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Jocko Go Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

With a mix of l-theanine, theobromine, and caffeine, Jocko Go says their energy drink is the answer to everyone’s mental performance issues. The drink also claims to help users experience enhanced memory, reduced stress, and increased cognitive stamina.

To see if these claims were true, our team decided to take a closer look at Jocko Go, investigating its ingredients, side effects, formula research, potential benefits, and product warnings. Make sure to keep reading to the bottom line if you are ready to learn more about this energy drink!

Jocko Go can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Jocko Go?

What is Jocko Go

Jocko Go is an energy drink that claims to be made from all-natural sugar-free ingredients.

The drink claims it can help users focus on fostering energy, memory, clarity, and focus. It also claims to provide individuals with the energy necessary to push through intense workouts. Overall, Jocko Go says it not only improves energy levels but also provides many cognitive benefits.

Before examining everything you need to know about Jocko Go, let’s first examine what research says about a few of this product’s ingredients:

  • Journal of Medicinal Food: According to this study, l-theanine may play a role in promoting mental focus in middle-aged men.
  • Critical Review Food Science Nutrition: This study affirms that theanine amino acid in tea promotes relaxation, cognitive performance, quality of sleep, and obesity.
  • Psychopharmacology: This study reveals that theobromine, an active ingredient in cocoa, promotes increased blood flow in the brain, resulting in higher cognitive performance.

Who Makes Jocko Go?

Jocko Go is an American-based product created by Jocko Willink in partnership with Origin USA. The owner is Pete Roberts, a New England native with a true spirit of American entrepreneurship, according to the official website.

Jocko Go Customer Service

Individuals can contact Jocko Go by telephone, email, or fill out a form on their official website.

  • Phone: 1-888-858-1416
  • Email: shipping@originmaine.com

Other Products From the Makers of Jocko Go

Origin Maine has its products in various categories, including Nutrition, Durable Goods, BJJ, MMA, and Fitness. Some of these products and goods include:

  • Jocko Fuel
  • Hypnos Sleep
  • Greek Fire
  • Warrior Kid
  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Compression Gear
  • Boots
  • Rashguards

Jocko Go Claims

Jocko Go claims to provide sustainable energy during exercise, boost cognitive thinking, provide brain support, and promote mental focus and clarity. The product also claims to provide real, sugar-free energy that is safe for those on a ketogenic diet.

The product claims it can cause all of these benefits because of the ingredients found in the blend.


Jocko Go Ingredients

Jocko Go Ingredients

Jocko Go ingredients include:

  • Caffeine
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Bacopa
  • L-Theanine
  • Theobromine

Does Jocko Go Work?

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl l-carnitine is an ingredient commonly found in energy and exercise supplements. One study published in Nutrients found that l-carnitine may play a role in the improvement of cognitive memory, especially in individuals with certain memory health conditions.

However, another study published in The Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews found that there is little evidence backing claims made by acetyl-l-carnitine in relation to cognitive improvement.


Alpha-GPC is a powerful ingredient that promotes memory, according to some. However, research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that this ingredient, when combined with caffeine, did not lead to any significant cognitive or performance benefits.


Caffeine has been used in many supplements to promote mental focus, clarity, and athletic performance. However, it has also been known to cause nervousness and anxiety, according to the Korean Journal of Medicine.

More research in Cureus found that caffeine could have a positive impact on both short-term and long-term memory.


Theobromine promotes increased blood flow in the brain, resulting in higher cognitive performance, according to one study published in Nutrients.


L-theanine is a naturally occurring component present in green tea. Further, the research indicates that this element plays a significant role in promoting anti-stress effects in acute and chronic conditions, as per one study published in Pharmacological Research.

Weight Loss

Jocko Go and Weight Loss

Most supplements claim to assist with weight loss/ management, but not all live up to their promise. In the case of the Jocko Go supplement, it does not claim to help with weight management. Despite being a recommended energy drink among sportspeople, there is no research to support the fact that it assists with weight management.

The supplement uses all-natural and sugar-free ingredients found in the research, and none of these ingredients seems to support weight loss. However, the product does claim to be safe for those currently on a ketogenic diet.

Side Effects

Jocko Go Side Effects

Jocko Go Side Effects

There is no known negative impact of using the Jocko go supplement. However, as an energy drink containing caffeine, it can lead to insomnia, nervousness, and weight gain.

Jocko Go also claims that individuals with medical conditions, those who are pregnant, and people sensitive to caffeine should steer clear of their product.

How to Use Jocko Go

In order to consume Jocko Go, individuals just need to drink a can of the liquid.

Cost and Where to Buy

The price of Jocko Go depends on where it is bought.

On the official website, a 12-pack of the drink costs about $30. On Amazon, a 12-pack costs about $35.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • There is some research showing its ingredients can lead to improved cognitive performance.


  • Some consider this product expensive, especially if you take more than two pills daily.
  • The caffeine in this drink may lead to some side effects.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line on Jocko Go Results

When it comes to Jocko Go, there is some research showing its ingredients can slightly boost cognitive performance. There is also no question that the caffeine in this blend may lead to increased energy levels, focus, and clarity, as well as reduced stress.

According to some customer reviews, the product works as claims. However, other reviews noted that the product did not work as claimed and that the drink caused a few negative effects, like nausea.

Overall, if you want to lose weight, Jocko Go is not the best choice. No research or user reviews claim the product facilitates weight loss either, so if you are looking to lose some additional weight and improve your health, another solution is needed.

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Jocko Go Review
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