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HTX Me Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

HTX Me – worth a shot? When it comes to male enhancement, there are thousands of products on the market that claim to be effective in fighting this sexual problem that, according to the National Health Institute (NIH), affects 30 million men in America and that number is rising. Therefore, when we hear about people touting one of these products, we have to find out why.

A new male enhancement supplement, known as HTX Me was recently brought to our attention, so we took the time out to review it and found out some strange things associated with this product that you will probably want to know about if you are considering using it.

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What is HTX Me?

HTX male enhancer is a supplement used to help men with erectile dysfunction. The Translational Andrology and Urology reports that a recent study conducted at a urology clinic found that out of every four men who seek medical care for erectile dysfunction, one is under 40.

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How Did HTX Me Start?

This product is the result of its developers seeing the need to provide men with a viable solution to erectile dysfunction as this is a big issue among many men. Not being able to perform can be dreadful for men and even cost them their relationship with their partner.

Therefore, the company got together and came up with HTX Me. We were unable to find mention of the company behind HTX Me, which is a big letdown when it comes to earning trust.


HTX Me Claims

The makers of this product claim that using this supplement can help solve men’s sexual problems of not being able to perform in bed. It supposedly works to help men reclaim their masculinity and have a healthy sex life again by raising the testosterone levels, which will not only improve their sexual drive, vitality, endurance, and stamina but also increase their energy levels as well.

Another thing this supplement is purported to do is stimulate blood circulation for better blood flow throughout the body, but especially in the penile area.


HTX Me Ingredients

The HTX Me male enhancement formula contains the following ingredients:

Horny Goat Weed

According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, horny goat weed has been known to promote healthy levels of the testosterone hormone in the body, while also improving libido and sperm count in males. It allows men to obtain harder erections for more extended periods.

Sarsaparilla Root

Sarsaparilla Root is added to the mix due to the aphrodisiac properties it contains that can help restore your masculinity. According to Phytotherapy Research impotency is just one of many things this root is used to treat.

Tongkat Ali

Complementary Therapies in Medicine reports that Tongkat Ali may have some clinical effects on erectile dysfunction. It is the component that boosts testosterone levels and raises vitality by working against erectile dysfunction at its root cause.

Additionally, the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that can be helpful for stress.

Orchic Substances

Orchic Substances can be used to increase sperm counts and testosterone levels, according to the Translational Andrology and Urology. It’s supposed to work by triggering testosterone production levels within the body while also improving testicular functions and health.

Does HTX Me Work?

Its makers claim that the HTX male enhancer is formulated to effectively stimulate the production of testosterone in males to encourage and heighten their stamina, libido, and sexual drive, allowing them to perform longer in bed with a harder erection.

It is also purported to enhance blood flow in the body, which can improve the girth and size of the penis for longer-lasting pleasure.


HTX Me Benefits and Results

A supplement like this can have numerous benefits for men who are unable to achieve an erection on their own if it produces the results of its claims.

Some of the benefits of using this product are the ability to boost your sexual drive with a natural and bonded formula, raises your testosterone levels to maintain a healthy balance that will promote the male enhancement, and stimulates blood circulation throughout the body to improve stamina and endurance.

Details on HTX Me and Weight Loss

The Translational Andrology and Urology reports that erectile dysfunction can become more prevalent as you age. However, the journal also claims that many young men are also having this issue today. Your energy levels also go down as your age goes up.

The way that HTX ME can assist with weight loss is by giving you enough energy to exercise as it does not contain any weight loss properties. It may also promote muscle growth.

How to Use HTX Me

The recommended dosage of these supplements is two pills a day, one in the morning and one at night, with plenty of water.

The makers claim that the effects may not take place until after you have taken the product for several days.

Side Effects

Potential HTX Me Side Effects

The makers of this supplement for male enhancement, conclude that their product is made of all natural ingredients without any fillers or harsh chemicals. Therefore, HTX Me may cause little to no side effects.

Still, whenever you decide to try a new supplement, it is crucial to first consult with your doctor who can help determine whether or not it is safe to take, especially if you have any conditions or are on medication.

American Family Physician reports that erectile dysfunction can be related to cardiovascular problems, which you may not be aware of yet.

HTX Me Pros

  • Claims made that this product can be taken, long term.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients.
  • May help to promote muscle growth.
  • Gives you energy.

HTX Me Cons

  • Very easy to get scammed since so many sellers’ market this product.
  • No information on the company.
  • Some claim it is made with drugs.

Is HTX Me a Scam?

When a new product like this male enhancement formula comes out, everyone wants to get in on the action. There are many sellers of the product online. There are also scammers as well, who will stop at nothing to try and beat you out of your money.

Some of these scammers will take your money and run where others will send you fake pills in return, trying to pass them off as the real thing. It would help if you always were careful where you shop and never buy products from an unknown seller.

HTX Me Cost

Some sellers charge more for this product than others. If you are looking for a low price, you may be able to find some discounts by shopping around online.

We were unable to find HTX Me for sale on Amazon, but we did find an old listing on eBay for $55. We found no official website, so we’re not sure the product is still available.

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on HTX Me

The bottom line on HTX ME is the maker’s claim it can be taken to help men who have erectile dysfunction and increase their energy, but we couldn’t find any evidence that proves its effectiveness.

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Is HTX Me for weight loss or testosterone boosting?

HTX Me is a testosterone-boosting supplements for erectile dysfunction. It may also help to promote weight loss by increasing your energy more so that you can exercise.

What are the HTX Me ingredients?

There are several ingredients in this supplement, including:

• Sarsaparilla root
• Orchic substances
• Horny goat weed
• Tongkat ali

Are there HTX Me side effects to know about?

The ingredients in HTX Me may cause side effects, including:

• Anxiety
• Insomnia
• Restlessness
• Mood changes
• Increased energy
• Nausea
• Racing heart
• Feeling too hot
• Sweating

Did you find any HTX Me product warnings?

Some people say that there are unlisted drugs in this product.

Is HTX Me for men or women?

This supplement is designed for men.

Where can I buy HTX Me?

HTX Me is available via multiple sellers on Amazon and other third-party websites.

Is there a HTX Me free trial or free samples?

There is no information about free samples or trials.

What is the most common HTX Me complaint?

There is no proof that this supplement lives up to its claims due to a lack of published research.

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