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Keto Ultra Review - 14 Things You Need to Know

Will Keto Ultra stop your fight with weight loss? If you are one of the 35 percent of obese Americans, then you may also be one of the 45 million individuals in the U.S. who diet each year and together spend an estimated $33 billion on weight loss products.

From what we understand, based on the company’s claims, Keto Ultra has already helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. Being on a keto diet alone has been proven to burn more fat than being on a carb-laden diet, even without exercise.

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What is Keto Ultra?

To understand what Keto Ultra is, you first need to know about what a keto diet is as the supplement is supposed to accelerate the keto process for faster weight-loss results.

Ketosis is a state of burning fat for fuel in place of carbohydrates that occurs when following a very-low-carb, high-fat, diet. Now you are probably thinking, as we were, “wouldn’t high fat cause you to gain weight?” The answer is “no,” not when your body is in a state of ketosis. At this time it will actually use the fat for energy rather than the carbohydrates it would normally use, but since you are eating fewer carbs; your body will burn the fat for energy instead.

Keto Ultra is an all-natural ketone supplement that can be taken to reduce your appetite, increase your metabolism, raise focus, and give you energy while speeding up the process of weiught loss – or at least those are the claims.

Moreover, you don’t even have to exercise to lose weight with this process, however, exercise offers a plethora of health benefits outside of weight loss, so it’s great to get moving.

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How Did Keto Ultra Start?

Keto Ultra recently launched in 2018 and has earned a bit of a following, but it still hasn’t broken through into success on the Amazon Marketplace.


Keto Ultra Claims

Cravings are a hard part of dieting, especially when we tell ourselves we are starting a new diet. It’s almost like suddenly our brain tries to convince us we are hungry. The makers of Keto Ultra claim that they formulated this supplement to help curb your cravings so you eat less.

This supposedly works by raising levels of the main ingredient “BHB.” The higher the levels of BHB in your blood, the more fat will be converted into energy, and the more weight you will lose. Again, this is the claim made by the company selling Keto Ultra, but research doesn’t say the same.


Keto Ultra Ingredients

When our researchers hit the ingredient section of their review, it’s often a battle between what an ingredient is supposed to do and what it is actually proven to do. The following are claims about Keto Ultra ingredients, not proven results.

Ingredient Update: As of July 2019, the ingredients in Keto Ultra are:

  • Caffeine
  • Phenylethylamine HCL
  • Glucomannan
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Kola Nut
  • L-Carnitine

Keto Ultra ingredients include…

Garcinia Cambogia

Blocks the ability to make fat and curbs your appetite.

Green Tea Extract

Increases alertness.

Lemon Extract

Helps reduce fat and body mass.

Hydroxycitric Acid

Decreases fat mass.

Green Coffee Beans

Reduces body fat and weight.

African Mango

Aids in weight reduction.


Encourages the body to burn fat for energy.

Vitamins and Minerals

Helps raise metabolism and energy levels.

Does Keto Ultra Work?

If you’re looking for the keto urine testing strip to change to the marroon that means you’re in ketosis, yes, Keto Ultra may work. BHB is an exogenous ketone that’s eliminated in urine. So, when you test your urine the ketones aren’t there because your body is in ketosis. They are there because you’re passing BHB out of the body.

Is Keto Ultra Diet a Scam?

We don’t believe Keto Ultra is a scam, per se, but we’re not sold on all the claims. This product is not a proven fat burner and it was not on Shark Tank, which appears to be the real scam right now with hundreds of supplements using this lie as a selling tactic.

Pros and Cons

Keto Ultra Benefits and Results

The claimed Keto Ultra benefits are nothing special when compared to other supplements with the same ingredients. The following are the Keto Ultra results you’re supposed to see from taking the supplement:


• Made of all natural ingredients.

• Encourages metabolism to burn fat that results in weight loss.

• Curbs appetite so you don’t eat as much.

• Comes with a money-back guarantee.


• Not sold in brick-and-mortar stores; only online.

Details on Keto Ultra and Weight Loss

How does Keto Ultra help you to lose weight? Your body normally gets its energy from burning the carbohydrates contained in the food that you eat. Scientists recently found that if there are no or low carbs for your body to convert into energy, your body will burn stored fat instead to give you the energy you need to perform daily activities.


How to Use Keto Ultra

Keto Ultra comes in easy to swallow veggie capsules that should be taken twice a day while your body is in a state of ketosis. This means that you should be following a regular keto diet plan when taking keto diet pills.

Take a single capsule upon waking with 8 ounces of water, then another before bed with another 8 ounces of water. In addition, drink plenty of water during the day and stick with your keto diet plan.

Side Effects

Potential Keto Ultra Side Effects

So far, there are no known Keto Ultra side effects. However, it is recommended for adults over 18 years of age and as with any supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking supplements or medications, you should consult with your doctor before taking.

Where Can You Buy Keto Ultra?

If it is not available in stores, then where can you buy Keto Ultra? You can purchase these keto diet pills online from distributors including Amazon and eBay.


Keto Ultra Cost

On Amazon, you can purchase a bottle of Keto Ultra for $19.97. On Walmart and other online retail websites, Keto Ultra can be purchased for $19.99.

What Users Are Saying

“The thing I find the hardest about losing weight isn’t the exercise but the cravings I get to eat all sorts of sweet snacks. That all changed the moment I started taking this. My appetite has lessened a lot and I get an added boost of energy, perfect for my workouts.”

“Product contains mucho caffeine. Had to call paramedics after five days of use. Short half life means no slow elimination from system and build up over time. One first responder said product is like drinking 5 Red Bulls. BE CAREFULL!”

“Tried it for 60 days and did not do anything.”

Bottom Line

Bottom Line on Keto Ultra

The makers of Keto Ultra claim you can lose and manage weight by combining the supplement with a keto diet plan. Keto diet plans are currently a bit controversial where some experts claim this type of diet may be dangerous yet others are willing to swear by their effectiveness. We can’t help but wonder who is correct since the claims do seem too good to be true.

Dieters using the keto process all follow the same plan – eat fewer carbs. If you follow the keto diet plan and exercise regularly, all you need to fill in the gaps is the right product.

Among all the programs we’ve reviewed this year we like Noom the most. Findings also show that the program is clinically proven to help users lose weight. Inside the app you get human coaching, personalized meal plans and more.

Noom started offering a free trial for everyone to have the chance to see results, immediately after the company began getting calls from users on a daily basis who claimed to have seen results in just 14 days.

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Keto Ultra

Is Keto Ultra for weight loss or something else?

Keto Ultra is marketed as a ketogenic supplement designed to be used with a ketogenic diet.

What are the Keto Ultra ingredients?

The Keto Ultra ingredients are garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, lemon extract, hydroxycitric acid (from garcinia cambogia), green coffee beans, African mango, beta hydroxybutyrate, vitamins, and minerals.

Are there any Keto Ultra side effects to consider?

Some of the ingredients in Keto Ultra come with the risk of side effects like insomnia, stomach irritation, and nervousness.

Does Keto Ultra work for both men and women?

Yes, Keto Ultra is designed to work for both men and women. As for whether or not it works, see the review above for a more detailed look.

Are there any free trials or free samples for Keto Ultra?

We found no free trial or free sample offer for Keto Ultra.

What is the most common Keto Ultra complaint?

We found few more than 100 reviews for Keto Ultra, but only a few complaints. The only thing we noticed was that some people aren’t happy with the amount of weight they lost, if any.

What are some similar products?

Products similar to Keto Ultra include Keto Shred, It Works! Keto Energy, and Keto BHB 800.

Keto Ultra Reviews