Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 12, 2017

I just read that prescription Duromine can “promote weight loss when used for a short time.”

Admittedly, a prescription weight-loss pill sounds a bit scary, so I’m asking:

How does this stuff work?

First of all, Duromine is meant to be taken by obese or significantly overweight individuals. It works as an appetite suppressant, using its active ingredient to affect specific parts of the nervous system. Its active ingredient can also cause increased energy levels.

But we’ll get to that in a bit.

Read these 5 things you HAVE to know before talking to your doctor about Duromine.

Let’s get started…

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What is Duromine?

Firstly, Duromine is a prescription appetite suppressant that contains:

  • Phentermine [1]

You take the medication once daily, or as directed by your physician. It only works to help you eat less, [2] it doesn’t boost metabolism or increase calorie burn. It is portable, so there’s no issue taking it on the go.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals is a division of iNova Pharmaceuticals.The company behind Duromine was established in 2001. You can purchase it in Australian pharmacies and online with a prescription.

We like the fact that the business has been around for quite a while and there are positive reviews of the medication, but read on…

Duromine Side Effects – “Watch Out!”

Our first concern deals with Duromine side effects, [3] something all dieters should consider. “This is something of an issue with prescription medications,” says our Research Editor. “You have to weigh the pros against the cons to see if the outcome is worth a try.”

A dieter reports, “I just started taking Duromine…and my body is shaking and I have a headache.”

“I have been taking [Duromine] tablets for three days now, I woke up [last] night and could not stop vomiting,” says another user.

“The side effects [are too] severe and I can’t cope with feeling depressed. Headaches, pressure on my chest, muscle cramps…nausea, insomnia, loss of concentration. It’s not worth it,” one dieter claims.

Price – “A Serious Concern”

We found dieters in forums complaining about the price of Duromine. You can expect to pay a minimum of $100 a month for your prescription. That cost is in addition to the initial doctor’s visit expense and subsequent appointments.

“I just got Duromine…today and it costs a fortune,” one dieter reports.

Another buyer claims, “Duromine is EXPENSIVE – I nearly fell off my seat when I found out it was around $3 per pill.”

When there are issues with a diet pill, our research shows a hiccup in long-term success. If the dieter does suffer side effects with Duromine, [4] or if the price is too high, that could be a problem.

Are Duromine Results Clinically Proven?

Claims of Duromine results are based on clinically testing, proving it can reduce appetite. That’s what you’d expect from a prescription medication. But, there is also proof that side effects [5] are a serious consideration.

We also believe that appetite suppression is only one part of the equation. You need to spark metabolism, so you lose fat – plain and straightforward.

The Bottom Line – Does Duromine Work?

Are we talking to our doctor right now about a Duromine prescription? We like that some dieters lose weight while taking the drug. But, with the potential side effects and high cost, we don’t feel comfortable recommending the product.

For dieters who’d like to melt away the pounds, DietSpotlight suggests a supplement that comes at a price that doesn’t break the wallet. It’s always good if the ingredients are tested and customers consistently report some amazing results.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is a product called Dietspotlight Burn. There are just four ingredients, all clinically-tested and shown to help people with metabolism, fat loss and hunger. We’ve heard from tons of users who’ve achieved lasting weight-loss and noticed amazing results.

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Previous Duromine Review (Updated July 3, 2014):

What You Should Know - Duromine Facts

Duromine is the popular name-brand formula for controversial diet supplement Phentermine, usually prescribed to morbidly obese patients. Duromine is usually only available with a doctor's prescription, although it can be purchased over the Internet without one. Duromine's main function? To suppress appetite, which is its only purpose. Duromine is one of the few diet supplements the FDA recognizes as a suitable diet aid for morbidly obese patients, but this also means that it must be taken under direct doctor supervision to avoid severe or fatal consequences. Duromine, although proven scientifically effective, also comes with numerous side effects, which is why it is highly recommended Duromine should be taken under doctor supervision. Currently Duromine is only available in Australia and its surrounding countries. Duromine is available in three strengths -- 15mg, 30mg, and 40mg. A doctor will recommend the appropriate strength depending on your health history. Duromine is also free of gluten and preservatives, although it contains gelatin. Because it is a FDA-approved drug, money-back guarantees are served on a case-by-case basis. A doctor may allow you to try free samples if you request it and meet the requirements. Unlike other diet supplements, Duromine has strict requirements and is only recommended for short-term weight loss. Usage should not exceed 12 weeks.


Phentermine, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium, Carbon Black, Lactosevliquid Paraffin, Gelatin, Brilliant Blue FCF, Iron Oxide Yellow. Duromine's 30mg capsules contain Brilliant Blue FCF and Iron Oxide Yellow. Their 40mg capsules contain Erythrosine and Sunset Yellow FCF.

Product Features

Duromine is a prescription-only supplement, only available to patients with a BMI Index over 27 and a history of obesity-related illnesses, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Phentermine, its main ingredient, alters brain chemistry and helps suppress appetite. These claims are medically backed by numerous groups and organizations, including the FDA. Combined with diet and exercise, Duromine claims that it helps morbidly obese patients lower their BMI Index, although the amount of weight loss varies from person to person. Numerous studies conducted on Duromine back up these results. Unfortunately, Phentermine is highly addictive. Duromine only recommends taking the product for up to 12 weeks. Some patients are ineligible for Duromine if they have a history of addiction or prescription abuse. Phentermine also has numerous side effects, including impotence and diarrhea.

Duromine Advantages

  • Duromine is FDA approved for quality, truthfulness, and dependability.
  • It is clinically proven to suppress appetite.
  • Duromine is gluten and preservative free.

Duromine Disadvantages

  • It is only legally prescribed to patients meeting strict criteria.
  • There are numerous side effects, some of which are fatal or severe.
  • It is only intended for short weight loss - taking it too long might result in addiction.
  • Currently, it is only available through manufacturers in Australia and its surrounding countries.


Although Duromine is a FDA approved drug, it is not completely safe. Numerous side effects should discourage casual dieters, as should the product's strict guidelines. Duromine is only an option for morbidly obese people with obesity-related illnesses and is not recommended for other body types. A doctor can only recommend and approve this drug for use, and it is very dangerous - and unethical - to take Duromine without a prescription. It does appear to be a viable solution for obese patients who need a short term fix, however.

Duromine is a brand name for phentermine. The product is not available in the United States. You can find it in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Duromine Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: Varies
Serving Per Container: Varies
Amount per Serving% DV

Other Ingredients: None

We really dug deep and took a close look at the Duromine ingredients in order to provide you with the important details and facts you need.


Also known as brand names like Adipex, Qsymia, Suprenza, Oby-Cap and Zantryl, Phentermine is a prescription weight-loss medication. This drug is similar to an amphetamine, and it is generally prescribed along with diet and exercise.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Phentermine is supposed to help suppress your appetite. This way you eat less food, which means fewer calories. Over time, this can help you lose weight.

Clinical Research

There is some documented research that supports this drug for weight-loss. For instance, WebMD states, “Phentermine is used with a doctor-approved exercise, behavior change, and reduced-calorie diet program to help you lose weight. It is used by certain overweight people, such as those who are obese or have weight-related medical problems. It may work by decreasing your appetite, increasing the amount of energy used by your body, or by affecting certain parts of the brain. This medication is an appetite suppressant and belongs to a class of drugs called sympathomimetic amines.” [1]

Liquid Paraffin

Liquid paraffin is basically a highly-refined mineral oil. It is commonly used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and even for machine lubrication.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often liquid paraffin is used to treat constipation or intestinal obstructions. Since it is not easily absorbed by the body, this substance simply passes through the digestive tract.

Clinical Research

There is no correlation between paraffin and fat loss or appetite suppression. On the other hand, this component can be used as a laxative or stool softener. According to Pediatrics International, “Liquid paraffin is more effective in the treatment of children with constipation. Patients treated with liquid paraffin responded more rapidly than patients responding to lactulose and showed fewer side-effects.” [2]

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is a common chemical compound that is often used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, supplements, baby formulas, and hard candies. It works as a lubricant and binding agent.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Magnesium stearate is often used in dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals as a lubricant or anti-adherent. It helps prevent other ingredients or substances from sticking to the manufacturing equipment.

Clinical Research

There is no direct link between magnesium stearate and weight-loss. However, research has shown that this substance functions well as an inactive ingredient in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. It essentially helps prevent active ingredients from sticking to machinery, so they can flow smoothly.

These ingredients are clinically proven, but there are also proven risks of side effects that can affect overall health and wellness. Science is out there for natural supplements too. Read more about Dietspotlight Burn to see what we’re talking about.

Duromine Scientific Abstracts:


The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved a fixed-dose (mid-2012) mixture of topiramate extended-release and phentermine immediate release for the treatment of overweight or obese human patients. The new drug has displayed strong weight-loss capabilities in comparison to placebo for a time frame of up to 2 years. [1]

Phentermine has been approved for the short-term treatment of overweight and obese humans in partnership with lifestyle modifications. Topiramate, which has been approved for treatment of epilepsy and prevention of migraines, also helps with weight-loss. Cardiovascular data linked to long-term use of topiramate extended-release and phentermine indicate that the combination may be an effective, as well as safe, choice in decreasing weight in obese patients at low-to-intermediate cardiovascular risk. [2]

There was an 84% completion rate in the study. During week #108, controlled-release phentermine and topiramate (PHEN/TPM CR) was linked with substantial and sustained weight-loss (intent-to-treat with last observation carried forward; P < 0.0001 compared to those who consumed placebo). Least-squares MP (mean percentage) shifts from baseline in body weight were –1.8%, –9.3%, and –10.5% for the placebo group, 7.5/46, and 15/92. There had been a substantial weight-loss comparison in PHEN/TPM CR–treated participants compared to placebo (P < 0.001). In conclusion, the controlled-release phentermine and topiramate in conjunction with lifestyle modification could offer an efficient and well-tolerated alternative for sustained treatment of obesity complicated by cardiometabolic disease. [3]

Liquid Paraffin

Liquid paraffin and lactulose were administered to 40 children volunteers with chronic functional constipation. There were improvements in stool consistency and frequency during the first four weeks of trials. Frequency was significantly higher in liquid (P < 0.01 and P < 0.05, respectively) than the paraffin group. There was a substantial increase in some stool per week with liquid paraffin for the duration of the last four weeks (P < 0.05). The compliance rates had averaged 95% in those who ingested the liquid paraffin and 90% in those who took lactulose during the four-week study, and 90% for liquid paraffin and 60% in the lactulose group for the final four weeks (chi(2) = 4.8, SD = 1, P = 0.02. It was concluded that liquid paraffin is more efficient regarding the treatment of children who suffer from constipation. The effects were more rapid in those who took the liquid paraffin than the lactulose and showed fewer side effects as well. [4]

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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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What are the side effects of Duromine?

Duromine side effects reported by iNova Pharmaceuticals, include increased heart rate, sleeplessness, restlessness, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, constipation and stomach cramps.

What are the ingredients in Duromine?

Duromine ingredients include phentermine, lactose, paraffin, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide and iron oxide.

How do I know if Duromine is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

How much does Duromine cost?

Duromine costs about $100 for a 30-day supply. You’ll need to check with your local pharmacy for exact pricing details.

How should I take Duromine?

You should take Duromine according to the instructions provided by your physician. The company behind Duromine states to not use the medication late in the day to avoid sleeplessness.

When is the best time to take Duromine?

The best time to take Duromine should be determined by the physician who prescribed the medication, although the company that makes the supplement suggests using in the morning.

What are the strengths of Duromine?

Duromine is available in three strengths, 15mg, 30mg or 45mg.

Does Duromine come with a guarantee?

Duromine doesn’t come with a guarantee.

Does Duromine work?

Yes, Duromine works, considering the product is a prescription medication. But, something to think about is the possible occurrence of side effects.

When looking for a weight loss prodcut, it’s best to choose one that has ingredients that burn fat, increase energy levels and accelerate the speed of the metabolism. One that fits all these criteria is Dietspotlight Burn.

992 Duromine Reviews

  • They do work
    Joe (Verified User)

    I have been taking duromine 30 mg for four months have lost 7 kilos so far you need to them as early as possibly in morning 5 6 am side effects are def sleep deprevation and occasional heavy breathing but they do work wouldn’t take them for a long period of time though joe

  • On medication, okay?

    Can I use Duromine whilst on a cronic medication, e.g Epilim – controlling epilepsy?

    • Karl

      Have been on duromine for 2 months and lost 14kg. It stopped me from eating chocolate, I ended up eating yoghurt instead of sweet snacks. You HAVE to drink lots of water all day. One some days I ate an apple and a few walnuts. On other days, all I could eat was a small yoghurt. A side effect could be constipation, so I then introduced high fibre bran every morning immediately after taking the duromine. My energy levels were amazing, I could work all day and my concentration was enhanced. However, I did feel drops in energy during the day (which seemed to normal for me).

    • Richard (Editor)

      Hi Nicky. If you’re taking prescription medications, you may want to contact your doctor or pharmacist to discus possible interactions.

  • Marlene

    I would like to try it – what do I have to do to qualify?

    • Neesi

      You do get it in south Africa

    • Richard (Editor)

      Hi Marlene. You will need to contact your doctor to see if you are eligible for Duromine. If you arent able to acquire a prescription, you might want to check out some other weight-loss product options. Recently, many users have been raving about Dietspotlight Burn; you should check it out!

  • Underactive Thyroid

    I have an underactive thyroid…..duromine wont work that well for me..will it?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Sally, your doctor will go over your options with you once you ask for the prescription. Only (s)he will be able to tell you accurately.

    • Deb

      I “played” with it and umine during my I’ll spent youth. Stupid. I don’t recommend it at all for under active thyroid. I too have this. It has taken years to get the dosage right but levothyroxene is finally working. I put on close to 20kgs and kept it on for good 10 years. It happened really fast too I also lost it really fast once correct dosage was found. This has been the worst part as now I am this wrinkly mess so I suggest exercise, even just walking regularly. I feel for you as it’s one of those things people can see,like a broken arm, so you get very little support. Weight gain isn’t the only thing with under active thyroid either. Hang in there chickie tho cos there is light at the end of the tunnel

      • Your Name

        I have an under active thyroid., menopause. I have gained 30kg. I have been taking Duromine for 2 weeks and have lost 6kg. I have more energy and feel great. I take it at 6:30am and sleep well. I hope this helps.. I do have a dry mouth some days, I drink more water and I need to urinate a lot more. Tell us your thoughts about Duromine.

  • Headache meds
    Matt (Verified User)

    Can you take panadol for you head ache while on duromine?

    • Richard (Editor)

      Hi Matt. There are warnings about using Duromine if you’re taking medications. Contact your doctor if you have additional concerns.

  • Where can I buy?
    Ms. M

    I use to use it a couple of years ago – Where can I buy them – Nothing I’ve used worked as good I’ve been trying to get some for quite a while – I use to get them from a friend who obviously never gave me her connect and her and I are no longer friends – Please advise if you still have some – Thanks so much

    • Summer (Editor)

      You need a prescription to purchase Duromine. You can opt for a product that doesn’t require a prescription and is clinically shown to help spark metabolism for weight-loss. We like Dietspotlight Burn.

  • While breastfeeding?

    Can u use it when breastfeeding?

    • Richard (Editor)

      Hi Zara. There are warnings about using Duromine when you’re nursing. If you have additional concerns, you may want to contact your doctor.

  • Before breakfast?

    Kindly advise should i take Duromine morning before or after breakfast ?

    • Stella

      I love them…..They really do wonders for me….The only side effect that I get with Duromine is sleeplessness, and this is happens only during my first week of taking them..Otherwise I don’t get any other side effect..I used them 4 years ago when I was turning 40 and losteoporosis around 10kg in 4 months…I am a very active person..I am a spinning and aerobics fanatic .So they give me a lot of energy.So i use them in conjunction with gym…..They help me eat less and only healthy food….With Duromine , i never experience craving for wrong food like chocolates and fatty or sugarry things ….I maintained that sexy weight until this year.I am now 44 years old and have regained that weight …..I have just started using Duromine again 4 days ago…..I have a prescription for 3 months, so I hope I will be slimmer and sexy by December…..then will stop them and maintain my weight.

    • Dee

      I take it at 6am when I wake up.

    • Richard (Editor)

      Hi Karen. Usage depends on the prescription from your doctor.

  • Need your advice.
    Gideon Boakye

    Please should i keep on taking the medicine when it get finished or i can stop when it gets finish and continue with an exercise?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi Gideon! With any prescription medication, you should contact your doctor before stopping completely.

  • Alcohol bad?

    Hi everyone, are there any issues related to drinking alcohol while on Duromine? I want to start taking it tomorrow, but i have my birthday and work christmas party coming up soon so just want to know if it will be ok to have a few drinks on those days or if i should rather wait until after they are done

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi! Because of possible interactions, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product with alcohol.

    • jessie

      what ever you do , don’t drink on them . i made that mistake when i took then a few years and after 2 shots i was in hospital and i’m a heavy weight drinker

    • MPOL

      Hi Michelle, have you talk to your doctor if alcohol is ohk to drink while you’re on the tablets?

  •  Perfect 3 yrs ago, can I take again?

    I used duromine 30g about 3years ago I had very perfect results than even what i expected but recently I have gained too much weight again and I just want to know if I can take it again. Thank you and hope to hear from you

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi! Considering it’s a prescribed medication, you will need to reach out to your doctor.

  •  Duromine

    Sounds very nice. Would like to try it. Where can i buy it?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hey, Estelle. Duromine is a prescription drug and cannot be purchased over the counter.

      • Serena

        Hi so I,ve looked online and see theres sites that sell duromine would you recommend purchasing this.

        • Richard (Editor)

          Hi Serena, We don’t offer recommendations, we only provide facts and details about a specific supplement.

  • Your Name

    Normally people with more weight to loose looses faster that someone who is not that overweight. Is that the same with Duromine or will I see fast results?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

  • your name

    i want to try it but i am scared

  • How can I buy duromine
    Mary grace

    How Can I buy duromine

    • Cameron (Editor)

      It must be prescribed by your doctor.

    • Maupenei

      Only prescription from doctor

  • Sharon

    Starting day one tomorrow, thanks this post really helped me.

  • Need to know when to have this.

    I am about to start my duromine experience tomorrow, what time is best to start taking it in the morning??? Thanks, any tips appreciated to get best results, water work out is already happening ?

    • Emily

      I take mine at 4am every morning and go back to sleep. When I wake up in the morning at 7am I am ready to go for the day and then its worn off by bed time!

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Melissa. When you take Duromine depends on your prescription. Adding exercise and drinking water will always help improve results.

  • I attent gym wouldnt it be contradictory
    Andy (Verified User)

    I just started using Duromine today,i have read all the side effects Im worried about the heart beating fast because I attent gym wouldnt it be contradictory?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello Andy! All users are different and can experience different side effects. The warnings state Duromine could increase heart rate. If you have additional concerns, you may want to reach out to your doctor.

  • I think duromine will work
    thando (Verified User)

    I’m 40 weight 110 I want to lose weight badly I think duromine will work for me

  • 14 years can take Duromine
    Jané Stapelberg

    Goodday, I would like to find out if a child of 14 years can take Duromine? Will it be safe with all the side effects?

    • Lyn

      Just picked up my pack from the chemist. The printout that was given to me by them stated “Do not give this medicine to a child under the age of 12 years” i would take said child to the doctor and talk to them about the situation …. maybe there is a better one suited for children.

    • Richard (Editor)

      Hi Jané. Prescription medications such as Duromine are intended for users 18 years of age and older.

  • Angella

    I’m 15 years old and want to take duromine but scared and nervous I don’t know if I should use it I’ve tried to lose weight and do a diet but it just won’t work. I am 85kg and hoping to lose weight. My mum got duromine 40mg but don’t know is if it’s suitable. Help

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi Angella! Prescription medications such as Duromine are intended for users 18 years of age and older.

  • Helaena

    Does duromine go by a persons weight or their diet? Can you overdose on taking a higher mg but staying within the recommended intake per day?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Your doctor will assess your need for it when you ask for a prescription (though commonly prescribed to those suffering from obesity). You, too, must never exceed the recommended dosage as outlined by your doctor (either 15mg, 30mg, or 40mg).

  • Duromine

    can I take the tablets with green tea? I’m on 30mg i started using today and I feel a bit edgy so we’ll see how it goes.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi! While we haven’t heard of any reports of users experiencing side effects from taking Duromine and drinking green tea, you may want to contact your doctor to discuss possible interactions.

  • Stella Hill

    I am on day 3 of duromine, no side effects yet. Yes suppresses appetite, I have plenty of energy for my busy work schedule and 1 hour gym daily. Before I was so tired even though I ate healthy..
    Its like the say, it works differently for everyone
    pending eg: diet/health issues/culture (ethnicity) etc. You disclosed issues with nausea headaches etc. These effects are common if the dieter is not eating at all, not exercising daily not enough water not sleeping at least 6 hours a day using other drugs that may compromise the effects of duromine underlying health issues blah blah.

  • lebo

    I’ve started taking mine today…hope for the best.

  • Youresther Name

    Tell been on Duromine for days now my body aches I feel sick my chest is heavy…i have no sleeping problems except for my body aches if I try to sleep have woken up at about 3am coz I could not sleep did not know which position to use coz my body is aching all over your thoughts about Duromine.

  • sunshynne

    We have the same struggle 🙁 I don’t eat at all. that is the only time I see the result.

  • Your Name

    I have been on duromine exactly a week today and have lost bs! I go to the gym 5 times a week for 45 min to an hour. Only side effect is dry mouth. I want to lose 25 more lbs so I’m sure I’ll be at my goal by summer.

  • Deb

    i have been on Duromine for 6 weeks lost 15 kgs been really lucky no side effects except dry mouth and that’s good cause it makes me drink plenty of water! 20kg to go…….. Hope it keeps working

  • Julia

    I gave 30mg Duromine a try in 2011. I didn’t take it daily as I found one pill would last for 2-3 days. For the first week I experienced insomnia and a fuzzy feeling like a mild hangover, but no nausea or headaches as such. My eyes were a bit tired but not so tired I couldn’t keep them open. It did give me an energy boost at times. I would fall asleep, but if I woke up it was hard to get back to sleep because my brain wouldn’t shut up, and I often felt a bit jet-lagged. However, I lost 30kgs in 8 months due to it suppressing my appetite. I would forget to eat, and when I did eat I would want something cold and wet usually … like yogurt or fruit. I had no hunger pains or any feelings of being hungry, nor did I have any desire to have fatty/starchy foods or takeouts because I was thirsty often (but not dehydrated). I didn’t do any exercise. It worked for me. It’s not a crash course in weight-loss. It takes time and after a while you build up a bit of a tolerance … if use is prolonged it could cease to be effective. I went from 100kg to 70kg without experiencing any serious health issues. It’s now 2016 and I am back up to 100kg. I went back on it 3 days ago and have already lost 2-3kg. I have the same side effects as previously outlined, and all I want is fluids and fruit. This time I’m keeping a daily food/weight diary. I expect there to be a more noticeable difference in the 2nd or third month. 15mg is a waste of time and money … you need 30mg or more.

    • Sherry

      I’ve also started duromine this is my third day on it,I feel hungry in the morning after drinking them,but later in the day I don’t feel hungry at all,I hope it all works out for me.my question is is exercise required? 🙂

  • Roxanne

    @ Queen, I am 25. I am considering taking Duromine 15mg just reading the side effects scares me…..lol but I really want to try it. I am thinking of taking it every second day. Any advise as to what’s the best way to take it ? Did you have much side effects ?

    Thanks ????

    • Your Name

      No side effects yet, only minority the majority are fine but do not post . Lost 3 kgs in the first week

    • Melissa

      Did you take it im thinking of doing the same

    • Richard (Editor)

      Hi Roxanne, you’ll take Duromine based on your prescription.


    I’ve been on Duromine 30mg now for nearly a month I was 79kg but I’m short so my BMI was high. I have had next to no side effects I have a dry mouth sometimes but that’s about it in fact I’m annoyed as I was hoping for the burst of energy the doctor told me I’d get. I still get hungry but not often I have used this tone to change my eating habits but and started exercising but have only lost 7kg which I’m really disappointed about as I think I’ve done everything I possibly could. I go back to the doctor again next week and am hoping to get another month and hoping it’s on the 40mg just to push me down to a more healthier weight.

    • Kyma

      I am actually the same as you. I hear and read people have high energy levels. Last night was worried i would be counting sheep but nope, slept well. But i did wake up before my alarm which is not normal for me. Today ive been so sleepy since around 3pm. I am only on day 2. How did the 40mg go for you? Wandering if ive wasted $110. Zzzźzzz no energy at all..

  • Jayne

    After 4 days of using Duromine I stopped taking it after it left me with my heart beating rapidly, after 10 days not taking it I have been having panic attacks, hyper ventilating, shaking, headaches, vomiting, not sleeping, crying for no reason, feeling like my heart is going to explode. I had a total break down at the docs she wanted to give me valium and prescribed me diazapam which I tore up and wanted me to see a councillor because she thought I had problems, I was fine before these tablets. So I went to a different doctor that I used to see before I moved house and he said he would never prescribe Duromine to anyone as the side effects are bad it’s like prescribing someone speed. He said the anxiety/panic attacks will stop I just have to control my breathing so it does not get bad again. I know my body and I know if something is wrong, the tablets caused it I can lose weight the old fashioned way I would never try weight loss pills again and they made me more hungrier if anything but I never caved in.

    • Summer (Editor)

      Dieters fight hunger and stimulant side effects all the time with weight-loss supplements. Over the years, we’ve found it takes less caffeine than most companies include to get the job done. Dietspotlight Burn is a great example of that.

    • Ok

      I agree one hundred percent I’m really depressed, this pill has brought my mood down and I would not recommend it, the results are there it does work but not worth risking it due the side effects. It has really kept me on the low and paranoid

  • Wanting to hear of results and if it works well

    Not to sure if anyone is still on this page! But i currently weigh in at 118kg, i am only 19 so its very depressing especially cause the rest of my family is so fit, i got prescribed duromine 40mg and i am very keen to start it on monday, i was just wanting to hear any results of people around my weight range? Im wanting to loose atleast 50kg in the next year ready for next summer, not going to take duromine for to long, maybe 5 months at the most!

    I have bad eating habits and need the help

  • Kylie

    I’ve been taken duramine for three months the first month I lost weight but haven’t lost any in two months I love the feeling when I’m on it but I can’t stand how it makes me rub my tongue up against my teeth tough is swollen and lumps all over itits driving me crazy I’m exhausted without duramine but can’t handle the rubbing of my tongue and ideas feeling beaten

  • Leanora King (Verified User)

    I was on duromine lost 34 kg.
    Stopped the tables and my weight returned, did the same thing while I was on duromine , except I was eating better than before, I was unable to eat whilst on duromine thus the weight los.
    I might be a bit chubby but I am healthy and happy 😃.

  • Healthy Gain Weight

    If someone is clearly powerless to attain weight, it’d be greater than before to go to a doctor UN agency would check the patients condition and counsel the person consequently. At identical times certain tips and changes created during a persons diet pattern may foster the individual in gaining many kilos.

  • Ashley

    Hi iv been on duromine for almost a week now and i have hade shakes and loss of sleep and felling sick is this normal ?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hello Ashley. All users are different and can experience different side effects, but we have noticed that users have experienced somewhat similar effects. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing taking this product if you are still having side effects.

  • Marie

    I am 120kgs, my Dr put me on Duromine 10 then the next mth on 40. I still have not seen much difference at all but its been less than 2 mths. I’ll give it a little longer. I am quite active and do not eat junk food at all. I never touch soft drinks either however I used to drink massive amounts of cola and thats mainly when the weight piled on. Havent touched cola in 6 or 7 years now. With this medication Im getting a burning sensation on the tip of my tonge, anyone else experience this?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different results, but we have noticed that users have experienced somewhat similar side effects. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing taking this product if you are still having side effects.

  • Lozza

    Second day on duromine and have woken up with sever daihara and constant feeling beeding to vomit is this normal for people ?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different side effects, but we have noticed that users have experienced somewhat similar side effects. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing taking this product if you are still having side effects.

  • Emma

    There is no easy solution to weightloss. Whether it be that you are simply just cutting back on food and exercising, or taking Duromine or other supplements. If you’re not suffering from hunger, it’s anxiety or some side effect from a supplement. The easiest and best way to loose weight from my experience, is to create a positive focus while dieting. Something that will keep your mind of the side effects of weightloss, therefore making them more bearable. I know this is easier said than done, but it is possible and it is the best and most effective solution in my opinion.

  • Adeline2345

    I’ve lost 10kgs within 10days after started using duromine. I’ve noticed a drastic change in my appetite and feeling less tired throughout the day. I did experienced some side effects from the drug which are dry mouth, bad breathe, feeling emotional, fast heartbeat, insomnia at night and feeling extremely tired if missed the dose. Even though I did experienced the side effects from it, I still love the kgs that I’ve lost. Nothing is perfect in this world, it’s all about give and take.

    • Anna

      hi I’m just starting out on duromime, I was just curious with you loosing that much weight did you have to exercise and do other things?

    • Cate

      Hi Adeline congratulations on your weight loss, I was wondering what your diet consists of and how much exercise you do to help you get these great results? Thanks 🙂

    • Pamela

      are y serious?u lost so much?

    • Nahdi

      Hi where you on 15 mg or 30 mg ??

  • Your Name

    hi all,

    In Malaysia quite difficult to buy Durimine.
    Anyone can help me?
    I need atleast 4 to 5 boxes
    I really wan to try. I really need to loose 23 Kg within 2-3 months please advice

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Duromine official website.

    • Kyma

      Your local doctor.
      Ive been on it for 2days now. Feeling nothing, feel normal. I think its all in people heads. I had the pill at 6am its now 7.24pm and ive been sleepy for 3 hrs. Yesterday i ate breaky 1 banana n coffee lunch a mango and dinner 2 small pieces of garlic bread. But this is normal for me. today breaky banana n coffee lunch 3/4 of a sandwich and banana bread. Dinner roast chicken corn and bake potatoes and even a ice cream. I am so sleepy not one bit active ::( im 76kg happy at 60kg but healthy weight would be 52kg. Im starting to think nothing will work beside working out.

  •  Anonymous (Verified User)

    I’m 16 been taking for 2 weeks have lost 7 kgs, love it get cleaning done always in my feet Highly recommend if your over weight

  • Kayelene

    Hi everyone. I thought I would share my experience with you. I have been on Duramine 30mg for three months and have lost 13kgs. I am on lite n easy 1200 cal and do hot yoga 3 times a week. I stopped drinking coffee and my insomnia got much better. I do occasionally feel sleepy during the day and definitely get dry tongue so I drink plenty of water. I am half way to my goal weight so will get another script. I do wonder though if I should be taking something for my metobalism? And can your body get used to duramine and your dose may need increasing?

    • Adrian (Editor)

      Hello Kayelene. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

    • Sharon

      Well done Kayelene. I have lost 11kilos in 3 months on Duromine and am thrilled. Feel fantastic.
      I got headaches for about a week, constipation…..which I use Magnesium for but it’s also settled down. I did experience high energy levels for 2 days but that settled also.
      I stuck to my own diet of around 1200-1300 calories per day. No exercise due to a chronic disease but am keen to start walking soon. I truly believe it’s what you eat and reducing portion sizes even after your course has finished. My GP said to not underestimate your lifestyle changes as the drug only reduces appetite- no metobolic interference.
      I’ll be interested to see how I go now I’ve finished my course!!!

    • Ravinesh

      I have bought 30mg.however I am not certain of starting..i am 106kg ,170cm in height. I wanna start with right diet. Please advise on breakfast esp.

      • Anna (Editor)

        Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Duromine official website for more information.

  •  Duromine
    David (Verified User)

    Duromine generic. I’m on day 3 feeling great. Hardly any hunger. A couple of pieces of fruit and a couple of slices of bread. The first 36 hrs or so o got some headaches, that’s why o had some bread, not much and spread out. Brains need glucose wholemeal bread gives some spread out. No more headaches. I’m feeling great. Focused energetic, work up this morning and felt like singing. Not sleeping much but sleeping well. Feeling super energised. As for the cost I know I’m saving money not buying take away and stuff. Just a bit of fresh fruit and vegetables. No hunger means no impulse food.

  • Sal

    i find that if I miss a day it’s like starting over again. It took a few days for my body to settle down a sleep well at night but if I miss a day it’s time to start again.

  • Some advice please
    Thanks (Verified User)

    Day one of duramine and no side effects so far. Fingers crossed. I must admit I still feel like I need to eat. I didn’t have breakfast but had lunch and still feel like I need to eat 3hrs later. I have drank 2 litres of water thus far today. Just wondering if it’s normal too still feel hungry most of the information I have read is saying that people don’t feel hungry at all. I also fell asleep on the couch for 30 minutes this afternoon.

  • Kayah

    I’m a female, 21 years of age, 175cm tall and weighing 88kgs.
    I started 30mg does of Metermine yesterday (which I believe is the cheaper, generic brand to Duromine).
    The first day I took my tablet at 8am with toast and not long after taking it I literally felt like I could run up the walls, I have never had so much energy in my life.
    I was a little shaky and had so much energy and I noticed my appetite decreased immediately and I had no cravings what so ever, I even turned my nose up at the foods I would usually devourer.
    I am super impressed with this tablet/drug so far besides having trouble sleeping.
    Today is my second day and I woke up extremely thirsty and have managed to consume 4 litres of water today, other than the dry mouth/thirst, I feel like my normal self and I’m really excited to see how my journey comes along!
    I really do think this tablet has the potential to turn my life around and help me get back on track and be my confident self again! Good luck everyone 🙂

  • marvellous (Verified User)

    Hi what happens when you stop taking duromine , will you return to your previous big body after losing some weight.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help maintain your weight after you have finished.

  •  I had a positive experience with Duromine !
    Claire (Verified User)

    I was on Duromine for 3 months (Feb-May) and I dropped 15kg. I didn’t have any negative side effects and because I took my pill as soon as I got up in the morning at about 6:30am (as recommended by my doctor) I didn’t have any problems sleeping. I felt an increase in energy which was definitely a positive. So, my experience taking Duromine has been very positive.

    I have a question about the effect on your body after you have finished taking the drug: I have now stopped Duromine and have been at a health/weight loss retreat for 3 weeks and I’ve only lost 4kg. I’ve been doing two High Intensity Classes per day, walking and we are on a calorie controlled diet. Is there any evidence or has anyone experienced difficulty losing weight after stopping Duromine? Has my body somehow become so reliant on it that it cannot lose weight without it?

    • Candace (Editor)

      Work it out of your system. In this case only time will tell. Continue your healthy regimen and try again in a few months.

    • George

      The problem is with most appetite suppressants , when you’ve lost the weight you just stop and this then can have adverts effects. You need to ween yourself off the drug , lower the dosage , take it over a few day as apposed to every day. You then need to adopt a healthier life style where you not going to put the pounds back on like you did in the fist place. Always start with what you eat , you know what’s good and you know what’s bad. You also need a healthy balance , have a cheat day once a week and if you craving something have it , just don’t allow yourself to give in to every craving less it’s healthy. Exercise , even if it’s a just a 10 min walk after a meal . The more you sweat the better 🙂 .

    • Your Name

      You have hit what is called a weight loss plateaux, persevere or change up your exercise routine and weight loss will continue.

  •  Did anyone else felt tired ?
    Madison (Verified User)

    i have been struggling with weight loss for yrs now , i asked my doctor what i should do he prescribed me duromine 30mg 1 per day with breakfast , i starting taking them the next day when i got them i weight myself when before i took them , then was on them for 10dys and weighted myself again and i had lost 6kgs which was great i thought but then from the 13th day i was only really eating breakfast and drinking probs 5 bottles of 600ml water per day , i find it very hard during the day to stay awake im always tired slept for 13hrs the other day and then was awake for 2 hours and then back in bed for 5hrs and weighted myself to see what was happening and to find that i had gained thr 6 kgs again i have 5 more tablets left before i finish the box im just curious if any one else has felt tired after taking duromine , deffo going to see my doctors after the im finished

    i dont think it is allerigc reaction as i dont feel sick or anything like that after taking it although the last week i have had about 6 headaches so just seeing if anyone else has had the same sort of thing happen to them

    • Kaz

      It works for losing weight. Ive had my good days and bad days, some days i take it and i can go all day but other days i get headaches and feel really tired. I think it depends on what you are doing and how you are feeling on that day. Its hard sleeping maybe its just catching up with your body.

    • Your Name

      Well the tablet has helped me losr weight i eat little bits im always running around i suffer with dry mouth i find i dnt sleep much but i love the weight im losing

    • Stella

      The only time the pills make you feel very tired and sleepy ,is when you have missed the dose or as soon as you stop drinking them…I love the energy I get from Duromine

  • KC (Verified User)

    i have been on Duromine 6 months. I cut back to one tablet every 2nd day about a month ago and I am having trouble sleeping. Would I be better to go back to 1 per day 30mg. Have I confused my body taking it every other day? I was sleeping well when on 1 per day. I have lost 31kg and nearly at goal. Got about 2 months to go. Best thing I ever did. I have changed habits and doing regular exercise

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Avoid taking it within six hours of bed time. If that doesn’t work try reducing your dosage, KC.

    • linda

      pls with duromine will I do exercise or cut down my diet or change meal plan and how many kg will I loose in a month

      • Candace (Editor)

        Any lower calorie diet and regular exercise will greatly increase your chances of sustained weight loss. Results vary between dieters.

  • Can you take it while breastfeeding?

    Can Duromine be used by a breastfeeding mom?.

    • Your Name

      NO!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!@!

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello, because of possible interactions with breastfeeding, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  •  So far so good for me !
    Amy (Verified User)

    I just started taking Duromine. I have struggled for several months trying to lose weight but nothing worked and I was just getting larger (gained 10kg in a year). I have high insulin which doesn’t help in the equation. My dad was taking duromine and said he recommended it as it helped him control his diet and not snack on unhealthy food. I asked my doctor what I can do in the short term and he suggested duromine for 1 month. It’s $106, but you can claim back on health insurance which you end up paying like $30. I’ve only taken it for two days, so I’m not an expert, but my appetite has been incredibly surpressed. I don’t feel like snacking. I get full off smaller portions. I did have insomnia last night which was the worst, and I’m feeling a little blocked up today. Also you do have trouble trying to urinate. Overall my dad says the minor side effects are worth it. I guess it’s early for me to say, but I gave noticed a significant difference in my appetite. Every drug has a side effect, some just have more positives which result in you being happy with the product. Obviously some people have had far worse complications and I’m grateful I haven’t experienced them. So far so good for me.

  •  Caused vaginal itching !
    BONJI (Verified User)

    Im on the fifth day now taking Duromine the problem is that it is very itchy down there (vagina) and I even consulted the Dr which has prescribed a vaginal cream.

    • Phumzi

      I’m also experiencing that. Today is my 4th day on duronime. Did the cream help?

  • Anon

    I just wanted to find out if anyone has taken this recently. I have a prescription from my GP and am just wanting to find out from someone about their recent experience.

    • Devon (Editor)

      Anyone want to share their story?

      • natalie

        Im on day 4 Taking Duromine feel great lost 3k .Lots more energy eating less .

        • Hulie

          started weighing 138 in first week and now on second week and weighing 135…Duromine 30mg..
          my goal is to weigh 120kg…

      • Annette

        4th day of duromine even though i started dieting 1 week prior i am feeling a difference. I am also able to take it with other meds eg.mirtazapine no side affect what so ever. I find this a great product yes it is pricey but if it works I’m happy to pay that price☺

      • Your Name

        I am 62 put on 10kgs over 10mths. Doc gave me duromine, took a tab every second day and lost 1kg every month. Which does not sound like much, but have kept it off, also went to doc and got on her scales every 8 weeks. No side effects. Except for dry mouth but easily fixed.

        • Hen

          I am 61. Took first dose today. I am 90kgs, despite a plant-based non-processed food diet and exercise most days. I did drink moderately, but have given that up now, as I could not go under the 90kgs. I feel tired, not energetic and there is a sort of ‘heat’ inside me. I’ve taken my BP which is up, but not worryingly so. As I’m very committed to a healthy diet and exercise, I know that I can maintain it post Duromine.

    • Bee

      I got duromine on the 27th of june 2016, first time ever being on anything to help me with weight loss,
      I felt it started to work that exact day, I only had 2 bits of toast all day until tea time,
      ive only been on it 4 days but I think the main thing effected is def my sleep, since Monday ive slept 10 hours maybe,
      I’m walking and drinking heaps of water as you do get a dry mouth, but doctors have said that it could help my type 2 diabetes, so my fingers are crossed, I was a bit scared at first because I had heard its like speed which ive never done, but I’m excited..
      all the best, Bee xx

    • katkego

      I was on duromines 15mg for a month a lost 8kg…from 70kg to 67kg ….im not on the 30mg… .make sure you are on a healthy diet and you drink lots of water….no fatty foods.boiled food instead little to no salt….i did not touch anything with sugar…but i always gum….if you combine gym and healthy food. You will see results trust me….and remember to take it just before 7am….all the best

  •  Lost 2 kgs in 4 days !
    Keryn (Verified User)

    I have been taking Duromine for 4 days , have lost 2kgs. I feel like I’m doing a workout even sitting doing nothing

  • Need valium to help sleep .
    Ana (Verified User)

    When you get prescribed Duromine also get a prescription of valium to help you sleep.

    • Lopang

      I find chamomile tea also helps. I’m on my third pill. I drink about 3 cups of chamomile a day andbu sleep well.

  • minahYour Name

    Can I take duromine while I am on arv cause I gain weight I exercise nothing happen an I believe if I take duromine something will change .do I?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Ask your specialist if you can combine the ARV with a weight loss supplement. (S)he will go over that with you when you ask for a prescription.

    Linda (Verified User)

    This is the second time for me taken Duromine 30mg. The first time I was on it for 6mths and only lost 6kg and I was working out every day. This time I am hoping for better results, especially when it cost so much. I eat well and walk out stress that has all levels of hill’s for 45mins each day. So fingers cross. But if anyone can give me a good food diet to add to this , it would be appreciated. I have eggs for Breakfast, fruite for morning tea, tuna rice paper small roll and fruite for lunch. Dinner is chicken and green vegetable or small red meat with green vegetables. WHERE AM I GOING WRONG

    • Your Name

      Maybe have your thyroid checked….Make sure it’s doing what it is supposed to do.

    • Martina

      try going Paleo

    • Monique

      Hi Linda
      Drugs work differently for everyone so I can only speak about my experience. It does seem that people with a higher starting weight will lose big numbers quickly. My SW was 95.6kgs after 6.5 weeks on the couch with a fractured ankle 🙁 3 days on D and I’ve lost 2.3kgs. I do 10,000 walking steps at least 5 times a week and eat:
      Breakfast – Up and Go drink
      Morning Snack – mandarin + 300 ml water
      Lunch – banana + 600 ml water
      Dinner / 2 X mandarins + banana + 600ml water
      I’ve found that’s all I need to feel full.
      Any nutrients I’m not ingesting daily will be taken from the stores in my body.
      I also track all of my food, beverages and exercise using my Fitbit watch and app. I’m very diligent with entering data, so it aids in keeping me on track.
      Hope this helps!

  • Your Name (Verified User)

    I start taking Duromine 30 gm but the side effects are strong, breath with difficult and couldn’t sleep. Then I reduce the intake to one capsule every second day. I found it less harmful and side effects are less. But my question would I loose weight taking the capsule every 2 days instead of daily

  •  Amazing Product, Tried and Tested !
    QUEEN (Verified User)

    Tell us your thoughts about Duromine.I started taking Duromine while i was staying in Durban as my weight was 110kg,i spoke to my doctor and she put me on Duromine 40mg,i lost 5kg in my first week,i had no side efects at all,i drank lots of water,after a year i moved to Pretoria where i stay with my kids an mom,that was in 2007,i gain weight again after giving birth to my daughter in 2008.I turned 40 years in March i am now back on Duromine,but i only take it 3 days a week,i wear a size 32 and people think i lie about my age saying i look young and fit,i still hit the gym for an hour everyday before i go to the office,what would i do without this product?I get a prescription from my doctor and buy at the nearest clicks at around R280.

    • happy

      Hello queen quick question where can i get a proscription from can it be a gp ? And you spend 280 on 40 mg for a pack of 30 ?

      • Jessica (Editor)

        Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Duromine official website.

  • Cassandra

    Hi, my dr prescribed me duromine 30mg as the last resort. Since falling pregnant in 2014 I’ve gained 40kgs due to pre-eclampsia ( swelling & high blood pressure) since giving birth i have struggled to lose 1kg. Dr referred me to a nutritionist & sports physiologist & still nothing. I still eat healthy, drink water & walk 1hr every day & get physically & mentally exhausted like everything is a mission to do. I’m on blood pressure tablets & anti-depressants. Im worried about side affects as I’m raising my daughter alone. I refuse to put a price on my health & well being so when i get paid, I’ll be buying my duromine. Apart from drinking more water & walk is there any other tips anyone can give me? I’m 110kgs & was 75kgs before falling pregnant but i would love to be 80kgs!

    • Your Name

      Less food intake go thirds of your normal food make sure to eat breakfast befor for you take Duromine.

      • Bernie

        What should your weight be before starting duramine? Can it be used if the weight is from 53kg

        • Devon (Editor)

          At only 53kg, or 116 lbs, there doesn’t seem to be a reason for you to take Duromine.

    • Debbie

      Im just starting these tomorrow morning. What about sugar. You mentioned not to eat fried food. Does sugar food have the same effect.

  •  I have clocked 10 kg weight loss !!
    Demi (Verified User)

    I’ve been on 40mg prescription for 3 months now. I have taken them most days, but not every day (times I’ve been unwell or just forgotten) and I’ve just clocked 10kg weight loss. I still have a lot of weight to lose so plan to keep on it as long as my doctor will allow. I’ve used it before and had some issues with insomnia and depression, but haven’t had any issues like that this time so I think my previous issues were influenced by circumstances I was going through at the time. I’ve found one of the important things to combat tiredness and cramping is to make sure you take the tablets first thing of a morning (no later than 8am to avoid sleep issues) and to always have a glass of water on hand as it’s easy to get dehydrated without realising. For me benefits outweigh side effects and cost. I’ve tried everything else with little to no success so this feels like my last chance before surgery (which is a crap load more expensive with worse side effects FYI). Like another reviewer I found that lowering my food intake to two shakes and one meal a day actually slowed my weight loss. Once I went back to 3 meals a day I lost more in the first week than I did two weeks of the previous eating plan.

  •  I think this is poison !
    Lisa (Verified User)

    I used Duromine for four days on the fourth day I thought I was dying. Even now since I stopped yesterday I can breathe proper. My heart beats fast I didn’t sleep last night was awake by 3am. I think this is Poisson.

    • Maria

      This medicine to lose wait is not for every one my daughter is taking it and she losing her mind no sleep bad mood dipression to the max its killing her and today it was so bad that the build up of stress on top that you canot talk to her she lashes out so easy that we got into a fight that she scrached my face really bad she had no control so to me yhe durinine is poison as far as i am concernd do ehat us like but quick fix long term health problems.

  • Kauna

    I have been struggling to lose weight for like 3 years now… my weight fluctuate between 85 – 78 kg. i exercise regulary at least 3 times a week of bootcamp. i am thinking of starting with duromine. my ideal weight would be 65kg, i hope it helps me reach my target. i am starting next week..

    • Benjamin

      How’d it go?

  •  This is effective in reducing weight.
    Inno (Verified User)

    I was on duromine for a month and after a couple of days i lost so Much weight that i continued with my diet and exercise. i stopped taking duromine as i was pleased with the results but continued with excersing and dieting. A week later i have gained more weight than i had before. Expecialy my face and my stomach


    Have been on 15 mg for a month only lost 2 kg if I take 2 each morning will I see quicker results I eating 2 lite meals one diet shake and exercing 5 days

    • Taylor

      i have been taking duromine myself – if you eat to little (2 meals and a shake a day is bad!) you will stop losing weight. The same thing happened to me, I was eating hardly anything but as soon as I increased my calorie intake I lost 2kg in the next 3 days. Your body has gone into starvation mode and will hold onto any fat in your body. However if you increase you calorie intake your body will begin losing weight again

      • Your Name

        Thank you Taylor, how many calories should I eat per day

        • Your Name

          1200 calories a day is sufficient for women that are trying to lose weight. The more healthy food the more your calories will burn there for more fat will burn too

          • Your Name

            Hi I have ben on Duromine 40mgs since middle of May 2015 and I have lose over 40 kgs now that is a massive 6 dress sizes. I also am on Optifast one shake a day and I weigh all my intake of food on my kitchen scales every day. at first I started with two Optifast shakes each day that being for my breatfast and lunch and for my evening meal I weigh 200 grams of veges and 80 grams of cooked meat. I use a streamer saucepan for the veges and my meat is grilled or placed in the oven on baking paper to cook. I never cook with oil. I am on a 800 to 1000 calories per day.

        • Josie

          Hello Taylor,
          Everyone’s calorie intake is different.
          Your body burns a curtain am out of calories a day without exercise. If you are aiming for weight loss you have to find out what that number is. There are special scales out there that measure this. Or go to your local gp they should help you.
          To lose weight you can eat that many calories a day. For example: my calorie intake is 1500 cal a day. So I can eat 100 cal a day and not gain weight if it’s a healthy and nutritional meal, this means that I won’t have to do any extra workouts to burn it off. However for quicker weight loss I recommend only eating within that amount of calories and exercising and doing a mixture of weight and cardio.
          I hope this isn’t too Confusing and Goodluck on your weightloss journey x

  • shirley (Verified User)

    I just started I have 3 day taking it I drink water all the time an I can not eat food an I can not stand for long coz I get dizzy too is this going to stop an I do not sleep too?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Some dieters say it just takes time to acclimate to the formula, unless it persists.

    Bianca (Verified User)

    I’ve been using Duromine for about 8 days now , the first day that I’ve used it ,it work liken perfect inhad a lot of energy i wasn’t that hungry my mouth was dry and everything ,, but now i dont even feel it anymore I’m sleepy ,, very hungry and my mouth isn’t even dry anymore
    Please help me I want to know what’s going on ….

    • Mapelo

      I am going through the same problem. Should i be worried?

    • Faith

      I am seeing peopke say they been on it for 6 months even 12 months.
      My dr told me they arnt allowed to let us do over 3 months worth and cant legally prescribe it more then 3 months worth in a 12 month period.

    Art (Verified User)

    Day 4 on 30mg. No side effects as i can see, only a slightly sore throat (which may not be related). Im 48yo starting from 156kilo, lost 4kilos (but as most things go, this could just be water, normal diet start stuff.)….. crossing fingers as im feeling excited about this one. i tend to go up and down in weight 110-150. i would like to go back to around 100 and stay there.

    • Damian

      Interested to no how you are going on the tablets are they working for you as I just started taking to 30mg today

  • I see no different
    thando (Verified User)

    I’ve been using duromine for 11days now I see no different

    • Your Name

      Been taking surimi me for 4 weeks plant lost 1.4kg. I watch what I eat and do regular exercise. Why aren’t I losing weight.

      • Anna (Editor)

        Hello. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.

  • Duromine
    Neville (Verified User)

    I have been taking Duromne for a year now and have lost 33Kg (73lbs). I really dont know where some of these people get the silly side effects from Duromine. I take it every day of the week and give it a break over weekends. I really can not tell the difference between when I take it and when I dont except that I dont pig out on food. If you take it first thing in the morning you will sleep at night. Just dont be an idiot and take it half way through the day. If you drink an espresso at night you wont sleep either. Its not the fault of the coffee the person cant sleep but rather a foolish consumer.
    As for the nausea and dizziness? Cods-wallop!!! Go see a doctor because theres something else wrong with you.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Remember Neville, these products affect people differently.

    • Louise

      I became an unpleasant person on duromine and it seems you have too. I would set my alarm for 5am to take my dose but still could not get to sleep. After 3 weeks of this I felt unwell and unbalanced mentally and gave it away.
      Please don’t use the term idiot and assume uour experience is the only valid one.

    • Your Name

      Everyone differs…u are the idoit that doesn’t seem to get this…

  • Sandra

    Hi into week for and no more weight loss, having diet shake for breakfast salad for lunch veggies & chicken/meat for dinner. Exercising 3 days ! Should I do more

    • Stephen (Editor)

      What dosage are you taking it in?

  • Duromine
    Leigh (Verified User)

    Onto week 4 of 15 mg only lost 1.7 kg. Eating diet shake for breakfast salad lunch & veggies & grilled fish/chicken exercise 3 times per week what am I doing wrong

    • Misty

      I went on a plain chicken and salad diet for 3months. I trained hard 5 days a week for about 30 – 45 minutes. Too much protein makes you build muscle. I havent lost any weight during this time. All my fat turned into muscle. 3 months later I found Duromine. I am now on day 10 of the 30mg. I lost 3kgs so far. I started on 69kgs im now 66kgs. My goal weight is 55kgs. Stay clear from too much of chicken. Or eat smaller portions. I eat normal food. In small portions. I have a lot of water and I do light training so I wont be building alot of muscle.

  • Your Name

    Hi still no weight loss having shake in morning salad for lunch veggies for dinners

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Are you interested in trying something new?

  • Duromine
    Zinabu (Verified User)

    I just started today and I can’t sleep please will it take long before o can sleep better

    • Your Name

      Hi i took duromine and i couldnt get sleep either in the first day. I got frustrated and got annoyed when I couldnt sleep. But dont worry you only cant sleep for the first day and the second day and the third day. After those days it comes down as your body gets used to it and you sleep like how you used to sleep when you werent taking duromine. I hope this helped 🙂

    • Your Name

      Just a cuple days

  •  he tablets are working better
    Shanah (Verified User)

    Hi there I am a mother of 4 boys have struggled with weight for a long time I was 130kg in November 2015 and now it’s march 2016 I now weigh 100kg I have had no side although I have been going through a rough breakup for a long time I was sleeping fantastic until the breakup got worse and the stress changed my sleeping pattern big time and I do have mood swings but there only when I deal with my ex as he likes to say that I’m a drug addict and he doesn’t like how I’m stronger enough with out him and that I would deal with his emotional and mental abuse appetite is great I have energy to run around after my boys I have a hole different thought of life and the tablets are working better now being single and have no pressure stress I love life now thank-you

  •  I'm not happy about
    Siza (Verified User)

    Eight days on duremine 30mg.I’m 49 yrs weigghed 121.3kg now on119.8kg of which I’m not happy about.On the fist day taking the pill I experienced insomia.On the 3rd day till now I am having an irritation on my throat and I’m coughing a lot and experiencing a chest pain.I do drink a lot of water because of dry mouth.I don’t feel like eating but eat when I’m feeling weak n dizziy.I sleep a lot even during the day I feel like sleeping.I do weigh myself every day.I loose at least 0.2 kg or gain few kilos even though I’m eating healthy stuff.Cant the product have a diet plan for us to follow maybe some of the foods make you gain weight while taking the pill.Asking for quick response.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Some dieters report similar symptoms, Siza. Some urge users to stay until after they dissipate but if they do not within reasonable time we advise you take a break from it and seek medical attention. Is the pain severe?

  •   I love it
    Sara Bradford (Verified User)

    I’ve just started taking Duromine and I love it! The side effects I have experiences have been mild and I am happy with the weight loss results so far! I always try to eat healthy and exercise regularly but have an extremely low metabolic rate so for me Duromine works to speed up my metabolism and stop cravings as well as a constant urge to eat. It’s important to remember that every one responds differently to drugs like this but if you can afford it I would recommend anyone struggling with their weight to at least try for a month even on a low dosage if there are any concerns. I’m staying positive and the results are continuing my motivation to achieve my goal weight. Make sure your gp monitors your progress and symptoms and it’s easier when your doctor takes an interest rather than writing a prescription and setting you off on your way. Best of luck to everyone starting their Duromine journey!

  • I hope I will lose some more
    Jucy (Verified User)

    I started using duromine 30mg 4 days ago, I didnt experience any side effects until last night I was very nauseas that I had to throw up to feel better. When I stepped on the scale yesterday I saw that I lost a kg in just 3 days….i dont think I will stop using this as I have seen people I know reaching their goal weight using it. I hope I will lose some more!

  • weight gonna come back
    Nhlamulo (Verified User)

    After I have lost enough weight,should I stop
    using Duromine, is the weight gonna come back?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Duromine isn’t intended to be taken longer than a few months. If you experience desirable results it’s up to you to maintain, good luck!

      • Your Name

        If you exercise and eat healthy I shouldn’t gain the weight on I thought. My dr has now evened out my hormones and upped my thyroid medication. My pharmacy said I will gain the weight again???

  • No side effects at all but still hungry
    Jo (Verified User)

    I started taking Duromine 5 days ago….No side effects at all but still hungry all the
    time. It has made no difference to my appetite at all. Struggled with weight all my life and tried every diet program out there, so when my dr suggested Duromine i was pretty excited that i may have found something that might just work….. so disappointed?

    • Dawn

      what dose did you get because they come in 40s 30s and I think 15 so the higher the dose the stronger, but the side affects can be more you need to take for at least 7 to 10 days to get the full affect and get passed any side affects, plus you need to take some responsibility on what you are going to eat, drink more water and make good decisions and stop when full, and these tablets help you get started its not a forever tablet

  • Duromine

    This is exactly what i needed to read!!!

    • Tee

      Great read..positive too

    • Arnika

      Yepp me too

  • normal to experience
    rh (Verified User)

    Is it normal to experience burning cheat pains while taking duromine 30 mg..its only my second day

    • Stephen (Editor)

      This sounds like adverse effects; please consult your doctor.

  • I need to loose weight badly

    Where can I get this drug… I need to loose weight badly

    • Stephen (Editor)

      It is available through a doctor’s prescription. We don’t recommend you attempt to purchase it through other, unsafe means.

  • I have no side effect yet
    matumelo (Verified User)

    I’ve just started to take duromine today I have no side effect yet…I’ll see when days go’s by

  • I use to take duromine
    b (Verified User)

    hello, i use to take duromine when i lived in Australia and it helped so much..but I’m now i live in canada and want to know, if i order a pack will it get through customs ?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Your doctor should be able to recommend you a doctor in Canada for purchasing options, or at a local pharmacy.

  • I'm trying to control the binge eating

    hi I just asking if the duromine could help me with my eating disorder I’m trying to control the binge eating and the purging Thanks

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Duromine is an appetite suppressant, which sounds like it’s what you may need; however it only prescribed by a doctor. See what people are saying and browse our reviews.

  • Duromine
    Lerato (Verified User)

    Hi,I started duromine two days ago,I am not feeling hungry at all,but I force myself to eat three times a day,my sides effects is dry mouth and difficult sleeping.I only sleep for 3-4 hours then I’m awake.I feel good about this and staying positive. Good luck guys

    • Tania

      3 days on Duromine no appetite, dry mouth, constipation and insomnia. Im eating small amounts to get my energy back. Drinking lots of fluids and running after 2 little ones. I only need to loose 10kg and my dosage is 30mg. Lets hope our side effects pass soon.

  •  honesty they really helped me
    Tintswalo (Verified User)

    I used them last year October 2015 to January 2016, reason why I have stop using them Bido, I am no longer sexual active ,Hot flashes and back pains, honesty they really helped me, I lost 5 kg in 3 month, but i have to think of my marriage and love my husband.

    • tebogo

      hi tintswalo
      try basil leaf.I was experiencing libido difficulties as I’m also taking duromine but I took a basil leaf it works wonders,u decide to just chew it,or include in ur salads n sandwiches. Google “leafs that boost libido” u will find a number of leafs listed,but basil z de nest nfast.now I’m still counting with duromime.while enjoying my bedroom lyf

  • lets hope it works
    mish (Verified User)

    so i was told about this tablet and getting my pack tomorrow, I really want to get rid of 30kg. I’m currently 102kg at the age of 28. lets hope it works

    • LIRA

      IT WORKS I have been using it for years but not for long though

      • Derinum

        Years? No way your doctor just keeps giving it too you

    • LIRA

      i have been using each year for five years i have started again this week and i also go to gym

    • Molly

      I am desparately looking for a doctor that can prescribe Duromine. I weigh over 120kg and struggling to lose weight.

      • Stephen (Editor)

        Ask your insurance provider if they may know someone.

  • Will keep you updated on my progress
    Charlene (Verified User)

    Hello, this is my second time using Duromine. 4 years ago I used Duromine 30mg. I experienced insomnia, dry mouth, buzzy feeling, lower back pain and breathing difficulties. I used it for about 4 months, taking a tablet for 2 days and then 1 day off to give my body a break. I lost 12kg in 4 months. Went from 78kg to 66kg in 4 months. 1kg away from my goal weight and I found out I was pregnant and had to stop using Duromine as it can cause birth defects. Now 4 years and 2 kids later, I have ballooned to 80kg again 🙁 I have tried a lot of diets, but Duromine is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I am on Day 4 of Duromine 15mg, eating healthier and walking everyday – no weight loss yet. Not giving up though. Will keep you updated on my progress 🙂

  •  I am really pleased with the result
    Syl (Verified User)

    Hi, I have been taking duromine 30mg for 5 weeks now. My start weight was 90kg and 5 weeks on I am 77kg. I drink SO much water, exercised a little but not much, but plan to start walking daily. I am eating lots of small meals like a bowl of salad or fruit or small bowl of pasta. I have cut out fizzy drinks, chocolate, breads etc. sometimes I get a dry mouth, I sleep fine, no moods swings or any other side effects. I take the tablet around 7am daily. I am really pleased with the result so far and it’s only been 5 weeks so hopefully but the 12 week I will have lost another 13-16 kilos.

    • Sarah

      This is so great! I’m 90kg and to start have a goal weight of 70kg. So impressed with your weight loss. Thanks for commenting about your journey it has helped me get off to a good start as I’ll be starting tomorrow.

  • feeling dizzy and nauseous
    Nicky (Verified User)

    I have been taking Duromine for 5 days now and and feeling dizzy and nauseous, does anyone have any suggestions about how to stop this??

    • Cameron (Editor)

      If you find that these symptoms persist after you stop taking Duromine, contact your doctor. Some dieters report mild side effects fading. When were you prescribed it?

    • Tyne

      As much as you may not feel like eating you need to eat, as soon as I eat I feel better. I sometimes feel woozy and look at the time and I’m like, shit haven’t eaten. Then once I force myself to eat the effect goes away. And lots of water and 🙂 hope this helps

    • Antonette

      I have been on Duromine its been 7 days now, so far doing good. dry mouth of course but I control the rest by drinking 10 glasses of water daily and I take my pill at 4am go back to sleep and wake up an hour later feeling positive and in a very good mood. I only eat when I am hungry and one slice of toasted bread, fruit or vegies do it for me. I have lost 2kgs so far, I am doing 30 minutes stationary bike spinning everyday and I feel awesome

  • Duromine

    I have never taken Duromine, but was wondering how I would go on it as I have high BP [controlled], on a lot of medication for BP, depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders. Am also on an anti psychotic drug so I can sleep.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      You can only be prescribed Duromine by your doctor (We definitely do not recommend buying it under the table or an a sketchy website). Your doctor will advise you on how to balance your medication with Duromine, Christine.

  • Kefe

    My wife has been taking these for a month and it has turned her crazy. She gets angry/yells at the drop of a hat always has a head ache and sweats all the time even sitting still. Be careful

  • i dnt want to fall pregnant.
    lerato (Verified User)

    is it true dat if i want to start using duromine i have to stop with prevention, cos my doctor recommended that if he prescribes duromine for me he is taking me out of the prevention pills…..but i dnt want to fall pregnant.

    • Candace (Editor)

      Hey Lerato. It would be best to follow doctor’s orders. How does he/she say Duromine would conflict with your birth control. Your other option can be to browse our site a bit for a good alternative.

  •  Duromine
    Alison (Verified User)

    It worked for me 5yrs ago lost 20 kgs in months 1 box each month. Thumbs up. Just drink a lot of water.

    • dee

      Hi alison.

      Did u pick up weight after u stopped

  • no side effects yet
    linda (Verified User)

    Im starting today had a bad migraine before it n it just dissapeared hehehe no side effects yet. But reading reviews making me nervous… eekk

  • side effect
    Bennie (Verified User)

    My wife has been taking Duromine for about 5 weeks and found her with moody swings the last three weeks, can this be a side effect?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Possibly. Ask her to stop if they persist to be sure.

  •  This product does work
    Jacques (Verified User)

    I was on Duromine from 2004 to 2006. There’s a couple of unconfirmed issues that needs to be addressed. 1st please take care when giving this drug to children under the age of 19. I found some issues came up during development, that only corrected itself after I ceased the treatment. Depression / or the sense of depression has been reported. In my case my entire household was on the drug, and we all felt it. Stay hydrated. It helps for the headaches nausea and almost all other side effects. This product does work however. I lost 36kg in less than a year with moderate to little exercise. Catch 22

  •  For those looking for a LAST RESORT !
    Adam (Verified User)

    I have taken Duromine 3 times, and I can definitely say it’s helped but the side effects were so severe, for me anyway. I’ve had it prescribed to me 3 times, only because I did the usual, eat well and exercise for the month, then go straight back to normal. That’s one bad thing is that I gained weight so much quicker after finishing the duromine. Anyway I’ll tell you what side effects I get:
    Insomnia – Not extreme but still annoying
    Depression – This one was the worst, here I am sad and depressed so I go get duromine and it made me even sadder.
    Hard to urinate
    Shrinkage (down there, only for first couple days)
    And loss of appetite, which was good because that’s the main reason I got it, was to stop the cravings and it did, but it was hard to eat something like a tin of tuna. This did ware off in the first 4-5 days.

    The pro’s of this tho, was that I had so much energy which helped with working out, I could stay at the gym way longer then I would without duromine, be careful tho because it does boost your heart rate so if your smashing it out at the gym, you might get a little dizzy, especially when you haven’t eaten much! And the only other pro was that I lost weight, which was why I got it obviously. In the first week I lost 4-5kg, in the whole month I lost about 10-11kg (with healthy eating and exercise), the 2nd time I tried it I lost about 8kg, and the third was only about 4-5kg because I got too depressed and haven’t touched in since.

    In all honesty, I think for anyone who’s looking for a LAST RESORT, consider trying duromine. Everybody’s body is different so you might not have as many side effects as other people, or maybe you’ll even have more. Just make sure you do it properly, eat well and exercise or its just a waste of time and you’re going to feel like sh*t.

  • i think is paying off
    Priscilla (Verified User)

    hi i posted on the 19th that was my first say with Dizziness and headache, buy it did not last longer it soon disappeared i think after 2 day ,i still have dry mount every now and then ,but nothing to worry about ,i have l lost 4kg which am not proud of but few days i stated excising and i taking duromine i think is paying off my body is not heavy like it used to be ,am pressing forward with it.

  •   jump start weight loss
    Fiona (Verified User)

    Where can you buy duromine online ? I used it in South Africa a few times and it was fantastic to jump start weight loss

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Fiona, Duromine is a prescription drug given on strict criteria. You must speak with your doctor about availability.

      • Bennie

        My wife uses it here in Za, but think it is bought off the shelf at pharmacies. Duromine.

        • Stephen (Editor)

          bennie, does your wife have lower pack pain?

  • lower back pain

    Does Duromine cause lower back pain?

    • Karen (Editor)

      Hi Stephanie, It’s best you ask your doctor before continuing.

  • having terrible headache
    xc (Verified User)

    Hi guys, im on my 4th day of duromine.. i didn’t weigh myself but i felt my tummy looking smaller each day .. but right now I’m having terrible headache. Anyway i need some suggestion for a diet plan ! (:

    • Mel

      I used it for 12 weeks and lost 15 kg
      Walk for at least 30min continuos every day on top of usual activity. I had a protein shake for breakfast can of lemon pepper tuna (John west light has least amount of calories) and dinner was any fresh veg with either chicken breast, salmon or small steak. Stay away from all processed foods and lower intake of bread. That’s what worked for me. Have still kept it off yay. Good luck ps I have a fit bit and made sure I did a minimum of 10000 steps every day and that was NOT including the half hour walk so was getting closer to 15000 each day

  • matt

    I’m starting to take Duromine tomorrow fingers crossed it will help loose weight

    • Sanela

      I strating tommorow as well will let you know how is going ????

  • Is this still safe for me?
    charlotte (Verified User)

    I am a 19 year old girl who has been on Duromine for only 5 days now. Some of the things I have experienced in these 5 days are: headaches, dizziness, lack of sleep, lack of an apatite and a very fast heart beat. I am meant to be on this pill for 3 months and I’m just worried that nothing will happen and I won’t lose any weight.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hello Charlotte, If the side effects continue, Stop taking the pills, and immediately consult your Doctor.

      • Macka

        So many people asking questions, if they took the time to read through all reviews they may find an answer. Or go see your doctor. Simple

  •  Send me email if you need information
    Michelle (Verified User)

    Hello. I took duromine about 20yrs ago. I lost 15kgs in 3 months. I am now in my 50s and going to start again. I got my new script today and am starting tomorrow. I will be walking every day. Being summer here in Australia, salads will be eaten every night. I could use some encouragement, cant underscore think underscore 2007 at hotmail dot com
    If I can help in any way

  • Where can I buy this?

    i am wanting to find a private seller in adelaide to shed pounds the easy way.. Pls email me

    • Adrian Nicholls

      If you id find a seller in Adelaide, can you please give me their details. Thanks.

      • Kathy

        Hey i have some tabs left over could’nt use them.27 15mg

        • Kayla

          Do you still have these Kathy, would be interested

  • Worked before but now now
    Lisa (Verified User)

    I’ve taken up to 3 packets of duromine 40mg, and no weight loss at $120.00 a pack.. Now I have taken this before and it worked for me , I recon the ingredients has changed! I take a tab every morn, I’ve even taken it at night also by mistake,due to having all my other medication I have in a day/night storage container. Now I had no problems sleeping no feeling of rushing, just dry mouth… I would say there is a lower dose of ??? I would ask the chemist if there has been a change in the ingredients before you buy?

    • Tony

      Hi I have used the 40 mg Duromine with prescription. I started at 135kg and a 44 inch waste. I got down to 93.50 kg and a 34 inch waste.
      This is no miracle pill. It may sound like it is, but when you are rely wanting to take the pills and wanting to loose weight the same rules apply. Eat less and eat healthy and increase your excersise a lot.
      Duromine was integral to my success as it does suppress your appetite and give you unlimited energy to burn. But you still have to eat clean and lean. Reduce all your portion sizes by 80% do not kid your self and snack a sweet here and there, only eat clean lean foods, no coffee at all, just black tea, no sweets, no alcohol, drink only water and as much as you can at least 3 litres a day, increase your physical activities and be serious about it, sweat plenty when you excersise if you do not you will not loose weight. Duromine 40 will assist you burn up the calories as it increases your heart beat and there for burn up more calories, it will suppress your hunger but it will not take away your cravings, do not be tempted look at the long term and why you have invested in an expensive product. It will take about 10 to 14 days of committed application before you start to see some results. When you start the weight will start falling of you at the rate of 1kg per day. When you start seeing this type of result it really motivates your mind and your commitment will intensify. This is the time you can really up the anti and get more serious and you can increase exercise and intensify your working out your mind and body will automatically sync and you can achieve 1.5kg per day. After about 3 months of this commitment your stomach shrinks and you can honestly say that the 80% original reduction of your food intake really does fill you up. Do not take a day off food or excersise ever. When you reach your goals do not reward yourself by binging or celebrate. Your celebration is your new body and your new discipline you have acquired. Most importantly you have to take your Duromine early in the morning at 5am is best as it will reduce your ability to settle at night.
      Remember if your body has a reaction to Duromine stop immediately as the side effects will not get better for you. Good luck, that was my story.

      • Joanne

        Same for me I lost weight and kept it off. It amuses me when people talk about going back to eating normally but you never can that is why we get fat in the first place think about it

        • Harry

          Hi there how long will Drs supply prescription? More than a month?.

  • When can you see the results?
    Tahnee (Verified User)

    how long till u see results…?

    • amanda grundling

      I’ve been on 30g Duromine for 6weeks, was drinking 1 pin every morning at 5, and the last 2 weeks 1 pil every 2nd day…. was 83.7kg, now 73kg… I did eat small portion food 5 times a day,…. yogurt, apple, oats, salad, chicken , meat, vegatables… no bread, no pasta, no potatoes…. 2lt water a day… it works, I am 51 years old…. was side effects not so bad……. it works…..

    • Juls

      I haven’t lost any weight on duromine it just made me really sick. I started being very sensitive with smells and everything gives me nausea. Every diet I’ve tried after that hasn’t worked. I wasn’t big to start with I just wanted to lose 5kg. I regret taking it 🙁

      • Your Name

        Would you be interested in selling it privately?

    • Your Name

      In 3 weeks I managed to lose 8kg from simply taking duromine and eating less than normal. I am not an active person however my job is very physical and I work a lot.

  • Duromine
    veroniqueYour Name (Verified User)

    I was on duromine for 2 months and lost 20 kg. Kept it off for 3 years but bad eating habits have made me put on 14 kg of this. Weight is all in your own hands in how you eat and how active you are. I found it gave me a lot of energy and I did not feel like eating so I could eat much less and chose healthy foods. I did find myself sleeping much less and would be awake after 3 to 4 hours sleep. I do feel it was worth it and will take it again. Remember you must also be positive in wanting to loose weight as this wont stop you from eating, One has to have good eating habits and duromine helped me get that jump start in starting that. I DID GET THIS VIA MY DOCTORS PRESCIPTION AFTER A MEDICAL CHECK UP.

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Will try this tomorrow

    I am 22 yrs old, height is about 165cm and weigh about 130kgs. i get so embarrassed going out anywhere just incase i bump into old faces because a few years back, i was not this big! i struggled so much on diets and gyms etc..so i got a prescription of duramine from my doctor 30mg. i hope i get good results so I can feel at my happiest again ! i will start tomorrow wish me luck 🙂

  • Am I allergic to the product?
    Sarah (Verified User)

    I have been on Duromine 30g for now 1 month lost 8kilos but the last week I have had really itchy under my eyes where bags usually are its so bad that it made my skin under eye go wrinkly so I stopped taking Duromine but I don’t want to stop taking it does anyone no if this is allergic reaction and should not take Duromine again or could it just be a side affect and I can still take Duromine lol I really love loosing the weight on it otherwise is there any other prescription pill that’s very similar to Duromine that I could try? I went to doc and she gave me script for orilstat which I don’t think I want to take cause of what it is. So annoying to finally find something that works only to have a reaction 🙁 fml

  •  Hope it works
    rachel (Verified User)

    In regards of buying duromine. ..cheers

  • Possible side effect?

    I heard they said if u use Duromine u wont have kids Is it True?

    • Your Name


    • Your Name

      I have used it before I had my kids. I now have two kids . Good weight loss but bad side effects.

    • Christine

      Does it makes work for diabetic, and effect sides? Am I allowed to take it? What is the different 15 or 30 or 40 gm? What about if I am allow to drink at the party?

      • Your Name

        I am a Type 2 diabetic and I started duromine 30gm, 3 days ago and I have lost 1.8kg, I could not sleep the first night. I have had extra energy, but was feeling a little dizzy today.

        • Your Name

          This is my second day n I just feel tired not hungry but no energy is that normal also I got my lady things 2 weeks earlier is that from the duromine I’m on 30 mg

  •  Hoping for the best
    Setlake Sherol Dolo (Verified User)

    I have started taking the pill today, I heard is doing wonders and I’m hoping for the best

    • Brian

      Any Feedback ?

    • Your Name

      Me too jz starterd 2 days ago…kindly share yr result

  • problems for getting pregnancy
    Your NameDeepthi (Verified User)

    Hi im using duromine of my second day,I just wanna know if I dont do exercise,cant I reduce my weight?And does it makes any further problems for getting pregnancy?please help me someone with my doubts

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Remember it’s natural to gain weight while pregnant. If you hope to be pregnant soon it’s best you hold of on conflicting supplements. Also, other dieters warn against using while pregnant.

      • Bubz

        Hi Stephen would duromine affect a person that has fibroids?Your response would be appreciated.Thank you God Bless

        • Devon (Editor)

          Hi, Bubz! Unfortunately only your doctor can adequately assess the possible risks or benefits this product may have to your medical condition and body.

  • Can I use this product?

    I am 35yr old I weigh 160kg I was diagnose with left ventricular failure I must lose weight my abdomen is big my knees very painful can I use duromine

    • Nobantu


    • Bec

      DO NOT use duromine if you have a heart condition

  •  It is a sign of allergic reaction
    Your Name (Verified User)

    A rash is a definite side effect for being allergic to them. You should stop taking them and let your doctor know

  •  Helped me lose weight
    Jess (Verified User)

    I have been on the 30mg for a month now I haven’t had any side effects and from healthy eating, going to the gym three times a week and the tablet I have lost 9.5kg in the first month.

    • Your Name

      Hi Jes,
      I have started last year as well I lost 12kg it made me to go to gym I eat much les I feal great I always manage to be healthy I know what I should eat each day I take care of that but I am seeing results it is a great product I am highly recommending. I am on 15 gm

    • Your Name

      How much was your start weight of you don’t mind me asking? Thank you

  •  Will provide more update
    Bonolo (Verified User)

    I am on duromine 30g am on my 3rd week, before I started with it was on 99.5.. Am 28 years old.. Will update you guys after finishing the course how many kilos lost.. The side effects are terrible.. I eat 2 times a day bt small portions..

    • Lelethu Hlati

      Hi Bonolo how is it going so far?

    • Your Name

      Hope you still on it. Can’t wait to hear how you doing or did

    • jade

      How did you go with this?

    • Vicki

      Hi Bonolo interested to hear how u are going also. I started taking Duromine today…I way 118kgs fingers crossed it works. No side effects at this stage. Would love to hear if anyone has good news.

      • Faria

        Hi today is my second day and i love it. I sleep at night like a baby. I think i have already lost weight but i am yet to weigh myself.

  • Where can I buy this?

    Where can I buy duromine in Cape Town ASAP

    • Your Name

      Get Prescription first then you will get it in Golden Arce pharmacy

  • Wanted to buy the product

    Hi does anyone have duromine 40mg for sale. I’m in Australia Victoria and I’m having trouble getting script. Thanks

    • Steve

      i may be able to help, reply with your email

      • matt

        where can you purchase Duromine in Australia without a prescription
        Would appreciate any help you can give me

      • Your Name

        I am also having trouble getting a script. If anyone could help I would be very greatful.

      • Sonette Griesel

        Where can i buy duromine without a script? How much will it cost me?

      • Lennie

        Can you help me too? I am in Qld and am keen to have doorman 40mg….my doctor just says diet/exercise – which I have been but I am a shift worker and it doesn’t help.

      • Your Name

        How do you reply in a private message

      • Sherine

        Hi Steve I leave for n Victoria and after durimine pills how can I get please
        Because the doctor won’t give prescription anymore? Could please help me out thanks

      • Madzy

        Hi Steve, are you able to help me? Thanks

      • M

        Details please Steve

      • T

        Where can I get some?

      • ati

        hi steve can you get me duromine 40 g asap

      • Tay

        Hi Steve in after some too Pls email me

      • kaitlyn

        Hi steve can u help me with getting duromine
        ? please email me Tia would really appreciate it

      • Heidi

        Looking for Duromine in adelaide

      • Ash

        please let me know how to buy some.

  •  Hope this works
    Mma Botswana (Verified User)

    I’m starting the duromine, i hope for the best. I weigh 90 kg and wanna weigh 65kg and stop.

    • Your Name

      Good luck – I used it and got great results

    • Your Name

      I have been trying to reply but it’s not working

    • Lelethu Hlati


      I just got mine today. Going to start tomorrow. Please keep me posted on your progress adn I’ll do the same.

  • Where can I buy the product?

    Where can 1 get the Duromine in SA Pretoria, and how much it costs.

    • Your Name

      In soshanguve plaza pharmacy next to pick and pay.R350 30 capsule

      • Winks

        Will I need a script dear

      • Maria

        Would I need a prescription?

        • Buhle

          There is a doctor in Hillbrow, claim street. You can buy there for R360 and you don’t need a prescription

        • Happy

          Hi Buhle, Please can you advise where about in Hillbrow. I need to consult that doctor for Duramine Please.

        • Ntsongo

          Hi there’s a pharmacy at Park Central in JHB , you can get ur drug there without a script.

    • Your Name

      @ any clicks of Discem for about R250. pharmacy’s tend to be more expensive.

      • Amanda

        Do u need a prescription. Is there anyone selling privately? Please message me

        • Arnold (Editor)

          Hi Amanda, Duromine is a prescription drug. Ask your doctor first if it is right for you.

  •  This is not a healthy option
    Your Name (Verified User)

    I have been on Duromine 30mg for 8 months now… I lost around 10kg.. I can’t really lost much more. I do have side effects like dry mouth… Real bad.. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep but only once a week, increased heart rate… But I also drank coffee all day long. I didn’t take it so much for the weight loss mainly for the buzz… The energy I have is incredible! However, it is not a healthy option and can have long term damage… I would probably suggest to try something else…

    • sandy

      Tell us yoi was on duromine years ago and I was traelling so sitting in a car three hours a day and drinking water.i never ate breakfast but had two coffees . drank coke zero and had one sandwich for lunch and dinner was bbq or stirfry with fried rice. even deserts and I drank wine eveynight, I didn’t really exercise but we were climbing the olgas and kings canyon ect, it fell off me without much effort ND I COULD NEVER EVER LOSE WEIGHT. I LOST 18 KILO IN 4 MONTHS.But now im on it again its not working the same and the dry mouth bad breath dizziness and hot flushes are there, on my second month now and lost maybe two kilos first month . im nearky 50. what long time damamge can happen.. also I have trouble getting it, im 170cm tall and weigh 95kilo

  • Wanted to buy unwanted products

    Hi All

    Like some others here, i’m trying to get hold of Duramine for reasonable weight loss & would be happy to pay if you have any unwanted or leftover. Healthy diet & have used previously with no ill side-effects.

    • Your Name

      Go to a doctor and get a script.

    • Your Name

      I have a box of 30mg just approx 3 weeks worth! I couldn’t do it!! If you’re interested

      • bongie

        I’m in ireland I really need duromine.

      • Your Name

        Do you still have Duromine you want to get rid of?

      • Your Name

        I’m interested in having your left overs of 30’s!!

      • Kaz

        If anyone has any 30’s they don’t want I’d happy have them off you as I’m also having trouble getting a script.
        Duromine worked for my girl friends… !!!

      • Sarah

        Have you still got your pack available?

      • Your Name

        Where u from? I can buy then off of u

      • Debra

        Do you still have them and where are you?

        • Your Name

          We’re are u

  • Experiencing side effects, need help
    Olwethu (Verified User)

    I just started the Duromine 30mg and my body is shaking and I have a headache, what should I do.

    • Your Name

      drink lot of water eat healthy greens. headache should vanish after a short while. remember to eat please

      • bee

        if you don’t want it ill buy it 🙂

    • Your Name

      Hey has the dr put you on topiramate sandoz helps with headache and also sleep and increases weight loss

  • Is this safe for this condition?

    Is duromine safe for glaucoma patients?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hey Martha, Consult your Doctor to determine if this is right for you.

  • Can I take this with another product?

    Can i take a fatburner with duramine 30mg

    • Your Name

      NO NO NO !!!!

      • Your Name


        • Your Name

          You’ll give yourself a heart attack if you double up on a fat burner thermongenic and duromine. DONT MIX UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP IN DEAD

  •  This one of the effects
    Your Name (Verified User)

    Yes, itching is also one of the side effects of Duromine

  • Question about dosage

    Can you take 80mg of duromine a day

    • Your Name

      No your only suppose to take 1 tablet a day

  • Can you take this with other medication?
    Carla Marcus

    Hi, Can you take Duramine with Victoza?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hey Carla, Consult your Doctor for what’s the righ choice for you.

  • Is this good for me?
    Grace Machava

    I’m 28yrs of age and 95kg,is it ok to use duromine on this weight?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Hello Grace, Only your Doctor can tell you what’s best for you based on your individual body, weight, and age.

  • Wanted to try the product
    Your Name

    Want to try and buy I’m overweight by 15kgs after reading here the pros and cons With no other health problems. If you have any you no longer need please share.

  • Is this safe while breastfeeding?
    Ntombi Radebe

    As I’m breast feading am I allowed to use the duromines. I really wanna loose the baby weight my son is 1yr7mnths

    • Your Name


  • Wanted to try it

    Hi all, has anyone any Duromine left over, will love to try to see if I have any side effects and than buy more. I’m eating a healthy diet but the kg don’t go away 🙂

  • Wanted to get this

    Hey everyone,

    I am after 30mg Duromine if anyone has some they don’t need can you please contact me I would like to try but don’t think my doctor will give it to
    Me as I’m not obese but need to lose 5kg 🙂

    • Amanda

      its R420 for 30mg… if ur in jhb south aftrica, i could tell you where u can get it

      • Mary

        Hi Amanda

        i would like to buy so hook a sister up with the place to purchase it please

      • Your Name

        Please let me know where I can get.

      • Your Name

        Hi Amanda

        Please could you let me know where I can get some.

      • Noms

        Hi Amanda, where can i get duromine, please send me the details

      • Sally

        Hi Amanda, cld you let me know how i can purchase ? I am in Australia.

      • Your Name

        Hi can any1 tell where 2 find the product around Pretoria

        • Your Name

          U can go to ur doctor for prescription ,then go buy them @ any clicks south africa

      • Your Name

        Hi amanda wld like to buy duromine dnt hve a prescription though where can I get it

      • Your Name

        Hi Amanda, I’m in the JHB area and would like to know where I can purchase without a scrips please.

      • Debra

        Hi Amanda, i am in Jhb but will i need a script?

  • Is the product still working?
    Chantelle (Verified User)

    Well I’m on the 40mg the first week I was barely hungry and so much energy I list 5kg I went from 90kg to 85kg. This week I can barely feel it I’m sleeping normal and feeling hungry I’m not eating as much but I’m just worried it’s not working ? anyone had the same problem ?

    • Emily

      Hi Chantelle,
      I have just finished my first month on 30mg Duromine and lost about 4kgs. My dr has increased the dose to 40mgs however I am a little worried if there are more side effects?? I haven’t had a lot of side effects except lack of sleep (it’s now 1.15am and I’m wide awake).. I did notice that after the first 7 days I stopped feelings/noticing the side effects but it was still working.. Emily

    • Your Name

      I used to take them for two days, then give my body a break for a day, then take them again for two days. This seemed to work for me. When you get that ‘hungry’ feeling, drink a big glass of water before you attempt eating, sometimes we mistake our bodies’ thirsty signal for hunger. Keep up the good work.

    • Jem

      I would say if you lost 5 kilos it’s working lol. Not everyone has side effects, I wouldn’t worry. Good luck I’m on day 3 this is my second time on duromine

    • Your Name

      Hi. 2 years ago I took duromine 30mg and lost 10kg in 4 weeks. This was because I was also doing the Michelle bridges 12wbt. You need to make sure you have a plan for your meals throughout the day. The fact that duromine suppresses your appetite means it’s good for assisting in trying to change your eating habits which will give you long term results. Unfortunately the doctor didn’t prescribe it to me again she thought it raised my blood pressure too much. Today I’m on 40mg and its day 4. After 3 days I’ve lost 4kg but I do feel a little hungry now but I need to learn to make good food choices so I will reach for the fruit bowl and a cup of tea. Best of luck!

      • Your Name

        Hi I went to the doctors to day to go on the duromine I have put on 15 kg when I had to go on HRT tables change I am bit scared never taken theses tables before I love my sleep I hope I am not going to get too many side affects

  • Tia Marshall

    Hello I just would like advice about how Duromine affects people who have depression and on priscribed Medication? I was told by my doctor I was obese at 80 kilos and said he would not priscribe me Duromine because I have depression and Duromine makes people who have any mental illness hullucinate and that Duromine is a illicit drug.I have been to alot of different doctors and GPS and none of them will priscribe it to me. I now currently weigh 103 kilos and some gps said to me that you have to be over 200 kilos to be obese. I am 159 cm in height so yes 103 kilos is very overweight for my height and I hardly eat junk food and I excersize 5 days a week at the gym.So I don’t know what to do unless I have gastric bypass surgery.

    • Your Name

      Today is my 1st day on 30mg. My dr didn’t prescribed the drug lightly. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. She told me she feels I’m stable and within the right frame of mind that she is confident I’ll manage. Taking drug in conjunction with my regular meds. Already the main effect I’m getting is im so hungry! I have experienced some nausea and heat flashs but they come and go. I haven’t skipped any meals and basically keeping the hunger tammed by drinking water.

    • Your Name

      Hey there u should try drink warm water with lemon juice. Eat vegs and fruits, protein, try stay away from starch. I will let you know how diet goes. But try play a sport like basketball or netball, soccer

    • Your Name

      I have depression and am on 150mg of prestiq, im on Duromine 30mg and coming to the end of my second week, i was very emotional over the weekend, but there alot of environmental factors that caused that. I havent felt extra depressed or anything since starting the Duromine, i have increased energy levels amd have been having 3 small meals a day, so far i havent noticed a great change to my weight, im currenrly 124kg at 169cm tall. Ive always had issues with weight. Im 24yrs old. My dr wouldnt gice it to me at first but after numerous negative test results she decided that it would he good to pop me on them with close monitoring. I have been told by my dr shpuld i feel more depressed to immediately stop taking them though

    • Your Name

      hi, i just wanted to say i just started today on duro and im 105kg 156cm tall (short and squishy ~! 😀 ) my dr started me on 30mg but only after a heart scan (heart diseases run in family) he also made sure i wasnt on any blood pressure or anti-D meds. it does affect badly with both, i have a set of books called SIMPLY TO GOOD , you can find them at the newsagents. they are diabetic friendly and are great to help loose weight in book 6 there is a diet help / challenge. it does work. i hope this helps you 🙂

    • Your Name

      I strongly urge you to listen to your GP and, as sufferer of depression, NOT use Duromine. Its active ingredient, phentermine, is a psychoactive drug, meaning it causes neurons in the brain to release chemicals such as norepinephrine. As someone who is liely to suffer from a chemical imbalance, taking Duromine would be playing with fire. It can seriously throw you off.

  • birth deformities

    Has research been done on birth deformities???? Not uncommon to fall pregnant while taking this medication.

    • Arnold (Editor)

      Patricia, we didn’t come across specific research relating to birth defects. Remember this is a prescription drug so your doctor may not prescribe it if he feels it will endanger your potential baby.

    • Arnold (Editor)

      Hi Patricia, we didn’t come across specific studies detailing negative birth defects as a result of this product. Luckily your doctor would have to assess the safety of Duromine to your body before prescribing it.

  • How does it work?

    I currently weigh a 104kg and would love to lose some weight fast. How does duromine work and will it work for me and what kind of diet /eating plan should I use when on duromine?

    • Ansie

      I was very badly overweight…my BMI was just under 40…I weighed 108 and have been on Duromine 30mg for 5months and lost 30kg.I cut out most sugar, and fatty foods. Started walking 3.5km per day and drink 3L water daily instead of coffee, gassy cooldrinks. I pretty much eat everything, I really don’t limit myself, but when I do eat a cheat…it’s a small piece of chocolate, eating a starter instead of a main meal, little bits of Ice Cream, 1 biscuit not a pack!!!It worked for me…would recommend it to anyone….Im so glad my Dr told me about it!!!All it does…It suppresses your appetite.I feel so much better and healthier!!!Go for it…you have nothing to loose!!!

      • Jem

        Congratulations that’s an awesome effort and your doing all the right things!

    • Sarah

      Can anyone who has some for sale please email me. Thank you!

  •  Able to lose weight
    Donna (Verified User)

    I’ve been on Duromine for a week now, I did loose 3kg in that week, due to healthy eating, but it doesn’t seems to suppress my appetite.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      While Duromine is an appetite supressant, we sugget eating small portions of food that consists of a healthy diet.

  •  Good for healthy people
    nokunqoba (Verified User)

    I think its good for healthy people due to side effects

  •  This is awesome
    Your Name (Verified User)

    Thats awesome. Well done

  • Question about dosage

    my question is with duromine 30mg is it ok to take 2 tablets every day?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Consult your Doctor to see what’s a healthy dosage for you.

    • annezel

      What will happen if i take 2 30g pills and i am 53??

    • zandy

      Has anyone had severe side effects?

  • Can I continue if I have hypertension?
    Mama ga kamo (Verified User)

    I have taken 30g duromine before and I lost weight and the side effect was not sooo bad,but I stoped after three months and I went back to my habid of eating junk food and all that.

    Now I just started again, I have been on it for about two weeks and the side effects are horrible, yesterday I had to rush to the doctor cuz I wasn’t feeling well and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure(which ofcuz is one of the side effect)but I don’t want to stop taking the pills,i really need to loose weight. Can I continue taking the pills even if my blood pressure is too high.

    • Karen (Editor)

      Well, Mama, we don’t recommend you continue this product especially after your diagnosis revealed the cause of your discomfort were a result of using these supplements.

  •  So far so good
    Your Name (Verified User)

    I have been on 30mg Duromine for 1.5wks and have lost 5.5kg. My aim is to loose another 10kg. The only side effect is dry mouth which works well for me because it forces me to drink a lot of water. So far so good!!

  • Need information on proper dosage

    I am currently 14kgs overweigh, can I take the 30mg pill?

    • Your Name

      You can, provided you are not diagnosed with heart problems.

  • Need help in buying it

    So good to read all the good results with Duromine.
    I am 30 kg over weight and want to use Duromine , I have used b4.
    I am having trouble getting a script. Can any one please or know where I can buy with out a script.
    If you should have any sealed in the foil I am more than happy to buy. I live in Australia Victoria

  •  Never felt this great
    Your Name (Verified User)

    I started Duromine on 24 March 2015, weighing 82.1kg. See, I’m 1.52m tall/short so I was obese and had developed a lumbar disc bulge and pelvic organ prolapse. My Dr put me on duromine 30mg for three months. I have since lost 11.7kg and feel great. I don’t have as much pain from the disc bulge as before and the prolapse seems to have improved. I’m currently on a one week break before I take my last month of Duromine…

  • Need information about usage

    IF i want to buy IT with put doctor how should i use IT ?,am healthy

    • Stephen (Editor)

      You should speak with your doctor before attempting to purchase Duromine.

  • Worried about side effects
    Michael (Verified User)


    I’m slightly overweight, middle-aged man who wants to lose weight. A friend of mine recommended Duromine as a solution because of my job and too little time for workout. But it seems that I cannot find any info about it except from “authority” sources. Can someone help me?
    Are Duromine tablets safe? What are Duromine ingredients, and do I need to be worried about its side effects?
    Or, even better, is there any ebook about Duromine where I can find all the answers? Something like FAQ or “manual”.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Your Name

      Look up Phentermine which is the active ingredient

  • What must i do to see the Results
    Delores (Verified User)

    I have been taking for eight days I don’tsee any difference and I’m getting hungry, wht must I do to see the result

    • Stephen (Editor)

      It’s best to use Duromine in addition to A healthy diet and exercise program.

  • What are all the side affects?

    What are all the side affects?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Consult your Doctor before starting Duromine because your individual side effects may differ.

    • lynette van niekerk

      Can Duromine harm your liver and what are the side effects?

  • Noticed that i have been eating alot
    mandy (Verified User)

    It’s been six days now taking duromine and I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating alot, I thought it’s supposed to block your apatite? Or is it still early for me to judge?

    • shaki

      I am 47kg,and my goal is 47kg as before.. my friend recommended me duromine and it only be purchase from a doctor.9days taking it and I am now 44kg. I have to force myself to eat even a little coz I really don’t feel hungry everyday the whole day. It’s just that I felt nausea sometimes and also awake every night. I decided to stop it now as I already lose weight.

  •  Want to sale Product
    Dave (Verified User)

    I have a brand new pack of 30MG Metermine I can sell. Got from chemist 2 days ago but not sure about potential side effects ( re impotency etc ) 🙁
    Anyway get back here if you would like to purchase. I’m in Qld.

    • belinda

      Did u sell you duromine?

    • Your Name

      Hey can you please email me…is meter mine the same as duromine and if still available…I am interested

      • Sarah

        Still available?

    • Your Name

      How much will you sell it for?
      May interested!

  • need a Consultant to Buy
    Ronel le Roux

    I need a consultant to buy duromine in kuilsriver or stand area

  • Free to sell here in Ghana

    Hi. It’s my first day on duromine. Just bought it in usual pharmacy, find your site bcz of the medical review. Strange that nobody is asking any prescription here. It’s free to sell in any pharmacy here in Ghana.

  •  Anyone want to take these from Me
    Bella (Verified User)

    My doc gave me duromine 30mg for my weight loss.I have lost loads of weight and feel really happy being light.I have been on it for 2 years.I have few boxes left should anyone need to but it from me.I am in the U.K.My contact is sikasb at hotmail dot com.Thanks.

    • Lorraine Van Zyl

      I need some advise. Do you go on a special dieet and do you excersise on Duromine?

    • Your Name

      Hi can I have 3 packs from cathy

  • Do not take this medicine
    Your Name

    Please for your own sake do not take them yiu will end up in a mental home you think you have insomnia now take them and you will go crazy if you love your self and the people around you don’t do it

  • switch to 15mg
    Your Name (Verified User)

    Switch to 15mg

  •  Doc prescribed Me i am nervoues
    Your Name (Verified User)

    hi. my name’s Ana. So I weight 107 kgs and my doctor prescribed me a 15mg duromine. I’m starting tomorrow. I’m nervous because of all the side affects I read about.

  •  This worked for my niece

    My neice used this in SA before her wedding and it worked brilliantly and she had no side effects. She lost a lot of weight and was very laid back and looked and felt better. I want o try it, as I am a runner, but have difficulty breathing, and need to lose about 10kgs, but no matter what I try I am stuck! I run 30 – 35 km per week, do Excercises for about 2 hrs, once or twice a week, and I watch my diet from Monday to Friday – so I would love to try this to help me, as the Pulmonolgist says my BMI should go down to 24 and it is as 28!

  • I have Supplier Anyone Interested

    I have a supplier, if anyone is interested.

    • Olive

      the highest dose over here is 30,which dose not work for me anymore,can you tell me where to buy 40ml from?and how much is coast?

    • nh20@clicks.co.za

      who is your supplier and how much do they charge.

    • Your Name

      Where are u residing dear? And how much?

      • chez

        Hi can you please email me with more detail please

    • Your Name

      do you still have a contact?

    • DEEDEE


    • Zandz

      please email me I’m in desperate need of Duromine 30mg

    • Ile

      Please contact me I’m interested

  • Second Box of My Duromine
    Nokuthula (Verified User)

    Is my second box of my duromine 30g now. Now I have the problem that I start bleeding from 7 april till now I want to no why?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Stop taking Duromine immediately, and consult your doctor.

  •  My doctor Doesnt Recommend me More
    Mel (Verified User)

    hi I have been on 30mg duromine for almost 4 weeks now I have lost 6.7kg with my goal being 10kg before my wedding. My Doc wont do me another month because I am just under the bmi limit so if anyone has any left over they want to get rid of please contact me. I am willing to pay full price just want to kick these last few kgs off. Thanks

    • Your Name

      If your bmi is under the.limit then you shouldn’t diet. Its not healthy for your body. Believe.me i know it since I had anorexia. Just eat healthy.

    • bella

      I can help you i have few boxes left of the 30mg if you interested contact me on sikasb at hotmail dot com.

      • Your Name

        Do u still have any left

    • Marnie

      Hi, I have just read your comment, that is amazing losing that much! I have been on 30mg for 4 weeks also but have only lost 2kg, I was wondering, are you following any particular diet in addition to taking Duromine? I am thinking I am doing something wrong, thanks

  • Anyone Selling These Tablets
    AC (Verified User)

    If anyone has any new, partially used or even expired capsules I would like to buy it off you 🙂 as long as they are still foil-sealed. If you’re in Australia please let me know by commenting back. Thanks!

    • Crista

      I have 6 left doctor gave me a starter pack. I can’t take them feel like I’m off my face!

      • Your Name

        They still available?

        • Elmarie Badenhorst

          Hi. Where do you live? South Africa

    • Dave

      I have a new 30mg pack.

  •  No side effects
    m (Verified User)

    30mg – 40mg works very well. No side effects. Now I live in the UK. I need to find were I can get them…. help please…

  • most weird experience
    Selma (Verified User)

    Been taking it for 2 weeks now, suddenly I had this most weird experience, it feels like I’m being choked the whole time and cannot swallow. I stopped the pills and after 2 days I was OK again, started taking the pills again, and again the same occurred. any one else with these symptoms? should I switch my 30mg for 15mg?

    • Your Name

      Dont take them its not worth it I was on them for not even 3 days and I was feeling realy funny you can read my review julies

    • Your Name

      I think you had an allergic reaction to the medication. don’t take it

  • Want to Purchase Tablets
    Anne (Verified User)

    I am really struggling with my weight, however am not “morbidly obese” so havent bothered trying to get duromine from my dr. If anyone in Perth/wa has any they don’t want, and would like to sell, please get in touch with me!! 🙂

    • Your Name

      Anne I’m not either. I’ve got about 20kg to lose I’m a size 16. But my doctor still have it to me. Only gave me 3 months though. He’s also been my doctor for 16 years so know me well

  • had absolutely no energy to do anything
    Kelly (Verified User)

    I took it for 3 weeks, had absolutely no energy to do anything, and also didn’t lose any weight. I didn’t feel hungry so I wasn’t eating as much as I normally do. Also wasn’t sleeping as well as I normally do. Seems out of all the comments, I am the only one who hasn’t lost any weight and had no energy. I was taking the 30mg tablets.

    • Your Name

      If you want to sell what you have left please let me know

      • bella

        Hi,i have the 30mg few boxes left to sell if you interested get in touch.

        • Kylie

          I am very keen to buy duromine if you can get me any eoukd be grateful

    • Your Name

      My third day, on a strict diet and I picked up one KG!!!!

  •  This product does work extremely well
    anonymous (Verified User)

    I have just picked up my 40mg tablets today. This will be the second time iv taken it. The first time I took these pills (which was about 8 months ago), my doctor was shocked to see that id lost nearly 12kgs in a matter of only 2 weeks. This product does work extremely well, however, it is only temporary. As soon as I stopped taking the pills all of my weight came back really quickly. The only side effects I had from it was extreme energy, and nothing in my house seemed clean enough, by the end of my cleaning spurts you could literally eat off my floors!! I also had a lot of heart palpitations.. im a heavy smoker too, so that didn’t help at all. Tomorrow when I wake up, I plan to hopefully quit the dreaded smokes and use my spare time (smoke breaks) for more cleaning. I also am a heavy drinker so I plan to cut that out too so that when I stop taking these pills, the weight won’t pile back on. Remember, this is only a quick fix, and you will have to try extremely hard to keep the weight off when you finish your prescriptions. Do not share with friends or family members as it is a very addictive drug and can also be fatal. Be responsible, and good luck to all that are battling their weight issues.

  • looking to Buy

    Looking to buy some if anyone has any they don’t want or any prescriptions they haven’t used. Thanks!

    • Desiree

      Hi i have x3 sealed packs on 30mg for R400 each, i am in the east rand johannesburg sa

      • Safia

        Hi do you still have the tablets?

      • Sibonelo

        Hi Desiree im also in the east rand when can we meet so i can take them off your hand

  • Seems helping Me Duromine
    Mia (Verified User)

    Hey. I just started Duromine a week ago and It seems to be helping me =) Ive lost 3kg. The first three days were abit weird. My hunger completely went. I didnt eat anything for two days. However I got a headache from that. Now its been a week and Im slowly reminding myself to eat.Its a blessing because Ive got so much energy than what I had before. My portion sizes are way different. Downside is i do have the drys all the time and Im constantly drinking and peeing lol But however my house is clean all the time lol I have eaten bad stuff but this is my first week so can only get better from here on out. Everyone’s experience is different and it’s good seeing so many different story’s on here.

  • Dr. Prescribed me 15mg, It Works
    Mason (Verified User)

    my Dr prescribed me Duromine 15mg yesterday and i will be getting it tomorrow from chemist i just want to know if i need a eating plan(diet plan) and how much exercise should i do a day? i’m 95kgs and very short also being on these will it help with my breast i’m a DD so would love to loose some of my breast also any advice would be great 🙂 thanks in advance

    • yanni

      Scardale diet it’s really good but you can do it only two weeks and them rest for two weeks and do it again

    • Shilatoo

      Hi mason would love to see how you have gone so far. I start tomorrow.

    • Your Name

      My GP told me to eat breakfast, lunch and for tea only have a small salad or soup. I did this and lost 15kg. My breakfast was usually an egg on toast, lunch usually consisted on a salad sandwich and for tea, it was summer so I had a salad… I also started to walk 1 lap of my town what added up to 6.5km… I only took 15mg of Duromine the entire time and was only on the drug for 2months to lose 15kg! But as I said I exercised. And it’s important to keep eating even if you don’t feel like it because if you stop and only eat one thing a day then as soon as you get off the drug you’ll just binge eat and the weight will return. Use this as an aid to change your lifestyle in a good way! I haven’t been on the drug for 6mths and have been able to lose more weight on my own because I changed my lifestyle. Alcohol try to avoid at all costs as this is a sure way to pack on the kgs. I do have a night of drinking prob once a month but the next day I’m flushing my body with water and then being really strict with my diet as I don’t ever want to return to the weight I once was. Goodluck

    • Your Name

      Hi ive been on 15 for 3 weeks now, the inly side effect ive had is a sry mounth every now snd them. I still eat and get a bit hungrey but ive found i dont obsees about food all day ling.. i eat about half of what i was and dont pick eat between meals any more.. its been great for me and my family have started to notice The weight loss.. i feels great have no complasints last time i weight myself id lost 3 kgs i cant wait to see what im down to noe.. stated at 103 kgs

  • Willing to take this product
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    I’m not obese but I’m using this product I’m a little over weight but not that much..so are you telling me it’s not wise that I take this product??please let me know thanks

    • Darcy

      I’m a lil overweight like yourself and I have recently started on duromine.
      What mg are u thinking of taking? Do not take the 40’s they are a killer
      I’d suggest on a day that u do not have any commitments to wake up at 5am and take one, be very intuitive to what ur body is telling you and see if u could deal with 12 weeks of this. The first few nights you will get hardly any sleep and find it very hard to ‘switch off’ an annoying headache may occurs but if u feel heart palpitations do not take another the next day and consult ur doctor
      ‘Read the leaflet that comes with it carefully’ knowing what to look out for will really help
      Hope this helps and good luck

  •  No pain no gain
    Tima (Verified User)

    well i lost 7 kg in 6 weeks thaking duromine 30 for on an off basis…so it helped me..I weighed 67kg I am confident of myself and feel great esp with the compliments…howevee yes you do have sleepless nitghts,dry mouth, and thirsty, your hunger is suppressed…but i eat everything but in minimum portions…i have cut down on a lot of sugars, i do feel tired,,,but then if you want to be beautiful you have to sacrifice,,

  •  Having Much energy During The Day
    Anna (Verified User)

    I feel envious about everyone here not feeling hungry and having much energy during the day. I have to say I don’t feel that my energy has gone up And i am not doing exercise as no strength. In terms of food I do eat considerably less but still get evening sugar craving which I still give in. In the first week I had many side effects and also could not do anything was very weak and that’s where I lost the most weight-3kg. Since then the it been 14 days meaning I have been on it for about 21 days now and only reAlly lost the weight the first week. It stayed the same since. Why I don’t know , why instill have sugar craving I don’t know 🙁 🙁 I am on duromine 30mg strength and scared to go on the 40mg as I do sometimes feel my heart racing (even though no energy)

    • Tyne

      I think for it to work you have to be helping yourself.
      Mindset is a very important key to changing anything in life. It sounds like you have a lot of doubt in yourself? And that maybe you’re giving into all things that have got you to an unhappy, unhealthy weight?

      I only say this because a few comments you have mentioned. (And I say this all with a kind heart)
      You are not doing exercise coz of no strength? – How about going for a walk once a day? You will see improvements quicker than you think, believe me. Start with a 20min walk and the following week 25mins and so on so on. You just have to push through those first few days that (everyone) struggles with and dreads. Quickly over a few weeks you will start to see little improvements and realise you are stronger then you think, things will start to fall in place. You will want to challenge yourself more even just the littlest goals can make huge impact and will help you to self-motivate. Maybe ask a friend to literally help put your shoes on and pull you off the couch it you need! lol I find if I have no energy and I lay in bed put my favourite music that I love to dance to on, … next minute I’m off to gym or a walk!

      Also you said you keep giving into sugar carving, it’s not realistic to think you can take a pill and still eat bad, not exercise and loss weight. Nothing is that good and that’s reality (as much as it SUCKS!) If you really really want to change your circumstance, you have to be strong and say no. Once or twice a week and small candy will be better than every day. And only you can help yourself here. Something’s I do when I’m struggling is first of all be honest with myself. If I knooooww I won’t be able to resist when cravings kick in, I make sure these things are not accessible and try recognise excuses. I DO NOT EVER walk down the chocolate or chips isle (cos I knowww Ill grab something) and …one excuse I use to always use was (“just in cases”,) NO JUST INCASES! really (again being honest with myself) just in case what..? I’m about to have a heart attack and having a chocolate bar will safe my life… hahah no!!
      This way with not having stuff in my house, late at night when the cravings kick in and I walk to my kitchen, (which is sooo easy to do) and indulge, I have nothing naughty.
      Instead if you have any favourite fruit stock up on those. You will find it also is habit, you are in a habit of doing these things. And it takes time and effort but keep reminding yourself what you want to achieve. Grab your fruit and big glass of water and sit and look at your favourite picture or yourself happy and say I can do this. Music is a great distraction.
      And small steps, maybe say if you can do that for 3 nights on the 4th day you will give yourself a little treat.. but you have to go to the store to get it which is effort… maybe you won’t be bothered?? small achievements show great strength and remind yourself you are stronger then you think 🙂

      I am no professional what so ever, I am only speaking from my own personal battle over the years and how I have helped myself once I accepted I am the only one who can change my life. And once I realised this I found it empowering knowing that I am the only one 🙂 not discouraged.

      If you don’t find these things don’t helpful, the next best thing maybe to sort help from a dietician and/or a psychologist, and they can help with strategies and support with getting around the areas you are struggling with 🙂 food, exercise, mind.

      Hope this helps in some way and good luck !

  • Anyone Willing to Sell Them Theirs
    Ally (Verified User)

    Hi Just wondering whether anyone knows any doctors in Geelong that prescribe duromine or if anyone is willing to sell me theirs. I can drive to Melb to pick it up. Happy to pay $$$. Just really want to loose this extra weight. Thanks everyone!

    • Your Name

      Do you want to loose your waight or your mind it is like Russian roulette

  • Side Effects
    Donna (Verified User)

    Hi I have been taking the 40mg tablets for three days now, I woke up lasy night and could not stop vomiting has anyone else had these side effects??

    • Sonia

      No sorry I can’t say that I have .
      If you are not having a positive experience, maybe considering getting rid of them

    • Your Name

      Hello are you keen to sell your 40mg tabs to me? Xx

      • Your Name

        Hey, i have also went through the same thing, i hardly sleep at night and ive currently started vomiting…..and i don’t have energy at all.

  • Want to Purchase Duromine
    Amy (Verified User)

    I have been on duromine for the past month and it has changed my life. I am unable to obtain a further prescriptions, therefore, if anyone has left over duromine I would be very grateful if you were able to contact me so I may purchase from you.
    With thanks.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      We suggest only acquiring duromine after consulting your Doctor through an accredited source.

  • 30mg duromine my 2nd day
    Nonhlanhla (Verified User)

    I’m on 30mg duromine my 2nd day n I still feel hungry is it normal ?

    • Your Name

      Drink heaps of water….you must still eat but really small quantities, and healthy food too…I have
      Breakfast…coffee…tablet….a piece of fruit….water !
      Lunch…3x big crackers with avocado Tom and cold meat….water !
      Snack …fruit…..water !
      Dinner……salad and meat….water….!
      I drink more water inbetween through out the day…mainly because I get dry mouth as a side effect…but hey I have lost 9 kg’s in 6 weeks so I can take a bit of dry mouth

      • Your Name

        Hi there, I was just wondering are you over weight or just trying to loose the little weight you have? I have been on Duromine on and off, Im not really what you would call obese but after having my baby and not having time to cook and eating junk all day for 4 months I am now 69kg and used to be 56kg and want my body back but it seems MUCH harder to loose this time around, must say its quite humiliating being the same weight now as i was at the end of my pregnancy 🙁 I have side effects, Im not thirsty at all, Im too full, I get mood swings, then get emotional it really seems to hit me bad, but it works and I love that! but noticed after i stopped i still have anger issues which i never had, do you think this stuff can have long time effects?

    • Shanah

      It can take up to about a week or so to even see results I didn’t weigh my self or concentrate on my weight for a month and my doctor suggested that for 30 mins a day good as soon as you put your feet on your floor get your bpm to 145 and keep it there for 30 but don’t start timing till it hits 145 I weighed 130kg in November 2015 and it’s now March 2016 I now weigh 100kg and I’m so happy in my myself and I’m active and healthy

      • Tania

        Well done Shanah . I am in my second week of taking Duromine and it has stopped my craving for food. And have started losing a little bit of weight so far I am happy only the price.

      • kurt

        Thats great news shanah,keep up the good work..

  •  no side effects apart from a dry mouth
    Jess (Verified User)

    I have been on 30mg duromine for 2 months now Im on my 3rd and last prescription on that time I have lost 15kgs and still going down I started at 114kgs and am now at 99kgs which is amazing I have more energy I feel confident I excersize everyday I have so much motivation from this I have no side effects apart from a dry mouth which isn’t all bad as it makes me drink a lot of water. I need a little kickstart to my weight loss journey and I am so glad I decided to go to my doctor for a prescription I am also now under the safe BMI. I highly recommend it it has changed my whole life.

    • J

      Wow that’s amazing. I’m 114 and would love to just get under 100 kgs. I’m just on day 3

    • kurt

      Jess thanx for the positive review – ive only just started taking them an my goal is to lose 15kgs- if you did that in two months thats great..

  •  help me to loose weight
    Tanya (Verified User)

    I was prescribed duromine 30mg. I was given 3 months supply. It has worked well for me, I lost 12kg in the 12 weeks I was on it. I started with a BMI of 34.5 I am now at a BMI of 29 – still over weight, but NOT obese. I never looked at duromine as a quick fix, nor a cure for my obesity, I looked at it as a tool to help me lose the weight at a safe and realistic time period – while making major life style changes, to ensure to weight stays off. The duromine helped to curb my hunger, stopped my sugar cravings and encouraged me to drink more water. My only side effect was thirst – so plenty of water, which helps weight loss and my skin looks great! With the help of duromine, I was able to concentrate on changing my eating habits, make better healthier decisions about food – without the cravings and incredible hunger, I worked my butt off (literally) at the gym and even now 8 weeks after finishing my duromine – continue to lose weight, eat well and workout regularly. This drug is super effective with the right mind set – don’t look at it as a quick fix, use it as a tool to change your life, work hard and the results can be long term and make a huge difference to your life.
    BTW – I am 40, was slightly active before, but very active now… Workout or train every day (Triathlon)
    I am 167cm and weight was 95.5kg – I am now 80kg. I am under no illusion I will be super slim – but my health and life style had improved out of sight and will continue to improve as the next few kilo’s come off.

    • nicki

      hi i just got some so looking forward to losing some weight. nice to hear these tablets work

  • Looking for to Buy anyone who sale

    looking to buy some if anyone has them for sale 🙂

    • bella

      Yes,i have the 30mg if you interested to buy it.contact sikasb at hotmail dot com.

      • thabisa

        I am interested in buying duromine. How do i get it? Wr r u?

  •  I feel Normal by using this Produc
    Kristy (Verified User)

    Hi all I started taking duromine as of yesterday its now 4:33am and I think I’m lucky to of had a full hours sleep all night surprisingly I don’t feel overly tired lol I bet later today I will though… I took the tablet yesterday at 7 am also I feel very itchy and a bit of a dry mouth has anyone else experienced this?? Obviously the insomnia comes with the drug but this itching is driving me insane please tell me it goes away or is there something else I can take to stop the itching that won’t affect the duromine tablet its self?? I don’t have a rash just really itchy which I suppose is probably contributing to the not being able to sleep thing to!
    I feel my normal hunger and still had a bit of a craving for sugary foods yet I resisted…. I spoke to a personal trainer and have now got a program to do at home 3 days per week and the other two days I will have a personal pt sesh I really hope I can stick with it any advise would be appreciated…

    • Your Name

      Adding to my comment above I’m on the 30mg also a sufferer of asthma which i take puffers in passed depression have been medicated but as of a moth ago i stopped taking and have ADHD I’m no longer medicated for the Adhd as of two and a half years ago as I had a baby i try my best to controll this… I understand the dexamphetimine tablet like duromine has a certain percentage of speed in it there for in my head I feel I should be able to handle pretty well as dex also had the same affect as in sub presses appitite and until your used to it your more awake then normal.
      I’m currently a stay at home mum but run childcare services from my own home I did notice yesterday I had more energy and didn’t feel the usual tired lounge lizard come 2 pm lol which is great I did feel a bit more energetic and was able to conserntrate a bit better which again same as dex when on it if your a person who suffers ADHD I haven’t weighed my self as its only been a day and scales scare me giggles, I can’t imagine I’ve lost weight as yet have been drinking more water and going to the loo a lot more but figured its the water running through my body perhaps flushing it out.. So this is my experience so far… Haven’t had side effects other then very itchy all over! A bit of a dry mouth and crazy non sleeping 🙂

  • How to Purchase

    please tell me how i can purchase these tablets online?

    • Your Name

      u have to go see your doctor

  • difference when you start using
    Tiffany (Verified User)

    Hi has anyone noticed any difference when you start using the 40mg? I’ve been using duromine since December last year I have lost weight so I’m pleased with this so far however the only side affects I have has been insomnia, and iv just started using the 40mg and I’m curious whether or not I’m in for something horrific since its been relatively easy so far. Cautiously aware!!! Please let me know. Thanks

  • Does it work only with fat in Body
    Nendi (Verified User)

    I have a big belly and love handles caused by alcohol I used to drink a lot before taking duromine…so I wana know if duromine is gonna help me lose those love handles and a big belly caused by alcohol or does it only work with fat in the body caused by food? please help so that I can have a light of what to do next

    • Stephen (Editor)

      A healthy diet along with regular exercise and Duromine can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Consult your doctor on what’s best for you.

  • What Diet to Follow
    charl (Verified User)

    do you have to follow a special diet?

    • Tiffany

      Hi charl, nope no diet however it is always best to have healthier meals when you actually are feeling hungry (which isn’t very often) just to up your chances with losing the weight,

      • zanele

        Hi after I have lost enough weight,should I stop using Duromine?will the apetite come back

  • Eating Junk With no exercise
    jacky (Verified User)

    Hi All, I have been using Duromine for two weeks with ro results, However i have been drinking alot of coke and eating junk with no excise at all·Please help

    • Your Name

      hi does duromine not suppress your appetite at all am surprised you have an appetite to eat junk food if not then try a more stronger strength. Good luck

    • Your Name

      Lol of cos duromine is not a miracle pill if not everyone in the world would get it as having it means no matter how much coke and junk food you eat you can still lose weight. Eat healthy and exercise. Take away the coke and junk food and you will see the difference

    • Your Name

      I haven’t lost any weight and its been 2 weeks and have no problems sleeping

      • Stef

        Hi i am happy to purchase of you if you want to sell.

  •  Taking Duromine Tablet
    Sunny (Verified User)

    I am following the 2Day Fast 5 day “normal” diet. I take my duramine tablet on day 2 of my 2/5 diet. The first day is usually Monday, and thus easy. Day 2 is Tuesday and I feel wonderful, and following the 500 calories a day (see Womens Weekly Recipe Book) is relatively easy. Those 2 days have disciplined me somewhat, so for the rest of the 5day week, I am conscious of eating reasonably. I am losing weight, but slowly, which I think is the way to go. Because of my recent weight loss, I am highly motivated, and feel that my once a week duramine is best.

  • Taking Duromine and Still feel Hungry
    pertunia (Verified User)

    I am taking Duromine tablets and still feel hungry. What must I do?

    • Your Name

      Just keep on drinking water

    • Your Name

      I have the same problem, I don’t know whether I should change to 30mg bcs right now I’m taking 15mg

  • Want to Buy Duromine
    Bazza (Verified User)

    Hi guys, I am hoping someone can help, I have lost 25 kgs already but have plateaued, I am still exersising and trying to eat healthy but the weight is not budging, so I would like to try duramine for a short period to see if it helps, so if anyone has any for sale I would buy them.

  • where to Get this in South Africa
    Your Name

    where in south africa can i get this product?30 or 40 mg

    • Your Name

      You can get it from any recognised pharmacy e.g. Clicks, Dischem etc.

      You are require doctors prescription

  • taking duromine i feel sleepy
    meisie (Verified User)

    Its bin day2 since i started taking duromine i feel sleepy and have abdominal pain is it hw it works

    • Your Name

      I have the same issues would love to know if it’s normal

    • Your Name

      I have not had my period for about a year due to the contraception I’m using, after day 2 on duromine 30, I started getting tummy cramps and by day 4 I had a full on period that lasted for 8 days. Once my period finished the cramps went away. Hope this helps

  • Want to buy Duromine

    Looking for someone who doesnt want or use or need their duromine anymore. Will pay. Please contact asap.

    • marie

      I have 2 box left of sibutrmine (64 tablets in each) & diet pills containing phentermine if any wants to buy.

      • Azura

        Hi Marie,

        How much are you selling them for and where are you?

      • Chi

        I’m interested aswell?? Please

      • Kim

        I’m interested where r u located? I’m I. Melbourne

      • michelle

        I’m interested. Please email me . Thank you

    • Your Name

      I have about fifteen 30mg duromine tablets if anyone interested I had to go up a dose Becoz I started feeling hungry after 2 weeks so 30mg 15 tablets left

      • jessie

        Hi i was wondering if i could purchase these tablets from you

      • nicola

        Im interested pay top dollar

      • Stef

        Hi do you still have these?

      • Diane

        Hi do u still have these for sale would like to purchase from u? Thanks

  •  good feeling healthy overall
    Jasmine (Verified User)

    today is my second day on duramine! So far I have lost 5kgs I was 94kgs am now 89kgs I don’t think this is water weight as I have already lost 15kgs prior to starting duramine, First day of taking duramine I didn’t feel much of a difference, I got hungry and ate potatoe chips and chocolate D: I was abit worried as I know your appetite is suppose to be completely gone but I had no problem scoffing my face with junk (I was also stoned) anyway on day 2 I realized I really need to pull up and take this seriously, I had one cucumber my appetite was completely gone I had no cravings what so ever, I ate the cucumber as its healthy low in calories and I needed to eat something, I felt great and refreshed after it.. I’ve also been drinking so much water which is something I’d nornally struggle with! I can already notice a difference in my stomic I do look a little thinner, I did also do an intense 2 hour workout at the gym on day 2 my energy level was amazing I felt like I was showing the skinny girl next to me how it’s done….. so far so good feeling healthy overall, however I did experience some shaking and trembling late at night with my hands, I also felt very dizzy when I would stand up to fast, I do get small headaches but nothing major I wait for them to go away,and at some random point I just started crying over current situations while I was around others (which I never do, maybe in my own time but not with a group) something to take note of is to not let duramine control your state of mind, you do need to be strong if you get this side effect! I guess they are just some of the side effects but what do you expect when your taking a speed based pill?

    I’m happy with everything so far, I’m only going to take them for a month as I can already feel myself getting addicted! You get like a high feeling on them aswell abit more like a buZZ Really, I don’t mind it at all Thoe.

    Also I might add … everything of mine is kept spotless from now on which must b one of the side effects but I don’t see nothing wrong with that I’ve always struggled cleaning

    • TeeJay

      I haved gained a lot of weight, at least 16kg more than the ideal weight for a person of my height. I work in an office and spend 8hrs daily seated. This has resulted in my body expanding-coupled with overeating..i am obese. I expressed my concern about weight to my doctor who recommended i exercise and reduce eating starch…and ensuring i use more engery than i eat. Finally, when there was not much to now do, he recommended i use duromine. I have taken it for the past two weeks, this is the third week. In the first week, i lost 4kg-this was due to intense exercise and eating no starch at all. I then decided to take stach since i cant live on fruits and vegs for life.I gained 2kg immediately. I have resolved to watching what i eat. Eating small meals with a lot of vegetables and fruits. Duromine gave me insignificant side-effects. The first day i was full of energy, could not sleep and was mostly dry in the mouth. I told my doctor about it. He advised me to drink a lot of water, take the pill early and eat small portions. On day three, i felt no changes except that i am often full and in need of no food. I think with determination and discipline, i will be able to shed the extra weight, at least 12kg in 3months. The best effect of duromine in the body is suppressing hunger, forcing you to drink more water and giving you energy which you could rely on than on overeating. I get an occasional constipation which i wad off by eating a lot of oranges, high fiber carbohydrates, apples, grapes and warm water. So far so good. May those who wish to take duromine understand it is very effective and safe but you need to do your bit. It can regulate your eating, which is quite good but you need to stick to the new eating plan even after using the pill.

  • how can I control her outbursts
    samuel (Verified User)

    My wife is using this and my marage is going downhill she is fine one second the next second she snaps then there is kak in the house so how can I control her outbursts

    • Your Name

      I used it and I also had the most extreme moodswings known to mankind. One minute i would be happy, the next minute i would be furious for something as dumb as a phone ringing. You wont be able to control her outbursts, i am not a doctor but i guess it has something to do with the fact that Duromine works on the brain? Eitherway, i quit taking duromine after about a week. I havent slept in almost 5 days and i was starting to hallucinate.

      • Your Name

        Are you interested in selling what you haven’t used

    • hen

      Stop trying to ‘control her’ and give her extra support – be super nice. She is taking a chemical which is having a side effect. Try it and see if kindness helps

  • How long it take to loose weight

    how long does it take to lose weight with duromine ?

    • Your Name

      I lost weight in as early as two days, and by the 4th week I had already lost 10kg. …It realy does work as long as you’re willing to bare the side effects which vary from person to person

      • My Name

        Hi Your Name
        I am in the UK and have been battling to find Duromine 40mg without a prescription. I don’t want any of the other “Phen” products. Does anyone know where/how I can get them.
        My Name 🙂

        • bella

          Hi i have the 30mg few boxes left in u.k if you interested get in contact at sikasb at hotmail dot com.

      • lungiswa

        Hvnt seen any resuslts its bin 3 works nw,how long does it tyk for it to work

  • is it Possible to order them online
    Jay (Verified User)

    Hi Everyone.. is it possible to order them online? it sounds really interesting and I’d love to give it a go…. thanks

    • Your Name

      hi i use it and it works like a bomb.i was a size 44 and lost all my weight and now a size 32 ur fat just melt away.

      • Your Name

        Hw long did it take u to c d different

  •  how long before I experience the maximum result
    Shadi (Verified User)

    Hi everyone! I have read many reviews about Duromine, the side-effects are very scary, however on my second day on Duromine feel very normal! I’m not sure how long it takes before it hits me. I slept well last night and not feeling hot. It has affected my appetite only slightly and my energy level is the same as before. BTW I’m on 40mg. Could anyone tell me how long before I experience the maximum result?

  • My Body Dont change Anymore
    cina (Verified User)

    I take duromine,,2weeks i loss weight,,,but know my body don’t change anymore,,why ???

    • Your Name

      it could just be that ur weight hit a plateau. u can try exercising or drinking green tea to boost ur metabolism. maybe dat will help

  •  Hoping to achieve some great results
    Sam (Verified User)

    I have been on Duromine for 3 days now and have already lost some weight. I don’t feel hungry at all at any point but I eat something just because I know I still need food in me. I have noticed that I cannot eat as much as I used to as I feel the sensation of being full, even if I haven’t had any breakfast or lunch (1 meal for the day). I have lost my cravings for sweet foods throughout the day and even after dinner. I can come home from work and not look for something to snack on which I normally would have done. I have also found myself to be more energetic but just wondering if this is because I am not feeling tired or sleepy. The only side effects I’m experiencing is a dry mouth (causing me to drink more water which is good), not being able to sleep and a little BO under the arms which I never used to get but I keep a can of deodorant with me now. I find chewing gum also helps with the dryness in the mouth. I got the medication through my doctor after discussing weight loss failures and a history f diabetes in my family. It was the doctor who suggested and put me onto them, I never knew they even existed but for $100 p/m, I’m hoping to achieve some great results.
    Can I please stress and suggest everyone go see their GP instead of trying to buy them off a stranger who longer needs theirs as Duromine is not suitable for everyone and may also impact or affect the functions of other medication you take, or yourself.

  •  Use during Pregnancy

    Can I use Duromine if I am pregnant or hiv positive?

    • Your Name

      No……. No you cannot. You will gain weight with a baby too. It’s normal!

    • Your Name

      Are you crazy? You are supposed to gain weight??

  •  Willing to pay for Duromine
    Georgie (Verified User)

    So I’ve been on duromine for just over a month now but am running low. I am concerned that my dr will not prescribe me another dose but I still have a bit to loose. I gained it after developing stress fractures in my feet which forced me to stop exercising and I got depressed and overate. If anyone has any duromine left over I am willing to pay decently for it. Please email me if you are interested 🙂

    • Raquel

      Hi Georgia I have 24 30mg tablets I am trying to get rid of if you are interested

      • Amy

        Hi Raquel, I need some as my luggage was lost with Virgin airlines. May I purchase your remaining?

        • Your Name

          Hi can I use Duromine with sinutab,am asking because it contains chlorpheniramine

      • Bella

        Hi do u still have would love to purchase

        • bella

          Yes,still have the 30mg few boxes i do not need if you interested to buy it contact me on sikasb at hotmail dot com.

      • Jordyn

        If you still have these i will pay extra for them. Please contact asap.

        • Pavo

          Hi if u still have the tablets pls
          Contact me I will purchase them

    • kev

      I do have 2 boxes of duromine, if you’re interested

      • Skye

        I’ll buy them and pay postage to Australia.

      • Your Name

        Hi Kev
        Do you still have the 2 boxes of duromine and what dosage
        I am interested in purchasing from you

  • need to take this medicine

    I need to have the pills , how do i get them .

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Consult your doctor to determine if Duromine is right for you.

  •  Cant Take This Product Coz Pregnant
    Sahar (Verified User)

    Hello everyone. People who comment me plz i dont have any of yours email so how can i contact you guys. I live in Melbourne, Dandenong 3175 so whoever is closer and can come, can get the pack of Duromine 30 which i cnt take it because i got pregnant.
    Thank you

    • Desiree

      Hi there, are you still selling the tablets? If so I’d like to purchase them.
      Thank you

    • Dani

      Hi how much are you selling these for? I could come get them tonight I live in dandy.

    • Tammy

      i want to buy these pills but doctor won’t perscribe them. Is there another way to purchase??

    • Ellie

      Hi do you still have these?

      • Raquel

        Yes I still have them

        • Sasha

          Well how do we buy them from you?

        • bee

          Hi do you still have them ? I live in Hallam and can come pick up now. Have left my email please get back to me if still available. Thanks.

  • Want to Loose 23kg in 2 weeks
    Herschelle (Verified User)

    Hi I bought me 30mg this weekend, started using it today. I’m 186cm and 133kg I need to lose atleast 23kg in two weeks to be accepted in she Police. I run in the morning and during the day I will be on the treadmill and at night. I will pish myself to 5L of water per day. Will I lose 23kg in 2weeks?

    • elle

      Umm your really ignorant if you think you will only need to lose 23kg to be accepted into the police force. Cmon. Maybe 40 to 50 kgs!! Not to mention losing it in 2 weeks to get in. You do realize you do a drug testing to go through the 1st round? Duromine is speed basically it will stay in your blood system for 3 months to be traced. There is no possible way u can lose 24 kgs in 2 weeks and even if u could the police force would never accept you because youve used it.

      Get a healthy meal plan like 12wbt with michelle bridges 80% of weight loss is nutrition 20% is exercise. Duromine will help u lose like up to 5kg a week if u push yourself and the first month of it being used is usually water retention in the system. Use duromine to help but youll have to be off it for 3 months before u even try for the police force because phentermine (main ingredient of duromine which is speed) will be in your system. Also if u take it dont even worry about water intake because ull need it 24/7 as youll get dry mouth the whole time on it. Plus to much water can flush out your body and cause liver and kidney issues.

      Im a nurse btw. And ive used it before.

      • Leema

        Hi elle is it safe to take Duromine while regularly taking Bcomplex injections?

  • How to buy the product?

    Can anyone tell me how to get Duromine in Australia without a prescription


  • results/had bad side effects
    Roch (Verified User)

    I live on the Gold Coast QLD & looking to purchase 40mg duromine from someone that no longer uses it or didn’t get results/had bad side effects. Please email me if you can assist.

  • Willing to Sell Duromine
    Sahar (Verified User)

    Hi every one . I have a pack of Duromine 30 which i cbt tk it bcuz i got pregnant so Whoever is trying to get Duromine 30 but their doznt give them im willing to sell it to u so email me if u want

    • mel harris

      Csn you email me please Sahar

      • Sahar

        Hi mel harris.
        Sry i dont hv your email.
        I live in Melbourne Dandenong 3175

        • Your Name

          Would u email me interested

    • Susan

      I’m interested in buying them from u Sahar, if you haven’t sold them can you email me – thanks

    • Ricki

      Hi I’m interested in buy your duromine you don’t want anymore? Thanks!

    • Meg

      Yes, can you tell me where you are please, NZ?

    • John

      Hi Sahar I would be interested in purchasing the pack of Duromine if still available thanks

      • Your Name

        Hello john. Sry i hvnt got ur email. Can u pl tell me hw to contact u.
        I live in melbourne

    • cass

      Hi congrats on the pregnancy is offer this still on the table ?

    • Your Name


    • aria

      hey sahar im in melbs jus down the road in fact, how much are you willing to sell them for? possibly purchase if still available. thanks 🙂

    • John

      Hi Sahar I’m still interested in buying the Duromine can we meet this Sunday around 2pm Dandenong train station I’ll be wearing a red Tshirt and a black cap cheers John

    • Desiree

      Hi Sahar, is it still available?

    • Bella

      Do u still have would love to purchase thanks

    • My Name

      Hi Everyone

      I am looking for 30 – 40 of the 40mg Duromine. Anyone not using any longer or have spare pack please let me know. As I am in the UK it would be great if it was someone in the UK 🙂
      Thank you all you wonderful thin peeps 🙂


      • Your Name

        Yes,i am in u.k and i have few boxes of 30mg to sell. I lost loads of weight so can sell onto someone that needs. Contact sikasb at hotmail dot com.

  • Wanted to buy this product

    If anyone has unwanted duromine, i’d be happy to buy it from you. I live in Darwin.

  •  Using duromine for nearly 5 months
    sandra (Verified User)

    Hi i have been on duromine for nearly 5 months it worked on me for the 1st month and i lost weight but not working on me anymore so i decide to stop it for 3 days and go bak on it again will it start working on me again

  • Want to Try
    tracey brown

    want to try

    • pyrie

      hi there i have duromine dont nd it anymore plz give me your email address

      • Donna

        Really need to loose wait 14 stone never been this big in my life doctor won’t give me any said it’s all down to will power and exercise thanks

  • were I can buy duromine

    Please could you tell me were I can buy duromine from I live in the uk. Thanking you in advance.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Please consult your Doctor about starting Duromine, and how to properly acquire it.

  •  Experienced face flush Day 6 for me
    Belinda (Verified User)

    I have a question, has anyone experienced face flush/redness and headaches. Day 6 for me, no other symptoms other than dry mouth so far (which works for me, it encourages me to drink lots of water), but this headache is killing me, and I look like a beetroot.

    • LA

      It’s just your body working double to burn through the fats as energy, the headaches are a withdrawal sign for want of words it will pass, keep it up 🙂

  •  Bad Cramp 5 days on this tablet
    roelea kirk (Verified User)

    I have been on them 5 days this morning I had bad cramp and went to the toilet a lot but didnt pass much the cramps lasted about 1 hour still feel bit off is this normal

  • Need Help Duromine with Diet Food

    i have got a question. Do you need to help the duromine pill with diet foods?

    • LA

      Yes. You can’t eat take out and take this pill and expect to lose weight it’s a lifestyle change if you want to see results

  • Not Loosing Weight So Far
    shanilla (Verified User)

    I am not losing weight as fast as I want. I am losing slowly.i eat healthy I avoid starch.cooldrinks and chips and chocolates but still trying. I have been taking duromine 30mg for 2 months now

  •  I am thrilled using this product
    maxine (Verified User)

    Been using it for 5 and half weeks, lost 23kg so I am thrilled. Couldn’t sleep long at first SO YES TAKE IT VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING (5AM to 6am IS GOOD)You should exercise and CHANGE your eating habits as well–EAT HEALTHY even though you will find you wont be eating much! LOW CARBS, no bread, NO SUGAR is the best. I cannot believe the amount of people who are asking such stupid questions on here?! Theres sooo much info on the internet about this pill! And then there’s your doctor!!Stay informed! If you aren’t losing weight then your dosage isn’t high enough OR you are still eating crap, not exercising at all OR have a hypothyroid condition. Millions have a thyroid condition–Look into it. I’m 55, WAS Obese and had bad habits. Change your habits, change your lifestyle, do some exercise!!! A pill isn’t instant magic , it requires YOU to change as well. I’m eating tiny wee three meals a day and one snack and plenty of water. Also seeing a personal trainer to keep on track and motivated. Don’t make excuses and say you cant afford it, we could afford all the JUNK FOOD we bought for years which is why we became LARGE in the first place!! Spend your money wisely, invest in yourself!!! All the best everyone 🙂

    • Determined mum of 3

      Your awesome! I love your determination. I to have followed it strict with my diet and exercise. My only issue is after day 5 my mouth is that dry I struggle to talk ( some would love that LOL ). how did you over come that, I a drinking 2 plus litres a day, and struggle to keep under control so I go off meds for 48 hours and then start again… not ideal I know. Your input would be most welcome

    • karly

      Once you have taken one pill a day for three months, oncr you stop does the weight come back even if your eating healthy meals and exercising. I heard the weight doesnt stay off?

    • Ezz83

      That’s a great loss, do u mind me asking your starting weight? I’m on day 1 & I need to lose 30 or so KG but I don’t expect that to happen in a month (wish it would though).

    • Your Name

      Hey does the sleep get better or do u not sleep much the whole time your on duromine cause it’s day 4 and I feel exhausted from not sleeping the last 3 days will it pass

      • Ash

        I had the most amazing sleep on duromine, I saw on the side affects that it could cause insomnia.. But the thing is I’m already an insomniac, I managed to have the most restless sleep on my first 2 nights of taking it? So what’s that saying

    • Jezz

      Perfect! Finally found someone in these ridiculous comments with a brain and a clue….. Thanks for sharing your valuable advice and story!

  • alcohol consumption while on duromine

    Limit of alcohol consumption while on duromine

    • elle

      No dont limit erase it. No alcohol!!! No other drugs! Nothing.

  • Good or Safe for Over 55

    Hi is it good for safe for 55 an over

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Consult your doctor to determine if duromine is right for you.

  • trying to lose weight
    Samantha (Verified User)

    Hi, I’m getting married in March, 2015 & I’ve been trying to lose weight. I’ve changed my eating habits & have been exercising as much as I can, but for some reason I just can’t seem to lose the weight. I have used Duromine before but that was like 10-15yrs ago. I have asked my doctor for a script but will not give them to me & I have asked another doctor but just get the same answer. Why is this? All I want is to look good on my wedding day its bad enough having to wear a “big ladies” dress. Can anyone help me with a doctor that does prescribe them in Melbourne. I don’t understand why these young doctors won’t prescribe them. I am obesed not just someone who only needs to lose 5kgs. 🙁

    • c

      Cranbourne does

      • Katie

        Who in Cranbourne?

    • Sahar

      Hey dear, i have one pack of Duromine 30. Unfortunatlly i cnt take it bcuz i got pregnant. If you want i can give to u.

      • jeminah

        Please give dem to me

      • Karie

        Hi. I can buy it off you?

        • Sahar

          Dear kari, plz tell me hw can i contact u

    • Sahar

      Hey dear. I got one from my gp Duromine30. I cnt tk it because i got pregnant . If u want i can give to u

      • Bessie

        Hi, anyone willing to donate some duromine for me.i live in Botswana nd weigh 160kg would be eternally grateful

        • Sara

          Hey dear i can give u mine. I got it from chemist warehouse for $130 but can give you for $100 jst bcuz i dont want to keep.

        • Adelaide

          I would love to take it off ur hands, my dr refused me a prescription. Im in Vereeniging

      • jeminah

        Can I have dem please

        • Your Name

          Hi there plz tell hw can i contact you. I live in melbourne , dandenong 3175

  • Weight Loss

    How long does it take to see the weight loss?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Everyone’s experience is different. Consult your doctor to determine if Duromine is right for you.

  • Using Duromine Just Loose 1 kg
    Diana (Verified User)

    I have been on Duromine 30mg for a month now. On top of that I’ve stopped snacking. I don’t drink. I eat smaller portions and have a salad at work every day. The only thing I haven’t been doing regularly is exercise. I have lost only ONE kilo. Why aren’t I able to lose weight even on these?

    • maxine

      You already answered your own question!:The only thing I haven’t been doing regularly is exercise. I have lost only ONE kilo. Why aren’t I able to lose weight even on these?

  •  I need to buy other packet
    angela khumalo (Verified User)

    I have been using duromines and I have lost 10kg a month so I need to buy other packet
    anyone who khows the doctor who is selling them please please help I urgently them
    I am in Johannesburg in town(joubert street)

  • Started Euromine Get BAD BO
    Aussie girl (Verified User)

    Started euro mine yesterday, don’t think I slept last night but that’s ok. The major side effect for me is I get Bad BO. I NEVER get BO, has anyone else experienced this side effect?

    • maxine

      Yes, you’re doing some detoxification as you probably aren’t eating the some Junk anymore , fantastic, your body is sweating it out through your pores, as it does!

  • using warfarin, will it be safe to use
    Angelique (Verified User)

    Hi iam using warfarin, will it be safe to use?

    • Your Name

      Ask your doctor!!!!

  •  Want to Purchase the Product
    Rebecca (Verified User)

    Hi Guys,

    I was taking 15mg duromine for 3 months, I still felt hungry on it however I did lose 4kgs. I want to lose another 6 and get back down to my pre baby weight however the Dr won’t prescribe me anymore as my BMI isn’t high enough. If anyone no longer wants the pills they started and want to sell them i’ll happily purchase them from you. 30mg or higher. Thanks in advance!

  • Can Take Duromine While BreastFeeding
    mum 20

    can I take duromine while breastfeeding?

  • What are the Side Effects of Duromine

    hi, im 18 yrs old 5 flat in height and 110lbs can i take duromine? What are the side effects? Thanks

  •  Feeling Well By Using This Product
    tea (Verified User)

    Second day on the 40mg feelin ok so far

  •  Stressed Lose on 1kg Weight
    Amanda (Verified User)

    i am so stressed,i have only lost 1kg for this week.but iam exercsing more and still on my diet which only consist of fruit,boiled veggies,yoghurt and 4 litre a day.last week i lost 8kg…
    could i be doing something wrong….

    • Cassie

      I have been taking duromine 30mg for 15days now. Week one lost 5.6kg week 2 only 200grams!!!! I have increased exercise and i am not eating half as much as I used to without the tablet so I don’t understand what I could be doing wrong? Help!!!

      • James

        Hi my name is James I weighed at 183 kg and 186cm started in duromine for 8weeks .now I’m at 160kg and keep going I started slow by I won’t eat in the Mironig but took duromine and joint repair tablets and went on treadmill and got to the point by burning 1000 cal but after the treadmill would be sweating as if I just jumped out a swimming pool Just a note after the gym in the morning i have a gluten free cerial with skim milk as a recovery ,As well made sure my calorie intake was less than what I was but inf I also cut out all meat,fish ,chicken all gluten products out but one important when u start on a diet do a detox first that helps if I need proteins I’ll eat some tofu or tempeh but going vegeterian for 3 weeks to clean your self out this does help a lot with your diet and will give u that extra boot at gym while taking duromine and now I gi to gym 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening and in total I burn 3000cal a day and going great plus do drink a lot water but when u go gym u sweat it out this I buy a hydrating liquid that u can drink to resore the liquid u lost 😉 ps I’m using the 40 mg and no alcohol or PPP soda drinks and no chocolate I know it’s hard but it can be done as well carbohydrates

  •  Hoping for best Using Duroimine
    Bash (Verified User)

    Hey dollz,I started 30mg Duromine on the 10 Nov yesterday,I am 84kg I’m hoping to be 72kg..I’m hoping for the best.Kzn

  • From where i Get this Medicine

    I am currently 173cm tall at 94kg I want too try duromine but no doctors in geelong vic will give me them can anyone tell me how too get them or where ????

  • Started duromine Today
    Mad (Verified User)

    i started duromine today but all I wanna do is sleep. whyy ??

    • Bash

      Hey dollz,I started 30mg Duromine on the 10 Nov yesterday,I am 84kg I’m hoping to be 72kg..I’m hoping for the best.Kzn

    • Bash

      Hey Mad,how r u doing now taking Duromine?have u reached your goal?Gud luck…

  • luke Hancock

    Hello guys is duromine expensive?

    • pyrie

      hi luke it is about 130 dollards us

  • How to make this work?
    Shenyia laverack (Verified User)

    Can you take 2x15mg of metermine (duromine), started this week and haven’t noticed any difference. thank you

  • katie m

    Hi I’m a 22yo Female I’m a 165cm tall and I weighed 111kg when I started duromine 40mg. Combined with mild walking and healthy eating my finishing weight after
    1month was 83kgs that’s a whopping 28kgs and after being a diet guru and trying them all this is the only thing that has ever worked … The side effects can be annoying but to me it’s worth it… With the dry mouth I just try to drink around 4-5 litres of water a day I snack on yoghurt and Musli fruits and veg and very lean small amounts of meat.

    When I have heart palpitations I just relax my breathing and focus on telling myself that I will be okay this does help. So does a hot shower.

    With sleeping I found that having ear plugs in and making the room very dark I get at least 5-6hrs sleep.
    With the pimples I went on the contreceptive pill microgynen 50. This made my face positively clear as a bell.
    I hope this helps .it is so worth it

    • jen

      Wow well done. That is so awesome how much you have lost x

  • Charmaine

    I have had a gastic bypass in 2007 and find that over the last year i now keep gaining weight. I have already gain 8 kg so far and nothing i do seems to want to take it off. Can i use Duromine after my bypass.

  • Nikki

    I’m a nurse, and for the last 8 months have been on permanent nights. im sure you can imagine the devastating effects this had on my weight.
    But Duromine has worked amazingly, i’m in my 3rd month and have dropped 15kg as of today. But i combined Duromine 40mg every 2nd day (as per the dr), with low calorie diet on my nightshifts and on my regular days eat 6 small portion ‘meals’. I forbid myself from eating 3 hrs before i go to sleep. i make myself drink 2L a day. I ALWAYS have orginal Bran for breakfast (only thing that worked to combat the constipation, without taking laxatives- BTW, some people can become dependent on laxatives). i drink green tea instead of coffee and i go to the gym 3 times a week. My PT recently started me on protien shakes as a ‘meal’ so will see how that goes as well.
    i still have trouble steering clear of the naughty stuff occasionally, mainly because my bf is a chef, and its hard to resist. also, have a serious weakness for pastries. (Drool). I’m also quiet concerned about what may happen when i come off pills.
    It’s definitly been a huge change, and really hard. but all in all, pretty satisfied!

    • ilhaameducation@gmail.com

      Hi where can I get a gp in cape who is willing to prescribe. I gained 22 kg in 6 months due to meds. Used to be normal weight without trying. Now I cannot lose weight gained by cortisone

  • MShea


    Hi, the reviews seem wonderful,im 5’5 and about 190 lbs… 🙁 … I live in Canada so doctors won’t give a duromine prescription, does anybody know how I can obtain the real pill?? Thank you!

  • EMZ

    Just curious on what I should do I am at the end of day 2 of being on metermine 30mg and have just felt tired and slightly hungry not at all what I was expecting and I am not sure if I have gotten a dud pack if that happens?? Or if I should be on a higher dosage? I am not keen on having to pay another $120 for another pack though I am rather upset that I was all excited for extra energy and not feeling like eating the world because I am a mother of 2 weighing 110kg @ 167cm tall and I am always struggling with my eating and finding energy it would be nice to know why its not working?!. :'( Thanks, Emz

  • Penny

    I’ve used this product as a ‘detox’ or ‘kick start’ once before. With the correct product research and care taken, I believe there is always a smart way of doing anything stupid. So my question is, how do I get my paws on it without a prescription? I believe this is the answer I need to boost my mothers confidence. And this may seem exaggerated to most, but this may very well save her life.

  • star

    Hi guys I used duromine but was on 15g and honestly I have had no side effects what so ever, just dry mouth which makes you want to drink water and water only. Another thing I dont even feel like eating unhealthy food. I used it for a month and i lost weight and my stomach after that had shrunk so I cannot eat alot of food even after that. 2 months later im on my second pack and im on day 1 and again feels good. I have kept the weight off just want to reach my goal weight of 52kg. I say its not the same for all people in terms of side effects, all but its not a drug you should use all year do it once or twice and work to keep that weight off. im currentlu a 58kg. yay!!!!!! happy living

    • Ilhaam

      You sound tiny already. Which gp did u see. My gp wdnt prescribe even though I gained 22 kg from meds. It’s been over a year and I only lose a kg or 2 and then gain it. My knees cannot handle extra weight while exercising

  • Maggie Taouk

    You will but it will give your health problems just do it naturally

  • chriszelda

    I am now on my 2nd course, after the 12 week break , when i started,i was 158kg!!!!!!!!!… now, 126 ;)…. dry mouth yes, occasional dizziness … yes… i combined my duromine, with a low carb eating plan, loads of water… and mild walks. It gave me loads of energy… worked for me

    • Ka

      Where did you purshase it?

  • nombasa

    Can I use duromine if I have depression?

    • Taylor

      No, I strongly advise you don’t take duramine if you suffer from depression.
      Duramine acts on your dopamine and seratonin receptors in your brain, receptors which are also responsible for causing depression. Although the first week of duramine you will feel great due to the release of both but after than and for a while after discontinuation you will most likely be severe affected. If you are allready prone to depressive symptoms I advise against it, it won’t be enjoyable.

      • Feona

        Hi Hanlie, read your note here, if you need to speak with someone your welcome to email i am training in Guidence Couselling, sometimes we all just need someone to talk to to listen, i wont judge you, know you are always welcome to talk,take care Fee

  • jessie nkohla

    I’m feel bad scard sick it the first day today

  • cherie

    Hi. Hoping this thread is still active. Ive been taking Duromine for a month now. Good diet and exercise also. Ive lost close to 7 kgs in that time. Just wanting to know how people have gone keeping the weight off after the three months of use? Does anyone have tips for training your brain whilst using it so you dont go back to old habits after use. Thank you.

  • i had like terible pain
    cereline cloete (Verified User)

    Hi..im 36jrs and using duromine now for only 2
    weeks and has drop from 118 to 115kg..because i had like terible pain in both my knees,and it help..but my side effects I think is exstreme dizziness and constipation and will offcourse recommend it to the needy

  • I would definitely encourage people
    Jess (Verified User)

    I’m 25, 170cm and 105kgs. This is the second time I’ve used Duromine and I have to say my experience, both times, has been excellent. I must be really lucky as I only experience dry mouth for the first couple of days and bad breath. I also experience a degree of constipation after taking it for a few weeks but I take a gentle laxative to keep on top of this. From my experience I would definitely encourage people to try Duromine.

  •  Highly recommended product
    Brittany (Verified User)

    Just want to leave a review on my experience with duromine!
    Before starting duromine I was told my blood pressure was on the high side. At first I wasn’t allowed to go on it for this reason. So, I went to another doctor and they put me on the lowest dose (15). I find a lot of people find it hard to find a doctor who will give it to you. After the first month I lost 7 kg and my blood pressure went down. I went on another month of the 15 and had lost even more weight and my blood pressure had improved so much, all because of losing weight. The doctor has put me up to the 30mg now because my blood pressure was doing very well. All up so far I have lost 16 kg and down to 69 kg. I can’t stress enough though with this drug its in no way shape or form a miracle drug. You will still lose weight by doing not much exercise and eating badly, but the thing is if you continue this habit you’ll just put all the weight back on when you’re off duromine! I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and eat fairly healthy most the time. Duromine has taught me about portion control and not to eat when I’m bored. Since my dose has been up’d I have noticed I do get quite irritable and a bit down sometimes, but that’s it. My sleeping is fine and my blood pressure is obviously fine. I highly reccomend it even if it’s only for a month as it teaches you and motivates you.

  • Duromine for the past 3 weeks.

    Hi….Help needed asap…. Iv been on Duromine for the past 3 weeks. All it does is to give me headache,insomnia n consintipation which i can bear but what it is suppose to be doing ” suppressing my appetite” t doesn…. Instead it seems like iv got mo appetite than usual…. I go to gym daily n i drink loooooooads of water… How m i to loose weight??? Is it a normal thing??? How long will it take for t to work??? M even thinking of stop using t…. Yo help will b appreciate… Ps Fat 1…:(

    • Maggie Taouk

      Hi there I took duromine last week I lost 12 kilos in 2 weeks It gave me heart palpitations and fainted and gave me sever depresstion know I have to live Witt it for the rest of my life

    • Ndazo

      On the pill for a week no change, p

  • I have no medical condition

    A friend of mine recomended I use Duromine as my BMI is 28 and I’m only 27yrs old, I have no medical condition or any history of surgery. Should I try it? Does medical aid pay for it?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Only your Doctor can truly advise you on whether duromine is right for you.

  • HIV person

    Is duromine good for HIV person?

    • Your Name

      It’s not a good drug with all it’s possible side effects for anybody.,however nor is obesity. If it has been prescribed by a doctor who is aware of your history, and depending on possible interactions with any of your other medications, if your HIV is controlled I would say you could try it. However, you may require closer monitoring of BP, heart rate and bloods.

  • my body cannot handle it
    Nozi (Verified User)

    I’ve been on Duromine 4 just 4 days, but my body cannot handle it. I’ve been in bed for the past 4days after stopping. I still can’t sleep, and my resting heart rate is 120/60. Good luck if you want to try it, I’m R300 is going straight to the bin.

    • Your Name

      Meant my R300 is going straight to the bin.

    • Your Name

      Sell it to me nozi

  • it take to work

    I just started taking Duramine today, how long does it take to work

    • Your Name

      Do yourself a favour and don’t even weigh yourself for 2 weeks to avoid disappointment. As the old saying goes “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen”. U must incorporate a healthy balanced diet and not just starve yourself though, or when you cease the medication your metabolism will be slower and you will regain the weight quickly. Regular effective exercise is also necessary to enhance metabolism and weight loss. Remember, healthy habits should last a lifetime.

  • duromine and had a urine test
    Sharona little (Verified User)

    I’m on duromine and had a urine test and it come up positive for meth and anfetamines , is this because of the duromine ? Does duromine come up positive for meth and anfetamines in urine testing ???

    • cheeky04

      its a pharmaceutical speed they test truck drivers for it

  • excelkrbt results over 10years ago.

    Struggling to find a gp in melbourne who will perscribe. Im obese and haved used before with excelkrbt results over 10years ago. Would love to buy unwanted scriots of 15 or 30mg, or help with a doctor in melbourne. Thanks

    • Pete

      Box hill gp clinic I went in there and said I need to lose weight they gave me 40mg straight up

      • Shae

        I’m also having trouble finding a GP in Melbourne who will prescibe. I noticed that you mentioned a GP in Boxhill. Just wondering if u are able to let me know the name of the clinic or the Dr’s name. I have previously used them before, but that was probably over 10 years or so. Desperate for any help or if anyone has any left over or any scripts that I could maybe buy from someone. I’ve been excercising everyday & trying to eat healthy every day, but not getting anywhere. This is why I want to use duromine to just get me started, it really helped me last time & hoping to be able to get a script again to help me this time. Thanks Shae.

    • pyrie

      give me your emsil address i can give u mine no longer need it got my weight off

  • I've just started using duromine 30mg
    anonymous (Verified User)

    Hi I’m HiV positive and I’m on ARV treatment ND obese I’ve just started using duromine 30mg I want to know whether in at risk

  • Duromine 30mg for a month

    I’ve been on Duromine 30mg for a month and a half and have only lost 1 kg its definately not worth the high price

    • cheeky04

      if you can handle the side effects its worth it with good diet and exercise I lost 50 kgs and kept it off

      • Bash

        Hey Cheeky04,congratulation on your weight lose and I feel motivated as I started Duromine 30mg 10 Nov 2014 yesterday and I hoping to shed 12kgs..Bash

  • Duromine
    Ingrid (Verified User)

    After 7 weeks of using Duromine I lost 10kg. On my 8th week I started getting bad back pain. Then pain in my kidneys, stomach and even chest pains. I stop taking Duromine 5 days ago but are still suffering from pains. Going for a IRM scan tomorrow.

  • Personally I enjoy the feeling.

    Im taking it. I find my energy levels have increased incredibly along with my thoughts and actions I seem to be in rush mode all the time. Do take it early in the day otherwise you’ll still be wired at 11pm at night. I feel fantastic on it. Like Im on an adrenalin high. Personally I enjoy the feeling. Good luck.

  • carmel

    I’m 22 years old, and i have a wedding in 3 months, Im already on the duromine for the past 5 days and so far I’ve already lost 4 Kilos?! wow im so impressed! I was also working out an hour a day just light cardio, and I’ve been eating very healthy! only 10 more kilos and I’ll be at my goal weight, hope ill loose it before the wedding

    • samantha

      wow thts wesome im on my second day please advise me on what u did?eating plan?

  • no side effects
    Jenny (Verified User)

    I started taking Duromine 30mg 7 days ago. Have had absolutely no side effects and can still go to bed early. I feel good and have lost my appetite. I went to the gym 5 days (half hour each time) last week and intend to keep that up. Too scared to weigh myself in case I haven’t lost any weight!!! Am mother of the bride in November and need to lose at least 10 kg before then!

  • I use duromine
    cHARMAINE (Verified User)

    I am on warfarin prone to bloodclots can I use duromine. I actually started using duromine but early this morning at 2;30 I had heart palpitations and could not get back to sleep, is this ‘normal”?

    • nelly

      Available in south?

    • Nikreelfish

      I too am on warfarin, my doctor has just put me on these pills, I normally get my inr done every 6weeks but the doctor has requested I do my inr in 2weeks just to make sure there is no issuse with my inr levels, one of the side affects are heart palpitations, my doctor informed me that I could not take them if I was depressed or suffer Anxiety, if you have any Concerns go back and see your doctor, put your mind at ease and help keep you relaxed, cheers Nikreelfish

  • due to money problems I
    Shamenthal (Verified User)

    Hi I’ve been using duromine for 2 months and lost 10kg due to money problems I can’t afford to buy it this month can I skip it for a month and use it again the next monht?

    • Your Name

      How long did it take to suppress ur appetite, I just started taking it today

    • cheeky04

      if you have private health it covers most of it

  • side effects
    lisa.loftus@dotsteel.co.za (Verified User)

    I am using it and have had a fantastic weight loss. Almost 4 weeks on it and have lost 5 kgs! I was prescribed it by a GP after struggling to lose weight after my baby and also being an emotional eater. It was helped curb my appetite and desire to eat tremendously as I would eat even when not hungry! But the GP never went through the side effects with me, please could you tell me what they are…..I haven’t experienced any strange effects from this pill.

    • Andrea

      Hi. I’ve just started taking it. This is my second week and I’ve lost 3.5kg so far. 17 to go. I had side effects. First day I was wired, drunk 3ltrs of water with ease. Couldn’t sleep that night too. Over the next three days my body got use to it. I’m sleeping and water intake is about 1 1/2 to 2lts a day. Have more energy to get moving. Good luck with it

  • drug test

    wot will it come up as drug test

    • Nikreelfish

      It will test as a False positive for Methamphetamines

  •  The only way that maintained my weight
    CHA (Verified User)

    Hi there 🙂
    I took duromine about 3 years back. I went to the clinic/pharmacy for the prescription TWICE.
    *Each prescription: 30capsules/month.
    I stopped at my 2nd month aft bout 15-20capsules. I wasn’t sure what dosage I was prescribed but it’s either 15mg or 30mg! Your doctor should tell you “Duromine 15mg , Duromine 30mg or Duromine 40mg” which dosage is correct/suitable for you.

    |||| My personal experience ||||

    1) Before and After(1st/2nd mth)
    Before, I weighed 67KG and standing at163cm tall .

    – AFTER 1ST month :
    Weight : 63KG/64KG
    Loss 3/4KG
    * 30capsules @ SGD72 ++

    – AFTER 2ND month (stopped halfway) :
    Weight : 61KG
    Loss 2/3KG
    * 30capsules SGD80 ++

    Shed a total of 6kg within about 1mnth and a half.

    My doctor did recommend that duromine to be taken as an accompaniment to a healthy diet and regular exercise. But i didn’t heed his advice.
    During the process I honestly didn’t do anything tht might help my weight loss. TOTALLY explains why my results wasn’t as great as the ones I saw or heard about.
    At that point my lifestyle was rlly extremely unhealthy.
    I don’t sleep much at night, went drinking on a regular basis, junk food was all I eat, esp instant noodle, basically all the unhealthy stuff you and I can think of D:

    side effects that I felt includes :
    . Difficulty in falling asleep some nights
    . Difficulty in breathing
    . Light headedness
    . Weakness
    . Headache
    . Dryness of the mouth
    . Rapid heartbeat
    ( AND, idk issit just me or what but I realised my boobs became smaller ever since I started !!!! )
    AND I also I feel tht your weight bounce back even faster if you don’t maintain it. The effect doesn’t lasts.

    Hardwork! Determination! Self Disipline!

    I’m still as lazy and don’t exercise often, BUT,

    . I brisk walk for 40mins on a regular basis
    . Stopped drinking and smoking
    . No instant noodles, fast food, junk food
    . More PLAIN water, less sweet drinks
    . Regular sleeping patterns

    Aft trying diff methods to loss weight, this is the only one time I actually succeeded and maintained my weight for this long.
    It’s been 1yr nearly 2 yrs and my weight maintains within 52KG-54KG.

  • Duromines

    Is losing your ass one of Duromines side effects?

  • Duromine

    Im taking Duromine and Im experiening severe lower back pains. Do i Stop or should i continue and take a pain killer for the pain? Please help

    • Natasha

      I have started taking Duromine 4 days ago and my lower back is also killing my, I can barely walk, will this go away?

      • Maxine

        Please people why can you not do a self diagnosis?? Back pain and Metermine>? Come on now, its constipation.

  • I feel a lump

    I have been on duromine for 6 days I weighed 76 before I started now I weigh 73 ,I stopped taking it because it cnt go through my throat,I feel a lump on my throat which just cnt go,is it possible if I can open the capsule and drink the powder?

  • Timnz

    I’ve been taking duromine for around 7 weeks started at 135kgs and now 126kgs, in the first month I lost 7kgs, combined with a weight and cardio workout at the gym along with a healtheries shake to replace breakfast or dinner. Side effects I have are diarrhea, constipation and sleeplessness. I want to take duromine so I can reach 100kg then I’m off it. Plenty of water too. I’m also taking champix(NZ) tablets to help stop smoking and they haven’t had any bad side effects along with the duromine. I think at the end of the day it has helped me start the lifestyle changes that were necessary. I’m a male aged 33.

  • Sophia

    If you have purchased this product & don’t I’d be happy to purchase it from you. I’m in Melbourne

  • botsme

    i have been taking slimming green tea,and i just started duromine 30mg today. can i continue with the green tea?

  • Prescribe

    I’m in south africa where can I get it I’m tired of being fat and the dr won’t prescribe it fr me so where in south africa can I buy it

    • Liz

      where in SA are you ?

      • Jemlady

        Am living in Bloemfontein, universitas. Am interested in buying it

  • I am tired of being big, can I use Duromine?

    Hey, am 25 woman, I weigh 125 kg, I heard about duronine, can I use it. I am tired of being big

  •  I am on Metermine 30 and I find it very good.
    Daf (Verified User)

    I am on Metermine 30 and I find it very good, no side affects. No hunger pains, full of energy. Last night had good sleep only woke for short time at 2 am.

  • Is Metermine 30 the same as Duromine 30?

    Is Metermine 30 the same as Duromine 30. My Doctor prescribed Duromine 30 and Chemist gave me Metermine 30. He said it’s the same. Has anyone used it and what results did you get. Thanks Kindly Daf

  • Is METERMINE 30 the same as DUROMINE30?

    Is METERMINE 30 the same as DUROMINE30. Does it have the same benefits. Thank you kindly, Daf

    • EMZ

      I have had the same thing happen I am just winding down from day 2 and honestly
      I have felt bad just tired n weird hunger like twice a day I am worried I have just spent 120 on a dud pack I dont want to have to pay that again not sure what to do. 🙁

  • I havent lost a single kilo in these 4 weeks. What could be the cause of this?
    Sbahle (Verified User)

    Hi everyone. I started using duromine 4 weeks ago. No side effects except for a dry mouth. My appetite is suppressed. I eat healthy, no carbs, no fat, 5 small portions a day. I exercise 45 minutes a day. im on 30 mg, suprising enough I havent lost a single kilo in these 4 weeks. What could be the cause of this? how do you people do it.

  • It is normal to have inward breathing problems and blurred vision and a burning feeling on the back of your tongue.

    It is normal to have inward breathing problems and blurred vision and a burning feeling on the back of your tongue

    • Deb

      Sounds like an allergic reaction!

  •  Its not worth it. Nearly ruined my life.
    Duromine ruined me (Verified User)

    If your using rec drugs like marijuana or have depression or are prone to depression do not take this drug!! Although it did help surpress my appetite at the time and kick start my weight loss after a baby, i got all the minor side effects and am now experiencing long term side effects which include depression and anxiety. I was also moody and out of my head when i did take it and took that out on my partner to the point where i left him for reasons at the time i thought where valid but i now realise that the duromine altered my mood and perception has now ruined my relationship with others and has nearly ruined my life. I was alot happier before taking it even if i has a little extra weight on me… Its not worth it… The side effects can haunt you for years

    • I miss my life

      You just told my story, yeah i lost some weight but at what cost? I lost the love of my life due to altered perceptions and mood swings all because i wanted to lose a few kilos. I am now heart broken and depressed and just want my life back, i was so much happier before i used the evil drug!

  • I will gain the weight again if I stop taking it?

    i want to take duromine, but i am scared if i leave it will i pick up the weight again, please advice

    • Tem Watson

      I’ve been taking duromine for 2months&has done wonder’s to me I walk about 7ks everyday you got to try it very expensive we’ll worth it I was 138kgs & now im 124kgs give it a try.

      • Your Name

        I am going to finish my first month on the 26 this month on duromine and I have lost 9.5 already

  •  so far so good aside from the dry mouth and occasional light headed feeling.
    Chelz (Verified User)

    I am currently on my second day taking metermine (same as duramine). After I had the first dose yesterday my appetite decreased almost instantly I couldn’t even finish my breakfast after a hour or so I had to run to the toilet, but I figured it’s the duramine flushing out all the bad foods and such, throuought the day I had constant! Hot flushes, I couldn’t seem to get cool, and every now and then feeling light headed and constant dry mouth, other than that I was fine, I went to bed at my usual time around 10pm but woke up at 2:30am the next morning and could not get back to sleep. I have taken my second one today at 6am and so far so good aside from the dry mouth and occasional light headed feeling. I am currently 70kg at around 170cm, some say I am not over weight but looking at BMI and such, I am classified as slightly overweight. My sister is morbidly obese and this runs in the family so I hope to stop my weight gain ASAP, my friend has started taking duramine also and has lost 9kgs in a week, fingers crossed I get similar results.
    And good luck to everyone

    • Daf

      I am also on my second day of taking Melermine30, yesterday day I had headache, and dry mouth, sleep was interrupted but felt good . Appetite was low, didn’t feel hungry , had soups and fish n salad for tea. I’m not sure if headache was due to no coffee, only had green tea. Had half cup coffee at 8 am today and no headache , only dry mouth, which makes me drink plenty water and that’s good for weight loss. Can’t wait to see how much weight I loose. I’m 62 kls and want to get to 55kls. I feel good in my self.

    • Your Name

      Your Doctor should be de-registered for prescribing this to you. At that wt and ht you are clearly not overweight and you certainly do not meet the criteria for administering this drug. Come on, you know you are not fat.

  •  hopefully we would have lost 10 kg.
    Lisa Meiring (Verified User)

    Tell I have been on Duromine for 7 days today and I have lost 5kg. My hubby lost 4 kg. The side effect that we have experience are Insomnia, a dry mouth and myself some mild headaches. I must say my energy levels are not quite up there but hey we will be done in 14 days and hopefully we would have lost 10 kg.

  •  I'm loving it
    Nobantu (Verified User)

    hi guyz #viva Duromine I’m loving it

  • if anyone is stopping there duromine 30g, i'll be happy to buy it off you?

    if anyone is stopping there duromine 30g, i’ll be happy to buy it off you

    • Pauline

      Where can we get duromine without a script?

      • Your Name

        On line you buy it for about $50

        • kerrie

          you say you can buy duromine on line,can you give me the name of the sight where I can purchase it. willing to pay good $$$ for the 40mg, cheers

      • thembelihle mthembu

        hello Pauline im a 18 year old whos put on a few kilos and is very mad. I had to go to the docter and he gave me duromine bt I only had 2 of the pills I would like to sell them to you because I jus want to stop taking them thank you

        • tony

          hey buddy, id love to buy them off you pls, if you still have them.

  • Need to know how to buy this

    Hi there, I’m Hildy from China,one of my friends wants to buy duromine, pls tell me how much, how to buy and reply me by E-mail. thank you so much and look forward to hear from you.

  • How much of duromine and where are buy it?

    how much fo duromine and where are buy it?

    • vuyo

      Its roughly R220 available at clicks pharmacy with a prescription from a Dr

      • Daf

        I bought Metrrmine 30 for $120 for 30 capsules at chemist. Must have a script from your Doctor.

      • Lizzy

        No duromine costs more than R220, it’s about R400 to R500

  • 130
    Your Name


  •  Headaches and terrible mood swings and depression! Not worth it.
    Ursula Bennett (Verified User)

    Headaches and terrible mood swings and depression! Not worth it, rather try exercise and healthy eating! A drug that makes you feel like this really cant be good for you!!!Its a pity as it does take away ones appetite and I lost 2 kgs in 1 week, I have been taking 30mg for 2 weeks! Any comments??

    • eddie

      Females dont go well on the product in general. They are either sick or off their faces, I cant even feel the effects of the 30 mg pill on my second perscription.

    • Daf

      I only got dry mouth, plenty energy,no mood swing, no depression, headache first day( maybe due to no coffee ) I find it very good. Good luck.

    • tammy

      drop the dosage down to 15mg

  •  Works but needs exercise
    romeo (Verified User)

    I have used duromine for 8 days and I nearly lost 11 kgs.. without any side effects.. I used to eat very less but quality food..and the main thing is to workout after having a tablet otherwise won’t work….it’s a magic pill..

  • If anyone no longer wants their 30mg or 40mg duromine let me know for purcha$e - I'm in Melbourne.
    Anyone want to sell theirs?

    If anyone no longer wants their 30mg or 40mg duromine let me know for purcha$e – I’m in Melbourne.

  • Very minimal change in weight. Maybe I need the 40mg?
    Nathan (Verified User)

    Im 30 male big and tall, have been using Duromine 30mg for 25 days, while riding 20kms a day 5 days a week on an exercise bike, with minimal results. The first 1.5 weeks no sideeffects at all and no change. After that my appetite did decrease but that only lasted a few days. Now my appetite is back and still a very minimal change in weight. Maybe I need the 40mg?

    • Nikreelfish

      Have you changed your eating habits ?

  • What can I do ive got pain in my chest and left arm. Should I stop using it or not?
    Janine (Verified User)

    Ive been using duromine for a week now but ive got pain in my chest and left arm. What can this be for me should I stop using it or not???

    • Carla

      you should see your doctor immediately with your symptoms. It can cause heart problems

  •  I found when I ate unhealthy, it made me unwell. Great product.
    Teisha (Verified User)

    I am on my last day of the first week on 15mg. I start the 30mg tomorrow. I have already lost 3.1kg and 4cm, and haven’t entorely been starving myself ( I will usually have 2 pieces of gran toast in the morning, a tea and banana and maybe 2 rice crackers during the day and maybe eggs + toast for dinner if I am hungry). I found when I ate unhealthy ( had some pizza over the weekend) it made me unwell. Good luck to everyone!

    • Your Name


      I start my duromine last week monday but i dont see any changes and i havent seen any side effect.Its because im in hurry or ??

    • Alisa

      You drinks I strong drugs , which is not good for your body and eat pizza and toast ?
      It is really crazy!

  •  If you are on Duromine try and cut back on other chemical drinks and foods.
    Yvonne (Verified User)

    If you continue to get head aches after the first week it could be attributed to dehydration…..drink water and add pure coconut water which is the best isotonic drink out there and very little calories in it. Goggle it, it’s amazing.
    Or buy Hydrolite an istonic drink from the Chemist.
    Sports drinks are full of seedy chemicals and could make things worse for you if you are feeling low and tired so best advise is while your on Duromine try and cut back on other chemical drinks and foods that may add to any discomfort your having. I wouldn’t drink alcohol either.

  •  It does not work but I can't stop taking it.
    Fatts (Verified User)

    Hi I’ve been on and off duromine for the pass 8 years I would take the 40 only once in the morning but it stopped working a long time ago now I just take it for the energy but that doesn’t really work for me either but I can’t stop I think I am addicted I feel lazy weak and tired if I don’t have one I do t know what to do anymore please help!!

    • Eddie

      Your body has built up a resistance. You need to stop taking this product consult a doctor before you get heart problems

  •  It did work for me with having terrible headache.
    lungile frmvhd in kzn (Verified User)

    I’ve been tkng duromine in past 2weeks I experaince a terreble hadechae.I decided to quite on on it bt de result were so good bcze all ma clths were smll I’m so happy da main prob nw iz da hadachea n insomia bcoze I lke to sleep I’m back on it nw I started it on da 17 of september of which ws on monday it dd work for me a lot cz I hve a spine oparation so I hve to maintaine da waite wth ds to side effect I’m resisting I spoke to ma mind cz everythng cmz frm it once u tl it it do as u thnk so keep goin duromine uses u knw we a laids we hve to look trem n beutuful gud luk gys u knw u suffer 4 beuty mcwa to u all tk c eat healthyn exercise plze lve yah it dd wrk for me I’m hppy

    • Thabi

      Sis Lungi, please write full sentences. It’s difficult to follow that style of writing…..all the best with yor lifestyle change

  • Could you take Duromine just through the working week and not on weekends?

    Could you take Duromine just through the working week and not on weekends or
    if after taking Duromine for two weeks could you stop taking it for 3 0r 4 days because you were going away.

    • Paz

      My doctor told me to only take it 5 days a week so i guess the answer is yes.

  •  It works but with side effects.
    Sally (Verified User)

    To all duromine users, all the best in yr weight loss programe with duromine. I have been a regular duromine user many years back and believe me it did has its pros and cons if not taken properly that is if after taking it definitely it will make you lose appetite and lose weight but then side effects like headaches or even to the extend of being depressed could affect yr overall health though losing a couple of kgs are just not big deal. Recently, I learn to eat healthily that is to include blending fruit and vegetable and oats juice in the morning plus simple yoga (sun salutation yoga) 11 steps in the morning and night and intending to take the duromine together with exercise(yoga) and healthy fruit/vege/oats drink every morning. Experience told me that it could help with all the side effects and at the same time help me with controlling and changing my lifestyle for the better.. well why don’t all of us try this together???

    • wally

      duromine has be very good for me. After taking duromine for last month with better eating habits and lot of walk.

  • Is leg cramps & pain in two long muscles from the duromine?
    merle selley (Verified User)

    i have had excellent results from duromine, except my second cause i suffered extreme leg cramps. thought i was going to be crippled. on calf outer muscle, between two long muscles, extreme pain, is this from the duromine. can it be prevented by taking any supplements to prevent cramping. it has been my best weight loss ever.
    or am i just not compatible with the product. i am healthy but 70years old.

  • Where can I buy Duromine?

    Where can I buy Duromine?

  •  It works with side effects.
    lungi (Verified User)

    I’ve used duromine for 1 month and I did lose weight but I was afraid of taking them after that because of the headache, dry mouth and dizziness I experienced. But I was able to control the way I eat and I’m still mantaining the weight.

    • Silindile

      Lungi today is my second day but i think i dont feel anythig am not sure if they working on me lol but ya will continue, how many kg’s did you loose

      • Mumtaz

        Whats the price of this product

        • Nikreelfish

          $130-135 aus dollars

    • Sam

      Obviously everyone has different experiences with this drug… I have been 2 months off it after taking it for 90 days overall I lost 25kg which put me at 68kg, over the last two months I have gained my appetite back but am still eating healthy and excersising regularly I have fluctuated between 65 – 70 kg and am hapoy with the results… only side effects I experienced were lack off sleep if I didn’t excersise that particular day, first few days I remember hot and cold flushes but that is all.
      I know people have had bad experiences with Duromine but not all are bad. If you are ready to change your lifestyle then its a great kickstart! But if you want to take it just to lose a few kg then go back to sam habbits I can assure you that you will definitely put the weight back on plus some! So be careful

  • I'm on duromine 40, is this going to come up on my test?

    Hi im having a random drug test at work and im on duromine 40 , is this going to come up on my test

    • Your Name

      YesStay off it! Not good for long term use! I also took it for a year or so , mainly for energy, but it makes me moody, agitated and a million other things! I am now taking zyban for energy and to stop smoking! Fewer side effects than dura mine , day 4 today and really happy with it! Also for wight loss and depression!

    • joanie

      Yes lol

  • Is it good to be on other medications whiles on duromine cos am treating uti?
    blinks (Verified User)

    have been on duromine 30mg for the past 8 days.experienced alot of side effects from day 1 to 3.i hardly feel its not working now on me cos i got no side effects the other days.is it good to be on other medications whiles on duromine cos am treating uti.

  •  No result, its my 3rd day.
    Hayley (Verified User)

    I just started duromine 30mg and I don’t feel all that different except for me not being hungry though I still eat small snacks through out the day.. I started on Monday 1st July 2013 today is Wednesday the 3rd.. I’ve been taking the pill at 5am every morning then going for a 30min walk/run with my boyfriend when we get home we juice celery carrots apples orange kiwi fruit and ginger then I don’t eat till about 9 ish I drink heaps of water and pee often.. We go to bed around 8-8.30… So because I don’t feel at all that different should I ask my doctor for the 40mg?? Obviously for now though ill just finish these ones off and see if I see any difference. it is only my 3rd day haha.

    • Casey

      Hi hayley I started the same strength as you on Monday also, I haven’t felt hungry either im getting headaches around the times I’d normally eat my main meals so I’ve just made sure I eat breaky lunch dinner (before taking the tablets of get a headache if I hadn’t eaten anything) if you don’t mind me asking have you lost much weight? I weighed myself & its saying ice only lost 600grams!! Which surely can’t be right as I have cut my portion sizes down to half and only having healthy meals!!

      • Asi

        Hi Casey. Tell me, is it possible 2 sart with 30mg for a month then due 2 slow process then decide 2 go for 40mg?

      • Esme

        Hi there – today is my 9th day and the only side effect I have is dry mouth. No sleeplessness etc And I haven’t lost one gram 🙁 should I stop taking it is it possible that it only works for certain people?

  • Need to know all the ingredients

    what are all the ingredients in Duromine. I need to know if it is halal

  • It was better earlier.
    Lisa (Verified User)

    The way the manufacturers have changed duromine is pathetic.
    I take duromine in the afternoon and sleep in the afternoon. It doesn’t wake me up in the morning anymore either. It used to be better about two years ago. Duromine has changed for the worst and is not even worth the money anymore. I have had duromine for another course of six months and I have put on 20 kilograms. Very Poor to whoever has changed this pill.
    Regards Lisa

    • zola

      I havee been using duromine for 9days and lost 2.7. Kg but now I hardly go to the toilet. I drink a lot of water but I can’t pee. My blader feels heavy but nuthing is cuming out

      • Your Name

        I have the same symptoms. I’m on 40mg. Drink 2lts a day with ease… Maybe more and don’t pee. Very odd. I’m also constipated which I never had an issue before the tablets. This is my second week. Not sure if it’s healthy so I’m going back to my gp

    • Jane

      Lisa, I totally agree with you! I have used duromine twice before now. The first time I didnt change a thing about my diet nor exercised & I lost 16kg. (2008) experienced most side affects. The second time I ate healthy, exercised & I lost 29kg. (2010/2011) experienced minimal side affects. This time I’ve lost 7kg in the time it took me to loose 29kg & I’ve experienced some side affects too. It definitely is not the same as before. I have also been using ‘duromine’ & not the generic ‘metamine’ as my pharmacy doesn’t stock it, but I used it last time.
      And lastly my weight gain isn’t all due to stopping the medication, as I fell pregnant each time I got to my goal weight.

      • Your Name

        hello jane,
        durromine works by changing the rate of your Metabolism along with many other things. but each time we have a baby our Metabolism can change, changing the effectiveness of duromine causing a difference in our results. i am not sure if there has been a change in the ingredients of duromine but you could ask a pharmacist as they would know.
        i have been told from my GP that duromine doesnt work for everyone, and the results may also be different for each person as we all react diffrent to medication as the chemicals can alter the effects as well. there is also the fact that as you have take duromine a few different times is it possible that your body has built a tolerance to it, regardless to the fact that you have stopped in between.

    • Your Name

      Totally agree Lisa

    • Your Name

      Duromine is not intended to wake you up or keep you awake! these are merely side effects, if you are taking it to get this kick you are abusing the drug and a six month course? what country are you in? here in Australia its only legal to be prescribed a 3 month course max due to its addictveness

  •  Loved the product.
    Chris (Verified User)

    G’day all, It seems theirs a lot of mixed reviews on here.
    Im a male and a chef(not easy to maintain weight). I’ve been overweight for years, I took a promotion at work 3yrs ago as the global chef for the hotel company I work for, I found myself travelling 75% of the year, eating out and tasting food everywhere I went, this took a serious toll on my weight. I’d never heard of duromine until an appointment with the dr regarding an annual staff medical who mentioned I’d benefit from losing weight by taking duromine. He explained the pros and cons and I thought I really had nothing to lose in giving it a try. I filled the prescription of 40mg and took them every second day as advised. In setting out on this new pill I decided to exercise and eat as healthy as I could at the same time so I decided to take the 28 day vegan diet on as well. In the first week I felt amazing, I’d dropped 7kgs and had an abundance of energy. I decided wherever possible I wouldn’t drive, eg: I began walking to the shopping centre to do grocerys, but only taking a backpack so I couldn’t fit to much in. I began at 118kgs and it’s been 3months and I currently way 80kgs. I’ve had zero side effects, I’ve changed the way I lifestyle and no matter where in the world I am I’ve been persistent in doing atleast 1hr of exercise per day whether it be a power walk or hitting the treadmill, my next goal is to tone my stomach to tighten the excess bulge. The physical and mental change on my body is amazing, I’ve never looked or felt better, to lose 38kgs in 3months has been through absolute persistence, healthy eating and daily exercise. I continue to stick to my new lifestyle and wish everyone the best of luck at your weight loss.

    • nicolette

      Hi glad 2 hear bout ur succees story I’m on day 7 wid duromine and have lost 2kgs,yes a loss,I dnt realy watch wat I eat bt hav stopd carbs since I startd,wen I eat my meal I cnt finish it nd a small meal satisfies,I hav insomnia nd a bit of knee pain,bt oda dan dat I’m good,hope 2 lose 37.5kgs dats a lot hey I’m nw 135,5kgs,startn 137,5kg,al da best 2 al duromine users nikki

    • Jess

      Wow, well done Chris, especially with your profession! Double the challenge 🙂

      I have been on duromine before (took it for 2 weeks) and was a great kick start. I would like to try again but my GP has retired and I’m told most GPs won’t prescribe it 🙁

      Good luck on your journey and if you are ever in Melbourne, can you make me cake? Lol


    • Mpho

      Chris , im so insipired by your success story…i’ve started gym and eating healthy for 2 months now but im only loosing 1kg a week and if i cheat just once i gain it back in a day … im startting on duromines 30gm on monday and will do everything you di and pray it works for me. i need to loose 20kg….

    • Roxie

      Hi, congrats to u..I have so many mixed emotions on Duromine, I really want to try it out, but at the same time I am scared bcuz of all the stories I just read above..so I really have to think about this..but is it true its just in Australia..I live in NewYork…would I be able to get it? But again goodluck and ur results was amazing..TakeCare of urself..and keep up the great work!!

    • Mathabatha-ZA

      Way to go Chris, thats the thing, people expect miracles from duromine. You cant expect to loose weigt by just taking it, it basically suppesses your appetite and doesnt mean you dont have to eat- have your healthy breakfast, lunch, snack (of course the portion will be small cos of Duromine you cant eat much BUT you must eat), excercise 3-4 times weekly for 30-mins to 1hr, drink a lot of water 1,5L to 2L a day, tell me if this does not work- of course we are different people where side effects are conecrned we dont react the same to medication, some will have side effects, some wont, i am on day 15- on 40mg (sunday to friday- i just skip saterday and i have lost 5kgs, only dry mouth is a downside but it helps me to drink water more often……if you experience insomnia, try taking it at 6am or earlier.

  • Can take on every seven day?
    Bron (Verified User)

    Can anyone tell me if duromine works if you only take it every second day?

    • Chris

      Indeed it does, I took 49mg every second day for 8weeks and lost an incredible amount of weight mixing it in with exercise and health eating. Good luck.

  •  Facing side effects.
    vanessa (Verified User)

    I am on the 30mls of duromine I just started 2 days ago and the side affects are allready starting .. yesterday heart rate was up, bad migrane, vomitted, hot cold flashes
    . I slept ok on it.. today i feel like my hearts beating 100miles and hour.. I called the chemist and she said thats all normal but maybe go down to 15gs if the side affects continue for a few more days… I can say im not very hungry and i feel full all the time so im going to stick it out

    • cessnalee

      my sister took it and she said to eat a half a banana in the morning before taking it. That seemed to help her side effects disappear.

  • Going to start the product.

    hi Guys,my weight is 73 and would really like to try this out hoping to reach my goal with some gym..but all this comments freaks me out hey..got them today and was advised to take them very early in the morning. will revert back to you the soonest.Good luck to you all.

    • kay

      I am 76kg and I got prescribed them today for my wedding coming up. How we your experience ? Freaks me out a little too

  • Who can prescribe in Melbourne area?
    Katie q

    I am in the melbourne area and can’t find a g.p to prescribe duromine. Does anyone know of someone?

    • Rachyj

      Hi Katie, I am in Melb & am having the same trouble finding someone, but it does depend on how much weight you need to loose. Most doctors will proscribe it to you, if you are considered over weight. I’m in the Eastern Suburbs & I’m going to try a doc this Saturday. Ill let you know how I go 😀

      • tanya

        hi there, I am in the same boat but I am in sydney…been trying to get a prescription but no luck ): how did you go?

        • Sue

          Believe it or not not only my doctor gave me duramine he gve me five repeats I bought one the 30 mg I’m not too overweight I’m 69 kilos and 162 cm I only need to lose 9 kilos I’m on day two I’m writing this now cos its 3:30 am still can’t sleep ..!!

      • Jodiealice

        Hey Rach, how did you go at the doctors all those months back?

    • pyrie

      hi can can help i have duromine if u need it send email address regards

      • Your Name

        Hi do you have duromine 40mg tablets?

  • Facing side effects.
    simone (Verified User)

    I have been taking Duramine every second day (30mg) but I’m not sure if its the pill
    (Contraceptive) or the Duramine that have been making me so depressed, as I have started them both around the same time. I’m angry and frustrated and cry everyday. Sometimes I feel so full of energy but mostly sad. This is bad because I’m getting married in 3 weeks and taking things out on my fiancee. At the same time, I wanna take them because I like the feeling. How sick is that?I’m not that over weight. I weigh 62kg’s and I’m about 1.5m tall. But I really wanna be 49 at least… What I used to be. I know I won’t even get a perscription for that and I only have 5 pills left.

    • Rachyj

      Hi Simone, what contraceptive pill are you on? When I was on “jasmine” I got very depressed and had very bad mood swings & found myself crying for no real reason. I got very bloated & was unable to go to bathroom for days. On the positive side, my skin was glowing I didn’t have one pimple in site & my periods did not even bother me. I had to stop taking it. Have not looked back since 🙂

      Its hard to say if it’s duromine or the pill. I would stop taking duromine first for at least 5 days & then see if you are still feeling this way. If not, get off the pill you are on & visit your doctor for another alternative. Something with a lesser dose. Hope this helps 😀

    • daniel

      to rachyj .my g.f of two years started this duromine ovr these last ten days .she has a history of drug dependance .the dr nvr asked and she didnt tell ( Ten years speed needle user) on anti psychotics too .we were fine till she went nutts .wouldnt sleep very angry at drop of a hat. ended up having ” speed psychosis” decided she hated me and prompty dropped me by a txt msg .ime gutted ..i wish duromine was more carefully monitord .any males here ..beware girls go silly on it ive known two others who ended r.ships ovr it too .too women reading this please be tolerant to ure partners on this and get proper sleep .eat well exersize lots ..stop the cleaning ! and from wat ive cn in the past ..yes its HIGHLY ADDICTIVE . please avoid it and mby just get a mate to push u into exersize ..being lazy and having bad eating habbits can be stopped ( by you !) thankyou for reading ..this is from w.a

    • karen

      how did u get it when your not over weight??

    • Jane

      Yes,the Duromne is the reason for feeling depressed. This is the only diet pill I’ve ever lossed weight on(11kg in 2 months), I took it a few times, but usually stops after a week, because of the side effects, twice I pushed on and both times lost te same amount of kg in the same time I won’t ever take it again. The side effects is to severe and I can’t cope with feeling that depressed. Headaches, pressure on my chest, muscle cramps, no matter how many water you drink, late afternoon nausea, insomnia, loss of concentration. It’s not worth it.

  •  Hated the product.
    victoria (Verified User)

    hi i ahve started 30mg six days now and I ahve noticed that I sleep 3-4 hours at night but still i am awake on a 12hr day I have also cutted from 9 cups of coffe a day to atlist 2 -0 the energy i have is amazing but i tend to forget things. Before I took my first dose my wheight is 84kg and I am a very short person ,to avoid the possible disapointments I dont go near the scale untill i finnish 21 day to keep motivated I observe on how I feel everyday that keeps me going .

  •  Loved the product.
    Nikki (Verified User)

    Great job to everyone who has succeeded with duromine. I got to 104.7 kilos and wasn’t happy and had no energy. I had tried plain healthy eating and exercise and it just wasn’t working I went and seen my doctor asking for duromine I’d seen a lot of bad reviews and how most people up the weight back on my bmi was 35 I’m 32 and 169cms so my ideal weight is supposed to be 62.8 kilos I started on 30mg and the first week had no side effects limited appetite and heaps of energy I actually ran out of housework to do and with 4 kids its usually impossible I didn’t take it every day and kept up with the same eating and exercise pattern as I had when I did take it after first month I was down to 98 kilos not a great deal but I felt great the doctor prescribed me 40 mg and same as above dont take it everyday and am now at 92 kilos so 12 kilos in about 12 weeks I’m happy with that loss I wish I’d measured my waist before I started taking it because now some of my clothes fall off me and have definitely noticed a difference I have 35 tablets left and hope to lose more before I stop taking them and have noticed I am only going down not back up somedays I have trouble sleeping and the dry mouth other days I’m fine I eat smaller meals all the time and haven’t cut out a huge amount of fat don’t eat salt or sugar and exercise regularly even if its just the wii fit running around after kids and horses am so happy I decided to kick off my weight loss with duromine I had avoided it for a while due to side effects but works differently for everyone

    • Ag

      Completly agree with you. Before taking it I was moody and put a lot of pressure on myself with three kids felt over whelmed and angry and tired where I could sleep 12hours at night and 3 in the afternoon. I have been on them three days and I love it,even though sleeping at night only lasts 4 hours. I am happy, not hungry, full of energy, things don’t get to me, more patience, life seems uncomplicated and easy. Maybe it’s me but this is great I actually feel normal. I can handle situations and even look forward to seeing my kids after school, where this used to be the worst time. I can fault this product. I am over weight and I am happy just to lose 6kgs.

  • Can take with duromine pills?
    Naomi Moshosho

    is it advisable to eat when takin duromine pills?

    • Toni

      I was told to eat with it from the pharmacist and have it with my breakfast but no later than 9am.

  •  Feel better so far
    Karen (Verified User)

    hi my name is Karen, I am 33years old – started 30mg about a month ago I started on 88.7kg and im down to 83.6kg .I lost about 4.3kg in the 1st 2weeks. I somehow feel my progress has slowed down. In the 1st week, when they say the pill supresses your appetite, they weren’t kidding. Eating an apple felt like it was an effort. But then I read somewhere eating regularly helps, “that doesn’t work”. im committed to eating healthy and exercising though.Even if I don’t see it on the scale I do feel the weight coming of in centimetres’i feel it in my clothes and my friends and family are noticing. I feel better. thank goodness for no side effects.i will let you guys know how I do..i plan on being on the 30mg for a further 2 months.

  •  Try it to see results
    Jess (Verified User)

    Hey guys it is true their like with any diet or pill you their are and will always be be some type of side effect and like all diets they do talk big results but the best results come when you give back why pay $154.00 for a pill and just expect it to work just like E.G weight loss shakes need balance other wise you get gassy and put on weight because you bloat more from having a gastric side effect causing your body to do the opposite and swell plus the annoying side to weight loss fads is they fool you with the wows and capture you with what you want to hear it really dose start with the the pill but also adding the exercise too please to talk you’re flawless self into thinking you don’t have time for the gym or sook about not getting to eat the regular foods you like save a day for a every fornight and that can be your reward day it’s good to have that sort off back up because you can believe me you can and will feel very different and achieved.
    I’ve been been on duromine for a bit now 30mg and 40mg I weighed in at 95.6kgs when I started and now Iam 64kg it honestly took me 1year and it’s not really that long once you get into the routine of exercising and feeling great about your self to be honest though most days because we are still human off course but although a lot off diet pills or shakes do say when taken with a controlled diet and exercise dosent mean you have to give up everything just moderate and exercise I promise it’s not the enemy but it can become a frenemy but stress reliever duromine can make you cranky,aggressive at the drop off a feather hitting the ground or the sound off a car driving past but I promise you will feel a lot better after an hour long or even thirty minuets at the gym heck even fifteen minutes at the gym at least you still did something I know it can make you feel shy and sure at first “that’s normal” but when u get home you’ll say that wasn’t so bad go to the gym on quiet days depends where you live Sunday’s are mostly quiet cause it’s the recovery hangover day Friday nights preparing for the weekend people are going away and Saturday night everyone is out and about
    I exercise 3-4 times a day everyday so 7days that’s right no break I picked up a lot of stamina from duromine and my own determination.
    I cut out chicken from my diet and cut back on particular sauces too all have high sugar and salt content even though all foods have their own natural sugar
    The reason i cut chicken mainly was I brought a chicken pie and the chicken in it wasn’t cooked a week into lot have long it I didn’t feel so or moderately hormonal and my pimples decreased with in 2 months (phasing out stage) Iam not fully vegetarian as Iam aniemic so but I have fish once in a week and meat twice keep up with veggies, apples, water and green tea one thing I in a way wish I still had while losing alot off weight is milk because if i have it now I bloat badly because the high and natural hormones from the cow dosent digest quickly it’s like my body is analysing it too see what did I just drink so through out the whole day and night I pee it all out sorry but it’s true always have water you need it but do not over consume it will be as if the same as the my milk intake to much water isn’t good because we have a natural water substance in our body and we don’t need to flush it out as it helps prevents and assists with our immune system over filling and techniqlly drowning it won’t be a good out come although Iam contradicting myself I reconmend have your rest day or days about 2 like sat and sun but please don’t use holidays and public holidays as a cop out your mind will make you feel guilty I promise and most and a lot off people have found it quiet easy to become depressed while on duromine because when that over indulgent happens you feel like crap so eat but moderate enjoy it too and exercise I’m sorry if this is really long but they are pricy and alot off side effects are within them but exercise is not just good for the body but your mentality needs it too we body’s thrive to keep going and keep moving so please give it ago and wait for the first six months to pass and you’ll see results even before than remember it takes 4weeks for you to notice and then 8 for friends and family members to See these results to

  •  Unbelievable results so far!
    Jay (Verified User)

    Hi ladies im on my 6th day of duromine 15mg. I walked pass a scale to weigh me.. i could not believe it i went from 93.7 to 86 it was unbelieveble, my side effects is dry mouth but that is good to drink alot of water and i get light headaches im eating much less infact i have to remind or force myself to eat other then that i like this product, i honestly think that you should tell yourself this is going to work for me and stop stressing about it be possitive and goodluck.

    • Thuli

      hi true so how’s ur weight now

  • Is this really effective?
    Joey Fourie


  • Bec (Verified User)

    I have been taking 30mg Duromine for only 3 days now and trying hard to get adjusted to the side effects as they are pretty intense. I have very dry mouth, clench teeth a little and feel shaky and spaced out a bit. Sleeping is not a problem at night and I take mine at around 6am. I dont think I can go the whole hog feeling like this so may reduce to 15 mg. I certainly do not want to eat and have had to force myself today to eat a banana just to ensure there is something in my stomach. Due to super dry mouth I drink soooo much water and in toilet every 20 mins!

  •  This does wonders for me
    Mel (Verified User)

    Duromine, does wonders hey!i have just started on 15mg dose and am feeling the difference,it is my 7th day,havent stood on a scale yet.cant wait

  • Where can I get this product?

    Please help, where can i get duromine from, I need help losing weight within the next few weeks is my sisters wedding adn I really dont want to be the fat chick again. Please help me im desperate.

  •  Worst diet tablet
    tracy read (Verified User)

    it is the worst diet tablet i have taken it on and off for 8years it only works if you eat right and exercise but as soon as you stop taking it you put it stright back on, you loose it first time round after that not so much, it makes you cranky its the divorce drug although im still married but its not the answer. There are healthy one ‘s at the health store don’t do it its like taking speed.

    • Rachyj

      Hi Tracy, “Gain weight once you stop taking it”? I found this happened when I would go back to eating more food & some junk food. But would not gain weight if I stuck to working out & healthy eating. Duromine is very successful when mixed with Healthy eating & exercise. If we stop taking duromine, but continue to eat well & exercise, then we should not gain weight. It’s proven in many of the above stories & my own experience.

    • Tt

      Iv been taking 40mg daily for 4 years i drink a bottle of wine a day if i dont hv a tablet i dont hv the earge to drink but 6 days a week i down a bottle my marriage is hanging by a thread a fine thread through my erratic behaviour & now wine addiction daily my husband is over coming home to me tired cos i dont sleep much at nights maybe 2 – 4 hrs & pissed i blackout & forget the nxt day what we had for dinner what our conversation was etc.. Pls gv me ur advice hvnt heard any long term users

      • Eddie

        Lady you are heavily addicted to duramine. Your erratic behaviour could quite possibly be because of this. Remember you come up positive to amphetimenes in a drug test from duramine, primarily because they are typically the same drug.

      • Kay

        Have been using it for a year now..couldn’t agree more..it’s a marriage wrecker..this spells it gives me, the tantrums and snappy. From 85 kg to 74 kg within the period but I feel like a zombi when I don’t take it..it make me fill with energy, positive thoughts as if everything is possible, I get motivated, encouraged to work on projects and it makes me talk too much and sometimes I can’t hear what I’m saying. It destroys my relationship with my hubby..but I seem to know once it’s causing me the rush of anger and I told myself that it can only make me loose weight not control me..at some point I was even praying before taking it..I just want to loose weight as we going to Brazil in 11 weeks..and I want to look great..but deep down I know it’s not worth my marriage and I will stop it once I reach my goal in the next 10 weeks..for some reason I even stopped loosing weight..stucked at 74

  • Any second time user?
    Laura (Verified User)

    I took duromine about 12 months ago and lost about 18kgs during a 4 month period. Even though i have continued to lose weight it has been relly really slow since i stopped taking it like 5kgs in 10 months and i have been logging food in a diary and excercising 3 times a week, i even do personal training.I decided to give duromine another go just to help me boost that weight loss a little. i have been taking 30mg for 2 and a half weeks now and i am so let down and dissapointed i had lost 2kgs and then i actually put 1 kg back on. I dont understand whats going on, i am eating way better and exercising more and i am hardly losing a thing. I just wanted to knwo if anyone out there is a second time user of duromine and how its going for them?

    • Rachyj

      Hi Laura, Congrats on your weight loss!! As we lose weight and get smaller, it does get harder to reach out goal weight. Our bodies also get use to the exercise/healthy food we are eating. You might need to try changing your exercise routine & try getting in 6 work outs a week with a day rest. Changing your food will help heaps too, sometimes adding a piece of fruit with your breakfast 2 or 3 times a week will fasten up your metabolism. Try to look at everything. But keep pushing on & you will get tere. Just think of how far you have come 😀

  • Educate yourself first

    seriously tho, seriously? do u knw wat its like to b overweight. exercise ur ass off n eat less than a person wit stapples in their stomach feels like? as 4 being uneducated some of us r majors in physiology, yes the study abwt the human body, that. i do that, im a medical proffesionl and gues wat i am obese u r ignorant and judgemental, annonymous. dnt u think i knw al the tricks to losing weight, i do n i do them bt they dnt work everytime for everybody. everyone needs help. there r genetcs, metabolic rates, familiar wit any of this terms well i am. as 4 the damn idiots that expect weight lose in 2 days u hav gt to b kidding me. 2 days, 48 hrz for the damage YOU hav caused over a period of yrz. im nt for the quick fix, this will work 4 sum1 wu has done their research n is willing to work. n those wu r like that dnt need the opinions of ppl who think they knw it al. unless u hav had struggles with ur weight for a while u shuld nt evn b allowed to say anything to anyone with a weight problem

    • Your Name

      hello tadtired,
      i totally get where you are coming from. i am a registered nurse so i know alot about how the body works, but yet i am overweight. i have tried just about every trick there is out there. i have cut out junk, i dont eat bread or anything high in fat. i exercise up to 4 time a week, i have a 3 year old whom keeps me on my toes and i work and my partner and i run a small business, but im still overweight which runs in the family i am one of eight and i am the eldest at 28 years of age but i am the smallest at 103 kg the rest of my family are around the 150 mark but they done try like i do. the smallest i can get my self to is 95 kg but then i Plato. i never used to be big untill i was about 19 and and stopped taking the pill, my body started to change. then i went on duromine and began eating diffrent and exercise 3 time weekly and then got down to 90kg in 4 months and then stopped talking duromine, then i fell pregnant. since becomming a mother i just cant lose the weight no matter what i do. so after 3 years i my weight and family issues are causing depression so i have decided to go back to taking duromine to atleast help boost my weight loss.
      so i do understand what it is like to struggle with being overweight, to point i refuse to be in photos with my partner and son, and dont like to go out on family occasions. so this for me is hopefully the last effort to lose the weight and get back to what i was at 19 being between 65 and 70kg

  • Unhappy

    Hi I want to know if you take duromine if I have an overactive thyroid I’m sick of my weight and I am unhappy

  •  Don't stop moving
    tash (Verified User)

    i took duromine 15g a few years back and i must say i lost 7kgs in 3 weeks the doctor didn’t prescribe this lightly i had to work my butt off to prove to him that i was losing weight and when i had lost 20kgs then he prescribed it i stopped taking duromine after 3 weeks because i found out i was pregnant very early stages i would recommend to people when you are on duromine to get the best affect DON’T STOP MOVING and also i started taking mine at night but it didn’t suit my body andd i needed sleep so i took it in the morning and felt better

  • Feeling hungry
    Farnaaz (Verified User)

    Hi guys im on the 4th day of duromine 15mg and i still feel hungry,is that normal and i cant see any difference.after how long will i see results with the 15mg.plz let me know.

  • Duromine facts

    Duromine is a category B drug. meaning the drug has been tested on animals and pregnant women which failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in any trimester. however, it is possible that the drug may be passed onto the fetus through your blood. consult with your doctor depending on when you are planning for the baby as the drug may take a week or 2 to leave your system

  • Duromine on ARV

    is the duromine good when u’re on ARV’s? my doctor says its fine but I wanted to find out some more.

  • Planning for a baby

    hi i would like to know if its ok to use Duromine if i am planning for a baby?

  • Duromine doesn't work
    zama (Verified User)

    I am on day 5 of 30mg duromine and it is having no effect. I’ve experienced none of the side effects and I’m constantly hungry and craving junk food!Please could someone advise me on wot to do inorder for them to kick in?

    • Guyin30s

      Today is my first day and I felt absolutely fantastic. I felt active and far less hungry too. I am on 40mg capsules. I weigh 103KG and 5’10” tall. So hope to get my weight down in mid 80s.
      To people who don’t feel difference in first few days, I would say, stop it and consult back with your Doctor. Good luck to all including myself.

  • Getting cramps on Duromine

    Did anyone else get cramps on duromine? How long did they last for and what did you do to get rid of them?

  • Got side effects on Duromine
    Molly (Verified User)

    I’ve been on duromine for 2 weeks, its my 15th day. When I went to the doctors I weighed 73kg and I am 165cm tall. I used to be 59 kg, that’s my healthy weight and I wanted to get down to it again. He gave me 1 month prescription that cost $120 and it was 40mg. I was surprised because I’ve never had it before and that’s the biggest dose. The first night I got 3 hours sleep but since then I’ve had no side effects except a dry mouth and I may be a bit moody but I’m going through exams so that may be it aswell. 2 days ago I felt a sharp pain for about 5 minutes in my stomach but it went away so I ignored it. Today I’ve woken up with the worst stomach cramps ever! I never get side effects to anything, I never get cramps on my period. I have had a bladder infection so that may contribute to the pain but I’m pretty sure it’s duromine And I don’t know what to do 🙁

    • Fa

      did anyone get back to you about the stomach cramps? Mine are also bad and im now thinking i should stop?

  • Fluid retention caused by the pill?
    Trish1965 (Verified User)

    I have just started taking 40mg duromine, I am on my third day, and haven’t lost anything! But I have quite a bit of fluid retention in my ankles and legs, is this caused by the pills ? I have a lot of weight to lose, I am 130kg 167cm, I am drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, usually 2. When I have something to eat I try to make it protein, maybe a boiled egg, I still have a cappacino everyday on lite milk, and steamed veg at nite maybe with a bit of fish some nights. It just seems some people are having great results in the first couple of days, am I doing something wrong? I am having blood tests tomorrow to test my thyroid, but I am not on any medication at all for anything, I am, except for being over weight, quite healthy. If I ate celery through the day would that help with my fluid retention? As it is a natural diuretic, I just do not want to start on fluid tabs! Can someone help me?

  • Where can you buy this?
    Lee (Verified User)

    Only have to loose like 7kg..and can’t get a script..where in SA Cape Town can you buy without a script..

  • Is this worth a try?

    Hi my name is Melissa I am 173cm tall and 20 years of age about 2 years ago I lost 20kg by exercise and diet I got down to 64 kilos my goal was 60 I couldn’t get there so I gave up and over those 2 years I’ve gone up to 71kg I go to gym 6 days a week and my diet is clean and I have been going gym for months and months and haven’t lost a single kilo I’m very frustrated and upset, a friend told me about duromine I have an appointment this Thursday to see my doctor to see what he can do for me I would like to try duromine. I would like to lose about 8kg. Do you think I should try duromine?

  • Alternative ways to take the product
    ross (Verified User)

    will duromine work effectively if i just drink the powder because i read that you shouldnt break it but i’m unable to swallow capsules. i dont mind it if its bitter

  • Need more information about the product

    Just wondering if anyone has tried phentermine 30mg capsules? One side blue and the other see through with green and white pebbles in the capsule? Just got it today and was wondering about it… Thank u!!!

  • Need help with dosage
    amandajade (Verified User)

    i have just been givien a perscription for 40mg duromine but am very scared to take it now after reading all the side effects… im moody enough already! was wondering if anyone had split the pills and put half the powder into an empty capsule? would this work… like halving the dose??? i would just go back and get the 15mg but i really cant affored it… can anyone help???

    • alice marshall

      I think it will be fine splitting it. You can drink half a pill, why can’t you drink half a capsule? I would do it…

  •  Did not work for me
    Natalie (Verified User)

    Fist week on 30g lost 4kg then totally STOPPED WORKING!! Kept trying 2 more months and nothing. So I stopped. Now I have changed around my depression and dioplar pills to try and make it work. It has been over 22 days now and NOTHING!! I am 165cm and weight 80.5. Before medication I weight was 56kg. PILLS SUCK!!

  • Do some research and be better

    Do you people realize you are taking prescription speed? I cannot believe how uneducated most people on this site are. Have you never heard of losing weight by eating small healthy meals, cutting down on carbs, upping your protein intake and exercise? Guess what? You will lose weight and sustain your ideal weight rather than potentially becoming a scattered drug addict . Use your obviously limited intelligence ladies and do your research

    • Rob2bob

      Seriously, If you read the history of Duromine you would see that we are not all idiots and have all taken an educated approach by most doing research before filling the script. I encourage you to do the same and you will soon realise that it is not “speed” Oh and yes,to get the full effect of Duromine, it does require regular physical activity and a controlled eating plan. weightloss is about calorie intake,energy output and metabolic rates….and that bit of mental boost

    • shelly

      yes some people are sstupid and abusing duromine but some of us actually need it,some of us have illneses,hereditary conditions and medical reasons that we cannot lose weight the natural way! this is my last option

      • kellyanne

        This is very sad, How can you come on this website and call people uneducated, yes its prescribed speed , But its from a Docter who has a PHD, and its for a certain weight and bmi range, and some people have illnesses like metabolic syndrome who cannot loose weight just like others.

        • ummm

          medical doctors dont have PhDs….

  •  Looking good so far, will post update
    Misty (Verified User)

    i have been on duromine 30 mg now for 4 days and i have an extremly dry mouth with speed effects. talkn alot and energetic . . . the first few days of taking these i felt extremly light headed with a heavy body. my partner says i have been disorientated and some what out of sorts especially towards the end of the day. i haven’t weighed myself yet but my pants have become looser already which is a great sign. my appetite has completly gone. the 2nd day of taking these i did 20 sit ups 20 push ups and 20 of those things where you put ur feet on the floor and have ur butt to the bed with ur arms on the bed sqautting down. will keep u all posted on results X

  •  I wish to see great results
    Misty (Verified User)

    i started duromine this am 30 mg very dry mouth lil light headed expecting 2 see great results as i have heard great things bt it x

  •  No side effects at all!
    Chickaboom (Verified User)

    I asked my doctor for 40mg Duromine and got one month. I am 172cm and weighed 76, so not hugely overweight but needed to shift 10kg for modelling.
    For a few days I had a bit of a headache and slight nausea but that was all. After 4 days I had 0 side effects. I lost 8 kgs in a month and went back for another prescription. The 2nd month my body was used to it and I was slowly returning to to eating the same sized meals so I stopped. That was 6 mths ago. I am back on 40mg now as I put back 3 of those kgs and want to get back to 60 kgs. This time I have had no side effects at all!!
    I did get blood pressure checked and blood tests for thyroid activity so it is safe for my body. It’s not all bad 🙂

    I just eat healthy, exercise 3 times a week and don’t even drink when I go clubbing now coz the Duromine keeps me energetic 🙂

    • Curious

      How on earth did you get a doctor to prescribe the highest dosage (or any dosage for that matter) when you are not in a high weight range for your height??

    • elle

      you do realise your addicted to prescription medicine and the long term effects will leave u wishing u weren’t so vain. Im sorry but its true liver failure kidney heart attacks stroke honey these are all very real … take my advice and get some help because your life is alot more important then your modelling .

  • Questions with vigorous exercise and healthy eating
    Nicole (Verified User)

    I have a questions if anyone can awnser this i am 176cm tall 5″9″ an weigh 133kg, i wam wanting to loose arounf 48kg, so goal wight is 85 for my height dr prescribed me duromie 30mg but this is my first day i have felt the rush and dry mouth affects that everyone is having but my main question is with vigorous excercise and healthy eating what wright would or can i expect to loose? thank you

    • Stephen (Editor)

      A healthy diet and exercise program will yield weight loss, but your individual results using duromine may differ from others.

  •  It works but aware of side effects
    Jessie (Verified User)

    I started duromine 30 mg 5 days ago. I must say the side effects are quite intense. I found that it gave me a mild and continuous head ache, dry mouth and funny taste in my mouth and my emotions are up and down like a roller coaster. The worst one tho by far is the inability to sleep, which is made worse by the fact that my 6month old son is still waking thru the nite for feeds and I am surviving with an average of two hrs sleep since starting. Though I understood the possible side effect prior to taking duromine and am still using it waiting for the side effects to calm down and realize that the need to loose the 30 kilos that have piled on during pregnancy is vital to my long term health, I just want to let mothers out there in similar situations, make sure u are fully aware of the side effects first, and also to make sure u have a good support network at home to help u with the kids. The One posative about the inability to sleeps is that in the morning u feel quite alert and able to function. In regards to weight loss, I have walked for about an hr a day and been very strict on diet and portion sizes and in four days have only lost 1.5 kg which I figure is heading in the rite direction so I am happy. So good luck to all out there fighting the battle of the bulge and I hope my experience can offer some slight insight to others condidering to use duromine as a kickstart to a healthier and happier life 🙂

  • Can males take duromine?

    can males take duromine?

  • Product availability

    I just got Duromine 30mg today and it costs a fortune. Does anyone in Australia know of any websites to get a months supply a little cheaper?

  •  Product is effective and no side effects
    Amanda :-) (Verified User)

    I have been on 30mg overlooked by my gp, with excerise 10,000 steps per day, and this jumpig excersise i have to do for 2 mins several times per day (which shakes all the fat up heling it move quicker) 1000 calories per day, 2 lts water per day and only have 1 tablet every second day. I was 140kg I am now today 97kg, but still plan on losing more. I have had no side effects. 🙂

    • Kat

      well done ! how long did it take to lost all that weight??

  •  Looking for a product without weight loss
    deb (Verified User)

    I was taking the Duromine 30mg for the last 3 months- I have lost over 11kg. The 15mg did nothing for me and the 40mg made me agro. The only side effects I got were positive for me as I have an overactive bladder , and bowel problem caused during childbirth, it stopped my constant trips to the toliet, and any constipation was a god send to me. I found the metermine did nothing at all and stopped it after 1 weeks as I lost no weight, and actually put it on. I have never been a big eater, so that was never my problem, But on the duromine I could finally eat healthily without having to take gastro stop. So it was great for me. I am now feeling like crap and where I got confidence to go out, and know I wasnt rushing to the toilet every minute, now I feel trapped at home again. All meds the doctors give for my problem make you tired and clumsy. I need to find a drug similiar to the duromine without the weight loss aspect 🙁 I am happy with my weight, but hate having to go back to just one meal a day, to get around my other problems.

  • Duromine
    Stephen (Editor)

    Consult your doctor before resuming duromine.

  •  Will take to continue the product
    Sandra (Verified User)

    Hi all
    I’ve been on Duromine 15mg for 3weeks now and lost 6kg (2kg per week).I was diagnosed with diabetes type2 and high blood pressure ,which is improving now. I am on a high protein diet. I was told to drink at least 4glasses of water daily, walk about 30min 5times a week and at lunchtime to drink ‘complete meal’ high in protein shake instead of my regular meal. I’m stict and take the tablet every day at 7am (my mobile’s alarm reminds me) together with my light breakfast, which normaly I didn’t eat before this diet. I don’t have a problem with sleeping or any other symptoms some people discribe. I feel really good because I’m loosing my weight. I need to shed at least 30kg. My doctor is monitoring my progress and I am going to take Duromine for 6months. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol at all.I hope to loose all unwanted weight. xx:)

    • Wendy

      Hi I just started 15mg and on day 2 and feel sick and have sicked up a mouth full twice.Head feels foggy too.I was wide awake at midnight lst night and wasn’t interested in sleep but went to bed and seemed to sleep ok.I will keep them going as they cost nearly $100 lol

  •  Everything went well after few days
    Mellissa (Verified User)

    I have been on the 30mg for 3 days & at 1st I found my heart beating faster, like I was speeding through the day,hot flases & feeling jittery. My second day was better, no more increased heart rate, jitteriness, hot flashes & speeding through the day went away. The dry mouth is part of the duramine, its makes you want to drink water and that is the key factor drink lots of water at least 3 litres, the dry mouth wont go away though. I have not done any excercise & keep my portions small. My third day today and I have no more side effects & have lost 1kg so far. It is best not to be in any other medication when you are taking duramine. Take vitamins, water tablet so you don’t retain all the water that you drink during the day. Everyones body will adapt at their own rate, don’t push or be hard on yourself to quickly, let your body get used the duramine & keep drinking the water & eating small portions do, eat though at least 3 times a day else at the end of the day you will feel light headed. I have researched this and a friend that has taken this before as been my guide that for all the excercise and healthy eating I did before did not have a significant wightloss impact. Good Luck to all that have decided to take the step in using duramine. Remember mind over matter & all will go well.

  •  Waiting for best results
    Shorty (Verified User)

    Hi beautiful people,
    I started my first duromine 30mg ever and I have had over 2l of water in 4hours. I need to loose 23kg in total. But first and foremost I need to loose atleast 6kg so I can have my long over due operation. I’m praying for a miracle, I rejoined the gym on the 1st March 2011, so that should also help. Wish me luck and good luck to all of you. I can’t wait to wear size 32 pants!!!!
    The short one LOL

  •  Product has many side effects
    Kell (Verified User)

    Ive taken reductil last year, it worked as i lost 12kgs, with zero side effects.After i went off reductil with in 5 months i had gained all the weight back. I definately dont blame reductil,i didnt have a diet plan in place so was definately my own fault. I just started Duromine 30 on monday,there is alot of side effects to this one, expect a really dry mouth, constantly thirsty,trouble sleeping if you dont take it very early,on edge kind of feeling.The plus side is, it had really curbed my appetite. You still do get hungry, but 90% of the time you wont,you also are satisfied with much smaller amounts.I used to have a few drinks on the weekends with reductil,I definately wont be with duromine,way too many side effects for that.I wish reductil was still on the market,funny how that ones taken off because of side effects and duromine has alot of them. Anyway im on day for hopefully they will settle down, and work out for me. Maybe body takes time to get used to them.Anyway only on day 4 so ill give it some time. Good luck to everyone with duromine. 🙂

  •  It works for me
    Denise (Verified User)

    I have been on Duromine for 5 weeks and have lost 9kg, I am hoping to lose 20kg by 12 weeks so hopefully I can achieve this.

  •  i was satisfied! AMAZING
    lauren (Verified User)

    i started duromine 4 days ago, i havent yet weighed myself but i have to tell u all i feel fantastic! i have 30-40 kgs to loose and with obesity in my family i was really worried that this is just how i will always be. im 27 and have been the lazyest person since i put my weight on and had my 2 kids, but in the last 4 days of taking it i can say my energy has just exploded, it is excellent and i finally am thinking that this may b the answer i always needed.it has keps me awake at times but im a horrible sleeper normaly so im not really suprised.i always thought i was a lost cause but duromine has made me more possitive i ALWAYS craved junk food and last nite i had 1 square of chocolate and i was satisfied! AMAZING!!! im on 15mg but i am gona ask when these r finished to go up a strength just coz i have so much to lose and i wana b a hot bride by october!to every1 thats nervous about this drug, just give it a shot. good luck!

  • High BP

    I have high BP and really need to loose weight. I way over 100kg and need to loose about 20 to 30. My doc prescribed it for me. I have read everything and will go the pill in the week. Can someone with High BP please explain is the pill effected them badly?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      We believe it’s best you consult your doctor regarding your concerns before starting duromine.

  • offers digestive relief
    Candygal (Verified User)

    Hi Im strating with my 30mg tomorrow 1st of March 2011. I have about 25 -30kg to loose, im currently weighing 80kg and have 2 kids. My problem is that I party hard and wanted to find out whether you can mix Duro`s with alcohol moderately ofcourse 🙂
    Also heard that it gives constipation can drink herabl tea that offers digestive relief (black forest/ laxatives) PLEASE HELP

    • ERose


      I have been taking duromine for 6 days now, and i have a beer or two after work most nights, i also got abit tipsy on sunday. So yes i think moderately you can drink, although everything tells you not to.

      Everyone is different and reacts differently. The main thing is to be aware that you are on a mood altering drug, and you have to be able to counter act that. I get very jittery, and a very dry mouth, and recently i have had extremely uncomfortable stomach pains. I have 45kgs to loose, and have given myself a year to do it, my doctor says i can take duromine for 6 months, and after that im on my own. It is a great drug, but only for people that can handle it, in my personal opinion, people on anti-depressants should not be taking any kind of mood altering drug, as you are already on one. Possibly this is why you feel no symptons of duromine.

      At the end of the day, its effective, just like anything else, its not a miracle cure, and its not a magic pill, you still have to use it as a tool to teach yourself healthy eating habbits and healthy exercise habbits. Otherwise there is no point, your just wasting your money.

      hope this helps.
      Goodluck to everyone

  •  hope to see better results.
    Jade (Verified User)

    Hi, I just thought since so many people post negative feedback I thought I would post some positive so your not as scared as I was.
    From what I’ve heard and read everyone reacts different to duromine, I have taken duromine 30mg for a month and have been off it for two weeks and havent gained any weight in the four weeks of taking duromine I lost 7kg although as I was working alot I didnt get to the gym as much as I would of liked to, I hardly got side effects I just felt a little faint here and there, I would normally have a small breakfast apple/yougurt and then a small lunch then an average when taking duromine you dont feel hungry as much and you dont find yourself thinking about food 24/7 which is what I like most about taking duromine I didnt feel like fat kid in a cake shop anymore I could say no, now im off duromine im finding it harder to resist nicer foods so Im having smaller portions of everything to keep the weight off and working out as much as possible I am thinking about going for my second month of duromine and working out alot more and hope to see better results.

  • no results
    natasha (Verified User)

    hi i have been on duromine for 3 weeks and yet there are no results yes i have had side effects not sleeping dry mouth and heart pains but still i am not getting any results instead i am hungry my stomach is grambling now i dont understand why?d

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Everyone’s results are different. We suggest you consult your doctor immediately.

  •  I had the worst headaches
    swatson (Verified User)

    I started taking duromine a week ago, I have noticed weight loss already, but I had to stop. I had the worst headaches, I drank lots and lots of water, ate small meals, and i felt like my head was going to explode. i also had hot and cold flushes, and my heart beat very fast. my sleeping patterns were horrible for the first 3 days but then went back to normal. I stopped taking it for 3 days and have taken it this morning, and all my symptons are coming back, which is a shame, because they are really good for loosing weight!

    • BuckeyeGirl

      Hi All! I am really interested in using Duromine but am having a hard time finding it online- care to help a girl out?
      @Swatson….sorry to hear about your trouble with it, let me know though if you are interested in a resell so it is not a total wash for you.

    • Dianne

      Hello, i was on duromine 30’s and i found the same thing, i had the worst headaches i have ever had, felt like being sick all the time and was not in a good state. my doctor has just given me the script to try the 15’s. so hopefully it might be a little different.

  • Duromine

    can i get duromine at clicks in pinetown or durban? im really desperate to loose weight i hate my body i feel like a pig.

    • Anonymous

      yes u can and there is even a better way 2 get it if u around pinetwn. wish i cn leave my email adress bt its too public

  • I'm doing it wrong
    Che (Verified User)

    Iv been on duromine 15mg for a week and I’m not loosing weight, I have been eating healthy and walking a lot… But nothing. I am tired alot, very nauseas and getting headaches. Will it go away? I feel I’m doing it wrong. I don’t understand.

    • zama

      I’m experiencing somthing similar, did it eventually work 4 u?I’m so desperate

  • some advise if anyone has any
    Girl17 (Verified User)

    Hello every just started duromine yesterday day 2 today , only having a dry mouth at the moment , Iv been taking my tablet about 6:15am and only eating 2 times a day eg. Proten shake and a salad wrap with meat for lunch my first goal is to get in the 70″s so iv got a fiar bit to loose 92starting weight , I use to b quite thin but iv just seemed to stacked it back on , I get depressed looking at photos of my self , I really hope this works my overall goal is 60 by my 18th in October this year , would love some advise if anyone has any 🙂

  •  I have never touched it again
    Diane (Verified User)

    hi everyone

    I was on and off duromine for several months, and it did nothing for me.

    when i was on it I felt weak, still hungery, my skin was blotchy and pale everyone said how sick I looked, i was aggressive and had a dry mouth.
    On duromine please be aware that you are not losing anything only ur body’s much needed water which makes the scales go down when duromine sucks the water out of you.
    I have never touched it again and yes you gain it all back becasue you never losed fat in the first place on water weight.
    Some friendly advice- all my doctors said no to me but I didnt listen

    • Jesse

      Legit embarrassed for you, you sound like an idiot.

      Dry mouth is a symptom of duromine yes, but your skin, and how sick and pale you looked isn’t. Stop trying to blame your issues because you may be pale on duromine.

      People like you give people these doubts when in reality, this is an amazing short term solution, as long as you keep the weight off after finishing on it.

      By the way, yes I am a health professional, so I do know what I am talking about. I have researched it excessivley and have done at least 10 case studies monitoring the effects of duromine.

      If you stick to a well managed diet, and dont starve yourself, drink plenty of water and EXERCISE! Then you will see the weight drop off.

      For anyone reading this, dont take advice from someone who obviously has her own issues and likes to play the blame game.

      • Jamz

        Hi Jessie

        since seeing that you are a health professional i thought i would ask for some advice. I have been on duro 30mg 7 days today and i have seen results alot more energetic and lost approx 2 -3kgs already which is great. the prob is the last 2 days i have been experiencing slight difficulty when breathing inwards i have to really breathe deep to get it done and at times rapid heart beats that stop and go. is this a bad sign? also is it safe to drink alcohol while on duromine will anything really bad happen lol.

        • Bec

          my duromine pack insert says DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL while on it.

        • adriana

          Hi jamz did you hear back? I am on my 7th day and have exact same breathing problem I take deep breaths every so often it feels like a relief. I also have a panic attack or something like I have moments where I feel I just can’t do anything and I stress about many things, my mind races and… I drink a lot of water, I force a few small meals during the day and seem to feel better when I exercise or with others. But I’m alone right now and I am suppose to be packing my house up to move tomorrow but I can’t get out of bed! I thought if I can just get up for a bike ride I know I’ll feel better and even though I know it I still can’t get UP! Feeling very anxious 🙁

  •  Duromine helps me focus
    Ferhat (Verified User)

    I’m just over 100kilos and overweight by 30kilos and use to take Reductil 15mg in the first week I didn’t see or feel anything but after a week I realized I had more energy and a positive attitude in a sense where, when I had to clean the house mow te lawn or do the fishers I would not but on reductil after a week I never left anything incomplete. Reductil is banned now and doctor recommended me to stop taking it due to side effects. In my time with reductil I did not lose any weight.

    I started duromine 40mg to replace reductil after a month craving for the reductil 15mg and I love it. In the first 2 days I felt extremely well and full if energy, focused and moving round, if I wasn’t active I was thinking too much. If ur a glass half empty person like how I USE TO be
    Don’t take duromine.

    I take duromine straight away as soon as I wake, walk half a sleep to the kitchen and swallow it down with a lot of water just incase I forget to drink/eat later. Duromine helps me focus and not think about junk food…

    The only side effect I experienced was minor and on the fourth day on duromine which was not sleeping. I woke on a Friday 0800hrs and was up wide awake till 2330hrs Saturday night, slept till 0330hrs Sunday morning to get up for work and stayed up till that Sunday 2200hrs etc… It’s changed my life and I am more active as i was very lazy. Better then I was when I was on reductil 15mg. I will continue using till I reach my desired weight thanks Duromine 40mg =)

    Hope this helps someone similar to this situation I was in.

  • what can I eat during the daythat will help
    Melissa Pretorius (Verified User)

    I have only started duromine 2 day ago. I still have craving not as much but what can I eat while on duromine. I don’t have time to exercise as I work late. Diets don’t last long with so I would just like to know what can I eat during the daythat will help. I normaly get home an make a meal and eat. But during the day I crave food and eat inbetween and junk food or sweets or fruits.

  • Feeling any effects of the duromine
    Sarah Jane (Verified User)

    I’ve just started day two on duromine 15mg and I am on pristiq also. I am not feeling any effects of the duromine 🙁 I see you wrote this post a while ago. Did u stop taking
    Pristiq? Did diromine then work? I did a lot of research before starting duromine with pristiq, spoke to two doctors and several pharmacists and pristiq is different from other anti depressants and is fine to continue on duromine. Anyway I guess o just want to know how u went with the duromine without the pristiq!???

    • melinda

      Hi. I too am on pristiq and have gained a lot of weight since starting it last year. I have just started taking duromine also and i’m also not feeling the effects of it. I am slowly tapering off the pristiq but was thinking of maybe going up a dose. What did you do?

    • Your Name

      Hi I’m also on pristiq and 30mg of duromine and not seeing any changes at all. I was on duromine 4yrs go but not on pristiq and lost 10kg In a month this time I was on 15mg fir a month for its been 3 wks on 30mg and nothing, I’m still hungry 24/7 still sleeping wen ever I can. I need to lose 10kg ASAP as I’m getting married

  •  lost any weight
    alvira (Verified User)

    pliz help me…i have not lost any weight and its about 2-3 days…any suggestions

    • Stephen (Editor)

      We suggest a healthy diet, and regular exercise.

  •  Family planning pills
    alvira (Verified User)

    hi, i have been taking duromine 30mg for almost 2-3days and i have not lost any weight,although i have sleeping disorder,drinking lots of water,and unpleasant taste…also if i shud continue taking family planning pills…pliz help

  •  I was really Happy with duromine
    amytwentyone (Verified User)

    Hi, I’ve been taking Duromine for approx 3 months and i have lost 21kgs. I’m 167cm tall and weighed 94kgs . Now i am approx 73kgs . I go to the gym 5 days a week and i eat small portions. I was really Happy with duromine.

  •  Motivation to excercise
    Kiran (Verified User)

    Hey guys,

    I am just finishing my second week on duromine. I am using them in combination with (mostly) healthy eating and excercise and i must admit i am seeing results – 4kg’s so far!
    I was prescribed this as i am finding it hard to drop the excess weight after 2+ years on the depo (contraceptive) injection.
    I already walk my dog every day from 30mins – 1 hr and play sport 3 times a week but i have found duromine has given me a lot of extra energy and motivation to get going. My personal experience is…
    Pros – the 4kgs lost in 10 days & the extra motivation to excercise. Loss of all food cravings and appetite.

    Cons – i have experienced some of the side effects listed. mainly a very dry mouth & lips, when vigirously excercising (netball) i have been getting head spins and cannot push myself as i could before, the first 4 days i felt like i had been drinking 6 redbulls a day – scattered and jittery but this passed. also for the first week it was hard to sleep but i am now back into a pattern. I have also had to remind and force myself to eat as i have lost all natural indications other then feeling faint if too long has passed between meals.

    I know the results and side effects differ between users but i have not had any serious issues or effects that could not be solved. If using or planning to use Duromine please make sure you see your doctor and follow their directions completely.

    Also i was first prescribed Reductil however could not fill the scrip straight away, when i finally got to the chemist they advised me that Reductil was officially off the market, aparently it was pulled due to serious side effects – if anyone is currently taking these please contact your doctor immediately!

  • Drive me crazy.

    hay guys i jst started on duromine yesterday 30mg. I had put on 20 kgs over 5 months and i was so sad and upset because i have never really had problems with my weight. So i was on a mission. Looses weight! get healthy again!

    People on these sites and forums drive me crazy! i read the blogs and im like really guys? really? I studied my diaploma in fitness at uni for 3 years and if u take this tablet, THEN BLOODY EXCERCISE AND EAT RIGHT! eat 5 small meals a day, to encourge weight loss! dnt not eat or dnt drink water, while on these tablets!!
    if u feel hungry, eat! just have a small portion and set times in the day to eat and stick to it!!! its not hard and ull see results! esp if ur on the duromine aswell.

    i have got the dry mouth and feeling really awake! so if thats the case, use that engery and go for a walk or run, go gym whatever!!! get that energy out and get into a system then it will become a habbit long term, when u do go off that duromine!!!!

    People who think they will get results for long term on this tablet and not exercise nad eat what u want, u will just put all the weightback on or more. and that is really bad for ur body! not worth it. So if your going to take duromine, do it damn right! dont complain and post things to scare people when its not like that! u need to get up and move!!! eat right and ull be on the way to a healthy lifestyle!!

    • amytwentyone

      Thumbs up! It’s all about diet and excercise if your serious about kicking the kilo’s on Duromine. You’v got the right attitude 🙂

    • anonduro

      If you went to uni for 3 years, you would think that you would have picked up some basic spelling skills by now. Wait, sorry that was just the Duromine talking! :-S

  •  Wish me luck
    nosipho (Verified User)

    i just started using duromine to day and i’m hoping for a miracle not to get all those side effects so wish me luck.

  •  I am very happy with the results
    Jenny (Verified User)

    I have been taking Duromine 30mg for about 3 weeks and have lost 6kg. I am very happy with the results so far. The only side effects i have had is a very dry mouth and lips and i am falling asleep later than usual.

  • Tamika

    Hey I have been on the generic version of duromine called mentermine for a month. I just finished my first month being on the 15mg and I lost 11kilos my doctor just put me on 30mg this month and I’m on day two. My starting weight was 97kg and I’m 176cm tall I’m now 85kg I lost a kilo over night on the higher dose. Most people start on the 30mg and then go down to 15mg but my doctor wants to make it so my body doesn’t get used to the drug and slow my progress. Which I’m thankful for because 15mg was not really working towards the end of the month. I drink heaps of water and I follow a low cal meal plan I try to stay around 800cal a day because I drink coffee and tea which sometimes I don’t count it will keep me under 1000cal if u can understand that. I’m so happy with the results because I have had three kids and just couldn’t get rid of any weight no matter how hard I try. My husband left me 6 months ago because he wasn’t attracted to
    Me anymore so I guess that’s what motivated me more, so after months of crying and thinking if he couldn’t love me like this after giving him 3 kids how was anyone else going to? Then one day I woke up and realized I loved myself and I was worth something and I would rather be alone then be with someone who can’t love me for me. So I got motivated and started walking and doing cardio videos when my kids were sleeping, but because I’m an emotional eater I wasn’t losing any weight so I went to the doctor and he told me about duromine. I thought well I havn’t got anything to lose and the first week I lost 4kg because I could stick to a diet and I don’t pick at food all day. But the one thing I have learnt from my doctor is to eat my dinner no later then 5:30 pm so I eat it at 5:00 and it’s my smallest meal because I’m just going to lay on the lounge and not do anything, so why fill my body up with energy it doesn’t need? Well that’s my ramble and I find it’s the one side effect I get is rambling and losing track of what I’m saying lol

    • Ang

      Hi Tamika,

      I love this story, things are so much more effective when doing it for YOU!! and not for your loser husband!! he’ll be sorry !! all the best in reaching your goal !

    • Milly

      Good on you for keeping and improving onyour self worth – there are men out there who love you no matter what your weight, love is about more than what you weigh! Keep looking after and resecting yourself for YOU and your kids ( so you’ll have the energy to run with them for life! My goal 🙂 Big ups to you 🙂

  • Ally

    I have started Duromine15mg and im still hungry. i dont have any side effects and i dont have a dry mouth, i am on my 3rd day, will the appitite loss kick in or do i need to get my doc to put me on the 30mg? I am concerned i am wasting my money on something that does not work.

    • Anonymous

      Thats good im on duromine and im taking the 15mg and im hoping to get a good result im only 90.1kg and i have been told that im over weight im 156cm tall i hope the lower dose works for me i havent been on it that long only 3 days i have not seen a resut but i hope i will i eat health

  • How to make it more effective?
    Lizel (Verified User)

    Hi, I’m on my first day of Duromine 30mg, no side affects yet. Currently weighing 72kg, want to loose 12kgs. Any recommendations to use with the pill so I can reach my goal??? My Dr did give me a 3 month script, I still get hungry but then I just have more water.

  • Nicolien

    I would like to know if anyone had a good weight lost on duromine 15mg?

    • Sarah

      I used Duromine 15mg about 12 months ago and lost 8 kilos in 2 months I was eating well and exercising but unable to shift the last couple of kilos so my doctor put me on duromine I have been able to maintain the weight loss as I was already active and eating a healthy diet I would definately use it again should I have the same issues.

    • Tina

      Hi there i took duromine 15mg about three years afo with a months subscription and i can honestly say it worked wonders for me. My start weight was 78kg and at 160cm that is to heavy. Combined with healthy eating and exercise everyday i lost 5kgs within the first week. By the end of the months supply i managed to get down to 58kg it was a huge difference. Duromine works with all mg it just depends on ur eating and exercising .

      • kamogelo

        Hi Tina, I would like to find out how much water you drank a day and how often did u exercise!

      • Erin

        Hi Tina

        Were you excersizing alot and what was your eating habits?
        Congratulations on your weight loss that is remarkable.

  • This worked for 4 weeks,
    Michelle (Verified User)

    I have just stopped taking Duromine. I had 2 courses (2 months worth) of 30mg and lost 11kg in the 8 weeks. I have had trouble shifting my weight after having my 2 children. There is less than 2 years between them and my youngest is 16 months. I saw my doctor about weight loss and he suggested that i keep a food diary and come and see him once a fortnight. This worked for 4 weeks, I lost 5 kilos and then ‘fell off the horse….again’. He offered me Duromine, which i took after lots of reading reviews like this one. The pros are the weight loss! I feel so much better about myself. My confidence has increased and I feel more human… or more like myself. I had already lost some weight before i started on Duromine and basically used the prescription as a kick start. I felt very very very tired on Duromine and had no problems whatsoever sleeping. In fact, i was quite able to take a day nap! Not a common side affect. The first few days I felt like i was on speed, my speech was fast, and i felt a bit weird at work when having one to one conversations with people. During the first week i felt quite mellow and was pretty happy with duromine. Also,I had a very dry mouth. After a week or two i started to become angry. In the mornings and afternoons. I woke up so grumpy and by the afternoon, I had no patience. It was actually becoming a problem to me and i didn’t really feel in control of my emotions. But I was really happy about the weight loss. I was given a second prescription and by the end of this prescription, i felt the weight loss had slowed a little. When i went back to get my third prescription my doctor said to only take one tablet every two days or to have a month on then a month on because it is very addictive. I was sort of annoyed about this because i wanted to keep taking it because it was taking the weight off. Thankfully i had a moment of clarity and decided to take a month off. I felt terrible for the first 3 days but now after 2 weeks i feel like my normal self and no more miss grumpy/angry thank goodness. I still have a script that i haven’t made up yet but i want time off it. My husband did not know i was taking duromine and we have never had so many arguments. It really effected our relationship, thanks to my moods. I put 2 kg on straigh away basically, but i kept chipping away and those kilos are now gone (this was only temperary and lasted for 2 weeks, could have been due to getting my period). I am back on track now with dieting. So, to cut a long story short, the weight loss kick start was worth it because it gave me some confidence that i can do this, however, the anger issues were not and im so glad that im off them. Not going to get that 3rd script made up afterall. Good luck with your weight loss journey

  • Gugu

    It’s my second week on Duromine now. It was going fine, the cravings are gone but I’m experiencing constipation and stomach cramps. I can’t go to the toilet and the cramps feels like there’s acid in my stomach. All I can do when get to the toilet is to puff. PLEASE HELP.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Stop taking duromine, Consult your doctor and share your concerns.

  • wilma

    i started today with Duromine 30mg, I feel great, no effects yet, just drinking alot of water, I got so much energy, I want to run around my house, usally I am dead tired the whole day…. I am so positive to get my body back

  •  Actually with high blood pressure your doctor will NOT prescribe Duromine.

    “only available to patients with a BMI Index over 27 and a history of obesity-related illnesses, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.”

    Actually with high blood pressure your doctor will NOT prescribe Duromine, as it boosts metabolism in such a way that it can make blood pressure worse.

  • Please reply to my comment.
    Nads (Verified User)

    Hi, I started with Duromine 30mg 2 days ago, can someone give me advice, I have a runny tummy and cramps, will it get better or must I take something to stop?

    • Elisa

      If you are eating a lot of high fat foods your body may be trying to get rid of it…

  •  its actually a great feeling
    Madi (Verified User)

    I started taking Duromine 40mg (only 4 days ago.) I was concerned from what I had read but decided I had read more ‘good than bad’ from heaps of sites I researched! So far so good; it feels like a ‘magic pill’. Cause Im not hungry or craving anything, Im relaxed & take the time to eat healthy meals (cause Im not rushing to the fridge anymore, I actually have to remind yourself to eat!) I take the pill at 6am (or earlier) & drink plenty of water and love the excess energy it gives me, (its so great to exercise everyday again..before or after work, I was too tired before duromine.) As for sleeping I am actually sleeping better on Duromine than I have done in years (plus Im alert instead of really tired.. & thats before I actually take the pill), as long as you take it early & get some form of exercise. Ive had no constipation, infact its been clearing me out! Plus for me its been a ‘happy pill’ sure I feel a little ‘spaced out’ occassionally but its not the same as snorting coc & bouncing off the walls (its actually a great feeling). I know everyone has different experiences but I am enjoying every minute of it and really happy with Duromine so far. Plus I purchased an ebook that I found online last week called ‘The truth about 6 pack abs’ it has got some excellent reading for anyone wanting some great tricks to lose weight. (I didnt realise certain fatty foods actually help you lose weight, eg peanut butter etc!)

    • Anonymous

      Your experience is identical to mine thus far. The bowel cleaning out and the relaxed feeling, remembering to eat etc. I was hoping you we’re still around for more updates?

      • Anonymous

        I started 40mg 5 days ago. I have a one year old and am usually struggling to play and get up early etc. though since starting due amine I get up before he does, with a smile on my face. (Not usually a morning person, seeing the sun rise was horrid, it meant I had to get up) I am a lot happier, I have time and patients for my sons crying and sooking and touching everything. Though I have noticed I had a 5 minute spack at my poor sister the other day but it was quickly forgotten. I weighed myself this morning and I’m down 2.2kg 🙂 I do get ‘dry mouth’ but what I notice the most is how fast I’m talking and how much I’m talking, to the point of getting saliva build up in the corner of my mouth haha it’s gross but just got to remind myself to slow down and breath. Other than that I’m loving it, more energy, weight loss and I feel happier. So for me it’s a positive experience and an awesome kick start in my diet. Also should add I’m finding it hard to eat. Reminding myself and I eat half of my breakfast. Can’t eat lunch I feel way too full and dinner is about half the usual size. No snacking needed. I feel hungry but no incentive to go actually put food in my mouth. I can walk through shopping centers smelling all sorts of food and it doesn’t bother me anymore. So that’s my experience and I’m loving it. So far anyway 🙂

  • Is there any side effect of it?

    Can you split the 30mg capsules in half to get the lessers side effects? as if your taking the 15mg tabs instead?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Consult your Doctor to see if that’s a safe alternative.

  •  I've just started it.
    angela (Verified User)

    hi, i’ve been on duromine 15’s for 4 days now and the only side effects have been the dry mouth. I am not at all hungry and haven’t had a real problem with sleeping, wake to use the loo after drinking two litres of water a day. Will not weigh myself for another week, fingers crossed it will give me the kick start I need as I have at least 30kgs to loose. Looking forward to better weather so I can get out and start some exercise….

  • Is Doromine good for me?

    is just wondering.iam just overweight my bmi is 27 ,do u think a doctor would give me duromine

    • Turny

      What’s your weight and height ?

  •  I,m on Duromine for 3 weeks and no results.
    aresha (Verified User)

    I,m on Duromine for 3 weeks now and have seen no results. However, I have experienced a few of the side effects, nothing too serious.I have been eating smaller portions and drinking about 3-4 litres of water a day. Is there a possibility that Duromine may start to work at such a late stage? Should I continue? I still need to loose my excess weight of 10kg’s and I am really dissapointed that Duromine hasn’t worked for me at yet.

    Thank you

    • Elisa

      Hi there,
      I received my first script for Duromine 40mg today…
      I had previously taken it 4 years ago to lose excess baby weight (a good 40kgs) and it worked a treat…Today, I just want to lose some lazy weight (approx 7-8 kilos)…
      My doctor did say DO NOT EXCEED 4-8 GLASSES OF WATER PER DAY….Fluid retention is incredibly common with duromine and may be impacting on your weigh ins.
      Hope this helps.

      • Jenna

        HI Elisa,
        I started my first 30mg pill this morning. You have inspired me!! I know a few people who have been on it, & I was a bit downhearted because their weight loss was all less than the 45kg of baby weight I need to lose, & I was not sure it was gonna be possible! Thanks for your comment – can I ask how long t took you to lose the 40Kg’s

    • Rach

      Hi all disapointed Duromine people. I also have been taking the 30mg for the past week and can honestly say i feel no different. Im still as hungrey especially for sweets and can sleep a few hrs after taking i notice no energy burst. Pls help i really had high hopes for Duromine to help me & dont know if i should wait & hope they start 2 work or does anyone know of another medication that works similar to Duromine. I DONT WANT THE ONE THAT MAKES YOU GO TO THE LOO (Reductil?)

      • teagan

        i have been on duromine for 3 days i am always tired throughout the day and am getting hungry but have to force myself not to eat…did the tablets end up kicking in for you??

        • Margaret

          I have been put on numerous combinations of Duromine by my doctor, and I always feel the same ….. very, very sleepy, and wanting to eat !!!
          I have also taken the generic brand to no avail.
          I would be very interested to know why this occurs.
          I thought weight loss came from the ‘speeding up’ of the metabolism made possible from the ingredients of Duromine, so I’m finding it hard to reason that I have the opposite effect.
          Have you found out anything that makes it easy to understand why this is happening to YOU? It may help me to understand why it’s happening to me too.
          I’m feeling so exhausted, and hungry !!!! 🙁

  •   I used 7 days now, and have not yet experienced
    Lorraine (Verified User)

    I have been on duromine for 7 days now, and have not yet experienced anything out of this world, in terms of side effects. I take the pill 6h30 in the mornings. I am off to the gym today to get my first weighing. I have a lot of energy during the day, and sleep just fine at night. I do however, get an occasional hot flush, and I also have a tendecy to go pee all the time. (but I suppose this is related to the huge amounts of water I take in a day). Holding thunbs for the weighing tonight, and hopefully I would’ve dropped some amount of fat off. I do however feel a lot less big… and this whole week, I have been wearing a pair of jeans, that was a month ago, very uncomfortably fitting. I’ll wait and see, but for now, I am not complaining.

  •  Getting result with side effect.
    ivy (Verified User)

    i used to take duromine. I lost abt 7kg in 30days. But , i kept feeling uptight and heart beat faster and sometimes depressed ovee nothing. Now, my weight loss is gain back due to my increased appetite. Now really struggling if i should take duromine again? Worried abt heart issues.

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Consult your Doctor before starting duromine again, and express to them your worries to see if it’s the best choice for you.

  • Can take with antidepressant meds?

    Hey amy,

    I am having the same problem. I am taking Zoloft and I dont have any hunger reduction , sleeplessness, speedy feelings etc etc and although Im cutting down of my food intake, I am not losing any weight and doubt that duromine is working for me at all.

    I suspect it may be counteracting with the anti depressant Im taking and therefore cancelling out the advantages of weight loss and disadvantages of side affects that Duromine gives.

    So, in my mind I would have to ditch the anti depressants.
    In saying that , I have tried to do that before with not so good results.

    I ended up back where I started and the reasons for taking the anti depressant. 🙁

    • jasmine

      i agree, im on anti deps, pristiq, and i was fine on 15mg of duromine, but in the last 2 weeks of stepping up to 30mg i am a complete mess. my anti deps are not working, i cant sleep, eat, crying all day, tired nauseas and dizzy, and having panic attacks. all the very bad symtoms i get with depression. they were gone for a while, but the duromine have made me feel like near not living the last week, so are they worth it? they are ruling over my anti deps, and even my xanax are not doing their job. clearly the tablets are stronger therefor making me feel worse, but im not getting any good effects from the 30 mg so i think i will stop them and spend the money on an exercise bike or something!

      • margi

        yes darl,you are mixing a deadly concoction.I think stick to your anti-d’s and mood stabilizers.Don’t dare mix them all up for the sake of wanting the attention lean women seek out.Boring

        • a noter

          antidepressants and duromine should NEVER be taken together, even the manufactors of duromine have stated those with a history of depression should not take their product it makes it 00% worse!

    • Helen

      My doctor knows I am on Citalopram and prescribed me 30mg of Duromine for one month. It is the older style of anti-depressants that shouldn’t be taken – not the SSRIs. Still, if you’re having problems, go back to the doctor.

  •  Loved the product
    Sarah L (Verified User)

    I have been on duromine for 6 weeks and have lost 11 kgs. It is fantastic, the oly side effect i get is a dry mouth. Why don’t more people know about this product, there is obesity in every country and it is increasing amongst children. Well done duromine – I’ll tell everyone i know

    • last 10

      what dose? how did u feel when u came off duromine? did u take it everyday or have 5 days on with 2 off each week?

  •  Loved the product
    Schnecke (Verified User)

    I’ve just started my 2nd week on Duromine and I have to say, I’m impressed. I did a lot of research before I filled my script and the endless list of bad side effects really made me nervous to try it. But this is my 9th day and apart from dry lips (not a dry mouth as such)and a slight pimple break out (2 of the more common side effects) I haven’t experienced any of the really bad side effects. In fact, rather than feeling like I’m running at full speed, I almost feel more relaxed. I take mine when I get up at 8am and go to bed at my normal time of 11pm(ish) it’s strange but I think I’m actually sleeping through the nights better than I ever have. I am down by 3.5kgs and making sure that I’m eating the right amounts at the right times, drinking plenty of water (which I seem to enjoy more now) and I’m keeping active. It’s relieving to not think about food 24 hours a day. I hope others have a positive experience as well.

  •  Loved the product.
    Leah3350 (Verified User)

    I got a thirty day round of duromine and am just starting my last week now. I was a bit scared of all the side effects listed but the only ones I’ve had is a bit of a dry mouth and for the first couple of days I felt a bit “speedy”. From the other reviews I read I was expecting not to even think about eating but I still feel “hungry”, I just have no inclination to eat anything. Strange, but afterall it is an Appetite Supressant, not a Hunger Supressant. I lost 5 kilos in the first week and have only lost 2kgs since then but I have probably been eating too larger meals of an evening when my partner dishes up.
    Anyway, just wanted to comment to say I haven’t had any troubles and it is a great kickstart to drop that amount of weight, instead of the disheartening 1/2kg-1kg per week. there are so many bad reviews out there that are quite scary for someone considering use. I’m sure this is because people with bad experiences take the time to review online whereas people who have no troubles don’t bother. Everyone is different, if you have none of the vulnerabilities listed on the information sheet then all you can do is give it a go and if you do start feeling that something is off, stop taking it and see your doctor.

  • I feel absolutely NO different
    Amy (Verified User)

    Hi there. I’ve recently started on duromine prescribed by my doctor. I originally went it to ask about reductil but because I take citalopram for long term depression he felt duromine was a little bit safer (after giving me a HUGE talk about side effects etc). I’ve had a friend who has used duromine to successfully give her a head start on her weight loss but she said she felt it working within hours of first taking it yet I feel absolutely NO different other than I get a hot flush about an hour and a half after I’ve taken it that last for a few seconds then disappears. Nothing else has changed with regards to appetite/energy level/sleeping habits etc. Also no side effects (thankfully). If I don’t feel any different do I assume it’s not working. I take 30mg/day. Thanks

    • amie

      hi Amy,

      i took the 30mg dose daily for about a month, i never experienced the faster heart beating or more energy, but i am warning you to be careful mixing it with other medication. I’m sure (as me and my other girlfriends who have taken duromine) most people have experienced a side effect called “duromine rage”. this side effect makes you always feel hopless, depressed, frustrated and become downright mean at unexplained times. it is not a nice feeling. so as for mixing it with depression drugs i feel it is not a good idea. i went on reductil to prevent my “duromine rage” as i was constantly being frustrated and mean to everyone i knew. reductil does not have that side effect for me and i lost about 7kg with it.

      hope this helps 🙂

      • Bonnie

        Hi Amie, I want to try reductil but apparently it is no longer available because of health concerns :(. When did you try it?

  • What are the side effects of duromine.

    What are the side effects of duromine. I was taking reductil but found it not working and quite expensive. I wanted something that was going to give me a kick – something that was going to motivate me or give me energy

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Consult your Doctor before taking Duromine because your individual side effects may differ.

  •  I've been on duromine for 3 months now and was really happy with my weight loss
    Lisa (Verified User)

    I’ve been on duromine for 3 months now and was really happy with my weight loss. today is my last day on duromine, how do i now avoid putting the weight back on? what measures can i take to ensure my metabolic rate doesnt stand still??

    • Vanessa

      Just be sensible with your eating and exercise. Your stomach will have shrunk so dont gorge yourself. Being sensible should allow you to keep it off. You wont find it hard to do.

    • Caz

      HI Lisa, my partner has been on it for just over a week and her weight seems to be standing still. She nibbles healthy snacks. What did you do differently to promote the weight loss? I don’t want her to feel demotivated. Maybe we’re doing something wrong. Any Advice?

      • Anonymous

        Hey, I’ve been on duromine in less then a month and I have lost 20kgs, I’m due to get my next batch, but I feel I won’t need to take the full batch, don’t starve yourself, that’s what I learnt eat 3 meals a day, breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, 5:30 is my dead line to eat, if I miss it because I’m busy for the day, I won’t eat until the next morning unless I am starving ill have a small peace of fruit, I do daily exercise you’ll see the wait just drop off, it’s amazing and it changed my life!!

    • Rose

      Hi I would like to know what happen after the 12 week programme.this product even give me energy to get back to my excercise programme.
      I am also taking cipralex for depression.please advise becoz I cannot just leave my medication.
      I have so much life back I fell Young again.I use to fell 50 but I’m only 30.thanks to the manufacturers but what happen afterwards.please advise.

      • Misty

        I have (had) been on it for 6mths – I lost a total of 20kg and am now at 63Kg’s. My dr wont give it to me again and I done feel addicted to it but now I find it hard to get out of bed, and because I have the feeling of hunger it makes it so hard. I feel I have to starve my myself every day – I dont know if I can do the nxt 9kg’s on my own. any advice?

        • Lisa

          are you in Australia?

        • Hope

          I’ve been using duromine for 3 weeks now and I really see a difference, the sleepless nights were only experienced for the 1st week.
          The only problem I’m facing now is irregular menstrual cycle. I got my periods 3 times in a period of 3 weeks. Is it normal or do I have to get it checked?

      • emma

        My hubby lost 13kg in 2 months makes him so happy all good more energy makes him only want to eat healthy food and exercise more. But i am afraid that he keep loosing weight and get too skinny , so my question is when to stop taking it? So i try to take the pills from him . Today is my fourth day and i feel want to vomit stomuch feel sick should i stop ??

        • Summer (Editor)

          Emma that is something you need to speak with your doctor about. The stimulation may be too much with Duromine. Maybe check out Dietspotlight Burn. You have the caffeine for energy and other ingredients clinically shown to help fight hunger and boost metabolism.