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Keto Switch Review - 12 Things You Need to Know

Keto Switch is a powdered supplement made by Switch Nutrition. You add it to water, and it claims to “Switch On” Ketosis in your body, allowing you to lose weight, have more energy and other health benefits. We have researched the supplement extensively, and have found information on the active ingredients as well as the process of ketosis and how it works.

While it seems unlikely that merely taking one supplement can switch your body into a ketogenic state, there are some benefits to a keto diet that have been proven. We will attempt to establish whether Keto Switch can live up to its claim of being able to induce ketosis without relying on other factors such as changes in diet or exercise.

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What is Keto Switch?

what is keto switch

Keto Switch is Australia’s leading ketogenic supplement that is made for ketogenic diets. It contains Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (goBHB) that is designed help the individual enter into a state of ketosis. The company refers to the chemical process behind ketosis as “performance fuel.”

Ketones play many different roles in the body, primarily impacting energy and weight loss. Also,  a ketogenic diet has been shown to have an impact on particular diseases and conditions like, inflammation, according to ScienceDirect.

How Did Keto Switch Start?

Keto Switch was created by Greg Haglund, the founder, and director of Switch Nutrition. His experience in the health and performance industry allowed him to start a company that he felt could impact the world on a large scale. He wanted to create safe, natural products that worked both scientifically and in real life scenarios and he wanted to feel good about recommending them to his family and friends. By putting customers and high-quality ingredients first, he was able to become an industry leader in the supplement industry. Greg offers a full line of products in addition to Keto with called Switch Nutrition.


Keto Switch Claims

Research has shown, according to Medical News Today, that in ketosis, the human body can burn more fat, have enhanced brain functioning, decreased inflammation, better blood sugar control, increased energy, reduced sensitivity to insulin and fewer cravings. Your body burns more fat, raises energy, enhances brain function, lowers inflammation, controls blood sugar, improves insulin sensitivity and fights food cravings.


Keto Switch Ingredients

what ingredients are in keto switch

There are several beneficial ingredients in the Keto Switch formula. Some of the most important are:

  • goBHB (Beta Hydroxybutyrate): goBHB is designed to turn on ketones and put your body in a ketosis state for more fat burning, increased energy, and blood sugar.
  • Vana Sana C-8 MCT oil: Provides medium chain triglycerides that help you achieve optimum cognitive performance. According to MedicalNewsToday, they are like fuel for the human brain. Vana Sana C-8 MCT Oil also helps with glucose metabolism‚ and raises the responsiveness of cells to insulin by stimulating insulin receptors.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: Naturally occurring in the kidneys and liver, it helps your body’s cells produce energy. According to WebMD, Acetyl-L-carnitine assists your body in providing energy, and in this way acts as performance fuel for the brain. It is essential for helping the heart and brain function accurately, keep your muscles moving and induces homeostasis throughout the body.
  • Ketogenic amino acids: A group of essential amino acids that help with metabolization in the body. There is an excellent explanation of these amino acids on Research Gate.

Does Keto Switch Work?

According to NCBI, a group of researchers from Oxford University concluded that ketone drinks are a practical and efficient way to achieve a ketogenic state. This means that drinks like Keto Switch work well to kick-start your body into balance so that it burns fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. Once you are in a state of ketosis, your liver uses your body’s fatty acids to make ketones which are molecules that burn fat as fuel.


Keto Switch Benefits and Results

benefits of using keto switch

In addition to controlling insulin, burning fat, and helping to control your appetite, following a reduced-carb diet can result in several neurological and physical benefits. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Rome, a ketogenic diet can provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support, as NCBI reports.

Managing mental health also comes into play with ketones because Keto switch can help to increase BDNF, which is Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. It is a hormone that naturally occurs in your brain, and it helps to protect and repair your cells. Some research shows that brain fog, reduced brain function and even some forms of mental illness can be attributed to lack of BDFN. Keto Switch can help restore it. According to researchers, BDNF also can help with memory and learning.

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Weight Loss

Keto Switch and Weight Loss

Keto Switch may help you to lose weight by increasing the fat burning energy in your cells through a process called Mitochondrial Biogenesis. It also helps to curb your appetite and keep cravings at bay by controlling certain hormones in the body. Another benefit is that it can help to improve any insulin sensitivity you may experience. This can help your body to use carbohydrates more efficiently, thus storing less body fat.

According to researchers at Harvard, a ketogenic diet is effective at weight loss and could be an alternative for some individuals who have not responded positively to other weight loss methods. The ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats needed for the body to enter into a ketogenic state varies widely among people according to genetics and other factors, so it is essential to consult with a physician who can closely monitor any physical changes that may arise. A dietician, as well, can be helpful in planning a ketogenic diet.

How To Take Keto Switch

how to take keto switch

You should consume one serving of Keto Switch dissolved in 17 ounces of water before exercise while fasting, or anytime you need a boost. Keto Switch is suitable for most people and is Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, GMO-Free, Sugar-Free, Lactose-Free, has no artificial colorings and no preservatives. It has been proven to be safe and effective. According to Livestrong, when you are on a keto diet, you should be doing regular blood tests to measure acetone and BHB in the body. Testing will measure your level of ketones to make sure that you are in a ketogenic state.

Side Effects

Potential Keto Switch Side Effects

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is the main ingredient in Keto Switch and is considered by the FDA to be GRAS,(Generally Regarded As Safe). It is 100 percent natural and is manufactured and certified in a HACCP and GMP certified facility. While Keto Switch has been proven to be safe, The researchers at Harvard express that there can be some adverse effects of this type of diet, in both the short term and the long term. These negative effects include:

Short Term:

  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Irritability and a low mood
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty concentrating

Another side effect that is not talked about too much is that ketosis alters the smell of breath, urine, and sweat because of the acetone, which is a natural byproduct of metabolizing fat.

While these effects aren’t permanent (they usually only last a few weeks at most) they can be somewhat embarrassing. And honestly, our researchers found that symptoms that can change your body chemistry so dramatically may indicate that something is not right.

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

It’s a great item and I highly recommend it to anyone doing the keto diet!

Found it way toooo sweet.

Ketosis is about reducing carbs until your body no longer relies on it as an energy source, no powder is going to help with that.

Bottom Line on Keto Switch

If you are following a ketogenic diet, and in particular one that includes a supplement like Keto Switch, it is crucial that you drink plenty of water to enter ketosis. And it is still vitally important that you always tend to your body’s nutritional needs.

We 100% support replacing simple carbohydrates with complex carbs, at a reduced amount, to facilitate weight loss. However, we also believe other supplements can support fat burning from a different angle – metabolism.

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Keto Switch Review
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Keto Switch

Is Keto Switch for weight loss?

Keto Switch is for weight loss and does this by increasing fat burning energy and curb your appetite.

What are the Keto Switch ingredients?

The ingredients found in Keto Switch include:

  • goBHB (Beta Hydroxybutyrate)
  • Vana Sana C-8 MCT oil
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Ketogenic Amino Acids
Are there Keto Switch side effects to know about?

Some side effects experienced by individuals who use Keto Switch include:

  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Irritability
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty Concentrating
Is Keto Switch for men or women?

Keto Switch is for both men and women.

Where can I buy Keto Switch?

Keto Switch can be purchased online or at retailers including GNC and Walmart.

Is there a Keto Switch free trial or free samples?

There are no free trials or free samples of Keto Switch.

What is the most common Keto Switch complaint?

The most common Keto Switch complaint is that it is too expensive.

What are some similar products to Keto Switch?

Products similar to Keto Switch include:

1 Keto Switch Reviews

  • Tom Lyon

    Wouldn’t use either, caffeine has been proven to increase lipolysis / fat usage. Coffee then training first thing before breakfast. Very simple and basically no side effects or risk of nutritional deficiencies