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Gut Busters Review- Does This Weight-Loss Plan Work?

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By Summer Banks Jun 08, 2017

I’m here to cut through the noise and get you the bottom line on Gut Busters. We delved into the side effects, ingredients, research, and customer service associated with this supplement. We then read hundreds of reviews. Finally, we decided to condense all this information in order to give you the facts you really want.

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What is Gut Busters?

First off, Gut Busters is a book highlighting ways men can decrease abdominal fat. Although they don’t provide supplements, it does include a 15-minute-a-day exercise plan for 12 weeks. The material can be easily carried around if you wish to reference it for different ways to lose belly weight.

Gut Busters was written by Joyce Vedral, a bodybuilder and doctor. She published it in 1992 and has since sold about 200,000 copies. It can be bought from many online retailers, like Amazon, Google Books, and Good Reads. The book does seem to include useful abdominal exercises and sells for cheap prices, but read on…

Customer Reviews – “Where Are They?”

Our first issue with Gut Busters was the lack of customer reviews. The book has been out for 24 years, but seems to have little recognition, something that raised a red flag for us. “Before many people buy supplements or books, they like to see how others liked it,” says our Research Editor. “If people aren’t leaving comments about this book, then they will start to think it isn’t worth a purchase.”

“Without a significant amount of ratings, it makes it hard for us to believe anyone actually got any use out of this book,” added our Research Editor.

Lack of Information – “Why Just the Abs?”

When we started learning more about Gut Busters, we found that it was oddly specific. Although general information is provided to men about abdominal fat and how to get rid of it, many customers want to learn about other areas of the body. Additionally, many women have the same issues with getting rid of their gut, something that is not addressed in this book.

“As soon as you start excluding large groups of people, you start to lose customer base and interest,” mentions our Research Editor.

After reviewing hundreds of supplements, we found that it takes something like a lack information to turn people away. If Gut Busters doesn’t include more people in their audience, then many customers will go elsewhere for their weight-loss journey.

The Science – “Where’s the Proof?”

Although Gut Busters does not reference any clinical research to support their claims, we do know that exercise in general can aid in overall weight-loss. However, just doing abdominal work-outs is not a solution for excess fat for the entire body, something that can become an issue later on. Here at DietSpotlight, we like to see significant science backing up any supplement or reading material. In this case, this does not live up to our expectations.

The Bottom Line – Does Gut Busters Work?

So, what’s the real deal with Gut Busters? We know that some of the exercises suggested in this book can be useful to strengthen the core. However, when we looked at the all aspects of the book, we had many concerns about the reliability of it.

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What You Should Know

Gut Busters has contributed to the popular trend of book-based weight loss plans. Gut Busters was written by Joyce L. Vedral, PhD, a nationally-known bodybuilder, and seems to be targeted to adult males seeking to lose belly fat and achieve perfectly toned and tightened abdominals. This book seems to have been written to address just this problem area, but it does offer a little bit of advice on developing a healthy diet and changing ones lifestyle to a healthier one. Vedral states that Gut Busters is a twelve-week program and that it only takes fifteen minutes a day to achieve maximum results.

Product Features

Gut Busters offers advice and exercises to men on eliminating belly fat and getting a more toned and tightened mid-section. The book does offer a small menu plan and some advice on lifestyle changes.


  • Gut Busters seems to target men and offer information especially for them.
  • This book does include a small menu plan.
  • The exercises needed to help tone the mid-section are included.
  • The author of Gut Busters is a nationally acclaimed bodybuilder.
  • Users do not need any equipment to perform the exercises.
  • The exercises is this book are said to be easy to execute.
  • The exercises in Gut Busters are illustrated.


  • Gut Busters only focuses on the mid-section and does not offer information on much else.
  • This is only a book so there is not one-on-one consultations.
  • There is no support offered with the Gut Busters program.
  • Users will most likely need to read the entire book before they can begin the program.
  • Joyce L. Vedral is not certified as a nutrition expert or a fitness expert.
  • The Gut Busters program does not include any fat burning or appetite suppressing supplements.
  • Neither the book nor the website have any reviews, before and after photos or user testimonials posted.
  • The Gut Busters program is not unique and the concept is very common.


Gut Busters doesn't really stand out from the rest of the mens weight loss books available today. Gut Busters may not be an effective weight loss program because it mainly focuses on losing belly fat and toning and tightening the abdominal area and pretty much neglects the rest of the body. This book does give a little information on other weight loss topics, but it does not seem to help men develop a complete and effective exercise program. It does lightly discuss eating better, but only offers a small menu plan. Those seeking weight loss should strive to develop a healthy and complete diet and exercise program. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using the Gut Busters book-based weight loss program is right for them.
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Rating: 3.7. From 3 votes.
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Gut Busters Review

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