Updated: 01/10/2018

GNC Triflex Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


97% of people are just looking for a product that works. Yeah, we’re not sure about the other 3%, either. This time we decided to take a close look at GNC Triflex via ingredients, side effects, customer service and clinical research. We read as many reviews as we could find. Then, we condensed it all to give you the bottom line.

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What is GNC Triflex?

First off, GNC Triflex is a joint support formula that contains glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate sodium, MSM and hyaluronic acid. The label says to take three capsules daily with food, so we assume that means one with each meal. You’re supposed to notice improvement in flexibility in the joint. Both men and women can take the supplement.

GNC, General Nutrition Centers, is the company that makes GNC Triflex. The roots of the business stretch back to 1935. The official website sells the supplement, but you can also buy it from outside retailers. We like that many users are happy with the formula and the ingredients are commonly used, but read on…

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Results – “Lacking?”

The first issue we came across with GNC Triflex ingredients is a lack of results. “If we found just one or two reports of the formula not working that would be one thing,” says our Research Editor. “However, we found many more than that.”

  • “After 4 weeks my old joint pains came back,” said one user.
  • Another offered, “This product did not alleviate my joint problems.”

On the flip side some users were happy with the results.

  • “I tried several supplements and found this to be superior,” was one experience.
  • Yet another claimed, “It reduced my swelling and pain.”

Side Effects – “Really a Problem?”

We found reports of GNC Triflex side effects all over the place.

  • As one user put it, “This product caused me extreme abdominal pain within a week of using.”
  • Another said, “Triflex caused me severe joint and muscle pain the entire time I took them.”

However, as is always the case, we found some good reports, as well.

  • “Taking them is like taking a pain pill without any side effects,” one user offered.
  • “Have been ordering this for 2 years and never a problem,” shared another.

So, through years of research we’ve found what looks like a connection between something small, like mediocre results, and a lesser chance of long-term use and results. If GNC Triflex is not the strongest joint support on the market, the customer won’t stick around for long.

The Science – “Any Clinical Evidence?”

Here’s where you separate supplements. The main ingredients in GNC Triflex, glucosamine and chondroitin, were part of a four-year trial called GAIT. The results of the study were simple, there was no statistically significant difference in pain or joint health between the active and placebo group. At DietSpotlight we want science to prove a product’s worth. This time it proves the opposite.

What Users Are Saying

"”I have taken triflex for eight years now, stopped for about six months, wow what a difference triflex makes(knees,fingers,feet) wouldn’t be without it. took about two months of three pills a day to really notice the great effect”"

"”This helps with my knee pain/inflammation when doing heavy squats. I take it daily”"

"”The bottle was still sealed and the pills looked OK, but the packaging was awful and I really hesitated to take the pills because the container was DISGUSTING, looked like it had rolled down a muddy hill, so I was afraid to take something that looked that old, but I checked the expiration date and the pills and they were just fine. It would really help the business if they kept their containers looking “reliable”.”"

Does GNC Triflex Work?

Are we heading over to the GNC website for some Triflex? Well, we like that common, and generally considered safe, ingredients are used, but we have strong reservations because science says glucosamine and chondroitin don’t work. That could be the reason for disappointed users.

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GNC Triflex Review
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GNC Triflex

What are the side effects of GNC Triflex?

According to some customer reviews, GNC Triflex side effects include abdominal pain, upset stomach, muscle pain and headache.

What are the ingredients in GNC Triflex?

GNC Triflex ingredients include acacia catechu wood/bark extract, Chinese skullcap root, uc-ii natural collagen concentrate and hyaluronic acid.

How do I know if GNC Triflex is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does GNC Triflex work?

There’s limited information relating to the effectiveness of GNC Triflex as it relates to improved joint health. Unfortunately, we didn’t locate any studies linking the supplement to weight-loss, although overall wellness could lead to improved fitness, resulting in you losing weight.

If weight-loss is your ultimate goal, you may want to take a second look at GNC Triflex and consider a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to work.

How much does GNC Triflex cost?

GNC Triflex costs $9.97 for a 30 day supply. If you’re a gold member, you are charged $7.98.

How should I take GNC Triflex?

You should take one GNC Triflex capsule per day. One bottle lasts 30 days.

Can I take GNC Triflex if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications or under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to using any dietary supplement, including GNC Triflex.

Does GNC Triflex contain stimulants?

No, GNC Triflex doesn’t contain stimulants.

Will I need to diet while taking GNC Triflex?

No, you don’t need to diet while taking GNC Triflex. Although a healthy eating plan could improve overall wellness and help you lose weight.

Does GNC Triflex come with a guarantee?

GNC Triflex comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

39 GNC Triflex Reviews

  • GNC Triflex

    is GNC Triflex comes under drug dopping? if yes up to what dose its safe?

    • Stephen (Editor)

      1,500 mg of glucosamine and 1,200 mg of chondroitin is the constituent safe dosages.

  • Do we need to eat healthy diet for effectiveness?
    Merle Palmer

    Do you have to eat a healthy diet for Triflex to be effective.

    • Candace (Editor)

      A healthy diet is always recommended.

  • GNC Triflex
    Ken palmer (Verified User)

    Can i take ibuprofen while taking triflex

    • Stephen (Editor)

      Ken, mixing pills can be a bit tricky. Just don’t take them at the same time. Ask your doctor and inspect the label.

  • Your Name

    I want to know the expiry date of Triflex dietary supplement tablets which is packed on January 2015

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hello, the expiration date should be stated on the actual bottle itself; if not, please contact the GNC Triflex customer service department.

  • Crystal

    i’de like to know where i can buy this?pls reply to my asap.Thank you

    • Veronica

      Hi Crystal! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the GNC Triflex official website.

  • Don

    Have had knee pain for about the past 10 years. Was so bad that I couldn’t jog a block. x-rays showed onset of deteriorated cartlidge and osteoarthritis. Started off with basic Gluc – chondroitin supplement and started seeing some improvements. Pain came back after a couple years. Have tried a number of supplements over the years and found that Tri-Flex extra strength seemed to work the best for me. There is nothing in this product that should increase your joint pain. Don’t think of it as a miracle cure that within a week will stop your pain. It is an ongoing management system. Probably the biggest improvement I did was lose 30 lbs. There is nothing in the supplement which should increase your joint pain (If so see your doctor as you may have a bigger problem going on.

  • Deanne

    This may seem a bit bizarre and isn’t a hoax. I bought the liquid TriFlex and after a few days started having violent nightmares. I was taking the recommended dose of 2 Tbls plus 2 mini fish oil tablets. I only weigh 105 lbs and am 72 years old.. Has anyone ever experienced this? Could this dose be too strong for me?

    • Summer (Editor)

      Hi Deanne. We’ve not heard mention of violent nightmares from anyone using GNC Triflex. We suggest you talk with your doctor about this, especially if it continues.

  • ray barrett

    Relieved joint pain but caused considerable amount of hair loss. Discontinued the use of Triflex.

  • K.K

    Hi, I am 35 years old & suffering from patellar tendentious from last 1 year.. My gym coach suggested me to go for tripple strength fish oil mini, So i purchased it while purchasing i was suggested to take triflex as a combination along with this so without thinking much i purchased it also.

  • Swamp

    Have recently began battling gout. Flare up time and nothing is helping, GF bought this yet I thought shellfish was BAD for gout? Please advise if I should try, pain is at 11 and I need help ASAP

    • Veronica

      Hi Swamp. Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting GNC Triflex.

  • Marie Dyer

    I have started using GNC TRIFLEX and I am getting severe joint pain in my knee area. so I stopped using it

    • JANE Potter

      I have started taking it also and I have severe joint pain in my knee area-so I will stop using

  • Should I be taking this ?

    Should I be taking this if I am 20 years old and not having any joint pain. I would take it for preventive measures. I am in the military so I move a lot and also workout everyday.

    • Devon (Editor)

      There shouldn’t be a conflict Javier. See what your doctor says. Good luck.

  • Will it affect my liver or kidneys?
    Your Name: Nikolai Peronius (Verified User)

    This product has helped my joint pains but after taking the maximum dose for a year I am concerned that it might affect the liver or kidneys. I am 76 years old. Please reply. Thank you

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Acute liver damage was found in rats who were given Methylsulfonyl-Methane (an ingredient in Triflex) and CCI, however we haven’t heard these reports in humans nor do we expect to. However you should always ask your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

  • do not feel any improvement
    Deva (Verified User)

    My orthopaedic dr recommnded this to me rather than pure glucosamine supplements (Cartril/Vyartril-S) and suggested I should have some improvement after 1-2 months. I have been taking it since 10th March 2016, until now do not feel any improvement. I have osteo-arthritis in my left knee, Any advice / feedback? thanks

  •  I am moving around comfortably
    Lubna (Verified User)

    I am 45 years old. Had been an active tennis player in my teens. Never had any problem in my joints till now. My right knee started to buckle. X rays showed cartlidge loss and narrowing of space between the bones. Doctor recommended injection of some fluid in the knee to improve mobility. Instead i took triflex. I am taki g it for the last 6 weeks now. It has started showing the diffetence in the first week. No pain and I am moving around comfortably. Also taling o.ega 3 dose with it. EXCELLENT.

  • Should I still continue using it?
    Sushma Khandelwal (Verified User)

    I have started taking this product but I can see swalloing under my eyes, should I stop it or continue.

  • Hope this helps me
    Your Name

    I just bought a bottle of Trifled because I have arthritis on my left leg and I am in a lot of pain I just hope it helps me

  •  This is amazing
    Lee T. (Verified User)

    After having major knee reconstruction over 14yrs ago, I knew my knee would begin to deteriorate due to the damage and scar tissuing. Surgery was a great success but aging and me not slowing down, degenerative arthritis has begun. I was introduced to Triflex at my local GNC. The employee told me it was the best formula for joint pain. I was skeptical at first but wanted to give a try. I was amazed after the first month. Pain and stiffness was nearly gone. I was impressed and have passed this product onto friends. They also are impressed and thankful I told them about Triflex. I use the liquid form. Give it a try.

    • Joe

      That sounds suspiciously contrived.

  • Octavio

    .estoy tomando triflex en tiempo de un mes sus resultados me han sido extraordinarios , ya que no tengo el cartílago De mi cadera y sufría de esteoartritis , estas vitaminas han sido unos de los mejores que he tratado !! Sin efectos , lo recomiendo

  •  How can be get in Saudia Arabia
    Batoul Ali Osman (Verified User)

    Thanks,I have started taking Triflex nine months ago. I am feeling very good and comfortable.The pains reduced 75%. But as am residing in Saudi Arabia. I cant get same formula in GNC Jeddah, KSA.Pls assist. how can I get it regularly.
    Thank you.

    • Your Name


  • triflex
    Tony Le Grice (Verified User)

    I have been taking triflex for the past two months and really believe that it is helping to reduce my back pain. Doctors tell me that nothing medically can be done and prescribe pain killers. I am now able to play golf again so I will continue to take triflex at least for a couple more months. My chiropractor has noticed a big improvement. How long can I take this product?

  •  Damaged
    Christine (Verified User)

    I have used TriFlex Extra Strength for about 2 years now for a severely damaged Metatarsal Joint in my foot. It has actually made me think that my foot was not as bad as it was and pain was gone by 80% to sometimes 100%. I ran out recently and I didn’t give it much thought as I thought my foot was better. After a few days of no TriFlex I could barely walk for a week….just went and bought it again and my foot is getting better each day. It was already in my system so it didn’t take long to take the pain away again. I need surgery now on this foot and this pill has taken the pain away for so long that I didn’t realize I still had a problem! Amazing product! But not cheap!

  •  Glucosamine
    Heather (Age 30) (Verified User)

    I suffered for 15 years from Patella Femoral Syndrome, which had worn down my cartilage and caused numerous dislocations in both knees. After having my knees scoped and scraped last year it revealed a lot of arthritis had been growing under my knee caps. It has been scraped but continues to invade my knees. I’ve been told to expect a knee replacement in my future. Having said this I have been taking Triflex (which includes chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM) as well as Triple Strength Fish Oil with Joint Support for 6 months and have no pain and the inflammation has subsided I have only had 2 or 3 days of mild discomfort in these 6 months and have been recommending these products to everyone. I once thought I’d always suffer with this and I admit the surgery helped but I swear by these products.

  •  It works but with side effects.
    Kathy (Verified User)

    Worked well with my joint pain, but I suffered from severe dizziness while taking Triflex. Had to stop.

  • How long to see the result?
    jamie yap (Verified User)

    A friend of mine recommended me to take GNC Triflex due to my joint paint. I have taken it for 2 weeks and do not see any improvement. How long does it takes for me to see some improvement.

    • Jacks

      Jamie yap, have you noticed any improvement?

    • Winston

      I play a lot of badminton. When I was about 48 my knees began to buckle during play. I stopped playing for about a year. I was then introduced to glucosamine – not GNC triflex, it was purchased from Australia and the dosage was about 1000 mg. After using it for about 3 months – a bottle of 120 caplets my knees healed and was playing the game for another 8 years. I was off glucosamine duing the 8 years. Now the knees are showing signs of wear and tear. I am about 90 kgs. I have stopped playing for the last 2 years. The knees have been excruciatingly painful. The pain shifts from one knee to the others. I have seen the doctors and have been treated variously. They tell me that the ultimate is knee replacement. Climbing up and down the stairs are a chore. Sleeping at night is disturbed whenever I shift positions. Walking is very labourious. Considering injecting chondroitin as an alternative.