Updated: 01/16/2018

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review - 5 Things You Need to Know


I did two things this week. I obsessed over every aspect of HCG Ultra Diet Drops and I wrote this review. We looked around and found information on side effects, ingredients, clinical research and customer service. Hundreds of comments and experiences were considered. Then, we condensed it all to give you the bottom line.

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What are HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

First off, HCG Ultra Diet Drops is a weight-loss formula that contains “homeopathic ingredients.” We have no idea what those are. Directions say to put 25 drops under the tongue and hold it for 10 seconds before each meal. You are supposed to notice changes in weight and abdominal fat.

Live Healthy Products, the company that looks to be responsible for HCG Ultra Diet Drops, bought the official website in 2010. You can purchase online and the more you buy the cheaper each bottle becomes. We like the testimonials and homeopathic typically means all-natural, but read on…

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Ineffectiveness – “Yes or No?”

The first issue we address is the effectiveness of HCG Ultra Diet Drops ingredients. “It looks like there are people who’ve seen results and those who haven’t,” explains our Research Editor.

“I purchased HCG about two months ago, and as promised, my body has changed,” offered one user.

Another shared, “With the drops and its diet, I have lost weight.”

Hunger appeared to be a problem for some, even though HCG Ultra Diet Drops are supposed to curb appetite [1 ].

“Today is my third day on HCG drops and I feel as hungry as when I started them,” said one review.

Side Effects – “It’s Up in The Air”

There are only a few reviews for this HCG diet plan, but we did find reports of HCG Ultra Diet Drops side effects here and there. In some cases, dieters tried to explain how to stop them from happening.

“I’ve started taking HCG Ultra months ago and in my case, there are no side effects,” offered one user.

Another suggested, “If you don’t follow the program to the letter then there will be adverse effects.”

After years of research, it’s the littlest things, like results that didn’t live up to expectations, that can leave the dieter without the long-term results they’re looking for. If HCG Ultra Diet Drops isn’t effective, we’re not sure why the customer who keep buying.

The Science – “Validated?”

There is absolutely no connection between HCG, even in injectable form, and weight-loss [2].

The Bottom Line – Do HCG Ultra Diet Drops Work?

Are we dropping some under our tongue right now? Well, we like the ease of use and you can take the small bottle anywhere, but we are skeptical about the weight-loss claims. Science doesn’t offer any proof it will work and the ingredient list is nowhere to be found [3]. Plus, HCG Ultra Diet Drops are paired with a low-calorie diet that may not be sufficient for both men and women [4].

If you want to partner a healthy diet with a supplement to lose weight, we suggest one that’s packed with clinically tested ingredients. A history of positive reviews and amazing outcomes is crucial.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement contains only four ingredients and all have been scientifically tested and shown to help with metabolism and fat loss [567, 8]. We did find plenty of experiences from dieters who’ve reached their goals.

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HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review
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HCG Ultra Diet Drops

What are the side effects of HCG Drops?

HCG Drops or more commonly known HCG Ultra Diet Drops, side effects reported by dieters include dehydration, headache, stomach ache and nausea.

What are the ingredients in HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

HCG Ultra Diet Drops ingredients include human chorionic gonadotropin and purified water.

How do I know if HCG Ultra Diet Drops is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does HCG Ultra Diet Drops work?

There’s no published clinical research proving HCG Ultra Diet Drops will help you lose weight. We found that eating a calorie restrictive diet could cause you to drop pounds.

If losing weight, without restricting calories is your goal, think about substituting HCG Ultra Diet Drops with a supplement like Dietspotlight Burn. The product contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to jump start weight-loss and accelerate metabolism.

How much does HCG Drops cost?

HCG Ultra Diet Drops costs $59.99 for one bottle, $99.99 for two and $159.99 for four.

How should I take HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

You should place 25 drops of HCG Ultra Diet Drops under the tongue, once per day. One bottle lasts 15 days.

Can I take HCG Ultra Diet Drops if I have a health condition?

Those with health conditions, people taking prescription medications, anyone under 18 years of age and women who are pregnant or nursing should contact a healthcare provider prior to using any weight-loss supplements, including HCG Ultra Diet Drops.

Will I need to take other supplements with HCG Ultra Diet Drops?

The company recommends taking vitamin B12 Complex with HCG Ultra Diet Drops.

Can I exercise while taking HCG Drops?

Yes, you can exercise while taking HCG Ultra Diet Drops, but you’ll need to add more calories to your diet.

Does HCG Ultra Diet Drops come with a guarantee?

HCG Ultra Diet Drops come with a 15-day guarantee.

Is hCG drops diet safe?

HCG drops are not diet safe. Over-the-counter weight-loss products that contain HCG are not safe according to the Food and Drug Administration. They advise consumers to avoid those products. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone produced during pregnancy. Fertility issues are what the prescription medication, HCG is mainly used for.

How do you use the hCG diet drops?

How to take HCG drops: Before taking the drops do not eat or drink for 30 minutes. The recommended amount of drops should be placed under the tongue. After waiting 60 seconds, swallow the remaining liquid. After taking the drops, do not eat or drink for 30 minutes.

How many times a day should you take hCG drops?

There is a dropper inside each bottle. 3 times per day, use it to place 10 drops under your tongue before meal time. You can also use it up to 6 times a day. 30-40 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, take the drops. This will ensure optimal results.

How do you take the hCG drops?

This is how to take HCG drops: Before taking the drops, be sure not to eat or drink for 30 minutes. After placing the recommended amount of HCG drops under your tongue, wait 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, swallow the remaining liquid. After taking the drops, do not eat or drink for 30 minutes.

How many HCG drops do you take a day?

Three times a day, use the dropper inside each bottle to place 10 HCG drops under your tongue.(you can even use it up 6 times a day) before your meal. Take the drops 30-40 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for the best results.


Previous HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review (Updated August 22, 2013):

What You Should Know About HCG Ultra Diet Drops

There are many hCG diet drops on the market claiming to drastically improve weight loss, but none are proven to have any effect on the body. Dr. Simeons created the hCG market many years ago with his extremely low calorie diet and hCG injections. His journal supported extreme weight loss in both himself and his patients. Unfortunately, clinical research proves that hCG injections have no effect on weight loss, let alone hCG Ultra Diet Drops. According to the official website, dieters will achieve rapid weight loss when following the plan. More than likely, the diet associated with the hCG Ultra Diet Drops requires the dieter consume no more than 500 calories per day - starvation.

List of Ingredients


Product Features

There is no official ingredient list on the hCG Ultra Diet Drops website. The dieter can assume the drops contain hCG. Human chorionic gonadotropin is a pregnancy hormone excreted by women while pregnant. If the theories of weight loss were accurate, every pregnant woman with morning sickness would lose an extreme amount of weight as morning sickness tends to decrease caloric intake and hCG is already present in the most natural form in the body.

There are three packages offered by hCG Ultra Diet Drops. Level 1 is for dieters who have more than 40 pounds to lose. This package costs $149. The Level 2 package is perfect for dieters that need to lose between 20 and 40 pounds and costs $99. The Level 3 package is for dieters with less to lose, just 10 to 20 pounds and costs $79. There are before and after photos, testimonials and support from doctors on the hCG Ultra Diet Drops website. This information is completely false. The dieters did not lose weight thanks to the hCG Ultra Diet Drops; they lost weight because they are forced to consume starvation level calories. On a side note, many anorexics consume about 500 calories per day.

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Advantages

  • Three packages are offered for hCG Ultra Diet Drops.
  • The official website offers testimonials with before and after photos.

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Disadvantages

  • hCG does not promote weight loss.
  • Dieters lose weight because they follow an unhealthy, starvation diet.
  • Weight loss associated with hCG is based on diet, not hCG.

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Conclusion

The hCG Ultra Diet Drops is no different than the hundreds of other hCG products. hCG is a pregnancy hormone that has no proven effects on metabolism or weight loss. The claim that hCG promotes burning up to 4,000 in fat energy a day is simply not true. Dieters will find they gain weight more quickly when they eat more than 500 calories per day because the body has entered starvation mode.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

32 HCG Ultra Diet Drops Reviews

  •  Dianne Nicholas (Verified User)

    I used HCG under the supervision of my GP. She took all sorts of blood tests before I began. I took off 18kg and then had the blood tests done again. My GP was astounded. She said the readings of my first blood test compared to the readings of my second blood test she would have thought couldn’t be the same person and congratulated me. Does it work – yes!!! Was sticking to the diet plan difficult – not really, the drops stopped me from being hungry and I just needed to plan ahead and stay positive about it all.

  •  Product really works!
    saindy (Verified User)

    I purchased HCG about two months ago, and as promised, my body has changed, I lost weight and I became healthier. Your site is also very helpful, it made easy to follow the diet because all the information can be seen there. Please continue your good service. Thanks HCG!

    • tas

      Is it still really working for you.. plz let me know coz ur review is almost 4 years ago…i want to know about your re recent
      Review of HCG Ultra Diet Drops.

  •  Getting positive results quickly
    divine (Verified User)

    I am not satisfied with the way i look and i really wanted to lose my weight and look good again. Another thing, I am hesitant to try HCG before is because, it might have side effects. And I was wrong and good thing I tried this. I am starting to lose in pounds, the results is very fast. And I am sure that it has no side effects because I am healthy. Looking for more good results. Thank you.

  •  Able to get back into perfect shape
    pamee87 (Verified User)

    I was 20 pounds over the healthy weight limit for years. Then I decided to join the gym again, but was unable to do it because of family obligations. Then I got to know of HCG ULTRA. I wasn’t sure if there would be any results, but I still gave it a try. Amazingly, I was able to get back into the perfect shape I had wanted within a few WEEKS, not months, and without any sort of exercise. It was an amazing experience for me and I really could see my BMI get better every week and finally got back into the perfect figure.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Congrats, Pam! Such a big accomplishment. You must feel great. Another product that users have reported encouraging feedback is Dietspotlight Burn. Might be worth to try it as well, its ingredients are clinically proven to produce weight-loss results.

  •  I definitely look and feel better
    pacifica143 (Verified User)

    I hit the scale at 286 pounds and I’m only 5’3. I knew I was heavy but seriously had no idea how obese I had really gotten. It’s hard to imagine not realizing you’re packing on pounds and getting bigger and bigger. I had a wakeup call when I had to buy a dress for a special event. How could I not have seen myself for what I really looked like? I found HCG ULTRA to be good for me. After 2 months I had lost 40lbs. I’m not thin yet but I look and feel 100x better.

  •  I know I mad the right decision
    brenda01 (Verified User)

    It’s good to know that you’re also using the same product. I’ve been on HCG Ultra for two weeks now and so far, I was able to shed off 4 lbs. Although the figure isn’t much significant, it’s an accomplishment for me since losing weight after giving birth is a tough task. Now, i can say i made a right decision for trying HCG Ultra. Kudos to you alessia!

  •  This diet really works!
    jezebel145 (Verified User)

    I have spent most of my life morbidly obese. At 15 years old I weighed 185 pounds. I was sitting at home contemplating the probability that I would never lose the weight and be morbidly obese the rest of my life. I was depressed. Until one day, I tapped my shoulder and said it’s time. After browsing the net, I found HCG ULTRA and yes it works!! I’m telling you, there is a diet that works.

  •  Helps me in losing weight
    Ciara (Verified User)

    I’ve started taking HCG Ultra two months ago and since then, i’ve been losing 2 lbs a week. My friends are commending me for what I have accomplished because they know that losing weight after giving birth is quite tough. HCG Ultra helps me a lot.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Ciara. So happy for you! Keep up the great work, another product to consider moving forward is Dietspotlight Burn, its ingredients are natural and clinically proven, users have also report positive results.

  •  Great product and customer service
    Sarah98 (Verified User)

    I have been using HCG ULTRA for 1 month. I really love this diet. The diet is easy to follow. My goal was 25 lbs. and now I’m 5lbs to go. I really feel better and energetic. My experience with hcgultras.ru has been nothing short of excellence and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in losing weight. This site is so accessible for any and all questions. I want to let you know how much I appreciated your great service and quality product. Thanks a lot!!!

  •  It is real and gives great results
    katelee (Verified User)

    Many have said that HCG is not real and will not give any effect because it is only water. But I can testify that it is real and gives great results. With the drops and its diet, I have lost weight. There is also no side effects. I am into other medication but it does not interfere with the meds. I write here because I believe in this product and I know that it works!

  •  This product changed my life
    hannah (Verified User)

    This is the best diet program I have ever purchased. If you have problems on losing weight and dieting I recommend you to try HCG ULTRA. This product is life changing and I am sure that it can change yours too. The diet is very simple and very effective if you follow all instructions. I never thought any product could help me lose this much.I am very thankful that HCG Ultra did exactly what product said it would do. I am so excited to see how I am going to look in the following months.

  •  This is easy and very effective
    dayle (Verified User)

    Your HCG diet is awesome. They are great to work with and it works! The diet is easy to follow and effective, my body is very healthy now. The help I received from hcgultras.ru has been spectacular. The site has really helped me learn about what to eat and where to go to find support and help. I am very impressed and happy. Im looking forward to more results.

  •  This is a wonderful product
    michaela (Verified User)

    The place where I live has a small community so everyone knows each other. Being so fat and self conscious, I felt like I was always the talk of the town. So I am very shy on going out and talking to my neighbors. After some research, I decided to give HCG a shot. After losing weight and already has curves on my body, I know I am the talk of the town now, for having a great body. Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

  •  Help lose weight and gain confidence
    colleen (Verified User)

    I am very thankful for this product. I am having great results. I can now join my friends attending parties wearing sexy clothes. It helped me with my confidence. Now bouys are trying to get to know me as i am no longer big.

  •  Lose weight in an easy way
    dhezha (Verified User)

    Before I was with the HCG shots. I have lost 30 pounds. I followed the diet until I became pregnant. I wanted to go back with the shots, but a friend recommended the HCG Ultra drops. This drops works better than the shots. I already almost 40 pounds in 1 and half month. I am suggesting this also to all who wants to lose weight in an easy way. I also have recommended this to my friends who were pleased by the results.

  •  Excellent and honest services
    zhaeda (Verified User)

    Your customer service is commendable. They are answering every inquiry and they replying very patiently. Excellent and honest services. Looking forward to also have excellent result with your product.

  •  I am very happy with the result
    Vhana (Verified User)

    I was introduced to HCG ULTRA by my college friend during our reunion last August. She just gave me the site hcgultras.ru. I ordered and after 2 weeks, I was amazed that I lost 20 lbs. I’m so happy with the result. I weighed 158.4lbs and now weigh 138 lbs. and still counting. I love HCG ULTRA.

  •  Expectations have been met, so far
    mel (Verified User)

    I am looking forward on having a good result on this product HCG Ultra. The service is very good, email support answers fast. Shipment also is received in the promised time. As of the moment my expectations are already met by this product. Thanks you for a good customer service.

  •  Thanks for changing my life
    danica (Verified User)

    After taking HCG Ultra for a few weeks now, my friends keep on complementing me on my appearance. I have definitely lost weight and already having some curves. Thanks for creating this great product that has changed my life. Also I just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service. They are answering my emails in timely manner and they have sent me the diet instruction that definitely helped alot. Plus shipping is so fast , I have received the product less than a week after I ordered it online. Thanks for a great product and service.

  • Is this safe for nursing mothers?

    I started on the HCG Ultra after giving birth 3 months ago. My friends recommend this to me as it is safe to take by nursing mother. I noticed a significant loss of weight almost in a short span of time. Im still continuing using HCG Ultra and still losing weight. Im recommending this product to all who want to lose weight immediately, diet is easy to follow and most especially no risk in health.

  •  Able to lose weight and gain confidence
    joe (Verified User)

    My name is Joe and I started using HCG trim 3 months ago and have lost 30 lbs so far. Not only have I lost weight, the drops gives me confidence as I am no longer ashamed of my figure. The diet is also easy to follow and I assure that with HCG Trim you definitely get your desired body.

  •  I now look and feel great
    courtney (Verified User)

    love my Mango trim. I’ve trimmed down 25 pounds, and no longer have the fats i usually keep by wearing big clothes. I’m getting compliments from my friens over how I look. And I feel happy! I have shared my experience to my friends and they now also in Mango Trim.

  •  My life has changed for the best
    Jomar09 (Verified User)

    My wife is really worried about me because of my weight. I’m 200lbs. I do have sweet tooth. I’m a chocoholic regardless of my gender. Disadvantages of my weight was being slow all the time, not being able to fit into a lot of nice clothes, being made fun of or teased (which is terrible),and self- esteem issues. But after using HCG ULTRA drops what a great success I do have right now. I dropped 53 lbs. in just 2 months.

  •  Finally, a real weight loss plan.
    Reyies (Verified User)

    I was surprised at how full and satisfied I felt. Finally, a weight loss plan that will really help you lose weight for real. No more cravings, no more exhaustion. At first, I’m negative about using HCG Ultra. A friend of mine decided to challenge me. Thanks to her recommendation, I finally have my life back. Thanks HCG Ultra.

  •  Hoping to get continuous positive results
    donna banes (Verified User)

    had never heard of the HCG Diet until I saw it featured on a talk show called Dr OZ. I have been struggling with weight every since my first child. I have tried a few other diets as well as gym memberships so I thought why not try these too. My start weight was 97kgs (the heaviest I have ever been) and after 3 days had lost 3.6kgs!! That was enough to give me the motivation to keep at it! After finishing the 60 day course I had lost 20kgs! I’ve had a 2 month break without the drops and have lost a further 3kgs. I’m now about to start another course to lose the last 12kgs.
    Looking forward to have a continuous positive results while taking this drops.

  •  Starting to feel fit and great
    linda legaults (Verified User)

    I have been on the diet with the HCG drops and several other supplements to clear the liver of toxins and I have lost 12 lbs. My skinny clothes are starting to fit and I feel GREAT. The 500 calorie diet is sometimes a challenge but I have always been a healthy eater anyway. I have just cut most all my carbs, no glutens and no sweets except fruit.

  •  Very quick and effective product
    claude bolan (Verified User)

    I lost 15 lbs and my son lost 32 pounds on the drops. I have tried many other methods before but could never get to my ideal weight. I did it on the drops. THE HCG DIET DOES WORK and is quick and effective.

  •  Stick to the plan to get results
    cynthia roye (Verified User)

    Losing weight is a difficult journey until one of my friends recommended this HCG diet program. I used HCG for almost a year and guess what, I lost 62 pounds.Others may think that this is not an effective program but if you will just stick to the diet plan, you will definitely get the result that you wanted.

  •  The only program that works for me
    alessia (Verified User)

    I’ve started taking HCG Ultra months ago and in my case, there are no side effects. I’ve tried different diet programs and so far, this is the only product that really works for me.