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Glucocil Side Effects Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


There comes a time when a supplement needs a bit more attention, like Glucocil, so we will dial into Glucocil side effects. (We invite you to read our full Glucocil review.) We’ll pay close attention to the ingredients and clinical research. Additionally, we will analyze customer comments. Then, we’ll take the info, summarize it and give you the bottom line.

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What You Need to Know

Glucocil is a blood-sugar optimizer containing mulberry leaf extract, alpha lipoic acid, banaba leaf extract, berberine, chromium picolinate, cinnamon bark extract, fish oil, gymnema sylvestre extract, insulin leaf extract, veld grape stem extract and B-vitamins. The recommended serving is two capsules per day, which may support weight-loss. You can consume the pills on the go, one positive.

The product, introduced as a dietary supplement in 2003 by Neuliven Health, contains some natural ingredients, a plus. Glucosil is available on the official website and through trusted retailers. We like that the company has been in business for more than 10 years and that we located some favorable customer comments, but read on…

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Loose Stools – Running to the Bathroom?

The first concern noted about Glucocil side effects was loose stools. “There’s something to say for regular bowel movements,” said our Research Editor. “But, when that turns into running back and forth to the bathroom multiple times a day, things change a bit.”

“The only difference when taking Glucocil was that I experienced a terrible case of diarrhea,” said a user.

“There are bad side effects and loose stools. It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat ever since first weeks use. These issues have not stopped even after four days of not taking this supplement,” offers a customer.

FDA Warnings

On July of 2013, the Food and Drug Administration reached out to Neuliven Health about the marketing jargon used for the supplements. The FDA stated that according to the website, Glucosil “is intended to cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.” But, “is not generally recognized as safe and effective for the above referenced uses.”

Stomach Issues – Discomfort and Nausea

Consumer reviews on the web state Glucocil side effects include stomach issues. “I took this with meals as directions stated. I found it to have a harsh laxative effect. I will not continue this supplement,” reported a customer.

“The stomach discomfort made me think twice about continuing,” said a user.

“I’ve been using for approximately 2 weeks now and I am very nauseous​ and throwing up. It goes away and then comes back. I’m stopping the Glucocil to make sure that’s what it is,” commented a consumer.

Based on our experience researching supplements, we’ve found that something small, like stomach issues, could reduce the chances of long-term success. If Glucocil side effects leave dieters wishing they hadn’t taken the product, that’s an issue.

The Science

There is a huge list of clinical studies on the research tab of the Glucocil website. None of the science has anything to do with weight-loss or the entire formula – just individual ingredients. At DietSpotlight we want proof of claims. If that’s not available, that’s the end of the story.

The Bottom Line

After taking a close look at Glucocil, we’ve come to a decision. We like that the company has been in business for years and that we located some positive customer comments, but we can’t recommend a supplement not supported by published clinical research. We’re also concerned that stomach issues and loose stools could be a deterrent.

If you’d like to lose those extra pounds, we recommend a supplement that doesn’t come with negative side effects with a formula backed by published clinical research.

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  •  Sick! Sick!
    Helen Hotchkin (Verified User)

    I have had loose stools since starting this product and am also throwing up. I’m not taking it anymore so that money is down the drain.