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Jazzercise Review - Does This Exercise Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 16, 2017

You’re about to learn everything you need to know about Jazzercise. We took the time to create a comprehensive review, focusing closely on the ingredients, side effects, customer-service quality and available scientific studies. Then we examined comments from all over the internet. Finally, we summarized all of the data we collected to give you the bottom line.

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What is Jazzercise?

To begin with, Jazzercise is a type of exercise regimen. The company does sell some workout gear, but they do not sell any food or supplements. According to their website, individuals who give the classes a chance end up sticking with it for an average of seven years.

Jazzercise was created by Judi Sheppard Missett in 1969. The founder is still the CEO of the company and her daughter is now President. You can take their classes in locations around the world or purchase videos to use at home, but read on…

Difficult Moves – “Not Great for Beginners”

The first concern with Jazzercise classes is that it may be too difficult for beginners or for customers who are severely overweight. While the company claims the program is accessible for all ability levels, some reviews indicate this is not necessarily accurate. According to our Research Editor, “People who are very out of shape are usually cautioned by their healthcare provider to begin any new exercise regimen slowly. Many of the routines performed by instructors may simply be too strenuous and complex for some dieters.”

One unhappy customer said, “I remember trying Jazzercise when I was in my twenties and I wanted to go back to it but I couldn’t manage any of the moves. It was depressing.”

Another said, “I thought it would be fun to dance to lose a little extra weight but it was just frustrating.”

Others said they expected a slight learning curve. One customer explained, “I haven’t danced in years and I thought this would be a good way to get back into it. It wasn’t easy but I enjoyed it.”

Some had no difficulty at all. According to one, “I loved my Jazzercise class! It was the most fun I’ve had exercising.”

Lack of Support– “No Support Network”

Many people who are attempting to lose weight find it beneficial to have a support network in place. Diet and exercise programs often offer this but Jazzercise does not, in some cases.

One struggling dieter said, “The classes were ok but as soon as I left I felt like I was on my own until the next time I could make it to a class.”

Another explained, “I love the vibe the students have during class but as soon as I left it was too easy to fall back into my bad eating habits. I wish I could have had that energy with me outside of class.”

Others felt like the class alone was useful. One happy exerciser said, “Going someplace filled with people who are excited to be there is a great motivator.”

Another similarly stated, “I don’t need help eating right but I do need to feel energized and motivated to get any exercise at all so this is a great fit for me.”

According to our research, a complex weight-loss program or one that does not offer sufficient support may cut the chance you’ll succeed. If Jazzercise is hard to do or if you don’t feel people are behind you, that could be a start down the wrong road.

The Science – “What’s Research Say?

At DietSpotlight, we need to know solid research is backing up the claims of any company. Jazzercise pushes the need for physical activity and this is a valid piece of health advice. Consumers generally benefit from increasing the amount of movement they get each day, when it is done carefully and responsibly.

The Bottom Line – Does Jazzercise Work?

What’s the real deal with Jazzercise? If you are looking for an exercise regimen that has a good track record this may be worth trying. As with any new physical activity it’s always a good idea to get the approval of your doctor first. However, the program doesn’t offer any sort of appetite control or supplements to help boost one’s metabolism. This is why we have some reservations about giving it our full support as a stand-alone option.

If the time has come to jump start your metabolism you may want to try a supplement that contains ingredients backed by scientific research to help boost your metabolism. A really great company will be something the majority of consumers can easily use and who supports their client base with responsive customer service.

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Previous Jazzercise Review (Updated February 5, 2013):

What You Should Know

Jazzercise is a cardio workout that infuses weight lifting, hip hop, kickboxing, Pilates, yoga, and cardio movements into a single workout, characterized by its upbeat music and its unique moves. Jazzercise instructors claim this type of workout helps burn the most amount of calories while toning every part of the body for a slim, toned appearance. Testimonials of Jazzercise emphasize the fun, challenging workouts and the social experience felt with its 60 minute programs. A number of people claim to have lost weight with this program, although it isn't significant -- fat loss is emphasized instead. Whether you are a first timer or have the physique of an athlete, Jazzercise claims their workout will provide a new experience and help build muscle while cutting flab. Dieters have the option of doing the program at a local gym with an instructor or ordering a Jazzercise program for home use, with videos usually costing $16.99 per DVD. The sales speak for themselves -- this program is extremely popular with young adults. Will this exercise program fit into your routine? Let's find out.


The Jazzercise program only requires their DVD or enrollment in their Jazzercise program. No weights or additional devices are needed.

Product Features

Jazzercise rips many of their components from popular exercise routines, such as kickboxing and Pilates. They also integrate moves from yoga, and for an interesting kick, hip hop. The main issue with these exercises is that it may take a while for first time "Jazzercisers" to learn, and they even address this issue on their website. Otherwise, it does appear all of their exercises target each muscle group appropriately, and it does have documented effects on all core muscle groups. Jazzercise also prescribes dieters follow a sensible diet while doing their program to see better results. Jazzercise does not promise to provide any dietary results, but they do claim dieters will experience better stamina, increased strength, and decreased fat distribution after doing their program. Testimonials seem to attest to all of these claims, but the results seemed to vary from person to person. No extreme weight loss was noted in any testimonials. Overall, Jazzercise may be a new approach to exercise for those seeking a new exercise routine.


  • Offers classes and in-home DVDs for purchase.
  • Integrates moves that exercise each part of the body.


  • Moves may be difficult to learn.
  • Their exercise system may be too challenging for first timers seeking an easy program to complete.
  • No testimonials state substantial weight loss.


Jazzercise offers a new, intensive workout for dieters who want a different exercise routine, and in that aspect it appears to be succeeding. The difficulty of learning these moves and the difficulty of performing it may be a deterrent for first timers seeking easier, hassle-free routines. Nevertheless, it is a unique exercise program that might be worth the perusal.
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Rating: 2.9. From 43 votes.
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Jazzercise Review

How Does Jazzercise Compare?

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99 percent of Jazzercise instructors talk through the entire hour. They sing with the music and act as if they’re entertainers. Not to mention most are overweight which makes me wonder about the program overall. I love Jazzercise but only once did I experience an hour with a serious and awesome instructor who didn’t talk about her kids and husband, yell out to different girls on the floor, and dance like she was in a dance contest.


Yes I totally agree about instructors talking. There is one instructor that not only talks but stops to tell a story or point out how someone is or isn’t shaking their backside! So frustrating! I mean they just stop! Guess they get their break so they can finish! And yes most of these instructors have big or major flabby belly muscles. A young person visiting wouldn’t come back! I went because a 68 year old told me to keep coming-they don’t always talk, at least not all the time! How can an exercise business be a success being run like this?The only way to get boot camp is “commando babes”, which is more strength training and we have to pay extra for that!it is advertised quite deceptively that it is separate from jazzercise. But jazzercise logo is on their flyers I do not feel it is right when jazzercise advertises fusion, core and strength training. I feel this should be part of regular tuition and not have to pay more. I did jazzercise for a year and a half and finally quit as I am totally burnt out!


This has been the best program for me….fun way to get and stay fit! Much better than Zumba…..much safer than Zumba.


Jazzercise is a great workout for all parts of your body. It will not make you loose weight, that all depends on what you put in your mouth. Overall, Jazzercise is great fun, but you still have to watch what you eat.

Judy McElyea

Learning the routines is fantastic for the mind. Keeps the brain sharp as a tack. Love my Jazzercise at home. Jcat


Gena. i hope you haven’t given up. Going 3x a week is awesome and don’t worry, you will get it. Even those of us who have been Jazzercising for years have difficulty with some of the moves. Just remember, just keep moving and having fun! This is the only program that I’ve been able to stick to and our instructors are awesome and help you every step of the way.


Momma84 I am with you I just joined too. I am on my third week going three times a week and I am curious if I am going enough. I am not very coordinated so the classes are tough.It is getting a little better each time.


For those of you who have lost weight doing Jazzercise how many times a week did you attend? How tall are you and what weight were you before attending? What weight are you now and how long did it take you to get to that weight? I am 5’7″ and 150 lbs and I just started so I’m curious what to expect.


Looking for a Jazzercise class to work with in Hiram,ga


I have been going to jazzercise for quite sometime now and it is part of my life now! Last week for instance, I was sick with a head cold and I had jazzercise withdrawals! I have never really been an active person and have been a bigger girl alll my life. Needless to say, I am the smallest now that I have ever been doing jazzercise! I will rant and rave about the jazzercise rio in rio rancho, nm! The instructors are the best and the owner is amazing! They have sculpted my body tremendously. I am only 5ft even, when I started jazzercise I weighed 168.8, I am now down to 125 and lovin ever minute of it! I have nothing negative to say about jazzercise, I love it!


I really am interested in either losing inches or pounds. I would rather lose pounds than inches, but still functions as fitting in my senior year high school clothes that I really enjoy wearing…especially the jeans and a few other items. If any young adults would like to encourage me to not worry about it or give their opinions (I read a few above), that would be amazing. I love dancing and being apart of a community away from home, but this year it needs more functions since I gained lots of inches when I did it last year. Do I really have to diet…Is weight watchers the best for a 20 year old?


Bad buisness practices…ok work out if you are over 50.


I’m 57 and have been going to Jazzercise 5 days a week for 3 weeks. I think it’s a great workout… I probably move the least in the class. (I do low impact ) but I can tell you that I sweat the most! I feel better every day and look forward to going! Everyone is encouraging and really very nice. The instructors at Gainesville, GA Fitness Center are wonderful!


I have been fit all of my life. But as an older woman, should have been more cautious going into my first class. I badly hurt my knee & have been out resting for almost a week. I feel there should be an introductory “class” for new people stressing how to best take care of yourself until you are more used to this class. Its alot of fun but very very fast


I have been doing jazzercise for over 5 months now, and I love it!! I have always been a fan of dancing and yes, even working out; but I was not a fan of going to the gym to be in a fashion show or to be picked up. I was there to work. I found with my classes, everyone was accepting and made no judgements about what you looked like. We are there for a purpose. To have fun, and get healthy. I have never met such a wonderfully accepting group of people. All of the instructors are also the bomb. They switch it up based upon who is there and what gets the job done. They keep me motivated. So much so, I go 5 days a week. My only frustration factor, I have lost inches but no pounds. My inch losses have been noticeable, but I really wish the scale would move. However, muscle weighs more than fat. I must add again, I love Jazzercise. It really rocks, and is so much fun.

Kathy Aguier

I want to go on a drop in basis, the only way I can afford it

Kathy Aguier

I want to do Jazzercise on a drop in basis, but sometimes I feel pressure to join on a regular basis. Are we not allowed to go on a drop in? That is the only way I can afford it. Otherwise, I LOVE Jazzercise


You can drop in and pay $12 a visit (The rate where I live, I know it varies from location to location, but they are about the same). I went ahead and signed the contract for $41 a month because then it pays for itself in only attending two sessions a week. So of course the real question is how often do you plan on attending a class?


I dont like their high rates.I joined Jazzercise in Feb 2011, a six months contract. I called them few weeks before my contract was getting over to find out whether I am supposed to do anything and when exactly my contract is getting over. They said its getting over in August end and I dont have to do anything to end the contract. Now they charged me for september as well and when I called they said they cant do anything becasue I have sign a form to end the contract. I dint like this fact becasue I signed a six months contract and assumed it will end after six months. On top of that, even though I called them to find out about the contract they didnt let me know and charged me for next month and said that if I wont end the contract it will continue. wow!


i have a Qeustion in zumba do you do the zumba dance every day


I have been doing Jazzercise for a little over a year now and i love it. I started at 185lbs and now i’m 130lbs I lost all that weight in 6 months. I have to thank my instructor Holly Matthews for inspiring me. Holly Instructs the classes in Bailey Colorado. She is fun always makes sure that her students are doing okay and makes sure you do it the right way by showing the whole class so you can get the right workout. Holly is always laughing and talking to everyone while she is on the platform. She always changes up the routines so your body doesn’t get to use to the routine. I highly Recommend try to come to the Bailey classes monday,wedesday,and fridays 9:15am to 10:15am And tuesday and thursday 7:00pm to 8:00pm


You want to see couple of months whether you fit in or not. If you want to join jazzercise in Schaumburg/Hoffman esstates, beware of a bitch called Jeaneen. She is sooo arrogant and not cooperative at all….You need to look for really good instructor.


Do the routines change often?


We receive new music and choreography every ten weeks. So you’ll never get bored.