Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 07, 2017

What is food combining? If you’re unfamiliar with the Hay Diet ingredients, side effects and clinical research, I’m about to give you the scoop on this diet method. We did one of our in-depth and detailed reviews, scouring the web for facts, studies, feedback and user responses. Then we took all the info we collected and sorted through everything to give you the nitty-gritty on this alkaline-based diet plan.

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What is Hay Diet?

First of all, the Hay Diet is an eating plan focused on food combining. What is food combining? Based on the Hay Diet recipes, you can’t eat proteins and starches in the same meal. Specifically, meats, dairy, and fish are eaten separately from pasta, rice, bread, grains, and potatoes. The purpose of this is to help balance the body’s pH or alkaline levels.

This can in turn help treat and prevent some health issues. With this diet, you stick to three meals a day, eaten at least four hours apart. One is made up of protein with fruits and vegetables, a second is starchy foods with fruits and vegetables, and a third is all alkaline based (pasta, potatoes, rice).

The person who developed this diet plan is William Howard Hay, and it dates back to the 1920s. This approach involves eating plenty of whole foods, which is healthy. It’s fine for women and men of all ages. Also, there are various Hay Diet recipes posted online, but read on…

Limited Food Choices – “Can You Stick To The Hay Diet Plan?”

One concern is the Hay Diet food list options. “Since you are not allowed to mix starches and proteins in the same meal, some people have expressed that this creates a problem with food choices,” noted our Research Editor.

One dieter stated, “Unfortunately the trick is not to mix protein with carbs in the same meal. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me that eliminates 95% of what I eat.”

Then again, some Hay Diet reviews are more encouraging.

One person posted, “Interesting diet. I find it easy to follow. Adapted quickly. Just don’t mix certain foods.”

Another commented, “Get used to it fast. Not sure it helps me at all. But not difficult to use. All the guidelines are online. No need to buy the book.”

Any Real Benefits – “Does It Improve Health or Aid With Weight-Loss?”

Another issue with the Hay Diet is whether or not it benefits you. Some dieters have said it doesn’t help any more than simply eating healthy. For instance, one person remarked, “I found, upon finishing it, that I was unconvinced that the Hay Diet offers any more benefit than any other sensible eating plan, nor that it could ever be described as easy.”

But some reviews of the Hay Diet indicate some health benefits.

One individual said, “Helped with my acid reflux and constipation. I’m 66 now, and have been fighting this a long time.”

Another responded with, “Not lost any weight yet, but feel good. Better than before. Will stick with it a while longer and see where it takes me.”

Our exhaustive research at DietSpotlight revealed that when limited food options are an issue with a diet plan, there’s a lower chance of success for the long term. There’s a problem if dozens of dieters feel that the Hay Diet is too restrictive.

The Science – “Any Research?”

Well, there is some research that shows the Hay Diet may help with balancing the body’s alkaline levels or pH. This can in turn potentially relieve certain health issues/problems such as arthritis, constipation, acid reflux, gall stones and indigestion. On the other hand, there are minimal amounts of solid science showing it’s an effective fat loss or weight management plan.

The Bottom Line – Does Hay Diet Work?

So, will the Hay Diet improve your health and weight? Well, we appreciate that this method involves eating plenty of whole foods. It’s also nice to see that some science shows it may help with certain issues like indigestion, constipation and gall stones. But, the minimal amount of research is an issue. Also, some people find it to be too restrictive.

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