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Dr. Bernstein Diet Review - 8 Things You Need to Know

The Dr. Bernstein Diet is a unique approach to weight loss and health management that provides more than just a diet. This program claims to help you transform your entire life, giving you the ability to adopt healthier habits.

Our research team took a closer look at what the Dr. Bernstein Diet offers, how the program works; plus benefits and results. Then, we compiled our research into the bottom line.

Dr. Bernstein Diet can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

The Dr. Bernstein Diet is a low-carb, high protein, moderate fat weight loss method that focuses on reducing calorie intake. The plan does this by eliminating simple carbohydrates and sugars. Additionally, there is an increase in the intake of vitamins and minerals in the diet.

The overall goal of the Dr. Bernstein Diet is to help the patients lose weight while boosting their overall health and well-being. The diet doesn’t use any weight loss pills, herbs or alternative forms of medicines. The Dr. Bernstein Diet is a weight loss plan that is based entirely on medical principles that have been proven clinically. The diet eliminates foods that increase weight and adds nutrients that boost the overall health of the patient.

Who is Dr. Bernstein?

The Dr. Bernstein Diet was started over 40 years ago by Dr. Stanley K. Bernstein MD, General Practitioner. Dr. Bernstein founded the Bernstein Diet & Health Clinics which have over 50 clinics across Canada.

His clinics have helped countless patients lose weight with their weight loss programs. They use natural ingredients and methods, focusing on improving health while losing weight.

The Dr. Bernstein Diet is managed by a specially trained team of doctors and nurses who “ensure that their patients lose weight quickly and naturally”.

The Dr. Bernstein Diet employs trained medical professionals to supervise the weight loss journey of all their patients.


Dr. Bernstein Diet Claims

The Dr. Bernstein Diet claims to offer a long-term solution to losing weight and maintaining good health. The Dr. Bernstein Diet is offering all this without any appetite suppressants, diet pills, excessive exercise or surgery. Some claims include:

  • Reduce calorie intake
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Reduce cravings and fatigue
  • Ensure long-term proper eating habits
  • Prevent side effects of poor dieting such as headaches, fatigue, irritability
  • Reduce fat in the waist, hips, and thighs
  • Boost overall health by adding vitamins and minerals to the diet

Dr. Bernstein Diet Benefits And Results

Dr. Bernstein Diet offers several unique benefits over other weight loss programs. First of all, the weight loss program is said to be entirely natural. There are no diet pills or unnecessary supplements involved. The diet is not just offering a weight loss solution; it is offering a complete lifestyle change for life. Their plan is based on cutting back on carbohydrates while increasing the intake of minerals and vitamins so the patient’s health gets a boost.

They have a team of trained doctors and nurses who make sure that each patient is receiving quality care and complete support. This kind of support system is crucial for all patients and helps people stay on their weight loss pathway. After the weight goal is reached, a Maintenance Plan makes sure that each patient stays on course and manages to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

As a result of all of this, patients are slimmer, healthier and have an improved lifestyle. Dr. Bernstein Diet has been active for more than 40 years. They must be doing something right- they have expanded to 50 clinics and have signed up thousands of patients over the years. The methods they utilize do sound natural and seem like they work for many. The reviews have also been mostly positive, although side effects have been reported as well.

How Does The Dr. Bernstein Diet Work?

You’ll follow several steps with The Dr. Bernstein Diet. All of the steps are monitored by trained specialists at the clinic, and the patients are guided every step of the way. One of the biggest steps is to reduce the overall caloric intake of the patient without depriving them of nutrients. The Dr. Bernstein Diet gives its patients the right food combinations to help stimulate their metabolism. Also, the diet provides many of the calories from healthy fats, so that fat is burned.

This process of breaking down fat into calories that can be used is called “ketosis.” Ketosis has led to a very efficient way to lose weight and has inspired the “ketogenic diet.” The fat from the body is broken down into ketones, which are molecules that can supply energy to the brain. Eventually, the brain and the body become trained to burn calories from fat instead of calories from carbs. As long as the patient doesn’t take in any excessive carbohydrates, this process works very well to release energy stored in the fat cells, thereby eliminating body fat.

Another aspect of the Dr. Bernstein Diet is to break the sugar cycle. This is done by eliminating simple carbohydrates and sugars from the diet and by being in the state of ketosis. With reduced carbs, the body turns to its fat stores and breaks down fats to release energy. With no carbohydrates, the body shifts into ketosis, a form of fat metabolism. This helps stabilize blood sugar so that cravings for sugar are reduced, and the patient doesn’t feel tired.

The menu for the Dr. Bernstein Diet seems like it does not consist of tasteless, boring food. Patients are encouraged to eat real food for every meal instead of costly frozen meals or artificial meal-replacement supplements. The aim of this diet to familiarize patients with the right kinds of foods, and proper portions, that will provide the ideal level of nutrition while breaking down fat stores. Research has shown that starving or depriving the body does not help with weight loss. A healthy breakfast and dinner with a snack in between do not hinder weight loss.

With the Dr. Bernstein diet, patients will gain long-term proper eating habits that they can sustain and enjoy for the rest of their lives. To ensure that the body is getting adequate nutrition and that health receives a boost, the Dr. Bernstein Diet gives its patients the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements. This is an important part of the weight loss plan. The plan works to give patients the right food in the right quantities, so they don’t feel the side effects of typical fad dieting such as hunger, cravings, fatigue, and headaches.

Dr. Bernstein provides B-12/B-6 multi-vitamin injections.  The supplements are given in this format so that they bypass the intestinal tract and are better absorbed.  Some users argue that the shots get pricey, however, it does provide a boost of energy while following a strict low-carb diet.  Some users are concerned about the prolonged use of the injections, and the prolonged increased metabolic rate.  The long-term effects have not been scientifically studied, nor published.


Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition was conducted to measure the effects of multivitamin and mineral supplementation during a weight-reducing program. The results showed that multivitamin and mineral supplementation during a weight-reducing program helped reduce appetite in women.

The weight loss process of the Dr. Bernstein Diet helps patients to lose weight in a healthy way. The diet will target the primary fat storage areas in the hips, thighs, and waist.

The Dr. Bernstein Diet comes with frequent 1-on-1 visits with doctors and nurses that help the patients keep track of their progress and make sure they’re following all guidelines. People often need some support and motivation when it comes to weight loss, which is what the Dr. Bernstein Diet will provide for its patients. Their team will help patients break out their unhealthy eating habits and learn clean, nutritious eating. Patients will help develop a system and a long-term, sustainable lifestyle change.

Once the goal weight has been reached, it is necessary to maintain it as well. The Dr. Bernstein Diet offers its patients a customized Maintenance Plan that helps gradually reintroduce most foods back into the diet. They give patients the tools and guidelines to maintain their new healthy weight for life.

A long-term follow up is also recommended to make sure that behavior changes are in place and continuing. This Maintenance Plan is crucial because many people find it hard to maintain their new weight. With low-fat stores, areas of the brain involved in food rewards become active, so people find it hard to resist eating all of those delicious, high-calorie foods again. Often people show less restraint when eating after a long time of dieting.

With the Dr. Bernstein Diet, patients don’t necessarily need exercise to be successful in losing weight. They do recommend exercise to patients who can exercise, to improve their overall health and fitness. Exercise is healthy, but if patients just want to lose a few pounds then devoting a lot of time and energy to exercise isn’t essential. Often a patient only needs to cut back on the high carb, high sugar intake and they will see a big change in their weight.


Cost Of The Dr. Bernstein Diet

The cost of the Dr. Bernstein Diet is based on a model of fee-for-service. The prices of the services are similar for each patient. However, there are several factors that affect the overall cost of the weight loss program such as:

  • Age. Patients under 17 have a 50% discount
  • How much weight a person has to lose. The more weight they have to have to lose the higher the cost of the program is
  • The time it takes to reach the goal weight. Everyone’s body works differently so some might take longer than others
  • How regularly patients visit the clinic and how diligent they are with their diet
  • Whether or not the patients opt for the Maintenance Program

What Users Are Saying

“Good reading, but to many weird ingredients in recipes.”

“…the first 70 pages of the book are spent trying to convince you of his beliefs in low carb diets. Only about 10 pages are devoted to telling you what he believes is a low carb diet.”

“Good book but more you read harder it is to really do as he writes … For a regular life style this isn’t the book.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on the Dr. Bernstein Diet

When our team concluded their research into the Dr. Bernstein Diet, we found a plan not only focused on the initial stages of an lifestyle change, but also the maintenance phase. Also, we found a system not limiting food choices, but rather opens eyes to eating the proper nutrients for optimal health.

There are countless benefits of the Dr. Bernstein Diet. We also found some eating plans incorporate supplementation.

Among the supplements we’ve found is called Noom. The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients- green tea, caffeine, Meratrim, and ChromeMate. Research shows the ingredients help increase energy and curb appetite.

The team behind Noom is also offering a 14-day trial.

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Dr. Bernstein Diet Review
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Dr. Bernstein Diet

What are the side effects of the Bernstein Diet?

Bernstein Diet, another name, possible side effects may include increased hunger, dizziness, nausea, headache, changes in bowel movements and upset stomach. This is based on customer reviews found on the web.

What are the ingredients in the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

The Dr. Bernstein Diet ingredients include milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. This applies to the supplement shakes, bars and foods available.

How much does the Bernstein Diet cost?

On average, the Dr. Bernstein Diet costs around $125 per week. However, some customers say it costs them $600 a month.

How should I follow the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

First of all, you need to visit the Dr. Bernstein Diet clinic nearest you. At this point, you will receive further instructions regarding how to get started with your individual weight-loss program.

Is the Dr. Bernstein Diet suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, the Dr. Bernstein Diet is suitable for vegetarians.

Where can I buy Dr. Bernstein Diet?

Dr. Bernstein Diet can be purchased using their Official Site.

Is regular exercise required with the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

No, regular exercise is not required. However, some people do incorporate daily exercise in order to improve weight-loss results. It just depends on what’s best for you.

Is there a guarantee with the Dr. Bernstein Diet?

Yes, according to the official website, you are guaranteed to lose at least 10 pounds if you follow the Dr. Bernstein Diet correctly.

Does the Dr. Bernstein Diet work?

Well, the Dr. Bernstein Diet involves restricting your daily calories. This in turn can aid with weight-loss. There are also supplements available that provide lean protein, vitamins and minerals, but are low in calories. Exercise may or may not be part of this program, depending on your abilities. In short, this system has been shown to produce some weight reduction results.

If you are looking for a weight loss supplement, it’s best to choose one that’s packed with ingredients for burning fat, increasing energy levels and accelerating the speed of the metabolism. One that fits all these criteria is Dietspotlight Burn.

75 Dr. Bernstein Diet Reviews

  • I lost weight quite rapidly with Dr. Bernstein Diet
    maintaining (Verified Purchase)

    I have been on Dr B’s twice, and each time lost weight quite rapidly. Both times I had to stop because of financial reasons. However, I did find the diet easy to follow, and didn’t feel hungry at all. I now am using the food plan on my own, drinking LOADS of water (that’s the key to any weight loss)taking all the vitamins and supplements that were recommended by Dr B’s office, and am losing 2 lbs a week, the health weight loss amount. Dr. B taught me the right way to eat, even though I couldn’t stay on the program for all of my weight loss

  • i got excited as i was reading the comments

    i got excited as i was reading the comments; n started 2 have second thoughts when i got 2 the negative comments! i have a big event on july 16, and i really need to lose 25 pounds until then! i have been depressed for a while! i walk fast on the tredmil for 2 hrs almost every day and i dance, its not making me lose weight… but its helping me maintain it :s (plus am not eating junk!) …Anyway i have my first appointment for the Dr B diet tomorrow! and i dont know whether to through with it or not!

    • ak


      i am considering making an appointment today…what did you finally decide?

  • Diet that restricts your calories to 900/day make you weight lose
    Docent (Verified Purchase)

    To be honest, any diet that restricts your calories to 900 a day should make you lose weight! Follow the diet and stop with Bernstein! I have met a couple of people on Bernstein and they look unhealthy they’re just bags of skin and they’re shaky and seem like they’re not all there. Try the restrictive calorie diet and add some exercise. Instead of being a bag of skin you’ll firm up and lose the weight!

    • sure

      i followed it and lost and kept it off for the most part…i was not shaky and my cholesterol levels went to normal (nice), i did not look like a bag of skin and felt great. I didn’t WANT to cheat because why mess up my weight loss when it was coming off so easily and quickly (almost a high from watching it come off) knowing it would only be for a few weeks really…the vitamins help keep you from craving the sugars etc…worked for me. If I gain it is my fault because i’ve started eating the garbage and no veggies again…believe it.

  • I did the berstein diet until recently.

    I did the berstein diet until recently. They closed my file because they wanted me to sign a form saying that I would go on stick diet and I would have to loose 2 lbs per week. I looked at everyting I was eating and looked up the calorie count and found I was only eating maybe 600 cal. per day. When they wanted me to sign the form and they told me I had three sticks against me that is why.
    I got mad and told them that signing a form and being forced to starve myself was F… Loonie. I told them to credit back my account right then and there and left. I emailed the DR B Diet head office asking for a meeting with Dr. B. and also a meeting with the BC Head person and they refused to talk to me and closed my file.
    Hows that for being treated so nicely.

    • fat again

      It’s nice to see some people actually got a refund. I signed the “committment” and still couldn’t lose because I was in fight or flight mode due to some personal issues and was told by the nurses and my family doctor that you cannot burn ketones during that time. I was whisked out sobbing that they wouldn’t let me continue and did not get a refund! I lost 92lbs the first time and had started to gain a bit back and rejoined a second time when this happened. I’ve now gained it all back plus 35lbs. I’ve not met anyone who hasn’t rebounded from this diet. Good luck to those who are doing it but make sure you have a back up plan when you finish 🙂

      • Anonymous

        The back up plan when you’re finished is to do the maintenance. Everyone who gains the weight back has gone back to their old eating habits. So obviously, they gain the weight back.

  • Hated the product
    Lynn (Verified Purchase)

    I tired Dr. B’s diet and I lost the weight – many times and like most people I know gained it all back. I found the diet addicting – you keep going back and lose and pay and start all over again. I finally did it the old fashion and hard way – lots of excercise and portion control. I had a friend who did this diet and lost 100 lbs only to gain it all back and then some in a matter of weeks. It is a diet that cannot be sustained.

    • E

      Did the diet many many times, it is truly addictive, you will lose weight which is simply a “HIGH” and then gain it all back and more. I have another extra 15 pounds to lose that I never had 10 years ago….trust me I know….diet the normal way, Bernstein just a money making machine!!!

    • a

      anyone who can gain over a 100 lbs in a matter of weeks is disgusting and must have been sleeping at the 24 hour McDonalds

      • Janet

        to a:
        I absolutely agree with you.

  • Loved the product
    Ian (Verified Purchase)

    I went on it and lost 30 pounds. When I stopped the diet and ate junk food again my wieght slowly creep up. I have to say the diet works really well and yes I think it cost to much but it did what they said it would…..The weight gain is my fault. I did learn how to take it off without the shots as you have all the information still, just no shots and as I am following the cook book again my weight is starting to fall off. Common everyone you GAIN WEIGHT BACK FROM EATING CRAP!! YOU NEED TO TAKE OWNERSHIP

    • Anonymous

      I agree with u I did the same

      • Anonymous

        Agree!! It works to lose weight quickly. If you gain back after that all on you and what you are eating.

  • Loved the product
    frankiew (Verified Purchase)

    Love this diet!! I have been on it one week and am down 8.5 pounds, I want to lose 25lbs and to lose that much in one week is great motivation! After the first 3 days I am not even hungry at all, unlike any other diet I have been on. I don’t think its unhealthy, I can’t remember the last time I’ve eaten 16 oz of vegetables a day and 2 fruits…..you want to talk unhealthy how about the pizza and nachos that got me here in the first place!The only vegetables I ate then was what ever was topping those things! Anyhow, you must stick to the diet, no cheating, thats what messes it up and makes you feel hungry. I can’t say enough positive things about the diet or the clinic I visit, sure I had to pay for the initial consultation but there was no high pressure to purchase any specific number of weeks, it was totally up to me! No pressure to purchase their products, nothing! Good Luck to anyone starting and sticking with this diet….I am so happy I did!

    • kmfs

      I did the diet and got pissed off when they wanted me to sign a form to guarantee that I will loose 2 lbs a week.
      this is not what dieting is about it is about getting positive help and helping to keep the weight off the first 10 lbs is always retained water of the sodium intake,

      • frankiew

        They only have you sign a contract if you are not meeting your targeting goals…if you’re not meeting them then sorry to say your cheating! There is no getting away with cheating on this diet, they test your urine 3 times a week and they know if you’re cheating. If you want support and positive feedback for cheating on a diet then go to Weight Watchers….they’ll give you a big hug every weigh in even if you’re up 5 pounds! Most people I know on that plan are “lifetime” members..you know why cause you’re there for life!!

        • DJ

          WOW there for life???I hope you have a good job! I was on the diet for 1 yr and spent well over 5000.00 to lose 60 lbs only to gain back 80lbs and yes I lost the weight fast but I also lost alot of my hair, had to have my gallbladder removed and was starving following this diet to a T.

          The positive comments are coming mostly from the people that have not been on it for long or have a measley 10-20 lbs to lose. But if you have 80 lbs to lose it will cost you a fortune. The “nurses” that I experienced were total bitches and not nice to anyone that walked in to the clinic.

          I believe that WW is the way to go to have all the goodness and not have to give up too much. Certainly don’t have to starve yourself just to gain it all back and more!!!

          • Tracie

            Actually, I was on the diet 5 years ago. If you gain weight back, you are binge eating again . Lose the weight, do the maintenance, and change your eating habits to healthy.

        • ld

          I agree that it is a great way to loose weight fast and get it back even faster. Yes I lost my 45 lb, and yes I got them back and plus and yes I lost them again. It was a day when I was asked to sign a form as well (based on the fact that I gain in between the last two times I went back to the program)and more than that I was asked to sign the form AFTER I lost steady 6-7 lb per week when I returned to the program. And when I questioned it, they asked me to pick up my refund and get lost!!!@@ O I forgot , this happend after my blood work returned all over the place (I ment the results of the blood work), with values that I did not get any explanation too.
          Good / healty diet? NO All doctors agree to that. Minimum care minimum respect? Yes. Still a great fix when you have a weeding to go too and you do not fit in your dress. That’s all that it is!!

      • Diya

        I started on the Dr. B diet end of Sept. 2010 losing about 32lbs in almost 2mths. (I never once cheated cause I just thought that such a waste of money) Now being overweight most my life seeing all that weight come off was a Godsend.But about a month ago I developed excruciating pain in my abdominal, when I asked the nurse what could it possibly be her first answer was “it’s probably gallstones”(which by the way had me a little suspicions on why she was so quick to give me that particular answer). When I went to my family doctor and he sent me to get an ultrasound where they found that I had developed multiple gallstones in my gallbladder. Although I’ve almost always been overweight I have never had any serious medical concerns, no high cholesterol or sugar almost perfect health.So finding out I had gallstones just as I was finally losing some serious weight was such a let down. Now I have an appointment with a surgeon very soon, and I’m assuming he’s going to want to remove it since I’m “symptomatic”, and I have to say I’m not looking forward to it. Now I’m not blaming this diet or what not cause being overweight might have still caused stones in the future.However I would still advice that no matter what diet you decide upon that you do some serious research before taking it on, especially if your trying to lose large amounts of weight such as I was.

        • carol

          Actually – it is related. I lost 120lbs on WW .. then had gallblader prob’s then had it removed. Now.. like most, I regained more than the 120 I lost and was doing on research for my next step.

        • chris

          if you loose weight fast you do develope gallstones,the nurse was quick to say it bcuz it happens all the time with there clients…i am not but i lost weight very rappidly,,with in months i too was in pain when i went to the emerg bcuz of it…the doc asked me if i had lost a lot of weight lately my answer was yes her answer was that is your prize for loosing wieght quickly…

        • Beware!

          Completely true. I had my gallbladder removed this past February, as a result of this diet & the quick weight loss associated with it. No laughing matter indeed. Excruiating pain for several months prior to surgery & then recovery from surgery was another challenge. Just NOT WORTH this stress on your health. Do the weight loss plan slower and NOT with THIS DIET, speaking from experience. Be strong & healthy!

    • Zonya

      That’s not true Frankiew, I was on Dr. B. and in ketosis (which means I was NOT cheating), but I was only losing 5 pounds every 2 weeks instead of the 7 that they wanted, so they wanted me to sign a contract and pre-determine everything I was GOING to put in my mouth for 1 week in advance. I couldn’t do that!!! I could pretty much determine my breakfast and lunches, but I had NO idea if I would have chicken or fish or whatever for dinner EVERY night for 1 week in advance. Because I didn’t want to do that….. they kicked me off the program and Dr. B refuses to let me go back. I repeat… I WAS NOT CHEATING…. my metabolism went into Starvation Mode and slowed down. The program was working, just not as fast as they wanted! I don’t know what the big deal was…. it was my money I was giving them. Dr. B works, but He SUCKS.

  • Loved the product
    Formarfatty (Verified Purchase)

    I started with dr B in January 2010 and in 9 weeks I am now down 35 pounds not the 4-5 pound per week I was hoping for, but still I am happy. I agree with the others if you start on this diet you have to start it with the conviction to change your life style I think (I hope) that does not mean I will neverhave a cookie again but all has to be with modesty. I have about 20 pounds to go, and must admid that I do have my days that I would like a bad snack, but I refrain! I actually overheard the other day people complaining about constantly feeling hungry, I do not have that problem, the nurses tell me it is because if you do not stick to the diet you will be hungry due to sugar spikes. Loosing weight will only work if you want to change your attitude against food. DrB. helps me to keep on track and focussed. I know many people who have done it and kept it off and they are normal people, are back at drinking wine etc. I guess it is true what they say: You are what you eat, so if you do not want to be fat you should not eat fat.
    I am now from a size 18 to a size 14 and those are already getting too big. I am realistic I will never expect to be an 8 but a size 10/12 is where I want to be and not the 18. In fact I have given all my fat clothes away, I do not want to spend money on fat clothes I’d rather spend them on a visit at Dr.B clinic. It is expensive and I guess you could do it through weightwatchers or other programs, I just like the thought of regular check-ins and docter visits.

    • Farah

      @ formarfatty: i totally agree with you, i am also Dr.B’s diet and i love it, i know its expensive but come on y not feel good abt ur self and safe money from eating out and rather spend on ur self and use ur money for Dr.B diet, i heard their maintaince plan is really kool 🙂

  • Loved the product.
    bubulina (Verified Purchase)

    hi, i started the b diet 5 months ago and lost 73 pounds, now i am in the maintenance program and i love it. IF you eat exactly like they tell you to eat then you won’t feel dizy and your health won’t be affected, if you cheat and the try not eating at all for 2 days until your next injection then of course u get sick and blame the diet. in my oppinion this is the best diet for people who commit to it.i don’t see the point in paying all that money and going home and cheating.for those of you who can’t stop complaining about this diet I have one advice: don’t do it!!!! stay fat if that is better than controling your food intake. It’s a lifestile and u have to chose what u want to be: FAT or SLIM! I chose slim and so far at 130 pounds I am the happiest I’ve ever been.Only people who can’t control themselves have something bad to say about this diet.and for the record, the nurses are great,don’t belive all those horror stories that people tell you,if u eat only what u r supposed to then there is no need for them to kick u off the program, but if u stuff your face like a pig and have the nerve to show up the next day for a urine check…then common…it’s comon sense!
    good luck and enjoy your skinny selves!

    • Steve

      Please Bub.. the diet will last as long as you keep paying it. You should be able to do it all on your own. It is the weak and uneducated that go into this program, you’re basically spending all this money to learn how to eat healthy, just use common sense and do it on your own. Learn and live better; that is common sense.

      • Bella

        I don’t usually reply to these things but you’re comment pissed me off. Just because people need help to go on a diet and lose weight does not mean they are weak and un-educated. You obviously have never been overweight or you wouldn’t be saying that, and if you have been you are very insensitive. It is very hard to lose weight, especially for women. Why bother sharing your opinion if you are just being negative and insulting people you don’t know?

        • man

          Bella, you are just as ignorant as Steve. I’m assuming your a woman….right? Soooo have your tried to lose weight as a man? How is it fair for you to say it is especially hard for women to lose weight. Ignorant people like you and Steve should keep your thoughts to yourself.

        • KELLY

          Steve saying people who should be able to do it on their own is like telling a junkie they don’t need rehab. Let’s face it most overweight food issues come from addiction, I know mine sure did. As for you MAN what Bella stated about Steve’s ignorance may not have addressed the female weight loss issue clearly. It is a well documented and known fact that men TEND to loose weight faster than their female counterparts. Don’t join a conversation just to be rude.
          As for Bernstein I have been on it for 3 weeks , have lost 14 lbs. and have never felt better. I lived off fast food and processed foods. So to go low calorie but healthy calories is probaly way healthier that the 2000 bad calories I was taking in a day. If I am faithful to drink the water I don’t feel hungry.I had been 140lbs. 5’7″ all my adult life. I was lucky in the metabolism game until i hit 40 for 3 years now I have been 200 lbs. I need the support, i beleive in investing the money into myself and my families quality of life with me. I saved up since before Nov.to do this and I am convinced this program works.I am healthier than i was at 140 lbs eating McDonals twice a day.

      • Regult

        Unfortunately, common sense isn’t common. Since eating is such a normal and necessary function, no-one thinks they have to learn to do it right. Many pathological motives can get entrained into eating habits, and the forced learning of new habits may be required. It may be the motivation of “not wasting my money” helps keep people from slipping back into poor food choices. I have been overweight for 30 years, I’m not uneducated, especially concerning diet and weight loss, so by your reasoning I must be weak. But the program is working, I have lost weight successfully for the first time, if I can maintain a healthy weight that will be the real test of whether the dietary changes I made have had a lasting effect on my eating habits.

        • Bratt

          I dont normally reply either, but I had so many comments I had to pipe up!
          1st off, you can do it yourself! I am .. I follow the diet, and do the injections myself. I have lost 16 pounds in 7 weeks. I feel fantastic!
          Regult and Bella are right. It IS common sense! Eat healthy and you will be healthy! But now adays its hard to that .. every package you pick up says ” Healthy ” or “No Fat” or ‘Lite!’ unless you actually LEARN what your body needs … and by REAL food, you have no idea that you arent eating properly!

        • Driven

          I totally agree with Bratt. I am a woman who has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for 10 years and counting. I did it without overdoses of vitamins or anything else. A change in lifestyle habits and a great deal of education about food and how our body uses it.
          So much so, that I took a two year program in Natural Nutrition… Folks… all you need is to educate yourself about what your body really needs, where your food is coming from and what is in it, portion control, food preparation methods and learning to incorporate activity into your days. Instead of being on a low calorie diet that makes you dizzy and nauseous, you can eat a normal amount of food… even go out with friends occasionally and STILL lose that weight.
          My advice, seek out a certified nutritionist in your area and get some sound advice and guidance. He or she will cost you a fraction of the B diet, or any other so called “diet plan”.

        • Maya

          The msg is for Bratt. Where can you do the injections yourself? Where can you get them???

      • Kim

        I too am very educated and have been trying to loose weight for 10 years. Many of us were never overweight until something happens. I developed a disease that is killing my thyroid, a personal trainer for 2 years, a doctors care for ten ahs resulted in maintaining 80 lbs over weight. This program is helping and it is guaranteed that I loose 10 a month…no-one else can say that. In 2.5 months I’ve lost 25 lbs. The monitoring helps to control my disease and prevent future illness that my doctors and physical trainer could nto respond fast enough to.

        • Stella1964

          Right On Kim! I have the bum thyroid as well and my doc won’t increase my meds, even though I’m in the low range of normal now and I maintain my 235lb frame instead of gaining, but I certainly can’t lose any weight no matter what. I tried JC last year for 7 months. I couldn’t lose weight at 1500 cals per week, in fact I gained. So I’m going to try Dr. B. Wish me luck!

        • Bratt

          Maya, go to the drugstore and purcahse B6 and B12 injectables. Get 1cc suringes and 5/8 needles. Thats what you need. Load 1/2 CC of each the b6 and b12. It is 8 monhts later and I am still at my goal weight!

      • working mom

        As a busy working mother I am neither weak or uneducated. As a business owner, college EA and mother of two, my difficulty loosing weight has little to do with weakness. I have found it easier in the past to loose weight with the support of others. Trying to fit nutritious meals and exercise at regular intervals is a challenge, often my first and only meal is at 10:00 at night when I get home from work.

      • M.

        again…some of us need help because we have 6+ kids to look out for, work full time and still manage to go the gym 3x per week but are 45 pounds over weight….explain that! And if you cannot obviously you don’t know anymore than the rest of us who have opted to seek help… you’re probably skinny….

    • rachel

      what is the amount (cc) for the b12 inj? How often. and what do I take in for calories? If I do this at home will I still get the benefits?
      Thank you

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hi Rachel. For program and dosage instructions, please refer to the Dr Bernstein official website.

      • Becca

        Oh my god, I know you people are not planning on giving yourself injections. You need to be VERY careful with that process and receive proper training by a doctor, even with something as seemingly harmless as vitamins. You can overdose on them if you don’t know what you’re doing, any air bubbles you inject could be enough to stop your heart. If you are considering self-injection PLEASE speak to your doctor first!

  • it's Vit. B injections silly
    trudy (Verified Purchase)

    uh,…it’s Vit. B injections silly!

    • fatguyonaboat

      i agree with D this is bad

  • Not recommended
    kimdou (Verified Purchase)

    This diet is not healthy.if it works/ed for you then consider urself a lucky survivor.Why would anyone want to try and live their lives like that?The expense is incredible.Quite honestly,I did try this diet and lost weight.C’mon who wouldn’t?I also payed too much to do it.Guess wat happened? I couldn’t afford this stupid diet anymore and had to quit.My weight came back..unfortunately my money didn’t.This diet is for the incredibly rich.Period.Weight watchers is better for the normal income ppl.Nutritionist and walking work well for those of us that have NO money.Don’t get sucked into this Dr B crap.You will not be able to afford to stay skinny!

    • h heyman

      sucks to be you! I am doing it, and I KNOW the only way the weight will come back on is if I choose to not eat properly after the dieting stops.

      • takeela_rose

        i really find it immature that you would respond to the posting like that..it does not suck to be that person..i too did dr b diet 3 years ago and got don to a weight i was happy to be, NOT what they said i should be…i fell back into my old eating habits, loving the junk food and have put 50 lbs back on..yes it is totally my fault and know that, so i decided to go back..i did 2 weeks and had amazing results again, but then came my dr visit at the clinic..the dr said his usual spiel..asked me why i had stopped coming last time..had i ran out of money?? what kind of question is that for a dr to ask..none of his business if that was the reason..and then when i asked one question about the potassium , i was tolds i would have to ask my questions at my next visit as my 5 minutes was up and other patients were waiting to come in?? i sat there stunned..i am in front of the dr where i am suppose to be able to ask questions and i am told i am not able to due to my 5 minutes being up..i said to him are you kidding me?? i asked you a question and espect an answer, and he just got up and headed out the door to call the next patient in..i said quite loudly that i could not believe that i asked one simple question and was told i had to wait for my next visit in 2 weeks to ask my question..and i guess because i was being quite loud he asked very quickly what my question was again and tried to answer while he was walking back into his office with the next patient..can you believe that?? then i called their 1-888 number asking for customer service to make a complaint..was told the women who answered the phone was the customer service representative..i told her what happened and that as far as i was concerned we were not patients, but cash cows good enough to fork out ridiculous amounts of money, but not good enough to have medical questions answered..she said she would have someone call me..that was a month or so ago..did anyone call me..NOOO..i am extremely upset and because of this would warn people to be wary before forking out all that money..YES the diet works so long as you follow it, but i felt very violated by the way that dr made me feel

        • dr_b_patient_at_present

          You know, i read your comment very carefully and i can tell you that i feel very much the same way you do.

          Ok granted, i have lost about 24-25lbs in about 6 – 7 weeks however; (and excuse my language) some of them in there are real bitches.

          There is no bedside manner, no compassion and really no caring at all.

          I did not find the 2 doctors that i visited with helpful either. It’s all routine.

          So, I’ve got about 2 weeks to go. I REFUSE to tell them anymore of my PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION (which they haven’t respected). My family doctor is aware of the injections i am receiving and the potassium supplements i am also taking and that is good enough for me.

          I intended to buy another month after the initial 2 months plus 1 week are over. But after the way i was treated in there today; I am going to go to FINLANDIA and speak with the pharmacist there and see what i can do to continue.

          Their loss as far as I’m concerned and after reading your post, I see no reason why i should bother calling their head office. They just put you off.

          Oh well… I guess this is a Buyer Beware Situation. What I should have done is do this research before. :DDDDD

          Thanks for your post and good luck.

      • Hmmm

        That’s where you’re wrong Heyman! Even if you eat a carrot the weight will come back on because your body will store it to survive and also because you’re not getting your B injections to help metabolize that carrot. In other words, just plain healthy eating you’ll pack on the pounds UNTIL your body comes out of starvation mode and you eat moderately and excercise. Could have saved some money and done that from the start! The jokes on you Heyman so it sucks to be you!

        • KELLY

          seriously, you feel the need to do this to somone elses positive outlook? you are rude HMMM and Heyman that’s what the manintenance is for.. to refamiliarize your body with foods in a controlled process to avoid that starvation mode panick your body would go into if you simply went back to all healthy foods in general. Duh.. there is a reason people are keeping it off for years after wards because of that help.

      • Leni

        Yeh Heyman, you’re pretty cocky, must be in the middle of the diet and losing fast…who wouldn’t on 800-950 cals per day! Well enjoy it while you can, b/c believe me you WILL regain. But sounds like you can benefit from the lessons in humility!

    • Rawr.

      Your just mad that the diet did work for you. It didn’t work for you because after u lost the weight, u gained it all back because you went back to your same eating habits. Obviously your weighs gunn a corm back,

    • Anonymous

      you won’t afford to stay skinny because you came OFF the proper food. How delicious has your CHOCOLATE covered peanuts been? come on a rich and expensive diet YES it is. But it is YOU who put the weight back on. Sorry.

  • Dr. Bernstein's changed my life
    Heidi Bryden (Verified Purchase)

    I started this diet last July 09 at the weight of 176. I am 5’8″ and have been overweight most of my life. It has always been a #1 struggle of my life. I decided since I had turned 50 that year I would change my life.
    Dr. Bernstein’s changed my life! I was down to 138 lb by mid Sept (2 1/2 months). I went from size 12/14 to size 5/6. I have been on the maintenance program for 4 months and still weigh the same.
    It is not a hoax and the medical attention one receives from the doctors and nurses makes this diet the best in my opinion.

    • M.

      Like Heidi, I am 5′-7″ and was 178 when I started. It took me 2 1/2 months to get to my goal of 135 lbs. I didn’t find it diffucult at all, except when I was socializing. There were a few days in the beginning when I felt a bit dizzy and nauseous but after that I felt great. I also ran almost daily, and was allowed an extra protein serving for that. That was over 2 years ago. Since then, I am holding steady, without feeling like I am dieting at all, at 145. The Dr. B diet helped me to completely rethink how I was eating, how much I was eating and what I was eating. I simply do not want to eat as much as I used to, which is what makes it so easy now.

      • Alexandra

        Reading these comments is giving me anxiety about being on the die time .. I just hit 2 weeks and lost 10.3 pounds.. I found most of that came off the first week and it has been a little frustrating now… they said I’m retaining water most likely … I’m hoping I will have similar success to a lot of comments but I’m scared on not do at least 20 pounds a month! I find this diet pretty easy to follow I’m not craving but miss old foods I used to eat!

    • Shar

      People sure do have strong opinions about the Bernstein program. I am one of the successes. I lost 120 lbs (280 to 160) and hit my goal just after Christmas 2009. I gained about 10 lbs immediately after going off (I was bad and didn’t do the maintenance). However since that 10lb gain I have kept the rest off for the 8 months. Is it easy – No. I have to continuously be on guard. There is a reason I gained so much weight. It won’t work for everyone but for me it worked because, one, I had to go in 3 times a week so cheating was out of the question. Two, if you cheated you went out of ketosis and stopped loosing and for me it took a week to get back into ketosis so cheating just wasnt worth it. The third reason it worked for me was the one on one support from the nurses and doctors. I have no idea if the vitamin shots helped but they definitely didn’t hurt. I went off program three times in the 10 months I was on it for trips I had planned earlier. The nurses and staff I had were amazing and very supportive (Blair Ottawa). I learnt a lot about the foods that I am sensitive to(carbs & sugar even fake sugar) and for me the whole ketosis thing worked w/o any side affects. At 52 my skin was not baggy, I didn’t loose my hair and I didn’t start excercising ’til after I lost the weight. Was it expensive – yes. My husband and I went in to the clinic to discuss it three times before we decided to spend family money on my problem. This continues to be a good incentive to keep the weight off. Weight Watchers is a great program and I have friends who have lost weight and gained it back and some who have kept it off. For me weight watchers did not work at all. For those who say that Bernstein is not healthy and wonder who could live like that – well I ate chicken and fresh vegetables, fish, whole wheat pita, fruit and took my vitamins everyday plus 8 glasses of water. What’s not healthy? It is low cal (very) and fairly low carb (very low carb for me as I did not loose if I ate more than one piece of fruit a day) but it is a diet to loose weight. I still have to be careful about how much fruit I eat and I still stay away from artificial sweetners cause my body things its all sugar. That is my vent and for anyone struggling with weight I hope you find your path because life for me is much better minus the 100+ pounds and my life was pretty good before. Good luck and keep on trying especially after you’ve lost the pounds.

      • Maria

        Hello Shar,
        First of all congratulations on your weight loss & good health. Could you tell how much did cost you in the end?
        Did you feel hungry at anytime while you where on the diet? I have thought about going but I think I will sabotage it because I start well but give up in a short time…my weakness is looking something… so eat especially around 3-4 pm and just after I supper around 7-8pm….I hate it.
        I have to lose about the same as you did how long did it take you to lose it byside the 10lbs?
        Thanks, Maria

    • Lisa

      My question is this: dieters spend a lot of money per month to lose weight.
      What have you learned about nutrition?

      • Sha

        I have learnt a lot about nutrition over the years – because of my weight, health concerns but mostly as a mom. I know a lot about healthy eating and excercising. Knowing and doing are not all inclusive. I tried many other diets (good and bad). I had major problems sticking to anything because I did not loose weight in the first 2 to 3 weeks so found it impossible to be consistent. For me, Dr.B worked and worked fast. The diet I followed there was very restrictive (partly my choice as I limited my selection to even less than what was on their food lists). I ate egg whites, chicken, an apple a day, high protien pita bread, asparagus, zuchini and salad. They have meal substitutes but they suggest you only use them when you are really rushed or running late. They told me to stick to natural homemade as much as possible (e.g. no processed meat). One thing I learnt about myself thru Dr. B was that my body is sensitive to sugar even in fruit and even artifical sweetners – my body reacts to sugarfree products which have asparatame, etc as if they actually contained sugar. Again, this diet worked for me and my husband and family supported me especially financially to stick with it. I lost over 100 lbs and have kept it off now for about 9-10 months. It isn’t easy, every day I have to consider what I eat but I prefer this than to weighing 300lbs. I know some people have had bad experience with Dr. B – my experience was a good one and I am so glad I did it. Hope this answers your question.

    • katherine

      i know everyone has their opinons on dr bernstein but im on it right now for almost3 months taken off 42 pounds so far have learned alot about nutriton and what slows down my metabolism im also starting to gain confidence and feel better about myself im only 5’4 and when u hit 232 pounds and have a 3 year old how can u keep up? im very grateful to dr bernstein yes its alot of work but it works

      • Your NameSANDRA

        Yes it sure does work .

    • john

      yes i did Dr. Burnstein diet to and in 2 months i lost 40lb i went from 210lb down to 170 from waist36 down to 32, but i was running 10k a day i kept the weight off for 3 years. then i stopped running and i gain the weight back.when i went back with a 20% off cupon to start the diet again they just banned me from the diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i am not the only one, i had friends who had problems and complained and they got their outstanding money back and they were banned too.
      in my opinion with all the respect Dr Burnstein is not a doctor he is a DICTATOR if it doesnt go in his way he kicks you out!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he is lucky he gets some more suckers like myself to pay for him , i would recommend him to watch the movie Peach Adams!!!!!!! to learn a little humanity he should be ashemed of himself!!!!!!!!!!

      • s

        The movies is actually called Patch Adams……….

      • JOSIE

        I understand I was kicked out before too. 2 years ago I paid for a 610.00 for 1 month. But I was sick and had to have surgery. After 6 months I contacted his clinic because I wanted to go back and also use my credits but I was told that I had lost my credit because I had purchased the 1 month $610.00 in November 2011 and I wanted to restart in February of 2011. I also still had to pay for it on my visa. I was so upset.

        • JOSIE

          sorry I would like to correct the above I purchased the 1 month in November 2010 and I wanted t restart my diet in February 2011. OMG I was still paying for it on my visa.

    • Leni

      OK, this is 12-18 months after your posts and I’d be willing to bet money that you’ve all regained at least half if not all of the weight you lost on Bernsteins. It works for the short term, but is way too rapid and low calorie to be a permanent solution. Believe me, I don’t take any pleasure in posting this, but I want potential Bernstein clients to get an accurate picture of how successful they’ll be. Yes, they will have short term, rapid success, but it won’t last. I personally know 4 people (me included), who lost significant amounts on weight on Bernsteins, and all regained the weight plus more with 2 years.

      • Zanna

        What you say is undoubtedly true, however, I have regained all my lost weight after *every* diet I’ve ever been on and with those other diets it took me 8 months to lose 30 pounds and I never got to my goal weight. Not having done the Dr Bernstein diet, I wonder if this one will at least get me to goal in just 4 months. As you point out, keeping it off would be the challenge.

      • TERRI

        WHY SO NEGATIVE…..U HAVE NO FAITH??????????



      • Athena

        Response to Cheryl
        It is more of the same. You still lose weight. You increase your veggie portions per day to another 8 oz. At some point you are allowed another serving of protein ,and some point you are allowed one whole egg and another bread serving. You can add low fat yoghurt. You will eventually add more disallowed proteins and veggies. Start more sensible program or calorie count. You need to get your metabolism back to normal. You are and I was eating so much less than is healthy. For me I should be eating 1200 to 1400 calories per day. Jillian M. is $4.00 per week. Just go to her web site. You can get a wealth of health diet and exercise information and programs. Dr B. would not let me start maintenance because I was 2 lbs away from my goal. Check the your calories. It is insane what little we have been consuming and the danger we may have done to our health. I am extremely worried about my new back pain and potential gall bladder problems. I hope wearing and looking good in my tight white jeans didn’t come at a high cost.
        3rd time with Dr B. and after today won’t be back! Also check out W.W. my father in law has lost equal weight as me and more livable less costly program. Jennifer Hudson has appeared to keep her weight off. I cannot say the same for Dr.B. program. Check out your BMR. (BASIL MEABOLIC RATE). Good luck and good health!!


        I have been diabetic type one for 36 years and do not need to lose weight. I am 5’11 and wheigh 158 lbs. What impressed me about dr Berstein’s pitch was that he claims that the diet and rigid carb restrictions will reduce or even assist in making the complications in other Type Ones will be reduced or eliminated. This would truly be an event of tremendous significance to all diabetics. Imagine no more carbcounting, no more insulin no doctors visits… But having tried this diet I have little faith many people could exist on the restricted carbs allowed. If there is documentary proof of such reversals of complications they should be published and circulated to the press. I wish them well but we need to see the proof that the carb starve rations have actually helped with weight lost or any impact on complications. Too many people are investing too much money based upon too little information.

        • Colleen

          Wanted ask a general question/opinion to folks but saw your post Dave and can add a point – I was recently re-reading about Bernstein having done it in 2007 seriously and then on my own on and off since then… anyway, Dr. Bernstein is himself Type 1 Diabetic and write about that, and his experiences with food. I think I even came across that accidentally when I was researching Stevia as a sugar replacement. I’m not diabetic so I have no idea but you might find it interesting to see what he says (biased too I guess!) on all of that.

          My question to people is, having read articles touting the benefit of monounsaturated fats (like avocados, raw nuts and olives) for getting rid of belly fat, does any one have thoughts on how this factors in with Bernstein? I did find the diet worked well for me, and subsequently following the plan on my own with a good multi-vitamin and B-50 complex/calicium supplement..but it is hard, very hard and I felt hungry on the diet, not low energy but sometimes dizzy as I do like to exercise most days. I didnt regain massive amounts of weight even if I eat quite a lot of junk food (sugar! pizza) and drink when not on the diet, so I am lucky and probably not the norm.

          My goal is to lose belly fat specifically, and wondering given all these Dr Oz like articles about eating healthy fats and even low fat/no fat dairy to help reduce belly fat, is Bernstein the best diet to reduce belly fat or are there other diets that work as well? Thanks!