Updated: 01/16/2018

Fluidity Review - 7 Things You Need to Know

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What is Fluidity?

Fluidity is an exercise and diet program created by Michelle Austin, a certified fitness trainer who created the program from her 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. The exercise involves a bar, which is needed to complete most of the Fluidity exercises, and a set a Fluidity supplements which claim to detox the body and speed up the weight loss process. Fluidity’s infomercial is currently being displayed in the United States and has been covered by numerous fitness magazines and news stations, including The Today Show and Self Magazine. Each source states that the program is a “5-star program” which may help dieters gain leaner, longer limbs and a healthy physique. Testimonial support is a bit mixed, but tends to agree with these points.

Exercise and diet programs are rarely combined together, but Fluidity offers both as part of their Fluidity program. It does not specifically state how much weight loss is expected, but testimonials on their website state significant weight loss and improved health. There has been uproar on other sites, however, and it isn’t because of Fluidity’s results.


Their Fluidity exercise machine consists of a wooden bar supported by two beams. Their supplements consist of Detox and Fat Burn formulations with unknown ingredients, but it is suggested it contains all-natural ingredients.

Product Features

Fluidity requires dieters to exercise on a special bar called the Fluidity Bar, and moves are done according to the free DVD included with the program. Moves are similar to Pilates, and according to numerous magazines, may help dieters shape their body. Fluidity claims this effect is exclusively due to their strength exercises, which they say is the best way to lose fat. Although some experts disagree on this point (cardio is often cited as the best way to burn fat all over the body), many experts and consumers agree that it is a grueling but effective workout.

Their Fluidity Detox and Fat Burn supplements are not praised to this extent, however. Fluidity neglects to release important ingredient information about these products, so it is unknown if these supplements are safe for all dieters. It does emphasize the products are all-natural, but this cannot be confirmed due to a lack of evidence. Detox supplements tend to be thought of unreliable supplements because it claims to detoxify the body, and according to the FDA, no supplement has been able to provide this effect. Consumers should be aware of this issue. Furthermore, numerous consumers have made complaints about its unreliable selling practices, and state that they were tricked into buying a product that was more expensive than advertised. Fluidity advertises their product for $39.95, but they often understate that other monthly payments are required to receive all of their supplements, which adds up to a whopping $239.70.


  • Has received many accolades from numerous fitness magazines and The Today Show.
  • The Fluidity bar tends to emphasize Pilates-like movements as a form of exercise.


  • Fluidity is under fire for having dishonest selling practices, and consumers are often tricked into thinking their entire product costs $39.95.
  • Fluidity is extremely expensive — expect to pay $239.70 for the entire package.
  • They do not offer any evidence backing up any of its claims.

What Users Are Saying

"”Fluidity is better than I had anticipated.”"

"”It is a nice change to other types of workouts. The instructor’s voice is a bit irritating though.”"

"”Quality of equipment is poor.”"


Fluidity is applauded by numerous fitness experts for approaching exercise in a challenging but efficient way, but their supplements are under careful scrutiny for being vague about what it actually does. Combined with shady business practices that may cause dieters to pay more than they bargained for, dieters may wish to find a cheaper product. Nevertheless, their exercise program is heralded by several reputable experts and may provide a challenging workout.

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What are the ingredients in Fluidity?

The Fluidity supplements consist of Detox and Fat Burners with unknown ingredients, but it is said to contain all-natural ingredients.

What are the side effects of Fluidity?

There are no side effects mentioned for the supplements. The bar itself does not have any side effects.

How do I know if Fluidity is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Fluidity work?

All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but those that exercise and maintain a healthy diet with the supplements will see improvements in their physique as well as weight-loss.

What is the price of Fluidity?

$14.95 for 30 days risk free and then 5 payments of $95.88

Where can I buy Fluidity?j

You can buy Fluidity from the secure website or on HSN.

How should I take Fluidity?

Fluidity requires exercise the Fluidity Bar following along with the free DVD included with the program.

How do I contact Fluidity customer service?

You may contact customer service via email at email info@fluidity.com or phone at 866-229-9111, Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM EST.

Can I return Fluidity?

Yes. You may return Fluidity if you are not completely satisfied with your order by emailing us at info@fluidity.com within 30 days of receipt of order, but late returns are not accepted.

What are the most common complaints about Fluidity?

Most common complaints are about payments and the difficulty of the exercises for beginners.

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22 Fluidity Reviews

  •  Loved the product.
    Toni (Verified User)

    The exercises closely resembles callanetics…something I used many years ago. It was a deep-muscle exercise.

    • Debbie

      I did Callenetics for 18 yrs. after trying everything else I stuck with it. Using the deep muscles I was able to keep more of a ballet dancers look. Similar to maybe a Dancing with the Stars look. Not bulking up. I was able to wear a bikini well into my 40s. I now older and am in need again but came across this and thinking about buying it. I don’t do cardio basically because I know I talk myself out of exercising then that day. I do treadmill when I feel like it on the side. This kind of workout does not kill me to do and I became very flexible over those years and because of that I still am. I am just looking for where I can pick it up cheap with DVDs and bar, don’t want the pills and diet stuff.

  • Going to start the product.
    nini lafluire

    I’m thinking of buying fluidity, does it really worth it?I am at my ideal weight, just not toned at all, I work out on and of. Need a program that I don’t have to do every day.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Nini. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.

  • it is also being offered on one of the shopping channels-that is where I am going to order mine.

    If you are afraid to order this product from the information it is also being offered on one of the shopping channels-that is where I am going to order mine.

  • Is it work on lower abdomin?

    I am just curious because I am thinking about buying one. Were the low impact abdominal exercises doable if I am really needing target this area due to getting a menapause gut? Needing something to tighten up my core..

  • Coach on Health And Fitness
    David Lynch

    Hi. Hi. My Name is David. I’m Coach on HEALTH and FITNESs.

  •  Good review
    Henna (Verified User)

    Good review, didn’t get what fluidity was all about till I read this! Sharing it with other readers I’m sure more people will like to know about this:)..Thanks!

  • I have the recording for proof.

    So i actually have that infomercial recorded on my dvr because i was going to order it. If i had and they tried to say they never ran that infomercial i have the recording for proof.

  • Julia Kibble

    I have done fluidity exclusively prior to having my second child and I was in better shape and weighed less than before I had my first child. I just graduated with my MSN which caused me to neglect my workouts but I brought my fluidity back out about a month ago. I also stopped eating meats (only seafood) I’m seeing results, toneness in my upper thighs, arms, and waist. It’s one of the few if not only workout I crave to do. Plus you only do it 3x a week.

  •  workouts are doable
    Your Name (Verified User)

    I bought mine on craigslist for $40. While I petsonally would never pay full price ($350-500, depending on when you buy it), it is actually a very good product. The workouts are doable, even for me, a very overweight, arthritic, middle aged woman, with lupus and mobility issues, and knees that have been spontaneously dislicating for 30 years. (Obviously I am doing the very beginning workout, with Winter modeling the modifications).

    One of my daughtrs does ballet (which has dramatically increased her strength and tone in the past year), another daughter plays basketball and volleyball (and is fortunate to have naturally very strong, toned muscles). We each get a workout on the fluidity bar, despite being vastly diffetent, physically.

    But this sevond hand, but use it. It works.

  • Facing side effects.
    Adrian (Verified User)

    Ordered mine recently to help with my healing that I’ve had since graduation of high school. Bulging disk/s and ankle with steel plate and 9 screws holding it in place makes me feel like an old man out of place at times when put under stress. I expect this product to get me back feeling to the age I am which is 19 instead of feeling like a grandpa.

  •  Loved the product.
    Susie (Verified User)

    I just opened my box and I’ve tried Fluidity Bar and I LOVE IT.I FELT THE STRETCHES I Sweated so much I am so happy 🙂

  •  Loved the product.
    fredericka (Verified User)

    I almost didn’t order fluidity after reading some of the comments , but after reading your comment I decided . You make plenty of sense and after years of being out of shape I can’t expect to do the workouts with ease. It took me years to get this out of shape , so it’s gonna take a while to get myself back right

    • Jennifer

      I just bought this bar online today after seeing the info commerical on TV. I am in a top size 20 & in pants 22. Will this bar & exercise truly help? I have started a life style change with the way I eat, & it has taken a month for me to stop the caffeine, and Real Sugar. So I know it is a start, but, now I’m wondering if this Fluidity Bar will help me to loose pants & top size? Is there anyone out there who has used this product let me know if they had the same concerns & have results?

  •  Loved the product.
    Michelle (Verified User)

    I love this bar, worth every penny. I do Almased and all natural detox, meal replacement so I did not purchase their pill regemine. I have only used by bar 3x in one week and by the 3rd time, I feel stronger and am already ready for the intermediate phase. I have not worked out in over a year, have a desk job, and very out of shape. The first workout nearly killed me! Literally, but I am already feeling the effects.

    • Pam

      I just got my fluidity bar last week. I have done the beginners 2 times and the seat & thigh one time so far. I really like it alot and believe that if one does it 3 X a week and watches what they eat, it WILL work… It almost has to work if you think about it.

  •  Loved the product
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I’ve been doing Barre 3, which you can buy a monthly pass, very similar and uses this type of barre to do. Would coordinate very well with this tool and most body types will work well with the 2 systems. Very excited when I saw commercial as I enjoy the barre 3 method and wanted to do it at home.

  •  Do exercise with it.
    sandra (Verified User)

    The exercises they are talking about will work but remember that the more over weight and out of shape you are its going to take time to get muscles built up don’t worry if you can’t do the exercises perfectly in the beginning just start out slow when you are using your weight against its self take it slow and do afew in the beginning warm up before and stretch as much as you can without straining I know that its hard at first and you may think think you will never get there but I know from doing it years ago my self please don’t give up on the exercise s and changing some of the things you eat will help you don’t have to take their supplements in time you will see the difference the work outs will start getting easier for the lady that has her bar in the closet please don’t give up using our weight against its self has been going on for years and it works and it will work for you too just take your time and do what you can each time and just remember as you go your muscles will begin to get stronger and as they do, thats more strength you are working with kind of like adding on more weights to a machine God Bles you and good luck

  •  It's works!!
    Ceecee (Verified User)

    The exercises are good to do if you are already fit and flexible. However, if you’re overweight the abdomen exercises are nearly undoable and frustrating. I wish I hadn’t bought into this informercial, I just wanted to get fit but feel as if I got taken. Currently the ” bar” sits in my room gathering dust…

    • Scarlet

      Sell it on ebay…there aren’t to many, so the prices are good. Especially if you have all of the dvd’s and such.

    • NANCY

      PUll up info for Barre 3, which you can use with this barre. Works with different body types and has different levels. Would work well together and you can buy a monthly pass to do their workouts on line.