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Food Lovers Diet Review - 18 Things You Need to Know


This review is what happened after I obsessed for weeks over Food Lovers Diet. Our research team focused on all parts of the diet plan, including the Food Lovers Diet food list, potential side effects and relevant studies backing the claims. Then, we gathered the details to give you the facts you need.

Food Lovers Diet can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon.

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What is the Food Lovers Diet?

The Food Lovers Diet is a weight loss program that Provida has designed under the watch of one of the company’s authorized nutritionists, Robert Ferguson.

The diet claims to allow its users to eat whatever they like through a process that involves eating the right food combinations and having meals or snacks several times a day.

The Food Lovers Diet teaches you the difference between fast and slow carbohydrates.

It also teaches you how to combine these carbohydrates with the right proteins and the appropriate fats on your plate to get the fat-loss you desire.

According to the developers of this diet, it is possible to lose three pounds per week. This, they say, is dependent on your initial weight before taking up the program.

How Did the Food Lovers Diet Start?

The need for a healthy eating plan that promotes the consumption of fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, and non-starchy proteins led to Provida, under Ferguson’s watch, to develop the Food Lovers Diet.

The desire to establish a plan for people who love food further drove this invention; a plan that would enable them to continue having their favorite meals, even if it was in regulated amounts.

According to Ferguson, the Food Lovers Diet plan is ideal even for people who are diabetic or suffer from heart-related ailments.

The food program groups into two classes: the first starts off with a 21-day metabolism speed-up, followed by a long-term diet plan.

Food Lovers Diet Company Profile

Name: Provida Life Sciences

Headquarters: California, United States

Address: PO Box 16699 Encino, CA 91416-6699

President: Brian Archibald

Telephone number: (818) 377-2800

BBB rating: A+ (BBB accreditation since 05/15/2002)[1]



Food Lovers Diet Claims

It is undeniable: weight loss is a challenge for many. If only we could eat without putting on so much weight.

According to the Food Lovers Diet, when your plate of fat-loss food has the right portions of proteins and the specified carbohydrates, then the plan should help speed up your body’s metabolism rate, which should help burn fat and lead to weight loss. [2]

However, a lot of its marketing appears to be misleading. For example, chocolate cake that you can see on the web is only available in the maintenance phase. The diet encourages dieters to skip the chocolate cake and go sugar-free.


Food Lovers Diet Menu

As Provida provides it, the following foods in the Food Lovers Diet sample menu (fat loss program) should be beneficial in helping you attain your weight loss goals.

The ingredients include:

Fast carbohydrates

  • Potatoes
  • Whole grains
  • Some fruits



  • Eggs
  • Chicken breast
  • Lean meats
  • Fish (occasionally)

Slow carbohydrates

  • Carrots
  • Squash
  • Some fruits
  • Zucchini

“Free” carbohydrates

  • Cabbage
  • Cucumbers
  • Mushrooms

It also allows coffee, diet drinks, tea, club soda, albeit sparingly.

Does Food Lovers Diet Work?

Although the company has built Food Lovers Diet on solid ground, it makes some unrealistic promises which have no scientific proof. For instance, there is no evidence that it will enhance your metabolism rate after three weeks of emphasizing meal pairing. In fact, Marisa Moore (MBA) refutes it by saying it is not grounded in scientific research at all.

In addition, the Food Lovers Diet claims it can help users lose at least 5 pounds of water-weight in a month but, once again, no studies support this.

The supplements that you will need to take along with the diet do not necessarily enhance metabolism or promote weight loss.

The only thing they may achieve is the prevention of a deficiency in other nutrients when you are on the Food Lovers Diet plan. In addition to portion control, the diet recommends you to have the metabolic fat fighter, which works in five ways.Unfortunately, there is no proof that this is a safe method, let alone effective. [2]

Food Lovers Diet Success Stories

Nonetheless, Provida shares some Food Lovers Diet success stories. The eating plan could, however, cause notable weight loss, even after the 21 days. The fact that the diet aims to reduce the number of carbohydrates per serving makes it achievable.

Benefits & Results

Food Lovers Diet Benefits and Results

As we already said, the Food Lovers Diet claims to bring you a host of benefits. Food Lovers Diet reviews mention several benefits from this diet. Some of these include:

  • No need to starve yourself to experience some weight loss.
  • Don’t have to go through the hassle of counting calories when you are under the weight observation plan.
  • You don’t have to introduce pre-packaged foods; you just follow the Food Lovers Diet sample menu.
  • The plan is easy to work with and stick to.
  • You do not feel hungry – you are allowed to eat something after every 3 hours.
  • Users can still enjoy sugar and wheat products. (This may not be 100% true because the meal plan requires you to reduce sugar intake among other products.)
  • You’re allowed to have snacks in between meals.
  • Users are able to watch what they eat, wherever they are, by following the Food Lovers Diet online.

Food Lovers Diet Programs

You get to choose the most appropriate plan for you. The available plans are:

  • Classic Home System
  • The New Online program
  • Food Lovers Premium [3]

You are probably wondering what the difference is between the above programs if they are all for the same purpose.

Well, here is a breakdown of what you can expect from each program according to the plan’s home page.

You can try the Food Lovers Diet free to find the best option for you.

Classic Home System

This program allows you to eat all your favorite foods and lose all the weight you want. Many may find that this, in itself, sounds unrealistic.

There is also the assertion that it will give you real-world results. I imagine this is to motivate the users.

You will also get a couple of free goodies, which include a 21-day metabolism guidebook (which has the Food Lovers Diet plan sample menu), workout DVDs, and cookbooks.

New Online Program

If you are always on the move or busy with your career, the Food Lovers Diet says this is the appropriate product for you. They claim that this online program is useful for wine and food lovers’ diets.

The program will provide you with step-by-step guidelines for achieving the body that you desire. It will also provide you with the Food Lovers Diet plan and sample menu.

It offers ease of accessibility: you can access the Food Lovers Diet online on your mobile phone, computer, or iPad. All you need is internet access. This is the best plan according to the Food Lovers Diet reviews.

The program also claims to offer you customized help. That’s right. The help you get will be tailor-made for you to ensure you get the best results in the shortest time possible. This sounds great, but its attainability is something one can be sceptical about. [4]

Food Lovers Premium

This offers a combination of the results you get from the Classic Home Program and the online program.

Food Lovers Premium, assures you of a very effective plan that ‘simply cannot fail.’ Further, it guarantees weight loss and a smaller waistline at unimaginable speed.

Food Lovers Diet and Weight Loss

The company designed the program to work on the assumption that combining the right amounts of set carbohydrates and proteins should help speed up your body’s metabolism, which in turn helps burn excess fat, leading to weight loss.

The secret of the plan is said to lie in the fact that fast carbs easily convert into sugar, which will increase your insulin level.

Slow carbs, on the other hand, are absorbed much slower and do not have a substantial impact on sugar or the body’s insulin.

By exploiting these features, the Food Lovers Diet aims at helping the body by managing the carbohydrates once it takes them in alongside the right protein portions.

According to Ron Dudek, it is possible for your body to burn fat by giving it the right foods. Ron Dudek is a researcher at East Carolina University who specializes in diabetes and obesity.

According to this researcher, too many carbohydrates taken in trigger an increase in blood sugar and consequently, the body’s insulin goes up. Insulin is a hormone responsible for fat deposition and accumulation. Dudek says that if you can control carbohydrates by taking them along with a light protein, then the insulin levels do not go up, and instead of accumulating fat, your body burns it up. [5]

Following the Food Lovers Diet

This plan starts off with a program that runs for three weeks but provides you with the Food Lovers Diet for free.

After the 21 days, your body is supposed to have undergone a metabolism makeover.

Throughout the three weeks, you will undergo a diet plan that aims at getting you accustomed to healthy eating habits that will help you in the long-term goals of weight observation and monitoring.

It will introduce you to habits that the diet considers healthy, such as:

  • drinking water
  • having breakfast
  • regular exercises
  • eating more fiber
  • reducing your sodium intake
  • having enough rest.

Food Lovers Diet Instructions

The Food Lovers Diet requires you to have three meals a day. It then allows you to have a snack every 2-3 hours.

All these intakes should follow the guidelines of the foods the diet considers ‘proper’ and in the stipulated portions.

The meals should contain both proteins and carbohydrates. For men, the total calorie intake should be at least 1,500 while women should strive to have no less than 1,200 calories.

You can access the Food Lovers Diet online for free and sample the plans and read complaints.

In addition to the right proportions, being on the Food Lovers Diet requires you to have 12 glasses of water every day. Each glass should be eight ounces. On top of this, you should drink eight more ounces for every 20 minutes of exercise time on a daily basis.

This may sound like too much water, but the program claims that it is the excessive amount of water that will help flush out up to five pounds of unwanted fats within a month.

Exercise is another important content of the plan. It will provide you with workout videos, which aim at motivating you as you take up the challenge.

Upon purchasing the Food Lovers Diet, they provide you with a cookbook, motivational videos, workout videos and guidelines, success stories and testimonials, and a guideline on how to access the online community for support. [2]

Maintenance Plan

Food Lovers Maintenance Plan

After the 21-day program, the plan allows you to progress to the five-week Food Lovers for Life phase. Unlike the 3-week plan, this one offers you more freedom. Though it does recommend it, this stage allows you to consume alcohol, sugar, fried foods, and refined flour.

Despite allowing you to have these foods, it encourages you to stick to the less-fatty options. For instance, it may ask you to go for oven-fried meals as opposed to deep fried ones.

Foods not recommended for people on the Food Lovers Diet

According to designers of the plan, the following foods are not good for you while on the Food Lovers Diet:

  • saturated fats
  • enriched flavors
  • hydrogenated oils
  • high-sodium intake
  • corn syrup
  • alcohol
  • bleached flavors

These, along with most processed foods, are a possible cause of a slower metabolism. [6]

Side Effects

Potential Food Lovers Diet Side Effects

Basing this diet on the controlled intake of carbohydrates and proteins, people on it mcould end up with a deficiency in other important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.

This is because the diet only tells you how to eat the right portions of carbs and proteins, but does not factor in the need of these other, equally important, nutrients. [7]

Product Warnings

Food Lovers Diet Product Warnings

Despite assuring you that you can eat whatever you want and still experience some weight loss, the Food Lovers Diet gives you the following warnings while under the Home Plan or trying the Food Lovers Diet plan free online:

  • Avoid deep fried foods
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Avoid refined flour and related products
  • Stay away from sugar whenever possible

No soda, hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, and so on while under the plan.

As is the case with many food plans, the Food Lovers Diet plan recommends that you seek your health providers approval before commencing any of their plans.

Food Lovers Diet “Fat Loss Plate”

WebMD offers some examples of the protein-centered meals that people on this diet will eat.

The three different versions of this plate are:

  • A: 1 protein +1 fast carb + 1 slow carb (e.g. spaghetti, meatballs, and a side salad)
  • B: 1 protein +3 slow carbs (Entree salad with chicken on the grill)
  • C: 1 protein and 1 fast carb (turkey sandwich)[8]

Any Food Lovers Diet Lawsuits?

Fortunately, for Provida, there are no lawsuits yet against the Food Lovers Diet.


Food Lovers Diet Price

$139.99, which includes:

  • menu planner
  • cookbook
  • motivational videos
  • success journal

Food Lovers Diet Alternatives

Portion control is a great way to achieve your desired weight management goal. Having the right combinations or sticking to the Food Lovers Diet plan free online can keep you going for longer without feeling hungry.

There are alternatives that are equally effective when it comes to the weight loss journey. You can go through reviews of Food Lovers Diet before purchasing any alternative diet plans. Sometimes, you won’t even need an alternative, but only additions to the Food Lovers Diet.

Some additions to the Food Lover’s Diet include:

  • Drinking water throughout the day
  • Exercising a minimum of 30 minutes per day
  • Eating fiber-rich foods
  • Joining a support group
  • Keeping a food journal

What Users Are Saying

“Very good recipes!”

“Basically, you can eat anything and everything and as most of us know, that just doesn’t work in real life.”

“To hard to follow…”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on the Food Lovers Diet

Let’s get right to it with this one. After a long look at the plan, we’ve come to a conclusion. We like the online availability and tools that come with the kit. We also like that it discusses more than just calories in versus calories out. This approach to weight loss is not the only approach to you losing weight.

If shedding those troublesome pounds is your mission, we suggest using a program or supplement with strong scientific support. The plan should come with dedicated customer support and an affordable price.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Burn HD. There are four clinically proven ingredients in the proprietary blend proven to help ignite metabolism, curb hunger and support fat loss. According to dieters, and customers report amazing results.

Also, the company responsible for Burn HD shows great confidence in the formula by offering a 2-Week Sample, nice touch.

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Food Lovers Diet Review
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Food Lovers Diet

What are the side effects of The Food Lover’s Diet?

According to customer comments, The Food Lover’s Diet side effects may include headaches, fatigue, and low blood sugar depending on the health of the individual. Some dieters have reported these reactions.

What is in the Food Lover’s Diet?

Food Lover’s Diet ingredients include eating plans and recipe guides.

How do I know if Food Lovers Diet is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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What is the active ingredient in Food Lover’s Diet?

There’s not a special active ingredient in Food Lover’s Diet.

Does the Food Lover’s Diet work?

The basis of the Food Lover’s Diet calorie restrictions, so it may work. However, there’s no scientific research proving the weight-loss method works or is better than any others on the market.

Instead, you might want to consider combining Food Lover’s Diet with a product that has been shown to work, contains clinically-tested ingredients and has customers excited, such as Dietspotlight Burn.

How much does Food Lover’s Diet cost?

The Food Lover’s Diet costs $119.94.

Where can I buy Food Lovers Diet?

Food Lovers Diet can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon.

Who makes Food Lover’s Diet?

The makers of Food Lover’s Diet is Provida Life Sciences.

Food Lovers Diet Ingredients

We looked into the Food Lovers Diet ingredients in order to give you the information you need.


Walking is a simple movement many learn when they are very young. Although it is a necessary part of everyday life, it can be hard for those who have desk jobs, limited time, or other lifestyle limitations to get enough in during the day. For this reason, walking is now considered a good exercise, as it is easy to do and can benefit health in a number of ways.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

When done for exercise, walking can help aid in weight-loss, immunity, strong bones, balance, coordination, and overall general health.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, “Although [changes] BMI [body mass index] was significantly associated with both ΔMET-hours per day [exercise energy expenditure] run and walked, the [changes] BMI [body mass index] was significantly greater for running than walking.” This means that greater weight-loss was seen with running than with walking.

You may want to try Dietspotlight Burn, a weight-loss supplement that is supported by science and user reviews that talk of amazing results.

Another study came to the same conclusion. Published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders: Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity, researchers stated, “Our study showed no dose-response effect of walking exercise on weight loss over diet alone…This data suggests that 30 min of walking on most days of the week may be as beneficial as 60 min (in combination with diet) in promoting numerous additional healthful outcomes over diet alone following a 12 week weight loss program.”

Percent Daily Value

The percent daily value, or %DV as seen on nutritional labels, is a, “a guide to the nutrients in one serving of food,” according to the Mayo Clinic. These numbers are based upon an average 2,000 calorie diet and therefore do not meet the specific nutritional requirement that may be different person to person.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

The percent daily value can serve as a beneficial guide, one that can help an individual track about how much of certain nutrients they have or have not consumed in a day. For some, it may also be a good way to control what they eat.

Clinical Research

In a study published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, researchers decided to test if people actually understood what the percent daily value was. According to the conclusion, “Most respondents were able to accurately rate the fat content of five different foods using only the food label information. However, some underestimated food content for some foods. Also, only 29% correctly selected the definition of % daily value for fat (%DV), as “percent of the maximum daily recommended amount of fat.”

Unfortunately, no other scientific research exists testing the truthfulness of the percent daily value’s health benefits.

Is There Anything Out There That TRULY Works?

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Previous Food Lovers Diet Review (Updated December 5, 2014):

What You Should Know About Food Lovers Diet

The Food Lovers Diet was created by Fitness magazine. The program offers five strategies for eating right in order to boost weight loss. The five strategies cover how to eat, plan meals, deal with slower than expected weight loss, keep a focused mind and maintain a consistent fitness program. Interactive tools and menu planners are offered by Fitness magazine for use with the Food Lovers Diet program.

Food Lovers Diet List of Ingredients

Program for losing weight with realistic expectations.

Product Features

Too many dieters try to attempt weight loss with unrealistic goals or outrageous expectations. Fitness Magazine offers a real life guide to losing weight and keeping it off. The core of it's methods intersect with other books like The Renegade Diet or 3 Week Diet. The program starts with guidelines for eating and caloric intake. According to the description, if a dieter is eating less than 1,500 calories a day and exercising regularly, hunger will take over and weight loss will be impossible. When planning a diet menu, The Food Lovers Diet suggests mixing the right carbohydrates, fats and proteins into each meal to keep the body healthy and strong. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are major players in the Food Lovers Diet. They give specifics on their official site. Rounding out the tips and tricks for successful weight loss are several steps to keeping your expectations realistic and in line with achievable weight loss goals. Fitness Magazine suggests an exercise plan compiled of cardiovascular and strength training. The Food Lovers Diet claims weight loss of five pounds in the first month. Each month after that, additional weight loss will vary, we can assume, but the literature claims dieters can lose as much weight as they would like on the plan. Fitness Magazine offers recipes with complete nutritional information. Meals have graduated calories throughout the day. Breakfast contains less than 400 calories, lunch contains less than 500 calories and dinner less than 600 calories. Recipes are also provided for snacks less than 100 calories. This unique caloric intake is not shared with other dieting books like 5:2 Diet, a plan that recommends only dieting two days out of the week. Information on the Food Lovers Diet is free on the Fitness Magazine website.

Food Lovers Diet Advantages

  • The Food Lovers Diet contains information on healthy eating.
  • The plan is free online.
  • Fitness Magazine supports a slow and steady weight loss approach.

Food Lovers Diet Disadvantages

  • Reading information on dieting leaves much up to interpretation.
  • Fitness Magazine does not offer a physical version of the plan.


Fitness Magazine is a trusted source of dieting and weight loss information. The goals established by The Food Lovers Diet are realistic and achievable, but the dieter must read all information online and interpret that information on their own. Many of the goals are based on mental attitude, which will differ from dieter to dieter. No mention of weight loss supplements could be found, as other programs do like Garstrobiplex, so dieters are left to fend off hunger without the help of appetite suppressants.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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    I was very disappointed with the diet it was hard to follow and cumbersome. I did not lose 1 pound. I called for a refund and was told since it was 1 week passed the 8 weeks I could not get a refund.. It is not 90 days . I have 3 more monthly instailments and I am displeased with the product. I ask to speak with someone at the resolution line and was told there was not one.. I am very disappointed that I will still be paying for a product that did not work for me. Buyers beware. I would rate this product 0

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      Hi Debra. Instead of trying a diet like Food Lovers, you may want to try a supplement, like Dietspotlight Burn, so you can have more control over what you eat while still achieving the weight loss you seek.

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    Even after reading so many reviews, I bought it anyway when I saw it brand new at Good Will for $15. I’m ready to start the 6 Day Detox Drop, but when I went to the website with a question, I was automatically directed to a website called Diet Free Life where I guess Ferguson is now. Am I out of luck for any more info without paying for THAT new diet package?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Karla, unfortunately you have to go to that site for more information.

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    I bought the package from TV and did not join the online portion. I eat protein, slow and fast carb at each meal and two 100 calorie snacks and am losing 2 lbs a week without. I seem to stay fuller longer and do not crave sugar. Some days I cannot each everything. The program is working for me.

  •  Works for us!
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    My husband and I started the program again. I quit due to surgery and breast cancer. I have lost a pound a day. This program works. It taught us healthy eating habits, eliminating bad sugar and salts in foods. I lived in chronic pain lots of swelling. I don’t have the swelling anymore and pain is easier to deal with. My 21 day has been up for over a few weeks. I feel better and less pain. I learned about portion control and the right carbs. Every meal we know what to eat and healthy. We snack on our favorite foods, less salt some no sugar. It is amazing how much salt and sugar is in foods. I have learned a lot from this program and will never go back to the old way. I am not interested in other plans out there. This is the one for us!

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      Use a prepaid card

    Iona Frajman

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        • Day

          You can call your credit card ands trek them you did not make this charge. Two them you did not authorize auto payments and you are disputing al charges from that company. Call the company and trek them toy are reversing the unauthorized charges and to not try to make further auto payments. Then go to Bob and consumer affairs and make a formal complaint. You can also put a hold on your credit card account. If all else fails call your CC and report as lost/stolen and that you want a new card and number sent as replacement.
          Just make sure you alert all other authorized creditors you might have auto pay with to avoid mispayments and late charges.
          Also never use a debit card online!

          • Ellaour Name

            I’m using the food lovers diet it’s working for me so it’s the only diet that worked for me besides the diet for idiots my advice about your credit card before you sign up or give your credit or debit card information PLEASE you must always read the fine print of the conditions and if you on the phone ask all the questions about the payment stormer reps are usually happy to answer any questions at this point as they want you to buy and also ask them to send you the copy of their conditions.

  • Not Good Experience
    Not Impressed

    I had about the same experience except I paid the full $200 upfront. I wish I would have did the payment option then I could cancel my card and they wouldn’t get another dime out of me. $265 is the total of what I paid OUCH! They charged me $65 for some BS online account that I’m not interested in and never used.

  •  Save your Money
    K Morton (Verified User)

    I bought this plan. It is anything but free. They charge $30 MONTHLY (for some pills)and $64 QUARTERLY (for the online tools). I would not recommend this product. You could use this money for a gym membership and still save money.

    • Not Impressed

      Where did you find a free option? I paid $200. Then they charged me $65 for an online account that I never used or intend to use. They won’t refund that. I called the day it hit my account, and the rep basically told me too bad too sad.

    • Your Name

      Too all of you, just cancel your credit card and then they can’t touch you. Good luck

      • Your Name

        Dispute the claim with your credit card company. Often they will refund the payment or take it off your account. Once you have disputed the claim, further charges will be easily reversed.

  •  Bought Kit on Ebay
    Debbie (Verified User)

    I bought my kit on ebay and i am doing great on the program.

  • Cost is so High
    Arline Fenstermacher

    I need to cancel the program because the cost was over twice on the tv. I am social security and my daughter was going to pay for it.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. For product canceling inquiries, please refer to the food lovers diet official website for more information.

  • Dorothy

    My friend and I are having a disagreement regarding the difference between “free” slow carbs and slow carbs. She insists that the free slow carbs do not benefit to break down the sugars to enhance weight loss and that only the slow carbs ie: legumes etc. do that for you. If you can, please answer this question to end this once and for all! Thanks!

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. For product information, please refer to the food lovers diet official website for more information.

  • also equate bad grammar and spelling
    Your Name

    you know something’s not right when it’s reps are riffraff. and I also equate bad grammar and spelling with lackadaisical attitudes.Not professional

  • 13 weeks of online service
    Your Name

    All I have to say is watch what your paying for!!! They will bill you for an online program and do not refund when you cancel. So you do the two week trial call to cancel at the end of the 2 weeks and they keep your $60+. Then you’ve just paid for 13 weeks of online service you don’t get!! Buyer beware!

  • I was referrrd
    cat (Verified User)

    I was referrrd to a nutritinists and it was the worst experience. She didn’t help me at all. She pretty much put me on WW which didn’t work for me.

  • I'm a perfect example that just exercise

    Actually I’m a perfect example that just exercise and eating clean is just not enough. I am having trouble loosing wieght and do not eat processed food and gluten free. I also workout 4-5 days a week and cannot drop a pound

  • Berecia Todman

    I believe if you do exactly the way the plan tells on how you can loose your weight it will be beneficial.

  • was your fault

    I agree it wasn’t their fault you lost your book. The question is if the system works. That was your fault.

  • credit card

    I canceled my online subscription and received a confirmation number for cancelation…and they still billed me (the same day). I wanted to speak to a supervisor and was told they do not have a supervisor on staff and they do not transfer to supervisors. I requested my credit card be credited back and they stated they do not issue refunds. I am now working with the credit card company to make sure they do not get paid and any future billing charges are not approved. Horrible customer service, the lady had an excuse for everything including my long hold (3 different times).

  • web-site
    William Herscher

    naturally like your web-site however you need to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to inform the truth however I will certainly come back again.

  • diet
    Roseline (Verified User)

    I found it very helpful! I think this new diet will help me lose weight!

  • helpful

    I found it very helpful

  • Healthy living
    tony clark (Verified User)

    A good way to start Healthy living

  • lala


  • diet pills

    i can not take any diet pills they funny taste to them i am on med grom my dr

  •   drinking sodas
    teresa (Verified User)

    By following the 7-day makeover I lost 28 pounds in two and a half weeks. it took a little while to get used to know fat and salt. I went from drinking sodas everyday to drinking water everyday. I stuffed my face all
    day long. My mouth felt cleaner, I was thinking clearly and I felt full of energy. Maintaining will be the hard part but I’m willing. Thank You fitness

  • Sounds very easy
    Dona Lee

    Sounds very easy to follow

  • robbing people.

    On ShopQ. They have the program its with flex pay I looked into it but I am so glad I read these reviews I can’t believe how these company’s get away with robbing people.

  • I have the 7 day rapid lots program.

    I have the 7 day rapid lots program, have the whole thing was planning on starting Monday.
    If you would like I will send you the info.

    • Ljl

      I would love if you could send me the 7 day rapid loss program info. I have a wedding coming up and need to lose weight and i am disabled and cant go to the gym. I dont eat much at all but i need to do something to lose a few pounds. I would greatly appreciate I t. Thank you in advance

  • Thanks for Article.
    Vishala Thakkar

    Thanks for Article.

  •  I cancelled before the trial period but they still took money from my account.
    Tawana (Verified User)

    They are CROOKS!!! Stay away from them!! I cancelled before the trial period but they still took money from my account. I had to get my bank involved. They did finally get the money back but now, they are continually debiting my account for $3.99 for the last 3 months!

  • I learn what to do by reading things online, tv, research.
    Kim j

    People said they don’t have access to. A doctor will there online, book stores, friends, family there are ways to find out what to eat and we all know about fruits and vegetables lean protein whole grains and lots of water and keep your body moving get your heart rate up just ask questing. I learn what to do by reading things online ,tv,research

  •  Not all nutritionist are equal.

    I started with a nutritionist and she did give much direction or information. I left there feeling as lost as when I went. So maybe not all nutritionist are equal. Glad you had an informed one.

    • Donna

      Meant to say she did NOT give me much direction or information. I was as lost as I was when I first went to see her.

  • Should I adjust my regular diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner and 8 glasses of water a day?
    Luis D

    I will take Energy Greens, which contains 38 natural superfoods. Should I adjust my regular diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner and 8 glasses of water a day?

    • Rich (Editor)

      Well eight 8-ounce glasses or a half-gallon is the recommended daily consumption of water. As for your diet you would have to abide by whatever the food restrictions of the diet.

  •  Consult a nutritionist.
    Ashlee (Verified User)

    And another thing not all of us have access to a Doctor. Let alone a nutritionist!!!

  •  Loved the product.
    Ashlee (Verified User)

    Somehow I find you losing 114 lbs in 5 months unbelievable!!! I know people can lose a lot of weight but 114 lbs in 5 months!!! Really???

    • FrauHaas2013

      Ashlee, it can be done – last year I lost 62 pounds in 3 months. (Unfortunately, after I got married, I gained all but 20 of it back – my husband is a professional chef!)

  • How costly is it?

    Would like to know what you did. Have tried diet plans really light in the wallet. Need to lose 70 lbs.

  •  Hated the product.
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    BEWARE the fine print if you want to cancel.

    While I think this diet works as long as you follow it, my complaint is that months ago, I called to cancel my enrollment in the ongoing program, and apparently they cancelled the tablets but you have to ASK SEPARATELY to cancel the website. I have never used the website, and just got a $70.22 charge for “13 weeks” . I called again and they say that they see that I cancelled the tablets but because I didn’t specifically request to cancel the website they are unwilling to credit that back, and that it is explained in the fine print when you sing up that you have to request separately to cancel the different elements. This is predatory marketing, in my opinion. I called to cancel my “Food Lovers” subscription, not one element of it.

    • Deb

      I agree. I have been fighting them myself. This is the THIRD TIME I have called (today) and yet they have NO RECORD of my call. I have turned it over to my attorney.

  •  Loved the product.
    zendeya (Verified User)

    I’m amazed at the number of people on here who are just rude and obnoxious. Wow, people, take a downer and relax. Life is too short to be ragging on others. Hope everyone has a great day. Be happy!

  • How to follow for diabetic 2?

    Bernice what is the diet you followed for the diabeties, I am type 2 and would love some help with it.

  •  Loved the product.
    Janet (Verified User)

    Please share your plan. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Just stopped smoking. Doing Wii fit. Wanna eat right. 114 pounds in 5 months!!!! YOU ARE A WINNER!

    • Bobbie

      You need to try that crazy wrap thing!! Tighten tone and firm your skin, and it’s not to replace eating healthy and exercise .

  •  Loved the product.
    Maryella (Verified User)

    It doesn’t take a lot of time to read. The cd’s are about 10 min. each day. You don’t have to eat meals 6 times a day. I eat a protein bar for snacks or a piece of string cheese and a fruit. It is a great diet and you never feel deprived. My husband and I work and we just take a snack with us.

  •  Still charging after returned it.

    my mom is an elderly woman, ordered the origram, I sent back, and yet a month later they are still charging her account. He social secrity income is being sucked out of her checking account by Food Lovers. Sad, and embarrassing for my mom.

    • Cheryl

      For all of you claiming you can’t get your money back etc. why didn’t you all put a stop payment on your credit card…if the company tries to take payment it will automatically be rejected and you don’t loose any funds…that is what I would do

  •  Still charging for it after returned.
    robyn (Verified User)

    Hi, I sent the boxes of product back to food lovers, yet they continue to charge my account.

    • Smart

      Call and cancel it’s not hard!!!!!!!!!!

  • Going to start the product.

    I saw this infomercial last night, and have been thinking about it all day. I’m so glad I stumbled across this site! After doing a little more research on the Food Lovers plan, it seems that it’s really a version of the Atkins diet. I’d done my own modified Atkins diet a couple of years ago and lost about 40 lbs in 3 months without ever being hungry. I know the real food, high fiber, low sugar approach to eating works from experience, but I because of my busy schedule I was hoping this program would give me a little more structure without me having to think too much! Haha! Oh well, I think I’ll keep my money, dust off my brain and make the time to create my own meal plans and affirmations. Like one of the comments above said, we all find the time for what matters most to us. Good luck to all of us on this journey toward healthier lives! 🙂

    • Debbie

      This diet is NOT like Atkins. Atkins is BETTER by far!

    • Bree

      I have been on this diet for 3 months. I have lost 15 lbs. I have lost weight before but I find I lost it in the right places this time. I did not order any of the pills or anything other than the one time package of dvd’s and booklets. Have had no problems with billing and I highly recommend it

      • gail

        Thanks Bree I just got my program today and i went to get reviews online and i was getting so nervous . I was wondering what did i get myself into? Then i read your review thanks so much for your thoughts as i fell more relieved now!!!

    • Your Name

      Im with you on the thinking gripe. Diets dont work for me when I’m consumed with all the numbers, grocery lists, plans, etc. Food, food, food on the brain!!

  •  Just my 2 cents worth
    Gilbert (Verified User)

    I’m sorry if this sounds offensive, it’s not meant to be. But, these people soiund like the typical liberal that wants everything for free, or nearly free. They don’t want to have to work at something that will be worthwhile, but simply want something for nothing. I agree with hunter 100%. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Gilbert

      Also, reading above, it’s availability is FREE on the Fitness magazine’s website. Amazing the things we learn when we read through stuff, isn’t it?

    • Pat L

      I do take offense, Gilbert. You obviously need to get your information about TRUE liberals from somewhere besides Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. MOST of us are neither lazy or indolent. We are intelligent, informed people who have worked hard ALL our lives. I get really sick of people repeating all the ultra conservative blather about us.

  • This help my decision

    So glad i read these reviews I will not be ordering this product

  •  Not a very good experience
    A (Verified User)

    Purchased system. Actually I found myself gaining weight. Additionally, I purchased the fat loss pills and it clearly stated it was a one time purchase. Well, my credit card kept getting billed for these pills every other month. It was such a pain to deal with. I WOULD AVOID THE FOOD LOVERS!!

  •  Best diet plan for me
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I lost 150 lbs in one year. It is the best diet plan I have ever been on. I have struggled with my weight for my whole life (69 years). This is the first time I have lost all my excess weight and kept it off. I say to all, go do it. Kathy

  • Questions about price

    $119 for box of illustrated booklets and DVDs? Ya gotta be kidding!

    Infomercial mentioned “starvation mode” and “resetting metabolism”. This is nonsense. Anytime you hear anyone mention “starvation mode”, just ignore them and don’t buy whatever they are trying to sell you.

  •  Information about the product
    Lin (Verified User)

    The new program has audio aid, exercise dvd’s, meal cards,and how to make favorite recipes heathier.. Plus a trial money back garantee!!

  • Need help with the website
    GLRichards (Verified User)

    Your site states that the Food Lovers Diet Plan can be seen online for free. Please guide me to that site. Thanks !

    • Rich (Editor)

      You can search it on the Fitness Magazine site.

  •  Did not work for my lifestyle
    Debbie (Verified User)

    I feel pretty stupid ordering some diet program online that I knew nothing about. I signed up off tv ad. Supposed to be 119.00 with payments being made monthly. Did not know I was being charged monthly for pills and monthly for online services whatever that is. So far i have paid 600.00 for nothing. The diet did not work for my lifestyle but the worst of it is, when I called them, they told me I had 30 days to cancel, which I did not do. The girl would not address my issues. She hung up on me. Please be careful what you end up signing up for. Truley a bad expensive mistake. After canceling, They say I still owe more money. Crazy get rich program for these people. 600.00 for nothing but a few pills and some papers, and also the chance to go online to track your progress. Stay away from these money hungery monsters

    • Lee Ellen

      I agree. There is nothing here that you cannot find elsewhere. I feel really stupid too. $120 for a box of CDs, a divided color coded plate and pills that I have doubts about their content. And I still am being charged $64 a month for a product I have tried to cancel a few times already. Don’t waste your money.

  • Does anyone want to sell their program?

    does anyone have a complete program that they don’t want anymore. and would like to seell.

    • Denise

      Me too! My sister just came to our family reunion 65# lighter over 8 months of using this plan. She lives alone and truly carried out the entire plan, including working up to walking 4 miles a day. She’s a retired registered nurse but says this program was a complete nutrition class. She is not being charged for anything over the initial price so don’t know what all these complaints are about! If honest I think the complainers just did not carry out the plan and thought just the purchase would give them success! I’d buy a complete course if someone wants to recoup some of their $.

  •  Lost 11lbs
    tlh (Verified User)

    Also last 11 lbs in that 3 months.

  • Diabetic and pregnant

    Wow, if Anonymous is diabetic and pregnant without advise she REALLY needs ot find another doctor/endocrinologist or nutritionist. How incredibly unhealthy for her and the baby! Shocking! The two of you should be on a very specific diet as diabetic mother without a doubt!!!

  • Nita

    Just ordered and btw they don’t add the stuff on you pressed the ok button instead of No Thanks. It is information period…you have to do something with the information as far as I can see. You don’t do anything then the info does nothing. Simple as that.

  • Arrogance

    You sound like you work for the company and don’t have an ounce of compasion. You have no idea how sick that person was or whether or not they have a support system that can help them return the item. I myself have struggled with health issues and have had no help and at times have been late on things but it was out of my control. Apparently you have been perfect your whole life and have people to do things for you. I hope you count your arrogant blessings each day.

    • Slim

      does it matter what situation a person encounters in life? there are millions of things that can come up, company has 30 day refund policy for a reason,its not a matter of compassion its called company policy.return it in the 30 days and you can get your money back on day 31 you own it plain and simple.

  •  EXTREMELY informative
    Jimmy (Verified User)

    My wife and I have been on Food Lovers for a week now. We love it. We have tried Nutrisystem, weight watchers, and the old atkins too. We lost weight, then gained it all back eventually. The first few days are tough, but we have a great routine now. This is a lifestyle change, so the first 21 days you avoid certain foods, but after that you can incorporate “bad” foods back in, but being smart about it. The books are EXTREMELY informative, and the cd’s explain how the body converts things you eat very clearly. I highly recommend this, but you do have to commit 100% for it to work

    • Anonymous

      Just a question, do you have a problem with your order? I want to buy it but I’m really afraid get a credit card problems,like charges for something I didn’t order.


        if you are worried about problems with your credit card try purchasing a pre paid credit card at the store. that way you do not have to worry about additional purchases being taken out of your account without your permission. You can get one of those visa vanilla cards add whatever denomination you want and purchase whatever you want online when the money is up its up.

        • Your Name

          Smart way to go

    • Chris A

      Did you receive all the pills/vitamins that everyone else is speaking of? Did you have knowledge of this aspect of the diet while ordering??

      Did you get charged an additional $70 after x time?

      Did they tell you over the phone when ordering that you’d pay X $amt for X# of pymts (PLUS additional charges would be charged to cover maintenance pills via mail)? The infomercial I saw mentioned nothing about taking pills/vitamins… nor additional debits from the account.

      It only claims: 6 Payments of $19.99 or 1 pmt of $119.99, Lose 3 sizes in 8 weeks or Return it for a Full Refund.

      Includes 7 day size down, Lean Lifestyle Program books, recipes, Million Meals Meal Planner, Day by Day Audio Series (cds), Work-Out DVDs, etc.

      The call in number was 800-489-8806 however, I’m confused because it sounds like diff people are getting diff versions of the TRYFOODLOVERS.com diet??? Some people refer to “FoodLovers by x person” or “Foodlovers by Robert Ferguson person”.. Does anyone know if there’s varied versions offered in diff states at diff prices???

      I’d really like to order but am still skeptical w/ the wide variation of posts going both directions…

      • Your Name

        buy it from amazon

  • Program works or not
    Stephanie M

    I just seen the info commerical and may consider on ordering the system. Can anyone please tell me if this program has or has not worked for them. Any comments would help. Thanks

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Anyone have a story for, Steph?

  • Taking my money

    Don’t get mixed up with this bunch. They continue to send vitamins and take money from my account even though I told them when I ordered (and every month since) that I don’t want vitamins(I have refused every shipment) They return some of the charges when I complain but never the full amount. They continue to bilk me out of $5-10/mo. 🙁

  • Lose weight and diabetes

    @ Bernice Loza I want to know what diabetic plan is that I want to lose weight and my mother is a diabetic so this plan would work out the best for the both of us if you can can we exchange emails

  • Rose

    I’m so glad I read all of your comments because I was just about to order this diet. It sounded “too good to be true.” I have Hypothyrodism and it makes it very hard for me to lose weight. I will definitely look into the Zone diet. Thanks!

  • Waste of time and money

    Waste of time and money. You have to fight to get your money back.

  • Looking for results

    This is for Deana who was suppose to post in 3 months. How did you do? Just saw the infomercial this morning.

  • Web scouts for Food lovers plan

    Finally a couple of people that sound believable.. Too many of these guy’s above you sound like web scouts for the FoodLoversPlan. You have probably delt with the issue of your charges already but, if it is still on going contact your bank and tell them these are unauthorized charges. My bank always reimburses me on something like that.. they then contact the business who is applying the charges and informs them.. it is then up to them to prove they have authorization. I have never had an issue with a charge going any farther. Sorry, to hear the plans are another “too good to be true” sort, the business practices of the company usually tells it all. Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who are searching for truth before we bit off too much. I think I will look for this “ZONE Diet” book someone mentioned earlier.

  • Bad customer service experience
    Ivette (Verified User)

    I ordered the system with much hope and when I received was very pleased with all the info. BUT, finding the foods he recomends, looking at the recipes and everything else was very hard and expensive. I know that when you make a diet you have to give up something but this is very far away from the promotion of loose weight eating the foods you like. Anyway, I wrote to ask for my money back. Never got an answer, so I decided the send the package back. They rejected it and now they don’t want to give my money back until I send the package back and I don’t have it. It is on the UPS store I went to and I was clear that I did wanted the package back. They are putting the blame on me. It is curious that they have been receiving my emails except for the first one I sent asking for the refund. Customer service is very bad.

    • Klyn

      Ivette, was it over 30 days before they received it? That is usually how they justify it. Sorry, to hear it didn’t work out for you either.. I think I will stay away from this one.

  • Save your money!
    Kelly Welch

    This sounds like the Zone Diet. Save your money and just search the Zone Diet on line or buy a Zone Diet book. You won’t have to worry about wasting so much money!

  • Thanks for the feedback

    Thank you all for your feedback. I can now make a better choice for myself.

  • Experiencing billing issues

    Oh my God! I just ordered this product maybe an hour ago and everything Nick said about them disconnecting after you turn down all the additional offers and getting your credit card info is true! I just called to find out if it was too late to cancell and was told the office is closed on weekends. I hope I don’t experience any problems getting them to refund any money taken from my checking account.

    • Klyn

      Go to your bank and tell them the chargers are unauthorized!

  • Does it work?

    How did it go?

    • tlh

      Doctor put me on a diabetic diet. I
      Watch my Carb intake. 75 carbs per meal and up to 30 carbs for a snack. My A1C dropped from 9.0 to 6.6 in 3 months. I am returning my food lovers package.

  •  This works for my friend with diabetes

    My friend ordered this and she lost 129 lbs so far. she had type 2 diabetes and very high blood surgar. she was on two pills a day and still over 200 when testing. she now is in normal range every time she test. I ordered the product 3 days ago. i cant wait to start. also my friend ordered the plan because her aunt did very very well on this. she lost over 200lbs and still needs to loose about 150 more. they both literally eat what they want, just in portion size and with other things. they eat pizza, chocolate, cake etc. oh and they dont work for the company and they are not being paid by the company…

    • Vera

      Hi Holly my name is Vera I just ordered I am type 2 diabees. I am praying this works for me like it worked for your friend. I t appears that you have to really want it and focus. I need to llose 50-60 pounds.

      • Michelle

        I also have type 2 diabetes & was considering ordering this to lower my sugar down & keep it low. I wanted to know if this actually worked with your blood sugar & in losing weight. Please let me know or if anyone who has type 2 diabetes or heart condition, if this had worked.

        • Savvy shopper

          Why not but the box kit on amazon or ebay and don’t go through the company website or phone? Same program without the hassle or chance of hassle. If you are not using the online account that sounds like is unnecessary and cost 70.00 a month. Avoid this and buyou a used or unused on amazon or Ebay to try it out! I’m sure it will be less than half to half the price too! Win win

  •  Do more research before using this
    adrian (Verified User)

    Most of the people that are in favor of this product are paid by the company to come on here and say it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. instead of taking the time to read all these books get up off the couch and go for a walk or swim or run or to the gym etc. etc.

    • yeahright

      adrian, you have to be kidding. i’ve not been paid anything, and i can tell you that it works great IF YOU STICK TO IT. i lost 50 pounds in 4 months, and have never felt physically better in my life. and nobody has paid me anything to say this.

      • sue

        I thought about ordering this system but now am scared because of all the negative feedback. it sounds good to me. is it still working for you?

  • Experiencing billing and customer service issues

    They will send you monthly shipments of “vitamins” and charge it in two different payments each month. Each shipment is over $50/month. And it’s hard to get them to stop! When I called to order, I specifically stated that I DID NOT WANT any follow-up shipments; if it worked, I would call them and reorder. Not only did they continue to ship anyway, I was also charged for one of the other options I declined and was being charged (under a different account name) an additional $25/month for coupons/gift certificates or some such items that I specifically declined in the ordering process, never received, but was continued to be billed. Why, you ask, did I not stop this immediately? I had shoulder surgery and was less attentive than I would have ordinarily been with paying attention to the items on my statement, and more attune to getting well. Did this matter to them? Absolutely NOT! I’ve never used the product since my surgery became my focus. I cannot attest to whether it works or not. But they do have a marketing trickery. Shame on me for ordering any product from a TV ad and giving them my credit card info!!!!! Lesson learned!!!!

  •  It works great if you follow it
    Lisa (Verified User)

    Don’t be fooled this is the ZONE diet. Save money and get the Zone book it works great if you follow the Zone plan. I have lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks and I cheated a couple of times.

    • Pat

      Hi Lisa

      I just read your post about a zone diet. Don’t know anything about it but it sounds great. Where would I find this zone book. Congrads on loosing the 11 pounds, it’s probably more since your post is over a year old. I would love to do this please send me the information on how to get this great book. Thanks so much.

  •  Not simple and difficult to use
    Rita (Verified User)

    This diet is not easy at all! So many books, dvds, cds, I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t have the time and patience to do all of this. Also the 1st video talks about a detox to start the program which was not included in mine. There is NOTHING SIMPLE about this diet! The only positive was that when I called to ask about returning it, they were very understanding about how difficult the program is (what does that tell you?)They offered me the option of cutting my payments in half to keep the box of crap, which I chose to do so as not to lose the shipping I already paid and have to pay to ship it back. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  •  Want to get the link for the plan

    Good Morning:

    One of the advantages listed is that the Food Lovers Plan is free online. Please send me the link to that plan so that I may take advantage of this…thank you.

  •  Offers a food plan

    Simply check out something like Food Addicts Anonymous which offers a food plan as opposed to a diet and super support.

  •  Don't want to waste money

    Hi everyone! I’m hearing mixed things about this program. I’m so hesitant to buy stuff like this, but I’m looking for something that will get me results. My mother-in-law has been very successful on weight watchers, and she keeps trying to get me to join, but my husband and I do not have the budget to spend $13 a week plus all the extras you have to buy until you lose the weight. And all my mother-in-law ever eats is salad, and I refuse to eat only lettuce forever!
    I have about 60 lbs to lose, and the testimonials on the infomercial were good, but I was disappointed by the website. It doesn’t tell you anything other than how to buy it. I also noticed someone mentioned you could go to a nutritionist and get the same information, so why buy this?
    Also, a friend of mine is doing the 6 week body makeover program, has anyone heard of that either or how it compares to this? Isn’t it the same concept?
    I’m ready to do the work and get back to my old body, but I don’t want to waste money if it’s not worth it to buy the materials for this program. Can anyone help? Encouragement, comments, pointers, etc. I need advice, thanks! 🙂

    • Ramona

      Just want to say Weight Watchers on line is only $17.95 a month so it’s more affordable than the weekly classes. It’s a very good site. I bought the Food Lover’s diet as well as the Michael Thurmond’s 6-week Body makeover…it wasn’t the products failed it was I who failed at keeping at the program. I get bored easily if I di not see results quickly.Good luck with which ever program you chose.

    • christina

      I just orderd this yesterday and after seeing these comments I was close to canceling in fear of needing to return it and not being able to…So I decided to keep it since most commonts say after 30 days they dont take it back.. I see why though. that is enough time to copy all pages in all books and staple it together keep the plates and return the books. if it was my company I wouldn’t allow it either.. so I decided maybe it is people that are too afraid to follow and achieve their dreams.. people that come on here didn’t open the box until they felt like it. could have been over a few months. opened it just to find books and plates.. even though they tell you on tv. thats what your getting. and try to come up with reasons not to use it. I dont have to lose weight i weigh 120 i want to drop 5 LB’s but all I really want to do is geting in habit of eating. I eat once a week or so. then after a few months I will go a few weeks overeating becuase I finaly feel hungry. so I will go a month not feeling hungry then I will go certain weeks not feeling full. I need this not because of the 5lbs i want to lose. thats just a bonus. i need this to get into a healthy eating habit and I will have my 3 kids follow this too and in a few years make them put stuff on their own plate and show them the guide so they can eat healthy and not be like me going months with only eating once a week. I will pray this works. Preying always help no matter what. 🙂 I will post weight loss I have or at least post how my body is toning better after I start this program. I have to get it in the mail first.. thanks for all the people out there that did postitive feed back those are the comments that made me ignore the first 2 ppl. and listening to the person that told them off about the truth of to lazy to try .. 🙂 God bless everyone on here and we should make a facebook group for all of us to follow up on stuff and help people when they feel down or when they reach a Plato 🙂

      • Anonymous

        You sound like a nut case don’t eat for weeks? You would be dead. Maybe you are?

  •  Just got the product and will start
    laura (Verified User)

    wow…im so excited! I just got my food lover package and after reading all of these positive feed back comments…shweeie…im releaved. I will keep you guys posted…

  •  Want to know about the product

    I have just recieved the plan have not read it yet but the comments say there is a detox plan…what if you do not use the detox plan will the program start to work…I understand it is very expensive to do and right now I have just had foot and ankle surgery and on disability so money is an concern.

  •  Portion Sizes

    what are the portion sizes
    I need to esat to get full.

    • Rich (Editor)

      The portion sizes are a bit smaller than you would normally eat at a meal however the trick is to spread the volume of food you eat over your day.

  •  Cannot wait for the ordered product

    Just ordered and can’t wait@

  •  This is the best diet plan
    Bob Andre (Verified User)

    Here,Here Mr. Hundter, I purchased the Food lovers weight plan because it seamed to be a diet my wife and I could do. I saw that it was good for her being she has diabetes, and I think I am close. I have to say this diet is not for people that are not serious about changing there fat intake. I have always dieted with low carb and done well only to put it right back on the next month. I want to change my eating habits to healthy ones and this diet seems to do just that. I have just completed the 6 day detox in 5 days, yes 1 day short only because I wanted to start the rest of my diet with my wife. I must say I have lost 12 pounds do to the detox program and that is a great way to start, with a good feeling that I am ready for my new and healthy life style. My wife is into comfort foods and thats what got us to this in our lives and were not willing to give those kind of foods up and we didn’t we just had a breakfast burrito with eggs beans and cheese that was so satisfying. Last night we had Chilly with salsa and 3 different types of bean and turkey meat that was out of this world, and just had it again for lunch it was so good. The other thing is we seemed to be snaking more than we ever have to keep down our hung feeling and its working. My wife and I feel very good about whats happening here and can’t wait for the results of eating low calories and low tar and still feel good. The reason I posted this is I was told to go on line and get some more comfort food quick card recipes, well have to go know I think my Southern oven fried chicken might be calling me, Yum Yum. So to the the people that didn’t even give this diet a chance do to sickness or just plain being lazy, maybe this was a blessing to both of you, you might as well give it a try you have nothing else to lose but weight. Good luck I know dieting is not easy, but at least I don’t have to starve doing it.

    • vendetta

      I don’t have money or time to waste. I work 10 hr days. Can it work for me I don’t need more things to read.

      • Dantam

        Okay my friend:
        I feel your frustrations because I work 3rd shift 6 nights a week and my shift is nowhere near a perfect 8 hrs. However the gentleman above must have hit a nerve with you. Because we all get defensive when truth is trusted in our face. I know this as a fact because I totally hate it when I don’t want to hear the truth when I need it most. We make excuses to not do things we know we should. As far as your tight schedule I bet you have 30 minutes a day to watch a certain TV show or your lunch break to read. As my past or and wife both would say “it is all about priorities”
        You need to ask yourself how important is weight loss to me? Then ask how big a priority it is?

  • Can I use while on medication?
    r. sears

    what about people on medication?
    i work in an environment where it would be difficult to stick to six meals a day. i work evenings to nights.

    • Deana

      Take snack with you. Have the doctor to write a note declare that you much have snack to maintain insulin levels.

  •  Follow the directions
    Sandra (Verified User)

    If you are talking about Robert Ferguson’s food lovers diet from TV, I have been using it 6 days and my pants are fitting better already (no longer straining to zip up!). Don’t be overwhelmed by all the “stuff” in the box. Every day you listen to one 5-minute motivational talk on CD, use “their” daily planner book (important to write down everything you eat in this book) that contains about 4 pages per day on what you need to concentrate on that day (like today I was to focus on drinking more water) and then you do a 12 minute workout once a day (I try to do it twice per day. And although there are harder workouts, I am doing the easiest one which is – believe me – REALLY EASY – and I’m still getting results. The rest of the stuff in the box are cookbooks and things to help you tweak recipes to be less fattening. You just have to be able to spend 15-20 minutes a day on it including the book, CD and workout. Follow the directions – dont skip around in the book for shortcuts – follow the program – it’s designed that way for a reason. I love it. I did not buy any “extras” since you can get whey-based protein drink at the grocery store and Sams Club that taste great (vanilla/chocolate). The diet really does let you eat just about anything you want if its something you really like – you just have to know what to eat it with and how much you can have….and the materials teach you everything bit by bit every day. I think it is a worthwhile investment for knowledge I can use for a lifetime and share with my fiance. I had chocolate angel food yesterday and pizza at lunch today – on my diet…but I had to plan ahead what I would eat with them to make it fit as a diet meal…not that hard, that’s like the 2nd day you learn all that.

    • cindy

      Hi Sandra, on the whey protein drink, is there one without carbs, what brand? When do you drink this?Don’t have the program just kinda wondering about it

      • Sandra

        You should get the program. Doing bits and pieces of it wont get you the same results. the 21 day daily planner gives you one more thing to incorporate every day and is invaluable as well as serving as a food diary that is also really essential to keeping you “honest” with your eating schedule and it has reminders of all the other things you need to do. I get the whey protein from sams club by EAS which has like 3 carbs – you can consider that, but this isnt a low carb diet. FYI I never make a full glass at a time – I just use a couple of teaspoons in a glass of water at a time cause I dont weigh that much and dont need big portions. My lunch today I had buffalo wings and a piece of lemon cake someone brought in – worth reading the book so you know what proportions to combine foods so they burn. I have now lost 8 lbs in a month – slow and steady but thats how you keep it off. I only have 8 more lbs to lose! The best thing, for me, is the exercize video – because I have been trying to heal a leg injury for like a year and was unable to “work out”, only doing rehab exercizes that werent very effective – but the exercizes in his tape are not only easy but they have strengthened my leg better than the exercizes I got from the rehap clinic in 1/10th the time – that’s not a selling feature of the program but it worked for me. I really value the program and will keep this as a lifestyle. If you are expecting to log on and have us give you “the secret” and that will be it, it’s not that simple. That’s why there is a program and a 21-day date book to teach you. And the recipe books they give you are great for cheating your calories – like who would have thought of mixing mashed potatoes with cooked and mashed cauliflower? But you dont taste the cauliflower and it ‘s much better for you. There is a reason they give you all that stuff in the package. I think its worth the money – it’s not a fad diet. I have not had this much energy in a long time and although I cant have huge portions of Brownies at midnight, yeah I eat all day and eat pretty much whatever I want.

        • Brenda

          Hi, wondering if you think someone who’s only vegetable consumption is green beans and peas – from a can, and tomatoe juice could get anywhere on this program? Thnx

          • Christina (Editor)

            Hi Brenda. Because of your food restriction preferences, this diet plan might not work for you.

        • vendetta

          sandra, i read your post and i’m givin this diet system lots of thought. it siunds good but, idon’t have lots of time to read. i work 10 hr days. any thoughts on this? i have 30 lbs to lose and i’m so ready!

      • Your Name

        Cindy –

        I’m using Jay Robb’s vanilla whey protein powder. Each serving is 25 grams of protein, it’s lactose free, gluten-free,no fat, no cholesterol. no sugar, no aspartame,
        no artificial colors, flavors or sweetenersn no casein, and no msg. It’s made with stevia. I have it for breakfast – I mix a scoop with a little bit (maybe 1/4 cup) of unsweetened silk vanilla almond milk, 5-6 ice cubes, and a couple tsp of a flavored drink mix (like Crystal Light – right now I’m using the cherry pomegranate).

    • Sally

      I am gong to order the program, it sounds like an excellent plan, i don’t care if it has a lot of info to read, i love to read and have the patience to do it so, perfect to loose weight !

    • Heather

      I got all my stuff a week ago- listed to day 1 & 2 and just feel very overwhelmed- I actually got online to send it back but came accross this site & am getting inspired again.

  •  This plan is great because its not a diet.
    alicia (Verified User)

    The foodlovers diet is perfect for anyone who is serious about losing weight, but needs guidance. Follow the rules and suggestions and the pounds will drop. I would rather read and lose rather than run. This plan is great because its not a diet.

  • Very dissapointed
    Virginia (Verified User)

    jUST RECEIVED IT AND i LOOKED AT T the booklet . The one thing that really got my attention, wa the commerical, that said” I love chocalate and Pizza this is the only one that worked for me”. Well I looked through the material, there is NOT one word about pizza! Very dissapointed I won’t listen to commericals again!!

    • Sandra

      Virginia USE THEIR DAILY PLANNER included in the box – it’s the most important thing in the box! It will tell you on day two to read the pamphlet on building a fat loss plate and it will teach you how to eat whatever you want. You can have pizza sometimes (just remember the crust is a fast carb so you need to balance it – maybe have a glass of whey protein drink with it (see the book on building a fat loss plate for other choices)! Just read the section on portion control and be reasonable on how much you take at one sitting. I had pizza at lunch today. You just need to learn what foods are fast carbs, slow carbs, or protein, and learn what to eat with what. But its not just what you eat – there are a lot of little weight loss tips you learn one a day as you go along and the daily planner will walk you through everything.

      • lula

        Can you share the plan as I can not afford to buy. can you share in email what carb would banana be fast or slow

  • kidding
    tired of subterfuge

    You have to be kidding about the diet solution program. That has to be the most aggravating, expensive diet to follow since you are expected to eat only organic foods and special-order condiments. Also, almost everyday you receive an email from diet solution selling someone else’s exercise program.

  •  You have to be willing to stick
    Ebony (Verified User)

    My sister and I tried this diet and over the course of three months my pants began to fall off and I didn’t fill out my clothing quite like I used to. I drank more water and ate a lot more than I was used to, all this after trying a diet that had me on less than 800 calories a day. In those three months I lost about two pants sizes. You have to be willing to stick to the diet because it requires you to avoid certain things.

  •  Agree

    I agree/B. Hunter,

  •  I would advise against purchasing.
    T.L. Kelly (Verified User)

    Would not let me return the product either. I too am still making payments. I would advise against purchasing.

    • Carole

      Does anyone have a address so I know where to return this Food Lovers Diet?? There does not seem to be an info in the box.

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hello Carole. For product order and return inquiries, please refer to the Food Lovers Diet official website for more information.

      • Barbara Martin

        Please send return address as I would like to return it.

        • Christina (Editor)

          Hello Barbara. For product orders and returns, please refer to the food lovers diet official website for more information.

      • Barbara Martin

        This is the 3rd time I have requested this. Please give me the return address.

        • Gigi

          Barbara Martin- this is a review forum for the program – people commenting are not (in theory) connected to the company. Instead of haughtily asking reviewers for the return address – why don’t you either check the website, call the company, contact the Better Business Bureau in your state, or reference the confirmation emails that were sent when you signed up for the program. Anyone who thinks that these programs are going to make it easy for you to return the kit, clearly haven’t ever dealt with multi level marketing, sold-on-tv products, or the columbia record club from the 80s. Seriously people, losing weight is NOT difficult. Eat protein (tofu OR meat), veggies and fiber at every meal, snack on fresh fruit (even with whipped cream!), completely avoid fast food and soda, kick hamburger helper to the curb, splurge only on the weekends and drink as much water as you possibly can from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed – take a walk or completely clean a room every day and STFU. That’ll be $29.99. You’re welcome.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you totally. I read the foodloversdiet and said I can do this myself. I eat vegetables, fruits, and carbs. I never eat two fast/simple carbs in a meal and always have 1 vegetable and 1 protein. If possible, my vegetable serving is twice that of my simple carb serving. I drink plenty of water, at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces and do 150 minutes a week of aerobic. I have been doing this for a year now and I do not count calories or carbs. I lost 15 lbs and that was my goal. I was never hungry. It is staying off. It amazes me that it is. The no two carbs at a meal was a little hard for me because hamburger and french fries were my weakness. I subsititue the bun with a low carb wrap. It is not difficult you just got to really want to do it.

        • me

          Maybe you should talk to your credit card/bank and have them stop the payments.

  •  this product is nothing.
    Betty (Verified User)

    this product is nothing but a box of paper and books, if you are in college you may have the patience. I was still making payments and they would not let me get a refund because I had been sick and had not returned the product within the 30 days. Please do not get mixed up with these people, they do not xare about you.

    • Anonymous

      Really, what did you expect? There is no magic to help us loose weight-I am on day 14, lost 4 lbs the last I looked and finding it very helpful and informative. Yes, much of what I already knew- but at least it’s sound advice. You will need patience to change over to a healthy lifestyle.

    • Smart

      You are a completely ignorant person. Your motive was to try a product for free, then just return it whenever you felt like it (after the trial period was over) and not pay for services rendered. I guess I found the village idiot.