and green tea are commonly found. Read more about these ingredients in the Ingredients tab of this review!

  The product is unacceptale to me.
Deanna Day (Verified User)

Why did you change the taste of teh thermogenic products. The Diet Fast mocha and wild berry are now nasty yucky and sickening. Takes me 2 days to get one serving down. The product is unacceptale to me.

  This program really works !
Jody (Verified User)

This program really works. I lost 6 pounds my first week and the weight just kept coming off. I was skeptical because I am over 50 years old. I really love the program.


They sell a host of questionable “thermogenic” diet and weight loss supplements that run contrary to the standard recommendations of most registered nutritionists, which they claim to be. Diet Center is first-and-foremost a business. They are expensive and focus on selling their list of products. A much more rational approach to a weight loss “center” and a much less expensive alternative can be found in other diets


I agree that it is extremely expensive. I wanted to join diet center but when I found out the price to join I decided to find a more affordable alternative.


I agree the original was not this expensive and they advertise 6 dollars a week but want 96 dollars up front—no if it is not working in three weeks drop it

The cost may be higher than other programs but you receive personal guidance.

Diet Center costs a lot more than $6 week as mentioned in this article. If you buy one of the weight loss program (without maintenance), it can be $1,000 and, depending on your choice of program, you may also buy weekly products. This may be higher than other programs but you receive personal guidance.

  I would do it if I could afford it.

Worked for DC in the 80’s after losing over 100 lbs. Would do it again if I could afford it.


Is there a substitute for the chewable tablets to curb your appetite

  Bring the old diet center of the 80's back and let the real weight loss begin!
carole (Verified User)

Lets bring back the old diet center of the 80’s. The new diet center is all about product sales. The center use to focus on people and the weight loss was wonderful! You were taught to eat what you were suppose to, real food not all this chemical stuff. Bring it back and let the real weight loss begin!


Have been an owner/operator of a Diet Center Franchise since 1987 we still sell and encourage the original program from the 80’s Collingwood Ontario Canada.

Marie Green

I’m interested in Diet Center protein powder. Vanilla & black walnut. A catalogue of products

  The Diet Center in Long Island New York

I’m currently a member of The Diet Center in Long Island New York. I’m in their 12 week program. The initial start-up cost me $750 which includes your weekly supplements. I’ve been on the program from 7 weeks, I lost 16lbs and 20 1/4 inches! It works, however, I really only love the owner of my facility, she’s awesome, the other employees really don’t contribute much right now, maybe because I’m eating (2) of their supplement bars for meals until after the 12 weeks. The boxes of bar supplements cost me $30 per box. They also have other snacks but I haven’t tried them yet. Is it costly, yes, is it helpful, sure is, these supplements really curb your appetite and give you energy, I force myself to eat. Lots of luck and good health to all!

RMLB (Verified User)

I was on the program back in 1980’s in ct. Lost 90lbs and kept it off for 10 years. I am looking for a center near New Britain. I LOVED THIS PLACE!

  Loved the product.
Susan (Verified User)

I lost a lot of weight back in the 1980s on this diet. Loved it. I loved ther regimental weigh ins every morning, they kept me on track. Now i am much older in my mid-fifties and i work nights. I would like to lose about 75 pounds. I hope i can do this at my age and with my work schedule. It has worked for me in the past. i am willing to give it another go. I am going to give it three months and see where I am at that point. Hopefully down 20 pounds.I figure it will take me a solid year to get down to my goal.


Hi Susan! I went to the Diet Center back in the 80s and LOVED it. I even ended up working there! I am now 49 and need to lose about 50-60 pounds and I am desperately searching for the diet center program book from the 80s. Do you know where I can find one? I’ve been searching online but haven’t been successful. You know the book I mean? I believe it was a white cover with red lettering detailing the program and giving you the diet to follow? If you have the book would you be willing to make a copy? I would be happy to pay you. Anyway, thanks for your time and I wish you the best with your weight loss goals. Thanks, Gina


Found the book…look on Amazon….it’s the one from the 80s.


I also loved Diet Center in the 80’swhile living in Mass; back then they taught us “how and what” to eat healthy for maintaining a desirable weight.
I have the book you want as well as the next one dealing with weight maintenance. I found the diet effective, but sort of elaborate when using the then recommended fresh products; the many frozen meals alternatives now available, but I don’t know how they will affect the results due to their high additive content. I still abide my many of the healthy cooking advise I received from DC back then. Be aware that the original DC Cook Book ( so helpful !) )may still be available online, try Amazon, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. I got a copy at Goodwill not long ago.

Will be glad to mail you a copy, just send an address.


I have a question for those of you who operated a Diet Center about the Apple Cider Vinegar supplement tablets we took along with the Calcium/Magnesium supplements. What specifically was it about the ACV that seemed to make things progress? I bought some from GNC the other day remembering that it was effective 30 years ago when I was on a DC plan and just couldn’t remember why. My husband and I are basically following the DC plan and adding in exercise now to battle the pounds which have found us over the years.

kim mozingo

I would love a copy of the diet center book if you have ot. I lost aboit 30 lbs in the 80s also and would like to gove it another shot. Thank you


Hi Ada
If still avail,I’m happy to pay for a copy.



I also had success at Diet Center in the 1980s. Started going again when a center opened in NJ–but they’ve closed. I guess not enough business to sustain it. I would love to find the weight loss chart from the 1980s booklet. I found it motivating to see the weight loss on a chart. Anyone know where I could find a copy of that? Thanks.


I was a diet center counselor and franchisee. I have both the original diet and cookbook. I will copy let me know.


did it in 80s, loved it . would love to get original book, thanks


I have the book. Give me your address and I will send you a copy.


Hey Christine, if you would, please give me a copy, I would really appreciate it. I am willing to pay for it.


Hello Connie,
I would love to get a copy of the book. I misplaced mine way back. I lost 30 lbs. in the 80’s. I was amazed at how easy it was to stay on the plan. I kept it off for over 2 years. I was never overweight till that time and I lost 30 pounds in six week program. Kept it off for over 3 years. Aging has made it a little harder since I have retired. I would love to find the old book I had, but to no avail. I would really appreciate a copy of book. I had no problem at all once I got started on the program. It was actually very easy for me, working and all. I am retired and have picked up weight again. I know this worked well for me before, but I want the old book. Know the newer one has too many foods added and it is more confusing. The first one was easy. Please get back with me. Tks. Found out I was diabetic years later and know this will work again with old book.


Check with Amazon…I just got my book today 🙂


Hi Connie,
If still avail,I’m happy to pay for a copy.



I realize this is an old thread but I would absolutely love a copy as well. I lost 50 lbs in 1989 and can’t find my old book anywhere!


The Diet Center books are available on Amazon. They include the book explaining the diet and the cookbook. You don’t need the supplements if you snack correctly and prepare some food ahead of time (so you’re not starving waiting for supper to cook).

  Loved the product.
Greg (Verified User)

I lost 100 pounds at DC in Staten Island, NY in 1990. Kept it off 3 years until a bad time in my life. It was expensive, $50.00 a week, but well worth it. Unlimited visits and counseling available every week. Thinking of trying it on-line now.


I also lost a lot of weight years back on this program. i found the program to be very easy to follow. now there are more food choices allowed. i hope it works as well on -line. the one thing i found about this diet is the daily weigh ins. they kept me on track. Good luck to you and me…again.

  Loved the product.
jeannine (Verified User)


  Can use it with bypass surgery?
Barbara Scott

Help me loss 10lb.I have had By Pass Heart sug.

  I am me again
debbie newsom (Verified User)

The center I go to in Germantown, TN is great. Jason and Winnie at the center are supportive. I find I am losing weight, spending a lot less on food, energy is great. I am 32 pounds down with a total goal of 45 which will have me comfortably in a 6. Starting to feel like the real me again.

  Product just wasn't for me
chris (Verified User)

I spent a lot of money trying this program,only lost about 10 pounds and got stuck there.Went to my doctor and he couldn’t believe the calorie level they put me on, 800 a day. He told me no wonder I wasn’t losing weight I was starving myself and my body just won’t let it go.He put me on a 1200 cal. a day diet with a 3x a week exercise plan and the pounds melted off me.I’ll never use this type of shake diet again.


that is very unfortunate Chris. i have been a Diet Center owner/counselor for 25 years and our shakes have always recieved the best reviews. as far as the calorie count goes. it makes me a little confused that you only had 800 calories. perhaps you misunderstood the diet.


Yeah I agree with it being very unfortunate, after spending so much money on that program, I was very disappointed at my results. And no my counselor started me out at 800 calories a day and even suggested I lower it more to help me speed up my weight loss. I didn’t misunderstand the diet, as part of my program I had to keep a detailed journal of what I ate, when I ate it and also my exercise log. All I can say is this diet left me tired, very hungry and all I lost was lots of money. Thank goodness I went to my doctor and he also viewed my logs and couldn’t believe how very low my calorie level was. The only thing I can add is I would rather eat sensible and exercise to maintain my weight loss than ever stave on this diet plan again.

  Is the diet healthy?
Julie (Verified User)

I’ve been on Diet Center twice. 1st in the early 80’s- lost 140 lbs., but gained it all back a year later. Early 90’s I lost it all again. 20 yrs. later, I’ve gained most of it back, but, oh, how, I want to try again! I think it’s a great diet. Yes, it’s strict, but w/ the supplements they gave (included in the weekly cost, which was $45.00 week THEN! )I was never hungry.~ A diet is only as good as the dieter. ANY diet will work if you keep at it, but is it healthy? I just think Diet Center was great AND healthy.I’m hoping to get back on it soon!

  Successful on diet center
Joan (Verified User)

I was successful on diet center in 1987 and lost 60 pounds over time that the center was open.
I have since gained back some of the weight however would like to join again But… I now have A-Fib . Would I be able to take the supplements and products they sell? I could not tell from the comments what was in them that is not good for some people. Of course I would check with my doctor but the more information I have for him the better.


the supplements were only vitamin b’s. It is described in the first DC booklet. Good Luck

  100% control of your life
Mark_2160 (Verified User)

This is “Week 2” of my Diet Center Diet – 2012. Folks, I don’t know very much about the membership, but – I have always been a 350 – 425 Fat Teenager, now Adult. In Fresno, my friend’s Dad went on the Diet Center Diet. I can’t believe how great he looked! I asked him for a copy of diet, followed it, and got absolutely amazing results. From Fall 1987 – Summer 1989 (wasn’t religious about it) I lost 127 lbs. “I Could Not Believe How Differently I Was Treated By People!” It’s almost like you can do no wrong when you’re thin and attractive compared for being Fat! I decided two weeks ago. I MUST take 100% TOTAL control of my life. Mom passed away a year ago. I sat here alone in my fat person’s room in my friend’s house. Employers sound happy on the phone. I walk in, the interview is ALWAYS over. My ex-wife who defeated the “staple” now has type 2 diabetes, she tells me. I sat around with her while dating, then marriage. We both overate. I couldn’t get work, it affected our marriage, I wasn’t accepted by her family, and I left, returning to my old home. I apply for jobs and am consistently rejected despite my decades of previous experience. Turns out that i’m probably a visual and insurance liability for many employers today. So, i’m completely broke, out of food stamps now, Mom’s gone, friends and family are estranged, my health is beginning to get worse. All of a sudden, “I decide to simply – go back in time to 1987-1989, and TAKE 100% CONTROL OF MY IMAGE/LIFE. I reinstall those things that absolutely PRODUCED POSITIVE RESULTS! First and foremost, my “Image!” People ARE SUPERFICIAL. So, the only way to get my POWER back is to get my IMAGE back. I reached for the information to make change. I found the Diet Center Diet from “the 80’s.” I don’t know about anything current, but I DID LOSE 122 lbs. on the 1987-1989 Diet Center Diet. This is Week 2. Last week, I was puffy. This week, I notice my face thinning, my shirt getting baggier, my pants getting baggier, and people who know me are glancing at me, as if something is different. That folks is The Diet Center Diet of 1987-1989. Look for The Diet Center Program Book by Sybil Ferguson. That is pretty much the diet. You can find the book on Amazon. If you can’t find that, refer to the folks at Diet Center. They absolutely helped me to change my life back in the 80’s, and they are going to put me back on the map in 2012. Thank you Diet Center for teaching me what I needed to learn to be a fit and athletic human being. Mark_2160.

  Able to lose weight and maintain weight
Michelle (Verified User)

The Diet Center program not only helped me lose 34 pounds, but keep it off. Having to weigh in with my personal counselor was key.

  Working perfectly so far
Deborah Wilson (Verified User)

I am a client at the Jackson, TN Diet Center and have lost 18 pounds in 4 weeks and lost 2 dress sizes. I have 22 more pounds to go. The program is easy to follow, you can eat out in restraunts and the accountability is what is making it work for me. I like that I have to go to the centers on Monday. It keeps me legal on the weekends. Wish me luck in my last 22!

  Great counselors. Highly recommended
Rebecca M (Verified User)

Easy to follow. The counselors were knowledgeable and I like that they help you keep it off after losing. Highly recommend

  Very effective program
Judy Davis (Verified User)

I did the program in 2007, lost 48 pounds and have kept it off. Lowered my blood pressure, and I developed a lifelong habit of healthier eating. I still go by the center and purchase products and do maintenance weigh ins. I cannot say enough good things about the Diet Center Program.

  Good weight loss program
Josh Brown (Verified User)

Good Program. Lost weight before my wedding.

  Great program, great counselors
Brenda (Verified User)

I have lost 58 pounds at the Diet Center in Memphis and love the program. The counselors really help me meal plan and hold me accountable. It is definitely the only program I have ever gotten results on. Wish me luck on my last 15lbs!


Which one in memphis do you use

  Pretty basic and it's great
Mary (Verified User)

I have tried everything under the sun. Have been back and forth on WW so many times. On WW yes you can eat what you want. But that was my problem. I think it depends on which Diet Center you go to. Mine here in Denver is great. They do not push the products, and I was able to sign up for 3 months to see if I could even do it. You can’t do that with Slimgenics. This is the most easiest program out there. And it is pretty basic, all your daily food requirements are on there so you can’t say you aren’t getting what you need. It’s great, I love it.


I think the main point was that they DIDN’T give any money back for ANY reason… Duh!

  It worked for me
Tammy (Verified User)

When I started with Diet Center, I was on a high dosage of blood pressure medicine. My doctor told me I had to lose weight or my health would continue to worsen. After just 5 months I have lost 47.5 pounds and over 60 inches. Most importantly yesterday, I went back to my doctor for a regular check up and he has taken me completely off my blood pressure medication due to my successful weight loss. Even though when I started Diet Center and thought it was expensive, I have now realized the benefit and long term money I will be saving in health cost. Not only has my health greatly improved, but also I have a complete new attitude and outlook on life. –Tammy –Wilson, NC

Susan Nabors

When you all say expensive, how much actually? Is it $50, $100,$150….please explain. My 17 year old and I need to lose weight and get healthy. Someone please help!!!

Rochelle Dyer

Dont you ever see on TV when they say consult a physician before starting a weight loss or exercise program? Sounds like you did it in the reverse order.


Well that is silly, you should have checked with your doctor before you signed up if you had any concerns about your health or were being tested for anything..Duh.

  I hated about the Diet Center
Linda (Verified User)

I believe this is the same Diet Center I went to about 25 years ago because of the expense (the belief being if you were going to spend that much, you’d succeed) and the claim that you can lose up to 25 to 30 pounds a month. That just isn’t a healthy claim. But that’s exactly what I hated about the Diet Center. We were EXPECCTED to lose at least 1/2 pound per day. That also is not a good policy as weight loss usually is not consistent on a daily basis. But I digress, what I didn’t like about it was the extreme restrictions as far as what foods could be eaten (practically nothing). I couldn’t wait to get off that program. I felt so deprived and starved all of the time.


I went to Diet Center in the 80’s and loved it. The diet in place at that time was the very best for weight loss and health. I’m wondering if the diet this person was on is actually Diet Center because I was never deprived or starved. Doesn’t sound like the Diet Center I went to. It taught me to cook using herbs to season and that to eat healty and lose weight it’s not so much what you eat, but how it is prepared. I did not do the “shake” diet, so maybe that is what you are referring to. There is one DC location in Texas or you can do it online, but I need the face-to-face accountability. I’ve ordered the books from Amazon and have just started the diet, but really wish they would bring back the 80’s diet with more locations.


I joined DC in Albany NY about 2 months ago, and I have lost 17 pounds thus far. I am very impressed with it, and I am never hungry! I love stopping in to chat with the owners/counselors, because they amp me up even more to lose that 1-2 pounds every week (or sometimes more). Energy and motivation ALWAYS help on a diet. This program gives you the basis of what your body actually needs, and the knowledge lasts a lifetime. You will feel phenomenal if you start this program!


I am starting the Diet Center on Wednesday. I have been fighting this for a long time now and I need the counseling to help me through it. I didn’t read anyone that was diappointed so I am excited. Will post back and let you know how I am doing. I have over 100 lbs to losse. Wish me luck!!!


Oh my gosh, I love DC. I lost quite a bit of weight about 10 years ago – gained it all back due to my lack of diligence. I started again and am down about 50 – I SWEAR, if I can do it – you can do it! Email me and I’ll tell you more. Also,re expense, the meal replacements cost FAR less than what I spend on lunches/dinners, etc. It might be expensive if the cost was in ADDITION to eating three meals a day – but this is a REPLACEMENT!! The plan is simple, portable, no points, etc.

  I lost 100 lbs following the Diet Center program in Denver, CO.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I lost 100 lbs following the Diet Center program in Denver, CO. The center owner and staff were fabulous support. Yes, it could be considered “expensive” program/product was never pushed on me. I was able to consult and then consider my alternatives at my own pace. For myself and goals and the amount of weight I had to lose I chose to follow Diet Center’s thermogenic plan. The staff ALWAYS counseled me on healthful eating, exercise and emotional habits. During maintenance and after I’ve chosen to continue to by food replacements for convenience and to help maintain my weight loss. Unfortunately there are no centers left in Colorado and now I have to purchase online – but having my health and well-being is well worth any cost as you can imagine.

  What are the actual charge of this plan?
claudia (Verified User)

I joined a diet center in Utah. I read on this sight that the charge was $6 a week. Mine charges $30 a week. I wondered if that is typical of if I am getting ripped off.


$30 a week for an in-center is very normal. You’re paying for the one-on-one counseling, which will help you be vastly more successful than trying to go it alone on-line. The online program may seem less expensive, but what you get from the center is invaluable!

  Where is there a Diet Center near Twin Falls, Idaho?
Kelly Black

Where is there a Diet Center near Twin Falls, Idaho? Is this the Diet Center that was begun by Sybil Ferguson of Rexburg, Idaho in the 1980’s? Is Sybil still living? Where can you obtain the Diet Center supplements? protein powders? spices? etc.?


Sybil died in May 2015 🙁


I was once told by a counselor that the supplements are basically fruit and protein. So, as a replacement for the supplements in my new endeavor using the DC books, I plan to keep a few bites of cooked chicken in my fridge to eat along with a few bites of apple.


The supplements stabilize your blood sugar so you really aren’t hungry.

  if it actually works?
michelle (Verified User)

I just visted the Diet Center here in Wilson, Nc and I’m trying to decide if it is right for me. It is expensive but this is a life long investment that I pay a one time fee for. I just need to know if it actually works and I WILL loss the weight!! Thanks


Michelle, I started the diet last Frida and have lost 4.5 lbs already. I’m not crowing yet because I know that it’s going to require a sustained effort, but I honestly have not felt THAT hungry or deprived the way I have on other diets. I already feel like I have much more energy than before as well. If you’re in need of an exercise partner or just a fellow sufferer (ha ha), get in touch!


I also join about three weeks ago and I have lost 9 pounds. I feel so much better. It’s been the best thing I have done in a long time.

  Worth every penny
Angie (Verified User)

I lost 60 lbs with diet center in the 80’s. It was worth every penny to acheive my goal weight for once in my life. However the key for me at least was the daily weigh-ins and counseling without them I don’t think the plan would have worked for me. I kept the weight off for about 20 years going back occasionaly if I gained a little. I was hoping that the center was still around here on Long Island. Online will never work for me. Thanks AnnMarie if you’re out there.

  The Diet Center is great
Laura (Verified User)

The Diet Center is great. You can become a life time member. There is no reason you can not keep the weight off. As far as the cost well consider how much a person may spend on larger cloths and big meals. It was so worth the investment I am considering becoming an owner. It is a business as are all the others with one difference, you truly become healthier and an maintain it for life.

  I recently lost 20lbs in Diet Center.
David Masters (Verified User)

Im a 50 yr old man that has recently lost 20# % Diet Center. It’s really not rocket science but just having the accountability to someone a couple times per weeks works for me. I lost about that much with them years ago and then over the decade put it back on so I went back to the center. (same owner/counselor) Works for me anyways!!

  Loved the product
Linda (Verified User)

I also was a member of the Diet Center in Poway CA. I never felt so good in my life!!!! I kept it off for about 3 years and then I went through a very bad time and gained my weight back. I think the supplements were great! I am now diabetic and hope to join the one in San Diego! Again, my blood sugars were stabalized during this time and I would love to feel that good again!!!!


Hi Linda: Don’t know where you are in your dieting, but just to let you know there is a center in Palm Desert. Look up my website at dietcenterpd.com and call me with any questions.

  Old one was better than new one.
Pam (Verified User)

I am not too impressed with this new Diet Center Program. the old one from the 80’s worked well. I lost weight in places i could not lose before. the supplements and crackers I purchased were expensive, but, they did they job. I did not have to purchase any food, the program was set up to teach u how to prepare your own. Now alot of the xtras are expensive or no longer available.

  Loved the product
Fae (Verified User)

I also went through the Diet Center plan in Omaha, NE. It worked great and I really did well. I would like to start again, but nothing where I live in Washington.

  Liked it.
debra (Verified User)

I’m wondering if this is the same Diet Center that used to be in Aspen, Colorado in the late 80’s. If so, it worked great for me. I lost tons of inches but not much weight which was fine with me. I looked and felt great and drop many sizes!

I want to know something from you

You say you used the Diet Center in Little Rock. I’m also in Little Rock and very interested in the Diet Center. If you don’t mind me asking how much did it cost you overall to lose the weight? Did you have any reactions from the supplements they offer? Do you continue to take the supplements now? I did a weight loss plan with LA weight loss and lost 25 lbs. The plan worked great only problem is they went out of business and I had no accountability from that point on and I also got pregnant with my daughter. Thank you for your time with this. Look forward to hearing back from you.

  Only program that helped me consistently
Janice Taylor (Verified User)

The program works. I did it once in 2004 after giving birth and did the program again this year to lose 20 pounds I had put on after going back to school to be a nurse. I did it in Memphis TN. The staff was great and the program is easy to follow. The supplements that are included really make a difference. It’s the only program I can do and lose consistenty and keep it off.

After a while it can get pretty expensive.
Steven Golden

I find that the Center is always pushing to sell their products and after a while it can get pretty expensive.

  Loved The Diet Center in Little Rock
Amy (Verified User)

Loved The Diet Center in Little Rock. Have been maintaining for about a year very successfully. The one-on-one counseling is great and helps tailor your individual program!!