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Kinobody Review - 22 Things You Need to Know

Kinobody is a series of unisex fitness routines that promise you a ‘Hollywood physique’. Gregory O’Gallagher, the creator, says you will ‘look like Batman’, so we had to discover how it plans to turn you into a superhero.

The vast majority of info we could find was vague Hollywood allusions. Pop culture references are great, but our researchers were concerned when they couldn’t find any specifics. Recommending a fitness routine like Kinobody is hard when it doesn’t tell us how it works. We delved deeper, leaving no stone unturned. Then, we gathered the facts to give you the bottom line.

Kinobody can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is the Kinobody Workout?

First of all, the Kinobody workout is a series of fitness programs designed by 24-year-old Gregory O’Gallagher. A quick search on Youtube will bring you to a video called “The Real Bruce Wayne,” where Greg introduces himself and goes on to talk about his daily routine using the Kinobody strategies.

There are three major programs for men and one for women. They are as follows:

  • Stage One: The Warrior Physique
  • Stage Two: The Greek God Physique
  • Stage Three: The Superhero Physique

Other programs include Movie Star, Greek God, and Aggressive Fat Loss. For women, there’s the Goddess Toning Program and Kino Baddie. Bonus programs include Superhero Bulking and Warrior Shredding.

These are designed to take you step-by-step through a process of slimming down, building and sculpting muscle, and finally, adding even more muscle. The idea isn’t to bulk up like the Incredible Hulk but to tone and sculpt your body to look more like Captain America. Basically – a Kinobody Greek God.

As Greg puts it, “When I say “aesthetics,” I’m not referring to the puffy, round and curvy physique of bodybuilders. Rather, I’m talking about a hard, dense, and angular physique with broad, thick shoulders and upper back muscles, masculine square chest, rock hard arms, taut waist, and athletic legs.”

Interestingly, it appears that the Kinobody website has at least six different landing pages. These pages seem to display the same information, so it’s unclear why this redundancy is necessary. Kinobody’s official website provides plenty of information on how to buy the Kinobody workout program. Still, the only information provided about the substance of the program regards how Kinobody relies on a workout tactic called “rest-pause training.”

Kinobody benefits

Concerning marketing tactics, Kinobody seems to focus on selling male sex appeal mostly. This company also targets female sex appeal with programs such as the Kinobooty program. Still, the landing pages at Kinobody’s website are plastered with endless images of fit young men taking selfies in the mirror.

Kinobody sells an overall philosophy of fitness and well-being. In addition to the main Kinobody program, which appears to focus mainly on observing three workout periods per week, there are seemingly endless variations of this basic program, and customers are provided with the opportunity to pay to try each Kinobody workout regimen.

In tandem with these fitness programs, Kinobody also sells various supplements and accessories. In business terminology, having multiple products and services bundled under a single brand is called having “multiple revenue streams,” Each revenue stream is designed to entice customers to try every other revenue stream that is part of the brand.

Since the Kinobody workout mainly consists of dumbbell workouts and fasting, this company doesn’t provide anything new or groundbreaking in at-home fitness. The unique factor that Kinobody does contribute, however, is a feeling of belonging in an all-encompassing fitness regimen that offers multiple ways to feel fit and in control.

Let’s dig into some research before heading into the history of Kinobody.

  • Journal of Athletic Training – Kinobody supports active recovery. One of the best ways to engage in active recovery is by increasing your daily step count. Whether you take your dog around the block, go for a walk on the beach, or simply make an effort to walk around your house more than usual, taking more steps helps your body achieve the recovery it needs to hit the gym at full power the following day.
  • Science – There’s also the mention of NEAT energy. As the name suggests, NEAT energy is not the same as the type of energy that is expended during exercise, according to the journal. It’s actually non-exercise activated thermogenesis.
  • Translational Research – Then there’s the support for fasting. There are actually scientific reviews and studies showing the benefits of intermittent fasting. Studies have shown that fasting can raise your metabolic rate.

Kinobody Competitors

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History of Kinobody

History of Kinobody

Kinobody was created by Greg O’Gallagher when he was in his mid-20s. Greg’s father had passed away when he was a young child, and he had left Greg with a sizeable fortune and a huge mansion. During high school, Greg found that he wasn’t as popular as he wanted to be, so he decided to remake his image. To provide his peers with a simple label to describe him, Greg started working out religiously.

Within no time, the other teenagers at Greg’s high school started to remark on Greg’s increasingly muscular appearance, and he decided to make a career out of his focus on fitness. Using the money left him by his father, Greg started Kinobody, and this program became an online hit before Greg entered into his mid-20s.

One of the key factors that separate Greg’s fat-burning fitness program from other regimens is his promotion of a certain high-class lifestyle compared to the various Kinobody fitness programs. In one video that he uses to promote Kinobody, Greg shows himself drinking coffee on the veranda of his family’s mansion with a young brunette model. He then enters into a white Lamborghini to drive himself to a gym. Though Greg admits that the Lamborghini was rented, he quickly stipulates that his regular ride is a Tesla sports car.

Many of Greg’s videos simply consist of clips of Greg lifting weights interspersed with montages from Hollywood movies. The Kinobody workout packages contain a greater degree of substance, but Greg’s free videos seem more designed to introduce potential customers to Greg’s lifestyle and personal history.

Kinobody Neutral Energy Balances

The human body runs off of the energy in the form of calories. From a simplistic point of view, it would seem that the amount of calories in your body is directly equatable to your energy levels. However, when your body has access to more calories than it needs to operate, those calories are transformed into fat.

In the fitness industry, there is a term known as “energy balance.” A positive energy balance is when you have more calories entering your system than you’re using. This energy balance results in weight gain, and it is not desirable from a fitness standpoint.

A negative energy balance results in weight loss, and this is the ideal type of energy balance for people who are overweight or obese and who want to lose as much weight as possible. Kinobody workouts focus more on adding muscle mass than they do on losing weight, which is why the Kinobody method involves maintaining a neutral energy balance.

When you have a neutral energy balance, the number of calories you take in equals the number of calories you use. Attaining a perfect neutral energy balance is practically impossible, but you can get pretty close with a little bit of practice. By promoting a neutral energy balance, Kinobody’s workout programs transform the fat that’s currently in your body into muscle mass.

To attain a neutral energy balance, you’ll need to accurately track all of the calories you ingest on a given day and work out to the degree proportional to this intake. If that sounds tricky, don’t worry. Kinobody provides all of the coaching and information you need to make your personal neutral energy balance goal into a reality.

Kinobody Active Recovery

Whenever you work out, it’s important to allow ample time to recover. In fitness terms, recovery is the period in which you allow your body to heal and rest after you push it to the limits during a workout. However, recovery isn’t just about sitting on the couch and relaxing. Kinobody recommends that you engage in active recovery to get the most out of your workout.

Active recovery is just a fancy name for staying relatively active while you recover from your workout. Since Kinobody recommends that you work out three days per week, four days in a given week will be allotted to active recovery when you try the Kinobody regimen.

Housework is a great example of active recovery. Activities like dusting involving lots of stretching are great, and even vacuuming the carpet can provide your back and shoulder muscles with soothing opportunities to unwind and relax. As inconsequential as it may sound, choosing to take the stairs at work or the mall instead of an elevator or escalator can give your muscles an extra shot at full recovery.

What is NEAT?

What is NEAT and Why is it Important?

NEAT stands for “non-exercise activity thermogenesis.” While this complex scientific term might sound imposing, NEAT energy is nothing more than the energy we expend when we aren’t eating or sleeping.

If you want to be successful with Kinobody, it’s important to understand how many calories you expend every day in the form of NEAT non-exercise activity thermogenesis energy. Since the Kinobody method centers around maintaining a neutral energy balance, if you expend too much NEAT non-exercise activity thermogenesis energy, you’ll need to eat more to make up for lost calories.

To understand how many calories you need to take in every day, you’ll need to measure your NEAT expenditure as carefully as possible and hedge accordingly. Some activities that take up NEAT energy, such as fidgeting or typing, may need to be removed from your daily activities if you’re losing more energy than you can obtain with food. If you aren’t active enough, however, you may want to take up activities that use extra NEAT energy such as yard work or walking to work every day.

Details on Kinobody Programs

Kinobody Programs

Kinobody Programs

Kinobody offers a wide variety of different programs that are each targeted toward achieving different end results. These programs include:

Aggressive Fat Loss Program

This program costs $97, and it is an entry-level course that is designed to help people who are new to Kinobody lose weight and start building muscle tone. Like other Kinobody programs, the Aggressive Fat Loss Program is hosted by Greg O’Gallagher himself, and in this program, Greg will walk you through a series of seven videos that each address a different way that you can get fit and lose weight.

Whether your body would benefit most from rows, squats, or other exercises, Greg will train you on how each piece of gym equipment can help you attain your ideal weight. Whether you’re on a ketogenic or paleo diet, you can definitely make use of the nutritional guide that comes with this program.

Warrior Shredding Program

The Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program has been used by over 30,000 people, and it is designed to tone your chest muscles to produce a look known as the “warrior.” This muscular look has been typified in some Hollywood movies, and it consists of eight lessons.

The Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program costs $97, and it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Like other Kinobody programs, the Warrior Shredding Program lasts about 12 weeks, but you have the option to do things faster or slower as it suits your particular schedule. Even though Greg O’Gallagher isn’t a nutritionist, this program also comes with a meal guide that is compatible with paleo or ketogenic diets.

Bodyweight Mastery Program

After years of developing his personal muscle building regimen and sharing it with others, Kinobody founder Greg O’Gallagher found that something was missing from his routine. He realized that he needed a way to maintain the exact bodyweight that most perfectly fit his needs, and from this realization, the Bodyweight Mastery Program was born. This program is offered at a discounted $49, and the exercises in the Bodyweight Mastery Program can be done anywhere. To explain the importance of bodyweight training, Greg invokes the example of James Bond.

Citing Bond’s priorities of being highly functional, injury-free, and physically maneuverable, the Kinobody founder elucidates how you, too, can have a physique like James Bond from the comfort of your home. The Bodyweight Mastery Program comes with bonuses like a nutrition guide and access to a members-only forum, and it includes ten full training videos that can help you attain an impressive V-cut physique.

Greek God Program

The Kinobody Greek God Program aims to produce a muscular appearance that is known as the “Greek god” look. This workout program focuses heavily on building up the arm and abdominal muscles, and it is available for $97.

The Kinobody Greek God Program consists of ten training videos, and you’ll also receive the Complete Greek God Manual and the Complete Diet & Nutrition Guide (which covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner) when you sign up for this program. The Greek God Program has been used by nearly 30,000 powerlifters, and it is backed by a 30-day guarantee.

Superhero Bulking Program

The Superhero Bulking Program is designed to give you pectoral muscles like Superman’s. This unsubtle regimen is all about gaining as much upper body muscle as possible, and it doesn’t involve as much focus on the abdominal muscles as other Kinobody workout programs.

The nutritional program associated with the Superhero Bulking Program provides dinner options that minimize weight gain while giving you a V-cut look that is coveted by celebrities. By incorporating intermittent fasting, this program encourages fat mobilization, and this $97 course comes with ten full workout videos.

The Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program

The Kinobody Warrior Shredding Program

The Warrior Physique is described by Greg as an “exceptionally lean, toned and wiry look, shredded abs, appears slim in clothes, and 6-8% body fat.” This means you are going for a “lean” look that is still sculpted and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Kinobody claims that you can achieve all of this without the typical intense workout regimen.

O’Gallagher says you can lose body fat and gain muscle without the use of any mainstream diet programs. He doesn’t want to see you eating five to six small meals a day that leaves you unfulfilled and “weak.” It’s designed to allow you to eat anything you want -desserts and treats- and still lose body fat in the process. This diet is called Kinobody intermittent fasting, which is the backbone of this entire program.

Finally, the Warrior Physique is designed to help you gain muscle in all the key areas of your body (upper chest and shoulders mostly) to give you a “Hollywood body” that “women will go crazy for.” The Warrior Physique is a stage of the Kinobody workout that helps you to melt fat and build muscle in all of the areas of your body.

The Kinobody Greek God Physique

In the words of Mr. O’Gallagher, the Greek God Physique is “dense, proportionate muscle mass while maintaining a solid level of definition.”

According to the Kinobody website, the Greek God Physique means dense muscle mass, maintaining muscle definition, a slim waist, a wider back, rounded shoulders, developed pecs, rock hard arms, and athletic legs. Included with the Kinobody Greek God Physique program are:

  • Section 1: The Greek God Physique
  • Section 2: Training
  • Section 3: The Workout Routine
  • Section 4: Advanced Kinobody Greek God Training Tactics
  • Section 5: Nutrition
  • Section 6: Measuring Progress
  • Bonuses
  • Resources

This program wants you to build muscle without gaining any fat. You are instructed to train for just three days out of the week, supposedly outlining the most effective way to gain muscle. If you’re looking for any information about the program, you will have to buy it to find out. The website doesn’t give much more than that.

The Kinobody Superhero Physique

This program isn’t recommended for everyone. This advanced program is made for those who have completed the Greek God Program and still want to add another seven to ten pounds of muscle (again, only working out three times a week). The Superhero Bulking Program is all about transforming yourself into a “modern-day superhero.” They promise to deliver this by offering ways to optimize your muscle mass and strength in ways that no other programs have offered before. Just like the Kinobody Greek God Program, you will discover how to achieve the big shoulders, slim waist, pecs and arms, etc…something about Superman…

We tried hard to find out more; in fact, there’s a section on the website called “how it works.” Unfortunately, there is very little information provided other than generic statements and promises. The site does say that it wants you to be as physically strong as possible to live up to the name “Superhero.” “Get ready to bench 300+ lbs, perform 100-lb pull-ups and curl 75-lb dumbbells.”

An advanced program is made for individuals who want to gain an extra 7-10 pounds of muscle. Build strength and add muscle using routines that Kinobody claims no one has offered before using rest-pause training and pyramid training.

Kinobody Pyramid Training

Pyramid training is a type of exercise regimen that has a few different variants. All of these variants are based on the idea of setting up a large number of low-intensity reps as the “base” of your pyramid and then building up to successive levels by adding weight and decreasing the number of reps.

The original method of pyramid training involves beginning your workout session by doing a large number of reps with relatively small weights. For instance, you could start with 15 reps with a 135-pound bench press. From there, you would add weight and do fewer reps, which might make your next step in the “pyramid” doing 12 reps with a 185-pound bench press. In this scheme, you would eventually culminate in a set of six rep at 265 pounds and then end your workout.

However, Kinobody also recommends that you try a “reverse pyramid” workout regimen. In this regimen, you start by doing a short set with the highest weight possible, and then you gradually work your way down to lighter weights and longer sets. Also, you can try another variant of the pyramid workout called the “triangle.” In this pyramid workout variant, you include some warmup sets, but these sets are not included in the counting structure of your pyramid workout.

Whichever variant of pyramid training you try, this method is a great way to achieve your weight-lifting goals with a structured and low-impact approach.

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What is the Kinobooty Program?

The Kinobooty Program is also geared toward women, and it is designed to manifest an ideal hip-to-waist ratio. In particular, the Kinobooty Program focuses on building up the glutes while providing a full-body slimming effect. You can access the resources associated with this program from any device, and the Kinobooty Program costs $69. This program includes an extensive nutritional component that specifically targets your glutes, and it takes about 12 weeks to complete the Kinobooty Program.

What is MEGA?

What is MEGA?

Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration (MEGA) is a term that was created by Kinobody founder Greg O’Gallagher. While this phrase might simply seem like word salad at first glance, MEGA minimal effort growth acceleration is actually based on the principles that Greg observed in his work as a personal trainer.

Over time, Greg found that the number of times a client went to the gym didn’t seem to have much of an impact on their weight loss or muscle growth. He determined that exercise is actually a stressor and that intense exercise should only be engaged in intermittently. Greg found that the body needs time to recover between training sessions, and from this discovery, MEGA minimal effort growth acceleration was born.

Bodyweight Mastery

Bodyweight Mastery is based on a strategy called MEGA (Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration) training. It comes in 8 phases and takes a very specific approach to tone and sculpt your body in ways you never before imagined. This system claims to give you a lean and proportioned physique using only your body weight.

It doesn’t only focus on your looks; it aims to help you build “incredible strength” as well – which is a nice bonus. This program promises that in just six short months, you will have the body you’ve always dreamed of. In this 8-phase workout program, you will learn to lift for more muscle, overcome your plateaus, and stay the course on your path to the perfect physique.

Kinobody Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0

This fat loss strategy is being called “the most effective and sustainable fat loss strategy ever.” This program claims to have almost everything, from boosting cognitive function to learning exactly what to eat and when to eat it for maximum weight loss.

This system uses intermittent fasting, which is an extremely popular dieting technique and only growing in popularity. It’s not a diet per se; it’s more of a pattern of eating. Intermittent fasting is when you take in your calories during a specific time of day, opting to refrain from eating longer periods of time throughout the day.

Intermittent fasting, similar to the recommendations in the Sirtfood Diet, doesn’t necessarily focus on what foods you are eating, rather when you are eating them.

Kinobody Equipment

Kinobody Equipment

In addition to workout videos and supplements, Kinobody also offers a piece of physical workout equipment. This device is called the Kino Belt, and it serves as a dual pull-up belt and a dip belt. This belt is designed to be strapped around the waist, and it allows for a maximum weight size of 38 inches. The Kino Belt has padded all the way around, and it is equipped with a series of sturdy metal rings.

When the user of the Kino Belt attaches weights to these rings, they are provided with an enhanced workout when performing dips or pull-ups. According to the marketing material for the Kino Belt, this device can hold up to 800 pounds of weight, which is most likely more than a person would be able to lift from their waist.

The Kino Belt does not have any chains or other parts that could snag hair or otherwise cause discomfort while you do weighted pull-ups. It is constructed from military-grade banded nylon, and the Kino Belt also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ostensibly, this means that you can receive a full refund for this product if it does not provide the weighted pull-ups that you’re looking for.

It should be noted that, at kinobody.com, Kinobody offers the Kino Belt in two different bundle packages. One of these packages includes two of the supplements produced by this company and two different workout videos, and the other contains the Kino Belt and the Warrior Shredding Program. It is also sold alone.

While the Kino Belt is the only piece of workout equipment produced by Kinobody, this company also offers various types of apparel. Some of the apparel types provided include tank tops and shirts for both men and women and ball caps.

Side Effects

Kinobody Side Effects

According to Obesity Research, there are plenty of benefits of intermittent fasting; but like any weight-loss strategy out there, not every plan is meant for everyone. Each individual is different and reacts differently to each diet, supplement, or workout routine. Intermittent fasting is no different. Obviously, if you are already underweight or suffer from an eating disorder, you should avoid this strategy altogether.

If you have any preexisting medical conditions, you should consult with a physician before trying intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting isn’t for everybody and may not be as effective for women as it is for men.

“This seems like a fairly intense means of exercise – so perhaps not for those unfamiliar with exercise. Having guidance in the gym and working out with others can be very motivating – this is an important concept to understand. If new to exercise, you can certainly find this environment with more options for beginners,” says Anthony Duarte, MD, about Kinobody’s intensity.

Kinobody Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

Kinobody Pros and Cons

While the Kinobody workout program certainly produces results for some people, this program isn’t without its detractors. Here are some of the pros and cons of the various Kinobody workout programs:


Supporting psychology

The Kinobody program is designed to be as psychologically supportive as possible. In many of this company’s videos, mindset tips are provided that are designed to help Kinobody users accept themselves as they are and set reasonable, achievable goals for the future. Infused into the Kinobody program is the idea that if you don’t love yourself, you won’t do what it takes to take care of yourself and achieve your most treasured fitness goals.

Honest ethos

Despite Kinobody’s somewhat tacky marketing material, this company doesn’t make any overblown claims about the amount of weight you’ll lose using the Kinobody workout. In fact, Kinobody doesn’t make any long-term weight loss claims whatsoever. Instead, Kinobody users are encouraged to set personal weight loss goals of one or two pounds per week and then to stick with these goals for a sustained period of time.

Every detail divulged

It seems that the Kinobody method leaves no stone unturned. Rather than just providing simple exercise videos, Kinobody also offers advice on how to properly balance your diet to ensure maximal weight loss. This program even provides information on how to enjoy yourself at bars with your friends while still losing weight. Best of all, some Kinobody videos offer advice on how to break through mental blocks and set yourself up for success using clever psychology. No matter what type of help or support you need while you lose weight, chances are your topic of interest has been addressed in a Kinobody workout video.


Overblown marketing material: Kinobody’s aggressive marketing material might be a turnoff for some people. This company’s marketing approach certainly isn’t subtle, and Kinobody’s intensive focus on raw masculine sex appeal might even come across as offensive. If you know what you’re getting into, however, it’s unlikely that this aspect of Kinobody will serve as much of a deterrent.

Poor video quality

Kinobody had its start on YouTube, and these origins are sometimes painfully apparent. The videos that are sold as part of Kinobody’s workout packages are anything but flashy, and they simply consist of Kinobody’s founder, Greg O’Gallagher, performing workouts in his home gym. Likewise, the audio track that plays in the background while Greg works out is simply Greg himself talking into a low-quality microphone. If you can see past this lack of production value and recognize Kinobody’s ability to help you attain your optimum weight, Kinobody videos might be perfect for you. But if you want to watch videos that were shot in a high-end studio under professional lighting, you might choose to go elsewhere.

Advanced instead of minimalist

Some fitness aficionados prefer programs that provide a straight path to the ability to lift enormous amounts of weight in a short amount of time. Since Kinobody offers an all-encompassing workout and product service, it might not be the right choice for people that only want to do squats, deadlifts, rows, and hit the bench press.

Instead of focusing on providing as much muscle-building as possible in a short period of time, Kinobody delivers a path to lose weight and gain a proportioned, lean body. While Kinobody might be perfect for people who simply want to be fit, it isn’t the right choice for bodybuilders who want to do as many deadlifts and squats as possible every day.

Focus on fasting

If you don’t like fasting, you won’t like Kinobody. All of the Kinobody workout programs center around fasting in one way or another, and while some applications don’t specifically require fasting, Kinobody certainly recommends that you avoid eating on certain days of the week to attain your ideal weight.

Some experts believe that fasting has health benefits, but this subject certainly isn’t without controversy. Other nutritionists think that the path to enduring health and a lean body lies in providing your body with the nutrients it needs all throughout the day.

Kinobody cost


How Much Does Kinobody Cost?

The cost of Kinobody programs:

Fat Loss Programs

  • Aggressive Fat Loss: $97
  • Warrior Shredding Program: $97

Kinobody Cookbooks

  • Movie Star Chef: $47

Muscle Building

  • Greek God Program: $97
  • Superhero Bulking Program: $97


  • Kinobody Style Guide: $49

Kinobody For Women

  • Goddess Toning Program: $69
  • KinoBooty Program: $69

No Gym Required

  • Cardio Abs Mobility: $49
  • Bodyweight Mastery: $69


  • Kinobody Octane Pre-Workout: $32
  • Kinobody GAINS: $39.95
  • Kinobody Collagen Protein: $40.46
  • Kino Aminos: $39.95
  • Kino Sleep: $39.95

The website claims to have a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of the programs.

Kinobody Meal Guide

In addition to its highly-acclaimed fitness regimen, Kinobody also provides plenty of information on what to eat and what not to eat while you’re trying the Kinobody workout regimen.

Some Kinobody programs, such as the Goddess Toning Program, contain comprehensive meal guides that can help you plan out everything that you eat every day of the week. Other programs contain meal advice that is less intensive, but every Kinobody program provides some form of input on what a balanced, healthy diet looks like.

It’s important to remember that most Kinobody muscle building programs involve avoiding food for the first few hours after you wake up, so there won’t be much material in Kinobody meal guides about breakfast or lunch.

Kinobody on Social Media

Kinobody has a robust presence on social media. If you’re ever curious, Greg O’Gallagher keeps an active toll on his company’s social media numbers on the bottom of some of the pages on Kinobody’s official website. To give you a better idea of how to track Kinobody’s online following and learn everything you want to know about this company, here is a breakdown of this company’s social media presence:

Apple Podcast

Greg hosts a popular podcast on iTunes called Kinobody Podcast by Greg O’Gallagher. New episodes of this podcast are posted intermittently, and each episode focuses on a different niche topic. This podcast has been rated 170 times, and it has a five-star rating.

Greg also has another Apple podcast called Road To Ripped. This podcast has been rated 417 times, and it has a five-star rating. New episodes of this podcast are posted on a semi-weekly basis, and they focus on topics like eating out at restaurants and dealing with breakups.


Kinobody’s official YouTube account boasts over 507,000 followers. If you’re looking for authentic Kinobody reviews, you can check out the comment sections on some of Greg’s most popular videos. Greg has posted hundreds of videos, and other YouTube users have also contributed dozens of videos on the Kinobody workout program. Six of the most popular Kinobody-related YouTube videos include:

  • The Truth About Kinobody and Training 3 Days a Week by Diabetic Aesthetics
  • Full Workout for the Hollywood Physique by Kinobody
  • My Number One Fat Loss Tip Will Piss You Off by Kinobody
  • Kinobody Greek God Program Review; A Good Lean Bulking Program? by The Aesthetic Professional
  • Kinobody GREEK GOD workout review! by Eric’s Fitness Tips.


The Kinobody Instagram profile has over 741,000 followers. This Instagram profile contains motivational tips.


If you’re looking for Kinobody reviews, you can check the Facebook page. This page has more than 330,000 followers and contains information on Kinobody and Greg’s personal story.

Kinobody Supplements

While the Kinobody workout program doesn’t technically involve any supplements, this company has recommended a few different types of supplements. These supplements include:

Tea Rexx Fat Burner

This supplement is made by Bro Laboratories, and it is allegedly one of the strongest fat burners in the world. Tea Rexx Fat Burner has not been evaluated by the FDA, and it costs about $40 per bottle.

Rebellion Pre-workout

This supplement is also produced by Bro Laboratories, and it is designed to be mixed into a drink and ingested before you work out. Rebellion Pre-workout costs about $50 per bottle.

Revolt BCAAs

This option from Bro Laboratories is designed to reduce fatigue and preserve muscle mass. It is offered in pill form, and it costs about $50 per bottle.


Testro-X is a testosterone booster. It is designed to improve sleep, increase sex drive, and provide extra energy. It costs about $60 per bottle.

Kino Collagen Protein

Kino Collagen Protein is a supplement containing grass-fed beef collagen.

Supplements Mentioned by Kinobody

Kinobody and Clinical Research

Coffee, hunger, and peptide YY.

In this study, JA Greenberg et al. discovered that decaffeinated coffee has a greater effect on appetite reduction than normal coffee. This study was randomized, and it was conducted on adult human subjects. (Journal of the American College of Nutrition)

Caffeine, coffee, and appetite control: a review.

The scientists who conducted this study reviewed the available evidence on coffee and hunger suppression. They found that the literature establishes a firm correlation between the ingestion of coffee and reduced hunger. (International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition)

Effects of a 10,000 Steps per Day Goal in Overweight Adults

This study found that adult human subjects who took 10,000 steps per day lost weight. These results seem to corroborate the core ideas of NEAT or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. (American Journal of Health Promotion)

Human muscle protein synthesis and breakdown during and after exercise

Muscle protein synthesis is the process by which human beings gain muscle mass. The facilitators of this study found that muscle protein synthesis was greatly increased when human adults exercised after fasting. (Journal of Applied Physiology)

Statistically, it appears that the popularity of personal fitness is on the rise. Gyms and health clubs contributed $24.2 billion to the global economy in 2015, and many online fitness gurus have truly enormous followings. For instance, Cassey Ho has 2.9 million subscribers, Kayla Istines has 4.7 million followers, and Jen Selter has 8.8 million followers.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Aside from the program producing phenomenal results, their customer service is unparalleled. I accidentally received someone’s else’s order in the mail, instead of my own. After emailing them about the issue they let me keep what I received as a gesture of apology AND sent me the items I originally ordered as free of charge. Greg has built an awesome team. Pretty glad I chose Kinobody.”

“Took my money – I bought the movie star body weight program, and my card was charged THREE times for the one purchase. I have been trying to contact the support team who couldn’t care less about actually fixing the problem, and after TWO WEEKS of trying to get my money back I have only received half of it, and now the support team are not replying to my emails at all. I admit I have not tried the workout programs, and they might be good, but the support for their customers is absolutely terrible.”

“Very good customer service. Helpful and attentive to my shipment. Good Quality products from the Octane and Kino Aminos. Would highly recommend.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Kinobody

Kinobody is an intense bodybuilding system. It addresses exercise, diet, and supplementation. While there are benefits to the supplementation side of the equation, there are alternatives.

Healthy living involves a lot of things, including exercise, smart food choices, and healthy weight maintenance. We know how hard it is to make all of these changes, though, and that’s why it’s important to choose a clinically-proven system with your needs in mind.

Among the best weight-loss apps we have seen is Noom. Not every weight management plan looks the same, and that’s why Noom offers personalized meal plans, human coaching, support groups, and so much more to help you make healthier choices and lose weight the right way.

Dietspotlight readers can get a free trial offer for Noom with 100% access to everything they offer. It’s only available for a limited time, so be sure to check it out!

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Kinobody Review
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What are the ingredients in Kinobody?

Kinobody is a workout program but they do have a pre-workout supplement called Octane. The ingredients in Octane are as follows;

  • Thiamine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Biotin
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Caffeine
  • L-Theanine
What are the Kinobody side effects?

Kinobody side effects may include muscle soreness, fatigue, upset stomach and nausea.

Does Kinobody work?

The effectiveness of Kinobody depends on the person. Most customers who bought it all had positive experiences. It helped tone up and build strenght in others.

How much does Kinobody cost?

Depending on which program you decide to choose you will be paying either $47 each for the Agressive Fat Loss, Greek God, Superhero physique, and The Goddess training programs or $39 for the Bodyweight Mastery program.

Where can I buy Kinobody?

You can easily purchase Kinobody on their online website at Kinobody.com.

Where can I buy Kinobody?

Kinobody can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Kinobody?

You can take their supplements with water before you start their work-out programs.

How do I contact Kinobody customer service?

You can contact their customer service by going onto their website, scrolling down to their customer service option, and there they have a number, email or standard mail box info.

Can I return Kinobody?

Kinobody has a refund policy that lets you return the prgram within 30 days of the date you purchased. You can not refund if you have already did it in the past. You can also refund the supplements by contacting their support center.

What are the most common complaints about Kinobody?

The most complaints about the Kinobody program is that the information that the program gives is not something that you can’t find out on your own. People also complained about not being able to access the program on their mobile devices. Other complaints have been that the fasting was just too much for long periods of times and not enough of the exercises.

How long is Kinobody program?

This will depend on the program chosen. However, Kinobody does claim their programs to be less time intensive than a gym workout.

2 Kinobody Reviews

  • Anonymous

    one could also try any of the free proven programs out there. stronglifts 5×5 is one

  • He's a d-bag but....
    Vball nut (Verified Purchase)

    Let me start by saying I don’t work for Greg or Kinobody. Despite his douche bag filled videos and ridiculous demeanor, Greg’s Greek God Kinobody program has worked for me. Once you pay, you get the online program (which is pretty simple), access to the forum (can see tons of inspiring, crazy transformations and get quality advice from the other 10,000 plus users on the forum) and of course, loads of advertisements on his other products. I’d give it 4.5 starts if I could-it’s a little unorganized and the constant barrage of advertising is annoying but the results are hard to argue with. In the end, any program comes down to what you put into it. Nice thing about his stuff is the time commitment isn’t as intense as insanity, p90x, etc. and you get to eat what you want, just in moderation and at certain times of the day.

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