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Healthywage Review - Does This Weight-Loss Challenge Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 04, 2017

I’m here to cut through the noise and get you the bottom line on Healthywage. We at DietSpotlight did one of our in-depth reviews, focusing closely on the side effects, ingredients, customer care and scientific research. Plus we read dozens of user responses and remarks from around the web. At this point we compacted all of the data we collected in order to give you the info you really need.

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What is Healthywage?

First off, there are no Healthywage ingredients to worry about. After all, this is not a weight-loss supplement or diet pill. It’s actually an online weight reduction challenge. You basically have one year to drop a certain amount of weight and reduce your BMI (body mass index). If you succeed, you can win $100. You can also invest $300 in the beginning, and if you win, you will receive $1,000. There are team challenges as well, which allow teams to rake in up to $10,000. However, the catch is you must have a BMI that is higher than 30 in order to qualify for this program. Individuals, hospitals, schools, companies, health systems and other organizations have participated in these challenges.

According to the official website, Healthywage was founded back in 2009. Both women and men, ages 18 and older, can participate in these weight-loss challenges. This type of program may help motivate you to shed some excess pounds. There are even some success stories posted on the main website, but read on…

Healthywage Business Practices – “Questionable?”

Our first concern is the negative reports. “Some people have complained that Healthywage is just a fake offer from a company trying to take your money. This factor alone may deter some dieters,” says our Research Editor.

One person reported, “Hi, I wanted to share my story about Healthywage. It is a complete scam. I signed up to lose 29 lbs and I did by the time I had my 2nd verified weigh in 6 months later. But they refused to give me the winnings. I lost $600 to this website. The customer service representative literally started yelling that I wasn’t entitled to my winnings after the verified weigh-in said that I had won. It’s been over a month now and these people still refuse to send me the winnings.”

However, a different dieter said this, “I did the team challenge that started August 2013, and ended November 15, 2013 and my team won the top prize and they did pay us the money.”

Another posted, “I just joined Healthywage as an individual. I need the extra motivation. I am excited about this, as I will double my money if I lose the weight.”

Poor Customer Service – “Yikes”

Another drawback is poor customer service. In fact, one person stated, “Beware. The problem with HealthyWage is the customer service. They seem primarily to be set up for large corporations to “dump” money into their challenges to get their employees to sign up.”

Then again, a different dieter revealed, “I didn’t have any problems with this weight-loss challenge. Customer service was fine. No Healthywage side effects or supplements to deal with. It helped me drop some weight.”

“It’s an interesting concept. I lost my $100. Oh well. It was worth a shot,” posted another.

Our research has shown if there’s a particular facet of a diet program or weight-loss system that is especially problematic (scam reports, poor customer service, high price) the likelihood of long-term success is slim. So, if Healthywage does in fact scam a lot of people out of their money, this could be a serious problem.

The Science – “Is It Solid?”

At DietSpotlight, we need to see some actual science that supports the weight-loss program or product we’re reviewing. Sadly there is no documented research that backs up Healthywage for weight reduction. However, winning some cash can motivate some people to shed unwanted pounds. Then again, it really just depends on the individual.

The Bottom Line – Does Healthywage Work?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for. This is our bottom line on Healthywage. To start, we appreciate that this weight-loss challenge is online and easy to access. We also like that some success stories are posted on the website. But we have some reservations about this program because it’s not really backed by any science. Moreover, we’re a bit concerned about the negative reports and poor customer service some people have mentioned.

If your goal is to drop some weight, then we encourage you to go with a weight-loss program or product that is backed by published research, comes with excellent customer service and gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. This powerful formula uses a proprietary blend of four ingredients, which have been clinically shown to help boost metabolism and improve fat loss. We can’t find any negative user remarks, and dieter comments posted online indicate people are seeing excellent results.

The makers of Leptigen are so positive about their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is uncommon.

Previous Healthywage Review (Updated July 11, 2013):

What You Should Know About Healthywage

Healthywage is a website that pays dieters to lose weight. There are team and individual challenges. Team challenges pay $10,000 to the winning team and individual challenges pay $1,000. There are testimonials from people having won money through Healthywage published on the official website. Contestants in the individual challenge must start out with a BMI greater than 30 and end within normal BMI range within one year. Weekly check-ins are required to win the prize money.

List of Ingredients

Paying weight loss challenges.

Product Features: Healthywage

The Healthywage challenge is simple. Dieters weigh in at the beginning of the challenge, with the help of a participating healthy club or a primary care physician. A form is filled out and sent to Healthywage. Each week, the dieter is required to weigh in from home. Exactly one year from the start date, the dieter must go back to the doctor or health club for the official ending weigh in. If the dieter moves from a BMI of 30 to a BMI of 25 or less, they win. If there is more than one person in a challenge, each contestant is working to achieve the most weight loss within a set group. While many prizes are funded by sponsors, each group can choose to "supersize" the winnings by depositing money. The money is held in a secure account with Citibank where no one can touch the money until the one year report date, also known as the Victory Date. The $1,000 reward for an individual challenge requires a personal investment of $300. The dieter has the option to invest money as an incentive. A contribution of $150 raises the winning prize to $400. If the dieter contributes no money, the prize is $100 and the satisfaction of being a healthier, thinner you. There are several rules and regulations associated with the Healthywage prizes. If the dieter drops out of the program or changes to a different account, they forfeit any money they have deposited. If the dieter does not mean the weight loss goals, they forfeit the money. Healthywage is in this to make money so dieters need to be wary before signing up.

Healthywage Advantages

  • Monetary incentive to lose weight.
  • Dieters can deposit their own money.
  • All contestants following the rules and meeting goals are guaranteed $100.

Healthywage Disadvantages

  • Too many rules could be confusing for some dieters.
  • There is a chance the dieter will lose any personal investment.


The Healthywage website is a new way to lose weight. Dieters enter a contest to win a minimum of $100 for losing weight, as long as they stick with the rules and meet all program goals. There is a chance the dieter could lose personal investments, but there is also the chance they can make money by losing weight.
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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Leptigen, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.2. From 62 votes.
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Healthywage Review

How Does Healthywage Compare?

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I just did a healthy wage challenge. I wagered $450 over nine months to lose 50 lbs. And I did it; I won almost $1500 because my time went over the winter holidays! I went from 247 to 195. The algorithm they use doesn’t just take into consideration age, gender, time to lose, amount to lose, but also holidays and such. It is not a scam as the above article suggests. There are rules and guidelines. It is about will power and using loss/gain of money to inspire one to go the distance. It isn’t a magic pill. It is all about you and how much you want it. Healthy wage might not have much research but there is a plethora of research on will power and inspirations of all kinds. I’m knee deep in student loans so this type of inspiration worked well for me. Yes, over the nine months I saw a marked improvement in the website. The rules got more fine tuned about cheating and the website was streamlined. No matter how many times I called to get information on how it all worked as I led up to doing it or clarification on weighting out, there was always someone there to answer the phone and they were very helpful. Not to say betting on yourself makes it any easier. It was so hard! But I gave myself plenty of time to lose the weight, I consulted my doctor, I let myself ‘cheat’, I let cheat days happen spontaneously and sometime two or three times a week, I never went cold turkey on anything (been there, done that, failed miserably), I adjusted slowly to cutting out junk foods and with purpose, I joined a fantastic gym, and I committed myself to losing the weight.


I have completed 2 team challenges and had no problem getting paid and I live in Ontario Canada. I created my team and would be reluctant to have people I didn’t know on the team because they might not be accountable. It can be confusing the first time but they did return email questions. I wish they had maintenance challenges. My team and I found it very effective you commit to yourself and your team mates, and that was key to our success. I recommend Healthy Wage.


I can’t recommend Healthy Wage. Their website doesn’t give you enough information before you start to understand what all is required. The initial weigh in process can be difficult to figure out and they will NOT refund your money even if you have a hard time with the initial set up. After I signed up, it became clear that they didn’t have a very good system in place for the initial weigh in and I requested a refund. They refused (eventhough I had only been a member for a half hour) and their customer service just ignored my messages. I would avoid them until they figure out how to work with their clients.

Clay r

Tell me about it! I was told I would be sent a weigh-in form, first e-mail and them by post. But I am still waiting to receive. Weigh-in form is impossible to get.

Eric M

I completed a personal “HealthyWager” challenge with HealthyWage and had a fantastic experience! Customer service was great throughout. I received my winnings through Paypal just a few days after my win was verified. I highly recommend it!!


Hello, I recommend healthy wage to the fullest!! I used to weigh 190, and I waged to lose 22% of my body weight in 6 months. I wagered 3000, and they paid me 4300, so I won my money back plus 1300! I never would have lost the weight otherwise, I occasionally do mini team challenges to keep my motivated.

I love healthy wage for getting me healthy again.


I have only good things to say about HealthyWage. I heard about it on the TV show The Doctors. I decided to sign up and wager against myself for the 10% Body Challenge and BMI Challenge. I have already completed my 10% Body Challenge. I received my $300.00 within 2 weeks of completing the challenge. I will finish my BMI Challenge in June 2014. The rules are not complicated and I completely understand their need for them. They give detailed instructions, including video/screen shots on how to self verify your weight. I did the video verification for initial verification and my weight watchers leader complete the end verification form.
I had a few questions/issues at the start of my challenges. I emailed the help desk, and received a response within 24 hours. They were extremely helpful. I also emailed them right after my end weight verification to ask if I needed to do anything else. They again emailed me back within 24 hours. It was a great motivator knowing I could lose my money if I didn’t follow the rules, but I could double, or more than double my money, if I did. I have also lost weight and gained better health – the biggest reward! I highly recommend HealthyWage!!!


I signed up for the Healthy Wage 10% challenge, and while I do think it helped me reach my goal, I totally agree with Carl about customer service- they NEVER answer e-mails! I have submitted multiple e-mails that have never been answered, including one after I met my goal of the challenge. I submitted my final weigh-in, and the directions tell you it could be 30 days for you to get your money, so, I asked how I will get it, when will I know, etc, and have still received neither an answer, nor the money, and it has been over 2 weeks.


I logged on to Healthywage and found out they would give me the chance to “win” $240 if I would put up $6000 of my own money- a little less than a good money market fund would do for me. At those odds, I would probably bet against myself.


I had a great experience with Healthy Wage. I did two challenges: the 10% challenge and the Healthy BMI challenge. I weighed in at my doctors office and she verified my weight online. Easy peasy. I won both of my challenges and was paid within 2 weeks or so. (I had them send a check because I don’t do PayPal.) I didn’t have lots of questions along the way, but when I had questions about verifying my wins and stuff like that they always responded within a day. So I didn’t have any of the problems the others reported. I thought the program was fantastic … Knowing I would lose my money, and not win the extra, if I lost sight of my goals really kept me on track. I lost 40+ pounds in a year and won $1300.


I’m in the middle of a team challenge and I am completely disappointed. Confusing rules, if you are on a team of people you don’t know… good luck. If your team doesn’t cooperate, basically your answer is tough shit.


They gave me a “bet” and now will not honor it!!!


don’t just stop eating the thnigs you like b/c you’ll go right back to eating junk in no time. just try to cut back the amounts of the bad foods. say having only 1 piece of chocolate a day or fast food only once a week. try to replace those thnigs with foods that taste good. nobody will stick to a diet that tastes bad. replace candy with fruits and replace soda with water. i can’t stress that one enough. if you change only 1 thing about your diet, make it cutting out soda. drink water instead. it’s all about what YOUR golas are and how much self-discipline you have. nobody can make you do it, you have to want it. if you cheat on a diet, you’re only cheating yourself and you’ll have only yourself to blame.


Hi there, how does this work???


I saw this on Good Morning America and did a little research before considering this program. I have yet to read a positive review on any site about Healthy Wage. Every complaint including the BBB seems to center around a flawed program that incorrectly makes strikes against you, causing you to be rejected from the program. When this issue is brought up to the company they fail to respond, refund, correct the problem or pay for your weight loss. Unless they get the program running better, I would avoid it.


I just went to the BBB and HealthyWage has an A+ rating. There are 7 complaints and only one of those people bothered to type anything out, so who knows what the other complaints are about? It could be just not following their rules/instructions.