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L-Carnitine Side Effects Review- Does This Amino Acid Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 18, 2017

From time to time, we need to take a closer look at a supplement, like L-carnitine, so we will focus our attention this time on L-carnitine side effects. (We extended an invitation to read our full L-Carnitine review.) We took a deep dive into clinical research and ingredients. We also scrutinized hundreds of consumer comments and reviews. We then condense the info to give you the bottom line.

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What You Need to Know

L-carnitine is an amino acid derived from methionine and lysine. It occurs naturally in the body and is also found in red meat, pork, chicken, seafood and dairy. The recommended dose depends on the supplement containing L-carnitine. One benefit is that you can find the product in a variety of forms and locations.

The amino acid was first discovered in the early 20th century. Customers can purchase supplements containing L-carnitine on the web and at local retailers. We do like that it is available in everyday foods, but read on…

Jitteriness – “Really?”

The first issue that concerned us about L-carnitine side effects was jitteriness. “You’d think that something already in the body and found in food wouldn’t cause any problems,” said our Research Editor. “But clearly there is something going on when dieters take more than the body naturally needs.”

“I had uncontrollable anxiety and the jitters after taking this. My heart was racing and I felt like I had drank 20 cups of coffee,” commented a consumer.

“I have had a major uptick in anxiety since then. Really bad yesterday, and still unpleasant today,” reported a dieter.

Nausea – “No Feeling so Great”

Based upon customer comments, one L-carnitine side effects is nausea. “[The] l-carnitine group experienced nausea or diarrhea and consequently did not complete the study,” according to a piece in the Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

“’I’ve recently taken L-Carnitine 2 times a day as instructed with food. I’ve encountered extreme migraines/ nausea after day 4 with a slight fever,” said a customer.

“30 minutes later I got extremely nauseous and my vision became slightly blurred I have 20/20 vision. 10 minutes later…I was still extremely nauseated with an extremely bad headache,” said a customer.

After years of researching products, we’ve found that if there are concerns, like nausea or jitteriness, there’s a chance you won’t experience long-term success. If L-carnitine does in fact cause adverse reactions, the dieter will steer clear.

The Science

There’s mixed reviews relating to the effectiveness of L-carnitine. We did locate studies supporting the claims of efficacy, but according to the Annuls of Nutrition and Metabolism, studies, “did not show a positive effect of L-carnitine supplementation on weight loss and body composition”. At DietSpotlight, finding scientific research supporting promises is a big piece of the puzzle. If companies can’t provide the research, there’s a problem.

The Bottom Line

After taking a closer look at L-carnitine, here’s our verdict. We like that the amino acid is readily available, but we can’t recommend it because the research isn’t conclusive on the topic of weight-loss. Plus, we’re concerned about the side effects reported by users. 

If you want to drop the weight, we suggest a supplement with no reported side effects, that’s backed by published clinical research.

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Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

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L-Carnitine Side Effects Review

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