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Eola Review - Do These Weight-Loss Drops Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 27, 2017

I paused before I hit the “publish” button on this one, because my conclusion was a bit of a shocker. Our in-depth review focused on E’OLA side effects, ingredients, customer care and scientific studies. Additionally, we examined hundreds of user comments and testimonials. Finally, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is E’OLA?

First off, E’OLA ingredients include ephedra and caffeine. The dietary supplement promotes weight-loss by boosting metabolism, increasing energy levels and reduce appetite. You simply dispense a few drops in your mouth daily. One benefit is that no special diet or exercise program is required.

E’OLA was released back in 1997 from E’OLA International. It appears as if the supplement is no longer sold through an official website or trusted retailers. We like that we found a few positive comments and the ease of use, but read on…

Questionable Ingredients – “Is It Safe?”

Our first concern is the safety of E’OLA ingredients. “The supplement contains ephedra, which was banned back in 2003,” said our Research Editor. “This was due to serious side effects and health conditions.”

One user commented, “Makes my heart race, but I am losing some weight.”

Another review mentioned, “Ephedra will cause some adverse effects like rapid heartbeat and headache, but the weight-loss results are there.”

On the other hand, we found a few customers that didn’t call the ingredients into question.

“I didn’t over do it. I only used a few drops to test my tolerance level,” said a user.

Lack Of Availability – “Another Concern?”

Another concern we have is with the availability of E’OLA. One person reported, “This stuff is long gone. I used it back in the 90s. Works, but can’t find it these days.”

“Used this liquid from 2000 to 2001 and it worked. Now it’s clearly not for sale,” posted another individual.

On the other hand, a different customer stated, “Found a few bottles of this on eBay a few years back.”

“I can’t vouch for the site, but I did find a few bottles of E’OLA and they’re cheap,” stated another.

The extensive research we’ve conducted has shown if there’s a certain part of a weight-loss product that’s concerning, like not being sold through trusted retailers, the likelihood of long-term success is slim. So, if you can’t buy E’OLA, was it really of any value?

E’OLA – “Any Science?”

Here at DietSpotlight, we like to see some actual science that backs up the supplement we’re reviewing. As for E’OLA, this product does offer both ephedra and caffeine. Together these ingredients have been shown to boost thermogenesis or fat burning. However, the side effects and health concerns associated with the combination are not worth the weight-loss results.

The Bottom Line – Does E’OLA Work?

So, should you scour the web for a bottle of this one? Well, we appreciate that it’s easy to take and doesn’t require a prescription, but we’re hesitant about to suggest it because there’s no science proving you’ll lose weight. Furthermore, we’re concerned about E’OLA side effects and product availability reported by customers.

If you really want to drop some weight, then we suggest going with a product that’s easy to find online, doesn’t contain harmful ingredients and is backed by solid science.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. This formula promotes weight-loss by offering four clinically-tested ingredients, which have been shown to help improve fat loss and spark metabolism. We have not found any discouraging user comments and customer reviews are talking about their great results.

The makers of Leptigen are so satisfied with their product, they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

Previous Eola Review (Updated August 24, 2007):

Eola - What You Should Know

Eola is a weight loss supplement that comes in the form of a liquid. This dietary product was manufactured by New Concepts Com, LLC, however, is no longer on the market. Apparently, Eola was discontinued in 2003. Currently there is an alternative weight reduction supplement called Amp 1 and Thin 2. When Eola was on the market, it endeavored to assist users by boosting metabolic rates, burning away fat, suppressing appetite and increasing energy levels. Unfortunately the original Eola contained Ephedra and was banned. There do not appear to be any customer testimonials offered to support Eola. However, Eola is still available from numerous online vendors, so we will take a quick look at it.

The primary active components found in Eola supplements were Caffeine (stimulant that boosts energy levels) and Ephedra (stimulates the metabolism and curbs hunger). The original Eola drops were known as "thermogenic diet drops." This basically means that they aimed to increase the heat within the user's body and burn more fat. As for the new version of this supplement, Amp 1 and Thin 2, a different active ingredient is incorporated called CocoGen, which is derived comes from a cocoa plant. This weight loss formula sells via the official website for $55, but doesn't appear to be offered with a 100 percent money-back/satisfaction guarantee. Unfortunately there are no free trial samples of Amp 1 and Thin 2 provided through the official website at this time. There doesn't seem to be any particular diet plan or fitness regimen recommended on the website.

List of Ingredients in Eola

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Eola is essentially a weight loss product that has been discontinued, due to its key ingredient Ephedra, which was proven to pose potentially dangerous health risks. This diet drug used to come in liquid form and was claimed to assist users by boosting metabolic rates, burning away fat, suppressing appetite and increasing energy levels. The two notable ingredients offered in Eola were Caffeine (stimulant that boosts energy levels) and Ephedra (stimulates the metabolism and curbs hunger). While this diet supplement is no longer available, it has been replaced by a different liquid product known as Amp 1 and Thin 2 ($55). There doesn't appear to be any real clinical data presented on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of this product.

Eola Advantages

  • Eola was sold in a convenient liquid form.
  • Eola was geared toward both women and men trying to lose weight.
  • Eola aimed to boost energy levels, increase the metabolism, suppress hunger and burn fat.

Eola Disadvantages

  • Eola has been discontinued by the federal government.
  • Eola contained Ephedra.
  • There are no customer testimonials offered for Eola diet supplements.
  • Eola may have contained ingredients that were not suitable for some individuals.
  • A full ingredient list for Eola drops was not offered.
  • The replacement supplement, Amp 1 and Thin 2, does not appear to be offered with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • There are no free trial samples offered through the official website.


When all is said and done, Eola is not likely a diet supplement that would do well, even if it were still available on the market. The fact that this product contained Ephedra will certainly act as a red flag for many educated individuals. Even in regards to the replacement liquid supplement, Amp 1 and Thin 2, it would be nice to see some actual clinical research posted on the official website, along with a money-back guarantee, some customer testimonials and a few free trial samples of the product itself.

Eola Questions & Answers:

We summed up hundreds of customer reviews and user comments about Eola into this informative FAQ.

What are the side effects of Eola?

Eola side effects may include jitteriness, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, headache, nausea and insomnia. This is according to some customer reviews found online.

What are the ingredients in Eola?

Eola ingredients include ephedra and caffeine.

Does Eola work?

Both ingredients found in Eola are clinically tested. In fact, both have been shown to help with weight-loss. Ephedra helps boost thermogenesis. Caffeine is a stimulant that increases metabolism and energy levels. When combined, these components are more effective. However, they can lead to serious adverse effects as well.

You should think about trying an alternative to Eola. A safer weight-loss supplement that also uses clinically tested ingredients is Leptigen.

How much does Eola cost?

The actual price for Eola diet drops is no longer available. This product was discontinued back in 2003.

How should I take Eola?

In order to use Eola, you simply dispense a few drops in the mouth daily. A bottle is supposed to last for a month.

How do I contact New Concepts, LLC customer service?

Unfortunately this company appears to be closed.

Can I take Eola if I have a health condition?

People taking prescription drugs and those with health conditions should not use Eola drops, unless a doctor says it’s okay. This weight-loss formula is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Those under the age of 18 should not take this diet supplement.

What do users like about Eola?

Some people like that Eola diet drops are easy to take anywhere. Also, some customers said that this weight-loss product increases energy levels.

What do users not like about Eola?

Some users do not like that Eola drops can lead to side effects. Other customers have complained about this product not being available anywhere.

Can you buy Eola online?

No, it doesn’t look like Eola drops are available online any longer.

Is Eola dangerous?

Well, Eola contains a banned ingredient called ephedra. This substance can lead to serious side effects in some users.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Eola?

No, we’re not aware of any special discounts on Eola at the moment. On the other hand, recently many of our readers have been going crazy about Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer. It’s only the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a go.

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Rating: 4.7. From 10 votes.
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Eola Review

How Does Eola Compare?

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EOLA was the best product out there for weight loss. I wish it was still on the market, I would still buy it. Just because a few people abused the drops, the government chose to ban it. There is absolutely nothing on the market today that even compares.


Bring the product back!


i loved Eola it was a wonderful product I lost weight and had so much energy! Has any found any other product that works.


Eola was the best thing I ever tried for weight loss. I lost over 60lbs in less than 9 months. I have never had anything bad happen to me bc of it. They also had other products, and one of them was for acne and it worked WONDERFUL! I really wish this product was still around.

DarleneGordonur Name

eola was the only and best that worked for me

Your NameJanet

I miss it. It was the only thing that help my metabolism increase and I lost weight, It was the only thing that worked for me.


I absolutely loved Eola drops. If they were still available I would not only be a customer but a distributor! there were amazing!!

Your Name

I may have another solution. Of course there is absolutely no replacement for The Amp and thin drops, but the culture and philosophy of the company reminds me of Eola. One of the only few companies to this date that really was a great company!!


Introduced to in 1995. Saw my ex-wife drop 35+ pounds in weeks. I reluctantly tried it . Was absolutely amazed at the way it made you feel. Energy to burn . Great attitude adj. Lost weight. Never increased my dosage in over 7 years. Was’nt really trying to, but sold to people who experienced the same awesome results. Would love to get the original back. More than worth the price! Six Stars!


I used Eola back in 2000-2001. I lost 110 lbs in under a year. It gave me so much energy and curbed my appetite to the point I had to remind myself that I needed to eat. Now after having had 3 babies, I wish this product was still available. I need the extra help that I can’t seem to get anywhere else. sad


I used eola back in 1995 ish to get ready for a wedding that I was in. I took the product as recommended on the bottle and saw results within two weeks. My heart raced but I lost the weight. I lost weight mostly it seems in my back area. I purchased the product in the Spokane mall at a kiosk inside the mall. I often wondered what happened to this product. Is it that they cannot sell it anymore bdecause of the ephedra ban in the US.I must say this product worked. IT was a bit costly but worth it.
I would buy this product again but cannot find it.


Only weight loss supplement that worked for me and my family for years. We were devastated when the government forced the drops off the market. If anyone knows of how to obtain them now, please contact me! I had energy, clarity, weight loss and no side effects. Leave it to a few abusers to ruin it for all of us …


This was by far the best product out there. I can’t believe it was banned.


I loved it, it changed my life lost 49 pounds in a year. Please bring it back!

Your Name

I totally agree with you! I lost about the same amount of weight as you! And there were many reviews when it was still on the market.


I used Eola drops for a couple years. It was the only thing that I tried that worked! I had those last stubborn 20 pounds that would not go away. I didn’t need the full dosage to loose the weight. The key thing for them to work was to listen to your body and use what it needs. Now that I am much older and my metabolism has slowed down I wish I could get the Liqua thin drops and Amp. And for this site to say there were no reviews on this product is a lie! Just look at what people are saying on here! As for current reviews….well it is hard to review a webpage that is no longer in existence! So it is an unfair statement about no reviews!


I’ve tried to live before how do I order are they the old

Nancy Smith

I loved Eola it worked great! I had so much energy and helped me lose weight, it was the only product I found that worked all the other ones, its even better then Garcinal. I wished it was still being sold.


I lost over 100lbs


You are 100% right it was the best and the greatest

Your Name

I lost over 100lbs and had energy. This product works. us your thoughts about Eola.

Donna Rice

I’ve been looking for this product for over 14yrs now and can’t find it….In need of finding this again…….Help me help me find this product again

renee price

How can I find and purchase amp1 & thin2 drops now? Eola worked so well would like to try a SIMILAR product. Thank u.

Madonna kennedy

It work great for me lost 25 lbs

Tina Zeigler

I was on a search looking for eola product pro amp and liquid thin. I personally have a testimony to the effectiveness of these drops. I only took half the dose of pro amp drops in a little bit of water and I took the full dose of the liquid thin drops. I have asthma so normally exercise for me is painful and hard to breath. When I took these drops it was for six weeks. I did not become addicted to them. I had no trouble. I lost 1/2 pound a day. I was able to ride my mountain bike up to 10 miles a day. I also began walking around town. I did start out the first day with the full dose of pro amp. I had way too much energy and way to much sex drive. I had to back up to half. I have all good reviews on this product.

Teri Barnett

I started using E’ola drops in 1998, and out come was a success. I don’t like the effects of any diet supplements which makes my heart rate increase and jittery feeling. With e’ola if I started off with 4 drops, and if I felt the jittery effects I would back down to 3 drops. I Lost weight and sizes in clothing in a matter of 3mo. I absolutely loved it, and now I’m searching for something that I can control.