Updated: 09/12/2017
By Summer Banks Aug 10, 2017

It the Hallelujah Diet the Holy Grail of weight-loss? We got right into the ingredients, side effects, and scientific research. Then, we read dieter comments and reviews to get their take on this one. But, we compiled the facts to give you the info you need.

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What is the Hallelujah Diet?

To begin with, the Hallelujah Diet is a vegan-based healthy eating plan where you consume 85% raw foods and 15% cooked foods. The foods include mostly plant-based products such as vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, oils, fats, and dairy alternatives. Among the acceptable beverages are vegetable juices and distilled water. According to this diet, you cannot eat meat products, dairy or eggs.

The diet was created by Rev. George Malkmus and his wife. The idea was born after George claimed that this diet saved his life from the deadly grasp of cancer. You can find out more about the diet online and can purchase a book detailing the specifics of the program online as well. We like the idea of eating raw and fresh foods, and the claims that this diet can cure diseases are intriguing – but keep reading…

Effectiveness – “Not For Everyone?”

The first problem we noticed with the Hallelujah Diet was with effectiveness. “A diet like this just isn’t meant for everyone,” said our Research Editor, “not only is it strict to follow, some individuals have been complaining about side effects and even feeling worse than before the start of the diet.”

“This book advocates a type of eating that made me VERY SICK. I tried some of what they recommend, and it caused me GREAT intestinal pain. They aren’t realistic,” said one review.

“I know one of their trainers personally, she was kicked out off the program for eating meat, unfortunately, after eating raw food for so long it has made her sick,” said another review.

Of course, there were some positive comments on the Hallelujah Diet book.

“This is the perfect addition to my plant-based or vegetable diet cooking with more raw options. We are wanting optimal health from our food and have stopped eating meat and dairy. I read this like a novel and ready to try many of these!”

Hallelujah Diet Plan – “Does it Go Too Far?”

The second problem was the weight-loss claims of the Hallelujah Diet plan. This religion-based diet claims it can cure diseases, but not everyone feels that this is legitimate. “What I have a big problem with, is any diet claiming to be a miracle to “cure” diseases – especially when they require purchasing of expensive supplements and products. I feel this is preying on people who are vulnerable,” said one review.

“Yes, it is good to increase one’s intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other whole foods. Yes, Americans eat too much red meat, refined sugars, and saturated fats. But Malkus’ Hallelujah diet is an extreme, needless, and potentially harmful gimmick, in opposition to what Jesus taught about foods,” added another.

Of course, we found uplifting reviews as well.

“Since adopting the Hallelujah Diet…lost 45-pounds…”

The Science – “Is This Legitimately Backed by Science?”

The website lists a bevy of scientific studies backing the claims of the diet. However, none of these are specifically on the diet itself and the teachings within the book. According to research published in the Nutrition Journal on BioMed Central, “When a diet is compiled according to the guidelines here it is likely that there would be at least a 60-70 percent decrease in breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers, and even a 40-50 percent decrease in lung cancer, along with similar reductions in cancers at other sites,” then going on to say, “Such a diet would be conducive to preventing cancer and would favor recovery from cancer as well.” This seems like some evidence to us, but according to online reviews, there is a lot more in this book not studied.

The Bottom Line – Does The Hallelujah Diet Work?

Will the Hallelujah Diet plan be a life saver? We think it works for some people, as well as being easy on the wallet. The lack of solid research is an issue, but making positive changes is a step in the right direction. The only concerns noted were dieter reviews mentioning it not working the best for them.

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