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Inner Eco Probiotic Review - 8 Things You Need to Know

Inner-Eco makes smoothie packs and coconut water drinks that contain probiotics. The company says its products contain probiotic cultures that can help support digestion and aid the immune system. But, that’s the same claims all probiotic supplements make, so we wondered what sets this product apart.

Our research team was curious about whether Inner-Eco’s products can help with digestion as they claim. Each one took a close look at the facts behind the ingredients in these probiotic drinks to give you the real deal on these healthy gut bacteria.

Inner Eco Probiotic can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Inner Eco Probiotic?

First, Inner Eco Probiotic is a probiotic drink modeled after Kefir, a widely used dairy-based probiotic drink. Only this product is entirely vegan and is made up of:

  • Fresh young coconut water
  • Kefir cultures

Blueberries being dropping inside glass of milk causing it to splash

And that’s it! At only three calories per serving, these are the only two Inner Eco Probiotic ingredients, making it completely vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. The fact that the company made Inner Eco Probiotic vegan is not only good for vegans, but it also eliminates the negative side effects of dairy on sensitive users.

To make these supplements, the company plants the kefir cultures into the coconut water and lets the cultivation take place. Over time, the cultures ferment the coconut water and create quite an effective probiotic drink. It comes in a few flavors like Berry and Tropical.

You can take one tablespoon daily straight from the bottle, or you can mix your daily serving into one of your favorite shakes. The company advises starting slowly, so you may want to drink only half a tablespoon at the beginning and work your way up to the full dosage. Not a lot of supplements offer that kind of freedom – which we love.

Does It Work?

  • Gut Microbes — ” These supplements exert beneficial health effects by modifying GI microbiota and enhancing immunity.”
  • BioMed Research International — “Probiotics have been proved to modulate gut microbiota composition imbalance by increasing bacteria population, gut epithelium barrier function, and cytokine production.”
  • Journal of Microbiology — “strains of L. plantarum have proven to be a valuable species for the development of probiotics, with various beneficial effects on gut health, metabolic [conditions] and brain health.”

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What is in Inner Eco Probiotic?

While there are only two Inner Eco Probiotic ingredients, kefir cultures, and fresh young coconut water, they are packed with health benefits. So let’s take a closer look:

inner eco probiotics coconut

The coconut water used in this product is taken from young, green coconuts. According to the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, coconuts have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. Coconut water is also widely known to retain minerals and nutrients that are essential to human health. These benefits are maintained in the probiotic drink, making it healthier than traditional dairy-based kefir.

Kefir cultures are yeast/bacterial components that start the fermentation process. These cultures contain various strains of probiotics, including:

  • Lactobacillus paracasei
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus
  • Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens

These probiotic strains populate and support the gut’s natural good bacteria and provide a host of benefits to the body, states a study in the Ibero-American Journal of Mycology.

Fact: The intestines, or gut, are way more important to human health than you might think! Maintaining healthy gut bacteria can make a huge difference in how you feel, and it can also help prevent some seriously unwanted illnesses. According to the International Dairy Journal, the probiotics found in kefir cultures are known to boost the body’s overall immune system, aid digestion, and lower cholesterol. This phytonutrient complex is also anti-carcinogenic, meaning it plays a role in preventing malignancy.

Side Effects

Inner Eco Probiotic Side Effects

Let’s face it – All products and supplements come with potential side effects. Not everyone is the same, and people sometimes have adverse reactions to products that are beneficial to most. Inner Eco Probiotic is no exception.

inner eco probiotics potential side effects

Some of the potential side effects of taking this supplement include:

  • Gas
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Bloating

Most people actually experience the opposite of these side effects. Probiotics are supposed to minimize gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort. They’re also supposed to boost the immune system and ward off infections rather than cause them. In infrequent instances and for unknown reasons, it is possible that the probiotics in this product can lead to the above reactions.

These side effects aren’t just exclusive to this product either; we’ve seen similar warnings on other probiotics like Biozyme and Probioslim, so don’t be alarmed.


Benefits of Inner Eco Probiotic

The Inner Eco Probiotic pros are numerous. With this product, you not only get the health benefits of probiotics, but you also get all the perks of drinking coconut water. You can expect to experience lowered cholesterol, better digestive health, and more energy. Here’s the really cool part – You’ll also give your immune system a boost, which means fewer sick days from work or school! We knew you’d love that.

If you’ve been on antibiotics, you’re in luck. Antibiotics eliminate all gut bacteria, leaving you vulnerable to stomach problems and illness. The healthy bacteria in this drink will repopulate and balance your gut and quickly restore your natural health.

inner eco probiotics vegan friendly

Unlike most kefir drinks, this one uses coconut water instead of milk. This dairy-free product is perfect for vegans and vegetarians and anyone who struggles with lactose intolerance. By making Inner Eco Probiotic vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free, the company makes probiotic drinks available to a broad audience, which is normally left out.

Soy proteins are among the top common allergens in the United States, and products that contain soy fail to cater to a large percentage of the population. Similarly, more and more people are being diagnosed with gluten intolerance every year. The side effects of eating gluten for some people include severe inflammation and pain. This product is a safe way for even those with the most common allergies to get the probiotics they need.

This Inner Eco Probiotic drink also makes it very easy to get your daily dose of probiotics! All it takes is one tablespoon (for adults), and you’re done for the day. It’s tasty enough to drink straight from the bottle, but it can be added to your favorite smoothie, shake, or any drink of choice!


Inner Eco Probiotic Price

The cost of this supplement is typically around twenty dollars for a bottle containing thirty tablespoons. This can seem steep to people who are used to paying under ten bucks for a full bottle of probiotic capsules. But bum yourself out just yet! The serving size for an adult is one tablespoon, and if taken every day, this bottle will last about a month.

The truth is, many people start with half a tablespoon or even one teaspoon, and this product can actually last users up to three months if taken daily. This may not be compatible with its shelf-life, however, but it’s possible that at least two people can take this product for a whole month. While the Inner Eco Probiotic price is reasonable, it is largely affected by its shelf life – which is a bit of a downer, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

inner eco probiotics price

The price is just one aspect of using Inner Eco Probiotic. Where to buy this product is a decision that you’ll have to make based on where you live because it’s usually sold in stores.

Shelf Life

Inner Eco Probiotic Shelf Life

This product definitely needs to be refrigerated, so don’t make the mistake of storing it in your pantry or under your bed. Also, the Inner Eco Probiotic shelf life is often only up to two weeks – which sours my grapes. That pretty much cancels out the idea that it can last several months even though there is enough liquid, which is unfortunate for frugal shoppers.

One good thing is many users claim that it’s still fresh after two weeks, and some sources may recommend freezing the product to make it last longer, though this may not be an ideal option for all users – just a thought.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“This is a really powerful probiotic. The first time I took it I had a tablespoon which is the recommended adult dose and it was too much. Now that I’ve worked my way up to the entire tablespoon I really like it. Mild flavor and helps with digestion and stomach upset.”

“Taste bad.”

“My absolute favorite probiotic that you can buy over the counter. Very expensive, but well worth it in my opinion.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Inner Eco Probiotic

Here’s the deal – When it comes to probiotic drinks, this product is definitely revolutionary. Most of them are only available in traditional formats such as dairy kefir and yogurt. Using only coconut water and kefir cultures, this product allows virtually everyone to get their daily dose of probiotics through a tasty, healthy drink. But there are a few dark clouds creeping up behind us, because even though it has all of these awesome perks, we’re still a bit concerned about:

  • Potential Inner Eco Probiotic side effects
  • The price
  • It’s seemingly unavailability online

Probiotics do have some incredible and legitimate health benefits and we’re all about being healthy and beneficial here. We also believe a healthy lifestyle program can help you lose those extra pounds that may be causing issues with your health, wellness or self-esteem.

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Inner Eco Probiotic Review
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Inner Eco Probiotic

What are the ingredients in Inner Eco Probiotic?

The ingredients in Inner Eco Probiotic are kefir culture and fresh young coconut water.

What are the side effects of Inner Eco Probiotic?

Possible Inner Eco Probiotic side effects based on the ingredients would be bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort.

Does Inner Eco Probiotic work?

Yes, the product tends to be effective as expected. Users gave a good rating generally.

What is the price of Inner Eco Probiotic?

A bottle of Inner Eco Probiotic containing 30 servings costs about $20.

Where can I buy Inner Eco Probiotic?

Inner Eco Probiotic is available at a local store, Instacart, or Amazon.

Where can I buy Inner Eco Probiotic?

Inner Eco Probiotic can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Inner Eco Probiotic?

The serving size per day for Inner Eco Probiotic is one tablespoon.

How do I contact Inner Eco Probiotic customer service?

You can contact customer service by calling (303) 287-1776 or toll free (844) 341-1776. Or you can send an email at customerservice@inner-eco.com

Can I return Inner Eco Probiotic?

No, this is unlikely as no clear information regarding it is available.

What are the most common complaints with Inner Eco Probiotic?

There are no related complaints from users. However, a few issues of the expensive cost of the product was mentioned.

17 Inner Eco Probiotic Reviews

  • Expiration dates

    Does it still work after the expiration date

    • Luis (Editor)

      We never recommend using any expired supplement or product.

    • Jeffrey Henderson

      Yes and in addition… It can be fed raw unheated unpasteurized green coconut water to feed the microbes and keep the cultural community growing.

  • Love this product.
    Peggy Cox (Verified Purchase)

    Started out with 2 tablespoons a day, One tablespoon in the a.m. and one in the p.m. suggested by the Healthfood store. Feelings of cramping in my gut, and realized this may be way too much. So am now doing one tablespoon a day and seeing how that reacts. My husband said we can ear anything and I know he is soooo wrong. We need to eat healthily without cookies, cinnamon rolls, ice cream and drop the sugar. etc. Waiting to see how this works for a more healthy gut and prove my husband wrong about eating whatever we want. After a month we will add the kefer as well.

  • Could Inner Eco go bad and give stomache flu symtoms?
    Diana Pedersen (Verified Purchase)

    I took about 3 tablespoons of Inner Eco and now I feel like I have stomache flu. I took a larger dose cause it was slmost gone and trying to use it up. But I was not feeling good to begin with so I thought it would help. It escalated whatever is going on with my stomache. Is this normal? Could probiotic have gone bad? I have had it in fridge for anoit a month.

    • Nancy Ledbetter

      If you have a lot of “work” to do your gut, meaning a in balance of too much bad bacteria over good bacteria absolutely this can happen. 3 tablespoons is three times the suggested amount on the bottle and the product is fresh 30 days from opening read directions.

  • Joint pain
    Billy (Verified Purchase)

    Major joint pain came on suddenly after using Inner-eco Fresh Coconut Water Probiotic.

    • Rosemary Perugini

      You probably disturbed a nesting site for bad bacteria and felt a cleansing reaction.

    • Janice

      Rosemary nailed it. We may experience some negative effects to clean up the intestines. I love this product it’s a very good product here and reasonable priced. Ilove the options of flavors. Really great for oral health too.

      • Jeffrey Henderson

        I agree with Rosemary and Janice. If you system is sooo out-of-balance it is very possible to have a curve in creating that correct balance. It starts in your gut hthen penetrating throughout your body… Kidneys, liver etc..

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