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KettleWorx Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Kettleworx is a workout program centered around using a kettlebell. The brand, which sells a variety of DVDs, exercise equipment, and workout schedules, says that their program can help you lose weight and build lean muscle over a period of six, eight, or ten weeks. But are these programs alone an effective way to transform your body? Most health professionals recommend changing the diet as well as exercising.

We wanted to find out if sticking to the Kettleworx program could produce noticeable results when it came to fat loss or muscle gain. Our research team checked out the different components of this regime to help you figure out if it’s worth your time. Take a look at what we discovered.

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What is KettleWorx?

KettleWorx is an exercise program sold with a kettle ball of up to five pounds. It includes a set of DVDs and an eBook. It also comes with different sized balls, various exercise options, and nutritional supplements.

KettleWorx is an advanced program that helps you deal with the three most essential parts of work-outs and physical fitness. These include cardio, resistance, and the core. Apparently, KettleWorx deals with them all at the same time during their twenty-minute workouts.

With the use of KettleWorx, you tone every muscle, get resistance, core and cardio which helps transform your body in just six weeks.

They also claim their three-dimensional workout regime improved flexibility and mobility for a better workout. KettleWorx says their exercise regimes take fast, fun, and effective workouts to a whole new level.

A little advice from Anthony Dugarte MD says, “I am a big fan of kettlebells. Access to a solitary bell allows for a complete workout – strength and conditioning – with the right guidance. If already engaged in a comprehensive plan, incorporating some kettlebell movements is yet another way to keep the muscles guessing.”

KettleWorx Competitors

Focus T25
Burn TS

How Did KettleWorx Start?

KettleWorx was created by Ryan Shanahan with the registration of the website in 2007, soon after which the product was available in the market.

Their innovative three-dimensional training program claims it aids your body moving the three directions and planes. It claims to follow cardio, core and resistance. The KettleWorx cardio workouts are also said to burn lots of fat.

The product is formulated to help you gain more than just lean muscles. It also ensures that its customers get that monster strength body they require and desire.

It may also work by burning off excess fatty tissue, enhancing recovery, and increasing endurance, something that has made the product popular.

Furthermore, it is designed to tighten up your core, abs and muscles. Its resistance workout program claims it helps to sculpt and tone your body efficiently to get you a physique that you’ve always dreamt of.


KettleWorx DVD Set

KettleWorx is a six week DVD set designed to help improve your overall fitness and health. It is composed of six DVDs that highlight six-week exercise program on each workout.

Additionally, the DVD set also contains an ebook on nutrition called Fat Free in 42 days.

This program is designed for the use by both men and women regardless of the fitness level they possess or their age group. The program guides you through easy exercises to more tough and challenging workouts as the program progresses.

This 6-week body exercise involves more than eight hours of coaching as well. As such, it is designed to mimic workouts and advice of a personal trainer.

The six DVDs included in this KettleWorx set are titled:

  • Arms and Shoulders
  • Chest and Back
  • Butt and Hips
  • Legs and Thighs
  • Fast Abs
  • Fast Fat Burn

These workouts are shorter than others, staying between ten to twenty minutes each. They are targeted to different parts of the body so that you can easily hit your trouble zones.


KettleWorx Claims

KettleWorx is an advanced program that helps you deal with the three most essential parts of work-outs and physical fitness. These include cardio, resistance, and core training.

With the use of KettleWorx, they claim you can transform your body in just six weeks. It does this by targeting these three essential areas, claiming this leads to the most amount of weight loss.

Cardio Training

Through their cardio workout, they claim you can turn your body into a fat-burning machine. Apparently, this will help increase your metabolism so that you can lose weight faster.

KettleWorx claims this technique challenges each muscle in the body to slim it down, resulting in a fast and effective workout.

Resistance Training

The resistance workout regime claims to work for the whole body. This may be an efficient way increase the tone of the muscles, enhance flexibility and optimize strength.

Because controlling the weight of the body through exercise is quite impossible, KettleWorx included other kinds exercises. During the twenty- minute interval, users will practice intense deep breathing and muscle activity, which apparently increases the rate at which fatty deposits within our body are dissolved.

Core Training

KettleWorx also includes a core exercise, claiming that it burns fat and calories all the day.

These kinds of workouts keep you motivated for the optimal results, according to the manufacturer, especially since they include special techniques for muscle shaping.

By targeting the abs and core muscles, these workouts claim to enhance the strength, muscle endurance, and durability. Plus, the shortest workouts 10 minutes, in case you are low on time.

Its claimed ability to burn fat at a high rate has made KettleWorx quite popular. It says it helps replace it with leaner muscles and enhances your metabolism.


KettleWorx Package Details

As you already know, it is a complete guide fitness program that is based entirely on the kettlebell training. In each package, there is:

  • Ten Workout DVDs
  • Over 200 Individual Exercises
  • More Than 12 Hours of Personal Training
  • A Healthy Eating Guide
  • An Ebook

KettleWorx Workout Directions

There are at least three KettleWorx moves that each user should incorporate into their routine. These include

Alternating Reverse Lunges with Torso Rotation

If you want to have a power increase, boost up your speed or improve your stamina and balance, this exercise is recommended.

This moves works by combining the upper and lower body movement, thus secluding the core to help increase strength and stability while increasing your heart rate at the same time.

Follow these steps to do an alternating reverse lunge with a torso rotation without hurting yourself:

  1. Hold kettlebell in the right hand at chest height with a bend in the elbow
  2. Move the left foot and step back into a reverse lunge
  3. Make sure the right foot stays intact and helps to anchor the body
  4. Take the runner’s position by bringing the left knee forward with the left foot off the ground
  5. Do this move for about a minimum of ten times while still holding the kettlebell
  6. Switch to the right hand and repeat the movement.

With this workout, you can recover for fifteen seconds.

You should also focus on the balance throughout the exercise. The main muscles getting worked out include the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and the core.

Burpee With a KettleWorx Jump

This is very effective when it comes to increasing leg strength and cardiovascular function, according to KettleWorx.

However, this is an advanced move, so only those at a higher fitness level should do this one. To reduce the chance of getting hurt, make sure to follow the directions for this workout exactly:

  1. Lower the body into a burpee position
  2. Make sure to stabilize the core and your hips aren’t touching the ground
  3. Jump or walk into a squat position, making sure your hands are still on the ground
  4. While still in the squat position, grab the kettlebell with both hands
  5. Raise the kettleball in the air and jump straight up
  6. After the jump, place the kettlebell down
  7. Jump or walk back into burpee position

Perform this move at least ten times for effectiveness. If you need to, you can rest for about five to ten seconds after this move before moving onto the next one.

This exercise works the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves and shoulders.

Alternating Single-Arm Swings

This is one of the best moves for any kind training, as it works with the major muscle groups present in your body. It can also help to increase your oxygen concentration.

It is important to follow the steps for this exercise to prevent injury as well.

  1. Spread your feet wider than your hips.
  2. Grab the kettlebell with one hand
  3. Pull your hips back while maintaining a slight bend in the knee
  4. Drive your hips forward and swing the kettlebell up to the shoulder
  5. Release the kettlebell from one hand, hold it in the other, and pass it between your legs.
  6. Repeat this move for at least a minute.

After this intense workout, you can recover for about 30 seconds, if you choose.

Alternating single-arm swings can help build and strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, legs, glutes, hips, the back as well as the posterior muscles. Some also claim it enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of the lungs.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy KettleWorx

KettleWorx is available at many online retailing websites. The most prominent of them is Amazon, which provides it at reasonable prices.

Other well-known websites this fitness program is available at include eBay, Total Fitness DVDs, Walmart, hsm.tv and many others.

The online system of purchasing the supplement gives the user the opportunity to acquire the supplement at a faster rate. Additionally, most reputable websites like this offer safe ways to pay.

It is also worth noticing that purchasing KettleWorx wholesale, or in very large quantities, decrease the price and expenses. Also, the user will be able to get the supplement delivered in less than two days in some locations.


KettleWorx Price

The price of the ten set DVD collection is for $120. On Amazon, the six set DVD is available for $49.97, with additional shipping charges of about $5.

This is quite expensive for the general public, especially when it costs nothing to just workout at home.

Additionally, many of the workouts KettleWorx provides can be done without their program, as one can easily get more information on these kinds of workouts for free, which can come across as a rip off and an insult to the purchaser.

Pros and Cons

KettleWorx Pros and Cons

The way KettleWorx works is quite advantageous if you follow it rigorously. However, it does some with some disadvantages, something you should know about before you decide to purchase.

Benefits of KettleWorx

In general, KettleWorx offers a remarkably healthy guide. This is because, overall, regular exercise and healthy eating habits go a long way with weight loss.

Its workouts are of a twenty minutes duration and should be followed a week thrice. This can be great for those who don’t have much time to workout every day.

KettleWorx also claims that it results in a remarkable change in the body in just six weeks.

Cons of KettleWorx

Unfortunately, KettleWorx comes with disadvantages too, the primary one being its cost.

In fact, KettleWorx is quite expensive. 10 DVDs cost to up to $120, which is quite high for the everyday consumer to buy.

Additionally, the video quality for the DVDs is quite poor, making that high price tag even less worth it.

No clinical studies are available to back KettleWorx claims either, since the product itself hasn’t undergone any clinical trials.

What Users Are Saying

“”POOR JOB screening the 6 Week Body Transformation DVD set! Workouts are not even on both sides! Ex. 1 side has 3 lifts and the other has 8, really?!!! And this is on all the DVD’s! Should have been reviewed before releasing it!!!””

“”Very motivational – great DVD for kettlebell introductions. Only problem is that they repeat a lot of the exercises. First three weeks are very motivational but got bored after that. Buy if you have a holiday coming up in three weeks!””

“”I’ve lost 70lbs using the Kettleworks workout. I can’t tell you how much I love working out in my living room before I go to work. I am not someone who worked out or looked forward to it. That has completely changed for me thanks to Kettleworks.””

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on KettleWorx

What’s the real deal with KettleWorx? It’s an extensive kettle ball program you can do at home. It could be a great solution for people who want to exercise but don’t want to go to the gym. Our issues with price and quality leave us hesitant to make a recommendation.

If you’re ready to lose weight, we suggest adding a weight-loss supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients shown to boost your metabolism to your current routine.

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KettleWorx Review
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What are the ingredients in KettleWorx?

KettleWorx comprises of components or ingredients such as an eBook, a set of DVDs, nutritional supplements, various sized balls and various exercise options.

What are the side effects of KettleWorx?

You are likely to experience fatigue and sore muscles during your first few days of using KettleWorx.

Does KettleWorx work?

Yes, KettleWorx helps you tone your muscles, acquire resistence, cardio and core that helps you change your body within six weeks of use.

What is the price of KettleWorx?

A ten set of KettleWorkx DVD collection is priced at $120.

Where can I buy KettleWorx?

You can purchase KettleWorkx on Amazon.

How should I take KettleWorx?

You should consider three moves with KettleWorkx. These are; alternating single-arm swings, burpee with a KettleWorkx Jump and alternating reverse lunges with the torso rotation.

How do I contact KettleWorx customer service?

KettleWorkx customer service can be reached via the contact information provided on the product’s packaging.

Can I return KettleWorx?

No, it is not possible to return KettleWorkx since it doesn’t come with any return policy nor a money-back guarantee.

What are the most common complaints about KettleWorx?

Some customers have complained about poor screening of KettleWorkx.

9 KettleWorx Reviews

  • Kettle WorX Six-Week Body Transformation Program really does work!
    Deborah Arroyo (Verified Purchase)

    I found this site while searching for the Kettle WorX website to order a 15 and a 20 lbs. Kettlebells. I was intrigued to read the assessment of the program. After reading, I realized this website is created to sell the Burn TS supplement and created a “comparison” between a supplement that will help you lose weight, but not bring the added energy and healthy natural endorphins reward of a validated at home guided workout and nutritional program.

    Kettle WorX is not a supplement program, but a three dimensions fitness program toning every muscle to the core, cardiovascular and your body resistance with the use of a Kettlebell and your body movements in only one hour a week, divided into three times a week of 20 minutes each in just six short weeks. It’s not a competitor to any supplement.

    Each Kettlebell handling technique is taught clearly to you in the short introduction video of the program. It is best to have a friend to watch this video with you and check your form. When you mastered the handling of the Kettlebell with this introduction video, then you are ready to start the program. A workout at home that will help you transform your body to a healthier you. Each DVD of a 20 minutes workout dedicated to Core, Cardio, and Resistance includes warm-up and cool down. The six-week body transformation program only consists of three DVDs. One is gear to the Core, one for Resistance conditioning and one for Cardio work. The exercises intensity are modified each week. The other 4 DVDs for The Ultimate Body Collection package are for people that want a variety of workouts targeting (1) Arms & Shoulders, (2) Legs & Thighs, (3) Chest & Back, (4) Butt & Hips using the Kettlebell to keep you fit and healthy. They also included two bonus DVS of 10-minute workout for Fast Abs and Fast Fat Burn Abs. Do not be fool by the 10 minutes they are incredibly intense than the 20-minute workouts. These 10 DVD Set came with a free 5 lbs kettlebell.
    I did order an additional kettlebell of 10 lbs with the set. I never used the Ultimate Body Collection 4 DVDs. I did the 6-weeks program twice in the past including the bonus 10-minute workouts into the mix. Core (20-minutes) on Monday, Fast Fat Burn (10-minutes) on my Tuesday (break day), Resistance (20-minutes) on Wednesday, Fast Abs(10-minutes) on Thursday(break day), and Cardio (20-minutes) on Friday. I lost weight and sculpt my body in six weeks. I was so happy that I had a slimmer and sculpted physique and lost so much weight quickly and was extremely energized. I stopped working out because I was so busy with work and I misplaced my DVDs in a move. After I found them a year after that, I use them again, and I lost weight, sculpt my body and was feeling healthy and energized again. The workout did work with proper body alignment and following the appropriate nutrition guidelines for your body type and height. No gimmicks here! It is less costly than a Gym membership, the additional pay to have a personal trainer and the inconvenience of times to achieve your workouts. Meaning you can do it at any time.

    I have not used these DVDs in five years. Now I am overweight 180 lbs- 5’4″ tall – 30.73 BMI, have medicine-induced high blood pressure that fluctuates between 144/107 to155/100. Hypertension! What? I am only 45 years old female. I feel so uncomfortable with my body that I don’t want to use the Gym. I found the DVDs again and started the regime on Tuesday. I made the mistake of doing the Monday workout with the Tuesday intense workout for a total of 30 minutes. I had the mix feelings of good and soreness at the same time. I can sense my muscles burning after the fact. I started feeling energized after my dripping sweaty workout. Today Wednesday, even that I was feeling like a cowboy with bow legs, I exercise for 20 minutes. And boy, I am feeling a little less sore now — also another even sweatier workout. I think my body will be hurt again in the morning.

    I monitor my BP and weight weekly, but I decided to monitor it daily since Monday. I use the HiGi machine at a Giant grocery store. Yesterday’s and today’s HiGi numbers showed significant improvement on my BP in the lower high range. Regular range pulse at a healthier lower number and weight -4 lbs. I can feel my body burning and toning. I will continue with this program. Hopefully, I will remember to update my comments here after the 6-week kettlebell body transformation program. For now, please stop comparing supplements to workouts is an unfair comparison of oranges and apples. Yes, a supplement combined with healthy nutrition and a workout regime does help you lose weight faster. Their many workout regimes in the market, I happen to enjoy the short period intense whole body kettlebell workouts.
    Instead of spending an hour or more at the gym chatting with people and not seeing a difference with my body or worst not working out at all and sat on my couch. This program is excellent and is once again making me feel healthier after just two days of starting the program. I am not even focusing on the scale numbers yet, but on my blood pressure, pulse and BMI. Instead of focusing on the weight number that tends to fluctuate during the day, I will measure that metric on how my cloth is fitting and how my body as is toning feels. You need resilience to find, try and stick with the regime that works for you. And my problem is always finding the time and ignoring when I feel tired. I am making the time and making visual reminders to workout and have a good stretch afterward for proper muscle regeneration that keeps burning fat even when you are not working out. A supplement alone with a sedentary lifestyle will not work out so much. You will get mix results and hit a plateau in no time. Hope to learn about your experiences with the featured supplement advertised here and/or Kettle WorX. Happy fishing!

  • I've started taking it, wish me a luck.
    EG (Verified Purchase)

    I just did day 1 yesterday and it was a good start. I am a 25 year old male who hasnt really “worked out” in 5 years but have remained active in various other sports. I am 5’7 145lbs but not realy looking to lose weight. Just want to tone up and get in better shape. My wife would like to lose a few pounds so I think doing this together will be a good thing for us. Day one was difficult but not too terrible to complete. The diet for me is what will be hard. Im not use to eating healthy so hopefully I can remain committed to the diet for my own health but to also help my wife out.

  • What's next after finishing the 6-week program?
    jill (Verified Purchase)

    Just finished the 6 week program and while I wasn’t aiming to lose pounds, I did lose inches, tone up and feel alot better about myself. My only question is now that I have finished week 6, do I start over or continue the week 6 workout each week. THey seemed to increase in intensity each week, so starting over, doesnt seem like the best option.

    • Bev

      Jill, I have been using kettlebells for almost a year, if the workout is no longer challenging to start over, just go up to the next size kettlebell. Check the prices @ walmart.com….seem to be the best online.

  • Having issues with customer service
    Nancy Pierson (Verified Purchase)

    I have been trying to get this company to send me authorization to return this product. They say at the beginning of each DVD if you have back or neck pain don’t use. Well they should let people know that before you buy. I am very disappointed in their customer service. The email they give you for service doesn’t work and they don’t call back when you leave a detailed message.

  • Excellent product and it works!
    jim (Verified Purchase)

    been using kettlebells for 2 yrs they work just bought the kettleworx program for variation to my workout excellent product it works

  • Like the diversity of exercises
    hb (Verified Purchase)

    I like the diversity of the exercises overall and flip between weeks to get more of a challenge. The instructor and music are boring. Sometimes he doesn’t do the same amount of reps for each side, so I count and make sure I’m doing equal reps.

  • It's a fast workout thats pretty intense
    Todd Foster (Verified Purchase)

    I just started the kettleworx program today, and I can see why you can do 3 times the workout in 1/3 the time. It’s because you get your butt kicked! It’s a fast workout thats pretty intense.

    The reason I decided to try the program is because the excercises are simple and you get a full body workout.

    I’m pretty out of shape so I only did maybe 7 minutes of the 20 minute workout. I liked it so far.

    I’ll write in a couple weeks to tell how I’m doing…

    • T

      Are you still doing the Kettleworx program & if so how is it working out for you?