Updated: 10/10/2017
By Summer Banks Sep 21, 2017

Looking at some diet products can be painful, especially if there’s no scientific backing for the formula. Let’s find out if Healthe Trim is in this group. We dove right into the ingredients, side effects, customer service and research. With facts gathered from reading hundreds of dieter experiences, we have what we need. We summarized and refined to give you the bottom line.

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What is Healthe Trim?

Firstly, Healthe Trim is a weight-loss formula that contains hoodia gordonii, green tea, hydroxycitric acid and caralluma fimbriata. [1] There’s no information on bottle size, but users claim one order lasts less than two weeks if you take three pills daily, as suggested. You can take the supplement anywhere and that’s good for dieters.

Healthy Life Sciences, the makers of Healthe Trim, was started in 2009. Customers have the option of using a money-back guarantee and the supplement is made in the USA, two benefits. We like the informative customer service department and easy online ordering, but read on…

Healthe Trim Side Effects – “No Thank You?”

The first problem we noticed with Healthe Trim ingredients was reports of side effects. “There are some good ingredients in this supplement,” offers our Research Editor. “The trouble is that something in the formula is causing customers to feel bad.” [2]

“They made me feel nauseous and jittery i couldn’t keep taking them. I kept trying to drink more water, but it didn’t help,” a buyer reports.

One dieter says,” I took the recommended amount at the recommended time and I had a stomach ache and felt kind of weird.”

We have to look at all sides of the story – so how about some positive experiences? One user shared, “I think the placebo effect is in play because I want them to work, but I have no negative side effects.” [3]

Another suggested a way to kick the adverse reactions. He said, “I would take them with something like a protein bar in the morning. I would suggest this to anyone who has been experiencing negative side effects.”

Healthe Trim Customer Testimonials

FTC Case – “Wowsers!”

The FTC opened a case against Healthe Trim in 2014. According to the file, the company was making claims without scientific support. The ruling resulted in Healthy Life Sciences being banned from marketing the supplement based on unrealistic promises.

A writer at the FTC says, “According to the FTC, the only thing consumers lost when they bought Healthe Trim was money.” [4]

The FTC case explains, “In radio and television ads, Dwyer and HealthyLife Sciences claimed Healthe Trim was clinically proven to cause weight loss, and would suppress users’ appetites and boost their metabolisms to help them lose weight without exercising or changing their daily routine.”

The issue may be big or small, but all it takes is one problem, like faulty statements, to stop the dieter from achieving long-term results. If Healthe Trim causes side effects and if the company made unrealistic claims, that’s enough to wash our hands of the product. [5]

The Science – “Proven Results?”

Healthe Trim is clearly not backed up with clinical proof, as discovered by the FTC. Green tea is a strong ingredient with support, but that’s not the case with the rest. Even if Healthe Trim were tested, the official website shows nothing. The researchers at DietSpotlight look to science for the facts and when it doesn’t exist that’s problematic.

What Users Are Saying

"Effectively keeps my hunger in check which allows me to eat less."

"This didn’t work at all. I followed the instructions to every detail. It didn’t make me sick or feel weird in anyway, it just didn’t work for me."

"Product does curb your appetite and I did experience weight loss, however, this product is hard on the stomach. Leaves you feeling discomfort and a bit nauseous."

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The Bottom Line – Does Healthe Trim Work?

Let’s rev up our engines and speed right into the facts. Healthe Trim was quite intriguing. We were happy with the helpful customer service department and there is a money-back guarantee, but we don’t feel satisfied enough, when we compare the pros and cons, to support this one. The FTC settled a case against Healthe Trim and the makers of the supplement regarding false claims and the BBB rates the company with a “D+”.

When the time comes and you’re ready to head down the road to weight-loss, our suggestion is simple – find a supplement with proven ingredients and a decent price. If customer service is supportive and helpful that’s a huge plus.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This formula has those proven ingredients in a four-part proprietary blend and it is proven to help spark metabolism and ignite fat loss. The customer service department is easy to reach and the price is affordable. There’s no talk of negative side effects and results are outstanding, according to dieters who’ve tried it.

Also, it’s with confidence that the company behind Dietspotlight Burn is offering a Special Trial Offer, not your everyday benefit.

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What You Should Know about Healthe Trim

Healthy Life Sciences offers a weight loss / energy supplement called Healthe Trim. The product's official website claims you can get "high school skinny" while taking the product. Healthy Sciences also offers Healthe Plex, Healthe Shield and Healthe Pulse. All products claim to work well within the body without the unnatural jitters often associated with other weight loss and supplement products. Additional information on Healthe Trim, and other Healthy Life Sciences products, can be received via email.

List of Healthe Trim Ingredients

Thermo Energy Booster: green tea, hoodia gordonii, caralluma fimbriata and essential nutrients. Resveratrol, chromium picolinate, green tea leaf extract, hoodia gordonii, caralluma fimbriata, coix seed, poria cocos, cassia seed, lotus leaf, water plantain, methionine, mulberry leaf, gymnema sylvestre, eleutherococus senticosus, pyruvate and trace minerals.

Product Features

Healthe Trim uses a thermo energy booster as itís weight loss base. The energy booster includes caffeine, via the green tea, to boost energy levels. A loss of energy can be common during weight loss. Hoodia gordonii does not increase energy but some manufacturers include the ingredient to reduce hunger. There is very little scientific support of hoodia gordonii. According to the website literature, the ingredients work on a more cellular level to boost fat metabolism. Lotus leaf is one of the ingredients that is supposed to increase fat burn. Again, there is no research proof to support this claim offered on the website or found online. The Healthe Trim supplement is to be taken once a day. One to two capsules can be taken in the morning before breakfast. It is suggested that at least two to three glasses of water be consumed each day with the supplement. This is a little lower than normal suggestions of at least 64 ounces of water every day. Before eating after taking Healthe Trim, the user should wait at least three hours. The product is priced at $54.95 for one bottle which lasts 30 days. There is a 30 day money back guarantee on the product.

Advantages Healthe Trim

  • Healthy Life Sciences offers ingredient information on the product.
  • Some ingredients, like Green Tea, can promote weight loss.

Disadvantages of Healthe Trim

  • There are no links to scientific research supporting the ingredient claims.
  • Healthe Trim could cost more than some people are willing to pay at $54.95.
  • May cause nausea and jitters. (See reader reviews.)
  • There is no free trial of Healthe Trim currently available.


Losing weight is all about increasing energy and staying focused. Some of the Healthe Trim claims are supported with proven ingredients like Green Tea. Others, like hunger prevention via Hoodia, are not supported. All-in-all, users may seem a small boost in energy if they are not used to taking caffeine supplements or drinking caffeinated drinks. Otherwise, this product looks pretty generic and there may not be too many extra pounds lost and "high school skinny" may not be a reality that is attainable through the products use.

Healthe Trim is a simple weight-loss supplement with an ingredient list that reads far too much like hundreds of other formulas. Even if one or two of the ingredients were beneficial, without a product label we have no idea if there's enough.

Healthe Trim Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 to 4 Capsules
Serving Per Container: Not Listed
Amount per Serving% DV
Authentic Hoodia Gordonii**
Authentic Resveratrol**
Green Tea Leaf Extract**
Caralluma Fimbriata**
Hydroxycitric Acid**
Coix Seed**

Other Ingredients: None

  • References
  • 1. (). . .

Healthe Trim Scientific Abstracts:

Hoodia Gordonii

Decreases in food intake (12%-26%), dependent upon the dose, were noticed at doses of 100 and 150 mg/kg body weight (p < 0.05). Appetite was suppressed for 6 hours and intake of food was restored within a 24 hour period following the treatment’s end. There was no change in blood glucose, and insulin levels were not substantially affected. Metabolic and hormonal alterations because of treatment with Hoodia gordonii could be a factor for its anorectic activity. [1]


There was substantial weight-loss -6.82 kg (95% confidence interval -8.37 to -5.26) noticed in the group taking orlistat-resveratrol supplementation in comparison to -3.50 kg (-5.05 to -1.95, P = 0.021) in the placebo group. Significant reductions in body mass index, fat mass, leptin, waist circumference, triglycerides, and leptin/adiponectin ratio were noticed within the mixture. In conclusion, the orlistat-resveratrol mixture was the most effective treatment for weight-loss. [2]

Green Tea

Catechins in the tea were found to greatly reduce body weight and substantially maintain body weight following a period of weight-loss. Suppression of this effect by those taking caffeine regularly (>300 mg per day) was not clinically relevant. The minor effect of catechins in Caucasian participants (microcirc=-0.82 kg) in comparison to Asian participants (microcirc=-1.51 kg; P=0.37) failed to reach clinical relevance as well. The interaction between caffeine consumption and ethnicity was a strong moderator (P=0.04). Epigallocatechin gallate-caffeine combination has a minor beneficial effect on weight-loss and weight maintenance. The results from the study indicate that habitual caffeine consumption, as well as ethnicity, could be moderators, as they both have an influence on the tea’s catechins. [3]

Hydroxycitric Acid

G Cambogia subjects, at 16 weeks, experienced substantially decreased visceral, total and subcutaneous fat areas in comparison to the placebo group (P<0.001). No significant adverse effects were noticed at any point during the testing, and there were no substantial differences noticed in body weight or body mass index at the 12th week. There were, however, the minor numeric reductions in body weight as well as body mass index in males. In conclusion, G Cambogia decreased abdominal fat buildup in patients who displayed the visceral fat accumulation type of obesity. No rebound effects were noticed. It was then expected that G Cambogia could be a helpful tool for the prevention as well as the reduction of visceral fat accumulation. [4]

Caralluma Fimbriata

By the end of intervention (30 and 60 days), lipids, blood glucose, and dietary intake, anthropometric measurements, and assessment of appetite were carried out. Hunger levels and waist circumference were substantially reduced during the observation period in the experimental group. There was a noticeable tendency towards a greater reduction in body weight, hip circumference, body fat and energy intake, and body mass index between assessments, although not substantially different than the placebo group. Caralluma extract seems to reduce appetite and decrease waist circumference when compared with placebo throughout a 2 month period. [5]

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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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Healthe Trim

What are the side effects of Healthe?

Healthe Trim side effects, reported by customers, include diarrhea, anxiety, upset stomach, jitteriness, nervousness and heart palpitations.

What are the ingredients in Healthe Trim?

Healthe Trim ingredients include hoodia gordonii, green tea, hydroxycitric acid, resveratrol, caralluma fimbriata and coix seed. 

How do I know if Healthe Trim is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

Does Healthe Trim work?

There’s no scientific research proving Healthe Trim will help with weight-loss. There are studies suggesting green tea helps, but that’s the case with any supplements contain this ingredient. The product contains hoodia gordonii, which is considered a fad ingredient.

How much does Healthe Trim cost?

Each bottle of Healthe costs $49.95. If you purchase two, it costs $94.90 and three runs $149.85.

What is Healthe Trim’s BBB rating?

Healthe Trim’s BBB rating is an abysmal “D”. The company behind the product is HealthyLife Sciences, LLC.

How should I take Healthe Trim?

You should take two Healthe Trim capsules in the morning or early afternoon. The company recommends not taking within five hours of sleep and not taking more than four pills per day. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you can start by taking one to test your tolerance.

When is the best time to take Healthe Trim?

The best time to take Healthe Trim is in the morning prior to eating your first meal.

How much caffeine does Healthe contain?

Each serving of Healthe Trim contains 175mg of caffeine. 

Do I need to diet on Healthe Trim?

No, there are no specific dietary guidelines, although the company recommends eating a balanced diet to maximize results.

Is there a guarantee with Healthe Trim?

Healthe Trim comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

293 Healthe Trim Reviews

  • Can take while breast feeding.

    Can to take Healthe Trim if you are breast feeding?

    • ITrue

      OMG…Please don’t

    • linda

      I would NOT take it while nursing…altho the ingredients are all natural you baby definitely doesn’t need anything to stimulate it more. No way of knowing what your baby would get via your milk.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Jay! Because of possible interactions with breast feeding, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • can you take healthe trim during hypothyroid disease and high cholesterol

    If you have hypothyroid disease and high cholesterol can you take healthe trim?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Denise! Because of possible interactions with having hypothyroid disease and high cholesterol, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • Anyone took it with birth control.

    Does anyone have experience taking HT while on birth control?


    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Betsy! We recommend having your doctor take a look at the product ingredients to make sure it’s safe. A product that has natural ingredients and many positive review you could check too is Dietspotlight Burn. Hope this helps.

  • Does anyone take this with hypo-thyroid meds?

    Does anyone take this with hypo-thyroid meds?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Kara! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • Thyroid medication

    Can I take Healthy Trim if I am currently on thyroid medication?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Karen! Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • thyroid condition

    is this safe for a person with a thyroid condition?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Cheryl! Because of possible interactions with having a thyroid condition, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • I take it different times everyday
    Ailleen (Verified User)

    I work graveyardshift..I can’t figure out what time should I take the pill..will it matter if I take it different times everyday?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Ailleen! Two in the morning or early afternoon. Also, the company recommends not taking within five hours of sleep. Also, have you heard of Dietspotlight Burn? It’s easy to use too, and has many positive reviews.

  • Can I take this with allegra

    In the bottle is says not to take if you take allergy meds. Can I take it while I am on Allegra?

    • AJ

      I also would like to know if I can take Zyrtec while on HT?

  • Can run by taking it?

    I am really debating on buying Healthy Trim. Will I be ok to take this pill and continue running?

    • Melissa

      The direction’s say to exercise with it.So i would think it would be ok to run.

  •  It makes me hungrier !!
    laurie (Verified User)

    it makes me hungrier take my card number off do not send more do not pass go i swear these bogus companies see me coming and they say dummy will buy this

  •  Customer Service is not good at all!
    Rhonda Trammell

    Once the company charges you.. It’s all over.. They charge you the full charges on the 11th day ( you have 10 days to check it out- doesn’t matter how long it took to be shipped to you (5 days- so imhad 5 days to check out) It ‘s “business” days when they ship it out, but calender days that you have to check it out- including weekends. When I got them on the phone I told them I wanted to cancel it ( I thought I was returning the one for 14.95) he ” cancelled” it and I asked him if I had to return the bottle. He said I could for a full refund or be could give me a return auth number. I told him just charge me half and I would keep the bottle. I found out today while reviewing my cc statements they had charged me the full 148.00. So I called today to tell them the guy never mentioned I was paying half of the 148.00 and I thought it was half of 14.95- it was a misunderstanding. So because its within the 30 day unconditional guarantee period.. I will opt to send them all back when I get them so please give me the return auth number. I went all the way up to management and they said too bad for me.. I already agreed to half.. They understand it was a misunderstanding but they said it was MY responsibility to make clear to the agent that we were talking about the 148.00 total charge. I said I didn’t even know I was charged that until I saw my cc statement today. He again said tough sh$&. You already agreed. I said you can’t tell me that this is the kind of company that realizes there was a misunderstanding and you won’t do any thing about it and he said “yep, that’s what I’m telling you”.. This was a manager.

    • Karen (Editor)

      Hi Rhonda, there a more affordable options that just might interest you, like Dietspotlight Burn. Click here to try their special trial offer

  •  Could not get out of bed
    Dawn (Verified User)

    Don’t waste your money on this garbage! It made me feel so sick that I couldn’t even get out of bed! The nausea and headache was more than I could handle. I couldn’t even open my eyes. I started taking 1 with lots of water. Healthe Trim is trying to kill all over-weight people with this garbage. Sign up at a local gym and watch what you eat instead.

  •  Nice to Have Confidence
    Cleta Somogyi (Verified User)

    Great post! Nothing new for me to change on my site, but its nice to have confidence when something is reaffirmed!

    • jaz

      I see many directions on how to take it. What is your recommendation?

  • Morgan Singlton

    Hello.This article was extremely motivating, especially since I was looking for thoughts on this subject last Friday.

  •  Kidneys
    Vicky CO (Verified User)

    I just started taking Healthe Trim yesterday. I took 1 at about 8am and then ate breakfast at around 10am. I then ate lunch at 1:30 and took my next pill at 2:30. I went to bed at 11pm, and it took me about an hour to fall asleep. I then was restless all night long. I woke to my kidneys hurting, but I decided to take another pill this morning. Yesterday, I definitely felt the jitters, and like I wanted to jump out of my skin. Today, not as much, but again my kidneys are achey? I only need to lose about 15-20lbs. I am 5 feet and weigh about 135. I would like to be high school skinny, but not real sure if I can take the achey kidneys for much longer. Anyone else have that same side effect? I ordered them about 2.5 weeks ago, but just started taking them, so not sure if I should return them for a refund or keep trying to take them. I would like some positive feedback as well from others who have used this supplement for weight loss. Thank you!

  •  Love this product
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    Lost 30 lbs with Healthe Trim. If you are having side effects cut down to one pill in the morning. Drink lots of water too. Love this product

  •  They will take your money and the product does NOT work!
    brian jones (Verified User)

    These guys are professional CON artists!!! They will take your money and the product does NOT work!!!! Stay far,far away!! Bought 2 bottles at a discounted price to see if it worked. Nowhere did it say on the offer that we were signing up for recurring charges. 3 months later they take $100 out of our checking acct. We called and they were very rude and said they would only refund us half the money! Tough!!!!

  •  Terrible product.
    Heather Abel (Verified User)

    I have been on Healthe Trim with Raspberry Ketone for a couple of weeks now. I also work out and have been eating very healthy. Somehow, I feel like I am retaining tons of water and so I did a little online research. I am getting off this stupid PILL immediately. Terrible product.

  • Don't take if you have caffeine sensitivity at all.

    Don’t take if you have caffeine sensitivity at all. Cost me a trip to emergency room after taking high school skinny.

  •  Loved the product.
    Heather (Verified User)

    I have been on healthe trim since monday and my feelings have not changed. I feel like my body is going to jump out of my body, I feel so sick to my stomach. So I came online to see maybe there is something I can do to help all this go away. I drink nothing but water and I only take 1 pill in the morning. I really don’t mind the body jumping out cause I work out and that goes away. But this me feeling sick I can’t do. I work with clients and I can’t be feeling sick like this. Does anyone have anything else that I could do? I drink nothing but water and I do it healthy foods also. Please help me everyone or anyone.

  •  Hated the product.
    lisa (Verified User)

    I took it for a couple weeks and ended up with heart palpatations and PVC’s. I had to get all these tests run and change my meds up. They said it was this product…just be cautious

    • Ellie

      Thank you. The palpatations were my main concern. I will not use this product.

  •  I love the product and i will continue with it.
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    All i have to say about this product is I LOVE IT! Ive been taking it for about 3 months now, yes it gives you jitters when you first start using it, as the directions say if it does that to you start off with 1 pill a day, i did that and i continue to take it that way (1 pill in the morning and 1 around 2) I love the energy it gives me, i didnt notice the weight loss IMMEDIATELY but no complaints here, it DOES TAKE TIME! As it says “Individual weight loss may vary” I work out twice day and notice that it helps me tremendously! I DO notice weight loss and will definitely continue with the product, i LOVE that it keeps me away from all the bad sugars because YES i am a soda-holic! I totally gave the soda up and love the consumption of more water, its whats best!! I love the product and i will continue with it, it takes time to get used to it 🙂

    • oreo

      Did it make you dizzy? Im on my second day and feel really weird is that normal?

  •  Don't order this crap!
    Kelly (Verified User)

    Don’t order this crap! It doesn’t work. Good ol diet and exercise is what is needed, not this.. there is no magic pill.

    Additionally, if you order this product, they set you up on auto pay. If you fail to cancel your auto pay, because you forgot about it like I did, they will not refund your money! Here’s the deal. Auto pay hits my account, I contact them immediately. I finally talk to someone once the product arrives so I can ship it back, and was given instructions on how to return the product. The charge on my account was $91. I got an email today refunding me $27. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Itching a lot
    Kelly (Verified User)

    I have been itching alot and not sure if it is the pills. I have been on this for one day. I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon. In the evening I started itching and could not sleep because of it. Still this morning I am itching. Is anyone having the same issue?

  •  Loved the product.
    Maria (Verified User)

    i have been using this for a while & it works great. my energy is up, im less hungry & all that good stuff! my stomach never hurts or anything! if you follow all the directions, youll get what’s promised. go on to healthytrimcoach.com and it tells you everything you need to know. drink plenty of water & READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!

  •  This will kill you
    chrissy (Verified User)

    Dont order this craps it will kill you

  •  Proper Diet and Exercise is the solution

    Thinking about ordering HT, but thought I’d check out reviews.How in the world could anyone go ahead and order after reading all the negative reviews?? If any products affect your body in a negative way they should not be taken. My body is the temple of God, and I will try to refrain from harming it. I guess if I want to lose a few pounds, I best start exercising more and eating better. I wonder why most every diet pill comes with the instruction that include “proper diet & exercise”. This is most likely the way dieter’s lose their weight anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Your body is a temple of God and you won’t harm it…yet, somehow you have managed to inhale enough food to harm your body with the effects of obesity to the point of you researching quick fixes and diet pills. Your body is far from a temple of God and you, my friend, are a hypocrite. Put down the food and visit a gym with your God given temple.

  •  Didn't like the product at all
    jen (Verified User)

    i’ve been taking this product for a few days and i started out taking one in the morning and one in the evening. i don’t attempt to increase the amount because it makes be so sick and jittery. I feel really hungry on the product but when i try to eat something my stomach starts to hurt really bad. All im drinking is water. I don’t reccomend this product. I’m gonna try to get a refund.

  •  Product did not work for me
    Kami Jensen (Verified User)

    This is a terrible product. I gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks with following the directions, talking to one of their “ha ha” diet coaches and excercising one hour daily. The worst part of this product is that the diet coaches encourage you to stay with it so you make it past the 30 day guarentee and they don’t have to give you your money back. This product does not work and I had the same problems with my liver and kidneys that others have had on it.

  • Avoid caffeine and exercise and diet
    Katie (Verified User)

    All these people are dumb. I took healthy trim a few years ago and lost over 59lbs on it in 3-4 months. But that was while I was being active and eating healthy. Now since I’ve had my son and diet and exercise alone isn’t helping me out enough I just ordered it again. If you take it the second you get up with a glass of ice water you can eat 2 hours after. It’s not asking you to skip a meal. Avoid caffeine and exercise and diet. The product does work. And if you do the bogo, yes you get two bottles two months later for $90. That’s the catch of bogo, read the small print.

  • Need help with shipping and billing conerns
    Shirley M Burns (Verified User)

    Why have I not heard from you regarding the credit for the shipping error and the return authorization?

  •  Willing to give benefit of the doubt
    Rebecca (Verified User)

    I started HealtheTrim just a few days ago, and my only symptoms are sneezing and runny nose..I think I may be allergic to something in the product, as I started feeling this way ever since the first day. Other than that, I am willing to continue to give it the benefit of the doubt 🙂

  • How to feel better when using this?
    kathy (Verified User)

    the first day i took the pills i felt like throwing up? is that normal, and what should i do to stop the feeling?

  • Not worth it for me

    I saw this product on television and thought finally something that will work and not make me feel sick but based on the reviews it will and thats just not worth it to me. So I will NOT be trying Healthy Trim.

  •  Don't like it at all
    VelvetRose (Verified User)

    Don’t take this. I only lost 2 pounds in two weeks and I feel anxious and out of my mind most of the time. I’m sending my bottle back.

  • Will sugar free gum affect HT's process?
    Erin (Verified User)

    I know it says not to eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners, but what about sugar free gum? It has aspartame like diet sodas, would that small amount still affect HT’s process? Anyone know?

  •  Don't want to order
    Rich Stifel

    Glad I found this message board. I WAS going to order Healthe Trim, but after hearing pretty much EVERYONE complain about jitters and nausea, I think I’ll pass

    • RP

      I wish I had thought about reading people’s comments before I ordered!!! I definitely will send back for a refund when I received the pills. No way do I want kidney problems. It’s not worth it. The Food Lovers’ Fat Loss System created by Robert Ferguson really works. I just didn’t have the fortitude to stay consistent with it.

  • Other medicine products

    I just started looking into this. I know you can take this while on BP meds, but what about thyroid meds and paxil?

    • Cameron (Editor)

      Hi, karen. You should always consult your doctor before taking weight lose medication to make sure the option is right for you.

  •  Have rashes all over my body
    Amy (Verified User)

    I was so excited to start my healthe trim. Iand noticedn a few bumps on my arm, I thought nothing of it maybe just a coincidence. Then I took the other pill in the afternoon and two the next day. I have been breaking out in rashes all over my body! I am sending it back right away!

  • Having side effects
    Ashley (Verified User)

    I started taking healthe trim yesterday. I felt fine no side effects. Today after taking it I’m a mess. I am so panicked, I have a constant nervous feeling. Having to take deep breaths to calm myself down. I’ve never felt the “jitters” is this what they feel like? HELP!!

  •  Does this loose weight

    I have read a bunch of these questions & comments and not finding many people who have lost weight! Is anyone actually losing weight on these pills, I’m on day 1.

  •  Want to know the side effect
    Jimmie Lou (Verified User)

    If am taking blood pressure and crestor is this good for me or u just know

  •  Didn't loose weight for a week
    Kelly (Verified User)

    I have been on healthe trim for 8 days and have not lost a single pound. I did start off with 1 pill a day for the first 5 days – I have started working out/walking out and I don’t drink coffee or soda – How long does it take to show results???

  •  Can't swallow the pill

    So im thinking about getting this pill but I can not swallow them. I was thinking about opening it and putting the contents into yogurt and swallowing the yourt. Im wondering if its a powder or little balls inside it? I did this with my aderal and it worked. But inside the aderal there was little balls.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you just open one and see for yourself?

  • Suggestions on what to drink
    Jill (Verified User)

    I also want to know if anyone has any sugestions on what to drink besides water? I put fresh fruit in mine and its ok but I need something else. What about the flavored waters? Like Vitamin water? or Smart water? I have read the labels and most “seem” like they dont have any caffine but it may be hiding from me :). Thanks for any ideas.

  • Product effectivity

    I weight 230lbs and I’m only 22 yrs old. I’m going to try Health Tim for the first time. Ive tried many different dieting pills like Super Slim Pomegranate Weight Loss Capsule which work while i was taking them and lost 30 pounds in 6 months with diet and excersice But the moment i stop taking the pill, and i continue the excersice and diet it made me gain all the weight fast in 2 months. and my blood pressure increase dramatically. Since dose were chineese pills. I’m going to try something else and see what happens. Ill keep updated on my weight.

  • funk depression

    I just ordered Healthe Trim. It’s my last ditch effort. I exercise 6 days a week for the past few weeks and have lost nothing! I have gained about 35lbs…as I read this I will start out w/ one pill and drink lots of water and continue to exercise..I hope to loose some weight. I have never been this chunky in my life. I was on celexa, and I think that contributed to my weight gain. I do not take it anymore and found exercise is what helped me snap out of my “funk depression” I’ll keep you posted!

  • it felt great i had tons of energy
    jenna (Verified User)

    ok so i never leave reviews but i figured why not if it will help someone out ive been taking healthe trim for a month now and in the begining, it felt great i had tons of energy but i still always felt hungry. Now that im into my 5th week i feel like im not even taking anything just same lack of energy gotta drag myself to the gym and so on. I have also been using this pill with diet and exercise by the way. I am moving on to adipex-p i used it at one point of time when it was available only through prescription and it worked wonders i lost my health insurance and wasnt able to get it anymore but fortunetly now they sell it online at their website and no prescription.

  • jitters
    NSBJen (Verified User)

    Day 2. Yesterday only took one Healthe Trim (received my shipment at 2pm) and made the mistake of taking two this morning. I’d DEFinitely start with only 1 pill. Had a large case of the jitters this morning and felt somewhat miserable. That’s not discouraging me from taking it moving forward. After a medium-sized but healthy lunch and lots of water I took one pill at about 2pm. The verdict is out for the balance of the day but I’m SUCKing down H20!

    Erica (Verified User)

    PLEASE HELP!!!! :))

    • Autumn

      Milk should be fine.

  •  didn’t like it at all
    Amy (Verified User)

    The pills made me feel sick to my stomach and jitery all day. The nausea was so bad, I had to take an anit-nausea pill to get through the day at work. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!

  • Older and perhaps a bit wiser
    Marcia (Verified User)

    Well, I have read enough!! I just opened the mail with my first bottle and there is no way that I will do to my body what I have read from so many of you. NOOO! I am much older and perhaps a bit wiser. Your comments are enough to scare me!!

    • Michelle

      Marcia – I agree with you. I just ordered mine the other day and paid extra money to have it here faster…it should be here tomorrow (Wed)and dumb me…reading the reviews only after I ordered it…am going to return it as soon as it gets here. I’m not even gonna open the bottle & take one. I’ve just spent the past 2 hrs reading all the reviews on this and 90% of them are bad. I’m not gonna chance it..it’s enough to scare me not to even try it.

  • return policy
    Tammy Vernier

    What is the return policy after the trial period? What is the phone numer to call? After you place the trial order I can’t find this info.

  •  Healthe Trim
    Natalie (Verified User)

    I was OK with these for one week while only taking one a day. I started taking 2 in the morning a few days ago and I have had kidney pain every since then. These are going right back to Healthe Trim this week!

  • Metabolism

    I am 18 years old and with to lose a few pounds because as a college freshman I have gained only a few pounds but want to shed it before christmas! ha well my question is what will it do to my metabolism when i get off of it? will it slow it down?

  •  Strange side effects
    Lynn (Verified User)

    Like most people out here, I also have had some strange side effects with this product. I’ve lost a few pounds but I don’t attribute this to HT…alone. First of all, the product information packet indicates no caffeine, no decaf and no diet “sugars.” The reason for this is not because these things cause HT “not to work”, they would cause ANY diet pill or any diet period not to work. Caffeine, including decaf, and diet “sugars” cause insulin uptake issues therefore throwing off your blood sugar. Diet “sugars” have been under scientific study and have shown that the brain “thinks” there’s a sugar present because your taste buds respond to the sweet taste. This causes insulin to shoot into your system. Additionally, coffee causes cortisol increase which adds the water weight. If you notice, they also list “no alcohol.” This is not because of the caloric count in alcohol but because it too causes increased blood sugar levels. Though I think there are some benefits to this product, I’m ceasing taking it after having read the comments out here.

  • Jeica

    I have just started healthe trim after hearing a popular radio host talk about it. I did eat a small breakfast before taking my first two pills because i usually do not do well taking medicine on an empty stomach. i feel a little jittery but okay. i will probably take one at noon. i believe my current weight is 135 and i am hoping to get back down to 115 which was what i was before i started college. hope it works.

  •  it does the opposite for me.
    dee (Verified User)

    I have taken HT for a couple of days now. When I first take it, I feel fine, then after about 2 hrs, Im starving! And I cant stop yawning, I just feel drained. I dont understand, its supposed to give you energy, it does the opposite for me

  • I have headache with it.
    BEN WARE (Verified User)

    why is the headaches so bad,what would cause that?

  •  It tells you not to consume caffeine so you don't OD on it.
    Snrub (Verified User)

    It seems pretty obvious that this is just No Doz tarted up with fad diet supplements. Take two caffeine pills from a truck stop and you’ll get the same nausea and jitters. It tells you not to consume caffeine so you don’t OD on it.

  • what is keeping the sugars down in this drug?
    Marianne (Verified User)

    Works great on keeping my blood sugar down, but not losing weight. Obviously I didn’t read or adhere to no caffeine either. As a diabetic what is keeping the sugars down in this drug?

  •  i feel way jittery
    sadie (Verified User)

    I took two yoday cause i though it said if u don’t drink caffein than take two but my ma’ cleared that up for me, but yes i feel way jittery but tomorrow i’ll take 1 i hope it helps

  •  I am just curious
    Lisa (Verified User)

    I am not sure but for the first time in my life my thyroid is hyper, no I am not thin. I started taking health trim in
    April, I have not lost any weight, but it did not make me jittery, or feel bad. I went for my yearly with the dr. And my numbers are double the high normal range. I am just curious if any one else has had similar effects of if it just bad timing on my part. I stopes taking the pills the day before my blood test the 9 of July and they just took more blood on the 23 and it is already a little lower.

  •  it did not work at all!
    Lisa (Verified User)

    I took HT back in February and it did not work at all! I followed the directions to the letter, worked out 6 days per week and followed a healthy meal plan. When I called to get my money back (which they did w/o question, minus the s&h), the rep told me NO DIET POP whatsoever and NO FLAVOR PACKETS in your water. I used both, but neither was listed as a “no-no” on the literature. I say don’t waste your money and subscribe to “less calories in and more calories out”. I have lost almost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers and ran my first full marathon last October. Pills are NOT the answer…common sense is!

  • I took Healthe Trim for two weeks
    Cyndi (Verified User)

    I took HT for two weeks. Stopped taking it since I did not notice any weight loss. I feel horrible, headache,depression and feels like I have the flu…if it makes you feel this bad when you stop taking it imagine what it does to your body when you take it. Never again this stuff if brutal on your body….don’t believe me stop taking it for a few days and see how you feel.

  •   I lost 12 lbs in 3 wks
    Jenn (Verified User)

    I took HT for 30 days but did not buy it again. I lost 12 lbs in 3 wks and felt great. But maybe 2 days after I stopped taking the pills I got violently ill. I didn’t sleep 3 nights straight, I had to miss work, and I couldn’t eat anything. My first thought was I was having a withdrawal from the HT pills. Did either of you have the same reaction? I was going to order the pills again, but after getting sick like that I don’t think its worth it. Tim, the fact that they would not tell you whats in them is a little nerve racking !!! Beth, Im with you – I think moving your (my) ass is a hell of alot better for you (me) and that is probably the safest way to go !!!

    • Maria

      I took HT for almost30 days and will not buy again. I lost 8 pounds but after stopping the pills I also got violenty ill and havent slept in almost three nights as well. I think it is withdrawal. In the meantime I think I am going to just join weight watchers. I just want the stomach pains to stop.

  • I want to try this product.

    I was curious about this product but there are more negative reviews than positive ones. I weight about 183 and I want to go down to 135. Wish me luck.

    • Caroline Sanders

      I’m on the same boat. I weigh 185 and need to get back to 135!!!!! I just bought the produc before reading the reviews….I’m a lil scared now.

  •  It doesn't work for me
    Sharion (Verified User)

    I purchased Healthe Trim it doesn’t work for me. I purchased 3 bottles and have 2 sealed bottles I would like to sell since I cannot get a refund because of the 30 day return policy. If your interested email me.

  • I just ordered Health-e Trim
    trip to the er

    I ordered Health-e Trim based on the radio stations promoting it. I took two pills prior to going to work. On my drive down I had a hard time breathing, my heart was racing and I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out at the same time. I drove myself to the ER that was right by the exit on the highway. I was scared, anxious and felt like I could not be calm. My resting heart rate lying down was 97 normally its 60, my blood pressure normally 110/60 was 139/80 and even after all the anti-anxiety medication (IV) they gave me to calm me down I was up until 3am and I couldn’t sleep. There are side effects to this so don’t believe them that there aren’t any. Use with caution and don’t take 2 even if you are used to a high caffeine intake. The ER Dr told me that it could be any number of things I was having a reaction to and the effects it had on my body are not worth the few pounds of weight loss. I couldn’t imagine exercising with such strong effects on blood pressure and pulse even at resting levels.

    • nubi

      definitely stop taking them

  •  I start taking Healthe Trim
    WONNA BE SKINNY (Verified User)


  • I just started taking the pill today.
    Sarah (Verified User)

    I just started taking the pill today. I took two and felt jittery in the morning like i drank too much coffee. Now I feel much better and have lots of energy. Just feels like a drank too many lattes. I will check back in a week and give updates. I am still HUNGRY! No caffeine and lots of water though!

  • I gained 2 pounds using Healthe Trim
    Kayla (Verified User)

    My question is that I am on Wellbitrin XL and also Lamictal and I started HT about 2 days ago and have noticed that I gained 2 pounds. I also have to keep in mind that it is the time of the month for me. Is my medication mixed with HT promoting weight gain or is it just mother nature?

  • Does weight come back after stopped

    does the weight come back once you stop using healthy trim

  •  I have lost 2lbs in a week
    Darby (Verified User)

    I gave up my regular cokes and instead of taking it first thing on a empty stomach I eat a light breakfast (most important meal of the day) and take 1 pill 3 hours later..I curves my appetite no jitters and I have more energy..I have lost 2lbs in a week

  • I only lost 5 pounds in 2 months...
    Lisa V

    Hi, I’v been taking HT for about 2 months and have only lost 5 pounds. I take two every morning and i work out after work everyday. I do a lot of running. Should i add 1 or 2 pill after lunch? if so, should i just start off with 2 pills after lunch instead of 1 since i’v been taking 2 every morning for the past 2 months?

  • I've try thing before,did work.

    I’m 62 year old weight 187 lb.I have a bad back the doc said lost weight.I’ve try thing before,did work.

  • I started Healthe Trim, no such result
    Mary (Verified User)

    I started Healthe Trim on Saturday (4 days ago). I cannot see any change in my appetite and I am taking 2 pills in the early a.m. and 1 pill around noon. It does help me concentrate though. In fact, I feel intensely focused after I take it. However, I will still return it to the company, because it does nothing for my appetite.

  • Lipo suction- for those who can't exersise

    Lipo suction- for those who can’t exersise but want to lose weight. Couple grand but it’s worth it.

  • I was really thinking about taking this.

    I was really thinking about taking this after hearing the CEO and the DJ on the radio a few days ago. I have been taking fad diet pills forever. They discovered a two tumors in my small intesting I am not saying this is why but I would beware taking these drugs. I have to stop this..
    It is so bad for your body. I do take green T pills now but for energy.
    Nutrisystem is the best thing I have ever been on and after reading all these neagative posts why would anyone want to take this?

  •  I started a month i have lost 2 pounds
    shelley (Verified User)

    i have taken it for about a month i have lost 2 pounds. i noticed when i eat i take a few bites and am immediately full. i probably could lose more but i still drink alot of soda and im sure this could be hindering my results. i did get bad stomach pains today that lasted about a minute and have had some vaginal bleeding that was premature. i sleep fine and no jitters and as i said before i drink caffeine. not sure if i will purchase again but it truly helped me eat less, yes i was very hungry prior to eating but when i finally ate i couldnt eat much

  • The bottle states to not take if taking an antidepressant
    Lyn Lais (Verified User)

    The bottle states to not take if taking an antidepressant. Is that all antidepressants or just the MAO inhibitors.
    And what is the problem between this supplement and the antidepressants. Thanks

    • B

      I take it with Pristiq (basically Effexor XR in a better form) and I have no problems at all. I think the concern lies within the fact that so much additional caffiene can trigger a panic attack (and those are horrible). No problems for me at all, though.

  •  I only lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks
    George (Verified User)

    I’ve been taking them for the past 3 weeks, and I only lost 5 lbs., but I dropped 4% body fat (according to the fat% scale that I use), and people have noticed that my waste seems smaller. I’ve been also doing cardio exercise (no weight training) for 1 hour every single day for the past 3 weeks, so it seems like I should’ve lost a lot more lbs. than five. I started by taking 1 pill in the morning and not eating for 2 hours. It was very hard not to eat for those 2 hours, so I increased it to 2 pills the next week and that seemed to work better in curbing appetite. I did feel “out of it” the first week, but now I think I feel normal. Increasing water intake did help a lot and I never took any caffeine in the morning, but I still do have 1-2 cups of coffee in the afternoon (I’m not sure if that has any effect on the small weight loss). I’m not entirely sure but I think I might be eating less than 1200 calories per day due to loss of apetite, and that’s putting my body into starvation mode, which has lowered my metabolism a lot, and that’s the reason I speculate I’m not losing as much weight as I should be for the amount of exercise that I do. If there are any nutritional experts out there, tell me if you think this is accurate.

    • Sarah

      Your body will start to eat muschle instead of fat when you go into starvation mode

      • Amber

        Goodness people… Your body will never “eat” or “consume” muscle. When going into “starvation mode,” your body responds naturally due to the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system. It breaks down to this: If you are starving yourself, your body will horde any caloric intake that it receives. You will not lose weight because your body thinks that it is starving, and your body will store more fat. Any nutritionist or doctor will tell you that in order to lose weight, you must eat! George, how tall are you, and what is your current weight? In order to loose fat, you must be taking in enough calories for your body to function.

  •  Has anyone tried to get a refund?
    Michelle (Verified User)

    With all of the caffeine and jitters is anyone able to sleep while taking this? I am ok to try something new but the posts are kind of scary. I already have stomach problems. Any information on the money back guarantee if it isn’t working? Has anyone tried to get a refund?

  •  The weight loss has been slow
    Carla (Verified User)

    I have been taking Healthe trim for about 3 months. The weight loss has been slow, but I have lost, and more importantly I am fitting in the pants I couldn’t wear because they were too small.
    My question is this – for the last 2 weeks or so I have been so tired. I plan to go home and exercise but by the end of the day I am so tired all I want to do is lay down and take a nap. I even tried taking a 2nd pill in the middle of the day.
    Has anyone else had this problem or should I worry that there is something else wrong with me?

  • can you take healthe trim with a thyroid medication?
    Carol (Verified User)

    can you take healthe trim with a thyroid medication?

  •  What happens when you STOP taking this pill?
    Marissa Do (Verified User)

    What happens when you STOP taking this pill? Do you gain all your weight back? Do you usually have to stay on your “diet” pills forever?

    • Stephanie

      You gain it back plus some!

  • Product just wasn’t for me
    Brooke (Verified User)

    I have been on Healthe Trim for a week now. Started with 1 pill in the morning & 1 in the afternoon. It has made me SUPER nauseous since DAY 1. I’m in the pharma industry so I understand that sometimes your body needs to adapt a bit (that’s why I stuck with it for a week). I’ve been exercising regularly & dieting and was wanting to use HT for the appetite suppressant. I am finally dont with the sick stomach/nausea and I am going to return. I heard Michael on the radio in Austin speaking for HT and someone asked about side-effects and they just blew off the fact that there might be ANY side effects with this pill. VERY upsetting to me. Just b/c something is “all natural” doesn’t make it “well tolerated”. Cyanide is all natural and we know how healthy that is for you. Anyway, just an fyi. Gives me major stomach discomfort and my girlfriend started taking it and got the jitters & headaches (of course that was with taking 2 in the morning as recommended). Just an FYI. Good luck out there. I’m returning my 3 bottles for a refund.

  •  I just took one pill and we shall see
    Alexia (Verified User)

    My co worker just gave me her healthe trim because she didn’t even try it. I just took one pill and we shall see. I want to get to my pre preganancy weight ( not that it was all that to begin with) to start thinking of baby number two. Wish me luck!

  • People, stop throwing your money away on healthy trim
    Tim (Verified User)

    People, stop throwing your money away on healthy trim….I’m going to fill you in on a little secret….it’s called diet and exercise!

  • who does healthy trim use to ship their product?

    who does healthy trim use to ship their product?
    i tried the tracking # with ups and usps and neither recognized it?

  •  i took my first pill at 5am?
    Jay (Verified User)

    i took my first pill at 5am, then i have to wait until 8am to eat breakfast… any suggestions to that time i should take my second pill

  • anyone taken this product with success

    I am on blood pressure meds and chols. but work out 4-5 times a week..not loosing like I should be…drink plenty of water..my doctor want advise me to take or not to take this product…what should I do…anyone on these meds taken this product with success…

  • i GAIN a pound?
    jennifer (Verified User)

    i started taking this a week ago today. i wake up every morning starving! just drinking water in the morning is killing me. but i noticed i don’t eat as much anymore. so why did i GAIN a pound? its kinda upsetting.

  • Can take it with BP meds?
    Ellen Flanery

    I take Benicar for Blood pressure and Lipitor for cholestrol. Can I take Healthy Trim? I have ordered some, but want to check this out first. I also drink at least 2 cups of coffee in the morning.

    • MarkL

      Received my HT this weekend. Opened pkg and it said not advised to take with HBP. I’m on Benicar too. I called HT this morning and told them im on HBP and they said check with Dr. Not chancing. I sent HT back today for refund.. Back to the gym…

  • Safe for diabetic, hypertension patient?

    is healthe trim ok for people with hypertension & diabetes?

  •  Hoping to loose weight with it.

    Ahh.. I just ordered this product and now I am very nervous… why is it that we only read review AFTER we buy the damn stuff.
    I need to lose like 10lbs.. that 10lbs that just never seem to go away! Wish me luck!!

  •  Hated the product

    I’m no psychic but here is my prediction. A lot of people are going to gain a lot of pounds quickly after they get tired of spending $100 a month on diet pills. On the radio someone asked, “Do I have to take it forever.”, and the response was “well, do you have to eat fruits and vegatables forever”. GTFOH

  •  Want to try it again.
    Elisa (Verified User)

    Ok…after reading this I am a little scared to try this. I already ordred it. I tried the Acai Berry and Cleansing thing, but all that did was completely clean me out, which in turn made me feel very tired and hungry because I had nothing inside of me. I will try this product because there are good and bad reviews, I am 5’1 and weigh 135. I don thave much to lose but They say the older you get the harder it is to lose it. So, lets hope I have a good story to tell you in a few weeks! Good luck to all of you

  •  Hated the product
    Sars (Verified User)

    I bought healthy trim and I was nauseated with headaches the entire time. I lost no weight, in fact somehow I think I gained!!! I NEVER had any energy so I never wanted to work out either. It was a waste of $60 dollars. Don’t waste your money!

  • Which medication not be taken with it.

    What medication/ drugs cannot be taken with this drug????

  •  Hoping to see result soon.
    Evan (Verified User)

    8 days on HT. I have not lossed any weight. However, My energy levels are way up. The only side effect is that I get headaches around lunch. They are relieved when I eat. I am hoping to see some weight come off soon.

  • Just brought and will update later.

    I just bought Acai…. A lot cheaper. THought I’d give it a try. I’ll update and tell what I think about it.

  •  Hated the product
    Beth (Verified User)

    Thanks for taking the time to post your evaluation, Tim. I tried HT a few months ago and did end up returning it before the 30 days for the promised refund. I ordered the recommended weight loss and vitamin supplements (Day and night). It didn’t work for me, and I keep wondering why I hear all these success stories then I got such opposite results. Here is my experience in a nutshell: I don’t drink coffee or sodas in the first place, I am moderatly active and constantly sucking on a water bottle anyway. I started taking the supplements, and didn’t notice any change of appetite and didn’t lose any weight in those three weeks. I have tried all the upper diet pills around and know what to expect, but I didn’t get anything out of this product. I got my $100 back from Healthe Trim, stopped at the local Running Fit store for a proper fitting, and got a spankin’ new pair of running shoes. That is my advice to anyone reading this. Save your $. If you want to improve yourself physically, you will have to move your ass to lose your ass. Good luck.

  •  Just received the product.

    I just ordered a bottle from their website. It came out to $63.90 with tax and shipping.

    I will definitely report back with my progress.

    Good luck, everyone. 🙂

  • Fetching Side effects with birth control pill.
    Melissa (Verified User)

    I have Been on the Healthe Trim 5 Days and am so nauseated all the time and my stomach hurts, as well as headaches will this go away?
    Or is is reacting to my medications ( depression meds and birthcontrol)???

  • What's the price?

    Exactly how much is it? It doesn’t really say… I need a booster start! And is the money back thing actually work if you don’t like it?

  • What to eat with it?
    Judy (Verified User)

    can you tell me what you eat for the 300 and for the 100 so that I can get somekind of ideal on how to start thanks Judy

  •  Feeling sick.
    galpinky (Verified User)

    I’ve been taking HT for 4 days. I’m the kind that LOVES breakfast but have followed the rules (2 pills in the am with water only) and then go about my normal day 3 hrs after. I don’t feel any different except for I’m STARVING for 3 hrs in the am. I do not have any extra energy! Does someone with my same experience think I need to take more in the afternoon?

    • meowhehe

      Im looking over everybodys posts and have been taking this pill for 4 days now. I have not been having any problems at all my routine is I wake up take 1 pill with a bottle of water about 16 oz just drinking it slowly little at a time. about 1 hour and a half later im at work and for the last 4 days I had for breakfast 2 slices of toast with low fat phily cream cheese some times I put turn it into a sandwich sometimes i eat the slices seperately. this is usually around 9:45 am then by 11:45 I take the second pill 12:30 I do lunch usually a lean cousine or one of the frozen meals. Calorie count 500 or less for the meal. then about 3 or 4 I feel a little hungry and drink one of the yogurt frusions or eat a yogurt and bananna that carries me thru dinner where I have a real dinner.

      i have no problems what so ever my scale says i dropped 4 lbs i know week one is usually water weight but i have been on phentermine in the past and lost tons of weight but always felt so wired… This stuff is just enough supressant that if you can control yourself you can get results. Before i started this pill I was feeling really hungry and tired by 3 or 4 pm now Im ok and when i do I grab a fruit. Also I think anybody who is getting headaches you should eat something doesnt matter if you just took the pill or not.
      just my thoughts Ill try to post next week see what happens.

  • Is it real?

    I was just wondering if this was real.

  • Can take with Lethoxel meds?
    michelle vick

    can i take healthy trim with my hepo thyriod medicen lethoxel

    • Melissa

      I take with my Lexoxyl and i have not had any problems, So far.

  • Can it be taken with Zoloft?

    Can Healthe Trim be taken with Zoloft?

  •  Loved the product
    meghan (Verified User)

    I started taking HealtheTrim 4 days ago. The first day i felt like i was gonna jum out of my skin! but the second day i didnt get that feeling at all. I acually love the stuff. It just helps me to not snack all day. i just dont feel like doing it anymore! which is amazing. I would definitly reccomend it so far. we will see how it ontinues…

  • Can cause Nausea and jitters?

    Nausea and jitters have been mentioned repeatedly but no one has brought this up yet, does it make you run to the bathroom? A coworker started taking some other diet pills and had to run to the bathroom almost immediately after she ate. I have never heard this mentioned about Healthe Trim. Sorry if this is an embarrassing question but its a real concern.

    • Anonymous

      It is prboly Alli..

  • can Healthe Trim cause GI bleeding

    can Healthe Trim cause GI bleeding?

  •  Getting no result.
    Jen (Verified User)

    ok I’ve been on healthe trim for 4 days. After taking them in the morning I had an immediate headache. Had stomache pains all day no incresed energy. I also came home from work and took a nap something I haven’t done in years. Today day 4 I only took 1 pill still headache went to the gym was so tired I burned less calories on the eliptical than usual because just no energy I moved at a slower pace. I called healthe trim today they told me to take the weekend off try again on Monday. The girl that answered the phone had absolutely NO knowledge on the product. I was hoping for a magic pill I don’t think this is it. I started the gym 3 months ago I workout 70 minutes and 3-5 days a week, have lost no weight any suggestions.

  •  Loved the product
    scoobie's girl (Verified User)

    I am on day 3 of healthe trim. It has curved my appetite down alot. And OMG I drink so much water you stay so thirtsy. But drinking alot of water is a good thing. when I would drink caffine drinks I would tend to wear down alot faster I have had more energy so far. No jitters I guess that is because i’m use to drinking 3 monters or redbulls in the morning to keep me up. but i haven’t touched one yet. I will keep you guyz posted.

  • Going to start the product.

    I work out everyday and eat healthy but I need something to increase my metabolism so I ordered this product and started today. I’m pretty healthy and usually not allergic to medications. I’ll be testing this out for a week and see the result if I do lose enough lbs. Wish me luck.

    • Gigi

      Returned it immediately. I was constantly jittering throughout the day from taking two pills as instructed. My cravings were wacked. I was constantly starving and over ate. I was extremely thirsty that I spent one whole day drinking 100 ounces of water.

  •  Gained weight after stopped.
    Stephanie (Verified User)

    Oh and i gained back all the weight plus 5 lbs once i stopped taking it

  •  Loved the product
    Stephanie (Verified User)

    I took healthe trim back in October and i thought it was great. I was never hungry and was losing weight. I lost 20 pounds in two months. I was thirsty all the time and had to force myself to eat. I stopped taking it because i couldnt afford it and when i got back on the pills they didn’t work the same. I developed a ringing in my ears and the doctor (i went to 3) all agreed it was from the diet pill. Good luck!

  • Can help to loose weight?

    I’m 18 and weigh 250 lbs. I am walking a lot and drinking lots of water. I do admit I have terrible eating habits, but am still trying to lose weight, but no luck! I head about this on the radio and am wondering, spending the $50 or whatever on this product, will I be wasting my money? I have alos been looking into the Acai Berry pills but they are $80, and you have to get another pill to take with it, and I don’t have a ton of money to spend on this stuff. What do you think?

  • Can take birth control with it?

    Can Healthe Trim cancel out birthcontrol? If you are taking both at the sametime?

    • ali

      I have been taking healthe trim for 2 months now and have not seen any big changes. I am still up a couple of pounds some days and down a couple others just as i am when not taking this product. I am also on birth control and it does not cancel it out.

    • meghan

      i want to know the same thing!!!!

  •  Loved the product
    Angela (Verified User)

    I like healthe trim. I’m only a few lbs overweight and needed a kickstart to get ready for this summer. It doesn’t make me jittery and as long as I eat something small 3 hrs after I take it and drink lots of water, I feel fine! I drink a glass of milk in the morning about an hour after taking it, when I get back from the gym…I haven’t been nauseated past the first day. But START WITH ONE PILL until you see how your body is going to react and how you feel!!

    • Lisa

      Thanks for the advice, Angela. I’m starting tomorrow. I’ll start with just one pill and go from there.

  • Can take it with vicodine prescription

    Can I take healthy trim even though I take vicodine prescription

  • Just started it with hope.
    ema (Verified User)

    okay, i recieved the pills, im starting them on monday, ill let you know how i did the fisrt week. wish me luck

    • Chynna

      good! keep us posted!

    • Lena

      How did you do?

  • Can take it with antidepressant meds?
    Nichole (Verified User)

    I have been taking HT for 3 days. I take an antidepressant every morning, should I not be taking them together? I am worried now. I do not feel jittery or headachy at all.not rockwood

    • Darrin

      Did you talk to your Dr. Before starting these pills?

  • Can drink decaf tea with it?
    Laticia (Verified User)

    I am taking this product. Is decaf tea ok to drink sometimes?

  •  Why feeling hungry.
    audra (Verified User)

    Also, I to felt hungry at 1st..I couldn’t understand it because I’m not usually “hungry”..but that too, passed…

    • LM

      Really the hunger goes away? I had to stop taking it b/c I was getting intense hunger pains and didn’t want to over eat. How long did it take to pass? I only gave it 3 days.

  • Telling about fasting.


  • Where to buy

    Where can you purchase Healthe Trim? Approximately, how much does the pills cost?

    • ema

      online, about 54.00 plus shipping

  •  Not happy with result.
    TEE (Verified User)

    Been on these pills for about a month. Very little weight lose, only 12lbs. I exercise daily and I’m on a strict diet. Made me feel very nauseus and had headaches in the morning. I don’t take any other meds or have any other conditions. Most of my results I’m sure are from the exercise and dieting. Will not be getting another bottle.

    • Me

      I am a dietary specialist and I will tell you that 12 lbs in one month is very good! The average person will only typically lose between 1-2 lbs per week.

  •  Liked the product.
    charlie (Verified User)

    Been taking Healthe Trim for about 3 weeks & have lost about 10 lbs w/out exercise. I have had no negative side effects such as nausea, jitters or stomach cramps. This product is simply an appetite suppressant and it works as well as any other’s I’ve tried however if you are not disciplined enough to back away from the table, this probably won’t help. It’s not the miracle pill that everyone keeps looking for. Over-eating is more mental than physical. Most are not eating because they’re hungry but rather because they just want food or more food because of the taste or other reasons. If you have a moderate level of discipline Healthe Trim can help curb your appetite but if you & I were disciplined to begin with, we wouldn’t need an appetite suppressant would we?

    • Jessica

      Hey charlie, how is the diet coming for ya now? I see you posted on the 1st…things still going good? I really wanna order healthe trim but there are so many bad reviews so I am kinda on the fence about it???

    • rena

      It’s so good to see someone saying something good about this product. I just got my pills today and will start in the morning. I am going to continue with my excersie and will continue to eat right. I don’t care for water but will drink plenty of water will see what happens and fill everyone in on how well I do. But Charlie you have good advise here. Don’t over eat if your on a diet. Be more discipline and go in with a positive out look.

  •  Suggested to take it slowly.
    susan (Verified User)

    I took Healthe trim for the first time yesterday. I took one pill and within a half an hour I had several bowel movements (I know it’s gross but truth be told!!) I have been in ketosis (atkins) for 5 days so I was a little constipated.. so I guess this is a good thing. I was definitely nausous and tried to eat eggs but couldnt get them down. As soon as I ate some carbs (almonds), I felt better. I couldn’t shake the jittery feeling for several hours and I am a coffee drinker (1 cup a day) which I didn’t drink yesterday. Towards the end of the day I was definitely hungrier than usual, which was dissapointing because again, I am in ketosis!
    I am a 130lb, 5’6″ female trying to lose a little FAT, not so much weight, and curb my cravings. Maybe this works better with a higher carb diet?? My recommendation is definitely take it slow! Good luck!

    • Me

      If you are trying to lose Fat then you should not be taking a diet pill, but doing extra cardio. Also, you can try yoga also to strengthen your core. Good Luck

    • mzsoflyy

      you’re the right size and weight! beyonce is that height and weight. thatwas my weight and height in college and looked great. that what im trying to get back to.

  •  Liked it very much.
    Trina (Verified User)

    I have taken HT before and last time I took it I lost 15lbs in two weeks! I did cut out all cokes and that I thought would kill me but I didn’t crave them at all. In fact when I stopped taking them(because it began to cost too much to maintain) and started to drink soda again, it made my stomach hurt. I have since began taking them again and I am taking Celexa and have had only one side effect since the first day (jittery). I have not had a caffiene product in almost a week and I feel fine. This has worked for me and friends and I would recomend it to anyone.

    • Rene

      Trina thank you for this post. I started this HT today, just took my 2nd pill and was really concerned about mixing it with my Celexa. This is more comforting to know that you had no side effects besides the jitters. Please keep me posted with your success. I’m aiming to lose 40 to 50 pounds but am also taking a circuit training class 2-3 times a week.

    • Claire

      Did the HT Make your Celexa stop working? Did you lose any weight while on it? I’ve been on HT a week, and Celexa 3 months and I gained 2 pounds and lost one!!

      • Anonymous

        It is never a smart idea to take over-the-counter medications and prescription medications WITHOUT FIRST talking with the doctor who gave you said prescription.

  • Seeking help with anxiety medicine.

    Im thinking about purchasing Healthe Trim but am concerned if I can take it with my anxiety medicine. Does anyone know if it can be taken while being medicated for anxiety issues. I already stay away from caffene products to help with my anxiety. I have noticed a serious weight gain since I started the anti-anxiety medicine and Im looking for a something to help with weight loss when I heard about this on the radio. Any help is appreciated.

  • so dose this pill work

    so dose this pill work

  • Could it take with coffee/soda

    Does anyone know whether I could have de-caff coffee/soda with HT.

    Since nobody answers, I guess it ca not be consumed. Am I right. Just started using HT and will see whether it will infact work.

    • Lori

      The owner was on our radio station last week and that question was asked. He said even caffeine free products still have some caffeine in them and recommended not drinking them. I switched to diet 7-up since it has no initial products of caffeine to begin with. I haven’t had any nausea etc, that others have claimed. Maybe the 7-up helps with that.
      I just started taking HT 3 days ago, and notice I am tired by mid afternoon though. But think it might be from adjusting to no caffeine

    • Jane

      Hi I took 1 pill this am at 5:30 a.m. for the the first time and I did get an X-Large Coffee at about 7:15 and I was fine. I did start to feel nauseous and shaky at about 11:30 but I think that was because I didn’t eat anything. I have since eaten and feel a little better. I also have drank tons of water. Good luck!

    • TRAY

      My bottle came wrapped in info…on what NOT to have while taking HT. Of course, I take Wellbutrn and Cymbalta…none of which I found anywhere on the site when I ordered…seems kinda fishy. I am getting nervous to start taking them tomorrow! At least they do have the guarantee.

  • Nervous to use the product.

    Hi, everyone i just purchased a bottle of Healthe Trim. I’m a littler nervous to take it because I also take Cymbalta 60mg at night time….I’m going to take Healthe Trim in the morning Im using to drinking a lot of water beacuse of my other meds make me have horrible dry month…i’m only 20 years old and I always try to eat right n stay heallth every since I been on anitdepression I have gained 20pls…I have never weigh this much and im trying everything to take the weight off. Hopefully there wont be and horrible side affects and this will be the annswer…I’m starting to get more depressed again because of the weight gain and i cant keep changing meeds..From the age of 18-20 I have been on n off 5 different anitderpession …Good Luck everyone



    • Lila

      I also take the Cymbalta 60 mg, and was on it for about a year, and eventually weaned myself off of it. About a yr later, i went through a couple very traumatic personal health and family issues and needed to get back on the Cymbalta. I was having problems gaining weight and still craving sugars and my doc said the meds might not be working as well alone this time and I added Wellbutrin as well. I managed to lose the weight I had gained and more- I will also mention I joined a gym, and started to eat healthier, and those alone will help you feel better mentally and make a difference physically too. I started Healthe trim last week, and I do not notice any effects with my meds as far as my mood- i can only take one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon- and I do not drink caffeine otherwise. But I will also add that I have been stable with my weight and mentally as far as my depresion for about 6 months now. When you take an anti depressant- your brain gets used to a pill artificially creating good feelings (seratonin) for you at a certain level, and has a harder time going back after you get off them, my doctor say she wants me to stay on my meds at least a year before I wean off them again, even though I am doing fantastic now. Hope everything works out for you too- don’t give up!

      • Lila

        One reason I can see for not taking this with an anti deperssant is if it speeds up your metabolism it could make your meds go through your body faster than they shuld and be less effective. Also, some of the ingredients in HT may interact negatively with the AD’s. The other thing I noticed is that this product made me have to use the bathroom alot.. and I take my meds in the morning- and I know they were flushed right out a couple hrs later!

    • Chynna

      Samantha, I took Cymbalta for 3 months and weaned myself off of them after that. I have yet to try Healthy Trim but it was shipped this morning so I hope my experience goes well. I will tell you that I lost weight on cymbalta first, then started to lose weight. As this was my first antidepressant, it actually gave me a sense of euphoria being on it because I didn’t have to “feel” everything like i usually do. Nevertheless, I do not know what is chemically going on with you, but as you are so very young, I would try my best to get other therapies and wean from the antidepressant when you can. My doctor told me that since i was “church” person that I should join a ladies bible study or get involved with my church more or even do some volunteer work with a group. What he did worked for me. Just the comradarie of the other ladies and sharing our own experiences and using faith on top of that, was enough to wean me for good. My doctor was right! He is just not into prescription drugs unless its absolutely necessary and since you are so young, you just don’t want your body to acclimate to this type of chemical.

      Take care…

    • Brooklyn

      I also take Cymbalta (30 mg) and Abilify (2.5 mg). They have made me gain 15 lbs. Has Healthe Trim helped you loose any weight? I’ve been taking Phentermine for over 2 weeks. I haven’t lost any weight or gained any either. Plus I started working out again. I’m getting kind of discouraged. Non of my regular clothes fit me anymore! 🙁

  •  Didn't liked but still using.
    marie (Verified User)

    Hi i just started healthy trim on Wednsday the 17th.I take 2 pills in the AM w/ water. I immediatly felt the jitters, headaches, and nauseas all day,every day since then. Something new today i have been very nervous and agitated with everything. i do not know what i am going to do about my coffee though! I have 3 kids my youngest 14 weeks old, i am almost 25 years old and weigh 176 lbs. all i am looking for is something to boost my weight loss, so i have the motivation to continue to lose weight. i need to loose 46 lbs please wish me luck.

    • Lynn

      Marie…..the only true way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. I am 42 with 5 kids and since Jan 4th I ahve lost 18.3 pounds…no diet pills…but I only eat 1200 calories a day and 20 grams of fat. PLUS I exercise 5 days a week. I too weighed 175 and need to lose 45 pounds. It is hard work but you can do it!!

      • Kristi

        You are right, exercise and eating right is the best and healthiest way to lose weight. Diet pills do give you a boost sometimes tho and some people need that…especially to get started. I wouldn’t reccommend taking them long term at all.

      • Chynna

        Lynn, please tell me how you portion out 1200 calories a day. Is there something particular that you eat every single day, especially since you know the fat grams. I swear! I am 39 yrs old and I need to lose 25lbs. At 5’5″ and 158lbs this is the heaviest I’ve ever been non-pregnant. I work out 4 days a week, had the thyroid checked, and my weight loss is at a standstill. HELP! any advise would be awesome!

        • Lena

          I eat 1200 calories a day and I portion it out like this…..300 breakfast, lunch and dinner and then 3 100 calorie snacks. 7:00am – 300 calories, 10am – 100 calories, 12pm – 300 calories, 3pm – 100 calories, 6pm – 300 calories, 8pm – 100 calories

        • Lena

          My mother, who is 100 lbs overweight, just started a plan that I made for her. It doesn’t involve taking diet pills at all. She eats 1200 calories a day and walks for an hour each day. She has lost 20 lbs naturally since January 1st – and she feels great!!!

      • Jan

        On your 1200 calorie you broke it down can you say what a typical meal is everyday. I am on Maint for Jenny Craig and I am having problems on my own food. I thought of taking this since the Radio station swears by it but your broken down 1200 calories sounds better.

    • Lena

      How is your progress Marie?

  • what are the ingredients

    what is fastin and what are the ingredients in it and where do you get it?

  • Stroke patient want to take the product.
    ann muldoon

    I had a stroke could I take healthe trim diet supplement.

  •  Doesn't liked the product.
    Gina A. C. (Verified User)

    Choose Fastin instead!! This product is lame!

    • LeeLee

      Hi Gina. You said use Fastin. Is it anything like Phentermine? How did you like it? I was thinking of using it. I wanted to try Healthe Trim.

      • Pam

        I purchased Fastin, I have had no luck with it, I did not see any difference with my hungar, it made me have a headache as well.

    • sissy

      where do u buy fastin? what are the ingredients in it .

  • Want some feedback about the pill.

    I’m starting HealthE Trim tomorrow. Does anyone have some feedback on this pill? I haven’t heard anything bad yet!!?

  •  I have been taking it for the last three weeks and have lost 14 lbs
    cyrus (Verified User)

    I have been taking it for the last three weeks and have lost 14 lbs! I do not credit this 100% to the Healthe Trim though. It is a tool that helps you lose weight. The success is in combining taking the pill with watching what you eat, exercising, and drinking a lot of water.
    The pill helps you not to get as hungry. First I started taking two in the morning which made me a bit nauseated and constipated. Then I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon after lunch. I started to drink more water and eat healthy snacks, fruits, and smoothie every few hours. It is working fine. I am going to continue for another month and then continue with healthier life style. I am still worried about the after effect of the pill if any!!!

    • TIM

      I have been on healthy trim three weeks and have lost 8 lbs. I take one at 6 am and eat something at 9. then i take on eafter i eat lunch and it gives me energy i didnt have before. No stomach pains, Im just a little hungry, but im good. im about to finish my bottle and havent decided if i want to get more..Im leaning toward ordering another bottle… I eat better and drink mostly water…I would recommend it, personally….good luck

  •  not reccomended
    Jessica (Verified User)

    I just started taking healthe trim. The first take I took 2 pils and it made me jittery about 20 min after taking it and it lasted ALL day. I also felt sick to my stomach, and had headaches. The second day I took only 1 pill in the morning hoping for a smaller response, same thing happened. I stopped taking it after that because feeling sick all day and being distracted wasn’t good for me, or my work.

    • Jennifer

      If you don’t drink a lot of caffiene, you should start with 1 pill in the am and another after you eat lunch.drink as much water as you can (I add crystal light to my water) after about 1 week, those feelings go away. I think it is getting rid of the impurities in your body.

    • DeAnn

      I had the same thing happen to me I am going to quit taking it. It is the worst feeling ever.

  •  I took this product for 3 weeks. I did not lose any weight
    karen (Verified User)

    I took this product for 3 weeks. I did not lose any weight AND it made me very depressed. I have stopped taking it and have returned to my normal self. I should note that I am very sensitive to most medications.

    • Carol

      me too! I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks and I too have suffered depression and have lost 0 lbs. Any one else besides Karen and I suffering depression on Healthe Trim?

      • Anonymous

        I am going on 3 weeks and have gained 2 pounds!

    • Jill

      Me too. I have no Thyroid and was taking in at least 1200 to 1400 calories just in soda a day. I stopped drinking soda so I could start taking Healthe Trim. I have been takig Heathe Trim for almost three months and have lost maybe 5 pounds. I too have been depressed. I am so discouraged because I have stopped taking in 1200 to 1400 empty calories a day and have lost nothing. Now I do sleep better at night not taking in that much caffine (did I mention that the soda I gordged on was Mountain Dew) eck. I too am dissapointed.

      • MMcG

        I have no thyroid and I have to take anti-depressants because of it. The depression may be thyroid related, get it checked. Dr says I will always have to be on them, its just a side effect from the loss of the thyroid.

  •  I've be taking healthytrim and I feel sick
    Sandy (Verified User)

    I’ve be taking healthytrim and I feel sick w/ vomiting and big headaches what you guys will recomend me?

    • Jennifer

      Take 1 in the morning and drink 3-4 bottles of water (try putting crystal light in them) then eat lunch and take 1 more pill by 1:00 and drink more water. those feelings go away after about 1 week doing this(they did for me) Good Luck!

      • Greg

        Jennifer, It says clearly to NOT drink Crystal light or those with fake substitute sugar.

      • alexis

        seriously people complaining about the nausea and jitters it clearly states noooo caffeine decaf soda diet soda or artificial sweetners crystal light! your right dont buy this product if u are not planning on reading the instructions or fallowing the rules!

    • Anonymous

      If this making you sick I would advise you to stop taking it! It obviously is affecting your body in an unhealthy way.

    • Anonymous

      hello, stop taking it, if your thowing up and the effects are bad.. Not everyone response the same to all medication, but u r responding badly.

  • Has this product been compared to Xenedrine when it had ephedrine in it?

    Has this product been compared to Xenedrine when it had ephedrine in it? Cause the Xenedrine with ephedrine was the only thing that has helped me!

  • Where can you buy this product?

    Where can you buy this product?

    • Kristi

      healthy life sicences is the company that sells healthy trim.

      • amy

        Hey how is healthe trime going for you, haven’t seen an update lately?

  • Kim

    If you atart taking Healthe Trim do you have to stay on it forever(When you stop taking it do you gain the weight back easily)?

  • Where is this product available?

    Where is this product available?

    linda smith


    • Beverly

      You will need to consult your Dr. and see what they think of you taking this product.

  • where do you get this healthe trim stuff at?

    where do you get this healthe trim stuff at?

  • Where can I purchase healthe trim?
    susan wilson

    Where can I purchase healthe trim? I live in Michigan.

    • Kristi

      I have just started taking it this week. I feel like I have more energy and it makes you so thirsty you have to drink water. I have gone from drinking 1 or 2 glasses a day to at least 10. I am 5’7″ weigh 300 pounds. This pill doesn’t make you jittery. And I am barely hungry at all. I will update when I begin losing weight.

      • Carrie

        Please keep us updated!!

      • Lisber

        Yes. Let us us Know. I want to try it but I wanna know if it works :)..

      • Dana

        Update please! How’s the diet working?

      • Kristi

        Well, I have only lost 2 pounds…I stopped taking healthy trim for a few days because it was making me feel very nauseus. I started taking it after 1 pill after I ate lunch and now I am very happy with how it makes me feel. It gives me an afternoon boost and I am barely hungry at all. When I do eat I get full very quickly and can’t eat much. I am planning to start taking 2 pills after lunch and see how that works. I haven’t been exercising at all which is why I think I haven’t lost much weight. I will keep you posted as I lose more weight!

        • nichole

          How are the pills working for you now?

      • C Blanchard

        C Blanchard Listen, Kids, Drinking H2O has always been a positive. Anything that makes you feel nauseated is like taking Phe=fen, I did that and luckily had no visible side effects,,,that I know if yet. Kids, the idea is drinkk h2o, no? What really works is: always eat breakfast; a bannana is good. Then eat your carbs at lunch, have some pasta. Then don’t eat anything after 7pm at night. It worked for me. I lost 50 lbs in 1 year. Slow, but sure. Kept it off for over 2 years now. Not hard, ’cause our bodies don’t crave the crap or want to eat too late. A plus…Smart Balance butter substitute. Tastes good and it’s actually GOOD for us!!!!!

      • Sam

        How r u doing with the results? Have you lost any weight since your last post of 300lbs?

  • can I buy healthe trim somewhere else other than online?

    can I buy healthe trim somewhere else other than online?

  • What if you want to have a cup of coffee while taking healthy trim. What will that do to you??

    What if you want to have a cup of coffee while taking healthy trim. What will that do to you??

    • Jennifer

      DON’T do it! You will get the jitters and be sick to your stomach. If you drink alot of caffiene, take 2 in the morn and drink as much water as you can until lunch.

      • Kim

        What if it is de-caff coffee and de-caff diet soda?

        • Kristi

          Even decaf has a little caffine in it. It says that any caffien will decrease the effects of healthy trim, although I don’t understand how.

        • jen

          anything that has sweetners (aspertane) in diet sodas also isnt advised to eat while taking this pill. Even chocolate

      • Betty

        You are not suppose to have any caffine at all while you are on this product, I am taking it and I do not have any caffine and I do not have the jitters, you are not to even drink diet cokes even if you buy it without the caffine..

        • Kristi

          I agree. No caffine is best. I did have a coke one day and I got the jitters real bad. I would stay away from it completely.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. Just do what it says on the bottle and the jitters the sick stomach will go away in a day. you CANNOT drink caffiene

    • jadedgrin

      I take them with my coffee in the morning 🙂 I know that’s a bad thing, but it doesn’t really affect me much. I just drink a lot of water throughout the day.

  • where can i purchase healthy trim or do i have to order your product?

    where can i purchase healthy trim or do i have to order your product?

    • Anonymous

      as far as i know you can only buy the product on-line

      • Anonymous

        You can only get this product online.

  • 3222

    What will this do to my metabolism when I quit taking it? Will my metabolism be even slower as a result to taking a diet pill?

    • dawn

      if all ingredients r natural, why can’t u take if u r on antidepressants or blood pressure meds?

      • jennifer

        just because a product contains natural ingredients, doesn’t mean that it is safe. you should always research the ingredients and check with your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you are on any meds, including over the counter, or if you have any medical conditions.

        • lex

          I had the exact thing happen with my liver and kiddney tests. All was normal prior to taking healthe trim, and all kinds of stuff was showing up on my test results for my annual checkup. I quit the pills and went back a month later for retesting and everything was back to normal! I dont think quick weight loss is worth your Liver and kiddney functions!

      • jody

        i have high blood pressure; and take medication is healthy trim safe for me to take?

        • Melanie

          I’m taking it and it makes me jittery. If you have heart problems DON’T take it.

      • missy

        You can just consult your doctor. Anti-depresnat hold you weight or make you gain so that can affect you. If it increases you metabolism it can affect your blood pressure.

    • Anonymous

      I still don’t know where to buy this product.

      • Anonymous

        online only

        • bonnie

          gnc sells it

    • Tifany

      I just started taking them today and they did make me feel a little jittery and funny. I only took one this morning. This is my first diet pill ever and I only took it because it claims to have no side effects. I am going to continue a few days and see if the feeling goes away. I want to lose 7 lbs so wish me luck.

      • bob

        good luck

      • sylvia jones

        Tiffany: How do you feel about the product now (Healthe Trim) Is it helping you burn fat and drop weight. Pls. let me know I have 30 lbs. to shed and cannot exercise.

        • Valerie

          Sylvia-If you haven’t bought the product yet “DON’T” I have been taking Healthe Trim for 3 weeks now and have altered my eating and increased my exercising and have only lost 2 pounds which I am crediting that to my increase in exercise! I have other friends that have started taking the pills as well and we all have had the same results either little weight loss “UNDER 5LBS” or no weight loss!!!
          This product is a waste of time and money!!!

      • Alina

        You have to lose 7 lbs and you’re taking diet pills? Increase your exercise routine and you will see results. I have started taking the pill today for the first time. I only took one but i feel really weird. The truth is if diet pills really worked we would all be thin 🙂

    • Jessie

      I took another very simmilar diet pill for 6 months about a year and a half ago and they destroyed my kidneys! I now produce mass amounts of kidney stones that are horribly painful. Im passing about 2 a month and have to go in every 3-4 months to have the Dr. surgically remove more. Im NOT kidding! Before those STUPID pills I was a perfectly healthy 23 year old, and now Im stuck with kidney problems for the rest of my life (or until they create a new med or surgery to treat this) I beg each and every one of you to really consider what you are doing to your bodies before you take this. Please!

      • mark

        Im with you Jessie…these pills after Less than 2 months have begun to give me kidney stones! I take no other meds/pills and no medical issues…ever…until now!!

        • Sarah b

          They’ve given me kidney stones too!!

  •  not working well
    Kim (Verified User)

    I have been taking Healthy Trim for one week so far and am having a different experience. I am SO hungry, but I just don’t FEEL like eating. When I do eat, I feel nauseus. I am jittery for the following few hours after taking Healthy Trim. Once the jitters wear off, I am VERY tired for the rest of the day. I am going to give the pills one more week and see if these symptoms subside, but so far I am not experiencing what is advertised.

    • Bea

      Have you tried taking just one pill instead of two in the morning? My Friend had the same problem and she started taking one and the jitters have gone away. I have been taking Healthe Trim since the first week of January and have lost 11 lbs. I feel healthy and I am eating better I am not sure If I will continue to use it after I ran out. I order 3 bottles online because it was cheaper about $41.00 a bottle instead of $55.00

    • Kristi

      Try drinking water every time you feel nauseus. I know the feeling you are talking about. Also, try taking 1 pill in the morning and then 1 pill in the afternoon. That might help.

      • Tim

        I just started taking it as well and I am left feeling extremely hungry too even with drinking 64+ ounces of water a day. When I do eat I don’t eat much, not because I feel full, but because my stomach starts to hurt. It is a cramping like feeling on the left and right sides of my stomach. It is a constant feel all day but worsens when I eat. Also the more water I drink the more it hurts as well. It’s like my kidneys are going in to overdrive or something. I am gonna give it an additional week to see if it is just my body getting used to it and if I still feel like this I am gonna opt out and get my money back.

        The main ingredient besides Resveratrol (which is an anti-aging supplement by the way and has nothing to do with losing weight) is Hoodia Gordonii which is what is used to curb your appetite and GNC has that for like $20.00 a bottle.

        • Kim

          So I am now almost done with week 2 of healthy trim. For the most part, the morning jitters are gone and my energy level is better. I have added a 3rd pill in the afternoon too. I do wake up in the morning with a headache that goes away after drinking a glass of water. Last week I was getting the real bad stomach pains that Tim mentioned but that has stopped as well. I don’t feel hungry anymore, thank God! But I have only lost one pound over the past 12 days. Very disappointed in that. I am drinking de-caff coffee in the morning. I do not know if that is affecting it or not….

        • MJ

          Resveratrol in clinical studies has shown signs that it might actually eliminate empty fat cells. It does not help in the weight loss but does help keeping it off.

        • Cass

          Kim….You can not drink any caffine while you are on this. I took Healthy Trim for 3 months and lost 25 pounds. I did what you did and had de-caff because I loved my coffee. After I totally stop drinking any type of coffee I saw way better results. Hope this helps.

        • Tessa

          Kim there is a little piece of paper that should have come with your bottles that says you cannot drink ANYthing besides water (not even Crystal Light). I don’t like plain water so it’s hard for me to stick to since I love Crystal Light. But yeah, no coffee of any type, no carbonated drinks–not even diet drinks, only plain water. I think that may have something to do with the lack of results. See how that helps! Best of luck!

    • Ann

      This is my first and last day using healthe’ trim. I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin. It’s kind of scary. Can’t be healthy for you!

      • Carla

        My first day I felt like I was going to throw up and was very jittery. However, the next day I did not take my vitamins until I could eat, and I did not have the same feeling. I have been taking it for 2 months now and like it, however I have had a lot of gas and am wondering if it is from the pills.

        • MJ

          I started Healthy trim today, and I am having those stomach pains as people mentioned, not so much jitters, but lots of energy. Another thing I did have some gas, as well and it could possibly be the pills 😉

      • Anonymous

        WOW, OMG I feel like I’m going to die, I’m so scarred, looking everywhere on the interest to see if anyone feel this way too! I’m very nausea, extreme jittery…..what to do…anyboby help

        • rebecca davis

          I had the same problem with hoodia severe nausea. I took ginger pills which are great for nausea but they did not completely take it away. thats the best advice

    • Carl

      I tried healthe trim a few weeks back after hearing on of their ads blasted on the radio for a few weeks. It was not a smooth energy and kind of made me sick. I know diet and exercise would help but just dont have the time. I thought this would help but I guess not.

      • Cass

        Carl you are not going to lose anything if you don’t diet and exercise. Even going for a small walk every night will help. Not eating until you get that heavy full feeling will help out too.

    • Beverly

      Kim, do not drink any caffeine (it tells you that on the bottle) because it can cause the affects to not work and also make you sick. Some people react to too much caffeine with nausea and headaches. I have experienced that before when i use to take Nos Dos, and had to stop because of it. De-caff coffee still has caffeine in it, just not as much. I would advise to just drink plenty of water (because it is a thermo energy booster it can cause dehydration so keep water in your system) or real juices and stay away from, tea, coffee, sodas or anything that contains coffee or any energy enhancers while on Healthe Trim. I hope you start seeing more results!!

    • dee

      if you can lose weight on this product its because your so sick to your stomach you cant eat. not happy with it at all i felt so sick this morning i coulndt even workout. and im not thrilled about not having my coffee my opinion its not worth it. ill work out harder and watch what im eating.. hate feeelng sick

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I took Healthe trim, and the first few days made me feel nausious, and then I ended up GAINING 15 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS! I would get so jittery about 2 hours after taking them that I had to force myself to eat, then I would CRASH HARD afterward! Now I have to work my ass off to lose the additional 15 pounds I gained using the crap, plus I’m out the $50 I paid for it! What a bunch of crap!

    • Anonymous

      I just want to say I have been on Healthe trim for 3 days only and every one of those days I feel like crap. I feel like my body is going to jump out of my skin and I feel like I am going to get sick. I have been drinking nothing but water and I would snack all day on healthy foods and I still feel like this. I just would like to know if anyone is feeling like this and still doing what the bottle is saying?