Updated: 10/10/2017

EZ Shaper Review

By Summer Banks Oct 17, 2017
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What is EZ Shaper?

E.Z. Shaper is a weight loss formula that claims to target stubborn areas where fat may accumulate, such as the hips or thighs, and claims to help eliminate fat in those specific regions. Their formula incorporates both synthetic and herbal ingredients, which include Aloe and Polygonum Multiflorum, ingredients purified through their “topology” technology. These ingredients are claimed to speed up the fat burning processes in specific regions, resulting in reduced weight, fat distribution, and curbed carvings. It says there are no side effects correlated with its product.

E.Z. Shaper currently has limited availability in the United States, and the only mode of purchase available is online, either through independent stores or online sellers on Ebay. Prices vary, but it is generally sold for $30.00 per bottle. One bottle is claimed to help dieters lose 15lbs, and says it even works without additional diet or exercise. This claim is a bit suspicious.


E.Z. Shaper contains Polygonum Multiflorum, Gynostemma
Pentaphyllum, Lotus Leaf, Mulberry, Aloe, Fructus Crataegi, Ganoderma Lucidum, Alisma Orientale, Spirulina, Calcium Pyruvat.

Product Features

E.Z. Shaper uses a variety of synthetic and herbal ingredients as a mode of promoting weight loss, which includes Polygonum Multiflorum and other derivatives. Polygonum Multiflorum, the scientific name for Chinese Knotweed (often referred to as Fo-Ti), is an herbal ingredient used extensively in Chinese medicine. No dietary benefits have been located for this key ingredient, although it is shown to have a laxative effect. This may be an important issue for those with digestive issues, as it may increase the severity of these issues. Aloe, another key ingredient, also contains the same side effect, and E.Z. Shaper may be no more than a glorified laxative product. It may produce weight loss temporarily, due to the water weight lost through the laxative effect, but this weight will be regained once food is consumed. It may not provide the type of benefits sought out by many dieters, and none of its ingredients are shown to decrease fat in key areas.


  • Is comprised of some natural ingredients, including Polygonum Multiflorum and Aloe.
  • Is generally cheaper compared to other diet supplements available today.


  • Appears to have only limited availability online through independent sellers.
  • Contains several ingredients which may promote a laxative effect.
  • Does not contain any ingredients which target fat loss.


E.Z. Shaper claims to break down fat on specific areas of the body, but when it comes to the facts, it appears some of its ingredients may promote another unwanted effect — diarrhea. While maintaining a digestive system and promoting regulation is an important issue for dieters, this may not provide the type of permanent weight loss sought out by many dieters.

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8 EZ Shaper Reviews

  • Ellen

    How can I find a EZ Shaper distributor in Houston, Tx? I lost 26 lbs in a couple of months but cant find it in Tx.

  • Where to buy
    Laura (Verified User)

    I have had tremendous results with ez shaper as did many of my coworkers and friends, I do have trouble getting it and when I do I pay 55 a bottle, any suggestions on where I can but it for less?

    • Ann

      Hi. My accupuncture doctor recently suggested I try this product. She gave me 3 samples. Being a nurse I am a little leary of this sort of thing. Did it have undesirable side effects?

      • amy

        I’ve been taking the diet pills for about 3 weeks now, almost done with one bottle. At first there were no side effects, after about 2 days my mouth became really dry and no matter how much water I drank, it never felt better. But it wasn’t so bad to the point that I stopped taking them. This went away after about 3-4 days. Then I didn’t have anymore side effects until about 2 days ago, I started having trouble breathing, felt like I was breathing through a straw so I often have to take deep breaths and when I do it feels like something it pressing down on my chest so that I can’t fully inhale. Other than that, nothing else seems to be bad. The trouble breathing has me worried though but I’m just trying to drink a lot of water and eat healthy.

        • Holly

          I also had my acupuncture doctor sell me this product and I too had trouble breathing. I didn’t associate it with the pill but looking back i think that may be it. I had an asthma and chest x-ray because i really couldnt catch my breath. One of the warnings indidcated is not to take if you have any cardiovascular problems.

      • Jenny

        Dea amy,

        what happened? did you resume taking the pills? did your breathing get all better while taking them or did you have to stop? I just bought a bottle for $60 and took one so far but i have asthma and now i am worried!

        • carol

          I took 3 bottles last year from april – july… I didn’t really have any side effects and I felt the pills has reduced appetite. I did lose a bit of the weight but I think my body adjusted very quickly… My appetite came back when I started my third bottle… haha… I might try again this year with more water and exercise.

    • Pharel

      I would try an herbal store and see if they have it, I live in Philly and have to go to Chinatown herbs in order to get it. I stopped taking it the past few years because of the price. I did see results from it. Call around to different natural or herbal stores in your area.. If they have website, you should be able to purchase from online. Good Luck!!