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Fullbar Review - Does this Meal Replacement Bar Work?

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By Sean McNamara May 02, 2017

We’re hearing a lot of buzz about Fullbar. We decided to find out why, so we picked apart the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service quality. Then, we analyzed hundreds of customer comments and testimonials. Then, we refined and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Fullbar?

First off, Fullbar ingredients are brown rice syrup, puffed wheat, evaporated cane juice, soy protein, cranberries, oligofructose, glycerine, fractionated kernel oil, agave syrup, honey, almonds, canola oil, maltodextrin, acacia gum, nonfat dry milk, soy protein isolate, potato extract, potato maltodextrin, soy lecithin, salt, sugar, distilled monoglycerides, cinnamon, sunflower oil, rice starch, peanut flour, wheat starch, almond flour, pecans, walnuts, cashews and hazelnuts. The product promotes weight-loss by creating a sense of satiety. You’ll eat two bars per day instead of meals.

Fullbar has been around since 2001 and was created by Dr. Michael Snyder, a bariatric surgeon. The product is sold through trusted retailers and local grocery stores. We like the inclusion of some natural ingredients and that we located a few positive customer comments, but read on…

Ingredients – “No Weight-Loss?”

The first concern with Fullbar ingredients focused on the lack of results. “The website states this one is ‘clinically proven to help you lose weight’,” said our Research Editor. “Customer reviews and science may have something else to say.”

“Anyone eating two snack bars instead of a meals will lose weight. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people,” said a user.

“A snack bar and a glass of water didn’t help me lose anything,” said another.

On the other hand, we found some dieters that noticed results.

“I feel so full and my appetite is suppressed. Plus, I’ve lost a few pounds,” said a customer.

Taste of Fullbar – “Not the Best”

According to customer reviews, Fullbar side effects wasn’t a concern, it was the poor taste. “Oh please, this item really has no taste. It’s like eating stale Styrofoam covered with chocolate,” commented a customer.

Tasted like cardboard with pieces of crunchy sand mixed in. Gross,” said another.

While some customers disliked the flavor of Fullbar ingredients, we found some that didn’t mind the taste.

I like how it tastes–it’s kind of like a chewy rice krispie treat or chewy rice cake,” reported a consumer.

It tastes good. Not great, not like I’m daydreaming about it all day, but like a wholesome candy bar,” stated a dieter.

Our research indicates that if there’s part of a supplement considered concerning, like the taste of the product not being the best, it is harder for users to maintain long-term use. If dieters want to lose weight with Fullbar and can’t get past the flavor, is it worth their money?

The Science – “Clinical Evidence?”

Science shows that if our stomach is full of something else, like fiber and water, we are bound to be less hungry when we sit down at a full meal. This is the “research” supposedly used by Fullbar, when they mention the product is clinically-proven. There are studies showing potato protein causes satiety, but the finding don’t directly point toward this product. Also, if you replace two meals per day with a 170 calorie bar, shouldn’t you some weight? At DietSpotlight, solid science is critical. When there are no studies connecting ingredients to you losing weight, we have concerns.

The Bottom Line – Does Fullbar Work?

Should we throw every Fullbar into our shopping cart? Well, we like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we found some positive comments, but the lack of research connecting the formula to weight-loss leaves us concerned. We’re also a bit skeptical about this one due to customer reports of not losing weight and the poor taste.

Weight-loss is more than just eating a bar, so we suggest going with a supplement packing ingredients shown to help you lose weight and backed by positive customer comments.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. The supplement promotes weight-loss by featuring four clinically-tested ingredients which have been shown to help accelerate metabolism and ignite fat loss. Dieters are talking about their great results and there’s no chatter about harmful side effects.

An added bonus? The makers of Dietspotlight Burn are offering customers a special trial offer; this is an excellent sign of confidence in their supplement.

Fullbar Questions & Answers:

After looking at countless user comments about Fullbar, we created this informative FAQ.

What are the side effects of Fullbar?

Possible Fullbar side effects may include gas, upset stomach, constipation and diarrhea. This is based on customer reviews.

What are the ingredients in Fullbar?

Fullbar ingredients are as follows- (double chocolate flavor) brown rice syrup, puffed wheat, chocolate chips, soy protein concentrate, acacia gum, glycerine, honey, walnuts, oligosaccharides, hazelnuts, agave syrup, cashews, soy protein isolate, pecans, evaporated cane juice, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, natural flavor, canola oil, potato maltodextrin, salt, potato extract, coffee extract, soy lecithin, almonds, rice starch, peanut flour, and coating (fractionated palm kernel oil, sugar, natural flavor, soy lecithin, cocoa powder, nonfat milk powder, whey powder).

Does Fullbar work?

Well, Fullbar is intended to help you eat less. This in turn leads to weight-loss. Since this product contains five grams of fiber, it should help you stay fuller. Especially since it is eaten with 16 ounces of water. Each bar only contains 160 calories. Therefore this snack may help with weight reduction to some degree. Especially when used in place of unhealthy foods.

If you want a diet product with clinically tested ingredients, you might consider replacing Fullbar with a weight-loss supplement such as Dietspotlight Burn.

How much does Fullbar cost?

The cost of Fullbar is around $6 (four bars). However, the price does vary depending on the store.

What is Fullbar LLC’s BBB rating?

This business is not BBB accredited.

How should I take Fullbar?

You simply eat a Fullbar before your two largest meals. Always eat this bar with 16 ounces of water.

How do I contact Fullbar LLC customer service?

You can get in touch with customer service by calling 877-622-1669.

Can I use Fullbar if I have a health condition?

Be sure to consult your doctor if you have a health condition or take a prescription medication. It’s also best to ask your physician if you are under 18 years old or are pregnant or nursing.

What do users like about Fullbar?

Some people like that Fullbar provides a good amount of fiber. Others appreciate that these bars are convenient enough to take anywhere.

What do users not like about Fullbar?

Some users do not like the taste of these bars. Also, some people have stated that Fullbar is not very filling.

What flavors of Fullbar are available?

Fullbar flavors include peanut butter, double chocolate, cranberry almond, and peanut butter crunch.

Is Fullbar available in common stores?

Yes, it appears that Fullbar is sold in some Walmart and CVS Pharmacy stores.

How much protein is in a Fullbar?

Each Fullbar contains five grams of protein.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Fullbar?

No, we didn’t find any discounts or deals on Fullbar at this time. However, the past few months a number of our readers have been very excited about Dietspotlight Burn’s special trial offer. It’s just the price of shipping and handling. Click here to try it today.

Previous Fullbar Review (Updated March 6, 2014):

What You Should Know

Fullbar is a diet supplement created by Dr. Snyder, a general surgeon who has performed more than 1500 bariatric surgeries according to the Fullbar website. After working with many patients with significant weight issues Dr. Snyder decided he wanted to do something for those who wanted to lose weight without surgical procedures. The Fullbar program parallels surgery in that it fills up the stomach so that dieters eat less at meals. According to Dr. Snyder, "When you feel full, you eat less. When you eat less, you lose weight". The Fullbar is a snack bar that is designed to be eaten 30 minutes before meals twice a day. The bars consist of basic food ingredient and do not include any effective appetite suppressants or fat burners. Flavors include Cranberry Almond, Cocoa Chip, Caramel Apple Crisp, Peanut Butter Crunch, Fresh Berry Bliss, and Zesty Lemon Lime. While the product website includes testimonials from satisfied customers there are other diet blogs that include customers who did not see positive results from this product.

List of Ingredients

All of the Fullbar products contain wheat, soy, and an assortment of other food ingredients based on the flavor. They are not recommended for those with peanut allergies since they are manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts and peanut products. Some of the bars are dairy-free for those on special dietary restrictions. The bars contain a significant amount of fiber and carbohydrates but do not include sufficient nutrients to substitute them for a meal. Calories for the bars range from 150 to 180.

Product Features

We are pleased to see that Fullbar offers a 30-day money back guarantee on purchases. There are also discounts for bulk purchases and a two-week free trial available. Customers who choose to sign up for the auto ship program will receive a discount on purchases. The product itself is quite expensive, running $100 or more for a monthly supply at the time of this review.


  • The products come with a money back guarantee.
  • There are a variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Discounts are available on purchases.


  • Fullbar does not contain any proven diet ingredients.
  • The products are expensive.
  • Some of the feedback on this product has been negative.


While we like the fact that this company provides a refund policy and discounts on products we are not convinced that this is the best path to weigh loss. We recommend that consumers look for weight loss supplements that contain proven ingredients for appetite suppression and fat burning for best results.
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Rating: 3.6. From 30 votes.
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Fullbar Review

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User Comments

128 Comments on "Fullbar Review"


Dose it really work, cuz im trying my best not to eat all the time, so ya, and i really want to lose weight

Hello Khan. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.


So today I went to the doctor, and they told me I was pre-diabetic. I’m pretty much desperate to lose weight.

The only problem that I have is that I’m only seventeen. I also play sports, and that helps, but I have a problem with eating too much. So I’m just wondering, is it still safe for me to try? Please, give me any advice/feedback.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Melina. Please consult with your physician before eating fullbar to make sure it is safe for you to use.

Patricia Ford

Is there anyway to get a sample of the bars before I make a purchase?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Patricia. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the fullbar official website for more information.


I just bought a single bar to try out, at CVS.


walmart sells full bars so you can try one or two to see if it works first.


I have been trying to find out if I could sample them somewhere. Thanks for the tip on Walmart!

Glenda Green

I hear Wal-Greens has them, buy one box get another at half price.


I just bought a package of full bar and I noticed that the fat and sugar content are not listed. Would someone be able to let me know what they are.

Hi Debbie! For more ingredient details, please refer to the Fullbar official website for more information.

Willie Mae

The fat and sugar content is under the flap.


I have 100 pounds to lose. Will fullbar work for me and how long can one use them?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello France. All dieters have different weight loss results. Some users loss weight faster/slower than others. Always make sure to consult with your physician before taking supplements.


Full bars work very well. I can not find them in any store or online. Why can’t you get these anymore?


Hi Holly! Perhaps you can refer to the Fullbar official website for more information to purchase this product.

Susan Martin

Are Fullbars still being made? Where can they be purchased?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Susan. For product ordering inquiries or sales locations, please refer to the fullbar official website for more information.

Jennifer Frey

Fullbar is one of the best and safest diets out there! I lost 50 lbs using them at a rate of 8 lbs a month!!! I eat one and drink 16oz of water wait 30 minutes then eat!! If you are expecting to feel stuffed after eating you won’t! Like any diet you need to show restraint and have willpower! While it’s true not all diets work for everyone, this one worked for me! I also take medications that tend to add weight too and it still worked for me even without exercise!! So if you are seriously ready to lose weight and have willpower than these are the way to go!! Good Luck and Have a Nice Day=)

Your Name

Fullbar at noon with 12oz of coolaid, every day steady and I’e lost 35lbs. What we eat at noon is what makes us fat. Remove the noontime carbs and we get much smaller numbers for the day.

Mary Wilson

Are any of your bars soy free?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Mary. For detailed product ingredients please refer to the official fullbar website for more information.

Anonymous Also

I wonder if having fiber, like Metamucil or psyllium, before a meal would work as well? Also, I like the suggestion of an apple before a meal. Thanks and good luck everybody.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. For detailed product instructions please refer to the official fullbar website for more information.


I disagree, My mother had gastric bypass back in 2004 she had an enlarged heart and only had a year or two to live. Her surgery has been successful, her heart is fine and she doesn’t eat very much but yet again she isn’t aloud to drink carbonated beverages, on that note she drinks tea and lots of water, makes little snack packs but its all a mental thing you have to have the will power to do something, I skip meals all the time its not bad for you, I fast 3 days a week and drink mainly smoothies and high protein foods. I feel great im healthy i work out and i have 2 children. I like the more natural root, people need to cut out all the sugars, processed food, and carbonated drinks(which make your stomach expand), then you feel great you skin will look great and you will live lighter. I do and people are different because they say they are different god made us all the same its how we interpret or go about our lives that make it difficult. Its all about will power and motivation.


I did try fullbar in the morning and had two glasses of water…I’m sitting here and still hungry. Frankly I need to go back to eating an apple and drink a glass of water…that really makes me feel full … and cheaper. That’s great if it works for some people–so I’m not knocking it. What works for some may not work for others.


first of all this is supposed to be a site for people to comment on full bar, so all of you who are just here to bash people who might not be able to lose weight by exercise and eating changes alone -GET LOST! It would be nice to come on here to see how well the product works. And to the reviewers that have been helpful with all of my questions and concerns-Thank You !!! I have gained weight from not being able to exercise and being stuck on medications due to a severe car accident i was in. It is nice to see that there might be something that is all natural that might be able to help me !!


I agree with Nikki!!

Your Name



I bought two fullbars at the store just to try them. I did just what the package said to do with the first bar I me hash browns and 1 or 2 eggs…I never got full. So I did the same with the second bar but drunk two cups of water and ate a more food to see if I get full,and still nothing…People said I dnt eat that much so that probly why there didnt work for me.


I bought the peanut butter crunch fullbar.It’s the worst think that I have ever eaten.All it is ,is soggy puffed wheat cereal,there is no crunch to it.I will never buy the full bars again.

Maryann O

I had a full bar 15 min b4 dinner around 5pm. I ate 1/3 less than I ate of the same identical dinner yesterday without the full bar. Plus, it’s 10pm, and I have not eaten another thing all evening. Kept me full. I will keep buying this product for sure.

Patricia Brown

I bought 3 boxes of Full bars hoping that they would help me lose weight. They only made me hungrier and I had to fight off even more temptations to eat between meals. I paid $8.50 for each box of 12 bars, total of $25.50. Is there any way to get some or all of my money back?
I’m pre-diabetic and my A1c level went up while eating these bars, probably because they made me so hungry. I really want to lose weight but these definitely did not help.
Thank you for any help or money you can refund.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Patricia. For product return inquiries please refer to the fullbar official website.


well to start, i weigh about 300lbs and have barely started eating fullbars and let me tell you they work! i cant say i expect to lose all 150+lbs on just the fullbar method but i can say that they will definitely help. if you use it as it states it defintely works. they have less carbs than a cup of fruited yogurt and the sodium is within the lowsodium guidlines. (ive researched) anyway i feel full after my meal and eat significantly less. the best part is that i didnt need to snack in between like with the slimfast diet..i recommend this to everyone! i will repost in a cpl weeks to update my weightloss! after 1 week its now 5lbs lost..lets see how many more come off!


Ive been using the full bars for a few months now as well as another diet. I use the full bars when I feel like snacking instead of thirty minutes before meals. It stops my cravings and keeps me full. Ive been losing weight. The fullbars shouldnt be used as the single variable in a weight loss regime. I recommend it to people in order to stop snacking and craving.