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What is KetoForce and how will it help you lose weight? We’ll find out by getting the specific details about ingredients, side effects, and clinical research. What do dieters think? We read hundreds of user reviews to get their story. You want to details, so we compiled the details to give you the facts.

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What is KetoForce?

A new dietary supplement to help along with the process of ketosis in the body, KetoForce comes in liquid form. New in the weight loss supplement market, the product assists users in their ketogenic diets. While improving mental performance, it helps in fat burning while providing an extra boost of energy and controlling the diet of the user. With BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate) as the main ingredient of KetoForce, ketone level in the blood increases for up to at least 3 hours in the body.

The product is pretty much harmless and is said to have little to no side effects on the body. It is meant to be taken as a dietary supplement for those who are following a ketogenic diet or are maintaining the process of ketosis in the body after the diet.

How did KetoForce Start?

KetoForce came on the market recently in the year of 2015 and is produced by Keto Sports. The company focuses on ketogenic products along with other low carbohydrate products to help people achieve their goals of weight loss. KetoForce is the first product launched by Keto Sports that is considered to be a favorite in the market. The main aim of the company is to make all things that are related to keto and are healthy, so there are no side effects.

Keto Sports is the pioneer of starting ketone supplement in the United States of America which began after a lot of research in Florida. However, the Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated the products and their ingredients. [1]

KetoForce Customer Testimonials

KetoForce Claims

KetoForce with beta-hydroxybutyrate as an endogenous source of ketone, claims to help users with weight loss. The main claim is that the dietary supplement increases the ketone level in the blood which helps in breaking down fat components in the body much quicker than usual leading to weight loss. Moreover, another claim that the product and the manufacturers make is that the ingredients are completely natural and do not lead to any reactions in the body after usage. KetoForce is also supposed to help in controlling the appetite while improving both the mental and physical performance of the user.

KetoForce Ingredients

Beta-hydroxybutyrate is the main ingredient of the dietary supplement, but there are others used in the safe formula of this dietary supplement as well.


Commonly known as ketone bodies in medical and biological terms, this component is the main ingredient of KetoForce dietary supplement. It comes in the form of an acid and is used in making ketone bodies in the body naturally. While helping increasing ketone levels in the body, it is also really beneficial for the skin. They are good for oily skin and treat acne. It induces production of ketones when blood sugar level is low and releases enzymes which break down fat as fuel for the body.

Citric acid:

Citric acid is a naturally found acid in different fruits and vegetables with citrus fruits containing it in the highest amounts. With a rich and tangy flavor, citric acid can be found in powder form easily. Commonly used to regulate acidity in the body it also boosts the antioxidants in the body which provide various health benefits. Citric acid helps in improving the health of kidneys and livers. It prevents cancerous bodies from developing in the body. Citric acid, when mixed with other things, can be easily absorbed in the body and help it. It kills bacteria that cause sore throats and also cease nausea in the body. [3]


An important ingredient that is known to have many benefits to the body, sodium is used with beta-hydroxybutyrate to provide effective results in KetoForce dietary supplement. Sodium is usually taken orally in the form of sodium chloride to stop toxins from developing in kidneys. It can also be applied to the skin for various diseases such as mouth sores and pink eye. Sodium helps regulate the levels of electrolytes and fluids in the body which is why it is an active ingredient in KetoForce dietary supplement.


A very important mineral, potassium is commonly used for medicinal purposes due to its known advantages of health benefits. Just like sodium, it helps to regulate the electrolytes in the body and helps in functioning of many organs and tissues in the body. Potassium is necessary when it comes to building muscles in the body because it breaks down carbohydrates and helps in the synthesis of protein structure. Potassium is also used to maintain healthy and strong bones while preventing osteoporosis in the bones as well. Kidney stones can be avoided with a stable intake of potassium since the body ends up using calcium in the absence of potassium which then settles down and forms stones. It improves cardiovascular health by maintaining blood pressure levels which can increase because of sodium and counteracts the other mineral.[5]

Does KetoForce Work?

Many claims that the dietary supplement has a bad taste, but it works for those who maintain a healthy ketogenic diet. With beta-hydroxybutyrate as the major ingredient in KetoForce, the ketone levels in the body increase for up to 2 and a half or 3 hours during which these enzymes break down fat cells and convert it into fuel for the body providing extra energy in the body making the user perform better. Moreover, as there is extra fuel the brain functions well and there is a stable amount of melanin in the body making the user feel full, thus suppressing the appetite. The process of ketosis is what the supplement induces leading to a loss in fat and weight while keeping the brain and body healthy.

Overall, the product works, but there is no insight regarding it and the ingredients by the Food and Drug Administration. Apart from that, the product works in helping people lose weight by burning fat faster and boosting the metabolism.[6]

How to use KetoForce

KetoForce comes in liquid form with saline and salty taste because of the presence of sodium in the formula. It comes in a 480 ml or 16 0.z bottles with the liquid inside and a cap to measure the amount used. Initially, to enhance the process of ketosis and to support a ketogenic diet, the manufacturers recommend a dosage of 3 cap fulls in a day for the first 3 to 4 days. Once ketosis achieved in the body, dosage should be reduced to one cap full in a day. For best results, take the product before a high-intensity workout or before eating a low carbohydrate diet to enhance ketone levels in the body.

Since the product is alkaline lying at a pH level of 10 to 11, it is highly recommended to mix it with an acidic beverage or juice before ingesting it. The 480 ml bottle contains approximately 16 servings of 30 cc capacity. The maximum dosage recommended is three times in a day. [7]

KetoForce Benefits and Results

KetoForce has many benefits apart from losing weight. It induces the process of ketosis to take place in the body which keeps hunger cravings away while burning fat as fuel needed by the body. The keto community and those following the ketogenic diet have claimed the multiple benefits and results they experienced from using KetoForce as a dietary supplement on a regular basis. It boosts the athletic performance of individuals by enhancing their stamina and energy levels. It improves the brain function as well and prevents the development of harmful radicals that may damage the nervous system. It helps control the cravings and random hunger pangs causing people to eat more and timelessly. Moreover, it even helps high carbohydrate foods since the process of ketosis breaks them all down. A constant amount of KetoForce used by people can decrease the ratio of oxygen required to perform an activity. This increases endurance and stamina.

The results depend on the intake of the KetoForce supplement. If the process of ketosis has been achieved a lower dosage makes sure the effects do not reverse hence making them long-lasting.

Details on KetoForce and Weight Loss

Beta-hydroxybutyrate, the main ingredient of KetoForce, is what ketones in the body are made of. Ketones are a sign of weight loss and help in it. The process of ketosis is what is stimulated by using the dietary supplement. In this process, carbohydrate levels in the body are low as enzymes are activated in the body to burn the fat found in cells. This fat is converted to fuel which is used for the regular functioning of muscles and organs.

There is a strong relation between ketones and weight loss because ketosis is one way of reducing weight naturally and KetoForce along with its components enhances this process. [8]

Potential KetoForce Side Effects

Even though the product claims that there are no side effects related to using the product, the ingredients used in it can cause reactions in the body. With a high amount of sodium found in the dietary supplement, there are chances of a gastrointestinal upset until the body gets used to the dosage over time. Many users who have consumed KetoForce on a daily basis as a supplement admitted that they faced nausea, constipation, upset stomach and indigestion during the first few days of intake. However, all these side effects were temporary and went away with continuous usage. No serious side effects can be seen from using KetoForce; however, a high amount of ketones in the body may not always be good, and it is recommended to carry out thorough research before using any product especially a weight loss supplement.

KetoForce Warnings

It is important to look at the warnings before consuming any product that can cause adverse effects on the body. Any person having a medical condition or a heart disease should consult his or her doctor before using KetoForce as a dietary supplement. Pregnant women, as well as those who are nursing, should not use the supplement unless a doctor recommends them to because of the effect it has on the body. Children below the age of 18 should be kept away from using the supplement. If any of the side effects are prolonged, one should go to the doctor immediately. Dosage should not exceed the recommended dosage of 3 cap fulls in a day, and after consulting a doctor, one should take a break from using the product once ketosis has been achieved. Do not ingest the supplement alone on an empty stomach because of its high alkaline properties.

KetoForce Alternatives

Even though ketone supplements are new in the market, many are using them to help them in losing weight. KetoForce was the first exogenous ketone supplement produced in the US. Keto/OS is one of the growing products in the ketone exogenous supplement market and can be considered as a strong alternative to KetoForce. While KetoForce is meant to be tasteless, it has a very saline and unpleasant taste which users do not like even after mixing it with a beverage. Keto/OS uses natural flavor from malic acid and Stevia which provides a sweet flavor. Moreover, for those looking for that extra energy, Keto/OS also comes with a caffeine added flavor. The reviews for both products are mixed making them both equal in the market of exogenous ketones.

Reviews about KetoForce

The reviews regarding KetoForce are mixed. From those that claim the product to be bad in taste to those that say that it is ineffective. On Amazon, 47% of the users give the product 5 stars, and 13% give it 1 star only. Some reviews claim that KetoForce has a bad taste, but due to its positive effects on the body, people would continue to use it. Many others ask for their money back and prevent people from using it.

What Users Are Saying

“”Way to tart. Unable to drink it. I only tried it once. Way to intense.””

“”Didn’t notice much of a difference.””

“”It is great and works as described. I am on my 3rd bottle.””

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The Bottom Line – Does KetoForce Work?

Alright, will KetoForce rev up your energy levels, reduce hunger and enhance focus? Well, we like that this formula is easy to use pretty much anywhere, and it doesn’t seem to cause any harsh side effects. But we have some reservations about this liquid after reading numerous complaints about the taste and lack of actual results.

If you’d like to spike your energy levels and start losing more weight, we suggest a product that offers a scientifically-backed ingredient blend, is supported by plenty of testimonials and doesn’t have an unsavory taste.

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