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Dr Richard Schulze Review - Do These Herbal Supplements Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 16, 2017

If you want the bottom line on Dr Richard Schulze products, give me just two minutes of your time. We did one of our in-depth reviews, carefully examining the ingredients, side effects, scientific research and overall customer-service quality. Then we sorted through countless user comments and remarks from all over the internet. Finally, we compressed all of the data we collected in order to give you the facts and specifics you need.

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Who is Dr Richard Schulze?

To start, Dr Richard Schulze is the man behind a wide array of supplements. These products are touted as herbal formulas that only contain natural and pure ingredients. No chemicals or pesticides are ever used. There are products for immune system support, detoxifying the body, improving breath, flushing out the colon and enhancing overall health/wellness. Some of the herbs found in these supplements are cape aloe leaf, senna leaf, cascara sagrada, ginger root, Oregon grape, apple pectin, slippery elm bark, cayenne pepper, flax seed and bentonite clay.

This company has been around since 1979. All of the supplements are available directly from the official website. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and many of these herbal products are sold via dealer sites like Amazon, but read on…

Dr Richard Schulze Side Effects – “Is It Safe?”

One issue we have is with Dr Richard Schulze side effects. According to our Research Editor, “Some users have complained of unpleasant reactions such as constipation, upset stomach, headaches, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, gas and bloating.”

One customer reported, “I followed the plan to the letter. Perhaps I should not have tried this since I have IBS. Anyway, after 1 week, they made me so constipated, I almost went to the emergency room.”

Then again, a different user said, “It does have a laxative effect. So, it did help some.”

Another commented, “It works when you are really backed up, but my teenage son complained of his tummy grumbling a lot.”

User Complaints – “Not a Good Sign”

There are quite a few discouraging user comments posted online for Dr Richard Schulze supplements. In fact, one person said, “I regret every trying these products. They tore up my stomach and intestines. It took a long time for me to heal from it by stopping the madness and consuming a mostly plant based diet. Steer clear.”

However, a different person stated, “Not too bad. But I think I will stick to a healthy diet instead.”

“I didn’t experience the side effects some did. But, I can’t say I saw any major results either,” posted another.

The extensive research we’ve conducted has shown if there is a certain aspect of a diet supplement or weight-loss program that is very bothersome or concerning (side effects, user complaints, poor BBB rating) the likelihood of long-term success is slim. Therefore, if Dr Richard Schulze products do in fact cause a lot of negative customer reviews, this could be a deal breaker.

The Science – “Any Presented?”

First off, Dr Richard Schulze does mention clinical studies on his website. However, we did not really find any solid science that backs up these herbal supplements and their marketing claims. This is concerning, because we at DietSpotlight like to see some published research that supports the products we’re investigating. Having said that, some of these formulas do contain natural diuretics and laxatives. This may help some people with bowel movements and urination.

The Bottom Line – Does Dr Richard Schulze Work?

So, should you run out and buy one of these herbal supplements? Well, we like that Dr Richard Schulze ingredients are all natural. It’s also good to see that all of these products are sold directly through the main website. Then again, we have some doubts about these formulas because no solid science is presented to support their claims. Also, we’re concerned about the side effects that some users have experienced.

If you’re really trying to shed some pounds, then we advise you to select a product that is easy to use anywhere, does not cause any harmful side effects and contains clinically tested ingredients for weight-loss.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. It contains a combination of four unique ingredients, which have been shown in published clinical research to help ignite fat loss and speed up metabolism. We can’t pinpoint any discouraging user comments, and customer feedback on the web indicates people are seeing real results.

The makers of Leptigen are so positive about their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is uncommon.

Previous Dr Richard Schulze Review (Updated August 15, 2013):

What You Should Know About Dr Richard Schulze

Dr. Richard Schulze offers alternative products for people who are tired of using prescription medications for their health. Dr Richard Schulze's Products include nutritional products, immunity products, detoxing teas, detoxing programs, and products for females, males, circulation, eyes and mouth, cold and flu, and air detox among others. Dr. Richard Schulze founded the American Botanical Pharmacy in order to fill an alternative need in the pharmaceutical community. The supplements range in price based upon the product. Dr. Schulze offers two weight loss products, Dr. Schulze’s 100% Herbal SuperSlim Formula and Dr. Schulze’s SuperSlim 30 Day Weight Management System.


Each supplement will have a different list of ingredients. All ingredients claim to be all natural.

Product Features: Dr Richard Schulze

The products offered by Dr Richard Schulze's Products aim to provide alternative support for the body. The website offers a huge selection of supplements that claim to be better than other supplements on the market. The 100% Herbal SuperSlim Formula retails for $60 on the official Dr. Schulze online store, while the Dr. Schulze’s SuperSlim 30 Day Weight Management System will set you back $432. Contact information is provided on the main website for Dr Richard Schulze's Products. The visitor can choose to contact customer service via phone or email. There is also one on one support provided at the pharmaceutical store located in Marina del Ray, California. The website also allows the user to order a catalog of products and take part in a free newsletter with health information. There is no scientific support offered for the products on the website.

Advantages of Dr Richard Schulze

  • Many of the supplements provided on the site are great for overall health.
  • The customer service information is listed.
  • There are testimonials.

Disadvantages of Dr Richard Schulze

  • The supplements are high priced.
  • The store is located in California only.
  • There is no FAQs section offering information on returns.
  • There are no free trials offered.
  • The website offers no scientific support.
  • Their 30-day weight loss program is a bit expensive.


While the Dr Richard Schulze's Products may be offered to users as a way to improve life and treat ailments naturally, there is no evidence of the efficacy of the products listed on the website. There are two dedicated weight loss products available. There is a strong emphasis on detoxing program, but these remain outside of the weight loss realm. In order to lose weight effectively, a dieter may find better support from a product aimed at weight loss that includes both a fat burner and an appetite suppressant.

Super Food Plus Nutrition Facts.

Dr Richard Schulze Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: NA
Serving Per Container: NA
Amount per Serving % DV
Spirulina * *
Blue-green Algae * *
Chlorella * *
Barley Grass * *
Alfalfa Grass * *
Dulse * *
Acerola Cherry * *
Rose Hips * *
Palm Fruit * *
Lemon Peel * *
Orange Peel * *
Beet Root * *
Spinach Leaf * *

Other Ingredients: None

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Leptigen, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 2.8. From 24 votes.
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Dr Richard Schulze Review

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One night I woke up and my tonsil on one side was sore so I got up and gargled with Dr Schulze Oral Therapy and before I went to bed it was better and it was totally gone the next morning, and has not come back, this is strong stuff but really works.


Dr Schulze Intestinal Formula 2 cured me of ulcerative colitis which no specialist could help me with. My GI specialist says there is no longer any active sign of the disease in my body. It didn’t happen overnight. More like a year of faithfully taking his products. I applaud these products & am now trying his Super Slim line. I feel very full after drinking one of the servings before each me. It definitely has decreased my appetite & I am finding that I am not hungry at all. Going to try it for at least a month. The stuff tastes pretty nasty so get yourself a sweeter organic juice to mix it with. I don’t know that you can get used to the horrid taste of the cayenne pepper! 😝


I have been using Dr Schulze’s products for 25 years and have attended many of his lectures and seminars. Richard may seem pretty crusty, to some, but he has always been a straight shooter and says it like it is, regardless of whether someone wants to hear it or not. That is just the way he is. When using his products, each individual needs to keep in mind that all of the products are “food”; food that becomes their medicine. It is important to watch and listen carefully to Richard’s videos and tailor his instructions to your own individual needs. If a person is used to taking Pharmaceuticals with the mindset of “one size fits all”, that is not how this works. You must be willing to increase or decrease amounts of what you are using and be willing to experiment. When using the Formula 1 and 2, everyone is different. Some people tend toward loose bowels and others toward constipation. So, using the quantities of each is going to vary. During a colon cleanse, one person may require three or four capsules of the Formula 1 to balance out the daily intake of the Formula 2. In my own case, I use only one Formula 1 every other day to balance out the Formula 2. I have friends who have constipation problems and most take 1 to 3 capsules of the Formula 1, on a daily basis. In my own case, I used to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and had to take two of the Formula 2, until my colon corrected itself. Another example is Dr Schulze’s Eyebright tincture. The instructions on the bottle call for 10 drops in 1oz of water. I have never been able to get past 1 drop in an eyewash cup of water. But, I am also very sensitive to Cayenne Peppers. One bottle has lasted me several years. The Super Food I used religiously for decades and hated it! Then, I found out that I was sensitive to wheat. Go figure. If you are willing to put your trust in a man, of integrity, who has been helping people for over 35 years and “knows his stuff” and are willing to experiment, in order to get it right, than this is for you. If you’re not, then best to find something else that works for you.


I have used Dr Schultz products for over 25 years and have met the man several times at his conferences, etc. His products are very intense, because Richard does not mess around with wimpy recipes. The secret of his colon cleanse is managing the Formula 1 and Formula 2. It’s a balancing act so that you don’t become constipated or have diarrhea. Not only does this combo cleanse and repair the colon but goes further than that in cleansing the whole body. Most people have constipation, requiring the use of Formula 1 daily. I on the other hand, have suffered most of my life with irritable bowel which was made worse by surgery, for Pelvic Prolapse early in 2016. I resorted to 2 capsules of Formula 2, daily and the problem resolved itself in 6 months. I wold recommend Dr Schultz’s products to anyone. Not all are to my liking, but the ones I use have always worked for me.

Billy Suomela

Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this info. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossips and net and this is actually annoying. A good web site with interesting content, this is what I need. Thanks for keeping this web site, I’ll be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can’t find it.


Hi Billy, glad we are able to provide invaluable information to users like you. And to answer your question, yes we do offer newsletters, you can sign up on our homepage!

Eduard Torres

I have used and am using the Dr Schulze SuperSlim product. If you look at his blog on his website he does give a 30-minute lecture on how the ingredients work to raise metabolism, cleanse the colon, and burn fat. It is harsh tasting but I mix it up with grape or cherry juice and knock it back to avoid the taste. If you restrict diet, juice veggies, exercise, and try some of his other products like Formula 1 and his great tasting DeTox tea, then weight loss should be easier.

Margie Swindell

I just was wondering whether you had anything that I could do with ingredients at home that I could use. I have RA and I am hoping I can make a immune booster that could help such a disease.

Cameron (Editor)

Your doctor is the only one that can adequately assess your risk/benefits as it relates to taking this product with your condition.

Your Name

I use the Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus. In my case, I feel much better and have more energy when using it. Also my weight goes down while using it. When my bottle goes empty, amd I don’t reorder, my weight starts going up, even though my calorie intake remains the same. This is JUST MY EXPERIANCE. I cannot say it will do the same for anyone else. I think I am so toxic, and so malnourished, that when the Schulze mix gets in my system, the weight starts dropping, and toxins clean up. I also use brown vinegar and coconut oil with the mix. Whatever vitamins and supplements are in it, must get my metabolism fired up. I feel I could finally get my weight down if I stayed on the mix daily, without the gaps in using it. I am convinced now that my weight problem is not what I eat, but lack of the proper nutrition, and the Schulze mix enables me to burn calories properly. Another effect of the using the mix is that I do not get out of breath when doing simple things. The Dr. Schulze mix borders on magical !!!


Plse, I need an rc removed, and not sure which approach best. I think dr. Christopher is for leaving ligament in, other holistic dentist for removal. plse advise…started using your products…thanks so much
a. in removing a rc, are you for removing the peritoneal ligament and cleaning the bone

b. are you for leaving it and having the body dissolve it on its own if possible.


I really like Dr. Schulze’s products. They are of the highest quality. However, the Superslim packets in one word are REPULSIVE tasting and the new nutrition bar flavor is disgusting. My advice: Order only one before spending the big bucks to see if you can handle it. I’m only on day three of this diet. The program is guaranteed, however, the fine print says you must eat 1500 calories a day and exercise an hour a day. Duh! I could lose weight by doing that alone and not paying the $488!


do you have eye products and eye drops

Heather Munson

You can order from their website at http://www.herbdoc.com

I’ve been using the products for years and they have changed my life. They also have eye products and eye drops.

Annie McDonald

How does an old upstate ny friend get a hold of the dr.

Helena Castillo

How can I get this productos if I live in Colombia?

Best Regards



You can order this product online to be shipped extremely fast and well anywhere in the world. Also, there are many healing stories and testimonials on his page along with support and very intimate details. Also, new product out by him called “SuperSlim 30 Day Weight Management System,” and “100% SuperSlim Formula.”