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Forskolin Fit Pro Review - 19 Things You Need to Know

Forskolin Fit Pro is a dietary supplement that is formulated to aid in weight loss. The company behind this product claims that it is “a natural, energy-boosting extract that will change your body for the better” due to a large amount of forskolin extract that it contains. However, it is somewhat unclear as to whether or not this product actually produces results. There isn’t a lot of scientific evidence to support the claims made about Forskolin Fit Pro or the effect that it has on weight loss.

We had our research team take a closer look at this product to see if it is worth using. Here’s what they were able to find out after further investigation.

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What is Forskolin Fit Pro?

Forskolin Fit Pro is a natural supplement that is designed to enhance the body’s processes and help users lose weight.

It does this by employing the popular herb Forskolin to initiate effects in the body that can help the user build muscle, burn fat, and boost their metabolism.

This weight-reducing formula has gotten a lot of attention in the media, and people are curious to find out all of the details surrounding how it works. We’ll tell you all about this supplement and answer questions like does product work, where can you buy the product, how much is it, and more.

Forskolin Fit Pro ingredients

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Forskolin Fit Pro Ingredients

This product only contains one main listed ingredient, but any other additional Forskolin Fit Pro ingredients remain unknown. The main ingredient in this product is:

  • Pure Forskolin Extract

Forskolin extract comes from the root of the Indian Coleus herb plant, which belongs to the mint family.

This ingredient is known for its ability to raise cAMP levels in the body and enhance many biological processes. Cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP, is a messenger that is critical to the communication between cells as well as the regulation of hormones.

People have long taken Forskolin for a variety of reasons. To begin with, many people, including users of this product, take it to help reduce their fat or overall weight.

People have also been known to use Forskolin to treat asthma, since cAMP can relax the muscles surrounding bronchial tubes. Others use it to boost testosterone, treat glaucoma, and improve heart health, WebMD says.

While studies are limited, there are a few sources that reveal the effects of Forskolin extract on the body.

Journals including the Journal of Cyclic Nucleotide Research have already established the significance of this ingredient by linking it to the production of cAMP and the activation of hormones.

However, when it comes to actual weight and fat loss, this ingredient has not consistently lived up to its hype.

One study in Obesity Research conducted on thirty overweight and obese men recorded promising effects after twelve weeks of a placebo-controlled, double-blind study.

At the end of the study, researchers found that the group taking 250 mg forskolin extract twice per day effectively decreased their body fat percentage and fat mass and also slightly raised their testosterone levels.

Conversely, another study, as reported by Livestrong, using female participants showed that forskolin did nothing to reduce weight or fat in treatment group subjects.

However, it did manage to help slow and prevent weight gain in mildly overweight women, but these reports don’t match up to the dramatic weight reducing claims that people make about this ingredient.

If there are additional additives included in this product, such as food dyes, gelatin, or magnesium stearate, it is unknown. This failure to disclose the full list of items included in the formula can be dangerous, especially for those with sensitivities or severe allergies.

Does Forskolin Fit Pro work

Does Forskolin Fit Pro Work?

Answering questions like does product work for any supplement can be difficult, especially when there are few scientific studies available to back the claims of manufacturers.

While some studies demonstrate that it can help people lose weight or at least slow the process of weight gain, this doesn’t explain how these effects are possible.

Scientists believe that this ingredient can regulate hormones and boost metabolism by increasing levels of cAMP in the body.

It may also work by helping to create lipase and adenosine enzymes in the body, which according to the Medical News Today, free fatty acids to be burned as fuel and may explain some of the fat reducing effects seen in the all-male study.

Some, including the famous Dr. Oz, say that this product works even without the help of supplemental diet and exercise.

Without altering the way you eat, it can be difficult to manage your weight and reduce your body fat.

But a product such as this one may be able to limit the amount of weight that a person can gain and help them efficiently burn fat without negatively affecting muscle tissue.

The line between negative and positive responses seems to be equally divided, with some users and experts saying that Forskolin extract works for weight reduction and others calling it a fad.

More research is necessary before scientists can come to a more concrete conclusion as to whether Forskolin extract and products that feature it work.

Forskolin Fit Pro results

Benefits & Results

Forskolin Fit Pro Benefits and Results

Assuming that this product delivers results comparable to those in the all-male study, the Forskolin Fit Pro benefits include:

  • Easy fat burn
  • More weight lost
  • Slowed weight gain
  • Slight testosterone increases
  • Hormone regulation
  • Healthier cell communication

This herbal extract is first and foremost known for its effects on cell communication and hormone activation.

This can help with thyroid hormone regulation and improve the body’s metabolism.

The enzymatic boost also contributes to greater levels of fat burn in the body which can make muscles appear bigger and leaner.

Men who take this product can also expect slight increases in testosterone levels, which contributes additional health advantages.

In at least one study, men who were given testosterone were able to lose an average of 35 pounds each, taking them from obese to overweight within several weeks.

However, these studies are controversial and don’t always reflect the health effects of testosterone with perfect accuracy.

The end-results that users report from using Forskolin products vary from person to person.

While some do see a significant shift in body weight and fat with minimal exercise or healthy dieting, others fail to see even slight changes in their body composition.

Examining real user reviews can offer a better perspective on how well this product works for everyday people.

 Forskolin Fit Pro reviews

Forskolin Fit Pro Reviews

A user review can be very telling and can often reveal more than clinical studies.

This is because each review is provided by a different person, and each person uses the product for varying periods and also experiences a wide range of benefits and drawbacks.

Here is what Forskolin product reviewers had to say:

  • My appetite was curbed
  • Amazing outcome
  • I lost forty pounds in four months
  • Helps control my blood pressure
  • Does not live up to its claims
  • Did nothing for me

Reviewers reported mixed effects when using Forskolin extract with some claiming that it works and others saying that it makes no difference whatsoever.

Those who loved the way the extract works claimed to have lost up to forty pounds in a period of a few months while others enjoyed their improvements in blood pressure or appetite control.

It’s clear that not everyone uses this extract to lose weight, but most of the current users try it for this purpose.

The user feedback is not primarily in favor of the product which is in high contrast with the general opinion about it from celebrity doctors.

Most of the users are evenly divided between happy customers and disgruntled ones who didn’t see any differences in their bodies after lengthy use.

Like many popular supplements that are praised for their roles in weight and fat loss, this one seems to fall short of being a miracle cure.

Forskolin Fit Pro and weight loss

Details on Forskolin Fit Pro and Weight Loss

While other Forskolin extract products are not necessarily marketed to dieters and people who are trying to lose weight, Forskolin Fit Pro is. The name itself also indicates that its main goal is to help people trim their fat and get fit.

Each serving of this product offers 250 mg of 20% pure Forskolin extract, a dose comparable to that administered during the successful male study.

Users may be able to replicate the same rate of weight lost during this study at home by taking two capsules per day.

This means that users may be able to lose several pounds, elevate their testosterone levels, and even improve their blood pressure by taking this product two times per day.

However, if people taking Forskolin extract really want to be successful in losing weight, they may want to pair their supplementation with a healthy diet and plenty of exercises.

The CDC advises people to get sixty to ninety minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days of the week to lose weight and stay healthy.

Getting down to a healthy weight and maintaining it isn’t just about dieting or taking supplements though. It requires keeping a balance between food and activity and making sure that you’re not taking in more calories than your body really needs to maintain good health.

This is one of the main keys to healthy and sustained weight loss and should be integrated into every supplement regimen.

How to take Forskolin Fit Pro


How to Take Forskolin Fit Pro

The instructions for taking Forskolin Fit Pro are unavailable, but it is assumed that users should take at least one capsule per day for a short term period.

The safe length in which people can take this supplement still needs to be explored and verified, but users have been reported taking this product for up to six consecutive months.

Users should probably avoid taking more than two capsules per day as this was the dosage used in at least one study.

Larger doses may cause unknown damage to the body and should not be risked by users.

Anyone who is uncertain as to whether they should take Forskolin extract is advised to speak with a physician before taking this and similar products.

People taking Forskolin Fit Pro should take each capsule with plenty of water or another beverage for safe consumption.

Details surrounding when to take these capsules or whether they should be taken on a full or empty stomach are unspecified, so users may be able to take it at a time that is convenient for them.

Product Warnings

Forskolin Fit Pro Product Warnings

This product doesn’t come with many warnings since it is considered to be an herbal supplement with only one ingredient.

However, users who are under the age of eighteen, as well as those who are pregnant, lactating, or planning to become pregnant, are advised to steer clear of Forskolin.

This is largely because the effects of this herb on developing fetuses are still unknown.

In addition, those who are on medication should speak with a physician before taking this product.

This is especially true for people who are taking blood thinners since Forskolin may act as a natural blood thinner as well.

Is Forskolin Fit Pro safe


Is Forskolin Fit Pro Safe?

Determining the safety of a medication or supplement is a long and complex process.

To begin with, many herbs, medicines, and even foods are overwhelmingly regarded as safe, but they’re not safe for everyone.

People with allergies or medical conditions may suffer from harmful side-effects that most don’t experience after taking or eating everyday items.

Discovering the full potential for allergies and negative effects is an extensive process that requires laboratory studies on both humans and animals that many institutions either don’t have the funds for or aren’t interested in funding.

Forskolin still lacks sufficient evidence as an effective supplement and the effects that it may have on humans have not been studied enough for scientists to confidently name the risks that it poses.

In addition, natural and herbal supplements like this do not require the same regulation by the FDA as medications, which can lead to serious health hazards.

Without strict regulation, many weight enhancing supplement companies secretly add harmful or even illegal ingredients, such as ephedra and sibutramine, to make them more effective.

Finally, large doses of nearly anything can become dangerous, especially if many of the harmful effects remain unknown.

This is why moderation is so important, even when it comes to foods, and following the directions is a must.

Users should avoid exceeding the recommended dose whenever taking supplements regardless of whether they’re herbal or synthetic.

Forskolin Fit Pro side effects

Side Effects

Forskolin Fit Pro Side Effects

Forskolin Fit Pro Side Effects that have been reported include:

  • Nausea and upset stomach
  • Flushing
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Cough
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches

Users may experience nausea or upset stomach the first few days if they are sensitive to new herbs.

They may also experience flushing or rapid heartbeat as a result of taking a Forskolin product.

While it’s not dangerous, users may also develop headaches as a result of taking this product, which can be painful and bothersome.

On the more serious side, users are also at risk of developing an upper respiratory tract infection, a cough, or a tremor if they inhale the product rather than swallow it.

They may also experience restlessness or insomnia and a stinging of the eyes.

Forskolin may interact with blood thinners as well as blood pressure medications, so it’s important to steer clear of this supplement if you are taking these types of medications.

You should also check in with your doctor to discuss the safety of trying out this herb if you have other medical conditions.

The side effects that Forskolin Fit Pro can cause in pregnant and lactating women are unknown and can be harmful to the mother and developing baby.

For these reasons, women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should avoid trying new herbal supplements altogether unless advised otherwise by a physician.

The cost of Forskolin Fit Pro


What Does Forskolin Fit Pro Cost?

The Forskolin Fit Pro cost is reported as $79 at the regular amount for a sixty capsule bottle.

This is also considered about a one-month supply. If users take this product for four months, they can expect to spend well over $300 in total for this supplement.

Forskolin is a popular herb that is in high demand, but for many, its popularity doesn’t justify the high Forskolin Fit Pro price.

This pricetag is also significantly higher than many other Forskolin based supplements on the market that include the same main ingredient.

Is Forskolin Fit Pro a Scam?

The high cost of this product has led many to believe that the supplement is part of an elaborate Forskolin Fit Pro scam.

While the price alone makes people suspicious, the payment setup deepens these suspicions even further.

Reports have circulated that the company initially roped people in by offering a free trial of their product, but in order to receive the free trial, people had to provide their credit card information and sign a contract.

This contract binds them into an auto pay and ship program where they are obligated to buy a bottle of Forskolin Fit Pro at $79 every month.

These types of arrangements aren’t always technically illegal, but there are other reasons why people have been calling Forskolin Fit Pro a scam.

In addition to the contract, there is no real trace of Forskolin Fit Pro left online, including no official website and no retailer that offers this product for sale.

It’s possible that the operation was set up to overcharge people for supplements that can be purchased elsewhere for as little as roughly ten dollars.

Once people caught on to what was happening, it may have disappeared and removed all traces of its existence.

Forskolin Fit Pro scam

Forskolin Fit Pro Lawsuits

So far, there aren’t any publicized lawsuits directly regarding Forskolin Fit Pro, despite the number of concerned customers.

In the past, the FTC has demanded that certain companies stop using deceptive advertising and illegally debiting customers’ accounts with unauthorized subscriptions and extra charges.

These demands haven’t affected the people who sold Forskolin Fit Pro, but there are a lot of angry customers who may decide to take legal action against them in the future.

Forskolin Fit Pro Alternatives

Because Forskolin extract is so popular, there are countless alternatives to Forskolin Fit Pro available on the market.

Many of these alternatives can easily be found online and in popular stores, and they’re also sold at reasonable prices by reputable companies that have been around for years.

Users who are curious about the effects of Forskolin on body weight and fat may want to purchase from trusted companies and retailers and avoid any online free trial offers that require their credit card information.

Where to Buy

Where Can You Buy Product Forskolin Fit Pro?

If you really want to buy this specific product, you may have a hard time finding it.

It used to be for sale on its own website, but this website has either disappeared from the internet or has been converted to sell another product.

Forskolin Fit Pro is also difficult or impossible to find on other retail websites such as Amazon or eBay.


Forskolin Fit Pro Cons

There are many Forskolin Fit Pro Cons, including:

  • It’s no longer available for sale from its original retailer
  • It’s more expensive than other Forskolin supplements
  • It requires a subscription enrollment
  • It may come with unpleasant and unknown side-effects

Forskolin Fit Pro Pros

Forskolin Fit Pro comes with a few pros, including:

  • Potential to lose weight and burn fat
  • Potential to treat allergies
  • Convenient and simple step in a heailth regimen
  • Natural and herbal

What Users Are Saying

“When you need to kick that I need to eat all the time” feeling, this is the product for you. If you want to stay on your diet and not be tempted by the munchies, this is the product for you. There is no jittery” feeling with this brand. It is all natural and there are no side effects. I would definitely recommend it.”

“I take this with Garcinia Cambogia for sustained energy and weight loss.”

“It is not great. Does not do what I heard it would do.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Forskolin Fit Pro

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for: our final thoughts on Forskolin Fit Pro results. Well, we like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some favorable comments. But, we have some concerns because there’s no research supporting the claims. Furthermore, there’s an issue with one due to discouraging reviews of poor customer service.

If you’d really like to shed more pounds, then we suggest you select a weight-loss product that is supported by actual clinical research, comes with excellent customer service and is backed by numerous positive user reviews.

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Forskolin Fit Pro

What are the ingredients in Forskolin Fit Pro?

The only ingredient in Forskolin Fit Pro is premium forskolin root extract.

What are the side effects of Forskolin Fit Pro?

The possible side effects of Forskolin Fit Pro include flushing of the skin, lowering of blood pressure,

Does Forskolin Fit Pro work?

Forskolin Fit Pro does not have a convincing amount of clinical or scientific research to back the product’s weight loss claims. Users have given the product various reviews, often stating the product is not as effective as it is advertised.

What is the price of Forskolin Fit Pro?

The price of Forskolin Fit Pro is around $40 for 3 containers holding 30 capsules each.

Where can I buy Forskolin Fit Pro?

Forskolin Fit Pro can only be purchased online through the Offical Garcinia Cambogia 100 Pure website.

Where can I buy Forskolin Fit Pro?

Forskolin Fit Pro can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Forskolin Fit Pro?

To take Forskolin Fit Pro, consume two capsules during the day, one being before breakfast and the other before a mid-day meal. Each should be taken with a glass of water 30 minutes before the meal.

How do I contact Forskolin Fit Pro customer service?

Forskolin Fit Pro customer service can be reached by calling the Garcinia Cambogia 100 Pure phone number 310-751-0318 or by filling out a “contact us” form on the Official Garcinia Cambogia 100 Pure webpage.

Can I return Forskolin Fit Pro?

Garcinia Cambogia 100 Pure offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all of its products including Forskolin Fit Pro.

What are the most common complaints about Forskolin Fit Pro?

The most common complaints about Forskolin Fit Pro pertain to the difficult customer service, the minimal results, and the high price.

Forskolin Fit Pro Reviews