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By Summer Banks Jun 21, 2017

Why are people talking about the Dr Bernstein Diet? We put the spotlight on ingredients, side effects, customer service and scientific research. Plus, we sorted through countless user comments and reviews. Finally, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is the Dr Bernstein Diet?

First off, Dr Bernstein Diet is a weight-loss method focusing on reducing calorie intake, eliminating sugars and simple carbohydrates; while adding vitamins and minerals to your diet. The customer plan supposedly helps you lose weight and maintain overall health and wellness.

The Dr Bernstein Diet, From Dr Stanley Bernstein, has been around for about 40 years and uses common foods, instead of prepackaged items. [1] This program is not to be confused with the low-carbohydrate plan from Dr Richard Berstein. You can read free information on the official website, outside sites or visit the clinic. [2] We like that it incorporates natural foods and that we located some positive customer comments, but read on…

High Price – “Too Expensive?”

The first concern was the high price of the Dr Bernstein Diet. [3] According to our Research Editor, “The average cost is about $600 per month, which is $7,200 a year. This is not affordable for many people trying to lose weight.”

One customer stated, “The cost is about $600 each month.”

Another dieter commented, “It’s about $160 per week with an additional start up fee. Pricey.”

Despite the price, some dieters felt the program worked.

“I did it, and it works, it requires discipline though,” said one.

Another review shared, “It was designed for diabetics, but you should see weight-loss if you stick with it.”

Dr Bernstein Diet Customer Service Team – “No Support?”

There are some complaints regarding the customer service at the Dr Bernstein Diet clinics. One dieter said, “I refuse to give Bernstein’s my money yet again when they have poor customer service.”

“I have some problems with the customer service. It’s not good,” said another individual.

The support received by some dieters was a benefit of the program.

One said, “Everyone is vastly supportive the moment you step through the doors, they are quick to answer questions, huge on the support and when you have an off day or gain a little – there is no beratement, they just asked ‘what happened’.” [4]

Our research has proven that if there is a certain facet of a diet program that is especially concerning, like poor customer service, the odds of long-term success is slim. If the Dr Bernstein Diet doesn’t offer support, this could be a big problem.

The Science – “Any Research?”

Since the Dr Bernstein Diet is a medically-supervised program, it is supported by some studies and professional knowledge. Needless to say, drastically reducing your daily caloric intake [5] could lead to weight-loss, but there’s no research to support those claims. At DietSpotlight, we do prefer to see some real science prior to making suggestions. If there are no studies, we tend to walk away.

The Bottom Line – Does the Dr Bernstein Diet Work?

Are you signing up for the Dr Bernstein Diet? Well, we like the custom plans and that we found some favorable customer comments, but we have concerns about this one because there’ no solid science backing the weight-loss claims. [6] We’re also a bit skeptical because customers are reporting the high price of the program and the poor customer support. [7]

Those who really want to lose weight, we suggest going with a supplement containing clinically-tested ingredients that’s backed by a support team willing to help.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our product called Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement contains four clinically-tested ingredients with results often found in publications such as the Journal of Medicine.

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Previous Dr. Bernstein Diet Review (Updated September 10, 2014):

What You Should Know about the Dr Bernstein Diet

The Dr. Bernstein Diet is a low calorie diet plan developed by physician Dr. Stanley Bernstein, an Ontario-based physician with numerous weight loss clinics in Canada and the United States. He originally developed his plan from the VLCD (Very Low Calorie) diet, although he argues his diet is not a VLCD Diet because dieters consume between 850-950 calories per day and VLCD diet is typically under 800 calories. This Dr. Bernstein modified VLCD diet combines low calorie dieting with B vitamin injections, which he claims will allow patients to lose up to 20lbs per month safely. In comparison, Diet Center offers a weight-loss program to be completed in three weeks with nutritional supplements, guidance and tips. Dr. Bernstein's diet is not without controversy, as are most VLCD diets. It is in direct opposition of programs like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. Nevertheless, Dr. Bernstein assures dieters this is a safe weight loss program. All dieters are supervised by clinical staff in a licensed weight loss clinic owned by Dr. Bernstein, giving dieters full, around-the-clock support. You must either be a Canadian citizen or a resident of Florida or Virginia to participate in this program, however, and the cost is no laughing matter -- the first consultation costs $235, and additional services (such as injection sessions or additional consultations) costs $100 on average. The average dieter will need to pay $500 to $1000 per month to participate in Dr. Bernstein's program, which is certainly not within everyone's reach. And not out of everyone's reach, Beyond Diet is a program offering nutritional and instructions for weight loss in a book, which can be a good alternative financially speaking. If the financial limitation of participating in this program is not a turn off, the controversy surrounding the diet might pose a bigger risk to obese participants.


There are no ingredients, but you will need to buy Dr. Bernstein's books and receive weekly B vitamin injections.

Product Features of the Dr Bernstein Diet

There is very little information about the actual diet available, but testimonials should provide more clues on its viability. VLCD diets are usually considered dangerous, and Dr. Bernstein's Diet is no exception -- one participant died from complications in 1988. Other participants report nausea and dizziness, but Dr. Bernstein claims this is a result of dieters not following the program. Dieters deny this, making this diet highly controversial. Decisions are difficult with controversial comments, but unlike their product, HMR Diet is an eating plan boosted with supportive coaches to reach goals. Another concern is the B vitamin injections, which are injected weekly as part of a weight loss regimen. Dr. Bernstein claims this helps break down fat and increase weight loss. There are no conclusive studies showing that B vitamins increase weight loss by breaking down fat, but this injection is instrumental as part of this weight loss plan. One part that is true about the Dr. Bernstein Diet? The weight loss itself -- the caloric restriction will increase weight loss, mostly due to starvation mode. This occurs when a person consumes less than 1,000 calories per day, which leads to substantial weight loss. This also increases numerous health risks, such as heart attack and malnutrition. Without these scary side effects, Phentermine offers weight-loss medication to decrease appetite.

Advantages of the Dr Bernstein Diet

  • Low caloric intake will lead to weight loss.
  • It is celebrity endorsed. They claim Dr. Bernstein's plan was successful.

Disadvantages of the Dr Bernstein Diet

  • Weight loss is too rapid and potentially dangerous.
  • You can only participate in select clinics in the United States and Canada.
  • It is very expensive and poses too many health risks. (See reader comments.)

Conclusion on the Dr Bernstein Diet

The Dr. Bernstein Diet will produce some weight loss results, and many testimonials claim that users have lost up to 20lbs per month, but the health risks associated with this diet program might be too much. Dieters are strongly encouraged to consult with a doctor before embarking on this program, as some side effects could be deadly. The diet will yield results, but health is always key to safe weight loss. If calorie restriction is the aim, some health professionals suggest working with a prepared meal program like Jenny Craig.

The Dr. Bernstein Diet is a clinic-based program. According to the marketing literature, you can lose upwards of 20 pounds in a month. There are a variety of meal replacements, shakes and snacks available, along with a food list to keep the dieter on track. Shakes supplying 15g of protein are one of the more popular parts of the plan.

Dr. Bernstein Diet Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Carton
Serving Per Container: 1
Amount per Serving% DV
Milk Protein Concentrate**
Calcium Caseinate**
Whey Protein Concentrate**

Other Ingredients: Cocoa, sunflower oil, inulin, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, natural and artificial flavors, sodium phosphate, DATEM, potassium phosphate, salt, carrageenan, sucralose, acesulfame-K

We really dug deep into the Dr. Bernstein Diet ingredients to give you all of the important facts and specifics.

Milk Protein Concentrate

Milk protein concentrate is a common ingredient found in many yogurts, supplement powders, infant formulas, diet shakes, frozen desserts, protein bars and other foods. It is derived from whole milk and is processed further before being used.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The purpose of milk protein concentrate is provide solubility to products. It also helps make supplements and foods more heat stable. Furthermore, this ingredient provides protein to aid the muscles. Milk proteins include both casein and whey varieties.

Clinical Research

Kaplan University states that, “Whey proteins (from milk) have the capacity to modulate adiposity, enhance immune function and anti-oxidant activity, and improve cardiovascular health. Furthermore, whey protein appears to have a blood glucose and/or insulin lowering effect. Some clinical studies have also shown that taking whey protein in combination with strength training can increase lean body mass, strength, and muscle size.” [1]

Calcium Caseinate

Calcium caseinate is a type of protein that is derived from milk. It is often used in supplement powders, instant soups, protein bars and coffee creamers. This ingredient provides amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often calcium caseinate is used in fitness shakes, protein powders and diet supplements in order to provide protein. This in turn helps with muscle building and repairs, appetite reduction and increased energy levels.

Clinical Research

“In a study published in 2013 in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, women who supplemented with casein for eight weeks and completed their usual workouts experienced a “significant” change in body composition, losing more body fat than they had previously.”

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is probably the most commonly used type of dry or powder protein in muscle-building supplements like shakes and bars. It is inexpensive, and it’s actually a byproduct of cheese making.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The purpose of whey protein concentrate is to help suppress bunger, reduce calorie intake, build lean muscle tissue and aid with weight-loss and/or bodybuilding. It provides both protein and amino acids to assist the muscles.

Clinical Research

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Whey protein has been studied for weight-loss and the regulation of appetite. Studies have shown whey protein to be an inexpensive source of high-quality protein and that it may reduce short-term food intake. Overall results suggest that whey protein may promote better weight-loss when compared to lower-protein diets.” [2]

Dr. Bernstein Diet Side Effects:

Nowadays, weight-loss supplements are playing an increasing role in our everyday lives. This sometimes makes it seem as if the natural solution is the best choice as far as encountering side effects. This isn’t always the case, as with every formula there is a chance for a negative reaction. While Dr Bernstein Diet side effects are relatively uncommon, that doesn’t mean they don’t happen with some people.


Dizziness is a word used to describe a wide range of sensations, such as feeling faint, woozy, lightheaded, and unsteady. Dizziness is an impairment of spatial perception that could create a feeling of spinning or movement.

What causes dizziness?

Among the most common causes are inner ear disturbance, motion sickness, and medications. Your inner ear contains sensors that detect gravity and movement. When disrupted, it will create a false sense of motion.


Fatigue is also known as lethargy and exhaustion. It’s the feeling of tiredness or weakness in the mind and body. Fatigue can make you feel as if you aren’t getting enough sleep, playing a part in concentration issues, irritability, and daytime drowsiness.

What causes fatigue?

There are a number of causes of fatigue. Most commonly there are lifestyle changes that need to occur to correct the issue. Lack of exercise or too much exercise can be a factor, as well as more serious conditions. [1]


Nausea is the uncomfortable sensation of feeling like you are about to vomit. It can be caused by a wide range of factors and is typically an early warning sign that the stomach is ready to expel its contents.

What causes nausea?

Nausea can be triggered by any number of conditions ranging from common to serious. The more common causes of nausea would be certain types of medication, foods, bacteria, infection, or parasites. Motion sickness, vertigo, or an infection in the inner ear can also create this sensation.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is described as the hair on the scalp or body falling out or thinning over a short or prolonged period of time. In most common cases only the head is involved and is typically hereditary, however, there are some medical conditions that could cause hair loss as well.

What causes hair loss?

In most cases this is hereditary or occurs naturally in aging men and some women. In some cases, it’s an autoimmune disease such as alopecia areata, which attacks hair follicles as if they were foreign objects in the body. Alopecia typically appears in patches on the head. [2]

Dr Bernstein Diet side effects are rare, but there have been some user reporting dizziness, fatigue, and nausea, among others. In an effort to shield yourself from any potential adverse reactions, it’s always best to consult a doctor before taking any supplement, especially if you are taking prescription medications, have a pre-existing medical condition of any kind, are under the age of 18, or are pregnant or nursing.



The Dr. Bernstein Diet is a weight-loss program that says by increasing your vitamins and decreasing your caloric and sugar intake, it should help you lose weight. We understand that side effects aren’t common. But we wanted to show you the many user reviews from people who experienced them.


“I started Dr. Bernstein diet one week ago and had health problems from the first days, among them: terrible headaches, stomach aches and at the end of this week, I had terrible pains in my intestine.”    Mary


“Started having health problems, severe leg cramps and stomach issues and had to quit the program.”    Leigh


“…my stomach blew up so big that I could not understand why.”    Vivi


“Developed massive legs pains.”    Robert


“Had symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, hair loss.”    Bryan


“A ton of hair has fallen out…hopefully you won’t get the accompanying abdominal pain & throwing up.”    Susan


“But about a month ago I developed excruciating pain in my abdominal.”    Diya


“Within months I was in pain and I went to the emergency room because of it.”    Chris


“So on I went losing the weight losing my hair, feeling dizzy if I did not eat exactly when I should have.”    Corrinne


“There were a few days in the beginning when I felt a bit dizzy and nauseous.”    Morgan

Dr. Bernstein Diet Questions & Answers:

We scrutinized dozens of user comments about the Dr. Bernstein Diet, and then created this informative FAQ.

What are the side effects of the Bernstein Diet?

Bernstein Diet, another name, possible side effects may include increased hunger, dizziness, nausea, headache, changes in bowel movements and upset stomach. This is based on customer reviews found on the web.

What are the ingredients in the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

The Dr. Bernstein Diet ingredients include milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate [1], whey protein concentrate, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. This applies to the supplement shakes, bars and foods available.

Does the Dr. Bernstein Diet work?

Well, the Dr. Bernstein Diet involves restricting your daily calorie intake [2]. This in turn can aid with weight-loss. There are also supplements available that provide lean protein, vitamins and minerals, but are low in calories. Exercise may or may not be part of this program, depending on your abilities. In short, this system has been shown to produce some weight reduction results.

How much does the Bernstein Diet cost?

On average, the Dr. Bernstein Diet costs around $125 per week. However, some customers say it costs them $600 a month.

How should I follow the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

First of all, you need to visit the Dr. Bernstein Diet clinic nearest you. At this point, you will receive further instructions regarding how to get started with your individual weight-loss program.


Can I use the Bernstein Diet if I have a health condition?

People with health conditions and those taking prescription drugs must consult a doctor before starting the Dr. Bernstein Diet or similar eating plans. Furthermore, women who are pregnant or nursing and individuals under 18 also need to speak with a licensed physician beforehand.

What do users like about the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

Some people like that the Dr. Bernstein Diet is customized for each individual. Furthermore, some users appreciate the expert advice they receive at the clinic locations.

What do users not like about the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

Some users do not like the cost of the Dr. Bernstein Diet. Also, there are user complaints about the customer service this weight-loss program offers.

Is the Dr. Bernstein Diet suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, the Dr. Bernstein Diet is suitable for vegetarians.

Is regular exercise required with the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

No, regular exercise is not required. However, some people do incorporate daily exercise in order to improve weight-loss results. It just depends on what’s best for you.

Is there a guarantee with the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

Yes, according to the official website, you are guaranteed to lose at least 10 pounds if you follow the Dr. Bernstein Diet correctly.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts for the Dr. Bernie Diet?

Yes, according to the official website, children under 17 years old save 50% on services. Also, if you refer someone, you can get a discount on your diet program.

Dr. Bernstein Diet Scientific Abstracts:

Milk Protein Concentrate

The intake of dairy products has been shown to be related to the reduced frequency of metabolic ailments. Studies conclude that dairy protein could help in deterring the onset of type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Dairy protein might subtly help with body weight and fat mass loss by increasing metabolic health. Skeletal muscle growth and purpose can be stimulated through the anabolic effects of dairy protein originated branch chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are known to enrich muscle protein synthesis, lean body mass and skeletal muscle metabolic function. The way dairy protein is made influences digestion and absorption. Milk could offer a way to increase advantages for metabolic health depending on the way it is made and what particular proteins are selected and combined. High amounts of calories from proteins have been shown to boost weight loss and avert weight gain. Stimulating satiety, escalating discharge of gastrointestinal hormones, and intensifying diet-induced thermogenesis are some of the functions of proteins. There is less information on if various types of proteins apply separate metabolic results. [1] [2]

Calcium Caseinate

There are four subtypes of casein: as1-, as2-, B-, k-casein. The core portion of milk protein is made up of a combination of as1- and as2-casein. It has been proven through mutagen models that casein has strong antimutagencic results. Through numerous animal studies it has been shown that casein has a hindering influence on mutagens. It has been stated in text that casein could inhibit colon and breast cancer. Reports have shown that the growth of breast cancer cells could be overpowered by casein. It has not been definitively noted that casein has a positive effect on colon cancer. Casein is not able to be soaked up directly through the digestive system. Casein and a-casein have been spotted in multiple conditions and tissues, as well as serum. There is no clear way known as of yet how casein is transferred from intestines to tissues or cancer cells. [3]

Whey Protein Concentrate

Abundant with branched and needed amino acids, useful peptides, antioxidants, and immunoglobulins whey protein makes up 20% of milks amount of protein. Whey is considered to be an outstanding sustenance with a variety of bioactive constituents. Advantages against a vast amount of metabolic illnesses has been discussed, diseases such as cardiovascular difficulties, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and phenylketonuria. It has been confirmed to increase exercise injuries, encourage guy physiology, and shield the skin from harmful radiations. Dietary management has been studied extensively as a tactic for obesity and type 2 diabetes (DM) treatments. A whey protein diet has become a popular choice as an approach for averting and treating obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM). In addition, whey protein has been found to lead to declines in blood pressure, inflammation, and oxidative stress. [4] [5]

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  Helps hypothyroid?

Can you tell me if you can help someone loose weight that has hypothroids, let me know. Thank you.


Yes it works

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Vickie. The company does not directly claim that it helps with any type of thyroid issue, but its recommended to consult with your physician to make sure.


I’ve been on the diet 4 days now; ive lost 4 pounds. So far so good


Hey Kayla! How is your diet going? I have recently joined Dr.B as well. How well is the diet working for u?


I would like to comment on the Dr. Bernstein diet. If you have a proper breakfast in the morning. You will be fine. I have from 3 to six egg whites. I have one sice if the high fibre bread abd half of a fruit. This makes you feel good and have energy i have salad and protein for lunch. In the afternoon i have a tomato juice and fruit and then more protein and vegetables for supper. You can then have the rest of your fruit and a slice of fat free cheese. Drink your water of course. Best of luck. Lana

maria sanchez

Hello. How long will it take me to lose 16 pounds?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Maria. Everyone’s weight loss results are different. It just depends on how long you stay on the program and how you use the products.

Joe Garba

Seems like another ‘starvation’ diet. It does not work and the results do not last


I have heard that once you go off the program the weight comes back on. Is this true? I eat healthy no sugar and very careful but i have about 10 pounds on stomach from in my teens but rest of my body is slim just stomach and that is very hard to lose wondering if i should give it a try

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

Vic Haraga

The TV ad where the woman says “I hired a personal trainer and worked out 5 times a week for over a year and didn’t lose an ounce.” Is very misleading. Of course you need to change your eating habits! You can’t continue eating crap and exercise regularly and expect to lose weight. You need to apply common sense when eating. It’s 80% what you eat but 20% is excercise. To insinuate that excercise was not helpful is a sin in my books!

Tara LaChien

The so-called Bernstein doctors wanted me to get off my meds. I almost laughed out loud, given I am bipolar schizo, no meds would not be a good idea. What the heck kind of doctor would recommend that


hello everyone. My name is Jasmine and I went to the Dr.B clinics in Edmonton. I had a friend who lost 50lbs on the program and has kept it off for over a year. So I started last May weighing close to 200lbs…on the diet for 2 months and lost 40lbs. I have kept every single pound off:) The staff at all the clinics were AMAZING…kind,friendly,supportive. The diet works if you put the effort into it. If you eat the quantities and correct brands of food…you will lose weight…follow their maintenance program after you lose the weight and you can keep it off. After reading all these people saying you put it back on makes me mad…they probably went back to their old eating habits which got them up in weight to begin with. It’s a lifestyle change-healthy. I eat everything in moderation and know how much “junk” I can have before my weight fluctuates. You can’t get mad at the staff for slow weight loss…be honest with yourself if you had off diet food…I can say I did not cheat once and that is why I lost the weight I did. I encourage you to join if you need to lose weight…just remember the program works-it’s up to you to put in the effort to get the results! You can do it!!!


Hi. I live in Airdrie Alberta. Been looking at a lot of reviews online. People talk about the cost but I don’t know if it’s US or Canadian funds. If you don’t mind me asking how much did you average monthly paying on program


I tried Dr Bernstein’s diet when it was a lot cheaper back in the 1980’s. The shots were partially covered by my drug plan so I went on it for about 2 months. I could not last on the low calories, so I gained some weight and Dr B himself was in the office when I weighed in, and he was so rude to me that I left. I felt he should have been more considerate of my feelings and structured the diet for each individual rather than a blanket one for everyone.


I joined the Dr. Bernstein program in July 2016 and regularly visited two Toronto, ON locations Downtown (First Canadian Place) and Yonge & Eglinton. I started the program weighing 180.2 lbs (BMI of 30.9, just pushing me over the 30 threshold in the “obese category”).

I did the program for 2 months, and lost a total of 20 lbs – now weighing 160 lbs. My loss was not as fast as typical results, and that was because I travel a lot for work, so I wasted a handful of weeks not “burning Ketones” and not loosing weight.

With that said, it’s now 4 months later and I eat primarily what I like (in moderation) and I don’t exercise and I haven’t put on a single pound. The weight came off a bit slower, but it’s stayed off.

I took a break from the program in Sept 2016 since I had various business trips throughout Q3/Q4 and then the holidays. I’m going to return in January 2017 to take off the final 20 lbs helping to bring me into the “healthy weight” BMI range.

I found the staff to be extremely friendly and helpful at both of these locations. I never once had a bad experience. I was never made to feel bad for not loosing weight, simply encouraged to start the day fresh. The staff were really supportive, and so I have no complaints.

I’d recommend this program if you simply need a kick in the butt to get back on track, I’m not usually this heavy and it’s the heaviest I’ve been in my life. I wanted something to give me fast results so that I could feel less “bloated”, reduce lower back pain as I typically carry all my weight in my stomach which is the worst place to have it.

I know a few ppl who have used this program to and have lost tremendous amounts of weight 50-120lbs. Many of them have put “some” (not all) of that weight back on. It’s a very intense, low carb, low sugar program. And the issue is the foods that many ppl eat (myself included) is what makes you fat. We shouldn’t be eating 15+ tsp of sugar a day. But many of the processed foods we consume have enormous amounts of sugars. If you return to eating a diet that is high in carbs and sugar the weight will creep back on.

I’ve been doing my best to eat smaller portions when traveling (because its hard not to order whats on the menu when taking clients to nice restaurants) and avoiding carbs. When I’m eating alone, or at home I make vegetable rich meals like stir fry and noodle bowls made from scratch with soba noodles.

Anyways, that was my experience on the diet and my two cents.

Jarrett Alves

I would like to point out my admiration for your generosity supporting those people that must have help on the area. Your personal dedication to getting the message all around appears to be remarkably effective and have frequently allowed many people just like me to arrive at their ambitions. Your personal warm and helpful guideline indicates so much a person like me and even more to my mates. Many thanks; from everyone of us.

Jefferey Dickert

I believe this internet site has some real excellent info for everyone. “Only the little people pay taxes.” by Leona Helmsly.

Lose Weight

If I could come across more content like here, that would be great.

   great writer.

You are a great writer. Please keep it up!


I was thinking about joining Dr. Bernstein Diet until I read this reviews. I don’t think I will join now, seams like Dr. Bernstein and his staff are jackasses so they he wont be getting a dime from me. Thanks for sharing your experiences everyone.


I just joined this program hoping to lose some weight. Before I joined Dr. Bernstein I was on a 500 c diet for two months. I did not experience a steady loss of weight. It kept coming back with the same diet. It is too premature for me to give my judgment, but I will stick around for 8 weeks more. I am only eating my home made fresh food out of the list provided.

Shannon (Verified User)

I was thinking of doing this diet on my own and I use to have the food list for 2011/12 but I cannot seem to find it. I had tried this diet on my own previously for a week and in that one week I did lose 2 clothing sizes. I would like to try it again, but I cannot afford their fees so I want to do it on my own. Does anyone know where I can get the food list or where I can buy it ? Link?


You could even order the hcg injections from Weight Loss Express. All the bars and good they sell is all processed and high in sodium, and contain about 50 ingredients I can not even pronounce.


The injection is B6 and B12. Not HCG

  Nice website
Clare Dubinsky

Hey! This is nice site!

  Dr. Bernstein Diet worked for me.
anonomys (Verified User)

they encourage excercise. However YOU DO NOT NEED to to be successful.


Dr. Bernstein’s diet stinks. His clinics use protein bars which are full of chemicals. The pills they say that you have to buy are chemically made. The injections have God knows what in them. They refuse to tell you. The doctor they have on staff is very overweight. If one pays the money Dr. Bernstein’s clinic charges it should be for organic products not chemically made products and people should be told what will the injection have in it.

Eligin Mills Location- Dieter

Just finished a program with Dr. Bernstein Diet @ Elgin mills location– for the most part yes it worked – I lost close to 30 pounds. I strictly followed the program – I did not cheat in spite the fact, I also had to travel for couple weeks for work in between and tried to follow strict diet as well as the temporary maintenance program. This program worked for me after trying several other low carb diet programs for past 6 years and gaining double the weight back when I started to eat “normal”. I must say that the program is good, pricy but worth the money as you can see quick results and are self-motivated to do well as you see a little fat burning every morning.

Everything usually seems good until you have an genuine health concern, or a detailed question on amount of weight loss and want to discuss with the nurses. In my location there were 2 very knowledgeable nurses who made sense each time they interacted with me, but every time I went I don’t know who will take my papers and handle my shots. When I had any issue or needed advice the less experienced nurses would snap and start to get rude while interacting. So if you are planning to join the program go for it – but be mindful about the unfriendly treatment you get when you actually have an health issue that you want to discuss about. They don’t even have a customer service line that we can call and leave a feedback or a complaint about, you just have to go through the shit and stress with the nurses who have no experience whatsoever to deal with the patient – they get defective and protective when the patient has genuine health concerns and asks questions.

Can’t wait for my goal weight to be achieved so I don’t have to deal with the rude staff again. Interacting with some nurses is at times more stressful than following this strict diet.


Sounds horrible

starting Dr B. diet today
Armando (Verified User)

I am a 42yrs old male at 275lbs and I am starting Dr B. diet today…
I will keep you posted on how it goes.


I’m thinking about joining myself next week. Only thing holding me back is the cost.



  Would love to hear updates

Nadia loved your review. Hows it going now? Thinking of going to sign up! I would love to hear more about your progress since 2013

  Dr. Bernstein Diet
kasun (Verified User)

good work buddy

Judy P

I did this before twice in the past five years for only 2 weeks at a time. It gave me a kickstart really. I was never impressed with the staff or the program but knew what I was getting into. This time was different. They gave me a requisition for bloodwork (fasting). I start work at 8:00 a.m. so it is a little hard to get to a lab first, and I only planned on doing this for two weeks and I told them when they asked why I didnt go for bloodwork on my fifth visit (I got six for two weeks). They did not want to give me my injection said they would not treat me. I had an argument with the clinic manager, I paid $330 for two weeks and I did not sign anything saying I needed blood work to complete my two weeks. They are refusing to let me back until I get blood work, so I either arrive at work late to get my last visit (worth $65.00) or I give it up,, and in the end I will not have this last visit according to a proper schedule they have. This is a RIP OFF, DO NOT DO IT! I wonder if they get a kickback from labs for bloodwork?


Can you go to the lab at lunch or after work? I think they want the blood work to make sure you are okay.


I have lost 40 LBS in 7 weeks on the Dr. Bernstein Diet and I am very pleased. The Nurses are friendly for the most part but sometimes, they can be a bit “rough” with us. (if we don’t follow the diet)

It wasn’t easy but going from 222 lbs to 182 lbs is AMAZING. (I’m a 5’10 male, in my late 40’s)

My Wife has also lost 40 LBS in 6 weeks and she looks great.

I would recommend the DR. Bernstein diet. If cost is an issue, perhaps INFORMALLY go 2 x per week instead of 3. (It will be 2x $60 per week). I say informally as if you ask, I don’t think they will allow you to go 2x per week but if you just show up on Tuesdays/Thursdays, you should be OK.

Good Luck !


It’s interesting to read the various comments about this diet. I just finished two weeks on the program, I followed it without cheating and lost 13 lbs. I found the staff was friendly but I have to agree with the lack of knowledge about nutrition. When I started the program they gave me a box of their protein bars which are just a processed nightmare for your health. Read the ingredients as the intake nurse was talking and said “you just told me not to consume things like carrots because they’re too high in sugar but you’re telling me it’s okay to eat this highly processed protein bar which straight up contains sugar as a main ingredient?” Made not sense to me. Then I read over the list of allowed foods and it FULL of processed, unhealthy convenience foods. I steered clear of all of them and stuck to real food only. Then they told me I had to log my food on a piece of paper (is this 1950?). I opted instead to use MyFitnessPal which logs not only foods but calories and nutritional value as well, then I printed them for the staff so they had their paper. When I went in today for my final day they asked me what they could do to convince me to buy more weeks on the program and I said “honestly, I’m going to try this for a couple more weeks on my own, if I see the weight loss slow then maybe I’ll believe the injections help but really in following the diet I haven’t even cracked 700 calorie per day (average was 550) and doing that alone you will lose weight. Add in supplements and a greens shake in the morning and nutritionally I’m pretty good for the short term.” Yes, the diet will work if you follow it but I personally feel all that processed stuff may slow your progress, but I’m not convinced that the injections or cost is worth it other than having someone hold you accountable for a bit. It was a fun adventure and good to try for two weeks but I think I’m good to continue on my now and I’d say that it can definitely be done on your own. Good luck to everyone on their journeys!


I am doing the same thing. Did this program for 2 months and I feel like the cost is way too high and I’m going to Continue it from home. I just needed a start towards my journey and this really helped.


It’s cuz there is too much sugar in carrots and pears. If you don’t wanna be successful don’t follow the program. You can do the diet at home without the pricey injections. Keeps sugars/carbs low. They will take away your fruit if you do not test positive for ketones.

Your Nametim

As long as everything is going welll, the staff is very friendly. After 6 months, I hit a plateau and was only losing about 10 pounds a month. My ketones were still fine and even though I was following it, they refused to believe me. At one point I was called a liar right to my face. When I asked about the “guarantee” they told me I would have to bring in all my grocery receipts to prove I wasn’t buying anything “off program” (even though I was the only member of the house on the diet. They said if I did not bring in the receipts I would be kicked out no refunds.
A few years later my wife joined and developed gall stones.


Dr. Bernstein diet works! I did it a couple years ago and got down to my weight goal. However when you stop the program expect to start packing back on the pounds!

  Way to expensive !
vivian (Verified User)

Diet is fine for the first few weeks. Quick weight loss. Then the plateau hits. You eat hardly 900 calories a day, but stop losing rapidly. You’re viewed by staff as ‘cheating’. Very frustrating! In a nutshell, way too expensive of a clinic (160 dollars a week).


Maybe you were cheating.Any diet you stick with works .I find people can afford booze smokes and cell phones and much more .SO look after you health first the price is high for this diet so are the other choices we make in life .Health matters….


I totally agree. I have lost weight on the other programs but it took a long time. Yes it is expensive but I feel more dedicated to the process. I lost 20 lbs in a month and eat much better than I ever have!


I have been a client from 2007 comma and I was a continual client on and off and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars it was 1 pound away from my goal weight my last visit I thought I was continually being stripped with negative thoughts negative comments staff was unfriendly they put me on probation which I felt that I was negatively wrong after spending as much money as I have spent and again one pound Les Michael and I was informed and kicked out of the program it was told that I could never returned and be a client of dr Bernstein’s ever again that I was never to be able to return never to be able to do a program ever again with any Bernstein Clinic

  The diet works !
Jason Bannerman (Verified User)

I did it back in 2007 for 5 weeks. I was 284 lbs I lost 44 lbs. I was told by the staff at the clinics that I wasn’t eating enough. But on my last visit the doctor said I wasn’t trying hard enough. He kept saying I only lost 11lbs in 5 weeks. Idiots. So I just quit. I now weigh 340 lbs 9 years later. The diet works but the people at the clinics are not very nice. A lot of fat shaming.


I went to Dr Bernstein clinics back in 1999 and then again in 2004. This is by far the best weight loss diet I’ve tried. It’s sound and it’s packed with vitamins and regular blood tests

I’m getting annoyed reading how everybody says the staff is ‘shaming’ people. Enough with this over-coddled society! Any criticism is suddenly renamed ‘Shaming’. The nurses are there for us for the sake of accountability. What I wouldn’t give to have had someone tell me straight to my face that I clearly over eat.

If you want someone to stroke you’re ego very well knowing you’re cheating then this isn’t the clinic for you. Otherwise. It is worth the money.

Eventually, once you stop you will leave with life lessons and tools on how to eat. Also, B12 injections can be done by yourself with the instruction of your physician should you choose that root.


I just saw the Dr. Bernstein commercial and think it’s irresponsible to say the exercise doesn’t matter. Yes, we’ve all heard that weight loss is 80 percent is what you eat and 20 percent exercise. I think they should be used in tandem. There’s no easy way, but think we would all be better off to get off the couch and exercise!


I’m a type 2 diabetic with very limited mobility. I use a wheelchair when I’m out of the house. I’ve been following Dr. Bernstein – from his books rather than clinic (I’m in the UK) for about 4 years. Blood sugars have gone from worrying to non diabetic levels, I’ve lost weight – although I’m still obese – and there is no way I can exercise. He is right exercise isn’t necessary, but if you can do it then it will help with all areas of health.


I am considering the DR B diet but I have some questions for those that have done it and lost at least 50-60 pounds quickly.
1- what about access skin? If you lose the weight as fast as they say (20pounds per month) does your skin become lose and sag/ hang? Is there something to prevent this?
2- I know quite a few of the foods allowed and not allowed and this may seem silly but are you allowed any cream (any brand/type found in Canada) for coffee? I have to have a coffee in the am and I can cut out the sugar completely from it (I’m down to 1/2 sugar now) but I have to have a little cream in my coffee I can’t stand milk in it.
3- does anyone know where I can buy or find the newest food list?
4- other then the food list and vitamins is there are other major part to the diet? Yes I know they have medical staff and suppose supposedly, but I really don’t care about that I prefer not to have the appointments (actually I don’t have time for it and I just can’t afford it).


Well if you follow the diet and have little cream in the morning you will still loose weight. Only one spoon of milk is allowed per day but I used more in my coffee and still lost weight.
Skin will sag depending on your body type of course. That is with any diet.
You can try it just for one week and see.
Their shots just make you loose hunger that’s why it’s easy to follow


I have done the program several times and it works as long as you stick to it. Common sense prevails in this diet. If you lose the weight and then go back to bad habits then you will gain it ALL back and then some! as far as cream, none is allowed but you can use coffee whitener and it’s pretty tastey! good luck!

  not the huge losses guaranteed
R Wight (Verified User)

I had a good experience at Dr Bernstien at first. I am a slow weight loss person, however I felt safe in their guarantee of 10 lbs if you follow plan. Month one I lost 11 lbs never cheating and following religiously. The staff was nice but were highly encouraging maintenance. I was 165 lbs when I started and 142 when I finished. I fell sick Feb 28 at 3:30 in the morning and fought to stay on plan but veggies I could not keep down. There are signs all around the clinic saying don’t come in if sick so I missed the Monday, then went in for my Dr Appointment Wednesday. He advised I only lost 7.5 lbs that month. I inquired about the 10 lb guarantee. He said that I was sick and was lucky I didn’t gain weight when I was sick. I went home and looked at my chart. Being sick I lost 3.5 lbs from the Friday otherwise I would have been further away from the goal. I called and talked to the clinic manager and she said that they base the 10 lbs not on months or weeks but per 24 injection units. I am assuming that the units are not 8 weeks long based on 3 times per week, but caution anyone who is actually wanting a guarantee as they seem to really have a lot of excuses not to have faith in their diet to actually stick with the guarantee to keep you on until you loose the 10 lbs. The diet does work – but there is not the huge losses guaranteed for the cost.

  anything else it works for me
Kevin (Verified User)

Ive just started back at Dr. Bernstein for the third time. I stayed on teh diet previously for about 4 weeks each time and lost over 20lbs each time. Im planning on doing 6 weeks this time. Its my own fault that i put back on the weight. The nurses and staff are very nice in Calgary. Fpr me if I am going to pay teh fees then that is a motivation for me not to cheat while Im on teh diet. Going to the clinic 3 days a week and getting the shot helps put you in a regular routine and even if its more symbolic than anything else it works for me.
Wjen I put the weight back on its not the clinics fault for srying out loud. Considering teh fact that many people opt for surgery etc this is a better way to lose the weight.

  it's expensive and they were rude
Mar (Verified User)

My mom and I did this this two Summer’s ago. It was hella expensive. My mom paid for the full year and i did it weekly just to try it with her, I lost 10lbs in the two weeks and. My lost 5. She struggled with this because have is Argos 1 diabetic and they were messing with her insulin intake and she had way to many lows sugars. There were a few nice people. But the lady my mom or was a down right rude B. Which is funny beachside she was more overweight than my mom was. Needless to say she threatened my mom with dismissal from the program because she hadn’t lost “enough weight” in the two weeks. And after me having right. Long email about our experience they finally agreed to give back HALF of her full year payment! And even though they had a 10lb guarantee at the time that was for the whole month. Needless to say they booted my mom out so I said hell. No I ant staying, and never looked back. My doctor told me the B12 shots don’t really contribute much. But the low low calorie maybe 900 caps is obviously the reason it does work for lost. Anyways yep it’s expensive and they were rude but I can and does work for some.

  This program is not worth it

I worked with someone who started Dr. Bernsein while I was working with her. She lost 84 lbs in less than 6 mths without exercising except walking. She looked amazing but started having health problems, severe leg cramps and stomach issues and had to quit the program. Needless to say, less than 2 yrs later she gained her weight back and then some!  The calorie intake is outrageous and weekly vitamin B shots are not realistic. For the cost and potential health risks this program is not worth it!

  Worked well for me.
Rhonda (Verified User)

I went to Dr. Bernstein for a month in 2010. I wanted to lose 30 lbs. the location was in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. I found the staff to be no-nonsense and professional. They did blood work on me and found out that I had a Urinary tract infection. I got medication from my family doctor for it. Staying on the diet was pretty easy. I took the vitamins, ate what I aw supposed to, didn’t work out at all and lost 20lbs in a month. The good thing was, I was able to see my weight drop daily even though it was just a few ounces a day, sometimes. I was able to maintain the diet on my own after a month and lost another 14 lbs the next month. I was 5’9″ 180 and at the end of 2 months I was down to 146 lbs. I actually had to increase my calories because I kept losing weight and didn’t need to lose any more. It was expensive but I’m one of those people who didn’t know how to lose weight on my own and the way I saw it, I’ve spent a lot more money on things that were a lot less important than my health. I heard from the nurses that the people who worked out saw the best results. I hope this review helps. It worked for me with very little but consistant effort.

  Question about coverage

Is this diet cover under the benefit plan


I have done the Dr. Bernstein diet twice. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about weight loss. I have gained the weight back due to my own discipline. It is easy to keep the weight off after you are off the injections. If you have an enhanced benefit package they will consider covering the fee under the intent foe injections category of weight loss.


If you eat anything less than 1500 cal per day, like Dr bernstein’s diet, you are being geared up for failure. Think about it, why would they want you to succeed without them? Ps, try checking in to how many former patients have loss their gall bladders because of the shots.


Hi to all I did this diet and lost 50 lb .loved it Best program for me and I have did them all.I went to the closest clinic there was then went to the new one then in Peterborough Ont.Both clinics were wonderful over 7 years ago still 120 lb no health problems and I MIGHT ADD …I am 72 yrs young very fast diet ,loved it Staff EXCELLENT I WOULD DO IT AGAIN IF NEEDED.


how much weight and how fast did you gain it back ? Was this just a yes I’m off diet I can eat what I want or were you following the maintenance plan? I am going for you first consultation so any info will help thanks

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please contact your insurance provider for more details.

  Little tough at start but works
Khun (Verified User)

Doing this diet right now without going to the clinic. Don’t live in Canada or the US. I am retired now and was overweight the last 25 years. I eat healthy and do fitness though but it was very difficult for me to loose weight. I never counted calories but now I do I get much more insight in the impact some of my habits had. There is written a lot about crash diets won’t work but don’t let anyone scare you about that. The crux is, you suppose to eat healthy natural food in this diet in small amounts and not all the processed and high carbohydrate foods, no sugars, no fats. What is better for you, your current lifestyle or the challenge to become the person you always want to be? For me only a balanced diet in which I can loose fast weight and can do my sports works really good. The first three days were a little tough but with the right motivation anyone can pass that and now it seems so easy and I regrets I didn’t do it earlier. Btw, lost more than 10 kg in 3 weeks.


Forgot to mention, I found a vit B powder with B1 B2 B6 B12 and Niacin-amide, take 2-3 times a week. Sport is to keep my muscles in shape not high level. There is a website with the food list. i dont use all the brand foods but only the fresh clean food.


Where do I find the food list? I’m wanting to do this on my own without paying their ridiculous fees and the 3 weekly appointments I can’t do having 5 kids to care for.


I’m right there with you Shannon. I have 3 kids and my salary sucks. Constant struggle . Food prices keep going up; especially fruits and veg. I am type 2 diabetic. Have known 4-5 ppl who have done the Dr B diet. They all lost rapidly and gained back rapidly. I have considered it to just give me a “boost” as my schedule seems to run me down and leaves little to no exercise. However, that being said I want to point this out…. In 2010/11 I put myself on a cal in/cal out regime logging EVERYTHING I ate (portion sizes, etc) using an app. Combine that with a little 10lb weight training and 45min 4 days/wk and I was literally dropping 5lbs/wk. Your HEALTHY calorie intake should not drop below 1200 (according to my Dr & other professionals). I started at 1400 cal and gradually dropped it to 1250. I used Spark Recipe app to help with easy healthy meals, used measuring cups & a kitchen scale. It sounds like alot of work and it is. However, once I got into a routine it wasn’t so bad. I did not deprive myself of anything…..ANYTHING. I was just careful. I lost amost 30lbs in approx 3 months …. And then I got pregnant….twice in 2yrs. My youngest is 3 now. I’m 40yrs old and I find it a struggle to get back into old good habits. I figured if I had a bit of a “boost”, that might kick start my brain to fall back into old ways. Dr B’s BMI calc says I should be 120-130lbs. YA RIGHT! I don’t even feel comfortable with that visual! I would be happy to get down to 140-160. I would be okay with that. My husband loves me as I am but I need to do this for me & my kids; for my health. I’m apprehensive about the B diet but we will see what happens.


What’s th name of the product

   Loose Weight for 25lbs in 5 weeks
krystie (Verified User)

I did this diet for 5 weeks and lost 25lbs which was all I wanted to lose. I have been off the diet just over a year and have not gained a single lb of it back. When you finish the diet if you gain wright back it is you own doing. You cannot just go back to the way you ate before the diet. I eat more now then I did on the diet and occasionally I do eat greasy foods but I have not gained anything back, in fact I lost 5 more lbs after I went off the diet. All that hard work there was no way I was going to ruin that by thinking I could eat whatevet I wanted after losing. I felt fantastic on the diet, better then I’ve ever felt in my life. I drank ALOT of water. I never felt hungry because I feel like the allotted amount of food on this diet was more then I would normally even eat! I loved this diet and I would recommend to anyone who wants to lose to try it, but if you are not strict and follow the guide you will not be successful and will o ly frustrate yourself.


Why do you have to have Vitamin B shots ….wouldn’t Vitamin B pills work just the same??


In Canada, they give you the Vitamin B shots so that they can bill the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (the government run health insurance system for residents of the province of Ontario).


No, the shots are NOT covered by our Health Plan. They are not considered ‘medication’. The thought that public funds would pay for such a thing is ridiculas.


nope. ministry of health has banned the billing of vit b shots. the reason the shots are done as shots is becase its better absorbed by the body,.


The shots are not covered by our Ontario Health plan. Some of our extended benefits through employers cover some of the cost. The vitamin B is injected for better absorption.

  The easiest resultoriented diet to follow !
Shari (Verified User)

I was living with my daughter and son-in-law and grand children, when he decided to go to Dr. Bernstein in Hamilton, ON. When he came home he sat down with me and said, “Think you can help me stick to this?” (I did the cooking and took care of the children because they both worked). We invested in a small apartment-sized fridge where we kept the things that he specifically could eat and the rest of the family didn’t care for – ex: shrimp, veal. sugar-free jello. After 2 months there wasn’t much in the little fridge as we all started to eat what I was making for him (except the shrimp as I have an allergy to shell fish). Even though my daughter said she disliked veal, the way it was prepared she did not mind it. Even though we did not need to lose weight, we found we were maintaining what we did weigh but eating much better. My son-in-law only went for 3 weeks for the shots and statred taking Vitamin B6 and B12 by pill every morning. The hardest part of the diet for him was getting use to eating breakfast. So… he would take what I made him and have it with his coffee around 9-9:30 (he went to work at 6:00). I am pleased to say that from January 12 to the end of June he lost over 90 pounds (dropping from 260 pounds to 168) and keeping it off for 3 years. At the end of the 2nd month he actually pushed his plate away and there was still food on it. My daughter asked if there was something wrong with it or was he feeling okay. He said it was a feeling he couldn’t explain other than to say he was full and just didn’t want anymore and that was a feeling he had never experienced. Now, If he feels he is gaining (like when they are on vacation) he goes back to sticking strictly with Dr. Bernstein’s diet menu and it only takes him a week or so to get back to where he wants to be. I will say, he finds he feels better around the 175-180 mark as he is 6’2″ and he thinks he looks too skinny at 168. Even though I no longer live with them, I still make many of the meals that come from Dr. Bernstein as they are delicious (and good for you). After trying all kinds of diets I can say that this is the one that is easy to follow, not expensive (not the initial joining or office visits per say, but you buy foods you would buy anyway – just cook them in different ways).

  Nothing About your Diet Plan
Brian Emmerson

Nothing about your diet plan, how about your employee plan, my daughter in law works as a nurse in one of your clinics and was refused time off to attend her parents renewing their vows in the Philippines it is also a family reunion , I cannot believe you would be so cruel not to allow her to attend.I know its your policy but sometimes policy and rules can be overlooked for special reasons.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Brian. Since we are not the official Dr Bernstein company, please contact their customer service to see if maybe they can help with your daughter’s issue.

  Great Experience as a women
Very Happy (Verified User)

I am a 22 year old female at 5’7”. This is my experience.

So my whole life I was fat. I was over weight. I graduated collage and weighed 185-190 lbs. When I was 20 I was 237 lbs and diagnosed with PCOS (meaning I gained weight easy and fast and it was difficult to lose weight if I even I wanted to) I was told by my family doctor that I wouldn’t lose any weight and that I would just keep putting it on.

I was heart broken. I told my co-worker and she told me about Dr. B diet. So I tried it. I started the diet at the age of 20 and I weighed 237 lbs. I could only afford the clinic for about 6 weeks but that was enough for me to start. I was down just about 40 lbs before I stopped going for the shots. I was doing so good that I stayed eating the foods they said were good and eventually I was 70 lbs lighter!! (My goal was about 90-100 lbs).

I’m now 22 years old and I lost the 70 lbs and kept 60 lbs off (I went to Mexico and ate anything I wanted) in the past 2 years!

I am going back get the rest of the 40 lbs off!
I suggest to everyone going on or on this diet or have failed on this diet, to look at this diet not as a diet but as a life style change. The only way it works is if you commit for life (not going to the clinics but eating healthy) or you will gain all the weight plus more back!! You have to commit to being a healthier person.

I did it, and I was told I wouldn’t lose weight. And I did, I lost 60 lbs total.

I would recommend this lifestyle change to anyone who is will to commit. if you go back to your eating habits you will gain the weight back! That’s how most people gained the weight in the frist place!


Good for you! I went on the plan last year and lost 30lbs. When I went off the plan I went on holidays and was not careful about what I was eating and over time (a year) I managed to gain back 20lbs. I know why I gained the weight, I was not careful about what I was eating and the weight crept back slowly. I know the diet works for me and I am back on it to lose the 20lbs with a commitment to not gain it back by watching what I eat once off the program. I love the fast results I get from this program.

Devi Singh

Hey! I’m almost in the similar situation same age thing etc! Is there a way we could talk is love to hear more I’m a little nervous to try this diet


I have been in the exact situation, except I am 21 now and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18, I just just trying to decide what to do and my mom suggested this, I am happy to hear that it worked for you and excited to give it a try


I started this diet last year. Started at 261.6 and ended at 139.0. This weekend, i ran a 10K. I exercised the whole time i did the diet. The nurses were pleasant (the doctor was a mess and obese!) and I would strongly suggest the plan. I developed gall stones, but not bad enough for surgery. I would rather be 139, a runner, and have the occasional gall bladder attack than be 261 pds ever again!


I agree 100 % , best diet ever. After 3rd day your cravings will be gone
U will not be disappointed



  Lot of weight to loose

I did the Bernstein diet a couple Summer’s ago and lost a lot of weight on it. I even recommended the diet to a couple friends and they both lost a lot of weight. With this diet if you recommend a friend (and they go ahead with the diet) you get a free week. So I earned myself 2 free weeks. I went in today to re-sign back up (have a lot of baby weight I need to lose) and they told me that I owe them $310.00 because I was charged a student rate when I shouldn’t have. I told the nurse that I was a student when I signed up, and gave her my student ID. She told me that she will look into it and call me back. She called me approx 15 mins after I left and told me that I DO in fact owe them. She said that even though I was a student, the student rate was for people UNDER 25, and I was 30 when I did the program. I told her that when I signed up they had my licence and my student card so the nurse knew how old I was when she gave me the rate. I was never made aware that it was a rate for people 25 and under.
So… the nurse said that she will take away my 2 free weeks (from my referrals) and that would make me square and I could start the diet again. I told her that I shouldn’t be penalized for THEIR mess up, and I referred people to get my free weeks. She told me that she talked to her supervisor AND Dr. Bernstein and they said that no matter what I owe.
Pretty sad that I got them business from my friends, and I was on the diet for 2 months, and I am penalized. I am now signing up with Dr. Seagrist because it’s the exact same diet, and I refuse to give Bernstein’s my money yet again when they have HORRIBLE customer service. I don’t think that I should be in trouble for something THEIR staff did.

J. Groot

I agree, their service is awful. My experience was similar, I went on a holiday to Hawaii which I told them about and they told me that I was being penalized for two weeks, of which I paid for.i think they’re greedy buggers.


Totally agree – they messed up their records and gave me 2 extra injections and then asked me to pay for their mistake. I refused. The customer service is HORRIBLE. Dr. B needs to understand that they are a business with customers. He had to shut down his US locations – he better be careful in this economy as he will start losing business for pathetically bad service in Canada!!!

  Anyone can loose weight on a starvation diet
kathy gregory

Anyone can loose weight on a starvation diet, and this is a starvation diet. All weight will come back on and more. Do not do this diet, I did it, and yes lost weight, but when I resumed eating “normal” it all came back and then some. Adults need more than 800 calories a day, this diet is way below the recommended daily allowance, so yes you loose weight, but not a healthy long term solution to weight loss. This diet is good for quick short term weight loss for someone needing surgery. Don’t do it otherwise.


well said!


Actually, I did this diet more than 10 years ago, lost 100 pounds, and the weight did not come back. Regardless of whatever diet a person uses to lose weight, you can’t go back to eating the way you ate before you went on the diet or you will gain the weight back.

But, for me, I learned from this diet how to eat with moderation, and while I splurge occasionally, I always make up for it.

Still, I recommend this diet. It is the only one that ever worked for me.


No, it’s medically supervised, the only diet that works if you really want to
Lose weight!,, don’t listen to Kathy she never did the diet , I DID at kept of 100 lbs for 15 years

  Did not work.

done do it…..they are full of things. you gain all your weight back in a month


I lost 38 lbs. in 7 weeks, including 2 weeks of maintenance (5 more than I wanted). Then I went on holidays for 4 weeks and ate and drank everything under the sun and gained 6 lbs. back. Back on maintenance for 3 weeks and I’m a sitting steady at my goal weight with zero issues. Except for not being able to eat salty and sugary junk food, it’s really not that difficult. The weight comes off and stays off easily if you accept that your eating habits will have to change.

  considering going on this diet
Savanah (Verified User)


I am considering going on this diet. However I have been reading the previous comments and have noticed that the low calorie level puts you at risk for passing out and you have really low energy levels. Are you still able to work and successfully preform your activities of daily living while on this diet?

I also was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Part of this disease is slowing the metabolism causing low energy levels and weight gain. How will this diet impact me, considering my disease?


You need to consult with your own physician to have that question answered. This diet is medically supervised. You see a nurse (LPN) three times a week for injections and to discuss any issue you are having with the diet. I tried the diet for 5 weeks, lost 15 lbs. And I will be trying it again after the holidays. It works but it also teaches you how to eat sensibly and what a serving portion should be.


If you follow what the trained nurses advise you and be compliant with the programs you WILL feel full of energy and not pass out.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Savanah. Because of the possible interaction with your hypothyroidism, please consult with your physician before starting this weight loss program.

   potassium vitamins and multi vitamins,

I just started this diet last week and have lost 10 lbs. I also walk 3 hours a day.. you can do the diet at home without paying all that money and get the same results!.. the same b12 shot they give you for $55 you can get over the counter at a pharmacy for $6 and then the needles are 0.29$.. ketostix to test if your in ketosis, the potassium vitamins and multi vitamins, food scale and follow the dr b’s diet for minimal cost! you just need to be safe and sanitary when giving the injections.. why spend hundreds when you can do it at home for about $30 a month plus food? this way you can get the 3 injections per week.


where do i find the diet? and so ill get vitamin b6 at a drug store but still get injections from the bernstein clinic?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please visit the Dr Bernstein official website for order inquires.

  heart attack

Hi there,
Could you share how are you doing now? Im just worried that people are saying you will have a heart attack

   I also needed my gallbladder

Lost over 40 lbs. Diet puts you in starvation mode as you need ketones to be high. Just like anorexics, you could loose hair, dizziness,dry skin and your menstral period. I also needed my gallbladder out at the end of it. Had many attacks and pain after running. Their doctors are from other countries and need a job. They were not helpful at all and do not warn you about the side effects. But you will loose your belly and fast. It will age you as your skin on your face DOES sag =esp if you are above 40 yrs old. You pay alot and will gain it all back. Just look at any celebrities they put on diet. They all have gained it back (radio personalities and comedians) They know this and most of their clients are repeats. KA CHING $$$$$

   Need excercise for this diet

I like to start dr b diet. Any suggestions?coz I saw good and bad comments and couldn’t make a decision. Please advise. Need excercise for this diet?


Magi, I have been on the diet for about six weeks. After about a week on the diet I started to yoyo. Most weekends I ate foods that were not allowed on the diet. I have lost 15 1bs. I would recommend this diet because it is medically supervised. Injections are three times a week. You meet with an independent doctor once per month to review any issues you may be having. My advice would be to absolutely stick to the diet once you start. My yoyoing has contributed to feelings of low energy for several days at a time. If you stick to the program you show feel well. If you can afford it, try it. I researched many diet programs and found Dr Bernstein’s to be the best.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Magi. The Dr Bernstein Diet involves reducing your daily calorie intake, eliminating sugars and simple carbohydrates, and taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Exercise is usually recommended in order to speed up or help achieve weight loss results.

   maintenance program,
Delma Blair

I did the program before back in the 1990’s. unfortunately Iwasnt able to do the maintenance program, so over the years I put all that weight back on and more.I would like to do the program again. but I’m concern about some of the negative reviews I’m reading……

   weight loss plan

Hey Nadia – I live in Vancouver as well and am seriously considering joining Bernteins. How are you doing on the program since rejoining. It’s such a tough decision in the sense that there’s so much negativity out there regarding this weight loss plan. Hope all is well!

   side effect.
Miss Newlywed (Verified User)

I did the diet and lost 50lbs In about 3 months. I never gained back a lb. it’s been 2yrs. You can’t expect to go back to pizza and beer and stay thin. I changed my life style. Only eat out once a week. Exercise regularly. The reason we were all over weight in the first place is because we didn’t have those healthy habits. If you use this to help you create good habits you’ll maintain your weight. Everyone’s body is different but I had no side effect. Never dizzy, sick ect. I’d recommend this to anyone.


Well said

  (I was lucky

I went on Dr. B back in 2001, 2 months after giving birth. I was nursing and told them that I was and wished to continue. They told me that wouldn’t be a problem and that,in fact, it would really help!I needed to lose 100+ lbs and lost 20lbs in 2 weeks. I also lost my milk and my period (my period took 12 months to return). I passed out while caring for my newborn and was immediately taken off the diet, no refund (duh). I went over to Weight Watchers, on my doctor’s advice, and gained the 20 I lost plus 20 more within 2 months of sticking to a healthy eating program. I jumped off WW and calorie counted (1200 a day never over) and started exercising every day. I managed to get down to just under 200 and then stalled out. My metabolism was shot. I was at the gym 2 hours cardio and 1 hour weights daily, eating 1200 calories a day, and never lost another pound over the next 2 years of doing this. I have once gained and lost weight many times, through 3 more babies (I was lucky I got off Dr B before my fertility was destroyed), but my metabolism is not good. Eating more than 1200 calories a day, even by 50, will pack on pounds so fast, it is astonishing.
I am embarking on a new journey to lose weight now that my baby havin’ days are behind me, but I am trying to accept the fact that I will never not be fat, I will always be a bit fat, no matter how hard I work or how little I eat.
I would avoid any diet that suggests eating less than 1200 calories a day, even with doctor supervision.


i would love to know what you decided to do, your situation sounds so similiar to mine

  i reallly like
Shannon Tucke (Verified User)

amazing, i reallly like what you have here

  lose slowly
Janine (Verified User)

Dr Bernstein puts people on REALLY low calories so of course it works. Its easy to lose weight but keeping it off is another story. I have seen numerous people lose weight successfully on this program only to gain it all back and more. Real weight loss involves changing your lifestyle. I know that is boring and it takes longer than people want but it is the only thing that works. Start eating the way you would eat if you were already thin and needed to keep it off. You will lose slowly and it will stay off, and its free!

  we can both stay on track

Hi Nadia, how are you doing.. I am in Vancouver too! I will be going low carb from tomorrow morning and looking forward to it.. 🙂 We should get in touch then we can both stay on track.. would love the support! 🙂 Sandy

   I came across this board

Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I hope to offer something again and help others like you aided me.


Hi I want to join this deit plan. But so much bad comments. Does it really work. Some people said the Developed gallstones, needed surgery to remove gallbladder is it because of the deit or a different reason.

Please respone ASAP. Thanks
Anything that can help me.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Tina. This particular diet involves reducing your daily calorie intake, eliminating sugars and simple carbohydrates, avoiding restaurants and frozen dinners and taking vitamin and mineral supplements. As far as gallstones, it is recommended to consult with your physician before starting a weight loss program or taking weight loss supplements.



Okay guys my whole life I’ve been skinny my mom died and I gained so much weight I hot stretch marks on my tummy arms everywhere I joined dr b for only 18 weeks now keep in mind I’ve played sports my whole life . I was able to take in more than 800 cal. Because I advised the nurses I was working out I haven’t gained much weight back maybe 8 lbs at most because I still work out I still eat healthy one thing I will tell you guys I’ve realized many ppl have got on dr brestein then as soon as they got off or a year later gained it back . It’s very hard to do this diet ill admit I cried tons of times but I continued going to the gym and eating healthy ( I have cheat days ) because I told myself this is my money I’m wasting if I go eat a huge slice of cake as I loved cheese cake (off topic) I hope this help in all honesty use it as a “kick start” not a premenate way too loose weight diet & exercise you lovely ladies will be fine .

debi (Verified User)

If you felt ill for 8 mos. but continued and the nurses were rude why the heck did you go and not stop? After you stopped did u modify your diet or did u eat as u did before?

debi (Verified User)

i wonder if thwy could put a clinic in Red Deer there is more money here than Edmonton or Calgary per cap.

Appreciated reading this :)

appreciated reading this 🙂 thank u.. after all the above comments…like whoa :/

BRADNY (Verified User)


Eat healthy and exercise its the only way u'll lose weight.

Everything comes with a risk, lifting heavy weights at the gym can give u muscle pulls, running on the treadmill can hurt ur shins so what is the proper way to lose weight? is there anything that doesn’t cause u a health problem? If your extremely over weight ur body won’t have the energy to lose over 100 pounds just like that. Eat healthy and exercise its the only way u’ll lose weight.

  My weight has stayed the same.
Terry (Verified User)

I did the Bernstein program twice. The first time I gained all the weight back within 6 months to 8 months. Was very depressing as there was nothing that I could do. The second time I got wise and not only ate more of a balanced diet but continued with this balanced diet and continued by ordering a strong consistent Slim Fit diet meal plan. My weight has stayed the same. The only program that does this is called Healthy Chef Delivery of Calgary, Alberta. Its a winner and really works! Amen

My partner and I cant believe you aren't more popular simply because you definitely have the authoring ability associated with an expert.
Tomas Uljevic

Can I simply say what a real comfort it is to uncover someone who genuinely is familiar with what they are talking about on the internet. You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light not to mention make it very important. A lot more people must check this out and understand this side of the story. My partner and I cant believe you aren’t more popular simply because you definitely have the authoring ability associated with an expert.

  Stay away from these guys. They want your money.
Dave (Verified User)

Stay away from these guys. They want your money. If you for any reason cannot continue, they keep your money. Where else is that legal? Too few people have kept the weight off. If you want a better solution, become keto-adapted and cut carbs out of your diet (grains and legumes in particular).

  Does anyone have same experience i.e. gained a LOT MORE WEIGHT THAN THEY ACTUALLY HAD BEFORE THE DIET?
Star (Verified User)

Hi, I’m really looking for people who have similar experiences as me. I went on the Bernstein diet 2 years ago, and I was at 131 pounds, however, after the Bernstein diet, as soon as I eat a little bit of sugar, I started to gain weight like crazy. i am not even consuming much sugar or carbs right now, and I’m still gaining weight. even if at times, I eat a little bit of sugar, I start to gain weight like crazy. Now I am at 146 pounds, was at 141 pounds in my last post. but now, i keep on incessantly gaining weight. Are you sure the diet is only due to starvation mode and not other things in the injections that may harm the body cells? Also, I’m really looking for people who have similar experiences as me who gained a LOT MORE WEIGHT THAN THEY ACTUALLY HAD BEFORE THE DIET!!! Any inputs would be extremely helpful!


meant small amounts of carbs makes me gain. I am higher than when I started dr. b’s diet and healthy ways to lose weight that worked before dont work now! ( like excercise and healthy diet)

slow and steady

What happens when you lose weight so rapidly, like more than 1/1.5 pounds a week, is your losing fat and muscle. You are also resetting your metabolism. Once you start eating “normally” you gain back more fat than you had previously. Example you originally started at 180 30% of that was fat. Rapid weight loss you lose 30 % fat 15% muscle. You know go back to normally eating you gain back 45% fat. Unless your protein intake is high and your lifting. The muscle is not coming back. The only way to truly be successful and protect your health is slow and steady, a life style change. Eat real food and portion control. Get rid of the junk and empty calories its not worth it. But treat yourself once in a while to good quality “fun” food. Once you have lost the weight you want to slowly introduce more calories until you reach maintenance mode. The state where you are no longer losing or gain. Your weight will normally fluctuate +/- 5 lbs or so. It took a while to gain the weight so it will take some time to lose it. You can do this!! Hope this helps.


what about the women that are going through premenopause – and can’t lose weight no matter what. I am 48 years old and I quit smoking – and I am premenoupausal. I gained 40 lbs in 2 months and no matter what I do nothing is working. I truly believe this will kick start – help me to lose these pounds.


Hi , I am eating now 1200 a day and I am on my feet working at a high pace job 5 days a week and in 1 year I gained 70 lbs


Hi “Your name”, I heard people say that when you are in starvation mode, you should eat at least 2,500 calories a day ASAP, 3,500 calories a day is better, and 4,500 calories a day is best. Have you tried to eat at least 2,500 calories a day to stay off of starvation mode? Did that work for you? Thank you so much for your honest and truthful reply!


That sounds very scary… Are you still gaining weight right now? Was the 70lbs extra weight that you gained? Do you know if there is a way to stop the weight gain?? Please help!

Barry Millwood

I have the same problem after doing the injections by this doctors methods. I was at 50 when in 2008 i got diabetes. after the injections of 2006 to loose my tummy fat…shortly after the trip my weight kept going up from 200 to 220 to 240 in never really came down. I think messing with the Keystones has messed up my gland that regulates that. If you have to loose weight go on a diet, run, get a sport. do something else.


Star, I sympathize with you. I too have gone to Dr. Bernstein. Two years ago I lost 55 lbs in 3 months. I lost 20 the first month and the rest over a 2 month period. It does work, for the first while it was great I was feeling awesome. But after the first month I had to cut down on my physical activity because I did not have the energy for it and work at the same time. So on I went losing the weight losing my hair, feeling dizzy if I did not eat exactly when I should have. Small potatoes right? Worth it in the end… left the program in Nov 2011.
Now Jan 2014 I have gained back all I lost and then some. I cannot explain it, I am not a habitual overeater, the weight I had gained previously had been from pregnancy. I am not eating any differently from when I was 130 lbs before pregnancy, ok I can assume age can play some of a factor, but 70 lbs! No explanation and it did not happen overnight either it just keeps creeping up and up. So I can assume that the program, injections, rapid weight loss, has done something permanent to my metabolism/insulin response. Who knows, I do know that anyone trying this program should do it with their eyes open. It is a business first and foremost, if they were truly interested in your welfare they would not charge so much. And business protects business first.
So what to do about it. I don’t know how old you are Star but I am 40ish and I think at this point I will have to counter this not with a diet so much as a lifestyle change. I am not sure if it will work but it certainly can’t hurt. So as of the weekend, the refined foods, ie anything that has more than one ingredient, sugars, and gluten will be chucked out the door, along with any red meat. Caffeine will be limited to once a day(Can’t give that up entirely). We (my husband and I)are doing this for 30 days and if it works…forever. (my husbands family is predisposed for diabetes so this should help him avoid that as well). Obviously normal eating is not going to work for me anymore and I will not put myself on 1000 or less calories for the rest of my life. I can just be thankful that I’ve always liked vegetables and quinoa and lentils. I hope this helps.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Everyone has different weight loss results. It just depends on how the long the dieter is on the program, and how well the dieter is following the instructions.

  Does anyone know if this Bernstein program will incessantly make you gain weight or is there a way to stop the weight gain?
Star (Verified User)

Does anyone know how much fatter the Bernstein diet can make you above your original weight? I used to be 131 pounds at 164 centimeters and was hoping to lose a little bit of weight. However after the Bernstein diet, not only did I gain all of my weight back, two years later, now I’m at 141 pounds. This is a very terrible diet that does not help you feel good about yourself at all. Does anyone know if this Bernstein program will incessantly make you gain weight or is there a way to stop the weight gain? Thanks.

  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Marie (Verified User)

I lost 40lbs on the Dr. Bernstein diet BUT I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I got extremely sick as soon as I was done with the diet and no diet is worth the health risks. So, if you are thinking about this diet, please do yourself a favor and find another way to loose weight or you might wind up loosing your life, as I almost did.

  It works for me.
Brooke (Verified User)

I lost 100 lbs on it the first time and had two kids right after. The second time I lost the 70 Lbs gained and am still healthy and keeping weight off.

  Ask yourself this: would you put your children on this diet?
Sophie Smith

This all makes me so incredibly sad. I make a living off helping people lose weight and I can tell you with absolute confidence that you’re all setting yourself up for so many health problems. I see it all the time. I have had a number of clients come to me from Dr. B lately which led to my research into his practices. I’ll be blogging about it shortly on my website. From the bottom of my heart I sincerely hope you all find the necessary love yourself to seek out SAFE ways to EARN the wellness you are seeking. This program is not built for people with self-love. It feeds off people with self-loathing. No one who loved themselves would starve themselves. As a recovered anorexic who found her way to wellness, I say this with confidence. Ask yourself this: would you put your children on this diet? I didn’t think so.

It take protein from lean muscle.
Sophie Smith

NO, it’s from starvation and metabolic damage. Bodies deprived of protein force a hormonal imbalance to prevent catabolism – but never succeeds. It must find the protein necessary for central nervous system function from somewhere – and it takes it from lean muscle.

  I am sure you will loose weight as this diet plan works for everyone without major health issues.
Laura (Verified User)

Wish you luck. I am sure you will loose weight as this diet plan works for everyone without major health issues, I know from experience.

But please do not bash the people who did not succeed. I am sure they are having a lot of anxieties about loosing weight and when something does not work, they get desperate. They cannot help it but express their frustrations. It is much easier to write positive review when having a success story. So much harder when for some reason it did not work..

  I am 60 and feling good about myself. Thank you Dr. Bernstein.
SYLVIA (Verified User)

Dr. B. is my GURU!!! I went to him 30 years ago and had such excellent results…lasted for years..but as age happens and I developed a thyroid problem..I am back.I don’t even think about the money…I have a fun team of nurses, a great Dr. I have had all kinds of medical tests to make sure I am fit..I passed 🙂 I have lost 20 lbs so far, and I am happy..I feel better already. I am sticking to it, getting coaching and advice from the team. and I feel prettier already..also my aches and pains are gone! I am in for the long haul…I am 60 and feling good about myself. Thank you Dr. Bernstein.

Sophie Smith

Sylvia, did it occur to you that you developed a thyroid problem because of the hormonal imbalance created as your body rallied to protect itself from this horrendous diet?

Robert smith

My wife spent 400.00 a month on this shit … Yes it worked and she lost a lot of wait but basically lived on greens and vinegar for months! She looked great but really after three months from a third world …. The week that she introduced regular food she started to gain weight and developed massive legs pains which was medically diagnosed as muscular disease due to massive protein loss. 10 years later she still requires leg therapy and nutritional supplements to reduce that Dr. berstein’s crüe damaged. Oh and btw! After numerous and repeated requests from my wife to speak to the doc, she never spoke to him in the four months during the treatment. Great waste of 450.00 per month four 4 months of dietery treatment. Do not waste your money — not worth the health risk.
Sylvia — you are obviously paid to support this jerk. In Ottawa on his Bank street location there are more clients walking in then the local corner store. Obviously he is selling a poison that you prescribe too! Talk to your doctor openly, you haven’t obviously and if he/she is real they will tell you to stay away. Heart damage is your guide … Get that tested and you will see that your Doc is a jerk! You will not benefit from his therapy, only he will!


in the end it was not a waste of money, because it was a learning experience that benefited those like me that is reading your comment. thank you for the submission..i feel sad for what happened to your wife…
i went on a low carb diet and lost 60 lbs in 7 months and feel fine..for me i knew that bread and rice and pasta spiked my sugars…i would not go on this diet myself. i would never pay anyone this amount of money..as far as pain in the legs, the best thing that worked for my girlfriend was butchersboom..she had so much pain that she could hardly walk for years, and after taking that, she ran…i am not recommending it to your wife, i am only telling you what worked for her..

Robert smith

Sorry but I’m on a rant. I’m from Ottawa, and have known at least 15 people who haves joined this quack and will say that they have spent thousands of dollars to reduce their weight to only gain it back and much more and for some have actually followed the food guide or another weight loss program to only find that their donut returns around their waist or what people call a muffin top. So is he injecting B12 or another cocktail that you haven’t asked to see its ingredients. Do remember that Lee Chapel went on this program and it speaks for itself!

  It has helped me tremendously.
Myra (Verified User)

Of course Dr. Bernstein wants money! It’s not a charity! But as a diet goes, if you do exactly as they say, it works very well. I lost 50 lbs seven years ago and have been back twice to shed some holiday weight. I have never gone back as high as I was because I learned how to eat, when, what etc. What I learned the first time round has helped me tremendously. It’s not magic though, don’t expect a miracle. It’s hard work and dedication.


Myra stated the facts. Quick fix diet for sure. Fast results. The ticket to success is keeping it off. I have been off and on it for years. I did gain 40 pounds back over 1 year. If u like your wine or beef this diet is tricky. I’d say more people gain it back that those that do. I’m sure if u follow their maintemce program loyally u can succeed. I’ve yet to keep it off and I’ve been on it 3 times. Hope 3 is a charm

Liz B

I’m glad I am not the only one. I have been on it about 3 times as well. I have gained some of the weigh back, but the way I feel and look is worth the money. I believe that the health improvement (at least in me) was worth it. Also my family doctor is well aware that I am on Dr. B diet and he approves. Good luck Liz 🙂

  Loved the product.
Sara (Verified User)

Today was my first day at Dr.B clinic. I was somewhat scared and excited going in. But the nurses were so nice and made me feel so comfortable (I have never been so comfortable about discussing my weight with anyone before). Today was the first day so they told me to be easy on myself. The first two days should be easy. And the third day you start the strict diet… I am sooooo excited! I haven’t told my hubby as I want him to feel the difference somehow…. I signed in for 8 weeks as of yet and I will surely continue as I initially wanted to buy 3 months but the nurse suggested to take 2 months for now. Wish me luck as I am in desperate need of that!


Hi colleen, you posted this in june, its been well over 2 months..how did it go? any neg. sideeffcts also ru in canada? if so how much did u pay for the 8 weeks… pls reply back to this msg as i am interested in ur results


Deena. You posted in October 2013. Have you started Dr.B’s clinic program? Would appreciate if you could email me. Thanks and all the best.


Also at the end of the year ask for a tax receipt, you can submit this on your Canadian Income Tax, the injection cost is counted as a medical expense.


Thanks, Colleen for your tip about the Canadian Income Tax related to Dr.B’s diet clinic. You appear to have had positive results. Is it possible for you to email me? Thanks and I’d tremendously appreciate it.

  Loved the product.
Toronto (Verified User)

If you want to know my before after weight: 210 down to 175. I was on it for 5-6 weeks.

  Hated the product.
Cristina (Verified User)

Because he gets your money first, then kicks you out, then you don’t get your money back.

  Is it safe?
M. Z.

I have been on diets all my life. I lost over 100 lbs. 3 times and always gained it back. That is not the diet’s fault it is my fault. I am a disgrace. What do I do, get my stomach tied with an Elastic
Band? 16 Minute $16,000.00 Procedure. Is
it safe? Who knows for sure. Lets says after 20 years. The Band will stretch so you will need maintenance to tighten it. More Dollars. It will be a mortgage for the rest of my life. Bernstein’s Diet I have not tried. 20 Lbs a month loss, I need 5 months, pay for 6 months, cost me around $3,600.00, maybe a little less and then I have to try to keep it off.
Doc I am comming, probably next week.


can someone tells me the cost of this program , how its calculated, over the pounds you wish to loose, length being there …how.


Hi, I just started today. There’s a consultation fee of $50 then if you sign up right away you will pay $110. It includes your B shots for that 1 week, then you can do week to week payment for $160 or pay 2 weeks at a time for $310 I think you basically get discount if you buy more weeks one payment. I can only afford weekly basis. I’m in Calgary. Hope that helps


hello Calgary i live in Red Deer could u tell me where the closest dr b is

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Debi. To find local clinics, please refer to the Dr Bernstein official website.


Hi, I started Dr Bernstein on November 1 and until today (May 13), I have lost 137 pounds. That’s 6 months and 2 weeks. The results are unbelievable and I myself feel great. I am 38 years old and have been told I look like I’m 20 years old. My friends and family cant believe their eyes when they see me. I have only 25 – 35 pounds left to lose, i should be done by end of June. Total 8 months, and all together by purchasing in 8 week increments the diet will end up costing me approx. $4700.00. But i must have saved that much at eating at restaurants anyway. This diet, if not covered under your insurance plan, is also 100% tax deductible. I live in Brampton Ontario, and I would like to say thank you Dr Bernstein.


There is a consultation fee of $350 and then approximately $150 a week. You can buy in 2, 4 and 8 week packages and save a few dollars. You have to come to the clinic three times a week for shots and see the doctor every two weeks.


I called last week and was told the consultation is $50 and it’s about $160 a week and the consultation fee will go towards a 2, 4 or 6 wk purchase…..just hard to figure out how to afford this, as been waiting on disability to start, so being a single mother on assistance because no longer a choice, pretty much out of my price range


im in vancouver and consultaion is $50 and they have a promo right now where they take that off your first package 4 weeks is $599 plus you need to buy 2 bottles a multi vitiam and one potassium/calcium at $16 each I start june 1st very excited

Dr. Bernstein Diet

I don’t understand people who will kill themselves slowly for years drinking soda and eating junk food but then are all of a sudden concerned of health risks they think are associated with dieting. Laziness is a disease, people need to stop making excuses as to why they can not lose weight and look at the greater good.

  Hated the product.

They are only interested in your $$$$$$$$$$$
Say it ain’t so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my story and will do my best to discuss facts as my knowledge level and emotion levels allow.
I joined the program and went in to do some research. I listened to their pitch and the lady was not particularly knowledgeable about the info she was presenting. At least she did not read word for word like my fiancé got. This is an alarm to me when the person who is supposed a nurse does not know the material.
I got the $50 intorduction deal and with the special, at the time, I would have got the 1 week extra if I signed up for 4 weeks. When I left that without signing they made sure they got their recipe book back before I left. I make a point about this for a reason which I will explain later, remember they only care about your $$$$$$$$$. They let me go and no further information was provided. My reason for not signing that day was due to my life style I had to make sure I could keep up with their 3 weekly visits and such.
I figured I could make it work out and so the next day I signed up. If I had signed up for the program that day I would have got that 5th week and would have received a $50 discount for signing up. Well I was recharged the $50 and they did eventually get me the 5th week. So now I paid $100 more than I should have and again I reiterate that they only want your $$$$$$$$$$$$.
The program is sold as medically monitored weight loss program that will help you do it safely. After I sign up I go and do the testing they request. Now I can say it does work and if you goal is weight loss and nothing else it does work. I lost 11 lbs in 2 days. WOW! Lots of that was water because I definitely increased my water intake and the body definitely will release water when it gets if frequently. In fact in a week I lost 20 lbs. I am definitely not knowledgeable enough to say if healthy weight loss occurred or not but I can say it does work. Again if the goal is weight loss then it works, healthy or not.
I am feeling like I am top of the weight loss world and feeling like I am going to hit my goal no time. Then I get a call from the clinic stating I need to visit my family Dr. There were some issues with my ECG, as it turns out they found an irregular heart beat plus I have a hypothyroid. Their physician will not let me on the program until my family Dr says I can go back on it. I meet with my Dr and he says no way and is very concerned with how he will help me. He is concerned with a “Starvation Diet” and the affects on my heart.
So I go back with my Dr’s note and request my reimbursement and here we go. They can not give it to me because they need to go to their regional manager for approval????? WTF! You guys told me I had to stop and now I have to weight for my money back. They sure wanted my money immediately. They finally get back to me and state they will take off money for the shots I used, which make sense, but will keep $54 for the recipe book and materials and a $30 charge for refunding my money! WTF! You are going to charge me money to give me my rightful money back!?!?!?!!?
So now I have paid $100 more than I should have plus they are charging me $84 for what? As far as I am concerned “they stopped” me from continuing the program and now they want to charge me for this? Now I am getting fed up with “their system” which is how can they into my wallet as far as they can.
The lady I talked with suggested I make a complaint with the head people and ask for that $84 back. I follow her advice and register my complaint. They get back to me and apparently they got Dr Bernstein involved and he asked why I was kicked off the program? He states that I should still be on it.
I reminded them they stopped me and followed their advice to talk with my Dr and my Dr says no way and I want my full refund and they must realize that the $84 is the cost of doing business. I also suggested if they wanted me to stay on the program he himself could call my Dr and they could duke it out. Funny thing the lady I talked told me “lots of Dr have problems with the program”.
Well Dr Bernstein has stated that they will keep the $84 and that’s it.
I am still fighting for my money, but will state again they are only interested in your money. If you have read this far I am sure you have made up your own mind and good for you no matter what you have decided. Do not get me wrong there are people in the Bernstein world who honestly care about people, but the system is sold as a medically monitored program. They found a problem, and that was in all honesty the best thing that happened, but they stopped me. Now they want to charge me money to refund me what in my mind the cost of doing business.
If they were not about the money they would have happily given me all proper money owing and told me to get better.


Hi Mulva, sorry you feel this way, bacause they are really very fair..in fact I have seen them refuse people, and fired patients for not sticking to the diet. Dr. B says he does not need your money…he wants to see you healthy fit and happy. Sorry you had a negative experience.


wow i have decided you are delusional. no where in that did i see a doctor concerned about health or happiness. i did however see one who was concerned with the bottom line. I sure hope they pay you for your loyalty, however misguided it is

  Where are you located?
Harsimrat Grewal

I am Harsimrat Grewal from Adelaide Australia, dying to loose weight…… my sister in Canada is a patient of you, has lost heaps of weight through you….. I am wondering, Are you located in AUSTRALIA too,,,,, or which way Ican join your diet program to loose weight,,,,, pls reply.


former Dr B Patient

Hi,You can actually have your sister purchase the vitamin shots, injections and potassium from the drug store WITHOUT a prescription and send it to you.


Really where and how do u know what amount to use?

  Not so great experience
Anonymous (Verified User)

I was on this diet on and off for two years to maintain my weight of 140 lbs. As soon as I went of the diet, my weight went up 25 lbs I was asked to sign the paper so dr. B could remove from himself any responsibility for my weight struggles. And at the end I was banned from the program because I was late for 1 (one) min !!! for my doctor’s appt. it was winter and snowstorm that day and it was6:30 am the nurse was very rude and there was nobody in the waiting room for the next appt. the appt lasted exactly 1 min the doctor did me a favor to see me . It is ridiculous. They do not appreciate your business. I did complain. And dr b decided to ban me from his program . He is not a real doctor and not even a good businessman who lost his client of 2 years.. He could not care less…

  This helped my relationship
james william (Verified User)

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Soon as i contacted him,i knew he was the exact answer to my solution because i felt his powers from his carefully selected words and calmness.I explain all that happened to me and he told me what to do.I did as i was instructed and never doubted him.To my greatest surprise what i felt was almost impossible within the twinkle of an eyes was over.

She called me pleading for my forgiveness for how she has treated me and that she loves me so much and will never cheat on me again and will marry me.And from that moment till now all we’ve been experiencing is happiness in our relationship.We’ll be getting married soon……..lol


Wack job!

  Successfully lost weight before, will try again
Lisa (Verified User)

I love it! I had to two special occassions I needed to lose weight for and I lost successfully both times. The first was in 2008 when I went from 158 to 130 in two months. I kept is off for two years and gained it back due to my own negligence. Second time was in 2010 when I started at 153 and went down to 128 in 6 weeks. I kept it off for over 2 years and gained it back only due to my own horrible eating habits. I had absolutely no problems with dizziness, nausea, headaches or hunger. I find with other low cal diets I may not be hungry but I definitely get headaches and very irritable!! This is absolutely a great diet if you can afford it. When you have a desk job and a fairly sedentary lifestyle like me, you cannot afford to be eating 1200-1500 cals a day and lose weight, you need to get down to under the 1000 and therefore I don’t think, for me, there is anything bad about it. Now I have been going to the gym for about 6 months and even paid $2800 for a personal trainer and although I lost a lot of inches, I only lost about 5lbs!! That is ridiculous and my Dr advised me to back to Bernstein and lose weight as the arthritis in my knees will likely come back in the winter! I am re-starting in the next week or so at 160 I hope to be 125 by xmas!! My plan for after the diet is to re-start the gym regimen as my membership is good for another 2 yrs, so I WILL NOT gain it back again!


Hi! what makes you so sure that you wouldn’t gain the weight back just by going to the gym. According to Dr. B its not exercise what counts in weight loss is what you eat the most important factor that leads to weight loss. I tried this diet 2 years ago, and lost about 50 pounds looked and felt great while on the diet, sometimes I felt irritable and in a bad mood probably because of the starvation mode, I never made it to the maintenance diet because I went to a trip for 2 months and did not have money to join the clinic again, so I end up gaining the weight back. They never tell people how the maintenance diet works because they want you to pay more money, so this is like a very well kept secret for them. they want to make sure you pay first before telling you more about it.
Its a money business, basically if you don’t want to gain weight back you’ll have to live your life attached to their diet and shots otherwise its a waste of time and lots of $$$$$$$$$.


Hi there!
It seems like it works great! How did it go the 3rd time around?

  Anyone experiencing something similar?
brandy M (Verified User)

Hi There,

I returned to the DR B program in August, (got pregnant so had to stop previously) and finding this time the loss is so much slower. Has anyone else who has gone on the diet and came back experiencing something similar

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Brandy. Some dieters experienced more weight gain when they stopped the program, but all weight loss results are different depending on the dieter.

  Had health issues
Jen (Verified User)

When I started the program a couple years ago i was motivated, and was 303lbs. I lost 91lbs in less then a year yay me and all that, but just for those who want to know i had to stop it due to finacial issues not meeting my target. After a month i was doing ok gained a little back but was still eating right but started to have unbelievable pain around the time of my period. I got checked up by the doctor and was told i have PCOS, this happened due to the vitamin B shots that they give. I have since found out that I more then likely will not be able to have kids. I have talked to other who have been on this diet and have had this issue or hairloss. I think that if you are wanting to loose 20-40lbs then the program could work but it created more health issues for me.
Even when i was at 303lbs i was healthy. since then i have gained all my weight back. i will not give up, but would highly suggest not doing the Dr B diet for anyone who has more then 50lbs to loose.

memyselfand I

PCOS is not from the diet and the vitamin b shots. Please do your research on the illness that you were diagnosed with. Do you even know what it stands for? You sound quite ignorant.


No offense but this diet could not have given you PCOS. Being obese can cause PCOS because the excess estrogen located in fat cells convert to testosterone and cause male secondary sex characteristics (excess body hair, lower voice) and affect fertility. B vitamins won’t cause it. If you are successful at loosing your excess weight your fertility could possibly be restored. Good luck!

  Have a commitment
Rosemary Wells (Verified User)

Like many folks, I have been on Bernstein’s diet many times. I find it easy to lose the weight and feel really really good on the program. I gained back almost all my weight each time but let’s face it folks. If I had kept the sugar, the alcohol, the bread, the ice cream under control, I wouldn’t be back here again. Don’t blame Bernstein for what you put in your mouth. You don’t regain the weight without stuffing yourself (myself). The maintenance program is meant to teach us how to eat properly – we ignore it at our own peril. As soon as you re-enter sugars into your daily routine you begin to crave them incessantly. Solution? Make the maintenance program a life commitment and return to Dr B if you gain more than 15 pounds. Keep it in check until we get maintaining our weight right!


I just started the program. I turn 50 in five weeks and will be hitting Vegas in a swim suit. I have been trying to lose 20 lbs., but just can’t stop eating poorly. So, I actually decided to do this diet, not only because I have a friend that swears by it and looks great now, but because it is pricey. I figure that if I am spending the sort of money Dr. B wants on this diet that it will be further motivation to get the full value out of it. As well, knowing myself, once I start seeing positive results on the scale and in the fit of my clothes, I will be able to get back on the right path. Wish me luck!


I had loose 34lbs on 2006, never gain it back , can’t blame the doctors this is your first step for a life change!!! If you eati right and control your portion and cut the sugar will keep it off for ever!!! This is depends on you!!! Can’tblame any program if you start eating again!!


I had a great experience on the Dr. Bernstein diet. In all I lost 57 lbs (started at 241 and ended at 184). I accomplished this in less than 3 months. Why I was successful:
– diet enforces discipline (which I lacked). It’s hard to cheat with meetings 3 times a week
– helped me understand what types of foods I should be eating
– The weight loss happens rapidly. I initially hoped for a 20 lb loss, but once I saw the results realized I could achieve far more.

I ended “maintenance” about 4 months ago and actually have managed to shed another 4 pounds since due to my better eating habits and daily walks (not a runner or fitness junkie). I am so pleased with my new weight, feel better physically and have a much better self image having dropped 3 pant sizes along the way and getting down to a weight I hadn’t been at in 25 years.

  I need some feedback
Debbie (Verified User)

HI there
I need some feedback. I have been on this diet for 8 weeks, really struggling. I have a lump in my behind that really hurts where I have been getting my shots. Has anyone had this or does anyone know what it might be?


These lumps dissolve over time. I ad bruises there too. I just alternated the locations every week but was always in pain. For about two months after the treatment I was not do running and jumping exercises due to the pain getting aggravated with my every move.


Hi Debbie,
I haven’t gone on the diet yet. I have my consultation on Tuesday. I am wondering if you’re still experiencing a lump? I’m a bit scared of bruising and have no idea which area to get my shots if I did. How’s it going so far with the diet? Any side effects? Thanks.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Debbie. Please consult with your physician about your side effects to the shots.


I am 16 years old and after reading all these comments i am unable to make a decision about whether or not attending the consultation with dr. b tomorrow. I am also scaredd. My current weight is 141 pounds and i am 5 foot 3. Any
advice or support would be great.


I would strongly advise something less drastic at your age, and with a relatively small amount of weight to lose. A few small changes in what you eat – cut out junk food, soft drinks all the obvious ones. Try and eat more lean protein and less bread pasta and rice. Join a running group at the running room, or house league soccer or hockey team. I find playing a game is a great way to get exercise without feeling like it is exercise. Great way to make new friends too. If you live in Toronto, there is a group called Toronto Sport and Social club that provides a change to play almost any team sport, with all women or on a coed team. If you go on such a caloric restrictive diet at your age you are likely to mess up your metabolism for life, which will lead to a lifelong weight issue, whereas a slight change in what you eat and upping your activity will be a great way to improve your health for a long time….make sure you treat yourself one day a week too! Then you will be able to stick it out. If you have not previously been active you will go down 2 clothing sizes within 6 weeks of exercising 3X a week. Honest….you will lose fat, and get some muscle – did you know your body burns more calories when you have more muscle mass?? that will make it easier to stay lean! I made the mistake you are thinking of when I was your age – fad diet called The Scarsdale Diet – one of the first low carb diets I think, and it mess me up. Only when I hit my 30’s and started eating healthier and exercising regularly did I achieve what I so desperately wanted in high school. I have all my kids in sports – some at an elite level, some at recreational, but they all have muscles and eat better than I did as a teen. They also have more self-confidence!
I am looking for a weightloss solution for myself now, in my 60’s, after a debilitating illness, that has created snowballing side effects. And I need to do something drastic to try and mitigate some of these side effects, and hopefully reverse some of the issues completely.
Good luck with your life change, and I know the temptation to do something that will provide instant pounds off is very tempting, but truly at your age and being in good health, I hope you will consider some of the things I have mentioned and just eat a bit better and move a lot more and you will have a formula to help you all life long!
Sorry to go on; I just feel very strongly about this in general!!


Clare I hope you didn’t start this diet…you’re very young and probably very healthy – just get moving some more!


Clare, did you end up going on the Dr B diet? How’s it going so far if u did? Thanks!

  Eat for your blood type
Maria (Verified User)

I started this Dr.B diet one month ago. Due to menopause and problems I had agained about 40 pounds. When I went to Dr.B I had already lost 20, I mentioned to them that I had bowel surgery and my health was very important, I had changed my habits no processed food, I ate all organic, no red meat, no sugars etc. First they were like you too health concious but it is your body so it is fine as long you eat what is on the list. I end up having bowel constipation after 3 weeks which I told them about my concern and they said “patient on our diet usually can go up to 4 days without having a bowel movement” are you kidding me that is toxins in your body and if a person already had bowel problems how can they say that. I also said the potassium was too much for me and when I told them I would like to decrease it they refused to continue with my program… now let’s see if they will give me back my money if not then they are looking to be taken to court…they new my problem I disclosed all my medical issues, they should of said you do not qualify but they want money, a person’s health is not important…I suggest to people if you want to loose weight find out your Blood Type and go and buy the book “Eat for you Blood type’ it works.it only costs 25.00….don’t be suckers like me and go and make a Dr. B more rich then he already is..

  Not eligible for free maintenance
Maureen (Verified User)

I started the Bertstein diet in April 2011, and had incredible results quickly!! I lost 40 pounds in about 10 weeks and felt amazing!! I took the summer off, and in the fall, lost my Mom. I went back in Nov. and was up only 7 pounds which for a 6ft. person is really not very much. The amazing thing is that I lost those 7 pounds in 4 days on the diet!! I continued on and when I got close to being at my goal weight (within 5 pounds), I told them that I wanted to maintain as I am 50 years old and do not want to look anorexic!! They told me that if I did not get down to THEIR goal weight, which is a ten pound range for EVERYBODY, not matter what build or age, I was not eligible for the one month FREE maintenance that is included in your package upon registration. I e-mailed Dr. B and told him that I thought that it was ridiulous and they had the Regional Manager phone me to tell me that they were NOT willing to be flexible at all!! I couldn’t believe that they were willing to loose a client for the sake of 5 pounds. I am so disappointed after having such a positive experience. The nurses are not really very motivational, but the quick weight loss was always enough to inspire me!! Good Luck to you if you are on or decide to try Dr. Bernstein but I did want you to know my experience. Oh, and I did have some hair loss as a result of the diet as well!!

  Higly suggested Diet!
Trisha (Verified User)

I started on the Dr.B diet at 247 pounds and after less then 3 weeks I’m already at 230 pounds. I cannot remember the last time I felt so good. No hunger…more natural foods then I have ever eaten and over all am more active. As for any diet or weight loss program you must want it. I have been on Jenny Craig, weight watchers and was always hungry. This is working great for me. I highly suggest it. P.S as for the price…your right it is steep, but the grocery bill and the eating out has been reduced dramatically. I feel great!!!!

  Why is it difficult to open up?
Hmmm (Verified User)

I forgot to ask a question I’m curious about to the ones that are on Dr. B’s diet. Althought it’s easier to being on the diet in an online setting, do any of you know why some won’t admit to be on the diet to their friends and family? I know 3 people who have been on Dr. B’s diet, lost weight drastically & told anyone who asked how she lost is so rapidly just from making healthy choices and being a busy mom. I didn’t buy that answer but never pursued it. The second person again lost weight rapidly & when asked, did admit to being on “a” diet but I did notice that whatever diet she was on, she lived off of triscuits and salad mainly. The word “starvation” popped in my head but didn’t pursue it with her. The third person, again, lost weight quickly and advertised to anyone who would listen, just by making proper nutritional food choices with no mention of Vitamin B injections, or Dr. B’s name. The last one is still on the diet and the other 2 have been off for quite sometime and gained all of their weight back and more. Some of us found out later that they were on Dr. B’s diet. The third person has admitted to a select few she’s on Dr. B’s diet but still maintains to others it’s thru healthy nutritional food choices. I don’t call it that. I call it limited food choices. If this “healthy eating” change is so normal and natural, why not be proud and admit it? Why not be proud & share it with others. When I lost a pile of weight, anyone who asked me how I did it, I was proud to tell them thru moderate eating and excercise. Heck, I even shared some great recipes with them that the whole family can enjoy and benefit from. Sooooo, please tell me WHY are these people not proud enough to share with others? Could it be because they know it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be? At least that will explain the weight gain in the future when they’re on their own. 🙂


because it’s none of anyone’s business


Perhaps it’s because they will be judged for their choice. I too have been selective in who I share this information. It is my business and I have the right to choose who gets to know.

  Too good to be true
Hmmmm (Verified User)

That’s totally accurate when I see posts that read that Dr. B’s diet is a lifestyle change. It definitely is a very unhealthy lifestyle change that’s called “starvation!” Whenever someone that is speaking from experience about the diet says it helped them reach their goal and once they went off they packed on the same amount lost plus some the replies from the believers quickly rectify their situation by telling them, it’s their own faults because they didn’t stick to the so-called healthy eating guide Dr. B outlines for patients which in other words he’s basically telling them their is no way out other than to keep starving by simply sticking to his guidelines to maintain. Sure this diet sounds easier. No excercising involved. The only excercise involved is making it to your appts for weigh ins, urine samples, and vitamin B12 & B6 shots Too good to be true huh? Anyone that has some education or at least some time to research healthy living would know that starvation is not the key to successful weight loss. When you starve the body, anything you eat will hang onto those calories because they know nothing more is coming their way. Also in starvation mode the body starts feasting off itself. First thing gone is your muscle and we all know that muscle mass is a metabolism boost in itself. We all know muscle is the bodies incinerator for calories. Or do we all know that? I’m not sure if anyone on this diet truly knows why they are receiving Vitamin B6 & B12 injections. They think they know but do they really? Do they know that vitamin B6 is found in most foods so deficiency is RARE? Oh but that’s right, the Dr. B dieters are pretty much starving themselves. Why not just eat in moderation and get your vitamin B6 naturally? Vitamin B12 dietary sources are much the same as vitamin B6. Following Dr. B’s diet you end up lacking in folic acid which causes anaemia. Yup, anaemia is found in people who’s diet is generally poor and that’s where the Vitamin B12 & B6 injections come into the diet, to help the body use folate. You can achieve this by eating healthy, moderately & wisely and still lose weight. Not by starving! From most of the posts I read, people love Dr. B’s diet because the results are quick. As quick as the pounds come off, they will come back just as quick if not quicker when you decide to stop paying Dr. B. Sure the vitamin B shots are also like a shot of energy to help metabolize the food you eat to energy and brain function but they don’t work as the body’s fuel. A brisk walk or any type of a 20 minute cardio routine will suffice. Dr. B’s diet is for lazy people and once you’re off the diet you’re still lazy. Even consuming a carrot becomes fattening once you’re off the diet. For those that say they’ve maintained they are lying or they haven’t stopped paying Dr. B.

If you must diet then the safest diet out there is the diabetic diet where you eat 6 small meals a day and throw in a bit of cardio 3 times/week or more if you like because you feel so good and before you know it, you’ll be admiring yourself in the mirror and can afford a new wardrobe. For those that say they spend more money on groceries than Dr. B are not great people to use as weight loss role models. Processed foods are costly and by the sounds of it that’s what their grocery lists consisted of. With Dr. B a grocery list is hardly necessary because you barely eat but you still need a hefty bank balance. When you eat moderately, you spend moderately! Plain and simple! Excercise is free! Dr. B’s excercise in a vial is costly. In summation, Dr. B’s diet is a quick fix that will always need fixing when off it. Why become a slave to a diet? Have yourself enslave your diet!

For those that condemn my post, go for it. The ones that condemn it are the ones that are not so secure with Dr. B’s diet otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to defend it. Afterall, they’re not defending the diet. They’re justifying an unhealthy decision!


I am currently on the Dr.B diet and have been entertained by many of these posts and unnerved by many others.
I can only speak from my experience and I do not believe I am being starved nor am I eating processed foods. I am eating plenty of fresh veggies everyday and limited proteins. Water, lots of water and up in the night no less than three times.
I have been on the diet nearly two months and have lost 26.4 pounds. The weight hasn’t fallen off and I am disappointed it hasn’t been quicker. I read somewhere that averaging 2 pounds a week is a safe and healthy number for weight loss. I am beyond that a little. Yes the cost of the program is a little more but I see it as an investment in my health and my future. The food I eat is all healthy.
I have felt weak from time to time. The fuel is not in the tank for my running as before but I am over 50 and I am still running but at a pace that is a little less. I never felt the extra energy people talk about. However, as I lose weight and exercise I will feel more energetic.
Over the years, I have followed the Paleo diet, The Zone, South Beach, and Weight Watchers, etc. and lost minimal weight. I have done kick boxing, four months of boot camp three nights a week, worked with a trainer for two months, ran three nights a week, spin classes and went to the gym regularly but never had any meaningful weight loss.
This diet is working, my personal doctor endorses it, I get regular check ups and combatting my weight now, is likely to prevent other diseases as I age. I don’t think anyone has all the answers about what works and for certain it is buyer beware with anything.
I did lose some hair at the beginning but the doctor put me on Omega 3-6-9 and it has stopped falling out. My hairdresser suggested it may even been a natural process. Where I routinely had headaches before the diet – I have only had one in the past two months. I put it up to eating LESS processed foods and I didn’t eat many then.
I know, if I started to be sick I would drop the diet whether I lost money or not. Your health is something that you can’t necessarily get back and people need to be informed and decide what is right for them.
Yes, they are a business but I have found most of the staff to be knowledgeable and friendly. I have met with the doctor three times already and at the location I attend, the doctor is a heart surgeon. I believe they have my health and success in mind as they assist me on this weight loss journey.
I feel for others who have had a bad experience. I hope one day the entire medical community learns more about weight gain and loss. It just isn’t as easy as some want to make it out to be. My experience has been that WHAT I fuel up with is very important; weight loss is not as simple as calories in and calories expended. That old notion needs to be put to rest.


Its not really a starvation diet…it puts your body into a state of benign dietary ketosis…that pound a day that you lose without excessive hunger is equivalent to 3500 released fat calories that you burn….that’s what you are living off of- by eating small amounts of good quality protein throughout the day you maintain your muscle tissue.


No condemnation … but you’re not doing the diet … why are you so quick to condemn something that doesn’t affect you. To each their own. You don’t want to do it, don’t. But you cannot judge people based on their decisions because you do not live in their shoes or understand their lives/issues/situation that led them to this decision.

  Products for me
maria Ruuska (Verified User)

i lost 140lb and half my hair i use Biotin 2capsules a day 5000mcg it works use it all the time First i also used ROUGAiNE from drug store .Do not give in . Good luck.


I’m not following you Maria. Are you saying “do not give in” meaning to go off the diet or do not give into any side effects someone might feel that are stemming to from the diet and to stick it out? All I know is that if I lost even 1/4 of my hair on a diet I would immediately stop. If I’m losing hair what else is it doing to me. All in all congratulations on your weight loss.

  Can some help me with the results?
tracey miller

My boyfriend of 4 years began Dr. B April 2011 and lost 100 pounds in 4 months! Amazing they thought as he stuck to the diet when they considered him a cop out within the first week based on his eating out re. business ventures etc.Gave him 1 month free because he made it through! He didn’t….he is not the same person he was 3 years ago…even 7 months ago. He is angry, major mood swings, and volatile!I believe this is directly connected to the injections and the sudden weight loss causing an effect in his matabolisam etc. etc. etc. I don’t know what to do outside of my love and patience for him…I am at a loss….

  Questions about the program's progress
Sophie (Verified User)

I started the diet a week ago and I’m down 6.4 lbs. I have another 30 to lose. So far, so good. I’ve found the diet easy to follow, haven’t felt lightheaded at all and haven’t experienced cravings (other than for a chai latte, which I hope to enjoy again in a couple of months). For those that have done the programme – did you find that your weight loss slowed down after the first week or two and, if so, by how much? Thanks!


Sophie i did the berstein diet and LOVED it i lost 77 pounds in just under 5 months and i to love!!!! Chai tea Latte so i drank one every day Starbucks chai tea latte made with the tea bags NOT The condensed syrup and 2 tps of sikm milk and sugar free vanilla !!! Awesome and it doesnt kick you out of ketosis!!!! Good Luck Girl !!!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Sophie. All dieters have different weight loss results. Depending on how long the user stays on the program, and how their body reacts to the lower calorie intake and specific instructions, reflect in the weight loss results.

  Any advise to make this effective
Re-Re (Verified User)

Hi Ladies…

So, I’d like to say it’s going well, but I don’t feel that it is. I am in Keytosis and have been since day 2 or 3… I have only cheated twice (I had two cups of coffee instead of one), I do not eat any of the bread substitute and I only eat 1 fruit/day…

You’d think I’d be doing well… but I’m not. I’ve been on the diet 7 weeks and I’ve only lost 20 lbs.

The Nurses are stumped; they say it’s water retention, or cycles, or ‘just my body’. They think I’m doing well (according to the keytones).

The Doctor is equally stumped – she has taken away anything/everything that’s yummy (crystal light, soya sauce, all processed foods, beans) but she doesn’t know what’s up either. 🙁

I suppose 20 lbs is no laughing matter but it’s supposed to come off waaaay faster than this.

I’m v. close to bailing.

🙁 Wah.

Words of encouragement anyone?


Ah Re-Re!! Don’t give up. Let them figure out what’s going on … plus they’ll treat you free if you don’t lose at least 10 lbs a month — when you’re on diet. I’d say stick it out to see if they can figure it out.

Plus, 20 lbs in 7 weeks is no laughing matter!! I’m in my 7th week now and I’m not that far ahead of you — only at 26 lbs … so really, you’re not that far behind.

Keep your head up and best of luck. Keep us updated.


You’re sweet! Thank you for your encouraging msg.

Met with the Doctor Wed. She said my body was “peculiar” (haha) because of the water retention issue. Said she’d call Dr. B himself.

I’m waiting for her to come back with something before I go back. No sense in wasting shots if there’s something else going on.

I haven’t given up (yet). 😉

I’ll let you know what happens.

BTW – YOU are doing awesome! Keep it up!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All dieters have different weight loss results, and lose weight at different times. Some dieters lose the weight faster/slower than others; it just depends on many factors.

  Thinking of trying it again
Tony76 (Verified User)

Hi Everyone! 34 year old marl. Did Dr.B many years ago and lost 100 lbs, then moved over to LA Weight Loss to loose my last 40 lbs. I went from 330 to 190 in roughly 1.5 yes. Kept it off for nearly 4 yes, but recently gained back 40 lbs. Thinking of coming back to Dr. B diet – very nervous. Just want to loose this 40-50 lbs. Thinking of calling to be consult tomorrow!


Go for it Tony! I’m in the same exact position and I’m calling today. I lost 80lbs with Dr.B about 8 years ago. I’ve kept it off all this time but recently gained back 40 lbs, just like you! Let’s do it now before the numbers creep up even more…40-50 lbs comes off in 3 months, that’s nothing!


Good luck Tony!!!

  The flavors are amazing!
CMM (Verified User)

Been on the diet for 6 weeks and lost 20lbs…but had to cheat a half dozen times…still burning:)
A couple of tips for meals:
1)To make more dressing for your big salads…puree some of the tomato/onion..mix it with your allowed T of salad dressing and add lemon juice if needed…makes the salad much more appetizing.
2)Cut up a cauliflower/broccoli and cook in chicken broth. Puree for a nice soup (must measure everything for correct serving size.
3)Make many servings at once.
I slow cooked chicken/veggies in my slowcooker. The flavour is amzing all cooked together. Measure out as required.

  Hoping to get great results
Jackie (Verified User)

I am about to start the dr. b diet. I realize that after I lose the weight and go back to my old eating habits, I will gain it back. I am planning on staying on it for several months, losing lots of weight and then switcing over to weightwatchers. For me, I need to lose the weight quickly to stay motivated and thenI will chose something less expensive. I was on Atkins before and lost a lot of weight and then gained it back over a year while eating normally. This diet is better than atkins because you are allowed fruit. :). Being in ketosis is great.. Like any diet, there are pros and cons. They work differently for all people.


That’s the thing Jackie … your old eating habits are what got you here in the first place right?

I think for me the key will be to make this a lifestyle change and not a momentary change in eating habits.

Good luck!!

  Good so far but can be better
Shar1 (Verified User)

Had a rough week. Playing head games w myself so that I can justify my choices. Am eating program food but more than I should and since I am out of ketosis am hungry so snack on almonds or even worse walnuts.Have been “good” for a couple of days now and seem to be back with the K if only a trace.Jn 7 weighed 217 yesterday 202 but only 2lbs of that is this week. I think after the huge drop week 1 my body reacted but the nurses dont see it that way. Also trying to break the 200 mark is a mind game too. Wish me luck for the coming week or rather wish me strength n perserverance. I wish the same to you!


Congrats on the weight loss Shar1. I hear ya on the head games…I’ve been completely on diet for the full four weeks but somehow my K dropped from a +1.5 to a trace +0.5 … thought it may have been my Mazola cooking spray but it’s been about 5 days now and I’m still not burning like I should. The nurse keeps saying that’s fine as long as I keep losing — I’m down to 20.6 lbs and I’m just today starting my 5th week….

My problem is, because I started with such a high weight — I’m on 3 of everything and I keep thinking I’m eating too much lol — I don’t even have my misc items … only 1 tbsp philly and 1 tbps balsamic vinegar a day…

Ok, 2 packets of splenda at most but nothing else, no jello, rarely a broth … and tons of water.

Here’s to hoping.

Hope all your journeys (yours Shar1 and everyone else’s) are going well.

  Would this really help me?

I weigh 162 pounds at the moment..i want to lose 30 pounds..I know i could do the healthy way but im tired of the gym scene, tired of working out..i want results fast..will this bernstein really help me..like seriously in a month how much will i lose? i am sooooooooooo confuseddddddd


You will lose 16 – 20 lbs for sure if you stick to it and stay 100% strict!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Nazia. All dieters have different results and lose weight at different paces. There is not an exact weight amount a user can lose, or exact time frame they can lose it in.

  Secret way to lose weight

OK… does anyone who’s been on this diet know of a SECRET way to have one (just one) glass of wine and still lose this weight?? I really would like just O N E!!! 😉


Ok, just like the nurse told me … I say this in encouragement Re-Re … one glass of wine is not worth $160!! 😉

There isn’t a way to have something that’s not on this diet and it not show up when they check for ketones! Trust me … it even messed me up to have extra mushrooms lol it kicked me out of it….

As for me, one month down this week and 19.6 lbs so far. I have to figure out how to go back to a high burn because that’s when it was coming off much faster.

How’s it going for you?



  Able to lose weight
Shar1 (Verified User)

Just realized there are two Shar’s on here so to clarify Shar1 is the one who lost 140lb regained 40 (actually closer to 50!!!) and has restarted. Lost about 14 lbs this time around but really messed up this week as was drinking roobios tea all week and just discovered (who doesn’t read lables?) that it is fruit tea. So of course I am out of ketosis and lost zip. Boy my body reacts to all sugar in a big bad way. Good Luck all.


Thanks Shar1, the posts take so long to come up that I didn’t realize there was two of us.

  Very effective for my wife
Kurtis (Verified User)

My wife has been on this dr b diet for a month, she is down 25lbs and is doing great! As for me i am doing it with her but without the shot, i take my mens 1 a day daily and over the counter potassium pills. In just under a week i am down 8 pounds…I havent once felt sick or dizzy and i am excercising every morning. Think of it this way…I eat 6 egg whites in the morning, half an apple and some blue berries, i have a large salad with peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes for lunch, snack again with some fruit around 330 and then dinner! Its all about moderation…if you cut the crap from your diet and eat moderately you can lose the weight even without the program…cut out the pop and only drink 1 glass of diet anything a day and you will see similar results. No one has ever said dieting is easy but you have to look at the end goal and make your own opinion…personally i have a goal of 30 additional pounds…take me down to 190…to everyone else who is doing something to keep in shape, keep up the great work and take it one day at a time!


YOur encouraging. I am going to try the low carb healthy eating on my own with a Vitamin B supplement and keep excercising everyday. Interested to know how your journey compares to your wife’s.

  Hard, expensive but really works!
Victoria (Verified User)

I lost 27 lbs on Bernstein in 2003 in about 5 1/2 weeks. I started back just over a week ago (stopped smoking last year and gained 29 lb – ouch) and I am finding it just as fast and amazing as the first time! Dropped 8 lb in the first week, and hoping to get the rest off in 6 weeks or less.

Yes, it is hard. Yes it is expensive. The main thing is it works, if you can be disciplined and follow it. It’s obviously not right for everyone, but for me it is perfect.

  Office Feedback

I went inside one of the offices and the lady there was SO BIG. not a good look.


I agree with Re-Re, that is very unfair, no one knows anything about someone elses life until they walk in their shoes. Is the person who works at the Porche dealership expected to buy a Porsche just because they work there?


That’s awfully judgemental and, rather mean to boot!

Many people have weight problems (I guess you’re not one of them) – they try and try to deal with them… maybe she is trying; maybe she isn’t – that’s her decision.

As for me, I’m trying and the size of the nurses in the clinic have no bearing on my success. What does matter however is their knowledge about the diet and their incredible positive attitudes. For those – I am thankful.

Personally, I’m glad that their hiring decisions are not based on body size.

Be happy Tish… whatever size you are.

  Diet is okay but hoping better results.
Re-Re (Verified User)

Yaay… I have company. 🙂

So… sticking to it completely but not a good week for me. Only lost 2 lbs. They say I’m retaining water – so they took away the only things I have that make the 2 L of water bearable (no Crystal Light) and mt food taste ok (no salt); can you say BLAND?!

Oh well… still thinking positive. The diet is Ok. Hoping for a good week.

If I do as well as you Shar…I will be delighted. You should be proud of yourself – that’s awesome!

StartingNew – how was your week?



Hey Re Re and Starting New:
Started back at 216.8 and was 202.6 as of Wed. Ok, I did eat a little extra b4 I went back (so who has an eating probelm?). That is prob why I have such a big drop. It is no easier this time around, prob even harder cause I am loosing the same lbs again. I like decaf tea on ice and I always like tea and coffee w/o sugar so that is a plus. I can never eat the fruit, or jello or anything cause my body thinks its all sugar and I don’t go into ketosis which makes one rather hungry on this diet. All I get to eat is veg and protien (lots of chicken for me). Bonus about excercise is IF I’m hungry I get an extra serving of protien – never thought of chikcen as a reward before but whatever works. Good Luck to you both. Keep in touch.


Well Ladies… I’m doing OK. Not better than that though. I lose SLOWLY. I’m in ketosis – have been since day three or so and haven’t wavered a bit. BUT – first they told me I was retaining water so I’m up to almost 3L/day (ugh). Now they’re saying that because I’m a vegetarian, it’s harder because the only protein I get is starchy.
Anyhow, it is coming off… I’m about 14 lbs lighter for 3 1/2 weeks. I’m just waiting for someone to notice 🙁 OR for my clothes to feel looser.
I’ll keep waiting…
StartingNew & Shar… keep it up and keep in touch! 😉


Hi Re-Re!! Stick to it … once you figure out the combination of foods it will start coming off. I started strict from the start — max of 2 packets of splenda a day maybe two to three times a week and no jello and only 2 misc items a day …

I have to say though b/c of my weight, I’m on 3 of everything a day so it’s been not that bad.

I started a week ago Monday and today I’m at 12 lbs lost … so amazing for the first week + 2 days.

They said that it will at some point even out and not to expect this all the time lol it should average itself out to about 3.5 lbs a week.

I figure as long as I’m burning (ketones) than I should be fine! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

  Want to try the diet again!
Shar (Verified User)

Lost about 140lbs last year and have gained back about 40 lbs in the last six months. I started playing head tricks w myself and slipped into baaaaad eating habits. Have joined a gym w my husband and have spoken w my clinic re coming back. Plan on being their next Tues to start the program again. It worked before so I am hopeful it will work this time. This trip I really need to find a path for post diet. Wish me luck.

  Lost weight but with side effects
True Story (Verified User)

Did the Diet… Lost 120 LBS and my gallbladder with in 23Months.
Theres always a price to be paid for every “quick fix” in life… if you cant loose it slowly then dont fool yourself, your going to gain it back or Yo-Yo regardless of what this diet teaches you. You have to be crazy to think 2-6 or even 12 months of eating “healthy” is going to break your old eating habits! it took you X years to gain that weight and its going to take you at least 25-40% of that time to “change your life” whats upsetting is that the DR. B can prevent stones from forming on this diet if he just gave the patients medicine, just as he gives to prevent kidney stones, bile salts are not cheap and would increase the cost of the diet more, but wait till there are enough people who get sick from this… then watch who ends up paying for the externalities of this diet…

  Lost weight but had side effects
tk (Verified User)

I lost just over 100 lbs on this diet. I also lost half of my hair, had gall bladder attacks and developed gallstones and ended up with fatty liver disease for the rapid weight loss. I was encouraged to keep on going when I was reporting my extreme hair loss. 2 years later my hair has grown back and I still suffer from the consequences of doing this diet. Beware, It does work…I gained most of my weight back, as do most. They make sure they kick you out before you ruin their statistics. They provide no support for the real issues that come up surrounding weight loss. And the part about being medically supervised is a complete joke. They wisk you in and out of those offices it would make your head spin.

  Not so bad!
Re-Re (Verified User)

Hey… anyone else out there doing Bernstein? I’d love some company…

Week One done… not so bad! Lost 4lbs. 😉


I started this week. So far as of Wed 5.4 lbs down. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Good for you Re-Re, I am at one month and lost 19.8lbs. Keep going, the first week is the hardest. But if you stick with it you’ll see the results.



I just started on May 30th. So far since my consultation (which was last Thursday) I’ve lost 5.4 lbs.

So today is my first day and I’m still feeling the hunger. Will be mentioning it to them on Friday.

Fingers crossed that this works for me. I put on the weight because of medication and nothing else seems to have worked. I’ve tried WW, Nutrisystem, LA Weight Loss, naturopaths, personal trainers, boot camp, weight loss doctors … nothing has worked. I get stuck in a virtual yo-yo with the same 6 lbs.


Good for you Re-Re
I am at 4 weeks today and came in 19.8 lbs lost as well as inches. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

  Just signed up and will see results
Re-Re (Verified User)

I just signed up (yesterday) and will be starting on Tuesday. I’m very nervous… Thanks to everyone who posted their successes and tips… I’ll check back here regularly for others’ stories and will share my experience. Hope it’s positive!! 😉

mommy of 4

Singer – can you tell me who in Vancouver you see that prescribes the hcg? I am in vancouver too.

  Loose some weight
NancyJ (Verified User)

My daughter went on it twice, lost her weight but was so crabby. I wanted my Chubby Bunny back. I offered my own version of a diet. Very inexpensive. Just get a pair of handcuffs and leg shackles. Just kidding of course.

  It works but can't stick to it
Jason (Verified User)

You know what, I was on the diet for 2 months I lost 40 pounds and felt great. I went off the diet because it was to expensive to afford on my own, and I started eating the same way and have gained back the weight. The reason is simple. I’ve ignored the diet rules, and the support I got at my clinic was great. Apparently one of the nurses got into trouble for congratulating people for losing weight, when they had a good # on the scale. She was told by head office not to say anything. Which i think is ridiculous. So whoever says their nurse is cold, needs to check themselves and see how they themselves act. If you go in to it acting like an ass, and thinking there’s not point to it, you’ll get treated like an ass. This diet works. But, after wards, can you stick to the program with out the support and monitoring? I can’t. That’s my problem.

  Avoid any sugar and drink water

Hi Mya, you should get right back on the diet keep moving forward and don’t give up. I’m starting again myself and I know what it’s like. But you have to stay away from any sugar whatsoever. The hunger eases as some time passes. Drink alot of water also to give you that full feeling. I hope this helps you.

  Seeking Advice

Alright, so can someone PLEASE help me: I’ve started this diet since last Friday, and i have lost a total of 9lbs. I work in an office, and there’s ALWAYS donuts, cookies….around me! I have lost my motivation to be stricked on this diet. i did cheat– but I don’t know anymore. PlEASE is there anyone that could just give me some feedback on what to do to stay motivated???


Bring in some of that sugar free jello, that should help get you through!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Mya. Make sure to always remember and keep your weight loss goals in mind.

  It totally works for me
Walt (Verified User)

I am a 33 year old male. I started the Dr. Bernsein diet on February 6th. As of March 17th I have lost exactly 40lbs. I started at a weight of 350lbs. I feel better, move better, and my personality and mood has substantially changed for the better. I am no longer tired or sluggish in the afternoon. I don’t feel hungry, except for one time when I cheated and ate a chocolate bar, I had to get myself back into ketosis (a fut burning state) which took 2 days and I was hungry and grumpy during this time. I eat ALOT of food – huge egg white omelettes in the morning. Huge salad with chicken at lunch. Alot of veggies, and meat for dinner. I eat approx. 2 tortillas a day. It is not a high protein diet, it is not a starvation diet. THe results are worth the money, and pound for pound it is cheaper than alot of programs, because it is quicker. The information I have learned about food will change my diet habits for life. In short, carbs, sugars, and salts are very, very bad 🙂 You must limit your intake.


O.K. if you have gone off the diet, then just stop and get right back on track, the longer you are on the diet you won’t feel as hungry if you don’t have any sugars. Hope this helps, I’m trying the diet again and will do the maintenance at the end. Very Key!

  Advice on losing weight

WOW! I have to admit that I have read all of these comments and many many more regarding Dr B’s diet. I am first off gonna say “Congrats to all of you that have had success on this program”. I have been struggling with my own weight issues for a few years now. My situation seems to be different than most of you because all I have to shed is around 25 pounds. Now I know what you all are thinking…why not just do it yourself with a low cal heatlthy diet and an excursive routine???? Yes I agree. I used to even body build back in my early twenties. I am nearly 40 and I have 3 kids. It’s not that esay anymore. I have never had a weight issue. Living as a very slim person your entire life and then hanging on to these extra pounds for the past 6 years is very difficult. A part of me felt guilty, embarrassed, lazy and even a bit stupid yesterday while sitting in my first visit to Dr B’s and sharing the consultation room with another hopeful which weighed for sure over 200lbs. I, like many others who have never had a weight problem thought diets were only for overweight people. Also, the obese person’s mind surely looks at someone like the ‘present’ me and thinks what the hell is she doing here when she could drop that easily in a few months, she doesn’t have the same issues as me. That’s exactly why I sat there in the room almost feeling humiliated that I am there for the same treatment as her. She even said to me when we left that she definitely has a longer road ahead of her than me. Yes she does BUT…When it really comes down to it, aren’t we both there for the SAME reasons? I want my body back! Yes I could be there in a 2 maybe 3 months but in the meantime my state of mind is going into a downward spiral. I am sick of choosing clothes that HIDE my fat rolls on my back, or avoiding pants that accentuate the muffin top love handles that bulge over the waistline, not too mention that my arms look like mini thighs. We all have a figure in mind that we aspire to no matter what size we were or are. Sorry for my long winded speech defending why I am on this DIET. What I am really seeking an answer for is “ALL OR MOST OF THE STORIES AND COMMENTS ARE ABOUT PEOPLE’S EXPERIENCES ON LOSING MANY POUNDS…IS ANYONE OUT THERE LIKE ME WHO CAN GIVE ME THEIR SRORY ON LOSING THAT LAST 25LBS??? I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY ABOUT HOW THEY DID AND WHAT I AM TO EXPECT. YOU ALWAYS HEAR THAT THE BIGGER YOU ARE, THE MORE AND QUICKER YOU LOSE…CAN I STILL EXPECT TO LOSE THIS EXCESS WEIGHT IN 5 WEEKS OR SO?” Please feel free to let me know even if it was a friend who has, even if it wasn’t your experience. I need all the support I can get. You go girls!!!!!


hi im just like u gained 30 after two kids. started dr.b 5weeks ago and have lost 17lb u can do it dont listen to all these negative people. the diet works if u follow it. i wish i well.


What happens when you don’t follow it? I mean come on, life is to live, not to deprive. You can enjoy anything you want within moderation and excercise. Why stay a slave driven counting carbs when you can enjoy some carbs within moderation? That’s just fuel for the body to give you energy to excercise and the carbs are all gone. You may lose weight on Dr. B’s diet but you sure as heck won’t tone. Nothing worse than looking at bones covered by gray colored, saggy skin, dark circles under the eyes and on and on. You may have lost weight but still won’t look good in a bikini. 😐


Well, I just spent 20 minutes typing up a reply to you yesterday and I see it hasn’t been posted. I think I may have mock swore(#$*) so I understand the mods.

Anyway, you will not regret this diet. If you are serious about making a change and disciplined(you would be surprised) you will have great success.

This is more than a diet about the injections. Frankly, I do not think they do very much. It is the accountability the nurses give you. You CANNOT cheat on this diet, the nurses know. It is rewarding to earn their respect, bringing in sample after sample of urine showing ketones.

The nurses at the clinic I go to are not evil like some people have mentioned. They dole out praise sparingly, but enough that you strive to get a comment that inspires you to stick with the diet.

I am around 160 pounds and am on the plan until I lose 30 pounds. I will be able to do this in 8-10 weeks. I will come back here and share with you guys my success.

I did this diet last year but regained about half of it. I do not blame the diet, I have food issues. Hope I have addressed them, and am in therapy to address emotional eating. I do not want to regain once I get there again.

Don’t blame the diet people, it is your actions.

You cannot eat donuts or bread or bad carbs or refined sugar every day and expect to keep it off.

This diet regulates your blood sugar so you don’t crave carbs, once you start eating “just a bit” of the bad foods, the cravings are hard to control.

I have since been told that South Beach or other low carb diets are the best thing after maintenance on this plan.

You can lose weight quickly, and better than doing it on your own. You cannot supplement with oral potassium vitamins and expect to feel ok. Frankly that could put you at grave danger without medical supervision. You need the prescription strength KLYTE tablets or Micro-K to ensure that your electrolytes are normal. You will not feel well when these levels are low. The nurses monitor these levels and adjust them frequently if needed.

Don’t worry about the people in the clinic, they are going on the same journey as you, albeit longer. Although, I admit, I loved getting the dirty looks in my size 2 mini skirt, it was awesome. ; )

Don’t think this diet is just the pills and injections, a big component is the 3x weekly visits. Frankly put, it is a lot more tempting to cheat if you only went to the clinic once a week. You could easily be back into ketosis after a binge in 7 days.

Another thing is, the lower my weight got, the less I could eat to remain in ketosis. I was no longer eating the bread portions halfway through as my losses slowed.

You won’t regret it. What are you waiting for? lol


It’s me Diva! Hi ladies! Thanks for replying. I myself checked almost everyday for a week and got discouraged thinking “Why will no one repined to me?!” Clearly YOU BOTH DID but they were just really slow on the displaying of them.I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your reponses. I need the encouragement. Could you two (Kate and Alexandra) please keep in touch on this site? That way I wont feel alone. I just wish they would post the replies much sooner cuz sometimes we need the sharing moment right then!!! Not a week down the road. So…MY UPDATE!!!

Okay. I started DR B’s on March 14. I’m gonna be real honest here…starting weight 149.8 lbs. March 16th 144.2 March 18th 143.8 March 21st 143.8 March 23 144.0 (That nearly killed me!!!!) But then on March 25th 142.0 and my last weigh in was on Monday March 28th and it was 140.2. So I seem to be back on track. I weigh in again tmrw.

I want you both to know that I have NOT cheated. Not one little bit. Right down to my one very small amount of 2% milk in my 1 very small cup of caffeinated coffee. What you should know about me is that I have a kick ass latte machine that I usually make 1-3 lattes a day with. So this giving up lattes is killing me alone. I am not a chocolate fan nnor most sweets either except bread baked sweets (ya know…cinnamon buns etc) and I do like to enjoy a small bowl of salty chips maybe once a week (usually on weekends). So on the note of not cheating…I had a very weak moment yesterday and indulged in smaller than a bite size piece of some rasperry cheese custard bread thingy from COBS BAKERY and…and…and…and…yup I was punished!!!!! I flipping chipped my tooth on a raspberry seed!!!!! That was Dr B’s way of punishing me for even having less than a bite of something that should never have even remotely been entering my mouth!!!! Never again. I’ve learnt my lesson. Damn the friend who brought it to my house in the first place. None of my friends know I am on this diet. (EXCEPT ONE) I’m feeling kinda weird about being on it cuz they all know I am active enough and strict enough to do it myself. They wouldn’t understand the urgency of me to fit into clothes rather than hiding my fat in them.

I was faced with an event where all the girls (13 of us) meet once a month and everyone must bring a dish. OMG!!! The food at these little bashes are to die for. Spring rolls, warm dips, salty chips, BAKED STUFF and guess what I brought…A VEGGIE PLATTER!!! You guessed it! NOt only did I eat only veggies, while all the gals were indulging on vino ( MY FAVE BEING ZINFANDEL) I brought Perrier and added some Crystal Light and fresh limes for zest and garnish. I had to laugh soooooo hard cuz they all thought I wasn’t drinking “for Lent”!!! Lol !!! I didn’t say yes or no. Thant was funny!

So anyways, back to the point (Clearly I am writing all my thoughts as they hit my head). I’ve been drinking nearly 5 litres of water a day (with Organic lemons squezed in to it) and sticking to the exact grams of everything. I have actually made a lot of onion soup ( recipe book, page 29 using sweet Spanish onions) and it is o good if you make it the night before. Also I’d like to share a recipe that I invented that I have had 4 times already. Turkey cut up into many many little pieces, and medium fine chopped onion, peppers and mushrooms. sauté together for about 20 minutes. Do not drain. Then add the Teriyaki Recipe from in the book (low sodium soya, liquid twin sugar, garlic powder, onion powder and fresh garlic) bring to a bit of a medium boil and then simmer for 30 minutes. For the last 10 minutes add celery (for crunch). I use this as a filling in-between butter lettuce like a wrap. It’s soooooo delicious. I a enjoy it so much that I almost feel like I cheated. If anyone wishes to share a recipe…that would be great.

I have lost nearly 9 1/2 pounds and still have at least 15 to go. I’m sticking to it. I’ll keep updating you all on my progress. I love the support!

Thank you for listening to my babbling. Who else can I really talk to that can relate?


Seriously, if you are a disciplined person, or a perfectionist, this is a great diet.

You have to plan to pretty much stop eating the way you are currently. Don’t think of it like a starvation diet, because it really isn’t that simple. It is a scientific process, being in ketosis, where you literally pee your fat out. People end up with gall bladder problems sometimes because their gallbladder cannot handle the amount of fat released from the body.

I have been an emotional eater, and the first time I did not deal with my issues. I felt awesome at 130 pounds and didn’t do maintenance. Half my weight came back. I am on it again. Sure, it can be an expensive lesson but the money is not an issue for me. I do not blame the diet one bit. The people who blame the diet for regaining have issues of their own to blame for the regain. Be honest with yourselves!
I do agree that medical issues can be caused by this diet(namely potential gallstones), but being fat is just as bad, you are still a ticking time bomb.
Anyone can start a diet, but it is so hard to see it to the goal. The nurses provide accountability, you do not want to cheat. They dole out praise lightly, but it is done often enough, that you strive to hear it again from them.

Do not deviate from the diet is my only advice. Once you start cheating, it honestly makes the diet so much tougher. Not to mention, it stops ketosis, and you lose almost a week and 150 bucks to get back into ketosis. I can do without the headaches and achy feeling I get before I get into ketosis.

I have 30 pounds to lose to get to 130. You will probably lose 8 pounds in the first week if you eat normally before you start. If you are low carbing, your glycogen will already be depleted and you will not probably not attain a 20 pound loss in the first month(14-15 maybe) unless you are male.

Don’t think that one cookie or a taste won’t affect the diet. You upset the ketogenic process and will totally F&*k up your progress. You will hate yourself if you cheat. It is not like going over your points on WW, this will really, really set your weight loss back on the diet.

There is a Dr B forum with recipes and support that helps too.

Good luck, I do not think you will regret it if you choose Dr. B


Yes, If you do it WITHOUT cheating I promoise you it will probably even take you only one month.
I had to lose 30 pounds and it took me 4 weeks exactly!
i’m so happy, and proud of myself.
Altough, I was SUPER strict. I had 200g daily of chicken 2 fruits a day and 450g of veggies. NO BREAD! i know crazy, but its the truth. whenever i was hungry I’d take a gum. and drink crystal light.
Bottom line, do it, its worth it, I loved it, oohh and just to maintaince for one month, that’s what i did, i didn’t want to spend money on one year maintance, i payed ofr one month, and now i watch my portion control, I exercies 5 timesa week (i have 4 kids-haha)
Enjoy your expirience, DON’T CHEAT, IT’S NOT WORTH IT I SWEAR!
Good luck, 🙂

  It works but too pricey
Ava (Verified User)

Hello, I’ve been on this diet about 4 times, i loose the weight, then gain it all back. I’ve now took a break from the Dr. B diet, (it’s been one week so far) I’m thinking of going back this next week; cuz i’ve gained some…hahah and I’m scared the nurses will bitch at me.
I love this diet, cuz i do SO GOOD on it, then i’m craving EVERYTHING in sight. I swear i used to NOT like chocolate, but now it’s all i crave.
I hope that the 5th time will be the last for me. I don’t want to keep dieting all my life.
I do recommand this diet, it really works, but it’s only a a rip-off for $599 (month) or $1123 ( 2 months)

  It didn't work well for me
Jennifer (Verified User)

I am currently doing the DB diet. I have lost 30 pounds and have another 25 to go. However, I am stuck at the same weight now for over a week, is this normal?

mabel scott

Hi.. the same thing happened to me. I went off the diet totally for 5 days and went back on it.. and bingo. lost 6 pounds right away. So I lost the 2 I had gained and then another 4. Since then I have starting losing quickly again. and have adjusted the goal weight based on how I look and feel. So instead of going for another 30 lbs which thay are saying is the goal.. I am stopping at another 10 pounds.. to do more would be unhealthy.

On the weekend passed I ate 2 things that are not on the diet.. gained .4 of apound and then lost 3. So I was not unhappy and felt that I had a treat. Good Luck.


Jennifer, I am experiencing the same thing. My weight stayed the same for a week, then a 1.5 lb drop, then again the same for a week. ARGHHHH!!!! It is very frustrating. It’s difficult to stick to the diet when you are not seeing the results!!


Hi Trina….like I said before I was stuck, then I finally dropped like 2,8 pounds, so I hope I don’t get stuck again, it happens from time to time, but your body has to let go eventually, I am so happy with everything, I haven’t cheated once…very proud!! Best of luck!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jennifer. All Dieters have different weight loss results. Some users achieve faster/slower results depending on body type and many other factors.

  do your own injections

How much B6 and B12 do you need to do your own injections??


The injection should be 35cc of B6 and 35 cc of B12 making it a total of 70cc. This is according to a former nurse.


Please note… The amounts you have here are WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is .35 B12 ,and .35 of B6 Equals .7 total being injected

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. For program information and detailed instructions, please refer to the Dr Bernstein official website.

  why exercise is not recommended

I’m confused as to why people say they were starving on the diet. How can you be starving after having six egg whites, 2 Pita’s, 1 soy burger, 2 fruits, 1 jello, 2 servings of vegetables and 8-10 glasses of water. Yes what I am confused abt is why exercise is not recommended. If anyone knows the reason please let me know. I think it’s because our body loses potassium while exercise and Dr b’s programs use potassium to burn the fat. But is that healthly. That is my concern. Everyone is worried abt the injections but my concern is the potassium. Please help me figure this out because I really want to start the program.


I’m a nutritionist, have been over weight in the past and lost “fat” on a 1600 calories a day. When calories are restricted more than 500 calories below your maintainace level, what you are mostley losing is muscle. So that would make sence if there isn’t really an exercise compoinent to the program. Exercise burns calories, so if your not eating enough to suport the energy, your body has to get the energy/calories/ food some were!! So your body cannibalized It self, eats the muscle to get the nutrition the body needs. The body is very resorceful, it will do what ever it takes to survive!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Due to the possible low calorie intake and injections, exercise is sometimes not recommended. All users are different and have different effects, so make sure to consult with your physician before use.

  experienced negative side effects
Billie (Verified User)

I’ve been on the Dr. B diet for 4 weeks now and I’m down 17.8 lbs. It hasn’t been easy as I love food and this doesn’t allow much. I also felt like I had the flu for the first few days, but it did go away and I’m feeling pretty good now. I only lost 1 lb this past week & was pretty disappointed so I hope the next week or so will start showing some results again. It’s not cheap, but if I can get rid of the first 40 lbs, the last 10 or 20 won’t seem so far away. I think Weight Watchers is definitely the way to go as it teaches you how to manage ALL foods so my plan is to lose a “chunk” (pun intended) then finish up with WW. I also met with my family Dr. before going on this diet and he told me to “go for it”. He has several patients that are either on it currently or have been in the past and none of them had experienced negative side effects.

  people, be careful
mary (Verified User)

I started Dr Bernstein diet one week ago and had health problems from the first days, among them : terrible headaches, stomach aches and at the end of this week, I had terrible pains in my intestine. In one sense, I was lucky to have these problems at the beginning. I stopped immediately. I think the pills combined with the injections are unhealthy plus the fact that you reduced the calories. I also noticed that a lot of ingredients prescribed are fat free but very rich in salt which may cause high blood pressure and cardio insufficiency. So people, be careful!!!

  Bernstein to help keep me motivated

I have not tried Bernstein, but am considering it in the future. Right now though, I am trying to start with making better food choices – eating healthy food more frequently throughout the day rather then barely taking the time to eat during the day and basically binging at night. I have lost 7lbs in the last week, so am pleased that just a few changes are showing results. However if (when) I plateau, I may try Bernstein to help keep me motivated.
My question is not really about Bernstein, but just rapid weight loss in general. How many of you lost 100+ lbs and had a real problem with saggy skin? This is my greatest fear . Of course I am flabby all over now, but being thin and having a ton of loose skin really freaks me out!

100% marketing driven

What people need to understand, is that these type of diets are 100% marketing driven. Guess what? If you exercise, eat healthy, you will loose the exact same amount of weight. The injections do nothing to speed up weight loss….your loosing weight because you are eating healthy and excersising….not because your getting some BS injection. Eat healthy, excersise….save your thousands of dollars!

Sophie Smith

The most intelligent comment on this forum.

  Dr. Bernstein Diet

ashley, how are you doing this on your own,i would also like to know1

  Dr. Bernstein Diet

Maya,,,,,why not sue the sob????

  DrB and it is working
NewStart (Verified User)

I started the DrB diet jan 25,2011 the main reason for me are underlying medical conditions 1)diabeticII 2)depression. After April 11 I will have no medical coverage and with my insulin @ 200/mth not to mention the other 3 I just cant afford it soooo I decided to try DrB and it is working, I have already been taken off 2 of my diabetic meds cause my sugar levels have stabilized…im happy about that…yet the diet is strick and requires commitment on my part and I am committed. I am eating healthier now, but I realize that this is just the start…after the diet…I must be vigilent in my eating habits-eating healthy and regular exercise must be incorporated in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle….so I have been proactive in my journey and I will be incorporating fitness and a dietician when I have reached my goal to maintain it….I am investing in me! yes it is expensive, but so are meds for life and time off work for obese related illnesses. The diet may not work for everyone but I guess that is why you will get exactly what you put into yourself….and operative word yourself! this is about me, me and me. Not DrB he is an ends to a means to kick start my way to a healthier lifestyle….makes me wonder what are some of the motivating factors that push ppl to this diet? how society says you should look? a dress you want to fit in for a special occassion, the guy or gal you want to catch? I researched many other alternatives to weight loss for over a year so I did not make this decision lightly, bonus for me is, I have no gallbladder to lose, but I have other worse medical conditions to gain if I do not take charge of my lifestyle and change for the better. Good luck to those who want to make a healthy lifestyle change and thanks to all who have shared there experience whether it be good or bad. Cheers!

  Thank you all for sharing
NewStart (Verified User)

I started DrB January 25th…I am 44 this year and have underlying medical conditions …namely diabeties, I was on 3 diabetic meds now I am on only one…my main reason for doing this is this…I can not afford insulin(200/mth)plus the other two I was taking. I decided that I will try DrB…thus far I am pleased( only one week) but time will tell…I enjoy, and have learned in just (one week) easier ways to prepare delicious meals, also lets face facts…in North America..we do not know what proper proportions are…most times we sit down to eat, we are eating 2-3 meals in one sitting. I have heard both good and negative about the diet and I plan to continue…this diet is not for everyone…but it is for me. Thank you all for sharing

  weight back are just stupid
george (Verified User)

ok.. I just want ti be quick… all you need to do this diet is … all that NO shugars, carbs… u go to ur local drug store u ask them for vitamin B12 and B6 the liquid one, u get a niddle, u mix the two, half of b6 and half of b12 ( one is red one is white) then u inject urself 1ML per injection, usually niddles come in 3ML ..and u can do it safely 1 injection every 2 days. That will bust your body from burning the normal 2500/3500 calories to 6000/6500 per day. you dont have to take their pills, because those are replacement for ur calcium intake( no milk allowed in the diet) and multy vitamin intake pills( do not use Centrum not good they dont disolve fast enough ). Ive done the diet with the money from 225 pounds I got down to 200, then I did it by myself and I lost another 20. Ive stopped and over the holidays I ate like a pig, and gained 10 pounds. im at 178 right now and im trying to get to 160 in about one month… I haven’t spend as much as I would if I did it with DR bernstein… vitamin b12 $7cad and vitamin b6 $70 and it will last u for about 6 weeks. but stick to your diet, and the people that gain the weight back are just stupid… THINK ABOUT THE PAIN U PUT UP WHEN U WENT TROUGH THE DIET IN THE FIRST PLACE. sorry for my bad english …


I purchased the liquid b12 but my drug store said they can;t get the liquid b6, strange.


Where do you inject the needles?

   good work
Not surprised?! (Verified User)

Heard similar things thru the grapevine. You’re brave to bring this out into the open … good work! Interesting how “profits blur the medical oath – do no harm”. Thanks for being so honest & for this forum!

  didn’t like it at all
DON'T Do IT (Verified User)

You bet, a ton of hair has fallen out; but there are even more serious medical problems – permanent ones! Like the need for corrective surgery (gallbladder removal). My surgeon is appalled that Dr. Bernstein is still in business, given how many patients he has had to fix from this diet. Oh yes, hopefully you won’t get the accompanying abdominal pain & throwing up; hair loss pales to this horrible experience. Stop before this starts, please!

  Wouldn't they be nicer to themselves
Tara Frenette

A lot of the people posting have lost the weight but find the service crappy. If staff were writing these “positive comments” wouldn’t they be nicer to themselves? I am seriously considering this as a short term solution for losing 40 or 50 pounds. At 215 moving in the gym is brutal on my knees, shins and other joints. I don’t have 6 hours a day to exercise like they do on the biggest loser and i am on Thyroid meds. An hour in the gym zaps every last drop of energy from me. I just want something that will work and I don’t believe that someone who has never been fat, will ever understand what this is like!

  help me now
Dinah Billard (Verified User)

Hi I have tried the diet in brampton ont and the results were great. I now live in stephenville nl and was wondering if there is any way you could help me now.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Dinah. For Dr Bernstein locations and inquiries, please refer to the Dr Bernstein official website for more information.

  I have alot of concerns over this diet.
Mike Swainson

I have alot of concerns over this diet.

1 Your only eating 700 to 900 cal a day..

2 The Vitamin Injections will mask your hungriness, due to the fact it will give you energy.My opinion is its just a cash grab.

3 Your metabolism is going to plummet and your hormones will be all screwed up.

4 What happens after your off the diet and you balloon up to a higher weight due to the fact you will be eating normal again.

5 For example a 40 year old woman needs 1300 calories a day just to function.with no exercise.

6 You will see a good weight loss in the fo
irst couple weeks, you do with all diets

7 There are much safer ways to lose weight out there and to continue with a healthy active lifestyle.

8. Anybody who wants to try this please see a licensed personal trainer to get some sense talked into you.

  Dr. Bernstein Diet
annon (Verified User)

I was on this diet last year (2010). I had the exact same symptoms that you had. I lost lots of weigh the first month and then a little less in the following months, I lost 40 lbs overall. I reached my ideal goal that was 127 lbs at 5’5″. However, I looked and felt sick to the point that everyone around me got worried about me and asked me if I were ill. I got off the diet, and have gained 15 lbs since last year, and I eat healthily and exercise. This diet made my skin look grey, and my hair fall out like crazy. You are right that PA supplements are never discussed as a potential danger. As my family physician (who urged me to get off this diet) told me: Too much Potassium poisons your body, and my grey skin, and constant nausea were the result of too much pa in my body.

  I am having galbladder attacks
full of questions?? (Verified User)

I have lost 30 lbs on the diet, very close to my goal weight, I have gained 6 back in 2 months. But now I am having galbladder attacks and am very sensitive to certain foods. Getting ultrasound next week but the pressure under my right rib is very uncomfortable all the time. Just wondering if this has something to do with the diet. I was scanning here to see if anyone else has had any problems after the fact.???

Serious Caution advised

You’re not alone my friend; I experienced the same thing (after -35 lbs) & now have surgery scheduled for gall bladder removal in two weeks. The attacks are excruiatingly painful; i hope this won’t happen to you, but i know of several former B dieters that have unfortunately followed the same route to surgery. Also, my surgeon has many patients from this program. Please stop this diet before it gets worse, & believe me it does! Wishing you well, good luck!

Gallbladder Issues

I agree – the Dr B diet also led to gallbladder attacks for me.

  Physicians aren't taking a stand
Elizabetta (Verified User)

Hi everyone,
I have tried this diet, I did not lose even though it showed clearly that I was burning Ketones. I still continued, when I inquired about their guarantee(If the client is burning ketones, but didn’t lose 10 Lbs. for a month, its free until the client loses 10 lbs), they became sooo rude and next visit they cancelled my membership, so I lost my money for nothing.
I am wondering why the college of physicians aren’t taking a stand.

  Stay healthy and fit
Franny (Verified User)

Good for you Dianne! I too want to live a long and healthy life, that is why I decided to go on this diet. I’m not going to lie to you, it is a very hard diet, but it works if you follow it. This is my second time around. I had originally joined last year this time. Lost 30 pounds, looked amazing, I went off it and gained it all back with an extra 8 pounds to boot! I was so upset with myself because I hadn’t applied what I learned about healthy eating habits. So now, I am back at it again, one week in and lost 4.5 pounds. It really does work if you follow it precisely. There is no room for cheating. Once you do go off the diet, apply what you learned and maintain good eating habits by incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, drink plenty of water and exercise at least three times a week. Of course, you can indulge once in a while, but then go right back to your healthy routine. Stay healthy and fit!

dianne (Verified User)

This is a very good diet- it works and teaches you to eat healthy low fat/low /cal. foods . I have lost 35 pounds and it is still off and I plan to never gain it back- my Cholesterol levels dropped 3 points- some health insurance will cover the costs – check your plans.. I want to live to meet my future grandchildren …. being obese is the cause of most health issues- it is not easy but if you really want to loose – this diet works – wt watchers is good but it just takes so long.. the results are fast and the health benefits are great.. It teaches you so much about how to get those pounds off fast if you gain a bit when your out for those specail events or vacation time when it is very hard to diet.. Good Luck with whatever diet you choose .. we only have one body and one chance to take care of it- life is not a dress rehearsal


Here is a concept. Get some exercise (A gym pass is $20-$30 per month) and eat healthy whole foods and properly portion your meals. I have lost 50 lbs of fat in the last 12 months and not gained a pound back. In addition, I have more energy than ever and have not been sick in almost a year. There are a few reoccuring themes in the above i) the diet starves you ii) all of the weight or more is gained back after iii) injections? come on this is not natural, not healthy and people are spending thousands of dollars. Diets are stupid short term solutions and dont work long term, the goal is to change habits permenantly. Stop eating garbage and start eating natural whole foods and exercising 3-5 times per week. Stop making excuses (tired from work, too busy ect.) I dont mean to offend anyone here but after reading the above I dont understand why anyone would do this in the first place and to spend thousands of dollars to do it is even more bizzare. Sounds like this comapany needs to be put out of its misery. I would bet the only positive feedback above is coming from the branch managers to try and diffuse how people really feel about this crooked company.

christa (Verified User)

Is there a Berstein support group available? I would like to talk to other clients and swap ideas and recipes

  Other problems
debbie goodley (Verified User)

this diet is the worse dieti have ever been on…lets start with the number one thing….. first to be sucessful at weight loss, you have to understand why u are overweight.. for most of us , there is an underlying problem we have to deal with before we even begin to lose weight… have u ever noticed u lose a ton of weight but the other problems are still there… mmmmm. we need to deal with that first to be sucessful…. also at the clinics they dont teach u how to eat… they said tome , when i hit a plateau, oh well cut out your fruit for a few days… My god, i wasnt getting much to eat as it was and they wanted to take my food away from me…take it from me, just join something more healthy and join a good support group.. that will be alot cheaper and u will be more successful… good luck all, and stay away from dr. bernsteins, the only thing u will lose is hundreds of dollars….


Could someone please set out what the current fees are?

Thanks very much.


$169 a week unless you purchase a package.


After the inital consult fee of $315, it will cost approx. $635 every MONTH.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. The program is approximately $600 per month.


Hi Ashley,

How did you know what amounts for the injections???

Where did you find all your info?

Thank you 🙂


In my younger years I was able to do a combination of cardio, strength training and eat in moderation to loose weight. After 3 children, high stress job etc etc. (which may all be excuses) I have found I comfort my self with food, I also have sweet “teeth”, toothis putting it mildly. It is one thing to know what to do and doing it. I am now 45 years old my health is deterioating and one would think that that would be motivation enough but I can’t seem to stay motivated. I would start one week and do well and then fall off again. I have always been told that a healthy weight loss is 1.5 to 2 pounds per week. I have been counting on my past success of loosing weight and my friends telling me that “you have done it before”. My weight is now a whopping 248 pounds and I have been trying to do it again by myself for several years without success. I would start one week, grocery shopping for healthy food, exercise and stop within a week. I thought maybe I need some other motivational factor like being accountable to someone else to get a kick start. I was ready to get this kick start by going on a weight management program by a Dr. P… a program recommeded by a friend. On Dr. P’s program a referral is required from your GP, this program states it is for those who have a BMI over a certain amount and other health issue. I saw my GP on Friday about Dr. P’s weight management program and he was opposed to it. He instead recommended Dr. B’s program. I was quite anxious to get this program started and came up on this site last night and I am quite appalled to see the negative comments in particular about the side effects and to boot the poor treatment for such an expensive program. If this program is in fact healthy and safe barring the reported poor treatment I would be willing to try the program because this would be for my benefit. But I am skeptical because of the reported low caloric intake as commented by one person being 800 -900 cal per day, how can that be healthy? I understand consuming this small amount of calories per day will slow down the metabolism and once regular food is reintroduced in the diet the weight piles on again. I got the impression that some foods will be barred forever. Why would a GP recommend a program that others think is so unhealthy????


I read a book a while back about people who were succesful at weight loss and had kept their weight off for two or more years. They had all tried to lose weight before w varying degrees of success. The final time around they all had one thing in common – “something clicked”. That is how I feel about Dr. B. I have tried everything good bad and in between. I had a very hard time taking off any weight partially due to a bad accident which had me on my ass for two years and partially due to bad habits. W Dr. B I started loosing weight right away and over the following year I lost over 120 lbs. I recently gained 20 lbs and returned to my clinic in a panic. I have since lost 10lbs and plan on having the rest off before Christmas. Keeping the weight off will be something I will have to work at I am sure for the rest of my life but I do not want to weigh 300lbs again EVER. The biggest prob I had was hair loss which I had put down to menopause (I am 52). The doctor at the clinic was asking questions during one of the appts and as soon as she heard I was having this prob introduced omega 3’s and flax oil into my diet. I still have my hair, am healthier than I have ever been and am very happy. There is lots to tell about my experience but this is not the place. My biggest advice would be to pick a clinic if possible where you get the best support – mine on Blair in Ottawa is amazing. The nurses and the docs are super and I really feel like they tweak the diet to work for me personally. Good luck. I hope Dr. B is your “click”.


I turned 50 in January and my goal for my 50th year was to lose my extra pounds. So far, I have lost 5 on my own and I have 30 more to go. I am thinking Dr. B to lose the weight. My thought is to lose the weight, take vit B when I get into maintenance and then join WW to keep it off. Can anyone tell me why this wouldn’t work?


Hi – I lost 60lbs with Dr. B by the end of Sep 2010. I started the program in May. I joined WW immediately to maintain. According to BMI, I still need to lose 10 more lbs and I can see that too. So I plan on losing the last 10lbs with WW and I know I will have to become lifetime member with them. The only way and it’s not so bad. By the way, I was able to maintain the weight I lost with Dr. B for 3 months now.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Gigi. All dieters have different end results. Some users lose the weight at a faster/slower pacer than others.


I did it and lost 50lbs. I am going back to lose the last 20. Yes it is expensive, yest it works, and yes you have to be VERY careful to not gain it back. As far as being unhealthy…I have never felt better in my life. I eat more on the diet then I did off the diet. (More of better quality food). You have to be mature and serious to do this, otherwise you will definately gain it all back plus more.


I was on this diet and lost 50 lbs. The problem was that it killed my metabolism. And as soon as I ate over 800 calories in a day….I put weight on. I had to go on a different diet to teach my body how to burn food again. It was in Starvation mode for so long. It does work….just be careful.


i have my first appointment tomorrow, I am very excited, I have spend 2 hour reading through all the comment and i have conculded that no one disputed, that you do loose weight fast, which is what i want. I feel confident because i love working out and going for long joggs. I just a baby and gained 30lbs and now i want it off to go back to my previous life style. wish me luck.

  My health
jo (Verified User)

I’m going to be 50 yo next month ..I’m done with being fat and I am going to join Dr. B…I know its expensive but that’s my gift to me..my health


I joined at 51 and lost over 100 lbs. I was off program for about 6 months and was doing very well then had some stressful family issues and gained back just over 20lbs so I have gone back and have already lost almost 10 lbs. I know a lot people have negative comments but this diet gave me back my life. If I have to go back once a year to maintain it will be worth it to me. Good Luck on your journey

  vitamin B injecteions

I read someone say they give themselves the vitamin B injecteions….how does one do this? can you buy the supplies? Is it better than just taking a pill?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please consult with your physician before starting this weight loss program. Also, for more information on the Dr Bernstein diet and instructions of use, please refer to the Dr Bernstein official website.

  Staff not guide you in a better way.
m. (Verified User)

the b100complex vitamins will not be as easily absorbed by the body as the injections, so i would suggest you order the vials of b12 and/or b6 at a pharmacy (no prescription required) and find someone who is certified to give you injections. the vials are approx. $10/each, which is A LOT cheaper than $600/month.
I bought 10 ml of B12 injectable vitamin @ pharmaplus for $10. See if your family doctor will administer to you, or find a naturopath…. it will save you thousands in the end.
The staff is instructed not to tell you how much cc’s of b6/b12 is in each injection, but if your family doctor asks for the dose (to update your medical file with him/her), then Dr. B will have no choice but to divulge the information because it is a ‘medication’ that is being administered to you as a patient.


Do you live in Canada…

  This diet is hard and restrictive and it works for me.
Sha (Verified User)

YES! I lost over a hundred pounds w Dr. B last year. I think how positive an experience is is partially determined by the clinic you attend. My clinic is great and the nurses and doctors very supportive and concerned with my weight loss and health. After a year of dieting I got burnt out and did not go thru their maintenance program – my bad. Have had some personal issues this fall and fell off the wagon hard gaining back about 20 lbs. Sooo am back at the clinic to relose that poundage and go thru maintenance. This diet is hard and restrictive and it works for me. It is worth every penny and I have no health issues because of it – I am healthier today because I have lost so much weight. Thank you for your positive energy – it all helps.

  Love this diet and love my clinic.
Sha (Verified User)

Yes. Am also going thru menopause so I believe it was a combo of the low fast diet and insance hormone levels. My doc at the clinic recommended this organic flax oil plus omega 3 tablets. It seems fine now and I have lost over a hundred pounds. Love this diet and love my clinic.

  It is not a permanent solution.
Your all grown ups (Verified User)

It funny about all the complaints about Dr. B.
1. When anyone chooses to pay for a program it is because they don’t have the will power on their own to loose the weight. ” put you money where your mouth is” right?
2. The plan works and give you tools to take with you after to keep up the weight loss and/or maintain the weight.
3. Once you have reached your goal (with much sacrifice)You have what it take to inter grade what you have learn to make it a part of your daily life style.
** Let’s be real! It is not a permanent solution, and does render result. It is a tool to make work for you what did not work before.

I did Dr. B because I had chronic fatigue and my GP would not acknowledge that I did. This developed because I gained about 30lbs in 2 months because of some med prescribed- I would fall asleep at stop lights. I lost the 30lbs in 9 weeks and I was back to normal, even my arthritis and back issues were no as prominent.
** Sometimes we have to deal with cold and uncaring people who have the things we need, and in doing so we mush remember in all that the goal is that we have to take care of ourselves and use whatever knowledge we get from one or a few sources and tweak it to our needs.
** If you fell of the diet plan, jump back on (you don’t need to go back to their offices- buy the vitamins B tablets). ****
Take some of the blame for your health ( that may be hard for some to hear- but that’s life).
Be and think positive about your health.

  It's a lifestyle change.
diane (Verified User)

I lost 46 lbs on Dr.B diet. I’m on maintenance and doing great. I feel great, my confidence has increased. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s expensive, but if you can afford it, it is so worth it.
The appointments are short and the staff really get you in and out. I was in both the Scarborough clinic and Airport clinic and the staff there are phenomenal. I was really impressed with how amazing his staff are. I hope Dr. B reads this.
You have to commit and put in some effort but honestly it’s aincredible.
Thanks ladies for putting me back on track.

  This is not a diet it is a life change.
jean (Verified User)

I have been on Dr. Bernstein for a year,took a break for the summer.Wanted to have alchohol.Went back in September and have 1 week left.I have lost80 pounds.I am going to do 2 months of maintanence.All i have to say is all diets are the same,you go back to eatign garbage and wieght comes back,keep eating healthy and results will stay .We all have our opinions and we listen to everyone but in the long run we are what we eat.This is not a diet it is a life change.

  my vote is that it is unhealthy.
frustrated dieter (Verified User)

Dr. Bernstein is a low calorie fast weight loss diet….it is suppose to be a Dr. supervised program. It is s Dr. Bernstein “PUPPET Dr.” supported program. You are unable to get actual medical advise, whatever you question or concern you will be fed a Dr. B. approved statement. I was doing well on the program. Then I read that Ketosis robs calcium from your bones. I was concerned about my bone health and because the basis of the program is going into ketosis (that is what the urine strip test is for) I talked to the Dr. about my concerns (I was sincere in my inquiry not angry not snippy) and instead of answering my ? she attacked me and said I wasn’t doing the program well enough…..WHAT, I just wanted to know about the ketosis issue. One nurse who quit (a nice one, the one I liked) said she quit because they kept hiring LPN’s and calling them nurses. She in fact was the only R.N. in the office and she felt she had some responsibility on her part to not associate herself with the dishonesty. She was also having to make too many of the decisions as the others had no idea.

Anyways there are a lot of strong feelings here but my vote is that it is unhealthy, not truly Dr. supervised and that it will lower your metabolism and make it very difficult to keep your weight off or to lose weight in the future. I would also like to know about the potential risk to your bone health…..but then they refused to answer that question.

  I am going to start this diet next week.

I am going to start this diet next week. I have some friends that have had wonderful results. I am really excited about it. I would rather spend money on losing weight than a new (larger) wardrobe. Thanks for all of your comments – most of the comments are positive and I like that!!

  I am a friend of the 3 brothers that Bernstein used to advertize his program.
Karen Brennen

I am a friend of the 3 brothers that Bernstein used to advertize his program. All of them are fatter then they were before the program. Enough said


than I guess they didn’t change their lifestyle… Enough said…

  Dr. B diet is just fast and very structured.
Happy (Verified User)

I am just starting the fourth week of the Dr. B diet and am very happy with it – but think it will only work for certain people. Yes, I know I have to eat healthy and exercise — but i was struggling doing it on my own and I get really impatient if results are slow. Yes, this diet is a bit “hard core”, but it gets results fast – which helps with my impatience. And going there every other day, just keeps me honest and I find that the structure helps me. I have lost 15 pounds in the first three weeks, and just want to lose another 5 which makes me at the low end of the healthy weight range for my height. Then I plan to crank up my exercise and focus on healthy, clean eating – loads of veggies & lean protein, healthy fats –no sugar or fake food. Just keeping it simple. There are no magic bullets – Dr. B diet is just fast and very structured.


Hi Happy!!! I am new to the Diet and new to EVER writing a review. I posted my own COMMENT today and now responding to a few people whom I feel I could relate to. There seems to be only a few people who are all trying to lose that last 25-30 pounds where as most stories are from people who have to lose double that and more. Now a weight issue is a weight issue so I am not saying that they OR us have it any easier. The calorie intake is a botch no matter how you look at it!!! Lol!!! So I see you’ve let your first 15 pounds in 3 weeks. I am hoping to lose my entire weight loss goal which is 25lbs in 5 weeks if possible. Did you lose what you wanted in the time frame you expected. I always hear that the more you weigh ir have to lose…the quicker it happens. I am scraed that I will hit a stand still and see results that may be discouraging. I am giving myself the 5 week mark and wherever I am at that point…I’m on my own. I should mention that I am presently exercising and still plan to make it a regular routine for my future. I am scared to lose this weight and then watch it creep back on. considering that I am at my heaviest now I can’t imagine not being able to keep it off. I don’t generally have poor eating habits. This has been a bad winter, I’ve been on trips (which means we eat…everything!!!! Ha! ha! Ha! ) and not to mention I have suffered two major losses in my life which clearly has me down and unmotivated. So GIVE ME SOME positive news and tell me that you hav found success on this diet and have had no trouble keeping it off! I hope you are still checking out his site to see my response, Anxiously waiting….

  All in all dr.b,s diet did work for me.
sun (Verified User)

I started the diet on jan. 1st 2008.I was 206lbs when i started .Iwas on the diet for 6 months and lost 76lbs.I weny on the maintenance program for 2 weeks .I had to go back to Africa for 2 months suddenly.surprisingly enough i did not gain any weight weight. I came back here and gained 10 lbs which is not bad.I watch what I eat and try to exercise whenever i can.All in all dr.b,s diet did work for me.This diet is not for everyone.I heard lots negative things about the diet but in the end it was my decision to do it and i am glad i did.good luck for those of you consideing going on it.

  What is the weekly cost

I have 30lbs to loose, and approx. how long will it take me to loose it, & about how much will I spend. What is the weekly cost etc. I’m on a very tight budget. Thanks


Sooooooo….. Did ya go on it? I as well have only 25 pounds to lose and I just started the program yesterday. My first set of injections are Monday. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. It’s nice to see that there are others out there who only have a small amount of weight to lose and that they too have turned or are considering the Bernstein Diet. I need a push…FOR MOTIVATION.


Hey did u you lose ur last 25 pounds..becuz i have to lose 25-30 pounds and im starting on tuesday so nervous to get on this program …pls guide me

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Lynda. All dieters are different in the speed they lose their weight. The approximate price for the program is around $600 per month.

  Best diet ever...
alisbg (Verified User)

Best diet ever…

I have done many diet programs in my life. I am a 30 year old guy who has been suffering from being over weighted since 19 years old.

I did at least 9 different way…I lost weight in all but couldn’t keep it…

With Dr. B. I lost 58 lbs in 2 1/2 monthsI used to be 257… I am 199 …my height is 6 ‘ 3″

Yes the progam is expensive but I think this is a 2nd motivation…hell…who wants to spend a lot of money and eat bad again and gain it back???

somebody said that we are survivours????
of what…. we have more than 700 people in our clinic…and all of them are happy….healthy and losing weight…

if you are tired of weight issues…trust me…this is your answer…


  Stay motivated and focused and you will achieve!
ToriaRae (Verified User)

I’m a Dr.B’s success story… How I view Dr.B’s is simple… Some people go to the gym to get fit… other people need the Biggest Loser to get fit… Some people need weight watchers… other people need Dr. B’s… Is it the extreme, yes… Some people need the extreme so they see their success sooner and will stay motivated… Losing 5lbs a month compared to 25lbs a month kept me motivated and focused. I have lost my 110lbs and have kept it off for 2 years now… because like ALL weightloss plans it is a life style change, not a quick fix… We’re all individuals with individual needs… I wish everyone luck with their life style changes which ever road your journey takes you on… Stay motivated and focused and you will achieve!

Use the common sense that you all claim to have.
Nurse Grammar

Please check your grammar and spelling before submitting your comments. Your posts would be much easier to read.
As for the Dr. Bernstein Diet, it’s simple: you pay a lot of money to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. In all honesty, like any fad diet, it isn’t healthy. However, you will lose weight if you follow the plan, just like with Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Herbal Magic. They are all the same gimic. Dr. Bernstein’s Vitamin B injections are what Herbal Magic’s herbs are to the diet. That is how they claim to be different. Anyone who consumes less than 1000 calories a day will lose a lot of weight, that kind of a diet isn’t sustainable though. We could all save ourselves plenty of money & grief with a simple plan. Less intake, expend more energy. Use the common sense that you all claim to have.

  Losing weight is relatively easy compared to keeping it off.
Mary Gordon (Verified User)

It’s not the fault of the diet that if gained back weight. Name me a diet where this doesn’t happen if you revert to old habits! Losing weight is relatively easy compared to keeping it off. That is the REAL struggle.

  It works but loss my hair.
KarenOh (Verified User)

I did get hair loss–about half my hair fell out. On the other hand, I did go from 326 to 208 lb in about 8 months (then I stopped, and, over 4 years, put on 140 lb, and am now using Spark (free). Have dropped 79 lb so far simply by eating sanely and doing very moderate walking–but it is slower, as that is over 9 months–but I eat about 1600 calories a day).

  are they such lousy doctors that they have to work in some little office seeing weight loss patients?
Clarice Jones (Verified User)

Never saw Dr. B, but saw one of his “physicians”… who are these people.. are they such lousy doctors that they have to work in some little office seeing weight loss patients.. One of his doctors allowed my potassium level to go so high that I developed kidney stones..

  What the heck is that good for?

I see the point in people saying how wonderful this diet is and so on. Yes, I have a friend who rapidly lost the weight, meanwhile, me doing through exercise and proper calorie intake for my weight/size. It drives you MAD and up the wall. I have considered this diet many many MANY times, but came to this conclusion. My friend went on the diet now 3 times, gains back about 10lb more on top of what she’s lost.. and won’t have a ‘piggy out’ dinner once a month; why; cause she’ll gain a few lbs. Now – I sweat my butt off, eat 5 times a day and do not go below 1200 calorie a day. I’m loosing my 1-2lbs a week steady, and when I pig out – I have absolutely no GUILT about it. I know that I’ll work it off the next day. I have all the energy in the world, and she is moody and never wants to do anything.. What the heck is that good for?

  Please don't blame the diet for having your gallbladder removed.

Please don’t blame the diet for having your gallbladder removed. Yo-yo dieting causes gallbladder problems. You said that you went on the diet 4 times, so I’m assuming in between you gained back a bunch of weight. Maybe if you really used the lessons that are taught in the diet you would have maintained your weight instead of gaining it all back!

  I lost about half my hair.
Baldy (Verified User)

YES! ME! I lost about half my hair… and it hasn’t grown back 🙁 Can anyone tell me what to do?


have you tried taking Bari efa? or Omega 3 6 9?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Please consult with your physician to make sure the Dr Bernstein is not interacting with your hair growth.

  i realized that the diet was not for me.
VIVI (Verified User)

I went on the diet last year after i had my baby. I went in at 240lbs and came out at 230lbs. i had to stop b/c it was getting to expensive. but the shocking part was that my stomach blow up so big that i could not understand why. I was thinking that it may had to do with the shots that i was taking in my stomach. anyways i realized that the diet was not for me. my friend was on it and lost the wieght back she keeps goin backing b/c it seems like the wieght is crepping back on her..well good luck to u all that are on the diet

  How dr.bernstein see every patient?

i have one question, how in the heck does dr.bernstein see every patient at every location across canada and us.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. The Dr Bernstein Diet is a medically-supervised weight loss program. At the locations they have nurses that help/see the patients. For more information on the clinics or the program, please refer to the Dr Bernstein Diet official website.

  Today is my first day, I hope this will work for me.
Montreal (Verified User)

Well I’ve been challenged with mu weight since I can remember, I’ve tried several other diets including WW and body for life. I was successful at BFL, but I was in the gym 5-6 days a week… No success at all with ww, 1/4 lbs to 1/2 lbs per week really is hard to stay motivated.

My friend lost 70 lbs since march, she looks great, is not complaining of any of the above listed side effects with the only exception that she has to come to ottawa 1/week.

On my part, I’ve researched the internet and the B12/b6 might really be good for me since I have a the signs of lacking in theses.

It looks strick and I’m sure it will be a challenge, but I have to try it sice I’ve tried everything else. If only my eating habits were to blame, but I can’t say it’s 100% my case since I eat relatively well.

Today is my first day, I hope this will work for me.

  weight loss is much slower
shinystar (Verified User)

hi, i gained 30 ibs during my pregnancy. i have been on Berstein for 7 weeks now and have lost 16.5 ibs…i still have 14ibs more to go..i;ve noticed that the weight loss is much slower this month(in 3 wks i have only lost 3.5 ibs) and its painstaking. I wasnt feeling well last week and gained 1ib back..so do u guys think its worth to stay on thsi diet, if weight loss is so slow..(ALso have NOT being cheating, have been burning ketoses but really slow)

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Weight loss results is different of all users. Some experience the loss faster/slower than others.

  Dr. Bernstein Diet Side effects.
k c (Verified User)

had done this diet in the past and did loose weight…i went down 55 lbs in approximately 4.5 months. what happened besides myself loosing weight during that time? lost hair, got brittle nails, dry skin and was miserable due to the fact that i was consuming almost NO calories while on this diet. did start the diet again last month, however will be discontinuing it!!! why am i doing this??? lets see…the cost…if i want to consume less food, i don’t need to pay someone to tell me that…also, why should i pay a ridiculous amount of money for the vitamin B6 and B12 injections they charge “clients” a fortune for…i can just as easily go to GNC and purchase the vitamin B6 and B12 drops they have there (in doing that, i will no longer have BRUISES across my abdoman from shots…btw, have had one side of my abdoman with bruise on it for a minimum of 2 weeks now…it is NASTY looking, the other smaller one is slowly going away…NO MORE BERNSTEIN FOR ME!!!!! the canadian food and drug administration along with health canada should pay close attention to practices such as this!!!!!!!!!


Curious to know what specifically are the ‘benefits’ of taking these B6 B12 injections? Are the drops just as affective? Can you buy this at GNC? I live in Canada. thanks/ Bunn.


Good luck you can NOT buy these these b vitamins have to be injected.


I too would like to know if these drops can be purchased in Canada but to be honest the shot has two things: it goes right into the blood and i use the prick as a mental reminder of the diet and it helps me keep on track through the day

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. For order inquires or program locations, please refer to the Dr Bernstein official website.

  good luck to all that start this diet.
Cathy (Verified User)

I have been on this program for 1 month.. so far I am down 22lbs.. I need to lose 38 more! I don’t know how ppl can say this is an unhealthly way of eating… I am eating more vegetables and fruit and chicken then what ever have in my life.. Now I guess the ppl that are saying this is unhealthly diet.. are still eating Pizza on friday nights. and pasta tuesdays and don’t forget bacon and eggs and home fries on the weekends .. and thats just the food you cook at home.. never mind all the take out.. no wonder our children are all becoming over weight!..
good luck to all that start this diet.. and just remember if you want a glass of wine or a bite of that burger.. it’s a $160. for a glass of wine or a bite of burger.. is it worth it!!!!!!!
good luck

  Take ownership and get educated about your body

I totally agree with what Carlos has to say. Take ownership and get educated about your body. You know that your liver need to work harder so why not check for gallstones if you already have them and blast them ahead of time.

  I lost 86 lbs in 6 months...
Carlos (Verified User)

Over the past 9 years, this is the 3rd time that I am on the DR Bernstein diet.

The first time around I lost 86 lbs, and did not do the maintenance program once I reached 200lbs (I am a guy). I kept the weight off for about 1 year, but then decided to go back to school, and drinking a lot, and eating a lot of junk food slowly made the weight creep back up, along with no excercise…which is normal for anyone, not just because you come off the diet. I did not make the right choices.

Same thing happened last year, and that was because i never finished, and I cheated a lot on the diet.

This time I have lost about 30 lbs in a month and a half, and would like to lose another 50. I have come to the realization, that once you loose the weight, you need to take at least 3-6 months to really pack on the muscles in order for your metabolism to be faster and not gain weight from eating healthy and normal. And I do take ownership. The diet is great, it is a very healthy way of eating and it is plenty of food.

Ownership does have to be taken, as once the weight is loss, and you still go back to your old “overweight” eating habits (as I have), of course you will gain the weight.


If you can afford it, I recommend to do the diet, stick to it as much as you can (no sense killing yourself if you would like to cheat once in a while), and as soon as you go on maintenance, start with the training and packing on some muscles in order to keep burning the fat.

This diet is not a magic solution and it is a lot of HARD work, but that makes the victory that much sweeter.

I find that DR Bernstein himself is a little bit too strict for my liking, BUT the nurses are great and the structure of this diet (going in 3 times per week) and the high price is what makes it work, because suddenly there is more at stake that say, if you did WW.

Good luck to all and stop hating coz you
1- can’t afford it
2- did as I did in the past and went back to eating all the garbage that got you there in the first place
3- you just dont wanna push yourself to control yourself, which is sad because everybody can succeed at this.



Carlos – you have summed up everything perfectly. I am on Day 2 of the Diet and frankly, I need to break the cycle – go on autopilot and regain control. The diet is strict. Losing weight is hard. I need built in accountability as a motivator and great, fast results to keep me in the game (lost 2.5 pounds overnight!) It would be much easier to not do this diet and to just sit on my couch and continue eating my life away – read the comments – there’s tons of reasons not to do it. For me, there’s only one reason to do it – it works – I have everything to lose and a whole life to gain. I hope I stick it out.


Well you are on round 3 I did no evern get to get through round one and into maintenace. I got kicked out.

  I lost 30 lbs in 2 months
Worked4Me (Verified User)

I’m on the maintenance program now – having lost 30 lbs in 2 months and keeping it off for 2 months now… I feel better than ever, my confidence is through the roof, my family is so proud of me and my husband has even lost 15lbs because of the food choices I make now. The program IS expensive, some insurance companies will cover part or all the costs though, and you are paying for the injections, time and medical supervision and advise from the Dr’s and nurses at the clinic. I was sad to read of the unprofessional manner that Kathy experienced- that was completely wrong, I however attend the Erin Mills clinic and the staff are all wonderful and friendly and very encouraging. If you are looking for some direction, need a guide to follow- assistance to reach your goal when nothing in the past has worked, I would suggest you at least try this program – because (without sounding too silly) you really do owe it to yourself to not make any more excuses and be the person you know you can be, a happier, healthier you. Best of luck.

  what this diet was about?

Someone asked what this diet was about. This is my opinion. When you walk in, the place smells of urine, due to them taking samples from every patient 3 times a week. How healthy can that be? They weigh you at the front desk (in the location I went to) which I find totally inappropriate. You go into a room and get your vitamin B injections, and you get lectured if you haven’t starved yourself enough that day or week. Really!? That doesn’t do anything for my confidence or motivation. I was also told that I could not use this shampoo or that moisturizer or this makeup or that prescription medication in order to be successful at this program. Come on – are you serious!? I still have quite a bit of weight to lose and whether I am educated or uneducated has no bearing on how I gained weight or how I will take the weight off. After two visits to this clinic last year, I can say I will never be back again. Although it is taking much longer for results, I will stick to losing weight the healthy way, which is only by burning more calories than I consume. This doesn’t mean starvation, as that never works long term and weakens your immune system and can possibly destroy your organs. The only “diet” proven to best work long term is eating what you want in moderation and exercising. Don’t deprive yourself of something you really want otherwise you may end up bingeing later. And we all know that isn’t healthy. Good luck to everyone out there on this journey, and be cautious about your choices.

positive experience

I have gone a number of time… initially lost 30 pounds and went up and down a little… when I got out of control(and I stress I) i have returned to clinic to get back into good eating habits… I have never been treated rudely… in fact when I have slipped off the diet.. they encouraged me to try stick to diet for the next week and then i always saw results.. i don’t look like I have lots to loose .. tall but they always were understanding of slip ups and talked about exercise … I always felt like they knew if I cheated it was my waste of money… never belittled me … it is a great kick start for those who cannot lose weight any other way … and I tried

  Product just wasn’t for me
Don'tdoit (Verified User)

DON’T do this diet, what they don’t tell you is the side effets from DrB Diet. Hairloss although temporary it falls out in clumps down the drain. Rapid weight loss causes gull bladder stones and yes removal of the gull bladder. I also had bile duct stones from the liver after this diet. Yes you’ll lose what they say, yes their dr’s there are a joke but you’ll gain the weight and you’ll have more medical issues than you thought of.


regretfully all true. yes, I lost 30 lbs, but also now have gallbladder problems & thinning hair, none of which were pre-existing conditions. Be cautious about proceeding.

  I've lost over 20lbs in a month
Grace (Verified User)

I’ve lost over 20lbs in a month. I’ve been struggling with my weight for a long time too and I’m really glad I am doing this program. I’ve made all kinds of variety of food with what was allowed. I need to lose 50 more lbs and I intend to do maintenace and change my life style along the way. I don’t find it all that difficult and what a motivation and energy I got from seeing myself transformed. I feel sad for thoese who tried and didn’t work for them. I think this is the best program we have out there.

Cheers to all who are sucessful.

  I did lose 130 ibs in 7 months
Chrissy (Verified User)

I was reading this forum and I must say that there is truth in all the statements made. I was on dr B diet a year ago and I did lose 130 ibs in 7 months and I have kept it off. My weight gain was sudden due to the medication I was taking, but never the less I did weigh a lot. As I said I did diet and it did work and I did lose the weight!! YES diet is very expensive and VERY strict, but that is why it works so good and it is very fast! I must say that I did struggle while I was on it, but I did want to lose weight fast and I did. After I was done with diet I did gain 10ibs, but that is to be expected. After the diet I’m following healthy lifestyle and I exercise and I have lost those 10 ibs and now have great figure. So if one wants to go on this diet some things should be clear, you will lose the weigh fast, but it will be HARD and one has to change way of thinking.
I loved this diet and if I had to I would do it all over again, but again that is personal. All the best to all of you!

  I am going to try the Dr. B diet.
fed up (Verified User)

I am going to try the Dr. B diet for 3 reasons… I want to lose the weight fast (and despite negative comments about other aspects of the diet, no one disputes that weight loss is quick), and 2. the high cost might serve as incentive for me not wanting to waste money and 3. the regular visits with the nurses (nice or not) keeps you honest. I also know it’s ME that is respnsible for losing weight, not the structure of the Dr. B diet is what i need right now to give me that “kick in the pants” 🙂 Wish me luck!!


How did you make out? Did you lose weight and keep it off?
I am thinking of doing it too

  Dr Bernstein is not good for you
russo (Verified User)

Dr Bernstein is not good for you i was on it for a while nd have problems with my knee pain and joints and my kidneys
there are a few people in our office and they are having problems this is not good for u
Dr bernstein is makig a killing
looser we are paying so much
well open ur eyes people

  Good luck to everyone!

I’ve read everything everyone has said and it’s all typical. Bottom line is there comes a time when we must take accountability for ourselves. If we eat more calories than we burn we’re going to gain weight. If you want to loose weight you have to either increase your activity level and start burning more calories than you intake or you have to decrease your calorie count…by how much is the question and at what cost! That is your decision. Good luck to everyone!

smart dieter

Not true. It isn’t a simple calories-in-calories-out equation. Eating so few calories puts your body in starvation mode and slows your metabolism. When you start eating more food (even healthy food), your weight will go up. Best bet is to eat moderate, well-balanced diets (including carbs) and to exercise, especially with weight training, which will speed up your metabolism and make it easier to lose/maintain weight. The tough part is that the human body was designed to retain calories and that to lose weight requires the dieter to go hungry a lot of the time, which is really hard to do for anybody!

  This is very unhealthy!!!
curious (Verified User)

Just wondering how many times is too many? Say you lose 60lbs and then put it back on 6 months later, go on it again and then again — to me that is very unhealthy!!!

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. Because of the rapid increase and decrease of weight loss, please consult with your physician before starting a weight loss program.

  Idea of what the diet is all about?

Can someone please give me an idea of what the diet is all about? Thank you.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Vicky. The Dr Bernstein Diet, in a quick summary, is a medically-supervised weight loss program. The program involves reducing your daily calorie intake, eliminating sugars and simple carbohydrates, and taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

  I lost 28 pounds in 6 weeks.
tobeslim (Verified User)

I went on the Dr B diet, never cheated, lost 28 pounds in 6 weeks. They wanted my goal weight to be much lower then what I wanted though, I am 5’7″ and IF I recall they thought 135 was a goal weight. They don’t take into consideration the size of anyone’s frame!! That is important, in my opinion anyway. (Since I have a large frame, I would look ghastly at 135, I was sick years before & lost lost of weight and looked like a walking skeleton at 128 pounds!!) Well, I left the program, watched somewhat how I ate, and then gained inches, not necessarily weight (4.5 pounds in one year)so I went back for a few weeks till my friend told me about these Vitamin B6 & B12 Drops you can buy at GNC stores. She had joined Dr B too, had lost some weight & was looking great. Her & I decided to do the program on our own! Follow the program & take the Vitamin B drops! Well we kept our money in our pockets & the weight off!
It is discipline, I wont deny that, but since we are not paying for the program we allow ourselves little ‘treats’ and go walking together etc.
Friends say that my friend & I both still look great, 3 years AFTER leaving the clinic & paying out the big dollars!! Do I still follow the diet 100%, NO, but I use the food list as a guide for the most part, however I will not have some wanna be nurse harping at me on a Monday morning for eating popcorn at the movies on a Saturday night either!! FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!


I love your attitude and comments. I too am a Dr. B two timer. I was sitting in my living room considering a hat trick. Your post made me think. I lost 35lbs the first time. I lost 45lbs the seconde time (the first 35 again and then another 10). I ate right. I exercised. I kept the diary. I checked the food lists. I drank all the water. I can do it again. They also sell the strips to see to test your urine to see if you’re burning at GNC stores. Screw it. I am going back on plan and not paying my money to Dr.B. The nurses were bitches and the doctor was a cranky old unsupportive man anyway. Thanks tobeslim you help me make up my mind 🙂

  How much of the b12 & b6 in ml?

How much of the b12 & b6 in ml do they give you each visit?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. All dieters have different needs and weight loss goals, so the dosage might be different for each person. For more information on the diet program, please refer to the Dr Bernstein official website for more information.

  I lost weight quite rapidly with Dr. Bernstein Diet
maintaining (Verified User)

I have been on Dr B’s twice, and each time lost weight quite rapidly. Both times I had to stop because of financial reasons. However, I did find the diet easy to follow, and didn’t feel hungry at all. I now am using the food plan on my own, drinking LOADS of water (that’s the key to any weight loss)taking all the vitamins and supplements that were recommended by Dr B’s office, and am losing 2 lbs a week, the health weight loss amount. Dr. B taught me the right way to eat, even though I couldn’t stay on the program for all of my weight loss

  i got excited as i was reading the comments

i got excited as i was reading the comments; n started 2 have second thoughts when i got 2 the negative comments! i have a big event on july 16, and i really need to lose 25 pounds until then! i have been depressed for a while! i walk fast on the tredmil for 2 hrs almost every day and i dance, its not making me lose weight… but its helping me maintain it :s (plus am not eating junk!) …Anyway i have my first appointment for the Dr B diet tomorrow! and i dont know whether to through with it or not!



i am considering making an appointment today…what did you finally decide?

  Diet that restricts your calories to 900/day make you weight lose
Docent (Verified User)

To be honest, any diet that restricts your calories to 900 a day should make you lose weight! Follow the diet and stop with Bernstein! I have met a couple of people on Bernstein and they look unhealthy they’re just bags of skin and they’re shaky and seem like they’re not all there. Try the restrictive calorie diet and add some exercise. Instead of being a bag of skin you’ll firm up and lose the weight!


i followed it and lost and kept it off for the most part…i was not shaky and my cholesterol levels went to normal (nice), i did not look like a bag of skin and felt great. I didn’t WANT to cheat because why mess up my weight loss when it was coming off so easily and quickly (almost a high from watching it come off) knowing it would only be for a few weeks really…the vitamins help keep you from craving the sugars etc…worked for me. If I gain it is my fault because i’ve started eating the garbage and no veggies again…believe it.

  I did the berstein diet until recently.

I did the berstein diet until recently. They closed my file because they wanted me to sign a form saying that I would go on stick diet and I would have to loose 2 lbs per week. I looked at everyting I was eating and looked up the calorie count and found I was only eating maybe 600 cal. per day. When they wanted me to sign the form and they told me I had three sticks against me that is why.
I got mad and told them that signing a form and being forced to starve myself was F… Loonie. I told them to credit back my account right then and there and left. I emailed the DR B Diet head office asking for a meeting with Dr. B. and also a meeting with the BC Head person and they refused to talk to me and closed my file.
Hows that for being treated so nicely.

fat again

It’s nice to see some people actually got a refund. I signed the “committment” and still couldn’t lose because I was in fight or flight mode due to some personal issues and was told by the nurses and my family doctor that you cannot burn ketones during that time. I was whisked out sobbing that they wouldn’t let me continue and did not get a refund! I lost 92lbs the first time and had started to gain a bit back and rejoined a second time when this happened. I’ve now gained it all back plus 35lbs. I’ve not met anyone who hasn’t rebounded from this diet. Good luck to those who are doing it but make sure you have a back up plan when you finish 🙂

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I tired Dr. B’s diet and I lost the weight – many times and like most people I know gained it all back. I found the diet addicting – you keep going back and lose and pay and start all over again. I finally did it the old fashion and hard way – lots of excercise and portion control. I had a friend who did this diet and lost 100 lbs only to gain it all back and then some in a matter of weeks. It is a diet that cannot be sustained.


anyone who can gain over a 100 lbs in a matter of weeks is disgusting and must have been sleeping at the 24 hour McDonalds


to a:
I absolutely agree with you.


Did the diet many many times, it is truly addictive, you will lose weight which is simply a “HIGH” and then gain it all back and more. I have another extra 15 pounds to lose that I never had 10 years ago….trust me I know….diet the normal way, Bernstein just a money making machine!!!

  Loved the product
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I went on it and lost 30 pounds. When I stopped the diet and ate junk food again my wieght slowly creep up. I have to say the diet works really well and yes I think it cost to much but it did what they said it would…..The weight gain is my fault. I did learn how to take it off without the shots as you have all the information still, just no shots and as I am following the cook book again my weight is starting to fall off. Common everyone you GAIN WEIGHT BACK FROM EATING CRAP!! YOU NEED TO TAKE OWNERSHIP

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Love this diet!! I have been on it one week and am down 8.5 pounds, I want to lose 25lbs and to lose that much in one week is great motivation! After the first 3 days I am not even hungry at all, unlike any other diet I have been on. I don’t think its unhealthy, I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten 16 oz of vegetables a day and 2 fruits…..you want to talk unhealthy how about the pizza and nachos that got me here in the first place!The only vegetables I ate then was what ever was topping those things! Anyhow, you must stick to the diet, no cheating, thats what messes it up and makes you feel hungry. I can’t say enough positive things about the diet or the clinic I visit, sure I had to pay for the initial consultation but there was no high pressure to purchase any specific number of weeks, it was totally up to me! No pressure to purchase their products, nothing! Good Luck to anyone starting and sticking with this diet….I am so happy I did!


That’s not true Frankiew, I was on Dr. B. and in ketosis (which means I was NOT cheating), but I was only losing 5 pounds every 2 weeks instead of the 7 that they wanted, so they wanted me to sign a contract and pre-determine everything I was GOING to put in my mouth for 1 week in advance. I couldn’t do that!!! I could pretty much determine my breakfast and lunches, but I had NO idea if I would have chicken or fish or whatever for dinner EVERY night for 1 week in advance. Because I didn’t want to do that….. they kicked me off the program and Dr. B refuses to let me go back. I repeat… I WAS NOT CHEATING…. my metabolism went into Starvation Mode and slowed down. The program was working, just not as fast as they wanted! I don’t know what the big deal was…. it was my money I was giving them. Dr. B works, but He SUCKS.


I did the diet and got pissed off when they wanted me to sign a form to guarantee that I will loose 2 lbs a week.
this is not what dieting is about it is about getting positive help and helping to keep the weight off the first 10 lbs is always retained water of the sodium intake,


I started on the Dr. B diet end of Sept. 2010 losing about 32lbs in almost 2mths. (I never once cheated cause I just thought that such a waste of money) Now being overweight most my life seeing all that weight come off was a Godsend.But about a month ago I developed excruciating pain in my abdominal, when I asked the nurse what could it possibly be her first answer was “it’s probably gallstones”(which by the way had me a little suspicions on why she was so quick to give me that particular answer). When I went to my family doctor and he sent me to get an ultrasound where they found that I had developed multiple gallstones in my gallbladder. Although I’ve almost always been overweight I have never had any serious medical concerns, no high cholesterol or sugar almost perfect health.So finding out I had gallstones just as I was finally losing some serious weight was such a let down. Now I have an appointment with a surgeon very soon, and I’m assuming he’s going to want to remove it since I’m “symptomatic”, and I have to say I’m not looking forward to it. Now I’m not blaming this diet or what not cause being overweight might have still caused stones in the future.However I would still advice that no matter what diet you decide upon that you do some serious research before taking it on, especially if your trying to lose large amounts of weight such as I was.


Completely true. I had my gallbladder removed this past February, as a result of this diet & the quick weight loss associated with it. No laughing matter indeed. Excruiating pain for several months prior to surgery & then recovery from surgery was another challenge. Just NOT WORTH this stress on your health. Do the weight loss plan slower and NOT with THIS DIET, speaking from experience. Be strong & healthy!


if you loose weight fast you do develope gallstones,the nurse was quick to say it bcuz it happens all the time with there clients…i am not but i lost weight very rappidly,,with in months i too was in pain when i went to the emerg bcuz of it…the doc asked me if i had lost a lot of weight lately my answer was yes her answer was that is your prize for loosing wieght quickly…


Actually – it is related. I lost 120lbs on WW .. then had gallblader prob’s then had it removed. Now.. like most, I regained more than the 120 I lost and was doing on research for my next step.


They only have you sign a contract if you are not meeting your targeting goals…if you’re not meeting them then sorry to say your cheating! There is no getting away with cheating on this diet, they test your urine 3 times a week and they know if you’re cheating. If you want support and positive feedback for cheating on a diet then go to Weight Watchers….they’ll give you a big hug every weigh in even if you’re up 5 pounds! Most people I know on that plan are “lifetime” members..you know why cause you’re there for life!!


I agree that it is a great way to loose weight fast and get it back even faster. Yes I lost my 45 lb, and yes I got them back and plus and yes I lost them again. It was a day when I was asked to sign a form as well (based on the fact that I gain in between the last two times I went back to the program)and more than that I was asked to sign the form AFTER I lost steady 6-7 lb per week when I returned to the program. And when I questioned it, they asked me to pick up my refund and get lost!!!@@ O I forgot , this happend after my blood work returned all over the place (I ment the results of the blood work), with values that I did not get any explanation too.
Good / healty diet? NO All doctors agree to that. Minimum care minimum respect? Yes. Still a great fix when you have a weeding to go too and you do not fit in your dress. That’s all that it is!!


WOW there for life???I hope you have a good job! I was on the diet for 1 yr and spent well over 5000.00 to lose 60 lbs only to gain back 80lbs and yes I lost the weight fast but I also lost alot of my hair, had to have my gallbladder removed and was starving following this diet to a T.

The positive comments are coming mostly from the people that have not been on it for long or have a measley 10-20 lbs to lose. But if you have 80 lbs to lose it will cost you a fortune. The “nurses” that I experienced were total bitches and not nice to anyone that walked in to the clinic.

I believe that WW is the way to go to have all the goodness and not have to give up too much. Certainly don’t have to starve yourself just to gain it all back and more!!!

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Formarfatty (Verified User)

I started with dr B in January 2010 and in 9 weeks I am now down 35 pounds not the 4-5 pound per week I was hoping for, but still I am happy. I agree with the others if you start on this diet you have to start it with the conviction to change your life style I think (I hope) that does not mean I will neverhave a cookie again but all has to be with modesty. I have about 20 pounds to go, and must admid that I do have my days that I would like a bad snack, but I refrain! I actually overheard the other day people complaining about constantly feeling hungry, I do not have that problem, the nurses tell me it is because if you do not stick to the diet you will be hungry due to sugar spikes. Loosing weight will only work if you want to change your attitude against food. DrB. helps me to keep on track and focussed. I know many people who have done it and kept it off and they are normal people, are back at drinking wine etc. I guess it is true what they say: You are what you eat, so if you do not want to be fat you should not eat fat.
I am now from a size 18 to a size 14 and those are already getting too big. I am realistic I will never expect to be an 8 but a size 10/12 is where I want to be and not the 18. In fact I have given all my fat clothes away, I do not want to spend money on fat clothes I’d rather spend them on a visit at Dr.B clinic. It is expensive and I guess you could do it through weightwatchers or other programs, I just like the thought of regular check-ins and docter visits.


@ formarfatty: i totally agree with you, i am also Dr.B’s diet and i love it, i know its expensive but come on y not feel good abt ur self and safe money from eating out and rather spend on ur self and use ur money for Dr.B diet, i heard their maintaince plan is really kool 🙂

  Loved the product.
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hi, i started the b diet 5 months ago and lost 73 pounds, now i am in the maintenance program and i love it. IF you eat exactly like they tell you to eat then you won’t feel dizy and your health won’t be affected, if you cheat and the try not eating at all for 2 days until your next injection then of course u get sick and blame the diet. in my oppinion this is the best diet for people who commit to it.i don’t see the point in paying all that money and going home and cheating.for those of you who can’t stop complaining about this diet I have one advice: don’t do it!!!! stay fat if that is better than controling your food intake. It’s a lifestile and u have to chose what u want to be: FAT or SLIM! I chose slim and so far at 130 pounds I am the happiest I’ve ever been.Only people who can’t control themselves have something bad to say about this diet.and for the record, the nurses are great,don’t belive all those horror stories that people tell you,if u eat only what u r supposed to then there is no need for them to kick u off the program, but if u stuff your face like a pig and have the nerve to show up the next day for a urine check…then common…it’s comon sense!
good luck and enjoy your skinny selves!


what is the amount (cc) for the b12 inj? How often. and what do I take in for calories? If I do this at home will I still get the benefits?
Thank you


Oh my god, I know you people are not planning on giving yourself injections. You need to be VERY careful with that process and receive proper training by a doctor, even with something as seemingly harmless as vitamins. You can overdose on them if you don’t know what you’re doing, any air bubbles you inject could be enough to stop your heart. If you are considering self-injection PLEASE speak to your doctor first!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Rachel. For program and dosage instructions, please refer to the Dr Bernstein official website.


Please Bub.. the diet will last as long as you keep paying it. You should be able to do it all on your own. It is the weak and uneducated that go into this program, you’re basically spending all this money to learn how to eat healthy, just use common sense and do it on your own. Learn and live better; that is common sense.


again…some of us need help because we have 6+ kids to look out for, work full time and still manage to go the gym 3x per week but are 45 pounds over weight….explain that! And if you cannot obviously you don’t know anymore than the rest of us who have opted to seek help… you’re probably skinny….

working mom

As a busy working mother I am neither weak or uneducated. As a business owner, college EA and mother of two, my difficulty loosing weight has little to do with weakness. I have found it easier in the past to loose weight with the support of others. Trying to fit nutritious meals and exercise at regular intervals is a challenge, often my first and only meal is at 10:00 at night when I get home from work.


I too am very educated and have been trying to loose weight for 10 years. Many of us were never overweight until something happens. I developed a disease that is killing my thyroid, a personal trainer for 2 years, a doctors care for ten ahs resulted in maintaining 80 lbs over weight. This program is helping and it is guaranteed that I loose 10 a month…no-one else can say that. In 2.5 months I’ve lost 25 lbs. The monitoring helps to control my disease and prevent future illness that my doctors and physical trainer could nto respond fast enough to.


Maya, go to the drugstore and purcahse B6 and B12 injectables. Get 1cc suringes and 5/8 needles. Thats what you need. Load 1/2 CC of each the b6 and b12. It is 8 monhts later and I am still at my goal weight!


Right On Kim! I have the bum thyroid as well and my doc won’t increase my meds, even though I’m in the low range of normal now and I maintain my 235lb frame instead of gaining, but I certainly can’t lose any weight no matter what. I tried JC last year for 7 months. I couldn’t lose weight at 1500 cals per week, in fact I gained. So I’m going to try Dr. B. Wish me luck!


Unfortunately, common sense isn’t common. Since eating is such a normal and necessary function, no-one thinks they have to learn to do it right. Many pathological motives can get entrained into eating habits, and the forced learning of new habits may be required. It may be the motivation of “not wasting my money” helps keep people from slipping back into poor food choices. I have been overweight for 30 years, I’m not uneducated, especially concerning diet and weight loss, so by your reasoning I must be weak. But the program is working, I have lost weight successfully for the first time, if I can maintain a healthy weight that will be the real test of whether the dietary changes I made have had a lasting effect on my eating habits.


The msg is for Bratt. Where can you do the injections yourself? Where can you get them???


I totally agree with Bratt. I am a woman who has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for 10 years and counting. I did it without overdoses of vitamins or anything else. A change in lifestyle habits and a great deal of education about food and how our body uses it.
So much so, that I took a two year program in Natural Nutrition… Folks… all you need is to educate yourself about what your body really needs, where your food is coming from and what is in it, portion control, food preparation methods and learning to incorporate activity into your days. Instead of being on a low calorie diet that makes you dizzy and nauseous, you can eat a normal amount of food… even go out with friends occasionally and STILL lose that weight.
My advice, seek out a certified nutritionist in your area and get some sound advice and guidance. He or she will cost you a fraction of the B diet, or any other so called “diet plan”.


I dont normally reply either, but I had so many comments I had to pipe up!
1st off, you can do it yourself! I am .. I follow the diet, and do the injections myself. I have lost 16 pounds in 7 weeks. I feel fantastic!
Regult and Bella are right. It IS common sense! Eat healthy and you will be healthy! But now adays its hard to that .. every package you pick up says ” Healthy ” or “No Fat” or ‘Lite!’ unless you actually LEARN what your body needs … and by REAL food, you have no idea that you arent eating properly!


I don’t usually reply to these things but you’re comment pissed me off. Just because people need help to go on a diet and lose weight does not mean they are weak and un-educated. You obviously have never been overweight or you wouldn’t be saying that, and if you have been you are very insensitive. It is very hard to lose weight, especially for women. Why bother sharing your opinion if you are just being negative and insulting people you don’t know?


Steve saying people who should be able to do it on their own is like telling a junkie they don’t need rehab. Let’s face it most overweight food issues come from addiction, I know mine sure did. As for you MAN what Bella stated about Steve’s ignorance may not have addressed the female weight loss issue clearly. It is a well documented and known fact that men TEND to loose weight faster than their female counterparts. Don’t join a conversation just to be rude.
As for Bernstein I have been on it for 3 weeks , have lost 14 lbs. and have never felt better. I lived off fast food and processed foods. So to go low calorie but healthy calories is probaly way healthier that the 2000 bad calories I was taking in a day. If I am faithful to drink the water I don’t feel hungry.I had been 140lbs. 5’7″ all my adult life. I was lucky in the metabolism game until i hit 40 for 3 years now I have been 200 lbs. I need the support, i beleive in investing the money into myself and my families quality of life with me. I saved up since before Nov.to do this and I am convinced this program works.I am healthier than i was at 140 lbs eating McDonals twice a day.


Bella, you are just as ignorant as Steve. I’m assuming your a woman….right? Soooo have your tried to lose weight as a man? How is it fair for you to say it is especially hard for women to lose weight. Ignorant people like you and Steve should keep your thoughts to yourself.

  it's Vit. B injections silly
trudy (Verified User)

uh,…it’s Vit. B injections silly!


i agree with D this is bad

  Not recommended
kimdou (Verified User)

This diet is not healthy.if it works/ed for you then consider urself a lucky survivor.Why would anyone want to try and live their lives like that?The expense is incredible.Quite honestly,I did try this diet and lost weight.C’mon who wouldn’t?I also payed too much to do it.Guess wat happened? I couldn’t afford this stupid diet anymore and had to quit.My weight came back..unfortunately my money didn’t.This diet is for the incredibly rich.Period.Weight watchers is better for the normal income ppl.Nutritionist and walking work well for those of us that have NO money.Don’t get sucked into this Dr B crap.You will not be able to afford to stay skinny!


you won’t afford to stay skinny because you came OFF the proper food. How delicious has your CHOCOLATE covered peanuts been? come on a rich and expensive diet YES it is. But it is YOU who put the weight back on. Sorry.


Your just mad that the diet did work for you. It didn’t work for you because after u lost the weight, u gained it all back because you went back to your same eating habits. Obviously your weighs gunn a corm back,

h heyman

sucks to be you! I am doing it, and I KNOW the only way the weight will come back on is if I choose to not eat properly after the dieting stops.


Yeh Heyman, you’re pretty cocky, must be in the middle of the diet and losing fast…who wouldn’t on 800-950 cals per day! Well enjoy it while you can, b/c believe me you WILL regain. But sounds like you can benefit from the lessons in humility!


That’s where you’re wrong Heyman! Even if you eat a carrot the weight will come back on because your body will store it to survive and also because you’re not getting your B injections to help metabolize that carrot. In other words, just plain healthy eating you’ll pack on the pounds UNTIL your body comes out of starvation mode and you eat moderately and excercise. Could have saved some money and done that from the start! The jokes on you Heyman so it sucks to be you!


seriously, you feel the need to do this to somone elses positive outlook? you are rude HMMM and Heyman that’s what the manintenance is for.. to refamiliarize your body with foods in a controlled process to avoid that starvation mode panick your body would go into if you simply went back to all healthy foods in general. Duh.. there is a reason people are keeping it off for years after wards because of that help.


i really find it immature that you would respond to the posting like that..it does not suck to be that person..i too did dr b diet 3 years ago and got don to a weight i was happy to be, NOT what they said i should be…i fell back into my old eating habits, loving the junk food and have put 50 lbs back on..yes it is totally my fault and know that, so i decided to go back..i did 2 weeks and had amazing results again, but then came my dr visit at the clinic..the dr said his usual spiel..asked me why i had stopped coming last time..had i ran out of money?? what kind of question is that for a dr to ask..none of his business if that was the reason..and then when i asked one question about the potassium , i was tolds i would have to ask my questions at my next visit as my 5 minutes was up and other patients were waiting to come in?? i sat there stunned..i am in front of the dr where i am suppose to be able to ask questions and i am told i am not able to due to my 5 minutes being up..i said to him are you kidding me?? i asked you a question and espect an answer, and he just got up and headed out the door to call the next patient in..i said quite loudly that i could not believe that i asked one simple question and was told i had to wait for my next visit in 2 weeks to ask my question..and i guess because i was being quite loud he asked very quickly what my question was again and tried to answer while he was walking back into his office with the next patient..can you believe that?? then i called their 1-888 number asking for customer service to make a complaint..was told the women who answered the phone was the customer service representative..i told her what happened and that as far as i was concerned we were not patients, but cash cows good enough to fork out ridiculous amounts of money, but not good enough to have medical questions answered..she said she would have someone call me..that was a month or so ago..did anyone call me..NOOO..i am extremely upset and because of this would warn people to be wary before forking out all that money..YES the diet works so long as you follow it, but i felt very violated by the way that dr made me feel


You know, i read your comment very carefully and i can tell you that i feel very much the same way you do.

Ok granted, i have lost about 24-25lbs in about 6 – 7 weeks however; (and excuse my language) some of them in there are real bitches.

There is no bedside manner, no compassion and really no caring at all.

I did not find the 2 doctors that i visited with helpful either. It’s all routine.

So, I’ve got about 2 weeks to go. I REFUSE to tell them anymore of my PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION (which they haven’t respected). My family doctor is aware of the injections i am receiving and the potassium supplements i am also taking and that is good enough for me.

I intended to buy another month after the initial 2 months plus 1 week are over. But after the way i was treated in there today; I am going to go to FINLANDIA and speak with the pharmacist there and see what i can do to continue.

Their loss as far as I’m concerned and after reading your post, I see no reason why i should bother calling their head office. They just put you off.

Oh well… I guess this is a Buyer Beware Situation. What I should have done is do this research before. :DDDDD

Thanks for your post and good luck.

  Dr. Bernstein's changed my life
Heidi Bryden (Verified User)

I started this diet last July 09 at the weight of 176. I am 5’8″ and have been overweight most of my life. It has always been a #1 struggle of my life. I decided since I had turned 50 that year I would change my life.
Dr. Bernstein’s changed my life! I was down to 138 lb by mid Sept (2 1/2 months). I went from size 12/14 to size 5/6. I have been on the maintenance program for 4 months and still weigh the same.
It is not a hoax and the medical attention one receives from the doctors and nurses makes this diet the best in my opinion.


OK, this is 12-18 months after your posts and I’d be willing to bet money that you’ve all regained at least half if not all of the weight you lost on Bernsteins. It works for the short term, but is way too rapid and low calorie to be a permanent solution. Believe me, I don’t take any pleasure in posting this, but I want potential Bernstein clients to get an accurate picture of how successful they’ll be. Yes, they will have short term, rapid success, but it won’t last. I personally know 4 people (me included), who lost significant amounts on weight on Bernsteins, and all regained the weight plus more with 2 years.


I have been diabetic type one for 36 years and do not need to lose weight. I am 5’11 and wheigh 158 lbs. What impressed me about dr Berstein’s pitch was that he claims that the diet and rigid carb restrictions will reduce or even assist in making the complications in other Type Ones will be reduced or eliminated. This would truly be an event of tremendous significance to all diabetics. Imagine no more carbcounting, no more insulin no doctors visits… But having tried this diet I have little faith many people could exist on the restricted carbs allowed. If there is documentary proof of such reversals of complications they should be published and circulated to the press. I wish them well but we need to see the proof that the carb starve rations have actually helped with weight lost or any impact on complications. Too many people are investing too much money based upon too little information.


Wanted ask a general question/opinion to folks but saw your post Dave and can add a point – I was recently re-reading about Bernstein having done it in 2007 seriously and then on my own on and off since then… anyway, Dr. Bernstein is himself Type 1 Diabetic and write about that, and his experiences with food. I think I even came across that accidentally when I was researching Stevia as a sugar replacement. I’m not diabetic so I have no idea but you might find it interesting to see what he says (biased too I guess!) on all of that.

My question to people is, having read articles touting the benefit of monounsaturated fats (like avocados, raw nuts and olives) for getting rid of belly fat, does any one have thoughts on how this factors in with Bernstein? I did find the diet worked well for me, and subsequently following the plan on my own with a good multi-vitamin and B-50 complex/calicium supplement..but it is hard, very hard and I felt hungry on the diet, not low energy but sometimes dizzy as I do like to exercise most days. I didnt regain massive amounts of weight even if I eat quite a lot of junk food (sugar! pizza) and drink when not on the diet, so I a