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Iodoral Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


There are numerous reasons individuals may have difficulty losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight. One of the more common reasons is an under or overactive thyroid. The makers of Iodoral, Optimox Inc., claims their product can help these individuals. However, they also claim the product can assist anyone who needs help losing weight. We were eager to learn more about the product and the associated claims.

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What is Iodoral?

First off, Iodoral is essentially an iodine supplement. The primary purpose of the product was intended to provide supplemental iodine to the thyroid in order to promote better thyroid function. A properly functioning thyroid helps facilitate weight loss and can give individuals more stamina and energy. While it originally began as a health supplement for a different condition, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence suggesting it is an effective weight loss supplement.

A 90-count bottle costs anywhere from $20 to $30. It is typically sold in 90 or 180 count sets. This seems like a reasonable price for a weight-loss supplement but read on…

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How Does the Thyroid Affect Weight?

One of the main claims made by the makers of Iodoral is that it helps increase production of the thyroid gland. Several studies have indicated that iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism. By increasing the amount of iodine in the diet the problem is typically resolved. Hypothyroidism has many negative impacts on an individual’s physiology, including weight gain, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and reduced energy. By stabilizing thyroid production many of these negative impacts can also be eliminated. However, iodine must be used in conjunction with Vitamin A in order to impact the thyroid. Vitamin A is not one of the ingredients in Iodoral.

According to our research editor, “Even if the iodine was being delivered with the Vitamin A, the person taking the supplement would most likely only benefit if they had hypothyroidism.”

Iodoral Ingredients

The two main ingredients in Iodoral are both iodine based.

The Science – “What Does Research Have to Say?”

While there is a link between increased iodine in the diet and improved thyroid function in patients with hypothyroidism, there is absolutely no clinical evidence that those individuals with normally functioning thyroid glands would benefit from additional sources of iodine. While the company does supply anecdotal evidence of consumers who have lost weight while taking the supplement, there is no way to know if this was because they had an underlying medical condition, or if the results were achieved through diet and exercise and the supplement wasn’t a factor.

What Users Are Saying

"I felt an improvement in my energy in two days. I never realized that I was low on iodine. Most of us have switched to seasalt and don’t take iodized salt any more and don’t get enough iodine elsewhere. Important to those who might have a mystery illness or tired feeling and gaining weight."

"Cystic acne is a side-effect of iodine, which I was unaware of. The product is good, but watch out for the side-effects."

"Did not feel any difference."

The Bottom Line – Does Iodoral Really Work?

We like that Iodoral is all natural and has minimal ingredients. The science supporting iodine and improved thyroid function are valid, but this supplement doesn’t include the needed Vitamin A to guarantee efficacy. Additionally, since there is no scientific evidence supporting the claims that the product promotes weight-loss, we simply feel uncomfortable recommending it.

The best weight-loss supplements rely on more than anecdotal evidence to support their claims. Rigorous testing and a robust money-back guarantee make us feel more confident in recommending products.

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What are the side effects of Iodoral?

Iodoral side effects could include headaches, sneezing, increased salivation, and rash.

What are the ingredients in Iodoral?

Iodoral ingredients are Iodine and Iodide.

How do I know if Iodoral is right for me?

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Does Iodoral work? Can you use Iodine for weight loss?

We found no reason to believe that Iodoral is linked to weight-loss. Typically, products like this are designed to boost thyroid function, but that’s not a problem for all dieters.

You may want to changes things up and switch out Iodoral for Dietspotlight Burn, a supplement made with the clinically tested ingredients green tea, caffeine, ChromeMate and Meratrim.

How much does Iodoral cost?

Iodoral costs between $20.00 and $100.00.

How should I take Iodoral?

According to the label, you should take one capsule per day.

Is there any caffeine in Iodoral?

No, there is no caffeine.

My package is damaged, can I return it?

Yes, if you return it within 10 days you can get a refund (minus shipping) or you could exchange it for other merchandise.

What is Iodoral iodine?

Iodoral iodine helps support thyroid function and health. The product, made by Optimix, contains potassium iodide and iodine, which is needed to regulate thyroid function and create thyroid hormones. The thyroid hormones help control metabolism, which is the method of the body that converts food ingested into energy.

Iodoral Ingredients

We scoured the web for information on Iodoral ingredients so we could give you the important details.


Iodine is a chemical element. While the body needs this substance, it cannot produce it on its own. Fortunately you can get significant amounts from foods such as cranberries, dried seaweed, cod fish, eggs, strawberries, tuna, navy beans, and yogurt.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Iodine plays an important role with the thyroid gland. Put simply, the thyroid requires this essential trace element for normal function. It’s needed for growth and development, as well as a healthy metabolism. Also, it may help prevent fat storage by encouraging the body’s use of calories.

Clinical Research

“The body requires iodine to manufacture sufficient amounts of thyroxine. This hormone, also known as T4, helps regulate your metabolism and the rate of fat burning in your body,” says Dr. David Brownstein, a family physician and the author of “Iodine: Why You Need It.” Furthermore, Brownstein believes that, “The level of iodine in the standard American diet is insufficient for most individuals, and may cause sub-optimal thyroid function.”

Iodide (Potassium Salt)

Iodide is basically the ion state or form of iodine. It is made when iodine bonds with potassium or another element. In products such as Iodoral, it’s also called potassium salt.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The purpose of iodide is to assist with proper thyroid gland function. It is often combined with iodine in order to make it more effective.

Clinical Research

According to WebMD, “Potassium iodide is used along with antithyroid medicines to prepare the thyroid gland for surgical removal, to treat certain overactive thyroid conditions (hyperthyroidism), and to protect the thyroid in a radiation exposure emergency. It works by shrinking the size of the thyroid gland and decreasing the amount of thyroid hormones produced.”


There are numerous synthetic ingredients used in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, which are crucial for product effectiveness. Micosolle, for instance, is described as a “food grade excipient.” It is silica-based and it has lubricant and surfactant properties.

What is it Supposed to Do?

This ingredient is intended to help eliminate any unpleasant taste. In other words, when it comes to Iodoral, you should not taste the key ingredient, which is iodine. Furthermore, Micosolle may help make the key ingredients more effective, while prolonging their effectiveness or shelf life.

Clinical Research

We did not find any clinical research that links Micosolle to weight reduction. However, it is clear that this ingredient functions as an effective excipient for some pharmaceuticals and supplements.


Previous Iodoral Review (Updated September 20, 2012):

What You Should Know About Iodoral Weight Loss

Iodoral is an iodine supplement manufactured by Optimox Inc., an online-based manufacturer. Iodoral's only purpose is to supply extra iodine to the thyroid gland, which they claim increases thyroid function. Increased thyroid function leads to more stamina and weight loss, according to several studies. Iodoral was originally intended to be an iodine supplement, but over the years it has evolved into a weight loss supplement. Unlike other diet supplements, Iodoral is all-natural and contains only two ingredients, both iodine-based.

Available online for $26.00 per 90ct bottle, Iodoral is normally sold in standard 90ct bottles or 180ct bottles. The manufacturer only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for unopened bottles. Numerous testimonials attest to Iodoral's effectiveness, but there are no studies conducted on Iodoral itself. Iodoral is taken twice daily for the best results.


Iodine, Potassium Iodide.

Product Features

Iodoral claims that iodine helps increase thyroid production, which is partially true. Numerous studies show that iodine deficiency leads to hypothyroidism; an increase in iodine usually soothes the problem. Hypothyroidism itself is the leading cause of weight gain and causes many side effects, such as decreased energy, chronic fatigue, and loss of concentration. Eliminating it removes all side effects and allows the person to function better. However, it is important to note that iodine must be paired with vitamin A to actually work within the thyroid. Nevertheless, some testimonials back up Iodoral's claims, touting weight loss of up to 50 lbs. Iodoral is only effective if there is an existing iodine deficiency, however - and too much iodine will harm the thyroid.

There are also some side effects not listed with this product. Acne is mainly associated with increased iodine consumption, a very unpleasant side effect. Despite these concerns, however, Iodoral is decently priced at $26.00 per bottle. It is one of the more affordable supplements on the market today.

Advantages of Iodoral

  • Studies show that iodine cures hypothyroidism, a leading cause of weight gain.
  • Iodoral is based on all-natural ingredients.
  • Iodoral is one of the cheapest supplements available.

Disadvantages of Iodoral

  • Iodoral is only safe (or effective) for people with slow or inactive thyroids.
  • Iodoral has few features that facilitate weight loss.
  • Iodoral must be paired with Vitamin A for it to work properly.
  • You can only take Iodoral until your thyroid functions normally.


Iodoral itself is not an actual weight loss aid --- it is a nutritional supplement. Although studies show that increased thyroid production aids in weight management, this only applies to people with hypothyroidism. There are several inherent dangers associated with Iodoral, so it's best to discuss it with a doctor before using it. Nevertheless, Iodoral is an all-natural supplement that is worth looking into if you suffer from thyroid trouble, but do not begin using it without the guidance of a licensed physician.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

42 Iodoral Reviews

  • Lori

    Countless side effects to taking iodoral. Very scary
    Physical, mental and emotional issues

  • Small brown spots
    Jody (Verified User)

    Tell us your thoughts about Iodoral.i have been taking iodor for a couple weeks now and just noticed bruising on my legs! Small brown spots! Could this be due to the iodor all? Thx

  •  I have taken Iodearal low dosage
    christian (Verified User)

    I have taken Iodearal low dose, and found it aided with weight loss. However, Ii since learnt that it is important, ideal first, or at least simultaneously to address adrenal fatigue . boosting thyroid function when adrenals are badly fatigued can make you feel worse. I found it best to address the two this way.

    • Your Name Jimmy G

      I was the king of sinus infections. I have been taking Iodoral for 4 years @ half 12.5 pill a day, and haven’t had any flu, sinus or ear infections or sore throat. I breath clearly @ my nose is never stuffy either. It also helps me focus better @ I have a little more energy. The yellow in my toenails is also gone. My mood is also better and rarely do I have explosive behavior anymore. I’ll be on Iodoral the rest of my life!

    • Vern

      I have been taking the 12.5mg dose of Iodoral for about 3 years now. I am not super consistent with taking it but have noticed my energy levels are much better when I do. I do not have full blown hyper or hypothyroidism but my naturopath dr. suggested I take it as a preventive since I have fatigue. I was taking 1 pill 1x per week but now take it 1 pill per day about 4-5x per week. I see a difference with taking it. I also take multivitamins for my anemia.

  •  Product just not for me
    Nancy Ann (Verified User)

    Today I was so puffy and go on the scale and couldn’t believe the water retension. I done with this product.. I am Hypo

    • Heather

      If you are having trouble with water retention try taking a supplement that is just Potassium. Take one 3X’s a day at first then move up to 2 3X’s a day. My doctor prescribed this for my best friend and it worked great. She was amazed.

      I have not been taking Iodoral for over 8 years. I have never retained water. The Iodine tells my T3’s and TS’s to work. The T3’s tell the T4’s to produce more. My thyroid just stopped working period. My doctor has me on Iodoral and Nature Thyroid. This keeps my T3’s and TS’s up above normal but the T4’s are still at the bottom of normal.

    • Your Name

      Reduce your salt intake & salty food, you will lose weight!

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Sorry, Nancy. Please don’t get discouraged though. There’s a product for everyone out there, and maybe this one just isn’t the right one for you. But, go ahead and explore other options like Dietspotlight Burn. It has great customer feedback plus it’s ingredients are all natural! Hopefully this one can be a better fit for you. Let us know.

  • Kindly provide some insights on this
    Catherine (Verified User)

    I am currently taking 50 mcg of lev0thyroxin in am on empty stomach. I did see a little improvement and the test for TSH 3rd GEN (not sure what the test means) was 2.2102 value on the last blood test.
    I want to start taking Iodoral and my doctor is not ok with that, do I still need to take the script of Lev 50mcg along with Iodoral? Please give me some insight on this matter.

    • Heather

      I take 130 mg of Nature Thyroid. I was also taking 1 tablet of Iodoral morning and night. My TS and T3 levels were raised significantly but my T4’s stayed the same. I am pregnant now and only take one in the morning. The normal for a T4 is .8 to 1.8. This is the one I have found seems to matter the most. I can tell a difference in my energy levels when I forget to take it. This was both before and after getting pregnant.

    • Arthur Hall

      Your Doctor may not be ok with you taking Iodoral because you will soon realist that you no longer need prescription medication for low thyroid. That was my experience. I take 25 mg per day. I never chill and have more energy. All is good at 69. I was sick for years.

  • inregard to this product

    I’ve been taking this for 2 months….does anyone have a rash on arms and legs inregard to this product?

    • louy

      I have taken it for 2 months and have an itchy rash on shins/lower legs and arms.

  • Eileen Smith

    I am interested in taking Iodoral as a preventative supplement. Should I do this without having the checks done?

  •  My potassium levels to go so high
    Barbara (Verified User)

    It cause my potassium levels to go so high I had to go to the emergency room!

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Barbara, so sorry this happened to you. Please always check with your doctor before starting with a new product. Moving forward, check out other options, Dietspotlight Burn could be a better alternative. Users haven’t reported serious side-effects, its ingredients are clinically proven and 100% natural. Good luck and thankfully you’re okay!

  • Can I take Iodoral if I've been diagnosed with Hashimoto's?

    Can I take Iodoral if I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I take Synthroid 75mcg.

  • I need to know if Iodoral is a safe alternative to Armour?

    I need to know if Iodoral is a safe alternative to Armour?

  • Can take with thyroid meds.
    Doris (Verified User)

    I was using Ioderal with a small dose of Synthroid and my T-4 was a little above normal and TSH went down to .11 – very low. Then my doctor agreed to take me off the med’s and then my TSH went to 22! Very high! Is it wrong to take Ioderal without taking thryoid? I thought it was a supplement that so I didn’t need med’s. After my glands started to get swollen with difficulty in swallowing, he put me back on meds. Can I take ioderal by itself?

    • Koral

      you never stop taking the synthetic pill just because you are taking a iodine form. You can gradually decrease the synthetic pill (under dr. supervision). Might want to talk to your dr to replace the synthetic pill ( which has only T4) with Armour which has more hormones ( T4, T3, THS, and other nutrients). Be careful with getting high dose of Iodoral. There are pros and cons about this if you google…Good luck

  • Acne breakouts
    Kelli (Verified User)

    Has anyone who has taken Iodoral suffered from acne breakouts? Thanks for any info!!

  • Iodoral and autoimmune disease

    I would like to know why it has been said that Iodoral shold not be taken if you suffer with autoimmune disease.I was just about to try it, when I read the above comment. I have been diagnosed with Schmidt syndrome. Multi autoimmune diseases including Hypothyroidism which I have been diagnosed for 20+ years.

    • Heather

      I am also auto Immune do to my Celiac Disease. I am not sure if it the same. However, My doctor has had me on Iodoral for 8 years now. I have a holistic doctor. I also take 130 mg of Nature Thyroid. I’d ask your doctor just incase. I haven’t heard that you can’t take it if you have are auto immune.

  • Is this good for my condition?

    I am not hyper or hypo, but I have a behign thyroid nodule (goiter and its pretty big) and the guy in the healthfood store said that this would get rid of it. Any input?

  •  Product is not good for me
    annie (Verified User)

    i have been on the iodoral since march. needless to say, while it started off doing wonders for me, as soon as i got to 2 pills, twice a day, i started having problems. as of last week, at my last TSH test, my thyroid has stopped functioning and i am on the de-tox program for the iodoral.

    if small dosages are working for you, please do not increase that dosage. i wish i would have just stayed on the 1 pill twice a day. i AM on doctor care – i go to a naturopath.

    this is day 5 of NOT being on it, and my nerves are shot.

    take care everyone.

  • Can I use this while on medication?

    Yes. I take a thyroid hormone medicine & have since I hit puberty; now in my early 50’s want to know if I should try taking this Iodoral as a supplement& or with my Synthroid medicine. It goes up & down. Started out hyperthyroid then to hypothyroid. It seems to be basically on a borderline scale-then from there goes up some or down some. Tests get expensive too. Thankyou, Bev

  •  Don't take this at high dose
    Rachel (Verified User)

    Just want to say that if you have a family history, especially on your mother’s side, of Grave’s Disease, you shouldn’t take this supplement at this high dose. I was hypothyroid, my doctor prescribed IODORAL and it triggered Grave’s Disease. This is much harder to take care of then hypothyroidism. Just do your research or test your iodine levels before taking this.

  • Product safety and effectivity
    rita garner

    is iodoral used in the event of a nuclear disaster? Is this the potassium iodide that is distributed in an nuclear event? Will this protect the thyroid?

  • Doris

    Can Iodoral be taken with Sotalol, a beta blocker?

  • claim
    Dessa (Verified User)

    Not sure if my comment went through. Research Dr. Jim Howenstine and Dr. Abrahams. They claim Iodoral works for both hypo and hyper and also for cysts and nodules. Basically they state all thyroid problems result from a lack of iodine.

    • Laura

      Dr.Williams did say if you are hyper or overactive and have autoimmune, taking iodine could be like pouring gasoline on a fire. There has been success with iodine for over active thyroid but make sure you do not have an auto immune disease.

      • Sherry

        Thank you so much for the autoimmune notation as I have lupus and was considering taking this supplement! I really so appreciate it!

  • Does anyone get frequent mood swings will taking Iodoral?

    Does anyone get frequent mood swings will taking Iodoral?

    • Heather

      If you get mood swings either lower the dose or stop taking it. This is a sign of having too much iodine. I had to stop while nursing my son because he was getting mood swings but, my daughter did not. So I continued to take it while nursing my daughter. This was under the supervision of my doctor. I have been taking it for 8 years now.

    John Marshall

    I no longer have a thyroid gland, it was surgically removed and anything remaining was radiated. SHOULD I TAKE IDORAL?

  • Can you buy Iodoral at the local drug store?

    Can you buy Iodoral at the local drug store?

  •  Didn't work.
    rberka (Verified User)

    Been *hyper*thyroid my whole adult life. Haven’t been able to get over 165 lbs for 20 – 25 years. After 3 weeks on Iodoral, I gained 10 lbs. Wow. I would disagree with your statement that Iodoral is only for people with slow thyroids. The more I read about iodine, the more excited I get.

    • nobody

      I’m encouraged by your experience. All I’ve read thus far is for under activity. My son is about to begin Iodoral for over-active thyroid.
      Any other info you could share?

  • Any representatives in Middle East or Indopak ?

    How to get IODORAL shipped to Dubai or Pakistan. Any representatives in Middle East or Indopak ?

    • bob

      Haven’t you heard of the internet and mail. They can ship anywhere if you buy the product and pay for shipping.

      • chimdindu

        Am in Nigeria how do I get iodoral tablet