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FlowFit Review - 8 Things You Need to Know

I did two things this week. I obsessed over every aspect of FlowFit. Then I wrote this review. We looked at many aspects of the product, including customer service, side effects, clinical research, and ingredients. We also read many testimonials. After all that, we condensed all of the information to give you the bottom line.

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What is FlowFit?

FlowFit is an exercise DVD that lasts about one hour. This exercise routine is for both men and women, something that gives it a broader target audience.

FlowFit is not a conventional exercise system; it works through the integration of movement, structure, and breathing. FlowFit is more than muscle-building and fat-burning exercises. This exercise program is for everyone: those who are new to exercise, require post-injury rehabilitation, and even those people who have physical and learning “disabilities.”

FlowFit is also for people at any fitness level and physical capability. It encompasses the full range of human body movement, including instinctive awareness, incorporates structural alignment, and synchronizes breath.

How Did FlowFit Start?

FlowFit began in 2006 as part of the Circular Strength Training System (CST). Scott Sonnon, a martial arts expert and fitness coach, developed CST. He did so to address the diverse learning styles of many people, and to allow them to access their Flow at any stage of physical challenge or impediment. He wanted people to have a method of fitness for not just the body.

FlowFit is an exercise program that you can use for fat loss, muscle-building and to improve your overall body health. You can do this by simply using some of the training variables that Sonnon teaches.

FlowFit Customer Testimonials

FlowFit Claims

FlowFit claims to help people improve their mind and body and to achieve their best physical self. People of all ages and body types can use this workout routine DVD to get in the best shape of their lives.

FlowFit says that the best part of this routine is that users do it without using any specialized equipment. The DVD utilizes scientifically accurate and easy exercises to help people lose weight and gain strength while staying at home.

FlowFit offers its customers:

  • An effective routine.
  • Access to beginners, yet a challenge to athletes.
  • No need for supplements.
  • Quick exercise routine: only 20 minutes, three times a week.
  • Great price.

You can order the FlowFit DVD from its official website for a price of $39.95. It is also available on Amazon for the same price.

How Does FlowFit Work?

FlowFit is a four-phase multi-movement chain that Prasara body-flow yoga has inspired. Scott Sonnon has uniquely constructed it after years of championship coaching and competing at an international level in multiple types of sports.

It is not just a short-term weight loss solution but a long-term method to address every angle of the human motor condition called the “Six Degrees of Freedom.”

Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) is a body’s freedom of movement in three-dimensional space. This means that the body is free to move and change position as forward-backward, (surge), up/down (heave), left/right (sway) in three perpendicular axes. Combined with changes in orientation through rotation around three perpendicular axes, often termed yaw (normal axis), pitch (lateral axis), and roll (longitudinal axis).

As with any home exercise, it is important for someone to be near or in the home in case of injury, according to Dr. Anthony Dugarte.

Kinds of Movements

  • Heaving: moving up and down
  • Swaying: moving left and right
  • Surging: moving forward and back
  • Pitching: tilting up and down
  • Yawing: turning left and right
  • Rolling: tilting side to side

How Does FlowFit Work?

This is what Sonnon says on FlowFit’s official website about Six Degrees of Freedom and how it helps people:

“The unique inclusion of the Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) in Flow means you will connect your movements into the synchronous patterns we refer to as “flows.” You perform a flow through a continuous chain of movement which allows you to tap into the integrated systems of your body: your neurological system, your endocrine system, and your immune system through your myofascial body. The mental, emotional and physical euphoria associated with this phenomenon is called “flow-state.” The “kinetic chains” (movement sequences, or flows) were designed to stimulate the physiological mechanisms which release that state of optimal human experience.”

Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine Response (NIER)

Sonnon explains that the secret to fat-burning and improving your fitness during strength training has little to do with dieting, types of exercise, and supplements you take.

He says it’s all about making sure to time those sessions to coincide with your response to training and taking advantage of the period when you burn the most fat.

FlowFit explains and teaches four moves:

  • Pressing
  • Mountain Climber
  • Kick-Outs
  • Squatting

There is a total of 28 exercises split into 7 exercise families, each with four levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and mastery.

Each of these has its own three levels of difficulty, ranging from therapeutic to athletic. What Sonnon does is add flows together so that you can get the rhythm of the movements.


Pressing exercises include the bench press. The bench press exercise stimulates a large number of muscle groups in the upper half of the body. These muscle groups include forearm muscles, hand muscles, pecs, deltoids, and abdominals. Pressing exercises can help build upper-body strength and bone density.

The American College of Sports Medicine also encourages older adults to use multi-joint, free-weight pressing exercises to improve their bone mass, muscular strength, and muscular endurance.

Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are exercises that challenge and improve balance, flexibility, and coordination. They also help muscular and cardiovascular fitness by increasing body strength, agility and blood circulation.

They require you to engage your entire body, from arms to your core and legs. Alignment is critical in this exercise because the muscles are hard at work balancing, controlling and moving your body. To help stabilize the upper body, you work the largest shoulder muscle, the deltoid, hard.

Mountain climbers are bodyweight and strength-training exercises that do not require free weights or machines. This is because it is the individual’s weight that provides resistance against gravity. Bodyweight exercises have become quite popular in all sorts of sports and gyms because they can enhance a range of bio-motor abilities including strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.


This is an abdominal workout that focuses on the rectus abdominis, in the middle of your abdomen and the deeper transversus abdominis. Apart from increasing the abdomen’s muscle tone, this exercise also improves the person’s stability, balance, posture, and coordination. Kick-outs are a core exercise that comes with the advantage of helping prevent lower back pain and injury. However, if you already suffer from a back injury or health condition, you should talk to your doctor before trying this program.


Women doing burpees inside a gym

Squats are an integral part of strength training and fitness. It is a compound, full exercise that helps work the hips, buttocks, thighs, quadriceps femoris muscles (vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius and rectus femoris), as well as the hamstrings.

In addition to this, it strengthens bones, ligaments, and tendons throughout the lower body. Squats also help increase the strength and size of legs and buttocks and increase core strength. This is an exercise that works the lower and upper back, the trunk and costal muscles, and the shoulders and arms; it is almost like a whole body workout.

Especially for men, this exercise is important because the thigh muscles are put under great pressure during this exercise, and that releases testosterone. This hormone is essential for bodybuilding. Squatting also strengthens the bone and connective tissue because when the legs become strong, so do the joints. Ankles and knees are strengthened as are their tendons and ligaments.

This ensures that your knees and joints are less prone to injury and recover quickly if they are injured. Since squatting helps improve lower body strength, this is great for more balance and stability when you are older. This exercise overall improves body strength and is essential for beginners as well as seasoned athletes.

FlowFit Exercise Summary

The exercises on the FlowFit DVD are focused mostly on strengthening different parts of the body. Some might wonder that has to do with weight loss. For many people, losing weight centers around losing calories; they eat less to lose more weight. While dietary management is an important aspect of long-term weight loss, strength training can have a very positive impact on your calorie expenditure. FlowFit attempts to demonstrate this through its exercises.

Instead of just heading for the treadmill and thinking cardio is the best option to lose weight, strength training should be tried for weight loss, according to the Journal of Obesity.

Apart from these FlowFit exercises, strength training can also include increased muscle strength and endurance. Try lifting lighter weights in a higher rep range, such as eight to 12, or 15 to 20. When it comes to practical calorie loss, weight training is second to cardio.

However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. This is because those who just do cardio tend to lose more muscle mass. But weight trainers retain muscle mass while losing fat. So you become more toned as well as lose weight and have less loose skin.

Adding more muscles to your frame can speed up body metabolism. This means you end up burning more calories throughout the day. This is why FlowFit exercises are not only helpful in losing more weight but also help you look more toned and healthy.

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of FlowFit

Pros and Cons of FlowFit


  • Easy for beginners but still challenging for athletes.
  • People with strength and mobility limitations can still use FlowFit
  • There is nothing else that you need to do with FlowFit to lose weight. There is no need to buy supplements of weight loss pills. It is always a good idea to improve your diet, but a drastic change may not be necessary if you already moderate your diet.
  • You don’t need equipment for this so you can do these exercises anywhere. A stool and plain surface are all you need.
  • FlowFit doesn’t require an excessive amount of time. You just need 20 minutes, three times a week.
  • This program seems to offer multiple exercises for people of all skill levels.


  • Quality of video and production is just adequate and merits improvement.
  • The DVD is all there is. There is no supplemental information or documents.
  • People do have questions, but there is nowhere to ask them.
  • Some users found it a bit monotonous and said it was just a repetition of challenging movements.

Does FlowFit Work?

FlowFit claims to have a basis on scientific research. In a broad sense, anyone and everyone who needs to lose weight and improve their overall physical and mental condition will benefit from FlowFit. Men, women, young, old, beginners, and athletes can all follow its exercise regime.

We must say though that the reviews online, though mostly positive, have some negative comments as well. Some people have complained about the quality of the video while others have said they had back pain because of FlowFit.

According to Dr. Anthony Dugarte, “With any home exercise program, having a routine physical can provide some insight as to where a safe starting point is.” This can also help determine exactly how effective FlowFit can be for you.

We suggest that if you plan on following this exercise regime, you should consult your doctor before you start. This is to ensure sure that you are capable of handling a new exercise regime. This DVD is for beginners as well, but some people have health issues that they may or may not be aware of. If you have any back-related issues, mild or severe, it is especially important to talk to your doctor before beginning.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“This is a great video on FlowFit. Scott modifies the movements to all fitness abilities.”

“It’s pretty good, but it won’t be a substitute to yoga/passive stretching. i would view it as more of a conditioning workout with some dynamic stretches contained in it. So you’ll definitely still need to do your passive, hard stretching in addition to flowfit.”

“Product was fine, as described.”

FlowFit Ingredients
Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does FlowFit Work?

Should you go online and try out this exercise DVD? We like that the instructor seems to be an expert in fitness. We also appreciate that traditional exercise moves are in this program. However, the lack of clinical research, poor instructions, and bad video quality seem to overpower these positive aspects. For this reason, we are not so sure about recommending this regimen.

If you are ready to lose weight, you might want to try a program that is founded in high-quality research and easy-to-understand instructions.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. This is a weight-loss program with clinically-tested and proven tools like one-on-one support through human coaching and a totally unique personalized weight-loss plan.

Also, the Noom makers are offering a free trial right now, something we think you should take advantage of.

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What are the ingredients in FlowFit?

FlowFit is a DVD that teaches you health first fitness, there are 4-Phases that you will learn.

What are the side effects of FlowFit?

Can cause muscles soreness after workout.

Does FlowFit work?

3.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, results may vary.

What is the price of FlowFit?

$39.95 plus shipping and tax.

Where can I buy FlowFit?

On the FlowFit website or Amazon

How should I take FlowFit?

You follow the 4-Phases on the DVDs.

How do I contact FlowFit customer service?

The customer service number Phone: 678.867.7629 or the contact us tab on their website.

Can I return FlowFit?

Non-refundable, exchanges for defective books or DVDs for the same book or DVDs.

What are the most common complaints about FlowFit?

Movements are very repetitive.

FlowFit Reviews