Updated: 01/14/2018

Fat Flush Review - 7 Things You Need to Know

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What is fat flush?

The Fat Flush Diet is another product of Anne Louise Gittleman, a woman with a PhD in holistic nutrition and the author of a number of diet books. The idea behind the Fat Flush Diet is that by cleansing the liver of toxins, the body can drop pounds more readily. The Fat Flush Diet incorporates three phases; the two-week fat flush which will restrict calories to about 1100 a day, the ongoing fat flush that ups the calorie count to 1500 until you meet your goal, and the lifestyle eating habit which allows you to up the calorie count even more by incorporating a variety of healthy foods into the diet.

The Fat Flush Diet is spelled out in Gittleman’s book by the same name, which means dieters will have to keep up motivation on their own to complete the program. We are pleased to see that the Fat Flush Diet also incorporates other elements of healthy living like getting enough sleep, drinking sufficient water and adding supplementation. However, we wish that Gittleman would emphasize the importance of a daily exercise regimen in a weight loss program as well.

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It is no wonder that some dieters lose a number of pounds in the first two weeks with such a drastic calorie reduction prescribed. However, we would question whether this decrease in calories is really the healthiest way to diet. First, it seems that many would have trouble sticking with such a strict regimen and second, it would appear that hunger would become a problem without any sort of appetite suppressant in the mix. The recipes that are prescribed in the plan will take some time to prepare and the ingredients may be somewhat costly. This leads us to wonder about the practicality of such a program and once again to voice concern over whether this would be an easy diet to stick to until results are met.

Product Features

The Fat Flush Diet is sold on Gittleman’s website for $14 at the time of this review. Apparently the book includes recipes, menu choices, advice for eating out, tips for sticking with a long term program and other ideas for detoxification of the body.


  • The Fat Flush Diet stresses healthy habits like getting sufficient sleep and plenty of water.
  • The book is relatively inexpensive.


  • Simply offering a book leaves all of the discipline and motivation up to the dieter.
  • The diet does not appear to incorporate a daily exercise program.
  • The strict calorie reduction and limited food choices may be hard for some to stick with.
  • There is not clinical evidence to support the idea that detox is effective for weight loss.

What Users Are Saying

"”Love the book and how she breaks it down, easy to follow. If you want weight loss to work you have to work for it. It takes time to put the weight on, it takes time to take it off. If you follow the book you will have success!!”"

"”It will probably help anyone who can stick to the regimen vastly improve their health. But I was not able to get through the first 3 days (mostly liquid diet). I felt rather dehydrated and low on energy. Some of the smoothies were not the best tasting in the world.”"

"”Common sense was thrown out the window when this book was written. I wish I hadn’t wasted my money buying this book.”"


There is nothing wrong with an occasional detox program to flush out the system, but these diets have not been proven effective for weight loss over the long term. Without ongoing support and a strict calorie intake and menu plan, we don’t believe that dieters will be able to stick with the Fat Flush Diet easily. We encourage dieters to look for programs that offer a weight loss supplement with a reasonable diet and exercise to reach their goals.

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Fat Flush

What are the ingredients in Fat Flush?

For phase one, you must drink lots of cranberry juice and water, so be sure to stock up on cranberry juice. Other ingredients include essential vitamins and minerals to replace the nutrients you will miss out on by cutting down your diet.

What are the side effects of Fat Flush?

Mixing supplements with certain kinds of medication can be dangerous, so be sure to consult with your doctor before beginning the Fat Flush. The low caloric intake can also cause dizziness and headaches.

How do I know if Fat Flush is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Fat Flush work?

The Fat Flush plan has mostly positive reviews on Amazon. Many reviewers stated that they lost a great deal of weight and have felt better overall after going on the diet.

What is the price of Fat Flush?

To purchase Ann Gittleman’s book “The Fat Flush Plan”, you will spend around $15. If you buy all of the recommended supplements, prepare to spend significantly more: around $80. If you include the cost of food, you will be looking at spending around $120 total.

Where can I buy Fat Flush Plan?

You can find “The Fat Flush Plan” at most local book retailers, or through online markets such as Amazon.

How should I take the Fat Flush Supplements?

Take 1 capsule three times daily for the dieter’s multivitamin, weight loss formula, and GLA-90.

How can I contact Fat Flush customer service?

Head to annlouise.com to find contact info.

Can I return the Fat Flush Plan?

The book may be returned to your retailer, while the supplements are non-returnable.

What are the most common complaints?

The most common include excessive hunger and the cost to maintain.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

32 Fat Flush Reviews

  • How many types of fat flush diets exist and what are the risk factors of fat flush diets?
    Iraida Reyes

    How many types of fat flush diets exist and what are the risk factors of fat flush diets?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Iraida. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • I am just starting the fat flush first week
    Tom (Verified User)

    I am just starting the fat flush first week,are peaches and cantelaoupe acceptable as a snack,also can use olive oil

  • J.A.

    I agree, I lost almost 30 pounds in 4 months following the plan. I thought it worked great,

  •  Did not work for me this time
    Lauri (Verified User)

    I am on day 4 of the 2 week program- I have not lost 1 pound! I am following the diet precisely. It will be hard to make it 2 weeks without any results! I have done it in the past and successfully lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. I am 15-20 lbs overweight.

  •  Loved the product.
    Alie (Verified User)

    I have used the Flush Fat pills for 2 years, twice a year. I never bought anything else or read her book. I must to admit the pills do work. I use it as a winter fat flush and on my vacation (when I especially want to look good). Always work for me. It happened once that I exceeded 2 weeks pills in take and noticed my hairs started to fall more. It was the only time the pills gave me a side effect. I did dropped 20 pounds during my vacation time and it was easy. I will by the flush fat pills again for this year vacation time.

  •  Works for me
    Chris C.

    I have been on fat flush for 3 weeks and have lost quite a bit of weight. I find that taking the psyllium drink (aka Metamucil) in the morning and before bed is key for me not being hungry. That and you get to eat as much of the veggies as you want. If you are creative, there’s lots you can do, and I’m rarely hungry. This is something I can continue doing, after I reach my goal weight.

  •  Only 16 cups!
    lora (Verified User)

    This soup yields SIXTEEN cups in Dr Ann Louise’s RICH, delusional, mind…

  • Fat flush is a lie!
    lora (Verified User)

    Why do I feel like EVERYONE on this planet (even the woman who designed this Fat Flush soup recipe) HAS TO LIE! This Fat Flush soup recipe DOES NOT make even close to 16 cups. I followed the recipe EXACTLY (2x I might add), & BOTH TIMES, it ONLY yielded BARELY 8 cups! (I have noticed that other people have found this to be TRUE, as well, yet NOBODY out there is ANGRY about it?) Why does this Ann Louise person EVEN GET AWAY WITH SUCH A BLATANT LIE that’s all over the Internet, not to mention FEATURED IN A WIDELY CIRCULATED MAGAZINE LIKE WOMAN’S WORLD? Not that the following FACT has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with soup, but my “beef” is with the RIDICULOUS LIE-not with the soup that was actually quite TASTY: Julianne Hough ADMITTEDLY did not either WRITE or CO-WRITE a single song on her debut album, yet a few of her fans believed otherwise, nobody corrected those 100% MISTAKEN fans, & that LIE spread like wildfire (across the Internet) just like this Fat Flush Soup recipe is listed on NUMEROUS websites as a recipe that yields a whopping 16 cups of soup. For a POOR person such as myself, there is a tremendous difference between ALL those ingredients providing me with approximately 5 meals VS. ALL those ingredients (& LEAN MEAT is not cheap-neither is vegetable juice) ONLY providing me with approximately 3 meals!

  • Need help with ingredients
    jennifer (Verified User)


    • Debi

      I made the soup also, I came up with 13 cups. I did the same as you, kept looking over recipe to see what I missed, but I too cant figure it out. I am a diabetic (type 1) and now wondering if this is actually enough carbs for me.

    • Jackie

      Did you use 64oz of the vegetable juice

  •  Good concept about low calorie
    amie (Verified User)

    Actually, Kane, above, is quite correct. Anna’s various diets are cultish. Her site has a forum for every diet, but if you ask any questions that might be gleaned from reading the book, the moderators won’t answer but insist you buy the book (“for copyright reasons,” they claim). Often recipes or helpful suggestions from other users are deleted. I was interested in the Fast Track Detox, asked a question of the group regarding calorie count and tricks for sticking to the plan, and my question was not only deleted because it expressed some skepticism, my account was entirely booted out of their system! She insists you buy her supplements, all of which can be purchased elsewhere cheaper and are not even actually necessary, and it’s true that the folks on the forum are just gaga over everything she says… If she comes on to respond to a question herself, people are like “All hail! The goddess herself has spoken!” It’s very weird.

    Regarding the diet concept itself, it works because it is low calorie, and probably because the cranberry juice and water act as diuretics so you lose water weight. The only way to lose weight is to lower calorie intake, or burn more off with exercise. Diet plans are all about ideas for STICKING to a lower calorie diet in a way that keeps you satisfied — that’s pretty much all they are. For some, high protein works… for others, perhaps this Fat Flush works. Whatever works, do it, and then don’t just go back to your regular eating habits afterwards. At your new lower weight, that’ll be too much and you’ll gain the weight right back, sometimes even more. Thus yoyo dieting. That’s the issue I struggle with, because I LOVE food. No way could I stick to this plan over the long term.. it’s just no fun.

    • Ted

      You ever take chemistry?

  •  Product is too expensive and taste horrible
    mary (Verified User)

    I’m on day 6 of this diet and if I lose any weight it will probably be because I no longer want to ingest anything but the 2 servings of fruit on this FFplan. Initally I thought this plan doable but the flaxseed oil smells like paint thinner & tastes horrible. I also enjoy eggs, “lean protein” & vegetables and tried several of the recipes but found my spice, ingredient & preparation restrictions made the meal quite blah and really not worth the effort. I have a new found respect for Salt, butter, and any type of bread. The only lbs & inches lost so far has been in my wallet. Since the start up cost for this FFP diet was expensive, I’ll try to last as long as I can, but I dont know how much more of this I can take. I’m probably writing this because I’m stalling…I dont want to eat lunch. Vty, Mary

    • Lynn

      I wonder if your flaxseed oil is rancid/bad?

  •  I wouldn't think exercise is recommended
    Kim (Verified User)

    Please note– Gittleman does not recommend exercising during the initial two-week detox only. Presumably this is because of the low-calorie intake. On a side note– I wouldn’t think exercise is recommended during any detox program, for this reason.
    Gittleman does re-introduce exercise during the later phases of the plan, so in fact does include exercise as part of her weight loss plan. You may want to update this part of your review, to be fair to the author.

    • Bobbi-Jo

      It isn’t “NO” exercise, just not high level cardio and impact. She recommends walking and rebounding (bouncing on a ball) for the first Phase. The exercise regime is for all phases is in the chapter titled “The Power of Ritual”.

    • naeemahg

      Ann dose recommend 20min walks and 100 jumping Jack’s or 5min on a small trampoline. This is during phase 1 and during phase2, there is another recommendation for working out.

  •  Fat Flush diet
    Cynthia (Verified User)

    I have only been on the Fat Flush diet for one week (first week of the 2-week ‘diet boot camp’). I am a 48 year old mother of 11 with a sluggish thyroid. I was on thyroid medication for five years and got sick of it so quit a year ago. I gained 25 pounds in 4 months and went back to feeling tired. I’ve been looking for a natural way to manage my hormones so I’m trying this to see if it really will help boost my metabolism.

    So far, I’m very impressed. I am not finding it at all difficult to stay with. I’m not a bit hungry, in fact I find it hard to finish some of the meals. I’m almost 6′ tall and weigh 200 pounds (large frame, my ‘skinny’ weight is 175) so you’d think I would need a lot of calories. The combinations of protein with LOTS of vegetables keeps me from being hungry. I already have more energy and am not cold. I live in northern WI and am always wearing layers upon layers while everyone else in the house are wearing t-shirts. I joined them with the t-shirts this week and our house was at 66 degrees. I won’t have my thyroid levels tested for another 6 weeks but if this works it will be well worth it for me to feel good and not be taking artificial hormones.

    I have also found that I need a lot more water than the 1/2 gallon of cranberry water per day. I don’t have a problem with the taste either. It is so diluted that the sour taste is completely unnoticable to me. It’s not particularly tasty but I haven’t found it offensive either. It also has not been expensive for me as I make my own from frozen berries grown in our area.

    • Kim

      Curious to know what your thyroid level ended up being! Please post if you feel comfortable.
      P.S.- I’ve found throwing in a dash of Stevia into the cran-water cuts the bitterness.

    • Renee

      I, too, am curious about the thyroid levels afterward.

  • Pamela

    I have combined the principles of Fat Flush with Weight Watchers and that seems to work for my body. For me … simply having a system where I can be full conscious of the foods I eat and intend to eat is very helpful. NOTE: I find that a well planned detox program, such as the one offered by Fat Flush is beneficial … especially after holiday food feasts and vacations when it is simply fun to unconsciously eat for a while 🙂

  •  waste of your time and money
    ANGELA (Verified User)

    I have had the book for two years. Religiously stuck to the diet for six months. Lost a lot of weight but VERY hard to stick to. Makes you very tired without the carbs or any sugars. Not a long term weight loss plan, but if you want a jump start it’s not a waste of money, you do loose weight. But be careful if you get off if, if you do not stick with a calorie, carb restricted diet you will be in the same shoes as you started in and it would be a waste of your time and money. And be prepared to take a lot of supplements and you better learn to LOVE cranberry juice without sugar in it!

  •  The Fat Flush Plan SHOULD be named "The Old Rich Woman Diet",because it is EXPENSIVE AS HECK!!
    Kane (Verified User)

    “The Fat Flush Plan” SHOULD be named “The Old Rich Woman Diet”,because it is EXPENSIVE AS HECK!!Ann Louise Gittleman could care less about what YOU women have to pay,because she is a rich old woman,just like the women on her website (annlouise.com)!That website is basically a CULT,that is how devoted these freaks are to her!The take every word Ann says like God himself told them!If “Ann” wants you to drink poisoned grape cool aid,well guess what,those sickos WOULD!On her forum,they all talk about going on Ann’s workout cruises,and meeting up in Maine for lunch…what about us poor people or struggling college students??ALG has those SAME WOMEN from the cruises I just mentioned working as moderators on her website forum..they spend their time hawking Ann’s protein powder and VERY EXPENSIVE supplements to you,and pressuring other dumb women into buying ONLY ANN’S stuff (gee,I wonder why).
    She also INSISTS on you switching your pots and pans to a set only Ann and her cult like.

    But all of that aside,the diet itself is just that..a DIET,NOT a lifelong,sensible eating plan!You will feel weak and dazed,and the weight loss is just TOO SLOW for giving up bread!It is too expensive for 80% of people out there to do longterm… my suggestion is the South Beach diet.I lost a TON,had a buttload of energy,and guess what..I can still have my bread!(Sticks tongue out at the cult..neener neener neener!);)

    • Anonymous

      Freak! Sounds like you need to detox. You are full of toxic poison.

    • Ethan

      As with anything, if a person finds that something works for them sometimes they want to share it with everyone. However, you don’t have to do everything the website or plan recommends. Dr. Gittleman recommends that people do what fits their lives. I’m not sure why anyone would think that because someone recommends or offers something for sale or otherwise that they absolutely must do/buy everything offered. If you can’t afford organic, grass fed, beef…get what you can afford. As for it not being a life long eating plan, I’ve been following the recommendations made in her book (according to what fits in my life & budget) for 7 years now. Not only did I lose the 70 lbs, and 11 inches from my waist, but I also have kept it off. Phase I is hard. I’m enjoying eating what I want now and I’m not sick anymore. I’d say that makes it a successful Life change.

    • sas

      AM Gittleman was one of the first nutritionists to write about evidence that FAT was complex and functionally necessary, for hunger balance as well as chemical processes. She boldly spoke up to N Pritikin and his unbalanced no-fat system. She IS unabashedly a Neiman’s Greenhouse kinda professional, but her opinionated science is solid. IT MUST be modulated to fit the individual. She has moderately responded to criticisms of how expensive her food is, check her site, think you’ll find some ways to economize. Bare bones her food plan is more natural that most. But is she definitely believes in making money. Most Americans do, for better and for worse.

  •  I'm interested in this product.

    I am a fitness professional, but have gained 2 inches of fat this past year and have been unusually fatigued. I am very physical at work 20-25 hours week, but have been so tired in the evening I have cut 5 hours of my own weekly exercise. I appreciate this review because I cannot possibly use a diet that reduces calories to a level of physical weakness, nor do I have time to prepare involved recipes. I will still look closer at the Fat Flush, but would love some other advice if anyone has any.

    • Michele

      Siris, I had same problem, all of a sudden came up on me, thought maybe pre-menapause, had quit smoking, etc. Please go to doctor and request B12 test. I eat plenty of B12 rich foods but something triggered me to stop absorbing, request a detailed test though as liver will store B12 so deficiency may not show itself for years in basic tests.

    • Ethan

      I recognize that this is 2 years after the original question so, it isn’t helpful to the original post. However, in the Fat Flush plan, Dr. Gittleman has recommendations for people who are very Active. I think she said to add calories and whole grain carbs or maybe even skip to phase 2.

  •  worked great
    Debbie (Verified User)

    I have used the Fat Flush Diet. It does work. It is hard the first two weeks, but after that you have created good eating habits. Once you see the start of weight loss and the hard work you out into the first two weeks, it was easy for me to stick with it. I learned a lot about foods and why some are just not good for the body. I also use the supplements. I feel that she gives you great info. I would rather use natural foods and supplements than a diet pill.