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Emerge Review - 8 Things You Need to Know

Emerge is a weight-loss and pre-workout formula from MaxMuscle Sports Nutrition designed to blast fat and increase energy. The company’s scientists claim the product increases “fuel partitioning” by shifting the burning of fat as fuel rather than fat for storage. While the product does contain ingredients that can enhance nutrient partitioning, the combined effectiveness of these ingredients is not supported by much research.

We wanted to break down the formula’s ingredients to determine if Emerge has potential as a weight-loss solution. Our research team took a deep look into the ingredients, and we looked at real customer reviews to give you the Bottom Line on the product. Read on the learn what we found out.

Emerge can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Emerge?

So, what exactly is Emerge all about?

The manufacturer of Emerge Max Muscle is headquartered in South Dakota, and the company was started in 1990.  A look at their website tells us that they have three primary product categories: Diet and Weight Loss, Health and Wellness, and Sports Performance.

The product (and its variants) that we are interested in is the Emerge drink series, which helps reduce weight and fat. Every Emerge drink claims to act on stored fat cells to burn fat to release energy for the body to use and suppress appetite. That’s why Emerge supplement products also claim to be able to give you the best slenderizing effects. It is available in 17 flavors, including names like:

  • Classic County Lemonade
  • Snow Cone
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Passion Fruit Cooler
  • Wild Cherry Tart
  • Watermelon Splash
  • Tangy Pink Grapefruit
  • Tangerine Dream

There are strong proponents of such supplements’ benefits and ill effects, with academic opinions having a rather dim view. There are specific scientific studies by reputed researchers that establish beyond a doubt that a correctly chosen food supplement can be beneficial, and this is what the research has to say:

Emerge Competitors

Advocare Spark
Other similar products: Motiv8 Burn, Metabolife, Phentarmine
Where to Buy

Where to Buy Emerge

emerge where to buy

The most comfortable and surest way to buy Emerge supplement products is on the company’s website. The price for a single canister with 30 servings costs $59.99.

Should You Purchase Emerge?

Indeed, one needs first to understand what they require from a weight-loss beverage mix, and then spend some time browsing the various categories and variants to select the one that best meets their weight-loss requirements.

And, with so many flavors, your choice in taste may influence your decision, along with the benefits, price, ease-of-purchase, and use. Some users also mentioned that they purchased it from local stores. Additionally, many e-commerce and shopping sites also stock and ship Emerge Max Muscle products and occasionally include hefty discounts.

We thought we should add a word of caution for you when you get on to the internet and try to search for information on Emerge or for places to buy it. Since Emerge is a common word, several other websites may be displayed if your search-string is not accurate.


Emerge Claims

iHealth claims

This product claims benefits in four broad areas:

  • Helps to burn fat and reshape your body
  • Gives you increased physical energy and mental focus
  • Aids your weight-loss efforts
  • Improves mood

Let’s examine these claims.

Some of the accepted naturally available ingredients are caffeine, Guarana, green tea extract, Garcinia cambogia, and Ephedrine regarding fat-burning and weight-loss. A few natural foods for improving physical performance are coffee, beets, turmeric, pomegranates, apples, and grapes, as per an article by a reputed doctor. As you will see later, when we inspect each ingredient of Emerge individually, some of these natural ingredients are part of these products.

Another claim made by Emerge Max Muscle is that the different ingredients in their products combine and interact to promote what they refer to as fuel-partitioning. This alters metabolism to encourage the burning of fat to provide energy; rather than allowing fat to be used for energy conservation.

We were happy to see that this is an established procedure that has been studied and validated by scientific research; However, it was kind of funny to see Max Muscle talk about fuel-partitioning on their website as if it were a process patented by them.

So, let’s dive in and do some more research on Emerge to see if it is the product they claim it to be.


Ingredients of Emerge

emerge ingredients

The list of the ingredients of Emerge available on the manufacturer’s website is detailed. Apart from the usual vitamins and sugars, which seem to be at acceptable levels, they have provided a list of other ingredients under their proprietary blend sub-heading. The other components have been listed in detail for each different flavor.

Emerge ingredients include:

  • Caffeine
  • Dandelion Leaf Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Advantra Z
  • L-Taurine
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Glucuronolactone
  • Adenosine
  • Octopamine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Yohimbine
  • Vinpocetine
  • NADH
  • Evodiamine

Let’s now take a closer look at some of the essential ingredients in the proprietary complex to understand what is Emerge all about:


Caffeine has been proven to have several beneficial effects on metabolism and endurance performance. This product is loaded with close to 300mg of caffeine in each serving, so start slow.

Dandelion Leaf Extract

Dandelion extract is an excellent source of vitamins, calcium, iron, manganese, and potassium; this extract has another benefit for someone trying to lose weight–it has a diuretic effect on the body–and causes a decrease in the bodily fluid, which also allows toxic compounds to be flushed out.

Green Tea Extract

The benefits have been well documented regarding all the essential nutrients they can provide to the body. But, precisely for someone wanting to lose weight, the attraction of green tea extract lies in its potential for aiding in weight loss, according to a review of research published in the Canadian Pharmacists Journal.

Hoodia Gordonii

This contains a component called P57, which is supposed to suppress appetite by tricking the brain into feeling less hungry and thirsty; however, we only have the faith of African bushmen to go with, since they used to eat this plant to keep their hunger and thirst at bay. We checked with WebMD and Natural Medicines and couldn’t find any reliable scientific study to validate this.

Zhi-shi (no longer listed on the label)

This is mentioned under the registered name Advantra Z on the manufacturers’ website and is an herb in China. It is also sometimes referred to as Bitter Orange extract.


We read reports relating to taurine as a “wonder” ingredient the body needs as a part of natural nutrition and as a supplement, if possible. It may help with weight loss.

Panax Ginseng Powder

We have heard about the aphrodisiac properties of ginseng, but a slightly lesser-known attribute is that it makes a user “feel good.” And it also claims to help improve the immune system.


This occurs naturally in our body composition.


No real fat-burning properties are associated with Emerge’s ingredient; however, it interacts with the cognitive faculties, which clarifies how Emerge Max Muscle claims its products improve focus.


This is an amino acid that is supposed to provide a burst of energy, which helps give its user extra energy during an intense workout.


Like adenosine and octopamine, this ingredient is marketed as if it improves focus, says the FDA.

There are more ingredients; however, the above list contains the most important ones.

So, what do we make of these ingredients? Taken individually, every one of them has some benefit; however, some of these ingredients also caused side effects to occur.

Side Effects

Possible Side Effects of Emerge

emerge side effects

  1. Too much of anything is wrong, so it is strongly recommended that Emerge is taken in small quantities at first. The one thing in Emerge that worries us is the 300mg of caffeine in each serving.
  2. The caffeine in Emerge might be all good, but it could also cause headaches or migraines, so be aware of how much you use.
  3. Because of the increased energy coursing through your veins, the down-times you are not working out could cause you to experience some jitteriness or sleeplessness symptoms.
  4. Caffeine is known to be addictive. To make sure you do not get addicted to Emerge, stop using it for a few days occasionally.
  5. It is common to see folks swigging from cans of energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Monster, etc., before or after their workouts. But, if you are using Emerge, which contains niacin, you must not drink other energy drinks.

The manufacturer’s website also provides a long list of warnings for users. If you suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions or take medication, please consult a healthcare professional before using Emerge.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Good customer service
  • Clear ingredients list
  • Burns fat
  • Improves mood


  • Unclear dosage instructions
  • Hard to find
  • Bad taste

What Users Are Saying

“heck yea!!! I always liked the cherry best. Tasted just like a popsicle!”

“It’s not bang!”

“No way?! Amazing news! Best part of waking up is Emerge in your cup!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Emerge

So, should you put on your running shoes to head out for Emerge? We found a few positives like company longevity, professional headquarters and a good customer service team, but these benefits are not enough to convince us to support the product. We are concerned about side effects and price, as the supplement costs more per serving than some energy shots with the same ingredients.

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What are the side effects of Emerge?

Emerge side effects may include jitters, nausea and general agitation, according to some dieters who’ve tried it.

What are the ingredients in Emerge?

Emerge ingredients are caffeine, Advantra Z, green tea, and B vitamins. The full list of ingredients varies based on flavor.

Does Emerge work?

Emerge is essentially an energy drink mix delivered as a weight-loss formula. Many of the ingredients, such as green tea and B vitamins can be purchased separately for a much lower cost.

How much does Emerge cost?

Emerge costs $69.99. This gives you 30 servings, but the manufacturer doesn’t tell you whether you need one or two servings a day. At two servings per day, you could be spending more than $130 a month.

How should I take Emerge?

The manufacturer says you should use one scoop per serving, but does not tell you how many servings per day to use. We assume one scoop is to be mixed into water and taken before or with a meal.

Where can I buy Emerge?

Emerge can be purchased using their Official Site.

How many calories are in a can of Emerge?

Each can of Emerge contains 44 calories.

Do I have to have a blender to use Emerge?

No, you can mix the drink with a spoon.

What is EMERGE?

EMERGE is fruit-flavored, carbonated energy drink.

How many calories are in a can of EMERGE?

Each can of EMERGE contains 44 calories.

18 Emerge Reviews

  • The product data sheet says 300 mg caffeine per serving, one scoop.

    The product data sheet says 300mg caffeine per serving, one scoop

  • I love it!
    Danielle (Verified Purchase)

    I don’t drink carbonated drinks, energy drinks, energy shots or coffee. I pretty much stick to water and occasional Dandy lion root tea. I was apprehensive about this product. I did half a scoop as suggested with 12 Oz of water with my breakfast. I didn’t feel jittery at all, just a boost of energy and a little on the hotter side for about 30 min. I love it. I plan on buying some when I’m done with my sample

  • joe

    this product is great I highly recommend this. only thing negative is the price its like 55$

  • It is not better than clean eats and exercise.
    sweetpick (Verified Purchase)

    It is no better than clean eats and excersize

  • Is anyone on synthroid while taking emerge?

    is anyone on synthroid while taking emerge? if so, how do you feel? does it make ur heart race? I should be getting my order today. Kinda nerveous about taking it since it said something about the ephedra like substance.

    • andy

      I take synthroid and have no problems with emerge or FBX.

    • Lorena Markowicz

      I take it and have no problem at all drinking emerge, it gives me more energy and I can focus better. I just love it!

  • Don't drink everyday. It will wig your body out!
    Tony (Verified Purchase)

    Does help with the water weight and the fiber doesn’t make me crampy.

    Don’t drink everyday. It will wig your body out!

  • Emerge is awesome stuff!
    Nicole (Verified Purchase)

    Emerge is awesome stuff!, but WOW having trouble sleeping!!

  • I am going to continue to try it in very small amounts and see how it goes.
    Taylor (Verified Purchase)

    I just got a sample from my local store and it took me 3 days to get through one scoop. Maybe I’m ultra sensitive, but it does make me jittery and a little wigged out. On the flip-side, with just that tiny amount in 3 days I have definitely shed some water weight. The ephedra-like substance does worry me a bit, but I am going to continue to try it in very small amounts and see how it goes.

    • Billy

      Hey I just tried a sample of Emerge today after 15-20mins I felt great! I was still in the store and felt so great I bought a tub of it. Well an hour after that, just like you, I became super jittery. I couldn’t sit still. I had to get up and walk around for a while to take my mind of it. Now it’s 7 hours later and I’m just a little off still. Since I bought this product already, I was thinking of taking very little amounts to see if there’s a difference? I noticed you said that’s what you were gonna try, just wondering if you did do that and how that worked out for you? Thanks in advance-Billy

  • Loved the product.
    Janice (Verified Purchase)

    I tried the watermelon and loved it. Nice feeling not jittery at all if taken as directed. Took two scoops within about a 4 hour period & it did kind of wig me out a little until I ate. Love the taste. My partner tried it & ran out same day & got the green apple. Did’t like the flavor as well but it was o.k. I got a cold so I haven’t been consistent with taking it but I will update. I love Max Muscle! They are so much more informed than other supplement stores! The one in Clackamas Oregon is REALLY good.

  • Loved the product.
    Richard westhafer

    I talked to a fellow customer today.About Emerge he said he had used Emerge.That it has been working for him as a fat reducer.

  • Highly recommended product
    Marcus (Verified Purchase)

    Emerge is good stuff i was stuck at a weight for awhile why in the process of losing weight and soon as i started taking Emerge I got over that hump. I would recommend.

    • Jess

      YES! Exactly what happened to me. I hit a plateau and this helped me get passed it, I’m so happy with the drink!

  • It contains caffeine
    brian sherwood (Verified Purchase)

    It has 300mg caffeine per scoop. It is on the label.

    • Beth

      They also tell you not to do a full scoop until you see how you feel. They are very good about informing you about the product on how and when to take it.

      • Anonymous

        You said it! I don’t know why people talk before reading!!