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Genesis Super Diet Pill Review - Does This Weight-Loss Supplement Work?

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By Summer Banks Apr 09, 2017

Why are people talking about Genesis Super Diet Pill? Well, we took the time to write one of our in-depth reviews, focusing closely on the ingredients, side effects, customer-service quality and clinical studies. Furthermore, we looked at numerous user comments and dieter posts from all over the web. At this point we summarized and condensed the data we collected to give you the facts you need.

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What is Genesis Super Diet Pill?

First of all, Genesis Super Diet Pill ingredients are l-phenylalanine 24mg, zingiber, kelp, stearic acid, gymnema sylvestre, ginseng, pullulan, guarana, magnesium stearate, pugongying and capsium. [1] It promotes weight-loss by suppressing appetite and boosting energy levels. [2] In order to use this product, you need to take one tablet between meals, along with eight ounces of water.

We are not sure when Genesis Super Diet Pill was first released, but it is available through some online dealers for a discounted price. Also, this supplement contains natural ingredients and no special diet or exercise plan is needed with this weight-loss product, but read on…

Unproven Ingredients – “Something to Consider?”

The first concern we had is with unproven Genesis Super Diet Pill ingredients. According to our Research Editor, “The primary part of the formula is L-Phenylalanine, which is an amino acid. This ingredient has not been proven to help with weight-loss.” [3]

“This diet pill does not work! It’s as simple as that,” stated one user.

“I’ve been taking Genesis Super Diet Pill for about two weeks, and I do not have a reduced appetite. Still the same weight,” commented another customer.

Negative User Reviews – “Another Concern”

We noticed some negative customer reviews posted online for Genesis Super Diet Pill, which is never a good sign. One user revealed, “This stuff gives me a stomachache. I can’t take it any longer.” [4]

“It’s been about a month. This diet pill clearly doesn’t work as claimed,” said another user.

According to our research, if there is some particular aspect of a diet pill or weight-loss program that is especially troublesome (unproven ingredients, negative user reviews, high cost) the odds of lasting success are not good. Therefore if Genesis Super Diet Pill does in fact lead to a high number of unhappy people, this could be a serious dilemma.

The Science Behind Genesis Super Diet Pill – “Is There Any?”

Sadly we could not pinpoint any real science that supports Genesis Super Diet Pill as effective. While this product does contain some caffeine to help boost energy levels, the primary ingredient has not been linked to weight-loss at all. [5] For us at DietSpotlight, we need to see some solid clinical research that supports the diet formula we’re investigating.

The Bottom Line – Does Genesis Super Diet Pill Work?

So, should you buy Genesis Super Diet Pill? Well, we appreciate that it is available without a prescription and it’s sold online at discounted rates. Then again, we have some serious doubts because it’s not backed by any actual science. Also, we’re concerned about the negative user reviews we found posted online. Moreover, there does not appear to be an official website for this company any longer.

If you’d like to get rid of more pounds, then we suggest you go with a weight-loss product that contains clinically tested ingredients, is backed by all sorts of positive user reviews and comes with excellent customer service.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. Its formula is a unique blend of four ingredients, which have been shown in published scientific tests to help kick-start metabolism and speed up fat loss. We can’t pinpoint much discussion of side effects and the customer comments around the web reveal people are seeing great results.

The makers of Leptigen are so excited about their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is very reassuring.

Previous Genesis Super Diet Pill Review (Updated March 9, 2010):

What You Should Know About Genesis Super Diet Pill

Genesis Nutrition Super Diet Pill helps to fight hunger and boost energy. The supplement is sold as a discount t supplement, which means it is priced lower than the average diet pill. In this case, less than $10 per bottle. A lower price may be appealing to consumers and dieters, but the price may reflect a lack of potent ingredients to boost weight loss. There are no free trials listed on the official website. We did find a 100% guarantee on all products and the company pays for shipping and handling if the order is more than $50. Genesis Nutrition offers other diet and weight loss supplements.

List of Ingredients

Super Diet Pill Herbal Complex: Phenylalanine, Guarana Nut, Cayenne Fruit, Eleuthero Root, Taraxacum Mangolicum Root, Ginger Root, Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf, Pullulan and Kelp.

Product Features: Genesis Super Diet Pill

The ingredient list is common and offers no ingredients with clinical weight loss support. We are also shocked to find a statement at the bottom of the product description that states the supplement can help dieters lose weight FAST but curbing appetite and boosting energy. Energy may have something to do with exercising, but it does not directly equate to increased weight loss.

The first ingredient in the complex is phenylalanine. This ingredient affects mood and may pose problems for a dieter with depression, anxiety or panic disorder. If the dieter is taking medications for these conditions, the potential interaction and affect on mood could be severe.

Next is Guarana nut. Guarana is a stimulant. Some dieters think stimulants are all created equal, but Guarana is not proven to increase metabolism, whereas caffeine is proven to have that effect on the body. Cayenne fruit may boost metabolism a bit, but it is likely included to increase absorption of other ingredients in the Super Diet Pill formula.

Advantages of Genesis Super Diet Pill

  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • The product is priced lower than other fat burners.
  • Products are 100% guaranteed.

Disadvantages of Genesis Super Diet Pill

  • None of the ingredients are clinically proven to increase weight loss.
  • Dieters may find the mood boosting ingredients interact with other medications.
  • Anyone with a history of mood disorders should not take this supplement.
  • No free trial.

Conclusion of Genesis Super Diet Pill

Despite the cheaper than average price, dieters should skip Genesis Super Diet Pill. The formula contains no proven ingredients, which means the $10 will be spent on ingredients that will not work. The dieter could drink lots of green tea with caffeine and see better effects than this supplement. Green tea and caffeine are proven to increase weight loss and cost less than this supplement. Chromium is a fantastic addition to weight loss supplements to help control blood glucose levels and appetite. This product has no proven appetite suppressant.

Genesis Super Diet Pill Questions & Answers:

We summed up hundreds of user reviews and comments regarding Genesis Super Diet Pill. Then we created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Genesis Super Diet Pill?

Possible Genesis Super Diet Pill side effects may include jitteriness, headache, nausea, stomachache, anxiety, heart palpitations and nervousness. This is according to some customer reviews.

What are the ingredients in Genesis Super Diet Pill?

Genesis Super Diet Pill ingredients are stearic acid, magnesium stearate, guarana, capsium, ginseng, pugongying, zingiber, gymnema sylvestre, pullulan, kelp, and l-phenylalanine (24mg). [1]

Does Almased work?

First off, the gymnema sylvestre in Genesis Super Diet Pill may help balance blood sugar levels. This formula also contains guarana, which is a stimulant. It may help boost metabolism and elevate energy levels. The kelp in this supplement provides iodine, which might aid the thyroid gland. However, it’s unclear how effective this diet product actually is.

You might consider substituting Genesis Super Diet Pill for a weight-loss formula that’s backed by published clinical research such as Leptigen.

How much does Genesis Super Diet Pill cost?

You can purchase Genesis Super Diet Pill on dealer websites like superhealthcenter.com for $6.99 (100 tablets).

What is Genesis Nutrition’s BBB rating?

Although there’s no BBB rating for Genesis Nutrition, there is an “alert” for this business.

How should I take Genesis Super Diet Pill?

The directions say to take one tablet in between meals (along with eight ounces of water).

How do I contact Genesis Nutrition Ltd customer service?

You can contact Genesis Nutrition Ltd by calling 604-879-2800. It’s located in Vancouver, BC.

Can I take Genesis Super Diet Pill if I have a health condition?

If you have a preexisting health condition or are taking a prescription drug, you need to ask your doctor before using this product. Furthermore, women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Genesis Super Diet Pill. Nor should people under the age of 18.

What do users like about Genesis Super Diet Pill?

Some customers appreciate that Genesis Super Diet Pill is easy to buy online. Moreover, some users like that natural ingredients are used in this formula.

What do users not like about Genesis Super Diet Pill?

Some users do not like the side effects they experience with Genesis Super Diet Pill. Also, some customers have complained about minimal weight-loss results.

Is there a special eating plan required with Genesis Super Diet Pill?

No, there is no special eating plan required with Genesis Super Diet Pill.

Is Genesis Super Diet Pill sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

We could not find a 100% satisfaction guarantee for Genesis Super Diet Pill.

Does Genesis Super Diet Pill contain any stimulants?

Yes, Genesis Super Diet Pill contains guarana, which has caffeine in it. [2]

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Genesis Super Diet Pill?

No, we don’t know of any special discounts or deals on Genesis Super Diet Pill. However, the last few months many of our readers have been going crazy about Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is only the price of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a shot today.

These pills intent to act fast, increase energy, curb appetite and keep a clear mind.

Genesis Super Diet Pill Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size:
Serving Per Container:
Amount per Serving % DV
L-Phenylalanine 24 mg *
Proprietary Blend 800 mg *
-Guarana * *
-Capsium * *
-Ginseng * *
-Pugongying * *
-Zingiber * *
-Gymnema Sylvestre * *
-Pullulan * *
-Kelp * *

Other Ingredients: Stearic acid, magnesium and stearate.

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