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Hydroxycut Hardcore Review - Does This Fat Burner Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 09, 2017

This week I obsessed over every aspect of the fat burner Hydroxycut Hardcore. We pored through the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. Comments and experiences from hundreds of users were taken to heart. Then, we summarized it all to give you the bottom line.

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What is Hydroxycut Hardcore?

To begin with, Hydroxycut Hardcore ingredients are caffeine anhydrous 270mg, l-theanine, cayenne pepper, green coffee extract, yohimbe extract, l-tyrosine, l-methionine, l-leucine and trans-ferulic acid. [1] [2]The fat burner supposedly boosts energy, resulting in weight-loss. At the highest dose you take four daily, so a bottle will only last two weeks. [3]

Iovate Health Sciences is ultimately the company behind Hydroxycut Hardcore, though you will see the name MuscleTech listed on the bottle. You can buy the product online through third-party retailers, but not on the official website. We like that there’s some research into caffeine and a study is mentioned, but read on…

Hydroxycut Hardcore Side Effects – “Jitters and Shakes?”

The first issue was with Hydroxycut Hardcore side effects. “Any reaction that is defined as negative should not be an acceptable part of your weight-loss journey,” said our Research Editor.

“Use caution, it can also cause rapid heartbeat, and shakes, even while taking the suggested dosage,” was one experience. [4]

Another person said, “Negative side effects for me were mild nausea, watering of the mouth and increased heart rate. Uncomfortable.” [5]

Others did not share the same reactions.

“I don’t feel jittery but I do feel energized,” a dieter said.

One more claimed, “No jitters no side effects.”

Results – “Good for Everyone?”

Not everyone who took Hydroxycut Hardcore ingredients felt they worked as expected. There was nearly always an energy boost, just not weight-loss

“Didn’t increase my weight loss progress at all,” a review claimed.

We also found a dieter that said, “Absolutely useless. I took it exactly as directed to, and experienced zero increase in energy, zero appetite reduction, and no additional weight loss.”

On the other side, some dieters generally saw results.

A user on the fence said, “Seems to have boosted my weight loss but I don’t track numbers so I can’t be 100% sure.”

“Been taking it for a while and yes it works,” was one more experience.

If you look close, you’ll see a connection between an issue that seems small, like a case of the jitters, and a lesser chance of lasting results. If Hydroxycut Hardcore causes side effects, the dieter may just change it out for a clinically tested supplement that most often doesn’t.

The Science – “Any Real Proof?”

Hydroxycut Hardcore states that it’s clinically-researched. Following the science, we found that caffeine is proven to boost metabolic rate; but any findings don’t relate to this particular supplement. The two studies mentioned on the website focus on green coffee bean extract, but utilize exercise and a low-calorie diet. There’s no way to be certain any part of this supplement was the cause of weight-loss. At DietSpotlight, solid science is critical. But, when the connection to you losing weight is not clear, we think it may be time to consider something different.

The Bottom Line – Does Hydroxycut Hardcore Work?

Did we just enter our credit card number to buy Hydroxycut Hardcore? Let’s see, we like that the company tries to support the formula with clinical studies and the caffeine will likely boost energy and metabolism, slightly, but we are skeptical about this one. There are too many reports of side effects and there are several other ingredients that could make it so much more effective.

If the time’s come to wipe out that extra weight, we suggest trying a supplement that’s scientifically tested and shown, via real people, to promote weight-loss.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. The formula consists of four ingredients that have been clinically tested. We found very few reports of side effects, but read plenty of reviews across the web from dieters seeing amazing results.

Plus, it’s with confidence that the makers of Leptigen offer a Special Trial Offer.

Previous Hydroxycut Hardcore Review (Updated August 20, 2008):

What You Should Know: Hydroxycut Hardcore

Hydroxycut Hardcore is designed by Team MuscleTech. The manufactures claim that this product is a revolutionary tool that was created to burn fat quickly and effectively, similar claims that Vintage Burn makes. This item is a bodybuilding tool that they state has been scientifically tested to burn fat through a 5-step process. They manufacturers of Hydroxycut Hardcore suggest that this stimulant is a one-of-a-kind product that various pro bodybuilders choose for maximum performance. According to the company, the formula used in this product was designed by a medical doctor. They state that the physician has spent years upon years designing the ultimate bodybuilding, fat burning supplement. The studies that have been concluded on the Hydroxycut Hardcore product are positive in their results. They claim that individuals using this supplement lost on an average of 7.9% more body fat than others.

An individual can view the official website of Team MuscleTech and learn more about the Hydroxycut Hardcore product. This website contains several pieces of information regarding clinical studies, testimonials from actual customers and a FAQ page designed to answer the most frequent questions. A person can also view videos and ads as well as ingredient information. Facts about directions for use and where to purchase the supplement are also stated.

Hydroxycut Hardcore List of Ingredients

The list of ingredients for the Hydroxycut Hardcore product is as follows: Pyroxyclene, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Cissus Quadrangularis Extract, White Willow Extract, Aspidosperma Quebracho-Blanco Extract, Norepidrol Intensity Focus Blend, Deanol Bitartrate, Xanthinol Nicotinate, Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract, Inula Racemosa, Lasidrate Delivery Blend, Troxerutine, Inositol Hexaphosphate, Cnidium Monnieri Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Yohimbacore Blend, Sesame Oil, Silica, Gelatin, FD&C red no. 3, FD&C red no. 40, Shellac, Isopropyl Alcohol, Butyl Alcohol, Dehydrated Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C yellow no. 5, Dimethylaminoethanol, Beta Cyclodextrin, Magnesium Carbonate, Dextrin, Maltodextrin, Epichlorohydrin.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Product Features

The Hydroxycut Hardcore manufacturers claim that several pro bodybuilders use this product for maximum performance when they are training and competing. This products is apparently the result of "over 10 years of research." They state that a person needs to follow all directions to a tee as well as avoid using this merchandise with any other caffeine product. Hydroxycut Hardcore manufacturers explain that all labels on this item as well as others needs to be fully read and understood. A person can read all the directions and technical aspects on their official website.


  • The company claims there is a simple 5-step process that allows a person to gain muscle and lose undesired body fat.
  • Their website is filled with information regarding the Hydroxycut product and facts about the company.
  • Several testimonials can be located from actual customers and bodybuilding pros.


  • Some of the ingredients are natural compounds, however most are chemicals and/or caffeine-based.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore manufactures do not go into a large amount of detail on how the product works to burn fat. Some information is provided.
  • Not available from the official Hydroxycut Hardcore website.
  • Since this is a serious body-building regimen, it could become expensive to maintain over time.
  • Product seems geared more towards body builders looking to tone up and less towards casual users looking to drop some weight.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Conclusion

The Hydroxycut Hardcore manufactures claim that this product is the best fat burning supplement on the market. They show various clinical studies on the effectiveness of the product. A person can take a look at the 5-step process through a small video on their website as well as testimonials from actual customers. Nevertheless, a person needs to be aware of the disadvantages, as well as the benefits, that could be present. Hydroxycut Hardcore strikes us as a product more suited towards professional bodybuilders than helping the overweight shed pounds.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Side Effects:

We wanted to learn more about Hydroxycut Hardcore, so we chose to find out about Hydroxycut Hardcore side effects. (You can read our full Hydroxycut Hardcore review.) Ingredients and clinical research were two factors taken to heart. We also delved into hundreds of dieter experiences. With all that information taken to heart, we condensed to give you the bottom line.

What is Hydroxycut Hardcore?

First off, Hydroxycut Hardcore is a stimulant-heavy weight loss supplement that contains ingredients like caffeine, l-theanine, cayenne pepper, green coffee bean and yohimbe. One serving is two capsules, but you can take the supplement twice daily to supposedly improve weight-loss. The bottle can be taken anywhere, one benefit.

The product, introduced by Iovate Health Sciences sometime after the company opened in 2006, does contain all-natural ingredients, a good choice. The supplement is available online and through offline vitamin shops and major retailers. We like that some dieters report weight-loss results and that the formula is revealed on the official website, but read on…

Feeling Sick?

Our first concern with Hydroxycut Hardcore side effects was nausea. “You want to take a pill that will help boost weight-loss and suppress appetite,” says our Research Editor. “That is not the same as taking something that leaves you feeling ill.”

“If the goal of this pill is to make you so sick you can’t eat then it did it’s job,” one dieter offers.

“I feel sick, lightheaded, and I shake like crazy,” says another.

Some users tried to change things up with no change, “Made me feel [bad]. I tried for several days and different doses trying to adjust but felt so strange and sick to my stomach.”

FDA – “Voluntary Recall”

In 2009, Iovate Health Sciences worked with the FDA on a voluntary recall, based on reports of negative side effects. Many Hydroxycut supplements disappeared for a while until a new formula was eventually released.


Hydroxycut Hardcore Side Effects – “Jitters and Shakes”

Nausea is just one Hydroxycut Hardcore side effect reported by dieters.

“It increases your blood pressure and makes your hands shake. Also it makes you feeling very hot,” offers another.

Sometimes the effects bled into everyday life, “I felt chills, shaking…I had to leave work.”

In our research, we found little things, like nausea, can be enough to put a halt to your chances of long-term success. If Hydroxycut Hardcore side effects cause issue, the dieter will leave it on the shelf.

The Science – “Verifiable Proof?”

If you look at the formula for Hydroxycut Hardcore you will find some clinically tested ingredients like caffeine and green coffee bean extract. Both show some benefit to weight-loss, but Hydroxycut doesn’t bother to share these results. You will find mention of two studies, but there are no links to these studies. At DietSpotlight, we need science to support claims. If there’s none offered, we can’t find reason to back it.

The Bottom Line – Do Hydroxycut Hardcore Side Effects Ruin the Deal?

Our 360-degree look into Hydroxycut Hardcore side effects left us with a firm conclusion. We like that some dieters out there have experienced some positive results and the company does have a strong BBB rating, but we can’t recommend a product that’s associated with side effects. We’re also concerned by the FDA and lawyer interest in the company.

If you’re at the point you want to lose more weight, we suggest trying out a supplement that’s made of clinically proven ingredients that don’t come with a list of side effects.

Among the best supplements we’ve come across in 2016 is Leptigen. We like the four-ingredient proprietary blend that is supported with published clinical research that shows it helps to spark metabolism and ignite fat loss. We searched, but found no mention of harmful side effects. We did find dieters talking about experiencing great results.

Also, the company that makes Leptigen, is so confident in the formula they’ve chosen to offer a Special Trial Offer, a good sign.

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We like that Hydroxycut Hardcore contains caffeine, which studies show is great for energy, weight loss, elevating mood and memory.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving % DV
Pyroxyclene Anhydranine Blend 370 mg *
Caffeine Anhydrous * *
L-Theanine * *
Cayenne Pepper * *
Yohimbacore Robusta Blend 256 mg *
Green coffee extract * *
Yohimbee extract * *
Norepidrol L-TML Blend 130 mg *
L-tyrosine * *
L-methionine * *
L-leucine * *

Other Ingredients: None

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Rating: 3.7. From 25 votes.
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Hydroxycut Hardcore Review

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This product works if you diet and exercise. I personally love this product because it gives me an extra boost to work out hard! I’ts been two weeks and I’ve lost 7 pounds and my total goal is 20.


I love this product. With taking it as directed and doing some workouts (2-3 times a week) ive lost 28lbs in 4 weeks

ino mariano

when to take hydroxycut elite for the best result, before or after work out. thaks

It doesn’t look like there’s a set time in relation to workouts. However, it does contain caffeine so we suggest skipping it before a workout if you use a preworkout that also contains caffeine.

Kathy Land

I am currently taking medication for R.A. And also for C.O.P.D. ,Ulsers , is it okay to take this with the other meds Iam taking???

Hey Kathy. That’s a question only your doctor can answer.


I would always ask your doctor especially if your on prescription medications. I have had kidney stones and my doctor told me to stay away from creatine supplements and I DO. When in doubt don’t ask the internet ask a doctor.


I bought this yesterday but after reading Im afraid that this is just for men. Ive been working out and eating right and have lost 50 lbs on my own so I bought this product to give me more energy for my workouts and hopefully burn more fat and calories. Is this product pretty much just intended for men?

Many people feel Hydroxycut products are aimed at men, but we don’t see ingredients that are specific to men.


Ive only been taking it for 2 weeks, and i already have shed about 5 lbs, burning alot more calories and feeling more entergetic, It does not make me feel sick so i dont eat either. I still eat my balanced meals; and still loose weight!


What type of gelatine that they use in hydroxycut?

big Occi

great product!
But that’s only if your greatly motivated to lose fat, by that I mean, willing to workout like the toughest military soldier in the world!…fuckin give’r!!!..don’t be a lil b!tch! @ the gym…pardon my language, just a little adrenalined up for my next workout! I’m noticing results after a week and a half of taking hydroxycut.

Remember, fuckin give’r!!!!



DIDNT WORK. Waste of money.


does it burn calories also? if so how many per max serving (3) for an active male ht.
7% body fat
27? BMI i think


ask your Dr. or at least wait 4hrs for the caffeine to subside.

Keri Dekkers



I do