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Hidrate Spark Review - 15 Things You Need to Know

The Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that can be linked with a smartphone or a wearable fitness device. According to the company, this water bottle helps you stay hydrated by keeping track of your water intake and reminding you when you need to drink. The product comes with a high price tag, so we wanted to find out if the benefits it offers are truly worth the money.

We wondered if this product’s features are an economical or practical way to help you stay hydrated. Our research team investigated the way this water bottle functions to find out. Read on to check out what we learned.

Hidrate Spark can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is the Hidrate Spark Bottle?

This is a smart water bottle. It has lights that flash and glow to remind you to drink more water and celebrates with you when you have reached your daily intake goal. There’s a sensor inside the water bottle that automatically tracks how many ounces or milliliters of water you drink.

There is a companion app for both iOS and Android devices. Your bottle uses Bluetooth technology to sync to the app. Plus, the Hidrate Spark bottle integrates with many of the most popular fitness trackers, including Fitbit, Apple Watch, Google Fit, Apple Health Kit, Under Armor Record, and many others.

The Hidrate Spark 2.0 holds 24 ounces or 710 ml of water. The bottle is made of BPA-Free Tritan Plastic and does not come with a straw. This design helps prevent spills and breakage. The app will help you calculate a personalized daily water intake goal, and send push reminders to your device to remind you when you should stop and take a drink.

hidrate spark water

The customized water intake recommendations depend on some factors, such as your height, weight, exercise routine, and outdoor conditions. It will suggest you drink more water when it’s hotter outside and that you should drink more after any strenuous activity.

Drinking enough water is essential for overall health since our bodies are about 60% water. It can help improve the appearance of your skin, give you more energy, promote weight-loss (since you’re not filling your body with empty calories from soda and other sugary drinks), and help you avoid headaches. Adequate water consumption helps maximize physical performance since athletes can lose up to 10% of their water weight through sweat.

Company Information

What is the Company Behind Hidrate Spark?

Hidrate Inc makes the Hidrate Spark bottle. The bottle was built as a prototype in just 54 hours in September 2014. The inventors were a team of University of Minnesota students, who came together for the Google Startup weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their product won third place and was so well received; people began to ask when the bottle would be available for purchase. After working evenings and weekends for seven months, the team was accepted into the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator Program by Techstars. The 3-month intensive on-site program in Kansas City, Missouri is open to 10 mobile-health companies so they can receive funding and mentorship to speed up the progress of their businesses. The team now works between Minneapolis and Chicago.

Does it Work

How Does the Hidrate Spark Sensor Work?

The sensor is a stick, which is powered by two small batteries. When you drink out of the bottle, the sensor measures how much you drank, and then sends that information to the app so long as your Bluetooth is on and paired with the device. The bottle is also able to detect when you’ve taken off the cap, so it won’t give any false credit for refilling or emptying the bottle. It gives off a soft light that isn’t intrusive but can also be hard to notice at times.

hidrate spark Cost


What’s the Hidrate Spark Price?

Each bottle is priced at $59.99, plus shipping and handling. Shipping and handling for a single bottle are $5.00, and $10 for two. There is no information about a free shipping threshold, so we believe each bottle in a single order adds another $5.00 for shipping. Expect the order to ship within two weeks. If you’re shipping to Canada, you’ll pay $15.00 per bottle in shipping. Hidrate Inc. subsidizes some of the shipping costs; so as the company grows, it’s possible shipping costs will continue to decline.

It takes two weeks for your bottle to ship because the company is still working to balance the supply with demand to keep costs as manageable as possible. As the company grows and can sustain a supply that meets the demand, orders will start to ship faster.

You can also order the bottle from Target.com, which saves you the shipping cost you’d pay ordering directly, and often means the bottle will get to you faster. The only difference is you’ll pay $54.99, plus any applicable sales tax for your area. In some areas, this can save you a few dollars. They are not available in Target stores. It appears that only one color – Teal – is available on Target.com.

The Little Extras

  • Gift cards are also available in multiple amounts: $25, $45, $50, $75, $90, $100, or $125.

Is There a Hidrate Spark Discount?

At this time, there does not appear to be any discount for orders of 24 or fewer bottles. There is a special discount for 25+ bottles, which is in place for corporate gifting. This option is not open to the public. Those interested in ordering in bulk to qualify for a discount must first get in touch with the company directly. By making a bulk purchase, you agree that you will not sell the additional bottles on third-party websites such as Amazon.com or eBay.

There may be times where Target.com promo codes will help qualify for a Hidrate Spark discount, but there is no guarantee.

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle Colors

The Hidrate Spark 2.0 water bottle is available in five colors: teal, black, purple, white, and pink. Color stock changes often, so if you don’t see the one you want available on the website right now, check back later. At Target.com, you can only order the bottle in Teal. For the newest version – Hidrate Spark 3.0 – the colors include coral, berry, black, royal, storm and scuba.

Where To Buy

Where To Buy Hidrate Spark

At this time, you can buy it online only, either directly from the Hidrate Spark official website or on Target.com. Because the company is still in startup stage, it may be a while before it comes to big-box retailers. As of August 2019, you can also purchase Hidrate Spark on Amazon.

Do I Have to Charge the Hidrate Spark Battery?

No, you do not. The sensor stick is powered by two CR2032 coin cell batteries, like the ones you would see on a watch. When the battery dies, all you have to do is purchase two more from any store that sells batteries, and you’re good to go. The original batteries should last for a long time.

Is There a Hidrate Spark App?

Yes, there is an app for both iOS and Android devices. It connects to your bottle with Bluetooth and will track your intake throughout the day, week, and month. If you’re tracking your fitness goals with another app like Fitbit where you can also track your water intake, you can connect the two, so it will automatically sync. This way, you don’t have to log your water intake in two different places.

The app is compatible with all iOS devices that support iOS 9.3 and higher except the iPad 2. This includes the Apple Watch app. The app is also compatible with devices running Android 5.0 or higher. There is limited Android support, and there’s a full list of supported devices available on their website. It may work with other devices not listed but is not guaranteed to do so, and the bottle doesn’t always sync properly. Plus, when your phone dies your sips don’t count.

Is the Hidrate Spark Dishwasher Safe?

The bottle and lid are entirely dishwasher safe. Just make sure you take out the sensor stick. You can wash it by hand in under a minute, so everything is quick and easy. It’s also safe to put in the refrigerator to keep your extra water cold. It’s not safe for the freezer, though, since the colder temperature may damage the sensor stick.

Can I Put Other Liquids in the Bottle?

It’s tempting to use it to track your intake of other beverages like soda or coffee, but it’s not a good idea. Even adding fruit to flavor your water can cause damage to the sensor stick. If you want to have fruit infused water to drink, it’s best to use another bottle to infuse the water, and then pour it into the bottle as if it were plain water.

hidrate spark infused water

Return Policy

What is Their Return Policy?

If your bottle doesn’t work correctly, you should email the company at support@hidrate.me within the first 100 days from the date of the receipt. The team will work with you to fix, replace, or return your bottle.

For any other refunds, you’ll also need to contact support to see what your options are. Non-Warranty returns are only accepted within 30 days of receipt if the bottle is unused, in the original packaging, and contains all the original parts and accessories. You are responsible for return shipping costs and are advised to use a method that includes insurance and tracking.

If a non-warranty return is accepted, the refund will be processed within two weeks after receipt and product inspection (shipping, handling, and taxes not included).

What Kind of Warranty is on the Bottle?

A limited warranty is provided for 100 days from the date of delivery to the original purchaser. If you must make a warranty claim within that period, the product can be repaired or replaced. The remainder of the original 100-day warranty applies to the repaired or replaced product.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I like my Hidrate Spark a lot! I take it with me everywhere and it’s really consistent in making sure I meet my daily water intake goal. My biggest issue with it is that the lid is super fragile and if it gets knocked over, it’ll pop right open and spill everywhere. Other than that, I think this is a super cool idea!”

“This bottle is an absolute headache. I’ve had this bottle for quite some time and it has never worked right. First off, the material is not very sturdy. I’ve had a bottle already crack and leak. That bottle was replaced and now this one has a faulty stick. It won’t sync with my phone. I’ve replaced the batteries, removed it from my app, tried to add it back on, and it still won’t work. The company just tells you that you either need to replace the batteries or buy another stick. It’s absolutely pointless. You’re better off buying something else and manually entering your intake.”

“Not sure If it just me but can not seem to get it to work all the time, seems like its hit or miss.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Hidrate Spark

While staying hydrated is so vital to your overall health, whether the Hidrate Spark is for you depends on your specific circumstances. Do you have trouble drinking enough water every day right now? Do you have a smartphone where you could download the app? Do you have trouble keeping track of your daily water intake? Where would you be taking your smart water bottle every day?

After you ask yourself these questions, you need to consider these Hidrate Spark issues:

  • Price
  • Issues with syncing to Hidrate Spark app properly
  • Bottle is breakable
  • This water bottle is not cheap. You need to think about how much this water bottle would improve your daily life to justify the cost.

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Hidrate Spark

What are the ingredients in Hidrate Spark?

Hidrate Spark is a water bottle made of BPA-Free, dishwasher safe Titan plastic. Inside you will find a removable sensor stick, operated by two coin cell batteries.

What are the side effects of Hidrate Spark?

Hidrate Spark is not a drug or supplement,so  there are no side effects associated with the product. Increased water intake will result in positive side effects such as better overall health!

Does Hidrate Spark work?

The purpose of Hidrate Spark is to serve as a fun reminder to drink water throughout the day. This smart bottle keeps you on track by glowing and flashing a light when it senses it has been too long since you took a drink. The sensor stick keeps track of how much water you have consumed, and syncs to various popular mobile apps to help you reach your goals.

What is the price of Hidrate Spark?

The retail price is $54.99.

Where can I buy Hidrate Spark?

Hidrate Spark is available on their website, hidratespark.com, Target and on Amazon.

Where can I buy Hidrate Spark?

Hidrate Spark can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Hidrate Spark?

To use your Hidrate Spark smart bottle, simply fill it with water and snap the sensor bar into place. Follow the included instructions to sync your bottle to your mobile apps. When cleaning your bottle, be sure to remove the sensor bar before placing the bottle in the dishwasher. The sensor bar is easy to clean by hand, and will ensure optimal performance.

How do I contact Hidrate Spark customer service?

Please visit hidratespark.com to contact customer service regarding products, orders, shipping, or distributing Hidrate Spark.

Can I return Hidrate Spark?

Hidrate Spark may be returned for a refund when a problem arises that is covered under warranty. All other return requests are handled on a case by case basis; please contact customer service for details.

What are the most common complaints about Hidrate Spark?

While most reviews of this product are positive, the common complaint among the negative reviews pertains to customer service, and the feeling that the bottle is too cheaply made to justify the cost.

5 Hidrate Spark Reviews

  • Not Worth the cost
    Zainab (Verified Purchase)

    It is a CHEAP product PERIOD! Poorly assembled with cheap parts the bottle scraps off color after a few uses. I had an issue with the cap it would click right to close. But I kept on using since it was syncing with my phone. The minute it passed its warranty period LOW and BEHOLD! I get an ERROR message. I emailed customer service and they advise me that my sensor is damaged! It looks fine. How did it get Damaged when I took good care of it! They advise me to buy a new sensor for $29.99!!!!!! Do they believe consumers to be so stupid! my answer to that was NO way!
    So I advice you all save your hard earned money for things that will last and are worth the $$

  • Carrie (Verified Purchase)

    I have never had an issue with the bottle syncing or filling or spilling or leaking. The only problem I have with the Hidrate Spark 2.0 is the matte coating they put on the bottle for a pretty aesthetic effect. The first time I dropped it, the coating scratched and now it looks diseased. I usually spend my time in those boring office meetings slowing rubbing the coating off so that I just have a shiny purple bottle. Instead of making it pretty, make it durable.

  • Sync doesn't work
    Patrick Appel (Verified Purchase)

    I had a 2.0 bottle and it worked perfectly fine for months. Then, all of a sudden it wouldn’t sync and track my water intake. After uninstalling/reinstalling the app, changing batteries, nothing worked. I contacted customer service and they said there was a bug and patch for the firmware…and that they’d let me know. Well, nothing. I finally gave up.

  • What is the difference between 2.0 and 3.0?

    What is the difference between 2.0 and 3.0?

  • Poor Access to Resolving Issues
    David (Verified Purchase)

    Just received my Hidrate Spark water bottle. So far it has been a disappointment. The iOS app is not that user friendly and makes it difficult to manage and resolve problem issues. Customer service apparently does want to talk to you. They would rather handle all questions, etc. via email. That is very inefficient and slow. I’d like to be able to resolve my issues quickly and hopefully enjoy using the water bottle.
    This product isn’t cheap. I think there should be better customer service options to resolve issues. I’m still unable to use the product.