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Fat Fighter Review - 17 Things You Need to Know

Fat Fighter by It Works! is reputed to block carbohydrates and dietary fat, enabling a dieter to continue to lose weight while enjoying decadent foods. But the fine print states that Fat Fighter “will absorb some of the fat and carbohydrates from your food.” It seems this product has a high potential for misuse by consumers, and It Works! doesn’t provide any guidelines for the number of carbs and fat a person can consume while using the product.

Clinical studies on the two main ingredients, white kidney bean extract, and prickly pear cactus, are limited. So, we dug into the science behind Fat Fighter to give you the Bottom Line on the product. Read on to learn what we found.

Fat Fighter can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Fat Fighter?

Fat Fighter is a product that helps aid in weight loss. The product claims to operate by creating a blockade of fat and carbohydrates which the body could otherwise absorb. The advanced fat fighter claims to help “proper digestion of bacteria, lower the cholesterol levels, and speed up metabolism.”

The company mentions that it uses NeOpuntia, which is a kind of cactus that is drawn from prickly pear cactus. This ingredient is responsible for the absorption of fat in the Fat Fighter pills. The directions of its consumption are taking two capsules within 60 minutes of eating or with the food.

Now, let’s take a short look at how research describes prickly pear and chromium, in terms of weight loss.

  • Food Chemistry – Prickly pear is a fantastic source of dietary fiber. Fiber has been shown to slow the digestive process, so the stomach stays full longer and you feel less hungry between meals.
  • Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization – There’s also evidence of antioxidant properties, but the overall effect of prickly pear often depends on the location where the fruit was grown.
  • Clinical Obesity – As for chromium, “The role of chromium as a weight loss agent remains questionable, and although previous meta‐analyses findings have reported small reductions in body weight in individuals with overweight/obesity following chromium supplementation, there have been significant limitations with these findings.”

Products Similar to Fat Fighter

Pharmapure Sugar Blocker

How Did Fat Fighter Start?

Fat Fighter is known to be manufactured by a Florida-based company known as “It Works.” The company operates from direct sales. They are known to hire individuals who become their independent distributors. However, individual distributors are not considered company employees.

These types of companies are known to lure individuals to work for them on the basis that one controls their schedule, and there is a possibility of cashing in vast amounts of money. However, not everyone who joins finds it cozy.

How Did Fat Fighter Start?

The company displays its calendar and other various information that concerns “It Works” on their website.

The company further lists that it deals with other products that fall under body care, skincare, and body nutritional supplements. In the digital world wave, the company understands the importance of social media as they have a significant presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Fat Fighter Ingredients

Fat Fighter has ten ingredients, and, of the elements, only two are not within the boundaries of a proprietary blend. The two parts of its cactus-based formula are:

  • NeOpuntia with a total weight of 500 mg. NeOpuntia is the name of Opuntia ficus-indica, a prickly pear cactus. The cactus is said to prevent fat from being absorbed by binding it. It is a product of Bio Serae Labs Sas, a French company. Two Tablets of Fat Fighter contain 500 mg of NeOpuntia.
  • Chromium contains 150 mcg, a recommended daily value of 130%, and it’s the only ingredient in the concoction, which is recommended daily.

The other eight ingredients have a total combined weight of 510 mg, and they are a proprietary blend, as we stated earlier. They include:

Bitter Melon Fruit

It is known as Momordica chara, and most of the research conducted has been limited to rats and mice.

Based on the research in the IJC, some of the rats and mice used the oil from seeds of bitter melon. As such, the analysis is not based on the fruit, which is what Fat Fighter contains.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Vanadium, which is listed last in the proprietary blend ingredients, might be the least amount. This is a good sign as vanadium is toxic at high levels.

They don’t exactly tell us the amount of vanadium in Fat Fighter. 1.8 mg per day for adults is the amount recommended, and anything beyond the recommended dose may cause the side effects to become noticeable, based on information from the National Toxicology Program.

Gymnema Sylvestre

The majority of research we came across is based on mice and rats.

The one study on a human, published in IJP Online, that we came across claims that Gymnema Sylvestre helps in weight reduction has a combination of three elements. The study, which was published in 2004, showed that a combination of Garcinia Cambogia (4994 mg) + Gymnema Sylvestre + niacin-bound chromium (4 mg) resulted in more weight loss than those taking placebo.

All of the three ingredients are found in Fat Fighter. A point of note, the three components used in the study are much more than those contained in Fat Fighter.

Gymnema Sylvestre is contained in the following products we have come across:

Green Tea Leaf Extract

The label on Fat Fighter indicates this extract contains 20% caffeine though they don’t mention which extract they are using. Caffeine is the single favorite weight loss supplement ingredient.

It is also found in these supplements which you might have heard before:

Garcinia Cambogia

The active ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia is known to be hydroxycitric acid. Garcinia Cambogia is known to work by preventing carbohydrates from being transformed into fat.

Fat Fighter Ingredients

Garcinia cambogia is indicated as the first ingredient of the mixture, which could be mean it comprises the most. Based on research, only 500 mg of Garcinia Cambogia does not work.

Wheat Amylase Inhibitor

Amylase is an enzyme that helps us absorb carbohydrates. This ingredient is a starch blocker derived from wheat. It works the same as Phaseolus vulgaris discussed above.

Does Fat Fighter Work?

Fat Fighter reviews have some positive customer comments. It is good that Fat Fighter pills contain a few natural ingredients, but we are concerned that there is no research connecting to this weight loss formula. Additionally, we are worried that some of the negative Fat Fighter reviews raise concerns that it does not work at all. By way of Amazon, the product is awarded 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Furthermore, the official website offers no clinical trials which are scientifically driven performed on Fat Fighter pills nor the individual ingredients which make up the concoction.

Benefits & Results

Fat Fighter Benefits and Results

Those who partake Fat Fighter claim that if you take it at the right time [15 minutes to 60 minutes after taking your meal], “it works wonders in your weight loss campaign.”

Fat Fighter Benefits and Results

Apparently, it helps in reducing cravings and blocks some carbs and fat from meals. This is supposed to lead to significant weight-loss.

How Does Fat Fighter Work?

Fat Fighter pills are taken six times a day, which is recommended by the Fat Fighter regimen. It is recommended you take this recommended dosage to receive the proper amount of fiber throughout the day. The claim made to justify the intake is that the pills’ amount will be enough to make you feel full. That way, you will consume less, leading to weight loss.

An enzyme known as L-Carnitine is contained in the Fat Fighter, and it transports protein to parts of the body, which can turn it into usable energy. If you increase the amount of L-Carnitine in your body, it can allegedly improve the conversion process leading to much more efficient weight loss.

Unfortunately, there are negative Fat Fighter reviews in the sites where it’s sold. Many of the users are unsatisfied and disappointed because they take many pills a day, and there is little weight loss to show. Therefore, weight loss is not guaranteed.


How to Use Fat Fighter

You can take two Fat Fighters 15 minutes to one hour after consuming the most substantial meal of the day. Moreover, Fat Fighter pills work when you have a snack with high-fat content.

You are allowed to take a maximum of 6 pills a day. Since the bottle contains 60 pills, it will last ten days if you take the maximum dosage daily.

Side Effects

Potential Fat Fighter Side Effects

Potential Fat Fighter Side Effects

As every product has pros and cons to the user, Fat Fighter is no exception. Some of the advanced Fat Fighter users complain of prolonged migraines after taking them. Others complained of experiencing:

  • Bouts of diarrhea with pretty moderate cramps
  • Bloated stomach aches
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
Product Warnings

Fat Fighter Product Warnings

Every reputable manufacturer attaches a warning to his or her products. Fat Fighter comes with its hints that every potential user should highly consider:

  • Pregnant or those intending to get pregnant are highly advised against using the product. Fat Fighter is designed to be used by healthy over 18 adults.
  • Those sensitive to ingredients with high stimulants or caffeine should avoid fat fighter.
  • One should also not use the fat fighter continuously for eight weeks.
  • One serving of the product has caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee.
  • When taking Fat Fighter, one should keep off alcohol.
  • Those with known medical or health conditions are advised to consult a physician before indulging in the product.
  • Fat Fighter also comes with an additional warning. When used in conjunction with a calorie-reduced diet and a strict exercise program, the overall improvements vary by individuals related to your exercise, age, body frame, diet, and daily activities.
  • Fat Fighter should be stored in cool, dry places and kept out of reach of children. One can recycle it.

What Does Science Say About Fat Fighter?

Though the company claims to promote weight loss by providing clinically tested ingredients, there is no evidence to back up the claim.

Nevertheless, some of the elements, such as green tea and prickly pear, have been involved in past studies. There is no study commissioned by the company or independent scientists, which supports the weight loss formula by Fat Fighter.

Any Fat Fighter Lawsuit?

As the saying goes by, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. What works for you may not work for someone else, and we all react in different ways.

Any Fat Fighter Lawsuit?

Having searched for the top-class actions website and other online review pages, we could not come across a lawsuit filed against Fat Fighter.

Where Can You Buy It Works! Fat Fighter?

It Works! Fat Fighter is available through It Works! an It Works! Distributor and Amazon. The price on Amazon in late 2020 was $44.95. The official website lists $25.00 for Loyal Customer members and $42.00 as a retail price. Both are lower than the Amazon listing. Typically, companies like this don’t sell on Amazon, so that it may be a distributor listing and not a company listing.

What is It Works!?

Thanks to the explosion of digital space over the past decade, multi-level marketing is becoming a household conversation topic through which the products are being sold. Multi-level marketing works in the same spirit as the pyramid scheme. That is, there are hierarchy sellers who not only sell the It Works Fat Fighter with carb inhibitors but also recruit sellers.

A marketer receives commissions from the sales he or she makes and on his or her enrollees and recruits of their recruits, and the hierarchy continues down the line. Recruiting distributors to your network is the best way to earn money in multi-level marketing.

It is important to note that pyramid schemes are illegal, but multi-level marketing is legal. There is a product being sold in multi-level marketing, but in pyramid schemes, there is no product.

It Works directly in the multi-level marketing category as it sells healthy lifestyle products and weight loss products. It Works was started by Mark Pentecost in 2001. It started by selling body toning wraps that Pentecost found in Mexico after securing rights to the products.

It took some time before kicking off, but in 2008 It Works was on its path to global success. The company uses incentives to pay off college loans to lure young graduates or current college students.

How is It Works! Rated?

It Works is rated at a C+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The reason for its low grading is the numerous customer complaints and negative reviews. As of April 2019, there is a warning on the BBB website that tells readers about a “pattern of complaints,” focusing most often on billing issues.

We researched what the unhappy customers were saying to get at the root of the problem, and most complained of billing and poor customer service.

How is It Works! Rated?

The customers were unhappy that they couldn’t cancel a shipment, get a refund, or both be unhappy with the products they bought.

Most of the complaints stemmed from customers who signed up for Loyal Customer. Most people complained of the $50 cancellation fee, which most didn’t expect. Apparently, customers are encouraged to join the Loyal Customer program as it allows them to receive a 40% discount. To be eligible for the discount, one has to sign for automatic shipping every month.

The problem arises where one has to stick with automatic shipping for at least three months, whereby a cancellation attracts a penalty of $50 quoted as “membership fee.” Most of the customers are not aware of this when they are signing up.


Limitations of Fat Fighter

  • The ingredients found in Fat Fighter are grossly under-dosed compared to the actual research findings.
  • There is no explanation of how it works for customers using them and reviews regarding Fat Fighter.
  • The company set up encourages confusing billings and contracts.
  • There numerous complaints filed in the Better Business Bureau regarding the monthly billings and contracts.

Fat Fighter Alternatives


The most common, psychoactive substance found in the world, caffeine is mostly found in green tea, dark chocolate, and coffee.

How does it work?

Caffeine is known to increase fat burning and may help boost metabolism.

Is it effective?

Past research in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows caffeine helps in modest weight loss.

Side Effects?

When consumed in high numbers, caffeine causes nausea, jitteriness, sleeping issues, and irritability.

Thermogenic Weight Loss Formula

Thermogenesis is the metabolic process in which your body produces heat by burning calories.

How does it work?

Works as an appetite suppressant and carb inhibitor.

Is it effective?

Without knowing the specific ingredients in the thermogenic weight-loss formula, it is uncertain whether it is effective.

Side Effects?

When certain thermogenic ingredients are taken in high amounts, it can cause nausea, sleep issues, and diarrhea, depending on the compound.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I highly recommend it – It work for me I lost 5 pounds so far.”

“Completely dehydrating – Awful, awful product! I drink water regularly and consider myself appropriately hydrated. Within 45 minutes of taking one pill, I had a headache and my lips were extremely dry. I drank so much water that I went to the bathroom every 30 minutes for a few hours but I still had the headache. It may help you lose weight but it’s probably just water weight and the risks outweigh any potential benefit.”

“It didn’t work as well as it claims – I didn’t like this product. I purchased it for weight weight loss for the abdominal. I don’t recommend this product.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Fat Fighter

Still, considering It Works Fat Fighter for weight-loss? Well, we like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive customer comments, but we’re concerned about this one because there’s no research connecting this formula to you losing weight. We’re a bit skeptical due to customer reviews talking about it, causing negative side effects and not producing results.

If you really want to see results, we suggest going with a clinically-proven system.

Noom is one of the best weight-support apps we have ever seen. Noom offers personalized meal plans, support groups, and human coaching to help you lose weight and make healthier choices.

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Fat Fighter

What are the side effects of Fat Fighter?

Fat Fighter side effects that we found in user comments included bloating, stomach cramps and diarrhea.

What are the ingredients in Fat Fighter?

Fat Fighter ingredients are chromium, garcinia cambogia, green tea leaf, white kidney bean extract, bitter melon fruit, banaba leaf, gymnema sylvestre, wheat amylase inhibitor and vanadium.

Does Fat Fighter work?

We didn’t find any clinical research on the description page for Fat Fighter. If you take a look at the ingredient list you have two that are worth a try. Chromium has been shown to help support healthy blood glucose levels, which can help with cravings. Green tea is another good choice, but we have no idea how much is in there and because the proprietary blend contains only 510 mg, we don’t think there’s enough to match what’s been used in studies.

How much does Fat Fighter cost?

You will pay $39 for Fighter unless you are a Loyal Customer. They get the discounted price of $23. To join you have to sign up for a three-month autoship program. There are 60 tablets in each bottle. If you take the maximum number each day that will only last 10 days. One month could cost $117.

How should I take Fat Fighter?

You take two Fat Fighters up to one hour after the largest meals of the day. You can also use it if you have a high fat snack.

Where can I buy Fat Fighter?

Fat Fighter can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I take Fat Fighter with a fat burner?

There’s no indication that Fighter will interact with a fat burner as long as you do not take the two at the same time. Wait between one and two hours after taking Fat Fighter to take another supplement, according to It Works!

Is Fat Fighter a fat burner?

No, Fat Fighter works against fat and carbohydrates. It is not a supplement that will increase metabolism to the point you’ll notice weight-loss.

33 Fat Fighter Reviews

  • I have never ever had high blood pressure
    Rachel (Verified Purchase)

    This is y 2nd month of doing this and I think this is what is causing my high blood pressure. I have never ever had high blood pressure and now all of a sudden every time I take this I experience weird stuff and have had my blood pressure checked and sure enough it was high. Has anyone experienced this?

    • Candace (Editor)

      Rachel, this is interesting you say this if this review. We’ve not heard a case of it happening. We suggest you stop taking it until the discomfort subsides or seek your doctor’s attention.

  • relief to disvcoer omebod
    Jeff (Verified Purchase)

    May I ust say what relief to disvcoer omebod who re lly underst n what they are t l ing abouton the net. You ce tainly know how t br ng an issue to light andmake t important. ore and more e ple must look at thi nd unde stand th s ide f the story.I was surprised that you aren’t more popular since you certainly have the gift.

  • Your review doesn't seem to match the product I have.

    Your review doesn’t seem to match the product I have. It is It Works! Global TM Advanced Formula FATFIGHTER with Carb Inhibitor, because the ingredients you listed are not the formula listed on my bottle. It seems to be a fatbinder similar to FBCx. It Works! Global has several individual distributors with websites. I just wanted to come to your site to get a review of the product that wasn’t by one of the distributors, so maybe you might look a little bit more. It comes in a black bottle with silver and green print.
    I am sure your review isn’t for the product that myself and Nancy Evans (below this box) mentioned since the ingredient do not match up at all.
    lyla jean

  • Here is the product information
    Nancy Evans

    I received my Fat Fighter supplement with the It Works wrap, and the bottle states that It Works Global is the mfg.

    • Andrea Bramblett

      I am a distributor, Fat Fighter is clearly made by It Works Global and this does not match anything on the It Works bottle

      • Precious Peck

        I have the bottle in my hand and you are correct this profile/review for fatfighters is not the same.

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