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Jenny Craig Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

Jenny Craig is a weight loss system founded by Jenny Craig in 1983 after her first baby and struggled with weight loss. Jenny Craig offers rapid results, such as losing up to sixteen pounds in roughly four weeks. Can the Jenny Craig weight loss program help you finally lose those extra pounds?

Our research team wanted to know whether the Jenny Craig program, which includes a dedicated personal consultant and delicious foods, can produce such rapid weight loss results. The research team dug deep to find out if you can lose weight on the Jenny Craig program in a short time period and stay healthy. Here is an overview of the results.

Jenny Craig can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is the Jenny Craig Diet?

First, the Jenny Craig Diet is a three-level diet program that first started in Australia in 1983 and later launched operations in America in 1985. The three levels aim to deliver weight loss by teaching the dieter to eat what they like – but in smaller portions.

Part of the plan teaches the client how to boost their energy levels, given their reduced amounts of food consumption, through simple and manageable physical activities.

The final part focuses on the customer’s mental health, showing them how to build and improve on their balance both mentally and emotionally, lose weight, and keep it off.

Our first indication that this may be a rough review was the slew of customer comments on price. A little research into the ingredients can give us a better insight into this diet plan:

  • Obesity (Silver Spring)Testimonials for Jenny Craig reported more weight-loss than actual randomized-clinical trials done on the diet plan.
  • BMC Public HealthIn this study, researchers found that, “…Jenny Craig achieved significantly greater weight losses as compared to participants randomized to control/education or behavioral counseling interventions at 12 months.”
  • Preventative MedicineThis study found that the Jenny Craig diet could help users balance blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Jenny Craig Lawsuit

Top Class Actions details a lawsuit against Jenny Craig for unsolicited text messages. The company agreed to pay $3 million in damages.

Jenny Craig Competitors

Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan
Weight Watchers WW
Take Shape For Life
Food Body & Mind

Jenny Craig – Food, Body, and Mind

The Jenny Craig Diet claims to help clients achieve their desired weight goal by using the three food, body, and mind elements.


The program specifically mentions that no food is a taboo. However, they claim to help dieters become mindful of the number of calories in their foods. This way, a person can dictate the amount of food they will consume in a sitting, depending on the weight they want to lose or maintain.

The program also claims to show dieters how to cook healthy and nutritious foods that won’t trigger weight gain.


The element of the body is as important as dieting is. According to the program, a person must be physically active in the digestion of food to happen effectively. To produce the maximum energy required by the body to function adequately, you need to stay active.

The program provides work out strategies that they say are client-friendly, simple, and not too time-consuming.

According to Progress in Cardiovascular Disease, exercise training sessions can help individuals lose modest amounts of weight alone, though results are different for everyone.


The third element they focus on is the mind. An official of the program, Mr. Waltman, says, “Being positive and surrounding yourself with people that help is important.”

It has been scientifically proven that people, animals, and plants that live in a positive, encouraging, and supportive environment tend to thrive more, but no research backing this plan specifically.

The Jenny Craig program claims to provide its clients with a support system and a set of affirmations that the clients can recite daily. Customers are also promised a weight-loss counselor on standby and a forum where they can encourage each other.

To us, this all sounds fine – except for one thing. We still need to determine whether this diet works because all this talk of high costs and lack of scientific evidence has us a bit worried at the moment.

However, research published in Obesity Science & Practice found that mental health improvements have been directly associated with weight loss.

Company Bio

How Did the Jenny Craig Program Start?

After its conception in Australia and the USA, the program slowly grew in popularity. Jenny Craig, the founder of the company and her husband, later sold this diet plan to Nestle in 2006.


Jenny Craig Menu

The Jenny Craig diet consists of prepackaged foods that already have the calories counted for you. Generally, these foods are frozen and are meant for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Their nutritional content is 50-60% carbohydrate, 20-25% protein, and the same amount as the latter for fats. The program advises the clients that indulge in this diet plan to supplement each meal with fresh fruit, non-dairy products, and vegetables for maximum satisfaction.

Jenny Craig meal plans do not dismiss or promote any specific foods. The numerous prepackaged foods do not have a limitation on what is considered healthy or not.

However, the program leans more toward low-fat, low-calorie foods with high water, fiber, and protein content. But in vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, oranges, and tomatoes, one can have as many as they want. Alcoholic beverages are also allowed occasionally.

Jenny Craig menu

At Home

Jenny Craig from Home

After a while, when the client has shown growth and ability to stand independently without the support, the program also teaches them how to do Jenny Craig meal planning at home. How does one do this?

Buy a Scale

First, you need to buy yourself a weighing scale. An electronic one is preferable because it shows your weight to the last point, making it more accurate and easier to track your weight loss. Once you have your weight recorded, you can calculate the number of calories you should be eating each day to lose weight. Using an online BMI calculator is also advised.

Get Support

Get yourself linked to a weight loss friend, a dietitian, or a counselor. Someone who will be there for you whenever you needed them. As mentioned earlier, having someone who believes in you and relates to your struggles is very important in making any positive progress.

You should have a set amount of time, say 20 minutes each day, where you meet and talk with your weight loss partner about your progress. By doing this, not only will you have an accountability partner who will always keep you on track and help you if you slipped, but you will also have the motivation to do better because no one likes being a disappointment.

Stock up on Low-Calorie Food

The next and maybe the most important thing is to stock up on the low-calorie foods. Throw away all the high calorie and high-fat foods in your house and anything over-processed.

Remember, the program does not ban any food, but chemical and synthetic products are not qualified as food. Instead, buy and keep in large quantities whole foods, low dairy foods, fruits, and vegetables of your liking, proteins such as lentils and black beans, nuts, chicken preferably skinless, canned fish, and water.

You should then try as much as possible to cook these foods in very little oil. Deep frying should be on very limited occasions, if any.

Divide Your Meals

The next step is to take the calorie chart that you made when you recorded your weight and divide it into 6 meals that you will be taking throughout the day.

For example, if the calories you are required to take to lose weight are 1200 a day, you are supposed to make 6 meals, each carrying 200 calories, and eating them.

A day has twenty-four hours, but 6-8 are for sleeping, so that you will be working roughly 18 hours. This means that the 6 meals should have a three-hour spacing. You can choose to have all the meals with a uniform number of calories or make some meals like breakfast heavier than day time snacks.

Stay Active

It’s important to make it a strict ritual to do physical exercise every day. You can start with as little as 20 minutes and work your way up gradually. The trick is to be consistent and disciplined. At this point, it is advisable to have a food journal where you can be recording what you had for every meal and whether you stuck to the calories.

You can also record the length of time you exercised and what specific workouts you did. This is important to keep yourself on track and also to monitor your progress.

Eliminate the Urge

Maybe it’s time to buy some measuring cups to make meal preparation easier. You should also toss anything that might trigger you to snack or eat more than you should.

Make sure to keep in constant communication with your health partner and dietitian being absolutely open with them. It is better to admit that you failed or slipped than to act like everything is fine while failing in real factg. Using these steps, apparently, will give you your very own Jenny Craig at home.

To us, it seems you can save your money and do all of this without Jenny Craig taking your money – but we’re crazy.Jenny Craig benefits

Does It Work?

Does Jenny Craig Work?

Here’s where we start to really peel back the layers. Does this diet program work? At the high cost of the diet plan, will we actually lose weight?

Many people can attest to the fact that the plan worked for them. The plan also works great for vegetarians and those who do not consume gluten since there are various options.

However, the diet is not good for vegans because almost all the prepackaged foods have some dairy levels in them.

According to a review of previous studies, it was seen that obese adults put on the Jenny Craig diet plan showed a 4.9% more weight loss than those who were enrolled in a normally controlled weight loss plan without the inclusion of support intervention.

One thing is for sure, everybody is different, and literally, every “body” reacts differently to individual diets and exercise regimens. Everyone burns calories differently, and for some, counting calories can be a bad thing.


Jenny Craig Benefits

According to the company, the Jenny Craig Diet Plan provides:

  • Convenience
  • Weight loss
  • Weight management
  • Support system

Jenny Craig’s clients are promised a steady and balanced diet scientifically proven and approved by nutritionists and dietitians. Customers are given prepackaged foods with the calories already counted and certified as okay.

Another supposed benefit is that no one has to go through the “journey of weight loss and control alone.” Jenny Craig diet claims to provide a great support system – and we’ve seen promises like this before.

It’s no surprise that eating foods like fruits and vegetables help boost a person’s immune system, remove toxins from their bodies, and provide maximum energy – but will this diet deliver on these promises?

There is no scientific research linking this diet to weight loss and management. National Institutes of Health conducted a study on mice that were given a low-calorie diet.

“The diet was designed to mimic some of the beneficial effects of fasting, including improving markers of longevity and metabolism. Middle-aged mice (16 months old) were fed the diet for 4 consecutive days, followed by 10 days of unlimited food access. During these phases, the mice overate so that their overall calorie intake was similar to mice continuously fed a regular diet.”

Meal Plans Don’t Work?

Now, we’re not saying meal plans don’t work – we’re just highlighting some information we found surrounding the idea.

There is a wealth of information, blogs, and articles pointing out the downfalls of meal planning. Some examples

  • Meal plans are meant to be temporary, but some dieters find themselves following the strict diet far longer than they should.
  • Most people don’t even stick to the meal plan and gain back any weight they may have lost.
  • Some studies even show subjects binge eating because of a low-calorie diet – we talk more about that later on.

Jenny Craig cost


Jenny Craig Cost

Here’s where we get a bit bummed out. The mega-downside is that this diet is super expensive. Jenny Craig prices are as follows:

  • $14.99 and an extra 25 dollars for an enrollment fee, which does not include access to a health consultant.
  • $19.99 is charged monthly with a $99.00 fee for enrollment for access to a maximum of three health consultants.
  • For weekly consultation and no enrollment fee, $39.99 is charged monthly.

These prices do not include the cost of buying foods. According to the company, the Jenny Craig food prices of food are between $13 and $24 per day, and shipping charges are also separate.

So basically, a person could end up spending close to $150.00 per week, which is not exactly something everyone can do.

All Jenny Craig products can be purchased on the official website. We didn’t find any 3rd party sellers.


Jenny Craig Delivery

The Jenny Craig online website allows people to order, choose, and buy foods without physically going to the local Jenny Craig centers. The online system requires your information so they can recommend the best foods for you.

When ordering online, the first order is usually chosen by the company to give you an idea of what would best work for you, and from then on, you choose the plans yourself.

Orders are made in batches of two weeks, but there is a three-day sample trial. This sample meal includes nine meals, three snacks, and three salad dressings.

After giving all your information, the Jenny Craig Food Delivery team ships the food out to you. You can choose from picking up your food from the local center or have them directly delivered to you – which will cost you extra.

Side Effects

Jenny Craig Side Effects

Sure, this is only a meal plan and diet, and you don’t expect to see a list of side effects, but you would be surprised. Not all experts agree with low-calorie diets, pointing out the possible side effects – which are a bit shocking.

Possible side effects of a low-calorie diet include:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue

They go on to mention that rapid weight loss can lead to gallstones.


Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers

There is no shortage of weight-loss programs on the market.

Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers are a couple of popular diet plans. Many reviewers have often compared these systems in the hope of finding which one is the best route to take.

Let’s look at each and compare them to the Jenny Craig Diet Plan.

Diet System

All three systems include prepackaged meals in their diet plan. This can be attributed to the fact that with prepackaged foods, calorie control is a guarantee. However, for the Weight Watchers, the users can choose not to take these foods from the very beginning and opt for a meal preparation guide – which the others don’t offer.


In terms of prices, Weight Watchers is the cheapest, followed by Nutrisystem. Jenny Craig was dead last in this category – the most expensive of the three.


When it comes to the support system, published in BMC Public Health has shown that Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig offer constant weekly group or individual counseling and physical and interactive meetings as opposed to Nutrisystem, whose support system is only online and among dieters.


The other difference between these three systems is that Nutrisystem does not offer any background check or change for its clients. A background checks in terms of their previous eating regimen, their exercise habits, etc.

Both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig help in knowing the past of its clients to determine their problems and assist in changing their ways of thinking and doing things regarding their nutrition and health.

What we gather from these comparisons is that the only thing separating Jenny Craig from the competition is the outrageous price tag.



In 2017, a discriminatory lawsuit was filed against the corporation. Ms. Flanzman filed the suit after her hours were drastically cut her hours repeatedly and in 2017, Ms. Flanzman was 82 years old. Because a document was signed that indicated an initial cut to hours, it was found not to be legal. In 2020, the company appealed the decision. The appellate courts agreed with the appeal and reversed the decision.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“They care and offer great workout tips and other healthy advice……I very much like it of way they talk.”

“My husband and I were on Jenny Craig over 4 weeks. We were promised at the beginning, if we complete 4 weeks, we’ll get $100 gift card. We have completed it, my husband got his card, I haven’t. When I tried to call and ask about the reason, they said I didn’t complete it and disqualified for the card, it was lie. It’s the worst the business can do: to lie their clients. Horrible!!! Their prices too high, every time we got order, something was missing, but I did, followed all recommendations and was strictly on the diet, even during my trip to Hawaii and on vacation, weight loss was not great and customer service is horrible. I’m on Nutrisystem now. Very much better food selection, excellent customer service, fast weight loss result and prices are so much better!”

“The $20ish a day wasn’t bad for the number of things they gave you to eat each day. I only did it for 3 week and dropped about 8 pounds. The meals the first week were amazingly good. Then they just went down hill from there. A lot of it during those 2 weeks were like stuff that didn’t have to be kept cold. Like some kind of soups, and beans/rice. And I am not a bean person. Snacks were good! Support was good.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Jenny Craig

Counting calories, eating healthy, and exercising are sure to help you lose some weight, but at what cost? Is this diet plan going to catapult you to weight-loss glory? It might work for some, but there are just too many negatives for us to back this diet.

Jenny Craig Cons:

  • Way too expensive
  • No scientific research on the diet
  • Low-calorie diets aren’t always effective.

If your goal is to lose weight, increase energy and eliminate hunger, you should go with a program that can help you track your eating habits, meet your personal goals and is backed by multiple clinical studies.

One of the best weight-loss programs of the year is called Noom. This weight-loss system uses personalized meal plans, human coaching, and interactive support groups to help you make healthier choices and shed some extra pounds. Customer reviews are showing great success, with some users pointing out the amazing value of the program.

On top of that, they’re so confident that Noom will work for you, there’s a free trial offer being offered to all Dietspotlight readers, which is pretty amazing!

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Jenny Craig

What are the details on the Jenny Craig program?

Jenny Craig makes a variety of healthy meals that you can purchase while you are on the program. The ingredients in their meals includes vegetables, whole grains, fruits and lean meats such as chicken, beef, pork and chicken. Their meals are low in calories, carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fats.

What are the side effects of Jenny Craig?

There are no known side effects of the Jenny Craig program although some of their clients have reported food allergies.

Does Jenny Craig work?

Jenny Craig claims that the members that follow their program lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week.

What is the price of Jenny Craig?

You can start the Jenny Craig program for as little as $15 plus the cost of food.

How should I take Jenny Craig?

You should follow the food or meal plan that is created for you on the program.

Where can I buy Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig can be purchased using their Official Site.

How do I contact Jenny Craig customer service?

You can contact Jenny Craig by going to their website at http://www.jennycraig.com. Go to the “Find a Location” tab on the menu bar at the top of the page and click. Enter your city or zip code and click the “Find a Center” location. You can also call 866-706-4042 for immediate assistance.

Can I return Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig guarantees that their clients will lose an average of 1-2 pounds while in on their weight loss program.

What are the most common complaints about Jenny Craig?

The most common complaint of clients who have reviewed Jenny Craig is regaining weight when the client ends their participation in the program.

16 Jenny Craig Reviews

  • Paula (Verified Purchase)

    The menu price is not what they charge they need to fix that a week cost 165.00 to 171.00
    Customer service was no help to me.

  • It may not be right for y
    Sarah (Verified Purchase)

    If you order online, the cost is ridiculous even though I can afford it. You must have a huge freezer capacity if you have others in your household. I am very disappointed. Although their food is good, they are often out of the items you prefer. I do not recommend this diet for anyone 60 or older and/or those who have less than 30 lbs to lose

  • Price of the product.
    Kathy Flowers

    I woild like to know what the cost is per week for Jenny Craig and the cost of the food. Thanks Kathy

    • Jacqueline

      There are planned and personalized week, so it varied. The planned weeks are about $120. The foods are delicious:) Then at halfway we start doing 2 days on our own. The key is getting to your goal weight and they’ll enroll you in their maintanence program where you do all your own foods, but still have consultations.

  • Price of the program.
    Kathy Flowers

    I would like to know the cost of the program and the price of the food for a week on this program. Thanks Kathy

    • Kim Roberts

      I am a member of Jenny Craig. I joined about a month ago. I did the 20lbs for $20 plus the cost of food.
      So far the food has ranged from $180 to $130 per week, but I now have quite a bit of extra’s. I will probably stop buying the food completely within the next 4-6 weeks. Good luck!

  • Why doesn't Jenny Craig help?
    jacob martinez

    why is Jenny Craig a bad diet?What are some bad warnings about the diet? Why doesn’t Jenny Craig help?

  • EVERYBODY don't waste your time and money.
    unhappy (Verified Purchase)

    I tried Jenny Craig in the beginning and it was nice at the start but it gets boring and the consultants aren’t real consultants. These consultants are just sales people who want your money. EVERYBODY don’t waste your time and money. These people don’t really ‘care’. It’s just a job to them.

    • KAT

      I was a consultant not a salesperson, I did care and that is why I quit. Much better options for sustained weight loss.

  • Didn't like the food much
    Jayne (Verified Purchase)

    Just joined Jenny Craig this week the snack are nice but things I have always avoided eg twisties, lunches feel very unhealthy like a pie and a sausage roll – things I would never buy for lunch. The dinner look really nice on the box but don’t look anything like it on the plate, I counted 5 tiny pieces of meat and all the rest just sauce in my chicken korma tonight, I don’t think I could last for months on these frozen dinners haven’t had a nice one yet this week. Thank goodness I have only signed for a 2 week trial.

  • Wonderful success
    PLorel (Verified Purchase)

    I tried Jenny Craig in the past and had wonderful success. The thing I like about this is it is never designed to keep you on their food, as you los3 weight your coach (you get a coach who helps you and motivates you; once per week)helps you learn to make better food choices. Some of the programs can be expensive, but there are options for those on extreme budgets, such as myself. I also like that they promote not only food, but exercise; lets face it if you want to lose weight and keep it off in a healthy manner you need to exercise. Another benefit they have overall all the other programs…they are the only one who is recommended by the American Heart Association. Keep in mind; if budget is an issue, the foods you chose plays a role in the price. Also, they can work with you for example: you might only do breakfast, lunch and a snack which significantly lowers the cost. If you are willing to do the work, but just need help getting started this is the program for you. If you don’t really want to do any work then please don’t waste your money.

    • juan slong

      sounds like a horrible program then..

  • The food is so expensive
    nancy (Verified Purchase)

    I am at my 9th week at jenny craig and i have lost 12 pounds. the food is so expensive that i am not planning to go back after my 10th week. It gets boring after awhile of eating the same frozen foods.

  • Very expensive product
    S Lorenzo (Verified Purchase)

    I started the program four weeks ago and was talked into taking the extended plan instead of the 20 for 20. Should have tkaed the 20 for 20. The food has an adverse affect on my system so I have been living on gas-x and tagamet for a week. I have spent over $799 dollars to lose FOUR pounds………..Not A Good Deal. They should offer an intro plan to see if you can tolerate the food. (Of course no mention of this was ever mentioned at the one on ones as a complaint from any clients) But i have heard the same complants on my own.

  • I lost the weight with the program
    Jen (Verified Purchase)

    Though I initially lost the weight with the program, I found that the transition part of the program failed badly. I used the same guidelines, and everything, but the pounds slowly came back on. NOT HAPPY about that!
    I never reached my goal weight either.
    I will say that their food is very good. Today, I’d be looking to see if there’s MSG in it.
    My cooking is reasonably healthy on its own. There’s no way it should have added pounds. I’d really like to see what a test kitchen found out.
    Oh, and it can be expensive, but you’re saving money by eating less unhealthy stuff… so it comes out close to even.

  • Need advise for home program.
    kathie O'Shea

    i heard there is an at home program. how does that work. I am disabled and cant get in.Also i was a member a couple of years ago, and i cant get my food discounted now. Why? I would be re joining now if i can afford food. i get no disability myself and we are retired. please advise. Thanks, Kathie